Democrats Prove They Don’t Actually Care About Gun Violence

Democrats, led by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and organizations like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, have turned gun control into a major political priority. In the wake of every mass shooting, including the terrorist attack last week in Orlando, they roll out their rhetoric and throw Republicans and NRA under the bus.

But yet, when they have a chance to actually do something…they don’t. Isn’t that curious?

On Monday, the Senate voted on four separate funding amendments that would have made changes to existing federal gun law. Two of these proposals came from Republicans, two of them from Democrats. And they all failed, more or less along party lines.

One of the Republican initiatives would have put more funding towards the background check system. Another would have forced suspected terrorists to wait three days before purchasing a gun, giving federal authorities a chance to deny the purchase altogether if they prove probable cause to a judge.

But no, these weren’t good enough for Democrats.

“These are amendments to divert attention from real legislation,” said Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid. “Why? So Republicans can say, ‘Hey look, we tried,’ and all the time their cheerleaders – their bosses at the NRA – are cheering.”

Reid said the Republican measures were “meaningless in doing something to stop gun violence.”

Well, he’s not wrong about that, but the same can be said for every single Democrat-endorsed gun bill that comes down the pike. If Democrats were only interested in measures that would have a tangible effect, they wouldn’t be talking about gun control in the first place. But since they are – constantly – you’d think they would take whatever they could get.

On the other hand, if they just wanted to use these issues to blast Republicans…well, you would see what you saw on Monday. They can’t risk having the GOP be the ones to actually pass gun legislation – they need this ongoing battle so they can run around and cry foul in the fall.

“It’s hard to believe, but still true, that our Republican colleagues voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns,” said Democrat Chuck Schumer.

Well, Chuck, so did your Democratic colleagues. So the next time you and your buddies start in on the NRA and obstructionist Republicans and your solidarity with victims of gun violence, we will be sure to remind everyone that you’re not just an enemy of the Constitution; you’re also a big fat hypocrite.


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  1. All talk, loud talk, stir up the masses especially the ignorant, obedient ones but little to no action – that’s the Democrat way!!!!!

    • Go Trump……………..he will even use “nukes”. What a joke the GOP is and they always blame anybody else who is not a Republican. Look at history of politics in the US and you’ll see how bad we have been under Republican rule. Their ideas have never worked. Trump will save them? What a jdangerous joke.

      • TRUE – TRUE. Experience does not lie.

      • Chicken Shit Demycraps,promise all this “free shit”,”pie-in-the-sky horseshit”,knowing they’ll never deliver their diaper full of shit to their dependent sheeple fool aid drinkers,and when the sheep start crying,they blame it on the Republicans,all of their proven-to-fail ,decade after decade,utopian,cowardly bullshit!Wake up and smell the reality for once in your cow pie,mushroom existence…Jeezus,how can anyone with bare smarts support these greedy,lying,pissants?PATHETIC!

      • There’s no evidence to prove that. Although, Hillary Clinton is another story. I think she has proven time and again she is very dangerous. Her judgement is contorted and how can you believe a word she says. She lied to the family’s of Bengaze. She helped create ISIS. She caused kaos in Libia. She deleted 33,000 emails after she was told to hand them over. She passed top secret information, even tho she denies that. She is irresponsible and cannot accept responsibility for anything. Should I go on?

        • You don’t really think Vince Foster killed himself do you?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You certainly don’t think justice Scalia died of natural causes, do you?

          • Of course he did; he was obese and had a long history of heart trouble. Only the most ignorant, clueless, dumbasses would have suspicions about the death of someone with so much wrong with his lard-ass body.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Go back to playing with yourself HEADUPYOURASS…..

          • Sure he did. I mean don’t all “suicide” victims shoot themselves in the back of the head – TWICE ?

          • Sure, just like we all believe in the Easter Bunny.

  2. There is evidence that the nightclub shooting incident was a false flag op. So the Democrats dream up this idea of creating a crisis of which they never let go to waste. And besides, they need this ongoing battle so they can run around and cry foul in the fall. Unlike liberals, makes perfectly good sense to me.

