Democrats Release Thanksgiving Tips for Liberals

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for young liberals. Many college kids are returning home for the first time since being implanted with exciting new ideas about what it means to be an American. And they’re worried. Because only now do they realize that they didn’t grow up in a loving, caring home after all. Turns out, they were the product of a selfish, racist, privileged upbringing and now they are going back to the belly of the beast. How will they defend their new values among a bunch of ignorant conservatives?

Don’t worry. The Democratic Party is here for you.

To help struggling young liberals, the DNC created “Your Republican Uncle” – a website that helps you debunk some of the conservative ideas that your relatives will be spouting around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

“Here are the most common myths spouted by your family members who spend too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh and the perfect response to each of them,” reads the site.

What better way to show your love and gratitude!

Let’s see what kind of insulting rhetoric millions of parents will be hearing over the holidays.

What if someone at the dinner table says, “We should repeal Obamacare!”

Answer: “If the ACA were repealed, millions of Americans would lose access to quality, affordable health care. And none of the Republican candidates for president have a plan to solve that problem.”

Ah. But what about the Health Care Choice Act – an Obamacare alternative not only proposed by Senator Ted Cruz, but actually sponsored as legislation in March? This bill would take out the worst of Obama’s insurance mandates and erase restrictions nationally, forcing insurance companies to compete in the tradition of the free market. Sounds like a “plan”. So it seems that these responses are meant only to refute conservatives who don’t know what they’re talking about. Granted, that covers most people – of either political stripe – but it’s still rather disingenuous. And potentially quite embarrassing for a tender young Democrat.

Anyway, here are a selection of other phrases the DNC thinks you should have at hand before going into battle with your conservative relatives:

Climate change is real and its manmade. The Republican presidential field is living in denial.

That’ll shut ’em up.

Marco Rubio may be young, but he’s not a new kind of Republican. He opposes raising the minimum wage, he wants to cut taxes for the wealthy, and on foreign policy, he might as well be Dick Cheney.

This is the best argument for President Rubio we’ve heard all year.

Screening refugees based on their religion goes against everything our country stands for.

Why is it that, even in plain text, liberals sound like they’re whining? Also, it’s interesting how “everything our country stands for” seems to change according to whichever dumb Democrat policy is up for debate at the time. Democrats didn’t seem so concerned about religious protections when Kim Davis was in jail.

All [Voter ID laws] do is make it harder for people of color, women, younger voters, and seniors to vote. That’s un-American.

But women and people of color couldn’t vote at all when America started. So how is it un-American?

All right, all right, maybe that’s not the best answer. But how much of this nonsense can one man take? Why is it specifically more difficult for all of those minorities to get an ID? And since when were women and younger voters thrown into this mix?

Young liberals, do yourselves a favor. Go home, put your newfound political beliefs to the side for a few days, and just listen. Vote for Bernie next year if you must, but don’t assume that you know it all because you took Gender Studies 101. America wasn’t created in a college classroom. Life is going to teach you some things that you will never understand from reading a book. Your hopeless conservative relatives might not be as dumb as you think.

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  1. What goes around, comes around. Why does this feel so familiar? Another twenty years down the road, and another generation will be whining they have given birth to idiots, too.

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  2. anyone who pushes Obama’s lies is nothing more than one of his sluts. and deserving of a public dismemberment.

  3. If the ACA is so great why is the VA Health Care so corrupt/useless/slow/expensive?

    • A natural born American

      And why are so many Americans STILL unable to afford DECENT healthcare?

      • Because those still working for a living are being forced to pay the insurance costs for at least another person and a half. If the public knew the actual number of people getting free ObamaCare there would be a revolution. Right now they are accepting the lies the government sends out.

        • And it took lies, fraud, perjury to even pass it in the first place…..and the harbinger (The VA) clearly showed it would not/can not work.

          • And it took that very brief period of time when the Democrats held absolute power in congress.

