Democrats Suddenly Think FBI Director is Corrupt

Hillary Clinton, her surrogates, her supporters in the Democratic Party, and her allies in the media had nothing but praise for FBI Director James Comey a few short months ago. Though bristling a bit at the tone of his July statement, which accused Hillary of being “extremely careless” in her handling of classified material, they were over the moon about his recommendation that she not be indicted.

But when Comey informed Congress last week that his agents had discovered new emails on a device belonging to Anthony Weiner, their collective opinion of Comey suddenly changed. Funny how that happens, eh?

Consider the unhinged letter Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid fired off to Comey. In it, he not only questioned Comey’s political motivations, he insinuated that the FBI director may have violated the Hatch Act, a law that bars FBI agents from using their position to influence a political election. “Through your partisan actions,” wrote Reid, “you may have broken the law.”

As Fox News pointed out, Reid was singing a different tune a few months ago, when he defended Comey as a “fair, impartial director.”

And you can just go right down the list. Media pundits, DNC officials, Clinton campaign staffers, Obama administration appointees, etc. All of them were praising Comey as a terrific law enforcement agent this summer when Republicans were trying to figure out how the director could have possibly reached the decision to let Hillary off the hook. Now they want Obama to remove Comey from his position and, perhaps, put him in prison for daring to keep Congress updated on an investigation that wasn’t as “closed” as Democrats thought.

Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are livid over the Comey letter. Insiders say that Lynch strongly discouraged Comey from writing it. That Comey went ahead anyway is telling. Perhaps months of soul searching brought him to the point where he had to put the country ahead of his career. Perhaps he realized that Republicans were not going to let this go after the election, and that his decision was going to come under scrutiny that he couldn’t withstand.

But it’s useless to speculate. This entire business has been covered under so many layers of scandal that it will take years to sort it all out. We may never know the full truth.

But we know enough already to make voting for Hillary Clinton an impossibility.

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