Democrats Want to Ban Online Ammo Sales

Another day, another unconstitutional attempt to curb gun rights. This week, thirty-one House Democrats put their name to the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, a piece of legislation aimed at doing just exactly what’s on the marquee. The brainchild of New Jersey Democrat representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, the bill would put a stop to online ammunition sales, requiring that all such transactions be conducted in person.

“Far too many times, we have seen the shocking images of unspeakable gun violence that could have been prevented,” co-sponsor Rep. Frank Pallone wrote on Facebook. “Our bill to limit the online sale of ammunition is a long-overdue common sense reform that I am hopeful will spark Congress to put aside party differences and come together to help prevent such senseless tragedies.”

Nice words, except one chief “party difference” is that Republicans don’t think that limiting access to ammunition and firearms is a responsible way to go about combating criminal violence. Funny how eager Democrats are to throw away party disagreements when they want to put a piece of liberal legislation through. Calling something common sense reform doesn’t make it so.

In addition to banning online sales, the bill would also require bulk ammunition purchases to be reported to the government. Coleman said in her own Facebook post that the bill would “better track and regulate the unlimited market for ammunition currently available on the Internet.”

They are persistent, you have to give them that. Democrat policies are like a hydra – you cut one of them down and three more grow to take their place. Gun rights supporters took a stand when the ATF wanted to ban ammunition commonly used in the AR-15 rifle earlier this year, and now here come congressional Democrats, ready to pick up where the ATF left off.

A bill like this has little chance of success in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and is sure to inspire an instant backlash among gun owners. Shooters have gotten used to the cheap, convenient availability of ammo online, and even those who don’t regularly get up in arms about liberal gun control measures may be miffed at this one. It will likely die a quick, sad death, at which point we can begin watching out for the next absurd piece of legislation.

On the other hand, we could be looking at the next big gun control battleground. After the Obama administration has its claws on the internet through “net neutrality,” who can say where things go from there? Critics have worried that we could see content censorship from the FCC, but maybe Obama and friends have their eyes on a bigger prize. Maybe they will use their newfound power to expand gun control in ways no one saw coming.


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  1. Learn to reload, it’s not difficult. Stockpile brass, primers, powder, bullets and you’re all set. Eventually the tyrants/hysterics will stumble on that “loophole” and the weeping and gnashing of teeth will begin again, but there’s still time. Do not comply, subvert, resist.

  2. Some states do not allow online ammo sales/mail order. It is a decision that should be in the hands of the states, not the corrupt Feds! I live in state with a lot of gun owners per capita, and we have little gun violence here. This is a dumb law, that should not be passed, as it will only hurt law abiding gun owners, range users, and hunters, and have ZERO affect on keeping guns and ammo out of the hands of the gangs and criminals.

    • Yup, one cannot legally buy ammunition by *any* means in mexico, which has made it as safe as it is today.

      Laws have not stopped the drug cartels, and they won’t stop the American Resistance, either.

      • Francisco Machado

        To be fair to the Mexican government, the violent drug cartels had the assistance of the U.S. government in buying those arms.

      • they may not be able to buy ammo in mexico but I’m willing to bet obama and his crew are supplying them with plenty of it

        • Without the ability to purchase arms and ammunition without government interference, the mexican Subjects are left defenseless against the drug cartel terrorists.

          We must fight tooth and nail to prevent America from becoming another mexico.

          • Amen brother, buy ammo every whenever you can, learn to reload and hoard your ammo, obama and his un American a-hole crew are trying their best to take it away and our right to keep and bear arms without ammo you might as well go back to sticks and rocks, another thing to do is learn archery we may need all the knowledge we have to defend ourselves, and the biggest thing we can do is vote for only those who support the constitution

          • Agreed. I don’t have the reloading equipment, but one of our neighbors does, and he has offered to let me use his equipment. The first rounds that we are going to reload will be 12 gauge Flechette rounds. 🙂

            In addition to the arms and ammo that my wife and I have been stocking up on for the past eight years, I also bought her a compound crossbow for her birthday, along with plenty of practice bolts. She loves it. She shows it off when people visit our house. Gotta love a gal like that!