  3. How about recently discovered Hillary’s email about how Obama supported ISIS in Iraq in detail? This gives a clear answer to why all Obama’s decisions, remarks, speeches, and actions when it comes to RADICAL ISLIM TERRORIST. It was very understandable why he was furious at Trump after the Orlando incident much more than at the shooter. It also explains why he has been giving impression to many people that he must be a Muslim and not a Christian. It is an impeachable offense (or a traitor) for the president of this country to use his own people, Americans, for his agenda – GUN CONTROL. Look around the world history of dictators !! This is the first step for their goal by taking weapons out of people’s hands. Have you also noticed how he has been trampling on the 2nd Amendment – Obamacare.

      • Oh, you remind me of an old saying for ignorant people when they saw a giraffe for the first time, they said “There still isn’t such thing”.

        • You are very kind, not typical for this site. Unfortunately Bull Shit is still Bull Shit. Have a wonderful evening.

          • And you are a, FRIGGIN Moron !!!

          • You just proved I am not the Moron on this site. In conclusion – Bull Shit

          • A typical liberal denial and not brave enough guts to face the reality but blame others!!! You just don’t want to know the truth about Obama who unfortunately failed how great the first black president could perform. Believe or not, I even had a great hope for him to raise the level of lives of the black community that have only had faith in Democrats to help them. They faithfully kept voting over and over with their hope. But the help has never come and never will. The liberal put a label on Republicans and conservatists that a rich gets richer and a poor get poorer but look at the Clintons, Obama, and other Democrats they are getting richer and richer when more Americans gets food stamps than ever, less # of people have a job, more babies are killed in the mother’s womb, and more divisive country. Then, Obama and his wife spend tax payer’s money like no tomorrow. You are just a happy guy who can not figure out the correct unemployment number. If you love the socialist governing you so be it. Just look at Venezuela, hope you will be happy to dig into a dumpster for food. If you are educated at all, the history tells you
            a socialistic government never work. Without fail the head of these government are very rich when their people suffers. Educate yourself but don’t defend defenseless. I was not born in this country but I know enough to know a person like you what this country doesn’t need. Oh yes, clean your mouth for your better image.

          • So sorry you are suffering so at the hands of the Fascists. You throw a lot of “stuff” (See! – Clean!) out there that may be true but have absolutely NOTHING to do with me. While I always despised Democrats I despise Republican Fascists even MORE. Getting rid of the Nazi’s in Europe did NOT stop them from taking over the free world that resulted from that victory, albeit, sans Hitler the Mad Man. You are quite clueless, by the way. Don’t wish to speculate but my standard advice is to tune out “News For Dumb Fux – Farce and Bullshit” and start paying attention to what is really going on.

          • How many bowls of STUPID do you EAT Every day ???

          • I figure he eats bullshit. He seems to be an expert on that item.


    • Well said Yasuko, thank you for common sense approach to this anti-American ‘leader’, and his band of idiots, especially that little weasel reid. What a waste of time that dunderhead is.
      Hussein is indeed a muslm with a love of islam that is so damn easy to see it amazes me how many still turn a blind eye to that fact.
      Any leader, even a wannabe dick-tator like this current fraud will do whatever it takes to disarm America while allowing hundreds of thousands of muslims into America. So far the number under his watch is close to one million. He has as little respect for our Constitution as he does for Americans themselves. How in hell this twit was voted in twice in spite of his muslim background and the hatred toward America in wrote about in his goofy books years ago proves who he is. But I guess his skin color was more important than his lack of experience and his islamic plans against this nation.

    • Absolutely right!!


      • Do you have objective information to back up what you’re saying here?

        • Well, just putting aside the known facts that you’ve seen here, according to the Founding Fathers, Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. They wanted anyone running for Commander in Chief (Pres) to be born of both parents being US citizens at the time of birth of said candidate. The term Natural Born Citizen was understood by most civilized countries and agreed upon, hence it is not defined in the Constitution. Also the Constitution was never meant to be a dictionary. But the Founding Fathers read and followed Vattel’s “Laws of Nations” and the term is defined in that great book. Also the reason the Founders wanted both parents to be US citizens at the time of birth of said candidate was because they wanted to remove the possibility of the Commander in Chief from having any mixed allegiances to other countries.

