Democrats Try to Stop GOP From Grilling Social Media Companies On Liberal Bias

Republicans were all set to question representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on Tuesday, but Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee tried everything they could to keep the hearing from moving forward. In a scene that was part-grandstanding and partially a quite serious attempt to denounce concerns over Silicon Valley bias as unimportant and fanciful, Democrats actually held a vote to end the hearing early and move on to other business. Business like…playing more political games with Donald Trump and the Big Bad Russian Collusion Conspiracy!

“This committee has oversight of the Department of Justice,” said Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA). “Our president also disparaged the Department of Justice. Are we having a hearing on that? No.”

That inspired Rep. Jerrold Nadler, one of the president’s most unhinged critics in Congress, to introduce a motion to end the hearing and instead turn it into a session on Russian election meddling. The motion was defeated and Democrats, at long last, finally shut up and settled down to the business of the day.

On the panel were Facebook’s head of global policy, Monika Bickert; Twitter policy strategist Nick Pickles, and YouTube policy chief Juniper Downs. They fielded questions from Republicans about instances of anti-conservative bias that have made headlines in recent months, protecting the companies they represent with a usual combination of feigned concern and imagined innocence.

What was more interesting, actually, was the complete lack of interest on the part of the Democrats. In fact, Democrats think that these companies should be doing MORE to censor controversial content rather than less. Several lawmakers on the left pushed the executives to explain why content from sites like InfoWars and The Gateway Pundit was not banned on Facebook.

“Your actions around these issues are essential to making sure that your platforms aren’t misused to the detriment of democracy,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said at one point.

We swear, the more you watch these Democrats in action, the more their game becomes apparent. They want to keep Americans from learning about what really went on inside the DOJ as the Trump/Russia collusion investigation unfolded. They want to keep conservative speakers from appearing on college campuses. Now they want to scrub social media sites of conservative content and, indeed, prevent Republican lawmakers from even asking these companies about their practices. Every time you turn around, Democrats are doing their best to keep information and content AWAY from the American people.

Is that the platform of a party that believes it has the right answers and the right ideas for our nation’s future? Or is it the platform of a party that is scared to death of free debate and the free exchange of information?

The answer, we think, is becoming quite obvious.

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