          • We you stop whining? We had the best Thanks Giving since Jack Kennedy. People are again living in heaven in this USA. I am surprised you’re whining about life. Do you know President Obama brought hope back in this Country? And there you’re whining like a little kid. You must be related to those morons in Congress who want to hurt Americans. They fake to hate Obamacare when in fact is
            saving them money and life. Where is Bin Laden, Yemen and Benghazi morons? All are now done. We gave more police in the street than before. The unemployment is 4 % in my county and businesses cannot find people to work. We need illegals in Wisconsin. Gas price is now $1.00 a gal and people are eating in restaurant again and tipping
            waitresses big time again. Stupid TPs and Repubs want entitlements to go beaches, drink and enjoy heroine which kills them instead of working. These are same people who call Blacks as drug-pushers when Whites are dying in the rich suburbs. Where are the police in the suburbs to catch White drug dealers? Police are chickens to catch white drug dealers. Police go to Black neighborhoods to make their quotas. People are enjoying life again because they
            can find good paying jobs now. You remember in 2008 –this country was like Greece. Rich Repubs and TPs, including Romney, had shipped their money abroad leaving banks and the country dry. Thanks to Americans
            of European, African, Latino, Asian and Native descents for electing and re-elected Obama. Life is back again as was during Jack Kennedy. We are now competing in the economy; but still love one another regardless of our races. Stop whining and go to work. If you cannot find work- come to Wisconsin and you will get a job the next day. Actually, I may volunteer to take you around to find a job. Wisconsin is good place to work; despite we have an illiterate Governor who is giving Billions to his contributors in the name of creating jobs. Thank God, Walker quit his WH bid.

          • Yep 90 million Americans unable to find work seems like a great thing to liberals who don’t want to work anyway. I sure haven’t seen $1.00 gas anywhere in the country. Yemen is still in turmoil but Obama says it is a “success”. We still have the lying bitch Hillary lying about Benghazi. She is incapable of telling the truth just like Obama. Healthcare costs are through the roof. Those who can afford healthcare insurance, can’t even afford the dedutible to use it. Unions spend billions of there members money WITHOUT THE MEMBERS APPROVAL just to try to oust someone who has brought Wisconsin back from the brink of bankruptcy. Try ready history too, JFK was conservative. Yes life was much better back then..

          • Who lied to you 90 million Americans unable to find work? Those are Repubs and TPs who want to be served like masters. Come to Wisconsin we can find you a job-like that. If 90 mi are out of work, how are they surviving – on air! The 90 mi you are talking about are lazy. Just go to Florida and California beaches. You will find Repubs and TPs and their kids basking in the beaches. They do not want to work. And I believe you’re one of them

          • Keep drinking your kool-aid and all the unicorns will be fine. Yep I’m about to be one of them basking on the beaches when I retire after 40 years working non-stop next month. How’s your mom’s basement?

          • Yup! The TURDS forced us to pay into Social Security, then the maggots robbed the fund and made us work longer, then the feces eaters taxed our benefits! They, then retire with “cadillac” benefits and healthcare! Please ISIS, blow up D.C. next!

          • Gawd, the libTURDS must be real proud of you Obama leg humper! NOT!

          • I have good news for you – Dr. Carson is GOP nominee and will pick Mitch McConnell as running mate. Both hate Obamacare although their relatives are racial minorities.

          • Very well said, I can appreciate it more because I was raised in a small town in Wisconsin, Mauston at a time when Joe McCarthy was running around spreading his garbage. Republicans should take note and you are right all they do is whine. The person posting right below me, billhinman, is a perfect example of a whiner.

          • History proves McCarthy was right. You’re lost!

          • And Bobby is a complete idiot. He calls me a whiner while I have worked for 40 years to pay his insurance for him. What a joke Bobby is. He knows absolutely nothing about me and how much I have given back to my communities. It sure is easy to call someone else a whiner from their mom’s basement. He sits there while our country is being given to the “give me give me give me more” crowd. That’s all liberals can do is give away other peoples money. There is something I have that Bobby will never have, responsibility for myself and self respect.

          • Wow! You’ve been taken in, hook, line and sinker!

          • Wow I had no idea that obama did even one positive thing for this country, on purpose. Do You think he became Gun Salesman of the Decade on purpose?

      • Get out of your mothers basement…..face the real world…..DECENT Health Care for the poor has always been available (ex-major Hospital Board member – NO ONE was ever refused care), Catholic Charities and numerous other organization have provided for decades (ask your Mom)…..a Health Care Insurance Policy IS/WAS NEVER required/needed/important/useful. ACA has caused Health Care prices to got thru the roof……..why? because the Guv-mint SAYS they are covering it THEY SAY (BUT LIE – a recent Invoice was reduced by half and required THREE Invoices to get attention). This ACA scam has also reduced the quality and prolonged the services to our Wounded Warriors and the VA can not offer care where & where needed. (Hence the Death By Delay VA Policy) Massive VA corruption has caused reduced care & higher costs to taxpayers. If you study obamaCARE & think it is workable……please, please seek mental help ASAP. Both obamaCARE & the VA must be defunded – – both far, far too corrupt to fix!

