Democrats Want Some Interesting New Census Questions

Tom looked through the peephole, glanced back at the census form on the counter, and cursed his procrastination. Now here they were, on the doorstep, and he would have to spend the next twenty minutes answering questions. He sighed, opened the door, and surrendered himself to the process. Soonest begun, soonest done.

After a perfunctory greeting, the census representative asked, “How many people are living in this house?”

“Three,” Tom said. “Me, my wife, my kid.”

“And may I please have your phone number?”

Tom rattled it off, resisting the urge to check his watch.

“And your sex?”

“Male,” he said.

“Okay, and do you also identify as male?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Er, well, what I’m asking is…what is your preferred gender identity?”

Tom, fully present for the first time, examined the census taker warily. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Um,” he said, shifting nervously from foot to foot, “are you transgender?”

“Do I look trans–give me that.”

Tom stole the clipboard and scanned the form, certain that this punk was playing some kind of prank. This whole ordeal was probably being filmed for YouTube.

But no, there it was. Right on the page. And there, one line down, was another doozy: “What is your sexual orientation? Please choose from the following: Heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, pansexual, bisexual, demisexual, or questioning”

Tom looked up at the census taker. “What…what happened to this country?”

But the census taker had no answers, only questions.

-End Scene-

This scenario will be coming to homes all over America if a couple of Democrat lawmakers have their way. Rep. Raul Grijalva and Sen. Tammy Baldwin are pushing the U.S. Census Bureau to begin gathering information about the sexual orientation and gender identity of all citizens.

“Many federal data collection instruments gather respondents’ race, ethnicity, sex, marital status and other personal demographic information,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to the bureau. “However, most of these instruments do not include direct measures of respondents’ sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Well, we can’t have that. Who knows how much more money we could be spending if only we knew just how many pansexual genderqueers were living in America?

“In order to make further progress toward understanding the LGBT population (including its economic, racial, and geographic diversity), we strongly believe the Census Bureau should measure ACS respondents’ sexual orientation and gender identity,” Grijalva and Baldwin concluded.

Further progress, mmhmm. Diversity, yes uhuh. Yeah, they’re barely trying to hide it. This is a money grab. But that’s far from the worst of it.

Put the LGBT thing aside for a second and just appreciate how it never ends. It never ends! The tentacles of the federal government keep growing and growing, and there’s no serious opposition to it. Just imagine what they’ll be asking on the 2040 census. Or the 2050 one. “Have you ever posted on any of the following websites?” “Have you ever said ‘White lives matter’?” “Do you have any literature in your home that might be characterized as ‘conservative’ in nature?”

Gender identity.

It’s just…what can you even say…


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  1. the proper answer to all of those questions is:

    None of your business.

    • That’s exactly what I told them last census. The Constitution doesn’t authorize them to ask, so I don’t have to answer anything other than the minimum questions.

      • Elizabeth Follmer

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        • headonstraight

          Get lost, scam artist. This is not an advertising site.

        • I save thousands of dollars by NOT falling for fraudulent pitches like yours, Elizabeth (or whatever your real name it). Now get lost!

        • Flagged you again scum puppet.

        • So how many different people have this same room mate named
          Mary, who only 2 days ago bought a grey McLaren P1?

          Inquiring minds want to know…………….NOT !!!

          Get lost !

        • Gee, I don’t think I can improve on the comments already posted.

          Elizabeth, in the modern concept of need to know, what’s your sexual orientation? Any sexual reassignment surgery? Curious minds like mine really don’t want to know… or care.

          • Rodney Tolbert

            Well through sugery or misfiring brain waves, EF can make money from both sides of the bed………I mean aisle.

    • OR, get the hell off my property!

      • A natural born American

        Now THAT is the right answer! It doesn’t really matter if you respond to all the census bureau’s questionnaires because as long as they keep allowing illegals and isis into this country they’re NEVER going to be able to accurately create a budget that will cover every natural born American citizen!

        • AMERICAN” you’re right about that. Further this census thing lost all of it’s meaning long ago. At one time it was meant to be a tool for management of the nation. Today it is strictly a government means to take control of you life by the open invasion of your privacy and provide information to pass laws to restrict your individual thoughts.