            As far as voting, I will continue to vote at the polls during each regular election cycle, and I will also continue to get ready for the day when we are called upon to Vote from the Rooftops.

      • A lot of people don’t realize that a lot of gangs have members who reload, and own reloading equipment. These dumb, over reaching laws will only hurt the law abiding, which is why we need to fight against their passage.

    • I think you are partial right, it should be in the hands of states, but the
      Constitution does not limit us and that is the final authority on the subject.
      Neither the Federal Government, State, county or city has the right to
      place restriction on us. I do believer that businesses have to right to
      state whether or not you can bring a weapon into their establishment.

      • I pretty much entirely concur with you. The only thing that businesses should have no say in, however, is out right to keep firearms in our own personal vehicles. A car or truck is your property, not theirs. Especially when it comes to cc permit holders. If a business wants to ban me from carrying on my body, while in their store or shop, fine. But they have no right to tell me that I cannot have a firearm in my vehicle. I concur with your assessments about how neither the Feds nor the states really have tjhe right to place restrictions on us law abiding citizens entirely!

        • The parking lot for the most part is considered public
          property since the public parks there. I agree I should be
          able to secure my weapon in my personal vehicle when
          I go to work. I have a safe installed in my vehicle that
          keeps my weapon and other items secure when I
          am out of the vehicle. When traveling I keep cash in there
          also so I do not have to have so much on my person when
          I go on vacation or traveling. I also keep abreast of
          which azz hole states have foolish and ignorant laws about
          my personal weapon.

          • I too have a car “vault”. And do my best to stay out of the Nazi states like New York.

  3. This kind of blatant Totalitarianism is exactly why I have been saying for years, “Buy More Λmmo”.

    The Obamunists might someday be able to keep you from getting more, so stock up now on all that you can afford.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

  4. Personally , I think gun owners should join together and just BAN Democrats …. problem solved ….

    • There are gun grabbers in all three parties. So, be careful what you wish for.

    • You would think that gun owners in the Norther States would also be up
      in arms about the restrictions imposed upon them and vote the bottom
      feeders out of office. But I guess their long winters and Kool Aid has
      frozen their brains. Based upon the current mantra of the Socials Democraps
      you cannot own a gun and be a good Socialist Democrap. Just because
      your parent voted Socialist Democrat doesn’t mean you have to also.
      Their party has changed so much that it is not the Democrat part of the
      past but now just a collection of One World Order Socialist who have
      destroy the values, morals and integrity. But then they go to Ultra Left
      Wing liberal Colleges and their brains are polluted with the Socialist

      • James; You have a good point there about the change in the Democratic party. The error that the Democratic party favors the poor working man is completely wrong. Even many of the unions have abandoned the party, but you can’t tell the old die hards in the party anything that simple.

  5. Maybe it’s time to ban all Democrats everywhere.

    • No it is time for all voters to get off their lazy asses and go to the poles. Vote out these greedy, corrupt politicians. Who continually try to take our constitutional laws away from us. And, I am taking both parties.

      • You don’t need to tell me. I had the flu in November , but still got there and cursed all those with their exaggerated scruples which didn’t permit them to vote for someone different.

      • Right you are sister.

      • Agreed. But what about voter fraud. A Republican candidate tried to vote for himself in Schaumburg Illinois and his vote flipped to Democrat. It’s also disturbing that George Soros owns a foreign company that produces these voting machines. He once made a statement that he would like to see America brought to its knees during his lifetime. He is worth 30 billion.

        When voting make sure who you voted for is actually accounted for.
        And for people who have a hard time getting around voting by mail is an option.

        • PE, I’m afraid as long as we stick with this electronic method, we the American people will get screwed from now on!

          • Yes….Electronics has managed to raise voter fraud to a fine art!

          • I find it preposterous that during the last presidential race we had to rely on a Spanish company located in Florida for the software! I thought that the liberals in California were the greatest software developers in the world. What about the king liberal, Bill Gates, in Washington State. Isn’t he the great genius?!