        • A natural born American

          You must have me confused with a libtard. All the organizations you mentioned are charities. For many hard working people charity is not an option, if they didn’t earn it it is not theirs to claim. You will find mothers who will swallow their pride and accept it on a child’s behalf, but NOT for themselves. I grew up in the heart of libtard country and I knew many many older people who would rather die than to accept charity. Some of them actually did. My granddad being one of them. He couldn’t pay for his own treatment so he refused it. He refused to allow the ACS to pay for his treatment even though they offered to pick up the entire tab. Later, my dad refused their offer to help with the tab when my mother underwent chemo. Today I have a friend who will not accept any help from the ACS who have offered to help pay for whatever her insurance policy doesn’t cover. Some people still believe that if they didn’t earn it then it isn’t theirs to claim.

          • You’re speaking of people that many have no knowledge of even existing. Such thinking is largely unknown. It runs so counter to what modern thinking has become.

          • A natural born American

            I raised kids who won’t accept charity of any kind. They are friends with many young people who seem to feel the same way. I’ve heard them saying that accepting charity is a sign of weakness.

          • I’m an 11th generation American, with the 12th and 13th here too. I’m on the same page with you but just don’t hear this stance much. I’m a southerner.

      • I can answer that, because they live in states that have stupid Governors that refuse to accept the Medicaid expansion, the ACA was based on that program.

    • As Jonathan Gruber said “if the massive redistribution of wealth involved in the A.C.A. was exposed, the bill would never pass”.

      • MAXX = And a FED/GOV Affirmative Action employee deciding when or if a patient will be seen…..regardless of pain or bleeding……which can be important especially those on blood thinners. Same goes for Meda-Care & SS = a doctor may prescribe daily home visits by a nurse for the disabled BUT THEY ONLY WILL PAY FOR THREE DAYS MAXIMUM…………
        Little wonder that the VA has adopted the DEATH BY DELAY POLICY.
        ACA & VA must be defunded ASAP. To save lives & save trillions of dollars.

    • Why should anyone think that they can manage single payer when they can’t even manage the VA?

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      • What can the gubment ever do right besides take our money and give it to the slovenly, lazy, ……………….

      • When I saw the draft which was of 8060 dollars, I accept that my friend’s br0ther was like really generating cash in his spare time with his computer. . His aunts neighb0r has done this for only 10 months and by now repaid the loan on their home and bought a new Car .This is what they are d0nig …

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    • Because liberal logic doesn’t work…

    • The VA care is the model that ACA will become.

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  4. One of the principles that conservatives and liberals should have in common is that of behavior being either inexpensive and a blessing or expensive and a curse. Given the lack of agreement over morality and ethics, as law, being legislatable, we should never be divided over two plus two equals four, plus interest.

  5. The American people are only interested in what makes their lives better. These lies of the politicians particularly the demons aren’t going to cut it except with the lazy who receive welfare aid without just cause. They would still believe the demons if they said the world was flat to keep getting their freebies off the working people.

    • Then why do so many Americans volunteer to go overseas to defeat dictators and stop genocide, if they are only interested in making their lives better?

      • Valid point I overlooked. In general the American people, Police firefighters 1st responders and military are really American Patriots who sacrifice to preserve our freedom but unfortunately Obama and his socialist demons are taking their rights away.,

  6. SCREW LIBERALISM!!! Pardon my language, but I’m so fed up with what it’s done to the U.S.

    • It is not really Liberalism but just Democrats! Most of them could not explain liberal ideas if you pressed them. Democrats are just plain dumb.

      • @ texexpatriate , true , but this currently is indeed American Liberalism ….. more commonly know in the world as Fascism …..

    • What liberalism is doing to the U.S. was done to most of Europe only earlier in time. That is why liberals in America always point to how great it is in Europe. Soon, very soon Europe will be making that 180 degree turn if they want to survive as a society. Liberalism is the reason Europe is gushing with immigrants that are there to take over the countries that welcomed them. It’s what the liberals planned but not what the conservatives expected. Stay tuned for updates. They will be coming soon.

  7. A natural born American

    How about conservative parents respond to their ‘independent’ liberal students with this one simple line: “We’ve decided to cut back on our contribution to your tuition costs because you’re obviously old enough to start contributing to your own financial support.” The parents should use the money to go do something they’ve been putting off ever since the birth of their first child. My family used the money to go visit the countries their ancestors had emigrated from.

