Democrats Prove They Don’t Actually Care About Gun Violence

Democrats, led by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and organizations like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, have turned gun control into a major political priority. In the wake of every mass shooting, including the terrorist attack last week in Orlando, they roll out their rhetoric and throw Republicans and NRA under the bus.

But yet, when they have a chance to actually do something…they don’t. Isn’t that curious?

On Monday, the Senate voted on four separate funding amendments that would have made changes to existing federal gun law. Two of these proposals came from Republicans, two of them from Democrats. And they all failed, more or less along party lines.

One of the Republican initiatives would have put more funding towards the background check system. Another would have forced suspected terrorists to wait three days before purchasing a gun, giving federal authorities a chance to deny the purchase altogether if they prove probable cause to a judge.

But no, these weren’t good enough for Democrats.

“These are amendments to divert attention from real legislation,” said Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid. “Why? So Republicans can say, ‘Hey look, we tried,’ and all the time their cheerleaders – their bosses at the NRA – are cheering.”

Reid said the Republican measures were “meaningless in doing something to stop gun violence.”

Well, he’s not wrong about that, but the same can be said for every single Democrat-endorsed gun bill that comes down the pike. If Democrats were only interested in measures that would have a tangible effect, they wouldn’t be talking about gun control in the first place. But since they are – constantly – you’d think they would take whatever they could get.

On the other hand, if they just wanted to use these issues to blast Republicans…well, you would see what you saw on Monday. They can’t risk having the GOP be the ones to actually pass gun legislation – they need this ongoing battle so they can run around and cry foul in the fall.

“It’s hard to believe, but still true, that our Republican colleagues voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns,” said Democrat Chuck Schumer.

Well, Chuck, so did your Democratic colleagues. So the next time you and your buddies start in on the NRA and obstructionist Republicans and your solidarity with victims of gun violence, we will be sure to remind everyone that you’re not just an enemy of the Constitution; you’re also a big fat hypocrite.


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