          • It just depends on who gets the development contract. I disagree with electronic voting too. Who knows what goes on inside the software? Example – not using any particular programming language (but I suppose my Fortran background is showing):
            TALLYR = 0
            TALLYD = 0
            10 Read VOTE (if done go to 11)
            If VOTE = D then
            TALLYD = TALLD + 1
            Else If VOTE = R then
            TALLYD = TALLYD + 1
            Goto 10
            11 Write TALLYD, TALLR
            Can anyone see how this will turn out? All it takes is one line of bogus code to produce all those cases that have been reported where Republicans got no votes at all. And of course, there are much more sophisticated and subtle ways that software could skew the results!

          • My God! I actually understand this and reached the same conclusion after a few. lines.

          • Loosing ballots or REFUSING to count out military personnel’s votes seems to have skewed the election…..

          • Yes, I’ve heard that too. We do have laws against voter fraud. The thing is, who’s going to enforce them, Eric Holder? Loretta Lynch?

          • Stupid is as Stupid does Sam W.

          • Well, if we know it occurred it wasn’t very good deceptive art.

        • Note to our new Republican( I hope) president—– extradite George Soros to Eastern Europe where he’s a wanted man. If they can jail a 96 Y.O. ex- Nazi for war crimes—he’s (Soros) a shoe in for a cell.

          • I thought Nazi war criminals were executed? I didn’t know that bit about Soros. If he is a Nazi war criminal, he deserves a lot worse than criticism from conservatives. He deserves to die!

        • with the people that keep get voted into office (using George Soros voting machines) he just may get his wish….he’s about 90 now!

      • You are correct; we need to watch both parties, and all politicians, and vote OUT those that support the further stripping of our rights!

      • You are both right. Satan’s only power is that which we cede to him.

    • You beat me to it!

      • It’s the logical conclusion in the illogical world they created. if you have a real problem–fix It. Like they say—the end justifies the means.

    • ELIMINATING THEM is the Patriotic thing to do!

    • If modern day Germany can ban the Nazi Party, why can’t we ban democrats?

    • Time to outlaw the global socialist/communist/marxist who call themselves “progressive democrats”, with the intent of deception and malice.

    • That would be the first time that one of their policies would actually work.

      • First time for everything, but I’d rather it was something the put money back into the pockets of working people.

        • I have to agree on the level of our taxpayer dollars going into the hands of the slothful, which don’t have to put anything in themselves, by the .way

          • What’s bugging the H* ll out of them is that many people are finally realizing what’s been going on for about 75 years and not continuing to buy the merchandise.

          • I have lost a high paying job due to the EPA and democratic policy. I am now an ordained minister and am taking my family to a place where failed policies have not reached. Along with the knowledge that I have taken away from that profession, I have also found a way to “live off of the land with no outside assistance! I thank the good lord every single day for the path that he has laid before me, allowing me to move forward and live life on my terms, and provide for my family.

          • You’re one of he lucky ones.

          • I try to remain an optimist, but it sure has NOT been a picnic getting there!

          • Why don’t you write a book and help the rest of us out?

          • I have been giving it some thought. My wife and I were discussing it the other day.

  6. And another attempt to control or deny out gun ownership or ability to use them.
    Time we put all of the ignorant azzholes down once for for all. They are attacking
    out Constitutional right ever day and the only way to stop these rabid anti
    American socialist democrats is to spank them ever time they open their liberal

  7. This crap will not stop unless we make them pay for their actions.

    How about removing Politicians that create unconstitutional laws from office.

    How about removing Liars from Political offices and terminating all benefits.

    If they continue to get away with it with little to no consequences, this crap will not stop.

  8. another stupid idea from yet another uniformed lowlife dudly do-right

  9. Any time someone or any group makes a move to curb our Second Amendment Rights; red flags, whistles & bells should be going up and off everywhere but then you have to ask yourself why…

    The only “gun violence” that might occur stems from the whole reason our Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment in the first place and only second to “Freedom of Speech”

    Everyone should remember that without a Second Amendment, we would all have either been dead or slaves along time ago.

    It’s a sad day in America when all of the Constitutional Rights [that so many people have fought and died for us] are gone because get used to that pit in your stomach from the ever-present Tierney that is soon to follow.