          Now you can see their reasoning with the perfect example of Obama. His father was never a US citizen and therefore he was never a Natural Born Citizen. Hence his love for Islam and hate for America positively showing his having mixed allegiances.

          • Yea, yea, yea, that is until to cement Abe Lincoln’s legacy the 14th Amendment was passed.

          • Lol, too funny.

          • Only to you.

          • I am taking it that you are a marine (by your screen name) so I will be very respectful. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your service. ?
            I dare say though, it might behove you to watch a channel other than fox, Fox is racist, biased, and spread hate in the name of God. Just as our enemies do.

          • Believe me, I am not addicted to FOX or any other network or cable news. I look at reports, do some research using multiple sources including foreign media. You see, all the news channels are exactly the same, labeling FOX only is a dis-service, as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc., do not deliver clear and unbiased news, never have. All of them are racist, biased, and spread hate, not in the name of God, but as you said, just as our enemies do. So what and where do you get your information to make intellectual decisions about events? I am an Independent because both parties have failed this country in every possible way because they are owned, bought, lock stock and barrel by anyone, any country, or any corporation willing to meet the sale price.
            In my opinion, what you said was funny was born of fact, and wasn’t funny at all.
            Where was it funny? I am curious as to your thought process in the matter.
            I do appreciate your thanks for serving, it was an honor.
            Semper Fi and God Bless

        • Surely Richard you have not had your head in the ground for the last eight years. Don’t you ever listen to what the POTUS actually says?

        • billdeserthills

          Do You?

    • Hmmm… Who discovered this email and exactly WHERE does it exist? Satisfy our curiosity with the facts that can be fact-checked!

      • You can research on it. It was in Daily Caller, AAA, came into my email. I am not sure by whom but my statement is true if the article was. It was a long article in detail of what was going on in Iraq. If I find it I will send it to your email. Your email?

        • Honestly had never heard of “Daily Caller”. I checked them out and my conclusion is “Bull Shit”. I do NOT waste my time on any L or R wing propaganda machine, including MSNBC and News For Dumb Fux (or, if you prefer “Farce and Bullshit”). I refuse to let wack jobs influence and sicken my mind.

          • You are hopeless. One thing I wouldn’t do is to make up a story like that. Maybe you would. Oh, by the way, clean your mouth. You may sound like a decent man. I can’t believe you never heard of ‘Daily Caller’. Wow, you live in a small world. Get out of the well that you live in sometime and take a good fresh air. You may see something.

          • Nice try!! At least MY mind is still very healthy. MANY stories are true, sadly I never read one from an ERWNJ that was. “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle”. (Joseph Goebbels On the “Big Lie”).

          • Your mind is very healthy? I wonder what gave me the impression to think of you otherwise?

          • Have enjoyed our discourse. I’m done with this subject, we can continue on another subject later. OK?

          • Before I forget – “Bull Shit”

          • And the liberals prove it every day.

          • I doubt many Liberals waste time watching “News for Dumb Fux – Farce and Bullshit”, otherwise known as Fantasy Faux. Personally I don’t – and ain’t even a Lib.

          • I do, every once in awhile…it leads to a laugh, just like the World Examiner and National Enquirer used to do. Why’d I come here? It saves time on surfing through a comment section and having to block the fools later, as many of them…are here. IF you aren’t blocked and are reading this…you weren’t a fool or you read this…after the fact. lol

          • LOL, all the news channels are the same anyway, misleading, and filled with opinions without facts.

          • So very true. I waste my time on other matters, like grilling, watching sports, sipping beer, etc. NEVER watching/ listening to so-called “news”. That includes the networks, CNN, et al. I know more about reality than folks that indulge in the pastime/waste of time “news” habit.

          • “I am not sure by whom but my statement is true if the article was. “Keyword “IF”

    • Hahahahaha you’re way too funny. You should have your own comedy show. You might do well too. Lol

    • It is just the war automatics that should be taken out of the public hands. Not all guns, as these people always say .

      • Never about the gun, always about the control. They don’t give a damn about guns except that they limit their control of the masses.