        • That’s a great point, and there is no time in the near future that it will be accurate. Because religiously anti-American, agenda driven political liberals, and radical/zealous gays would “influence” willing individuals as to how to vote and answer specific questions. It’s not a “conspiracy” theory, we have actually seen and experienced it. Then we have radical Mexicans. (btw, I am related to a few radical Christian Mexicans & Gays. I’m pro-America, and Christian, Some of us get along, some don’t, but all agree to disagree, and still love one another) It would be a great way to give the government wrong “estimated” numbers. Gays have worked very hard to build the number of their community through indoctrinating children, and others, into the lifestyle, to skewing numbers for the purpose of influencing court cases. On another point, we now have legalized, radical Mexicans in the country who are populating America and who believe that America was stolen from them and are teaching this, and how to vote, to their neighbors, and to their children. So between them, and the millions who came here for the benefits, and are still waiting to be legalized, Americans could be outnumbered, if we aren’t already, within the next 20 years.

          • A natural born American

            The thing I often find amazing is that in every single city in America there are people who create chaos in their neighborhoods because they’re blaming the government for not keeping their neighborhoods clean, safe and well maintained. They’re not providing decent schools and education for their children or well equipped hospitals and after school child-/elderly care facilities for their families. People never stop to realize the government does NOT have bottomless pockets.

            All the taxes that are collected at every level of government in every state in the union use the censuses to determine how much money needs to be allocated for every service that is sponsored/subsidized by the federal, state and municipal governments and once money has been allocated that’s it. That money has been designated to make repairs and perform necessary maintenance and upkeep on public apartment buildings, playgrounds and pools. To maintain neighborhood schools and to hire adept teachers for those schools who didn’t graduate at the bottom half of their class. It is also supposed to help maintain hospitals and the medical staff. AND to cover your mayors and police forces paychecks.

            The money is also supposed to help our LEGAL immigrant families to assimilate into the culture of their new neighborhoods. Because they’ve left a paper trail, these families have also been considered and included while our cities financial advisors were creating their budgets. Guess who’s NOT been included in their community’s budget planning? If you guessed our millions of illegal immigrants and our $6,000 welfare checks/month/family isis refugees you were right. These people have to eat, and be sheltered, and have access to medical treatment, and to an education. All that costs money and the more illegal immigrants living in your neighborhood the greater the expense will be to meet those needs. Does anyone know where THAT money comes from — besides the taxpayer that is.

            Money that was intended for something in your (plural) neighborhood like repairs on the apartment buildings or playgrounds or hospitals or…I think you get the picture. Anyway, money is taken from THOSE funds to pay for our illegal neighbors who are living off welfare. Every time we look at someone we know is here illegally, we are looking at the repairs our apartment desperately needs. We may even be looking at the medical equipment the local hospital needs to save our loved one’s life

            When people come to this country without leaving a paper trail, not only the taxpayers suffer. Every family in our community does too. After all the money has to come from somewhere. And when we scream it’s unfair to send them back home remember that our family is doing without something very important…like a decent education. Also remember that our politicians know raising taxes has ended many a career. So they’ll have to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. WE are Peter and our illegal immigrant neighbor is Paul.

    • amen to that!

    • Amen to that! Time to give the bureaucratic Pinocchio a good schnoz-clipping.

    • The easiest way to get rid of the census taker is to tell them you’re house sitting.

  2. The Census Bureau needs to be disbanded with the EPA and IRS.

    Hope the Next President is listening.

    • “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”..,……..!wc297ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !wc297:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsMobileGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!wc297………..

    • MuslimLuvChrist

      Trump is the only one saying he will clean up these corrupt agencies:

      muslim traitor has totally corrupted the EPA, IRS, DHS, DEA, NSA, TSA, FDA, FCC, DOINJ, DoED, and the FED.

      please vote for the man saying he will fix this mess!!!