  10. Ban the demo-commies……..We going to shut you down……….

  11. “IF” they do ban on-line sales of ammo or, even get close to it, I say it is time to start re-calling these POS elected “officials” !!!

  12. Beware of sheep in wolves clothing dump-o-craps

  13. Gregg the voice of reason

    People This is AMERICA .
    Start to be what our fore fathers set forth for us .
    The Amendments ALL the Amendments
    Not just the ones the Dems like .

    Prepare , Prep , Be a Patriot
    If necessary ” LOCK and LOAD for our Freedom.


  14. Billy Bob Johnson

    What is everyone afraid of with face to face ammo purchases? I certainly have nothing to fear. Only those that have something to hide seem to have something to fear. All of these terrorists said to be living here have an easy time of it buying their ammo online rather than trying to smuggle it in over the border. I’m concerned for the safety of all of our country not just a few special interest groups.

    • Its not a matter of being “afraid” to buy ammo face to face. Buying online gives you better availability of the caliber and quality of ammo i.e. target or match grade and a chance to find the best price, rather then just what the store has in stock. Also many people who live in urban and suburban areas do not have access to many stores that sell ammo and need to drive long distances to find a store. Guns and ammo have been available by mail since the first mail-order catalog was published. Most reputable online dealers abide by all State laws such as F.I.D. and drivers license or photo I.D. regulations and will not ship to States where it has been outlawed.

  15. I want to ban democrats

  16. You damn retards we can go buy ammo at any gun store around and there are thousands we can go to any gun show as well. What kind of moron thinks banning on line ammo sales is going to change anything. Wow how do these empty headed fools get elected I think some of them should be euthanized it must be very painful for them to think and I hate to see anyone suffer as much as they must be suffering.

  17. Take a hike, Bonnie Watson Coleman and you’re gang of communist miscreants!! We’ll NEVER kowtow to you’re anti-constitutional crap!!!

  18. It is a shame that people complain about how the democrats are working to take our freedoms away under the guise that it is the right thing to do, the need to be “fair” and that government take care of you from the womb to the tomb. Yet, people will continue to vote for such lowlife time and time again and you wonder whatever happened to using commonsense. I think that a lot of the problems we face begins in the home and the strength of the family and the democrats are the ones forcing one of the parents out of the home and breaking it up. The democrats have been taking advantage of those issues by promoting alternative lifestyles and cramming them down our throats and telling people that the 2nd Amendment is history and the government will take care of you. The democrats and rinos have sold their souls to the devil in order to stay in power as the slave masters that they have always worked to be. That is the way I see it. We reap what we sow.

  19. The only REAL way to eliminate all this crap is to start by eliminating the HNIC and work down…..

  20. The remainder of the Nation wants to ban Democrats.

  21. To ban the illegal weapons and ammo that is crossing the Southern Borders would do more to stop a lot of violence that is going on on our streets. These illegal weapons are the ones that end up being sold by drug dealers or on the “BLACK MARKET”. There is no way to track these weapons once they have crossed the Border.

    • If they would just close that border it would solve a great many problems. But as long as there is a Democrat as our Dear Leader, it will never happen!

  22. No-one in the current administration or any other political office has an f-ing clue about anything. How this country and it’s people ever allowed itself to get to this point of having so many incompetent asses in office is beyond comprehension. As an adult that grew up in the sixth, I can look back and see that the government of that period was right in being concerned about the counterculture. They are the idiots running the asylum now.

  23. Bunch of fools…. democrats want to ban everything that makes it possible for an american to protect oneself. I agree with momsense1, maybe it’s time to ban all democrats!

  24. The democrats are foolish to try and abolish internet ammunition or even gun sales. Its an easy way for the government to track who owns weapons and ammunition. Not saying I want them to know, just saying they can track internet sales and know who is buying what.

  25. There seems no end to the schemes these Demrat morons will devise to combat legal gun owners. Maybe we should deport them all to Australia, where guns were banned, and crime went up! Disgusting bunch of antiAmerican idiots, IMHO

  26. Ken Dometriosis .

    They will infringe upon my 2nd Amendment Rights but they can’t stop the gottdang jews from sending me porno spam every day. Good job!