    When I was in college, I notice that the kids who were taking their free ride on Daddy’s and Mommy’s dime were the ones who usually stirred up most of the campus (and even some community) unrest. The kids who had to hold down part time jobs were too busy with their studies and their jobs to waste their time creating campus problems out of thin air. When they weren’t working or studying they were growing futures by developing interpersonal relationships. Those kids tended to mature faster and become far more responsible and productive citizens. They also seemed to become the better parents. It’s the kids who are given the free rides, whether it’s on mommy and daddy’s dime or the taxpayers dime, who seem to expect the free ride to carry them from cradle to grave.

    • I was fortunate enough to have the work ethic my “Greatest Generation” family had and worked my way through half of my higher education experience. After four years in the military, the GI Bill kicked in and all of this happened before Texas’ institutions of higher learning became corrupted. Today, I probably would go to a trade school, instead. That’s what my two kids did. Life is good. Retired mechanical engineer.

      • You are absolutely right about “trade schools”. Today trade or technical schools are closing due to the lack of students. At the same time the trades can’t find workers to offer apprenticeships to. Young people were indoctrinated by liberal teachers that they need to go to college. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, welders etc. can easily make $60K plus shortly after becoming journeymen. Trades recruiters say the biggest issue is the young people can’t pass a drug test. Who supports legalizing drugs? That would be the left / liberals / democrats / progressives. Take your choice.

    • Took me 5.5 years to graduate because I worked full time during semesters and full-time and part-time during the summers. Parents were unable to help and I never expected it. Going to a private college meant no free hand outs of any kind.

      • A natural born American

        I can totally respect that. I know people who cleaned the latrines and pushed a broom then slept in broom closets on campus; they used the gym to shower. They worked in the kitchens in exchange for their meals. This was in addition to tutoring and working at nearby fast food chains or retail stores in order to pay for the tuition and other expenses their scholarships didn’t cover. THOSE are the type people who should be the leaders of today. Not some bonehead who got to the top on daddy’s dime.

    • I am one of those people you are talking about and to say I am offended by your words is an under statement. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin on the Governments dime, it is called the GI Bill. It is apparent that most of these postings are by people that never contributed to our freedom with anything but their mouths, wake up and start making a contribution to this great Country of ours. You may not like our President but do I need to remind you he was elected by a 51% majority twice, the last time that happen was with Reagan.

      • Apparently the value that you got from your education doesn’t serve you well. You’ve deliberately decided to ignore the fact that “a natural born American” wasn’t talking about GI’s and then you turned on “most of the people posting here”, with your “holier than thou” diatribe. Many of us served in the military, yet recognize the obvious here. I don’t like our president, I didn’t vote for him, he’s done nothing worthwhile for the country, that I know of. It can’t even be said that a plurality of Americans voted for him, since the left has finally reached a level of treachery that openly practices vote fraud, etc. You would do well to think before you speak.

        • You would do well to think before you speak. We live in a democracy, we have elections and good Americans that believe in our Constitutions accept the outcome. You may not like our President but he was elected by the majority of Americans which is more than I can say about George W. Bush, in 2000 he was appointed the President by the Supreme Court, he did not win the popular vote. There was no voter fraud, learn the definition like Republican Governors drawing up districts in their states to favor Republicans running for Congress. The majority of comments on this article were negative, like yours.

          • A natural born American

            Wrong. Bush the Worst was NOT appointed by anyone. He won the vote of the Electoral College by a margin of about 5 votes. JQ Adams, RB Hayes and B Harrison also won the Electoral votes but not the popular votes. When 4 generations of people in my family all served in the military the GI Bill was only one of the promised ‘benefits’ they received upon enlisting. THAT Is in no way, nor can it even be misconstrued as ‘attending college on the governments dime as it was earned.

            Your responses strongly suggest you are a liberal trying to pass yourself off as someone you’re not. Or maybe you are/were part of obama’s ‘new and [un]improved army’!

          • He’s lost!

          • You should maybe go back and check your facts, the recount was stopped in Florida by the Supreme Court and as it was proven later, if it was allowed to continue Gore would have won the Florida Electoral votes, that my friend is the facts. I consider myself a Progressive, we want to see the Country move forward, the Conservatives are happy with keeping things as they are. If they had their way we would still be taking covered wagons west.

          • Every recount after the Supreme Court ruling, even the most liberal recounts all gave Florida to Bush. Get over it.