  4. Lets get something straight, first off, they need no new legislation. There is already plenty of legislation on the books most of which is actually illegal according to the 2nd amendment to the Constitution because it in some way places an infringement on the ability of citizens to have and bear arms. If they really want to do something about crimes, then why in Gods name aren’t they going after all the gangs and drug pushers who constantly carry usually illegal or stolen firearms. Leave the honest people alone who are already following the laws. Delete many of these GUN FREE ZONES that only allow those intent on doing others harm a place to have defenseless people to victimize when they decide to go on their killing sprees.

    • Yes the only one’s that abide by any law is the law abiding citizen so that really makes almost all laws worthless.

    • To answer your question, the Undisclosed goal of these politicians is to disarm the American people.

      Our Government and the elites that control it are all about control of the people now.

      • Your 2nd sentence is correct. I must admit, if the 1st is true, it WAS never disclosed to me. Amy particular politicians in mind? They are all bought and paid for.

        • I believe that the elites are liberal progressives, and they are following the agenda items listed in the book, “The Naked Communist.” The list was generated to weaken Americas institutions. The entire list has been adopted by the Democrat party.

          The entire list can be viewed here. The item that we are talking about is number 15.

          15. Capture one or both of the
          political parties in the United States.

          It is obvious to me that liberal progressives have accomplish infuriating both political parties. The corrupt people are easy to see on the Democrat side, but on the Republican side they are wolves in conservative clothes, or spies, and much harder to detect. The only way to can see them is by their actions and not their words.. These people are accomplished liars.

          Boehner, and McConnell are two that I believe are liberal progressives loyal to the cabal and not the country.

          • Shocked that you imply they are not ALL corrupt! Well, I can think of a couple that I don’t believe or see any evidence that they ARE corrupt. They’re both Democrat. As for me, I refuse to align with either party.

          • Exactly.
            I stronly suspect MAH… does not bother to vote.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Broken record?

        • By you the voter.

          Only you can take money out of politics.

          Why haven’t you done it yet?

      • Why do you need to tell this lie?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • ANY and ALL ANTI-GUN LAWS , ARE ILLEGAL , as the DO in One way or Another , INFRINGE on OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS

      • And what rights does the mother of 3 who was shot twice in the face two days ago by her gun totting NRA ball lickin’ husband here in Richmond. fascist Indiana have?

        • The same as any red, white, and blue blooded American. The right to keep and bare arms.

        • I’ll just bet you can’t prove he was a member of the NRA. Just more liberal anti-gun

          • Oh, you’re a Boy Scout ! The NRA sticker on his carbon spewing truck makes me think he was a member , well, that and his wife’s missing head. Perhaps he was a double agent but I’m pretty sure that he belongs to LaPierre. ▶ 4:33

          • Bill Maher is a complete liberal faulking idiot as is anyone that watches the parasite. And I still don’t see the NRA sticker on the back of a pickup. Just more liberal

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          • Being none PC does not make one an embarrassment to America, It makes one Patriotic

          • What is “none PC”?

          • Look it up!

          • No definition exists.
            Apparently, you typed or spelled something wrong.

          • Obviously it’s beyond your mental capacity Eh?

          • Actually it is your incorrect grammar.

          • He did misspell. He means “non politically correct”
            He should have just said “politically incorrect”

          • JFYI to maybe help you understand what PC is:
            Martha McSally is a first term Congresswoman who spent decades in the military protecting our freedom and security, becoming the first female fighter pilot and also commanding a fighter squadron in combat.

            Democrats have targeted McSally’s Arizona House seat because they don’t want a strong conservative representing a border district and going against the liberal narrative on illegal immigration. McSally has proven she won’t give in to liberals and the PC left.

            In 2001, McSally earned national recognition for successfully overturning a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to wear a Muslim headscarf when off base in Saudi Arabia. She fought her superiors in the Air Force so she could live by her principles not the politically correct rules that liberals love.

            And FYI I am as anti-PC as one can possibly be.

