Democrats Put a Convicted Serial Killer Back on The Streets!

Joe Biden and fellow Democrats across the US have been pondering what they can do to alleviate the rise of violent crime that has plagued this nation since Biden took office. Maybe they could start by NOT putting convicted serial killers back out on the streets!

Take, for example, Uber-Liberal Mike Schmidt, the district attorney for Multnomah County, Oregon. You all know Mike, he’s the guy that when riots made Portland ground zero for Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots and arson and looting and even murder, Schmidt was the one who declined to prosecute hundreds of criminals.

Voters elected Mike in May 2020, and you know the old adage, “elections have consequences.” As if having a liberal DA like Schmidt’s rolling over on the BLM protestors who set Portland ablaze wasn’t bad enough — 30 plus years of liberal democrat Governors that have tainted the ranks of Oregon’s courts with liberal judges. One of whom just sent a convicted serial killer back out onto the streets.

In the 1980s and ’90s, a guy named Homer Lee Jackson 3rd went on a killing spree. At least four young women lost their lives to the serial killer.

Police found DNA evidence to tie all four murders to Jackson.

The Judge in question recently threw out all the DNA evidence against the killer Jackson.

Still, DA had four murder cases he could have taken to a jury. He chose to let Jackson walk instead, allowing him to plead guilty to lesser crimes negligent homicide and given credit for time served – 6 years – and no punishment beyond that.

“It’s not fair at all,” said Rachel Triplet, cousin of one of Jackson’s victims, who was there in the courtroom during his plea. “He took four people’s lives. I don’t feel like it’s a win today. It feels like a slap in the face.”

The families of those young women are obviously angry, but elections have consequences, and this is what happens in states where voters elect Democrats who are soft on crime and who go on to appoint judges that let criminals walk.

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  1. Neighbors and townsfolk need to put up signs and arrows pointing to the judge and DA’s homes letting the criminals know they and their families are easy targets. They then need to find retired detectives and police to follow and track the activities of this killer because he will do it again. You stupid libtards need to wake up and conderbstibrs need to stand up and vote these idiots out.

  2. Why is this DA still in office? He is a criminal and should be put in Jail

  3. He still has one more Judge to face…

  4. Did Mike Schmidt run for DA unopposed? If not, who ran against him? I’d love to find out about “alternatives” to people selected and financed by Soros.

  5. And when he kills again what will happen to those who chose to release him? The answer is absolutely nothing not one damned thing. These woke idiots have immunity from their actions unlike that which they want to take away from law enforcement. I’m absolutely convinced this is intended to push people into a corner and when they finally have had enough and retaliate then the powers that be will have their excuse to take everyone’s rights. Eventually one of these released reprobates will victimize someone close to these idiots and then it will matter. FJB

    • And as evidence against Trump mounts he still is “out on the streets.” He could have stopped the riot which killed five, but remained at home watching the chaos on TV. I am not for letting murders back on the streets under normal circumstances, but a president should be held accountable for his or her actions. Why is he so adamant to stop the special committee? He knows full well and the rest of us are learning more each. Former Vice President is now a hero for telling the truth. Maybe hearing ‘Hang Mike Pence” without Trump trying to stop was enough to tell the truth. Thank you, Mike Pence.

      • You Charles evidently get your information from the bogus Communist News Network, who spew lies and disinformation like Maddow, Cuomo, Lemon, Stelter and led by the now defrocked Zucker. You hang in there and China Joe may get you a job at one of his reeducation camps.

      • why can’t you libs let Trump go- there are so many more IMPORTANT issues out there that mainstream media isn’t covering – like the CORRUPT BIDEN family. How could a career politician become a millionaire??…because the Bidens’ just like the Cintons are all lying thieves using their name to curry favor with foreign entities & receive kickbacks.
        BTW, the only person who died at the ‘riots’ was shot by Capital Police.

      • Yeah charles the evidence against Trump is mounting up just like the evidence in the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA investigation was mounting up. The only evidence mounting up is how your brain is made up of fecal matter.

      • Killed five? The only one killed was an unarmed vet! Where to you get this “misinformation” from?

  6. If people are dumb enough to keep electing corrupt officials like that they deserve no better

    • We got it right in 2020.
      We kicked Trump out of the white house.
      Trump was the worst corrupt president we have ever had

  7. People who vote and let Liberals Fools into their government are the ones to blame when Criminals run crazy through their Cities and Blame Others for your problems

  8. The solution is SO simple. Just enact legislation that prohibits leftniks from living in gated communities. Their tolerance for allowing violent criminals on the street would change instantly.

  9. Homer promises to vote only liberal Democrat. He also promises only to kill conservatives this time.. With those promises how could they keep him locked up.

  10. and now it is time for Karma to go to work. and those victims relatives are on a first name basis with her. I hope they get as liberal a treatment as this useless piece of humanity did.

  11. It would poetic justice if this killer killed either the people who let him walk or someone close to them

  12. They should have provided the killer with lists of home addresses and pics of all these libtards upon release. When he shows up at their homes and maybe looking for their daughters I assure you the rules would change

  13. So now he can continue to advance his “rap” career

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