          • A natural born American

            Oh you mean progressive as in equal pay for equal work? I did payroll accounting long enough to know that conservatives have been doing that for decades. Most of the companies I did payroll for who had double standards were mostly, but not always, owned/operated by the communities most staunchest democrats. They hired hundreds of illegal immigrants through temp agencies just so there were never any illegals on their payroll. Just the contracts with the temp agencies. Had to keep it legal for the feds you know.The companies paid a flat rate to the temp agencies that almost always resulted in the Hispanic men barely earning minimum wage and their women earning LESS than minimum! And there is NEVER any hope for promotions and raises.

            Or did you mean progressive like a woman having the right to choose NOT to use any kind of birth control? And if she ‘accidentally’ gets pregnant she will have approximately the next 8-9 months to decide if she wants to CHOOSE to have the taxpayers pay for her to terminate the unwanted life growing within HER body. Then she can CHOOSE to allow that unwanted child to become fodder for research so even if it survives the abortion it still has to die.

            Or did you mean progressive in that you approve of the government building all these cheaply made ‘affordable’ housing projects that offer about zero privacy, where our cities poor can all be crammed together like sardines? Everyone KNOWS how well THOSE have worked out. Especially for the families who are forced to live there.

            Or did you mean progressive in that you approve of the government financed schools encouraging our children to behave in a disobedient and disrespectful manner towards their parents and their families moral and/or religious beliefs, Old Glory and all that it stands for, our military personnel who are also fighting to preserve those kids’ freedoms and all the rest of their fellow man? Kids who are maturing into adults who have little or no regard for the safety and well being of the lives of the elderly, the unborn or just about everyone else once they’ve decided they don’t like the way that person looks, thinks or sounds.

            Then again, maybe you meant progressive as in creating unions that force employers to keep dead-weight employees on the payroll. (After I joined the work force I HAD to pay union dues or I couldn’t work.) The unions kept jacking up the pay rate so that the unskilled laborers income, not including benefits, was somewhat comparable to that of people who spent at least 4 years in college gaining the esoteric knowledge that better justifies those higher wages. Do you HONESTLY believe that the person flipping frozen, premade burgers, who couldn’t be bothered with improving him-/herself through hard work and study, deserves to be earning the same wages as the person who worked and studied hard to earn a degree that would result in his/her family having a better lifestyle than the burger flipper’s? There is a reason why someone spends 35 years flipping burgers while all his/her high school coworkers moved on to bigger and better things.

            BTW when I first began doing accounting I was a ‘progressive’ democrat. But after seeing the moral and ethical differences between the democrats and the conservatives, excluding RINO’s, I changed sides. While keeping the financial records for my clients, I also noticed that MOST of the contributions made towards college scholarship funds, or to churches that pass out vouchers for food and shelter and utilities and clothing, or to keep public free clinics operating, to support the soup kitchens and homeless shelters and… well they were made by the conservative companies I worked with. The democrats contributed to causes like stop climate change, save the whales/wildlife… But then they also donate to the defense funds of the very people caught breaking the laws designed to save the whales/wildlife! They often contribute to organizations created to protect the children/victims of violent crimes, then they turn around and contribute to the other organizations that are trying to get the rapists/murderers/ pedophiles sentences reduced or even overturned! Some democrat owned companies made charitable contributions but they did so in a way that they got to determine just how THEIR money would be spent.

            We conservatives don’t want to go back to living in covered wagons, but I don’t think there’s a one of us who wouldn’t appreciate being treated with the same respect and consideration as people showed one another back then. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your child or grandchild or spouse will awaken safely each morning even if someone forgot to lock all the doors and windows (including those leading into the basement) before going to bed the night before? And wouldn’t it be nice to know that our fellow man had enough respect for human life that we could allow our children to go outside to play in their own yards or even in the neighborhood play park w/o worrying about pedophiles, gangbangers or even social services. Wouldn’t you like to know that you are free to pass your own beliefs on to your children w/o nosey Netty next door reporting you for teaching them something SHE doesn’t approve of? We would also appreciate knowing that the children whose tuition we scrimped and saved and worked so hard to earn will actually mean they are educated well enough to find a really decent job that will lead to a career with the promise of a bright future.

            ‘Progressives’ have been around since about forever and we see how well it’s been working for the Europeans.

          • Like most Conservatives you are long winded with absolutely no substance.

          • Gore would only have one because the demoCROOKS were creating new ballots with every recount. Any recount that produces new bags of votes every time proves voter fraud.

          • Wrong, every recount, even the very liberal recounts said that Bush won the Florida Electoral votes. Just by saying Gore won over and over does not make it true.

