Democrats Pull Off Midterms Miracle?

Based on a recent national poll tracker analysis by FiveThirtyEight, the Democrat’s odds of retaining their majority in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are increasing.

Currently, the Democratic party is considered to be the favorite in the Senate, while the Republicans are still expected to win the House. Democrats though have been gaining momentum with their odds increasing drastically.

FiveThirtyEight said that according to their latest estimations the GOP had a 72 percent chance of taking the house, while Democrats were at 28 percent. While this appears like a big difference, this is a positive move upward for the Democrats.

A September 2 analysis by the same group found that the Republican odds were 75 percent while the Democrats had 25 percent of winning the house. This is a three-point increase in the past two weeks.

In the Senate, the results appear to be in favor of the Democrats as they have a 71 percent chance of retaining their majority. The GOP has a 29 percent chance of taking the Senate. Similarly on September 2 the same analysis had the Democrats at 68 percent and the Republicans at 32 percent. Thus, this estimate also showed a slight increase in favor of the Democrats.

The Democrat’s numbers have steadily been improving over the past few months. This doesn’t follow the historic trend of the president’s party losing seats in the midterm elections of the President’s first term. The increase in favorability for the Democrats comes despite Biden’s approval rates remaining relatively low.

As of Thursday Biden’s approval rate is at 42.3 percent, while his disapproval rate is 53.1 percent.

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  1. For the sake of humanity, this article had better be BS. Nate Silver is a schmuck.

  2. Really? Idiots would really support this administration and the garbage completly destroying this country in so many levels, potential wars, gas, food, homelessness, causing 8nflation and recession? I DON’T THINK SO!

    • The will CHEAT using mail in ballots just like last time. I would be surprised if our country every recovers from criminal Joe and the criminals on BOTH SIDES. Mitch connel is NO different than Nancy Pelosi and chuck schumer. BOTH SIDES SUCK

      • As with every election since the 80’s, you can only pick the lesser of the evils. There is no such thing as a honest politician.
        Like the old saying goes… If their mouth is moving, they are lying.

    • Never underestimate the gullibility of the misinformed voters. They still believe that if MSM “reports” it, it must be truth.

  3. Ha Ha Ha-if you enjoy seeing your nation crumble, your cost of living rise thru the roof, pur borders violated, inflation at record highs, etc…keep voting for the party that screws you!

  4. This is simply ‘pie in the sky thinking’ by the Desperate Democrats. They will lose both the House and the Senate in the mid-term elections. Just because they say the “polls” are saying they won’t doesn’t matter as it is ‘they’ who are conducting these ‘polls’. The only thing we MUST do in these upcoming Mid-term elections is make sure we do our civic DUTY and VOTE and vote for Republican candidates who are Conservative! They men and women will save our nation from Socialism. Get out and VOTE and make sure that there is no cheating by those desperate Democrats.

  5. This is so sick of our country! Nothing is ever that bad to the minds of the American culture. The status quo is never in question by the mindset of certain Americans. Their thinking is set in stone, “i don’t want to hear it”! The principle structure of ideologue thinking!

  6. Be wary of most polls. Remember being told that Hillary was up over Trump by double digits in late October 2016??– polls can be manipulated for voter suppression to discourage GOP turn out. Polls that question likely voters are better than those that use registered voters. The big factor again, as in 2020, is how much cheating & fraud the Democrats will get away with — find someone who doesn’t bother to vote & get him/ her to vote this year to save the country- Biden’s Open Border is just one big reason, another is rampant inflation & federal spending that threatens us with the frightening possibility of economic colllapse.

  7. I’d like to know how the respondents were selected by the pollsters. In my neck of the woods most people are struggling just to pay their bills, keep food on the table, clothes on their back, and gas for their automobiles. These problems didn’t arise because the people are lazy and refuse to work. It is because of the disastrous economic policies that Joe Biden and the Democrats have enacted. These same people were doing well when President Trump was in the White House. What happened? Joe Biden and the Democrats took over and have destroyed practically everything they have touched or attempted to accomplish. The American people are now paying the price.

    Our country needs new leadership. Leadership that will make America First in the world. We need leadership that will strengthen our borders by building the wall along our southern border to curtail or even complete stop illegal immigrants from entering our country; leadership that will curb the uncontrolled spending spree that Biden and his minions have been on; leadership that will start our country back on the road to energy independence; leadership that will ensure election integrity; leadership that will clear the DC swamp; and, leadership that will stop paying healthy people not to work (welfare).

  8. BULL! Period!
    Any President as unpopular as Biden loses the mid terms, only way to win will be to CHEAT!

  9. They print this crap thinking you’re believe it, and stay home. They think we are low IQ like the demonRATS.

  10. Democrats are great at disinformation and that is precisely what this poll article is.

  11. I keep thinking they are skewing the polls to reflect the election fraud that is obviously going to happen

    • I think you’re close but I would guess they are trying to get the majority of people to think it’s gonna be a close race. Then they will stop the vote counting again, just like 2020, bring in their fraudulent ballots, just enough to win, and start the counting again.
      The FIX is in only this time it’s state elections to maintain power in House and Senate and governorships. If they get enough governors in place, they can call for a constitutional convention and change the Constitution. Like remove the 2nd Amendment. If they can do that, it’s over for this country! If they can get our firearms, we’re toast! Conservatives love America but few have the balls to fight for it.
      Look, Biden won without campaigning or debating. Now we’re seeing the exact same thing. Federman in Pennsylvania and that conniving bitch in Arizona, Katie Hobbs. There are others on the local levels. No incumbent democrat can run on their record of unchecked immigration, record high gas prices and record high inflation, killing babies, silencing opposition, pushing for communism. You all know what I’m talking about.
      Just remember, we don’t really have to fight the government entirely. Just dispose of enough of their voters to guarantee they can’t win for another 15-20 years, until we can pass Federal legislation for voter ID and no mail in ballots.

  12. The election steal for November is already set. The media are just creating cover so they have something to point to when the result (Democrats win) is seen the day after.

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