      • After watching the elite and powerful running so very scared of him, I decided that they knew Trump would stop some of their corruption! So, I AM voting for TRUMP 2016!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Trump v Sanders 2016 get the establishment out! The media and corporations are paying billions to silence and obscure the both of them. They wouldn’t do that for nothing. Yahoo and MSNBC reported on Wednesday that Trump should drop out and Sanders quitting the race. Sanders cited a Pew Poll in response showing that of 146.3 million voting Americans, Hillary has 32.7% but Sanders and Trump have 30.8% and 30.2% respectively. We are looking at what may historically be the closest 3 way election in history! It’s a Mexican standoff and is anyone’s game. The remaining 5% is the deciding factor here.

          • I am a Follower of the Christ, so I don’t mean to be ugly by saying the following statement.
            My “Evangelical” friends are voting for Cruz! You know WHY? Because he holds a Bible and screams the loudest that he is a Christian!
            That enrages me!!! They could be the deciding factor in keeping out the HILL!
            Do they want us to be a Theocracy or WHAT? That would be only slightly better than the Muslims taking over.

          • I am very leary of Sanders! I know all political ideologies have some good factors. America has some socialism traits now. But full-blown Socialism or even Democratic Socialism chills me to the bone.
            I can think there is nothing good about taking away people’s initiative to personally prosper. Most folk cannot put other’s need on the same level as their own needs.
            I can’t. I live in a place where there is much need and few jobs. So, I am concerned about them. I give away and loan quite a lot of money. However, my bills and security are first!

          • Rodney Tolbert

            Right you are Mary. It is time that We the People and America be first. Take care of our Vets, homeless and disabled Americans and bring back jobs to this country.

          • Did you know that some Vets aren’t accessing the benefits they could receive because the system is so complicated that many just give up trying?
            We saw such Vets come to our church’s Free Food Pantry. They needed help, but told us they just couldn’t navigate the system! Pastor asked the Veteran’s Admin for help and now they send out a rep monthly to help the Vets.
            To me that means communities should reach out to Vets and help them access the system for the help of which they qualify. I do want the nation to help our Vets!

          • Rodney Tolbert

            Yes you are correct. I am a retired Vet myself and the VA system is really a joke. I am so glad that your church was able to help the Vets and get them some assistance. God Bless You and your Church.

          • The Republican voters that concern me are the “only” voters. I mean those that say they ONLY will vote for Trump, ONLY vote for Cruz or ONLY for ——!
            I will vote for the Republican nominee no matter how I feel about that candidate personally.
            Studying those percentages you gave stretches my brain as to actually what meaning those have!
            And if Trump qualifies for nominee and is cheated out of it, he conceivably could run on a third party!
            This is the strangest and most unpredictable election of my lifetime!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          That also shows that 60%+ of the nation is waking up to the corporatocracy.

      • Just about all 17 said something similar… Trump is not the only one…

        But yes, the Liberals have corrupted the entire Government and both political parties.

        • Patricia A Galle

          Trump says a lot of things, all lies. He says he is conservative, and a Republican. He is a life long liberal who supports Hillary. He is in debt to every big bank in New York, and highly invested in both establishments, but much more with Democrats. He greases all the skids, so when he needs a favor he can call it in (his words not mine). That is the corrupt establishment in the flesh. He is not conservative or Republican, and never has been. He has never even read the constitution or the Bible. Ted Cruz has worked for the people and the constitution all of his life. His record of service is so impressive and he has proven to be a man of principles, ethics and morals. He has fought for the people in Texas and America for so long. Trump only cares about Trump.

          • Trump has a whole lot of people convinced otherwise… You can see that our opinion of questioning Trumps motives is not the popular one to have.

          • Ted is a liar and a cheat. Carson has dropped out of the race, how did his mother get benefits from Canada if she was not a national? So working with others that have differing views than your own is a sign of weakness, well Obuma must be the strongest leader you have ever seen. What group was Heidi working for again, Council on Foreign Relations: “Building a North American Community.”
            “Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe.”

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Ironically, I was reading online anyone in the US can get Canadian health and social security benefits and at any age. Many Americans are getting up to $1100 month supplemental income from Canada. It seems like a debt scam but it’s a real thing.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Boy, you’ve snorted a ton of that shit, huh. You must be a sister to headuphisass! HA!