  27. I wish it wasn’t unconstitutional to ban Democrats!

  28. Personally, I would be really surprised if it turned out that this foolishness were not supported by some Republicans

    • I don’t doubt it, because there are so many RINOs in the GOP we could start the world’s largest animal reserve.

  29. Alleged Comment

    ARREST the Demoncrap for TREASON!

  30. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    The NAZIonal Socialist Democrat American Party is at work. Why did we wage war on NAZI Germany? The Democrates are reviving it. Exhume Adolf Hitler and reinstate his idiology, while we’re at it.

  31. American patriots need to ban all liberal democrats from any participation in America’s future. They want America too be dependent on the government for anything and everything they need too live.

  32. The powers that be FEAR for there lives as they should ! History repeats over & over;
    The TYRANTS all ways fall and always will ! A government that lets ANARCHY RULE ! { Baltimore, etc; }
    Can not & will not stand ! Yes the Bible in my left hand & my rifle in my right hand, And GOD on my lips !
    What army do they have that can beat that ! Pray for peace but be ready for WAR !

  33. When the lights go out all over the world like in WW II People all over the world will be seeking GOD !
    To little To late ! I will blame you & you will blame me ! I served in both WW II &Korea ;
    Think what it is like when you walk two days after two Armies hit head to head and there are DEAD
    bodies piled onto dead bodies for a mile in every direction ! A clash of titans and a loss of the best of the best,
    And we have met after the war and broke bread together, I was your Enemy & you was my Enemy !
    Your Nationality or your Religion is just a matter were you were born ! Not a speck of different !
    Are we any better than the Bees or Ants ? They war on each other;
    Do they have any politics or is it just in there’s and our D.N.A, ?
    And we never spoke of WAR ! ” If you have to ask You don’t know ! And if you know you don’t have to ask !
    And I would have gone fishing with any one of those men in a different time and a different place !
    And I have always wondered WHO ARE OUR REAL ENEMYS ? On both sides there are the profiteers
    Uncle Joe; The Elder;

  34. Michael Dennewitz

    Do the DAMNED DEMONRATS actually think the populace is that stupid? Hell’s fire, so they ban the sale of it online! Then they’ll have to ban the sale of automobiles AND gasoline, right?? I mean, it might cause an inconvenience, but I can see millions driving to where ever they have to, just to stock up.. Dayuumm, you really CAN’T FIX STUPID !!!

  35. —–a person must be basically nosey and have lots of time on their hands to be a Democrat! They always want to ban the things that are fundamentally AMERICAN! Perhaps they would be happier living somewhere else!

  36. Perhaps “New ENGLAND” should just admit they are another country and secede from America! Apparently Anti-Constitutional laws are popular….they should get their own constitution and secede!

  37. Well all i can say is F— all you Democrats //// stop f—ing with guns owners rights

  38. Of Course they do… Their THUGS and Isis voters need PROTECTION!!!

  39. I have ordered ammunition from MidwayUSA several times. Fast, reliable service every time! And, as a bonus, the CEO, Larry Potterfield, is a Benefactor Member of the NRA (highest level of Life membership they have), and a BIG supporter of Second Amendment rights.

    • I have gotten some awesome deals from . I have a Club Membership, so I can order with their interest-free “4 Pay” plan, where the ship the ammo and I make four monthly payments on the total.

      They also offer free shipping from time to time, so that’s when I stock up.

      The only problem is that they sell so much ammo that they keep going out of stock! I just pray that all that ammo went into the hands of Patriots who will be sending it in the right direction when the time comes.

      Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

      • and still have good prices and are very reputable, along with most others, They abide by the laws of each State they ship to and will not ship to NY and other areas that have outlawed internet sales. Just the news of this legislation is going to create another ammo shortage. Lately I been using Its a web site. You fill in what you are looking for and they list dealers that have what you want IN STOCK. Some of the prices are outrageous though.

  40. Internet and mail order sales have already been banned here in the Peoples Republic of New York, under comrade Cuomo. In the last election, fewer than 30% of this states voters bothered to turnout. The end result is another 4 years of this progressive liberal (mentally ill bozo), excuse for leadership.