          • Bill Maher is a god, you, like most FOX teat suckers, recoil at truth and facts. If you want to see the fascist NRA sticker the truck is on N. 19th St., the only things removed from Mosely’s home are 3 screaming children, a mother with no head and another rube with a gun. Indiana is a mean, ignorant, ugly, fascist place. The state motto: ” Go forth, and inbreed” . I certainly wish that I had done my research before I moved here where ‘da hurr hurr ‘ is considered an intelligent comment for these gun tottin’ jackaninnies.

          • Maher is as anti-American commie liberal as they come. And if your so afraid of gun toting folks you best stay as far away from the rural Colorado high country as you can.

          • Not afraid of gun totters, I feel sorry for them. I can’t imagine living in a world where I thought I need a weapon, its a conscious choice. The most a gun can do to me is stop my body, so what? It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve died. Colorado is magnificent , you’re lucky to be there. Carry on…I respect your opinion but we disagree .

          • Bill Maher is okay, kind of “off” lately, but…he too, is a sellout and suffers from “believerism”. Who’d he worship, for the Election?…the snake oil salesman, who was the only one to show up for his show. It’s funny, as he slightly mocks the Far Left Liberals, yet…is one of them, at times.

          • Maher hammers whoever is being ignorant regardless of party. If the salesman to which you refer is Sen. Sanders then you don’t understand the significance of his campaign; he lost the nomination but won the future …these ideas are headed in the future. If it weren’t for regressives fighting to live in the 50’s we could have been there 30 years ago.