          • Patricia? Do the letters G, F and Y have any meaning to you, Patricia?

          • Patricia A Galle

            I know that your vocabulary skills and intelligence level are the same as the ignorant old fraud you seem to believe. I will not even try to match wits with someone who has no ammunition. Anyone can call names and be rude. I was taught better than that.

        • Whom else IS there? Cruz? Sanders? Surely you don’t mean those!

          • I have said all along that any one of the original 17 would be better than the alternative.

            Democrats = Socialism = Communism = destruction of the Constitution.
            Republicans = Capitalism or at least a shot at keeping our Constitution for 4 more years.

            A non vote is a vote for socialism/communism.

            Republicans have been fighting an uphill battle against liberals for quite some time now. The Liberal MEDIA uses smear tactics to eliminate and control its Republican opposition.

            Lately those smear tactics have been aimed at Cruz… I don’t buy them.. And when you couple that with the smear tactics that Trump uses, I really don’t buy them…

            It is sad to see conservatives use liberal smear tactics and insults on other conservatives.. I have grown used to smear and insults from liberals… but conservatives on conservatives… Makes me think they are liberal plants, designed to split the republican vote.

            Cruz is an excellent candidate. Do your research and vote your conscience. I take insults and smear with a grain of salt, especially when that is all that is offered.

            I will vote for Trump against Hillary… I will vote for Cruz against Hillary.

          • I WILL vote, and I will vote Republican–hold my nose if I have to.

          • Rodney Tolbert

            I agree.

      • Yes he does say that.

    • Mad-As-He!!Boycott001: I TOLD YOU they were following you! (Sandra Elwell, her “partner” Mary, and the MacLaren. You aren’t paranoid when people ARE out to get you.

    • Don’t forget Education , Interior , Energy and Commerce

    • this whole thing is stupid Trump is the mastermind who is behind this Crap

      • What the hell are you, Smoking your lunch?? Is TRUMP the president, does he have any power?
        YOUR “president” oscumbag” is the one that is pushing this crap.

      • Hey Gay, your Common Core has failed you…again!

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          If you have 3 baseball bats and 7 pumpkins, how many waffles will it take to shingle your roof? None because dolphins don’t wear gold neckties.

      • SickofPoliticks

        LOLOLOLOL…. what the heck are you smoking?

      • I don’t know just whom you are allowing to brainwash you, but stop them. Listen to the news, read and think you own thoughts and have your own opinions!
        You have seemed like a decent sort of person in your previous posts. So use that good brain of yours!

      • I don’t think so, Liberal Progressive socialists are the masterminds behind this crap.

        Trump swears he is no longer a liberal progressive….

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I have 2 identical signs posted outside, should they ever come. They read, “If you can read this, it’s obvious that you’re trespassing, therefore subject to being shot on sight!”
      You’d be surprised at how many salesmen avoid my home.. ROFLMAO

      • Nothing works like an obvious hint.

      • Rodney Tolbert

        Still looking for one that has “Protected by Smith and Wesson, Mossberg and Marlin”.

        • There is a store in Virginia City, NV that has all of those signs and more. It’s the Virginia City Mercantile. Never looked to see if they have a website but if they do, check them out. They might have one like you are looking for or another that you like better. Cool store, lots of old stuff. We go in there every time we are up there.

    • It is a constitutional requirement to conduct a census every ten years, as has been done since 1790. Without a census, there would be no way to reapportion the House of Representatives.

      • The system has become corrupt, The Government is no longer of the people and for the people..

        It is now to CONTROL the people… Since when does anyone believe any of the numbers coming out of the Government?

  3. If this happens in Texas – Expect the news to be headlines of census workers held at gunpoint until Sheriff’s arrive to cart them off.
    No one is about to let this stand.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Last time they visited me, I handed them a card reading, “THIS happens to be a very unlucky day for you. I’ll count to three, and if your sorry ass is still standing there, I SHOOT!”
      Never saw a fat dude run that fast! ROFLMFAO

  4. The Census Bureau is a waste of money and hopes it can boost LGBT numbers.

  5. The next thing you know, the government will have an “observer” in your bedroom to make sure you didn’t lie about your sexual orientation. Any deviation from your answers. and you will be sent to a re-programming clinic, to teach you how to be what you said you were This is just WAY TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT !!!!!!!