          • Whether George W Bush won the popular vote, or not, I cannot say. However, the popular vote does not determine the election outcome. That is by the electoral college vote. America is not a democracy. Democracy is “mob rule”. America is a democratic republic. There is a check and balance on everything, including the citizen, which is why the electoral college determines the outcome. As far as gerrymandering goes, it has gone on under democrat and republican influence so I can’t offer just who has the record. You may not like my comments because I’m a conservative. You are wrong concerning voter fraud. It has been more rampant than ever during the last 2 presidential elections. It’s the democrats who also oppose voter ID, which is done to help and foster voter fraud. No I don’t like the president. He’s a fraud, an impostor, a foreigner who was ineligible for election, and he’s doing great damage to the country along with 90-90% of the Congressional representation in the District of Criminals and with the aid of the SCOUS.

          • Your education didn’t teach you much. We do not live in a democracy, we live in a republic.

  8. Voter ID argument can be won quickly. If it is too hard to get an ID for minorities, then WHY does “The Butcher of Benghazi” insist on showing IDs to get into one of her events. ID is OK for Dem events but not for something as important as voting.

  9. The far left wing, radical, extremist, “liberal” (STALINIST) play book. Name call, demonize, lie and if that doesn’t work, foam at the mouth and lie again. Play the victim, attempt to destroy others’ characters, especially if they disagree with you. Be a community agitator. Guilt, dishonor, destroy and if that doesn’t work, lie and lie again. That sums up the “liberal” play book.

    • Hard core Sal Alinsky pinned Rules for Radicals, a play book for demonizing anyone that disagreed with the radical liberals. One of old V Lenin’s favorites sayings was: “a lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth”.

  10. Liberals are a “cult” just like radical Islam followers.

  11. Exactly what does “our country stand for. . . “? I have never known and I am 78-years old. I had an idea of it in 1943 when I was six and we were fighting the Nazis and Nips, but things have gone so far and so fast downhill since then I no longer know.

  12. Attempting a rational discussion with an ideologue is time wasted. They are true believers in an artificially constructed illogical reality.

  13. If I remember correctly, Ronald Reagan stated back some years ago: “America is one generation away from socialism”. Or something to that effect. He knew the Keynesian politics were already entrenched in our system of “higher learning”. The radical liberals, progressives, socialist and commies all the way back to the 1880s and into the radical commie led protest of the 1960s and 1970s and now our Comrade Obummer and his puppet masters, Valerie Jarrett and George Soros and his UN and EU minions, all hard core commies. Will there be another American Revolution ???? Maybe. Will you be ready ???? I will.

  14. This is a fine example of why it’s so important to do a complete background on the schools you are considering sending your sons and daughters to , if you are Liberal ( my condolences ) sent them to Liberal schools , if Conservative , send them to Conservative schools ….. they actually do exist … support them .

  15. America is being clobbered with communist tactics, more than she has ever been.
    Communism says: Capture the children, capture the nation…… among other destructive avenues to destroy a free country.
    I am fascinated with these socialist type people, can’t they see that socialism in any form is and has always been a failure? It just doesn’t work!

  16. Liberalism and its bastard child socialism has failed everywhere its been implemented. The first attempt on this continent was with the Pilgrims. It was an utter failure and had to be replaced with a free market system in order for them to survive. Human beings are not machines. They need incentive to be innovative and productive. Socialism greatly reduces or removes incentives. The result? Mass mediocrity and no innovation. Such a society is doomed and will eventually expire.

  17. “Climate change is real and man-made” won’t shut ME up! In fact, it might make me sing, like this,..

  18. A natural born American

    Once you realize what kind of mentality you are dealing with just delete any and all notices you receive from that person. They may be doing their best to whittle away our first amendment rights, but last I heard we still don’t have to listen, so to speak, to someone we believe to be natural born idiots. I get lots of notices in my inbox and the moment I recognize the name of someone I don’t think ever figured out how to do basic written math problems, I delete the message w/o bothering to read it. I have a low tolerance for stupid. UNLESS I’m in the mood for a good laugh.

  19. If its being done right anywhere in America you can bet the house it aint being done by a government employee

  20. The DNC has to tell the millennials how and what to think. They are truly the “Pathetic Generation”! The “Greatest Generation” is laughing at us and crying at the same time!!

  21. Now I know why our libTURD friends spew the crap that they do!! It’s all right here, TAKE A LOOK!…

  22. Yup, your Republican uncle that works, pays taxes, earns etc. so that you pmbalele
    slobs can eat for free and live in your section 8 slums.

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