Democrats Race To Finish Goals Before GOP Takes Power

Democrats are rushing in order to complete several legislative and policy items before they lose control of the House in January. Lawmakers currently have a number of things on their plate, including agreeing on a funding package in order to stop the government from shutting down.

Currently, a lot of progress has also been made with a same-sex marriage bill being on its way to President Joe Biden’s desk. The House also passed the National Defense Authorization Act.

In terms of other important priorities, Congress has not managed to make the desired progress on its “must-pass” legislation, which could lead to lawmakers and staffers having to stay in Washington, D.C. until the Christmas holiday.

In the coming days, Democrats will need to pass their omnibus spending bill through Congress. This will provide funding to the government until next year. There are currently only four days left before the funding bill runs out, which could result in Congress shutting down temporarily.

Currently, the two sides are disagreeing on the best way to keep the government running. Democrats are trying to get their bipartisan omnibus bill approved, while Republicans are pushing for a continuing resolution that would only keep the government funded until January.

There is also the matter of the Jan. 6 House committee that will need to be sorted, as the committee is set to expire with the end of Congress. The committee is set to expire at the end of Congress.

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