    • They say some of us might be paranoid. But if a government says you are guilty until proven innocent they are the ones that are paranoid.

    • Not true. They will only send you to reprogramming if you say you are a male or female and they find out you truly are. Can’t have that.

      • James in Texas

        Just put up a sign. Post it on the gate and let them read it! It should say, “If you can read this, You are in-range”!

        • Michael Dennewitz


          • James in Texas

            My other sign say…………..”I shot every other Lawyer that comes to this gate, the first one just left”! I sure hope folks don’t think I’m not friendly.

  6. There is a Constitutional requirement for a census, so I only answer the basic questions leaving the rest blank – so far, no repercussions.

  7. Retired Marine

    Who gives a rats ass? Tell them your illegal and they will leave you alone. I will refuse to give any answers if this is the idiocy they want. God help this country, the idiots have taken control.

    • If you write you’re illegal they will show up at your house with free food stamps and Obamacare plus $4000 to tide you over until the next month when they show up and do it all over again. Yes the idiots have taken control!

      • And you will vote for a democrat without even getting off your couch..

        • No so weedhopper. I vote only write ins or libertarian. Both parties are one in the same snake with 2 heads and 2 forked tongues.

          • I was eluding to how the elections are fixed…. not your specific vote…. Sorry for not being clearer.

            I believe the reason Politicians on both sides will not vote in voter id laws or secure the border is because the corrupt ones view these people who in all probability will never vote as available votes… The corrupt ones see the illegals as a pool of 16 million votes that they can cast for themselves.

            The illegals don’t even know they are voting… So what I was trying to say is that the illegals will vote for a democrat without even getting off their couch…

            Didn’t mean to put words in your mouth… sorry

      • Retired Marine

        That’s funny as hell, unfortunately it is most likely correct.

      • Is this how regular folks can get on the dole?

  8. Francisco Machado

    Why compile data that is so totally guaranteed to be highly inaccurate? Does the census ask “do you engage in incest?” and expect an accurate assessment? I’m reminded of Hillary’s comment in an interview “I’ve never knowingly told a lie.” That data is well proven not statistically useful. She might as well say “I’ve never contradicted myself.” or “I’m an aardvark.” With demonstrable reason, I’m always suspicious of the government’s data collection. There’s this atavistic instinct that keeps animals alive. It says “If something powerful is watching you, it’s considering you for its next meal.” Guaranteed, any data collected will be manipulated (if not falsified) to support a costly government program that will benefit very few and be an inconvenience at best (if not a total pain in the ass) for the rest of us.

  9. MuslimLuvChrist

    I am going to say I’m a tranny
    AK, CT, HI, IL, IA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NE, NJ, NM, NY, ND, RI, VT, WV, WI, and DC don’t have the death penalty, kill muslim traitor in any of these states,

    say you are a tranny, move to a woman’s prison, and enjoy the rest of your life

    knowing that you saved America!!!

    • What the hell are you saying?

    • concerned educator

      Say you dont identify with human species. If your white say you identify as green etc. If they want people to identify ypu van identify as whatever you want and cite the LGBT as givong you the right

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        i’m a dog lover that loves my dogs so much,

        i think i will marry them,

        LGBT says i have the right!!!

  10. “I’m sure it’s a plan to segregate LBTG from real people.” [If that story gets started, I’m sure progressives will quickly stop asking].

  11. Our country is absolutely going to hell.

  12. They will want to know how many guns you have, how many bullets, ?? It will get worse as time goes by if we get Hillary as POTUS…. The deamoncraps want to know and control every aspect of your live’s and they seem to be overly interested in you sex life and what you have to protect your self from criminals and from them, The Government is the real danger especially when the dem’s, are in power, VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP 2016.