          • ” he lost the nomination but won the future …these ideas are headed in the future.” I’m sorry to break the news to you, but…DUE to Sanders being so difficult, after losing, and not manning up to acknowledge his loss…he’s NOW made, the “change” he wanted…a moot point. The reason is simple(Along with being discussed heavily on “news”.)….he’s now come across as a FAR Left Winger crackpot. I welcome you and others, from the “movement” to try to carry forth some of the ideas, through the future. Just understand…you all will need to walk away from Sanders, have your OWN movement, IF you wish to get anything done. Otherwise, you take the HIGH risk of being lumped in, together, with his agenda and his agenda has become…self service. I’m pretty sure you won’t “get” my writing, as pertains, but I felt the need to put it out there, to you ALL, as he’s f’d YOUR movement(It was never his, he just kissed up to get your votes, same as Trump in a different way. There IS merit, to some of the ideas presented, but it needs a separate movement and a person(s) who can find a REAL way to pay for some of the changes. As for “regressives”…you are correct, if refering to the Repubs and some of the Dems. However, DON’T let foolish thoughts, out of this World thoughts…tell your mind that all opposition is “regressive”, as…many of us think on the reality of changes you would like and..they aren’t realistic($15/hr is one of them, as it puts struggling small town businesses…out of business. I’m not repeating “talking heads”, on that…I lived in a small town, that was struggling, for a bit and KNOW the damage that would be done. Though, a $11-$12/hr is feasible and..Clinton NAILED the reasons why and how to STILL get $15/hr in big cities.).
            As for Maher…you may be making the same mistake with him, as Sanders. Sanders IS a politician, not an outsider. Similar is true for Maher, as he does…what keeps him on the air. Don’t confuse everything he says or does, as being accurate, as…he gets stoned and fantasizes a “better World” without thinking the money or change NEEDED for that better World. And…that “better World”…is better for HIM, not necessarily the rest of us. I’m not criticizing him getting stoned, just….sometimes he lets the stoner thought, cloud the feasible reality. I DO like Maher..I just don’t buy into some of his tangents and…he has been writing comedy very well(Half of his job.) for a bit, mostly since he got caught up in the Election. As for 30 years ago….you’re WAY off, on your assumption, as many fights were had by the X-Gens, as kids, which SAVED some things that you clearly aren’t aware of. Those fights and other fights are STILL occurring. A simple example, though pretty meaningless for me, at my…”School uniforms”…all of you would have been wearing them. A deeper’d all still be sitting at $3.35/hr for Minimum Wage.
            Being hustled? Reagan was supposed to be pro-cannabis and got the majority of our vote…he ends up making a larger version of Nixon’s “War on drugs”. Similar could have happened, easily, in the Era, for Sanders and his fake promises to get elected. It’s the very reason for the Super-Delegates that Sanders supporters DON’T understand. The Bush family SOUGHT to destruct what Gen-X was doing and did get in some good “stabs”, but in the end…where are the Bushes??
            Now we seek to undo some of those “stabs” and have to deal with a generation of naive “us”(Millennials), who don’t wish to work, other than in a quick “volunteer” role in a campaign for freebies, thinking they are making changes on OUR policies, when in fact…they are harming our push and HELPING the Baby Boomer Regressives. The “trolling” and conspiracy junk…doesn’t enhance your COUNTERS it, as it furthers the thought…you all are still trying to be children and are simply throwing a “temper tantrum”. Now, you, personally…may not be of the kids seeking empowerment, but…standing idly by, would make you worse, as the kids will grow out of it and see their errors, while you as an older person would be trying “to relive your youth”, until you simply appear to be the old person who shows up for all the high school parties. Think on it…I am stretching an assumption, and I know that, while YOU are the only one who can answer yourself with the truth, as pertains. Based on what I have seen of your writings…this is how I made the assumption…nothing more. That’s not to say that you write childish…you write..emm…”Burning Manish”. And while that can be fun and some CHOOSE to live a community, nature life…society can’t and doesn’t function well if the U.S. ALL lived their life in that way. In fact, we’d be EASY to conquer and then become subservient to whomever kicked out weak rears. However, we can pretend that…no other Country does this to us and then…we run around like the Old West and “Cowboys and Injuns”…that society gets conquered too, by the greedy. The point is simple…don’t assume that all non-millenial Gens are against the “movement”, as you are confusing your Axis and MAKING a newer, stronger Axis, that could end up being anti of all of your spite. As…we already know how to live and/or survive in this World, even when some of the biggest scumbags(Bushes) ran the place. Millennials…don’t So… us allowing some idiot like Trump to be elected, if Sanders keeps up his b.s. and is dumb enough to run as an Independent…WE, could…give you all the BIG f.u. and simply not vote. End result…Trump and the demise of your “movement”, due to Trump not caring much for the 1st Amendment, other than when he speaks. How could that occur? His biggest complaint is criticism and the web is filled with it…the web, where Millennials live, can be gone in a flash(Literally true, but not what I meant..specifically and feel no need to explain the whole of how that could occur, as this is a “book” in itself, along with not being paid to explain. lol).). Regardless…”Indy” world isn’t a world, it’s a group of like minded people hanging out together, but isn’t sustainable when bills, protection and general human Rights need to be kept moving forward(Along with a myriad of other reasons, that..takes too long to explain.).
            Summing it up…start talking to “your people” about losing the childishness, completely displayed through the Web, as children get treated as children and adults get treated like adults and…it continues after the Election… all make Axis that leads to your own self destruction of good and bad ideas in your “movement”. As for Sanders…thank him and move on, as he is the demise of your movement, not the leader of it. What he did was be your voice, before anyone would hear you…now you are heard and relying on…ANOTHER…”Old White Guy” to speak for the young. If you haven’t studied history…the “Old White Guy” sells you out, to get what THEY want, not what YOU want.
            Have a nice day/night…depending on when you read this.

        • And remember it wasn’t the gun that did it. Did you blame the airplane for the world trade centers? I’ll bet not but wackos always want to blame the everything on the gun instead of the person pulling the trigger. I have guns in my safe that have never fired themselves and never will so take your anti-gun BS and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

          • No, I put 9/11 blame where it belongs, Bushes, their Saudi friends and the Project for a New American Century . As far as the inane ‘guns da huh don’t kill der hurr, people kill duh huh people’; you evil gun tramps need a new excuse to support your childishness. The NRA is a fascist force bent on destroying this country and turning it into a third world run by white rubes and cowboys. A car will rust down, not move if it sits with no driver, so what? This is the basis of your ‘duh’ argument…did the insane maniacal LaPierre come up with your catch phrase? duh huh, guns don’t kill people(really?) just the people with access to them. Leave the deer alone too, they can’t shoot back macho man, its not sport but insensitivity.

