Democrats Want to Use 25th Amendment to Remove Trump From White House

As of Friday, 25 House Democrats had signed up to support a drastic bill to remove President Donald Trump from office using an obscure reading of the Constitution as the legal support for their coup. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, moves beyond talk of mere impeachment to consider the formation of a special group that would evaluate President Trump’s “capacity” to perform his duties. If they found his capacity wanting, the House could then use the mechanism of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Or, at least, that’s what Raskin and Co. believe they can do.

In an interview with Fox Business on Friday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) explained why the move was necessary.

“Let me just explain,” Lee said. “The 25th Amendment is utilized when a president is perceived to be incompetent or unable to do his or her job.”

Okay, so that’s Lie #1. The 25th Amendment has never been “utilized” at all. And Lie #2. The 25th Amendment says nothing about the president’s “competency” at all. If it did, Republicans would have been able to remove Barack Obama from office early on in his presidency. If anyone proved that they were incompetent at the job, it was Barry O. But fortunately for Barack and Trump, that’s simply not the case. The 25th Amendment is there to provide for emergency situations – such as in the wake of JFK’s shooting, where he was not yet dead, yet clearly unable to perform the duties of the office. It’s not there to give the opposing party an opportunity to do an end-around democracy.

But Lee said that there was ample reason to believe that Trump could not properly do the job he was elected to do.

“Our president has refused to acknowledge the interference of Russia in our election,” she said. “We had as an NSA director someone who had been advised, or had been someone who had tried to diminish the sanctions that were rendered against Russia, because of the Russian election intrusion. And the acting deputy attorney general told the White House, and that individual was not fired for period of time.”

So much nonsense here. Trump HAS acknowledged that Russia interfered in the election. And Michael Flynn was not the director of the NSA, so that’s Strike 2. Also, anyone who gets fired for anything is only fired after a “period of time.” It’s not up to Sheila Jackson Lee or the Democrats to determine whether or not that “period of time” is appropriate or not, and it certainly does not provide the grounds for whatever anti-democratic insanity they’re cooking up behind closed doors.

There is exactly ZERO chance that Democrats can make this happen, not least because it would require the willing consent of either Trump himself or Vice President Mike Pence. But hey, it makes for something to put in the next DNC fundraising letter, and that’s all they really care about right now.

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