  13. 1% Of the pop. gets This Much Pull?? “Death To Democrats!” All you Taxpayers! Tell ‘Bammy Boy’ to take a Flying Fook at a Rolling Doughnut. The Recipient Leeches are Bleeding the Hosts Dry!

  14. He should have stopped answering after how many are living here question – my God, what is wrong with sheeple ; that will be the response that he/she/it will get from this pissed-off American! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – it can start by telling these Godless, useful idiotic census takers to go to hell!

  15. The proper response is ask my left hand or is it my right, only they know for sure; Oh, they are not talking, oh well.

  16. charles johnston

    Just as I did in the last census- allow them to count noses and nothing else.

  17. The only logical response is: You just can’t possibly make this shit up…..

  18. Can you believe this Craziness.What are they taking in the Govert 2 give them one cell brain They are drugged out or drunk on something. Wonder why they did not ask which hand do you use to wipe your butt ? May be Pelosi ‘s wine is tainted or the crack is crumpled , but some thing is working on their sick mentally ill mentality May be it is all that plastic surgery and Botox They may be drinking the Jones Kool-Aid

  19. I identify with my 9mm

  20. Shame to have to wait four years to empty my shredder basket ,carefully insert census questionnaire shred recover the scraps and return to the morons in DC.

  21. They have only the authority to ask you how many people live there in or on your property. Any other questions should be answered, NOYFB!

  22. Tell them you gave at the office and slam the door in their face!

  23. It’s only a proposed law, when my former senator was in Congress, she was only able to get 3 bills passed in 8 years 2001-2009 (to rename a Post Office, to rename a Highway, and one to make an historic site) in case you believe hitlery’s campaign lies about how effective she was as a senator. Rep Raul Grijalva and Sen Tammy Baldwin just want to use hitlery’s tactics to obfuscate for re-election.

  24. michael schimanski

    they can kiss my polish a$$ , that type of information is redicules , I personally would refuse to answer those stupid questions .

  25. George E. LeFebvre

    Just refuse to answer these types of questions as its an invasion of PRIVACY.

  26. I think it is time to quit the United States of America government and establish a new one based on the original one or the improved one adopted by the Confederate States of America.

    • Hey Tex, can we leave Californication out this time??? BTW, I’m ready if you will kindly send an invite.

  27. Mynickelsworth

    I think the Federal Government and the Census Bureau are meddling. Leave the questions alone. All you need is number of people, male or female, number of adults and number of children. NOTHING MORE. They can ask white, black or yellow? or some such stupid question if it is necessary. There might be a reason once to ask for ethnicity, i.e. European, Asian Latino? Maybe once every 100 years or so.

  28. The Feds have gone to far, the next time the census fruit cakes
    show up at the door, I will assert my first amendment, and speak
    freely as I wish, I can’t wait! I’m so sick and tired of these mother
    F N liberals, I just want to knock their teeth to the back of their throat.

  29. EnemyoftheState

    Ignore it or put Jedi. In the UK the Census was rendered meaningless by tens of thousands putting ridiculous answers and others refusing to complete it. As we now have a totally mad society I suspect you could cover it in crayon scribble and say you identify yourself as a six year old. After all we must all tolerate the intolerable now and must never upset anyone – that in 21st Century America is the only unforgivable sin. Mustn’t say no or criticize anyone even if they are stark staring bonkers.

  30. proper answer is “None of your effing business”. Followup answer is “would you prefer to walk away or be carried off of my property”?

  31. This scenario began in the hippies era of the 60’s and 70’s. The tune in, turn on (do drugs), and drop out rebellion began with free love, free panhandling, free drugs, free STD’s, crash pads for free, free food by foraging in restaurants, dumpsters, and handouts, and total unconditional acceptance, regardless of how kinky, weird, bizarre, or peculiar you seemed to the non-hippy residents. These quasi-humans reproduced, ultimately outgrew their childish nirvanas, and began, through their offspring, to influence the nation to change, remember Bammie, everything for free, including unguarded sex and sexual orientation. The outcome? Abortion, transgenderism, the LBGT movement, HIV-AIDS, socialism and communism, denunciation of Christianity, Judaism, and any religion in general, except islam. We don’t vote for a conservative, we lose. A vote for Hildebeast is a vote for the further destruction of morality and virtue, as we saw it before the hippies and after we refused to accept it’s canons. It’s your choice! The democrats are recruiting undocumented illegals, dead people, double votes, and violent persuasion at the polls. Check your state for further details.