          • I see your totally brainwashed by the liberal medias and desperately need to remove your cranium that appears to be deeply imbedded in your anal orifice and get some fresh air.
            If slick willy clintoon had gone after the terrorists right after they bombed the USS Cole and annihilated them completely there would not have been a 9-11 but he was way to busy playing hanky panky with the young gals on his staff to be bothered. Besides that the slimy little coward was afraid to offend those potential dumbocrap voters that the obozo is now importing here. The Clintoon also could have taken bin laden out but was to much a coward.
            And jfyi I practically live off of Deer, Elk and Antelope meat. There is absolutely no GMO cr*p in the meat and better tasting than any store bought stuff.
            There is a lot of meat in one of these beauties….

          • Maybe look at our relationship with Bin Laden in the time you suggest, he had nothing to do with 9/11 and a moral error on Obama’s part, knowing better. At least you use what you kill, Indiana boys take antler and leave the carcass .

          • Retired LCol Oliver North warned of bin laden’s dangers long before 9-11 and was part of the terrorist network way back then but the cowardly dumbocraps rallied against his warnings.
            It would appear as though you only pay attention to the parts of history the lame stream medias controlled by the anti-American pro commie dumbocraps want you see.

          • That is always a possibility it seems to affect us all. its difficult to separate shit and shinola sometimes. What i know of history the ‘official story’ and the truth for which I search and research . Politics for me is the same as baseball I watch all the maneuvering, pitch by pitch. My first B.A. was in communications and I consciously watch the spin and lies but we are all susceptible to propaganda because we still believe in truth, that our chosen knight in shinning armor won’t lie to us. On these blogs republicans say exactly the same thing about the democrats as they say about the republicans. So you may be right about me. I guess what we do is follow our own moral compass as best we can. I can’t hate because true north is different for the guy next to me.

          • Now your statement is a complete 100% redundant oxymoron. How in the world can you be a total liberal and have anything that closely resembles a moral compass?

          • The Democratic party is built on the Sermon on the mount, the tenets of the Tao, the Gita, at least the one that I belong to. You seem intelligent i’m surprised at this response. Who’s propaganda is speaking?

          • Today’s dumbocrap party in no way shape or form resembles the party of the 30’s and 40’s and that’s when the communist workers party became involved and drasrticly changed the party. JFK tried to put it back on track and that’s what got him killed.

          • Kennedy was killed in a coup by far right fascist faction of the CIA and Military because he wouldn’t go into Nam and line the pockets of those who profit from such evil, after having not gone into Laos. They wanted to invade Cuba while JFK was in dialogue of peace with Castro. Printing U.S. Treasury notes didn’t help much. Fascism -a government whose economy is based on going to war….I give you the last 54 years as proof, 50 years of war 4 years of Jimmy Carter who was undermined by the CIA for achieving peace.
            There is nothing moral about shooting unarmed illegals at the border or citizens in our streets, totting weapons, not being open to feeding or healing each other ; nothing moral about locking people in cages, bigotry , racism, or supremacy, or kicking cats. Robin Hood and Jesus were liberals, Jesus went to the temple to destroy capitalism. Morally there would be no inequality in education; no tax breaks for the wealthy. Morality is choosing to treat as we want to be treated; “do unto others…”, “judge not” and knowing that “those who think they have power are weak”.

          • Pure BS He was done in by the commie controlled dumbocraps because he wanted to do away with the Fed. That finacially supported the dumbocraps. Anything else you dream up is pure:

          • Ridiculous, preposterous, LMAO inane, ludicrous! I have spent 48 years on the subject in a more than serious way, I spent 12 semesters teaching it. 18 week long visits to the National Archives and too many trips to Dallas. I have sat with some of the great researchers and with government pretenders, disinformation guys. When all is said and done the great patriot Mark Lane was pretty much on the mark in’67 “Rush to Judgment”. The media still speaks of Lee Oswald as the assassin, its maddening . It speaks volumes about the propagandist nature of the news. MLK,RFK, MX, FRED HAMMOND, SEN. PUL WELLSTONE,JFK JR. all covered up like a turd in a cat box.