  41. The truth and nothing but the truth – something that will not be reported by the state-run, fifth column propagandists as it is against this communist regime’s agenda to create a racial war – divide and conquer!

    The real Freddie Gray

    Here are the facts on the late Freddie Gray of Baltimore:

    Freddie Gray had a pre-existing spinal and neck injury and had severe nerve damage and scar tissue from an accident that Allstate Insurance was paying him for, in a structured settlement. This monthly payment and drug money were his means of support. Freddie had had several unsuccessful spinal fusion surgeries over the past 4 1/2 years. His most recent spinal/cervical operation was a week and a half before he was arrested on April 12. He was on doctor’s orders to remain home and in bed to speed recovery from that major operation. Instead, Freddie was out manufacturing and distributing drugs on the streets of Baltimore, and strenuously resisting arrest.

    Freddie had a long criminal history (rap sheet): many pages long for manufacturing and distributing drugs and controlled substances, including heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and marijuana. He had been convicted of numerous other felonies including assault, firearms violations, breaking and entering, armed robbery, receiving stolen property, and the list goes on and on from his 18th birthday. In Baltimore County, juvenile records are forever sealed except by judicial order. ( http://www.mdjudiciarycaseresearch ) Freddie, known on the streets as “Pepper”, was 25 years old, 5’8″ and weighed 145 lbs. when last arrested. He had been incarcerated at least 12 times, the longest stretch being 2 years in prison in Maryland.

    Freddie had recently tried to convert his structured settlement from Allstate into a lump sum payment from Peachtree Funding, of Atlanta. Friends say he was confused by the paperwork and legal terminology.

    Following his arrest, Freddie was placed into the paddy wagon by the police officers who had arrested him —- (Several were Black Officers). He could have easily slipped on the floor or bench, or twisted his neck or shoulders to reopen his recently fused and weakened spine. Enroute to the County jail, the paddy wagon stopped once so that officers could put leg restraints on Freddie to calm him down and restrict his movement.

    Freddie was a dangerous career felon, well-known to the BPD officers, with a damaged and healing spine and neck, and was supposed to be home healing a week and a half after surgery. He should not have been running around on the streets of Baltimore committing drug felonies and resisting arrest.

    Now, why are so many residents of Baltimore destroying their own city with looting and arson? Because it’s a good way to get new shoes and TVs for free? Seems to be. They sure know how to pick their heroes, don’t they?

    By the way, none of the eight BPD officers who arrested Freddy has ever had a complaint against him for brutality or use of excessive force.

    Freddie Grays arrest record:

    03-20-15 dealing cocaine
    08-28-08 possession of narcotics
    10-05-12 illegal gambling
    01-25-14 possession of narcotics over 10 grams
    08-24-07 manufacturing and distribution narcotics
    08/29-07 distribution of narcotics
    09-16-08 distribution of narcotics
    04-16-08 distribution of narcotics
    05-09-12 distribution of narcotics
    01-04-15 distribution of narcotics
    12-31-14 distribution of narcotics
    05-13-14 stolen property
    07-16-08 distribution of narcotics
    03-28-08 possession of narcotics
    02-12-08 distribution of narcotics
    09-29-13 distribution of narcotics
    12-04-14 distribution of narcotics
    12-04-14 possession of narcotics
    03-20-08 burglary
    03-20-08 possession of narcotics
    09-21-07 distribution of narcotics
    04-30-08 unlawful possession (two counts)

    (Source Maryland Dept of Justice)

  42. Joseph D Femoyer

    why is no one fighting the obama admin takeover of the internet. you can bet conservative, christian, free speech, gun ammo related website are doomed

  43. Probably that black bastard gun grabbing gay Muslim Commie Kenyon Hussein Obama at it again. Don’t you ever compare what you said last week with what happens this week? Get over your distortions and lies.

  44. IDIOTS!! but what happens if the next POTUS is a Demorat and both houses are Demorats!! This law could be enacted so everyone should take notice! And beware and stay on top of Demorat/libtard ideas to take away our rights

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