  32. Democrats are actually DEMONIC RATS that are damned by God and are minions of Satan!

  33. Freedom fighter

    No matter who gets elected, the alphabet agencies are LOADED with left wing nut jobs that will do everything they can to thwart conservative progress. They either need to be shut down or someone really needs to clean house!

  34. If a woman census taker shows up at my door I WILL DROP MY PANTS and let her see for herself !!!

  35. These census questions are getting crazier. All we need is a count of people per household and that is it.

  36. Michael Dennewitz

    When these asswipes hit my door I have something very special waiting for them. A VERY LARGE container, filled with watered down adhesive! Let’s see how many more homes they hit after being doused with that shit!!

  37. concerned educator

    If theu come to my door i will say no one identifies as human. I identify with animals

  38. The “DATA” is needed to feed the Jade Helm Supercomputer banks to identify and eliminate the “Terrorist” enemies of the state!

  39. Dare them to ask me those stupid questions and for the sake of argument, if I had a sex change, I’d say whatever I was changed to. If I was a gay femal, I’m still a female, would state that and shut the door after informing them that what goes on in my bedroom is nobody’s business, now kindly Pi$$ off. I encourage any LGBT to do the same. Census is meant to COUNT the number of people, not to collect anything else. Nun ya bidness!!!

  40. Tell the loons to go back to their bosses and tell them I said, “Stay out of my bedroom, stay out of my body” that should be a good enough answer for the loons,

  41. Alleged Comment

    THIS is the devil speaking. We want everyone to be sodomites. Can you answer a few questions? And remember this is the devil speaking. Now, what is your transgender?


    Yes, the above scenario is playing out. Beware, the sodomites have taken over and that is a sign of the end.

  42. TeaPartyPatriot

    All I told them was there were 3 residents in the house. My wife my son and myself, I would answer no more questions.

  43. Only from the minds of the mindless… I am not sure we will survive another Democrat Administration any time soon. This article is almost too true to be hilarious, but I laughed anyway. With all the real problems there are in the world like hunger, drought, and disease, these Dems are most motivated about placating the certifiably mentally ill and pretending there is nothing wrong with them, even though they must lie and distort to do so. Thanks to this article, I have a new favorite term: “pansexual genderqueers.” It applies to the whole lot of them.

  44. I never answered the door when they came…ever. It’s none of this overstepping, out-of-control, power hungry federal govt’s business how I live my life and they will NEVER get any info from me…period! Nanna nanna nanna…go eat a snake and die govtards!

  45. A natural born American

    Soon to be known as the LGBTP! lesbians, gays,transexual, pedophiles.

  46. I just close the door if I accidentally open t and it’s a census worker. Then they call me for weeks.. DELETE! I”m not gonna answer these idiots..

  47. I flat ass will refuse to answer any of their questions…..never have…never well. They can go into a dark room, close the door and commit unnatural sex acts on themselves. ….chuckling….I was barely able to get through three years in the military with my attitude.

  48. Elizabeth Follmer

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    • So, what does your comment have to do with the subject under discussion? Too bad you can’t be tracked down and billed for advertising you cheapskate!

  49. Don’t bring the thing to my house. I’m through being politically correct or POLITE.

  50. Did they forget what the census was for? And the government keeps growing, …like a fungus.

    • The Constitution requires a census every ten years to accurately apportion populations. From this, it is obvious that there a movement afoot to make a GLBT state, and they need proper representation, instead of their currently over-represented status. If I could trust the government, I would be in favor of it, for the new state, instead of for all.

  51. Not going to stop, the only answer is to separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers

  52. They came once to my place to follow-up on why I hadn’t completed the “required paperwork under penalty of law!” Of course, I had to ask….”And what law was that? I’m not familiar with it. Do you have a copy for me to read before I fill it out?….How do you guys get hired?….you from around here?….Are you full time Government types? …Are you Gay guys?….that one threw them. Burned about 15 minutes with soft questioning …non of which they answered knowledgeably.

