Democrats Take Aim at Supreme Court Justice

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – House Oversight and Accountability Committee top Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD), and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have called for Chief Justice John Roberts to take action in investigating the conflicts of interests of two Justices. 

On Thursday, in a letter, the two pointed out that Justice Clarence Thomas has faced scrutiny because of the undisclosed luxury gifts and trips that he has received. They also noted that Justice Samual Alito had faced criticism for displaying two flags connected to the “Stop the Steal” efforts, showing an implied allegiance to Trump. 

The lawmakers stated that this information has been unearthed by congressional committees and recent media reports which indicate that the country’s highest court is facing a crisis. However, despite this, Roberts has repeatedly refused to meet with lawmakers. 

In the letter to Roberts, the two argue that the “anomalous” method of tracking ethical transgressions in the Supreme Court has resulted in a lot of questions about the inability of the highest court to ensure that the Justices keep to their constitutional and statutory obligations. They added that as he has in the past refused to have a meeting with Congress, they question whether he is taking any steps to investigate these incidents which indicate political bias. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is led by the Democrats, recently released new documents that showed that there were three additional trips paid for by Republican mega-donor and billionaire Harlan Crow that Thomas had failed to disclose. 

The House Judiciary Democrats have also been pushing for Alito to be recused from the cases relating to the Jan. 6th attack as there are reasons to question his impartiality.

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