    “So Gentlemen!…your bosses gave you a list of people to go harass and sent you on your way huh? I don’t believe you are who you say you are! Let me see your State Drivers License! If you are the real deal then you should have no problem with that. Wait right here a minute, I need to get my camera and take your pictures.”

    When I came back to the door with said camera….they were gone. Imagine that!

    I have no doubt they are where working for who they said they are but when I told them I was going to get my camera to take their pictures ….and casual mentioned my brother who is a Cop would be able to tell me if you guys are criminals in Government clothing….chuckling…..they flushed like Pheasants do and were gone before I came back with the camera.

    I suspect as Temp Workers they didn’t have background checks and for all I know, they could be casing my place out for a night time visit.

    Stranger things happen all the time….ask any Cop you know.

  53. soldier for liberty

    I don’t answer tell them to get off my property!

  54. These nosy ass jackoffs need to mind their own business. What business is it of the federal government what gender identity one is or what ones sexual orientation? None that’s what. These people just can’t keep out of other peoples lives. They are sick and need help. If they want to find out they can go hang out at the restroom in Target if it stays open that long. Raul and Tammy you are sick people. Get help. The rest of us don’t like your intruding in our business.

  55. The proper answer is ‘None of your damn business’. What will the ‘dictator demos’ want next?

  56. If these questions come by phone, how about simply hanging up?

  57. OK, Rep. Raul Grijalva and Sen. Tammy Baldwin, what’s your sexual orientation? Sexual identify? Sexual preference? Are you Bi? Tri? Perhaps if we knew whether you identified as Hispanic, Black, Caucasian, Oriental, or other….. Two more losers sent to Congress asking stupid questions as in the scenario of this story.

  58. My orientation? Usually upright, unless sleeping, then I’m generally recumbent.

  59. Whenever this happens to our Caucasian Conservative Tea Party household, the census taker will first be asked to identify their sexual orientation at that point and then be told to go do something to themselves. Enough of these types of reply’s and maybe, just maybe the bureaucratic drones in DC and elsewhere will get it.

  60. The answer to any democ-RAT question is none of your fkg business. Now get the hell off my property. This is now a Criminal Trespass Warning. Leave immediately you slimy a$$ hole

  61. william g munson

    Well I will answer one and that is on lives here and none of your business Period

  62. MyronJPoltroonian

    LOL!!! I’m reminded of why I did this now some 36 years ago:

    My Nom d’Blog is Myron J. Poltroonian, as that was the name I used on the 1980 census long form that I filled out in San Francisco. The one the poor college student asked for on a Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m., after I’d been out playing at a gig the night before and hadn’t gotten home until about 2:30/3:00 in the morning. Let’s just say the sight of this long-haired, bearded, grumpy and bedecked in only my old burgundy bathrobe musician was unsettling to the poor fellow to say the least. My response to his inquiry was a somewhat gruff “Yah!”, whereupon he smiled weakly, apologized profusely, and beat a hasty retreat away from my door, never to be seen again. Who says interacting with the government can’t be fun? And, effective as well.

    The reason I used the name “Myron J. Poltroonian” on the census long form was simply because I knew that the mentality of the “Fold, Spindle and Categorize” “Gumint” types would automatically make the conclusional leap as to my ancestry, just so they could fit me into one of their little pre-ordained pigeon holes. [A’ dotting their “Tee’s” and a’ crossing their “Eyes” all the way.] And, I didn’t feel like it was any of their business as to “Who” I was, just, according to the Constitution, “That” I was.

  63. I worked for the census a few years ago and there are no questions like that on the form. If you do not want them coming to your door fill out the form and mail it back, That would save the taxpayers a lot of money.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Interesting comment. Essentially you’re saying: “Comply! Resistance is futile”, &c. (Did you read my comment made some 9 hours before yours? I wonder if you were the field “Worker” (no “Employees” in a Democrat administration, because that’s a “Capitalist ” term) who came to my door that day.

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