          • I was an outfitter here for a few years and refused to guide horn hunters, most of them back then came from texass and califreakia. We don’t see many people from Indiana out here. Maybe their mental capacity is such that they can’t read maps or use GPS.

          • Are you able to write/speak English anymore, or are you stuck with Amerikkkan only?

          • Gen. Patreus and some high financers are going after the NRA, including in advertisements…Grab the popcorn and drinks. lol

          • “And remember it wasn’t the gun that did it. You are correct…on that part. As for who can have a gun…therein lays the problem. I’m not anti-gun, I’m for a better screening process, as the current one hands a gun to most “village idiots” that try to buy one. By the way…are you trying to prevent 1st Amendment Rights, because others disagree with you? A “patriot” defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.”. you were one, in the USN, as a “militia” member…you surround yourself with mental cases, felons and/or sex offenders, who legally can NOT have a gun, on a daily basis, salute a fake flag, and wear patches that are counter-“Patriot”.Hell, you might be one of the felons I referred to, but I forget, have a headache and really don’t feel the need to re…search to see EXACTLY who you are Where you think that I am just “spitballing”…”III” is, typically, found with your brethren’s names.

          • What a rambling bunch of wacko

        • I don’t believe your statistics! In 2013, based upon FBI and British Home Office numbers, the UK had three times the violent crime rate per 100,000 population then the United States. You should stop using Mayor Bloomberg’s numbers and do your own research.

        • Such a pantload.

        • and drunk drivers killed 35,000 people in the the US wake up and smell the truth.

          • The connection is? Drunk drivers with gun racks? Drunk drivers with carry shooting out their truck windows? I don’t get the similarity to a headless mother by destruction of a gun. Guess we need background checks for car purchases, 2 dui…no car.

      • No fly, no gun would have prevented this….

        • h m rowland|| Where did you get that photo. looks like a shotgun blast. I’m surprised they let it on the site.

        • Entrance wound under the chin, exit wound the top of the head.

          This was a suicide, and you are a liar.

          • Yeah, I just needed a way to show what guns accomplish . Do think the cause here was this insurmountable? This is the outcome of someone having access to …a gun. Melt them all down and create something beautiful. Guns are an abomination created from barbaric, not civil, minds. “Turn your weapons into plow shares”.

          • You are a liar and a hypocrite.

            If that gun didn’t have a gun, he would have used a plow share….

            Your goal is to have more people like that. After YOU have disarmed them with your propaganda. The only difference will be that the people were executed. because they disagreed with the government.

          • Banning violence in entertainment is where I would start. I understand that it is the hearts of men that need to be enlightened. What we send out comes back .

          • “Banning violence in entertainment is where I would start.” Those without an “outlet” for violence, tend to make their own violence. Simpler version: When you take away the media, that sometimes gives one a fake felling of “justice”(I’m thinking of a vigilante movie right now.), those “on the edge”…fly over the edge and then you get MORE, not LESS violence in the real World. Understand, I’m explaining a different thought on this, as what you are stating may work for some, but not for others and by doing so…the “others” have their “stress relievers” removed and then…implode/explode. You make the mistake of believing that others are like yourself or will be like yourself(As pertains to violence.) if media censorship occurred. Last I checked…we had wars before electronic media occurred, because…EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. P.S. What you call “enlightened” may be considered a complete load of b.s to others, especially if that “enlightenment” comes from a drug, religious text and/or cult. Personally, I find “New Agers” and former “hippies to be an annoyance, rather than an “enlightenment” and…I’m labeled as a Democrat, by choice, as a Liberal by those who think one=dimensional, as I oppose some/more than a few, of the Far Left views.By the same standards,,,,there’s only 3-5 people on this comment section, of which I didn’t block, as this comment section is filled with Cosplaying “militia” wannabees, who say what “they would do”, yet didn’t show up when the idiots at Malheur Refuge tried starting the revolutionary war the posers say they desire.

          • Reference you shared is when Jesus Christ returns to reign and rule the earth for ome thousand years and will not happen until then. Those words are from the Bible and also included on the united nations building. information for enlightenment.

          • Yes, they shared that with me in the seminary.


        • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

          Why do you embarrass America with childish foul language?

          That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

          • Because,AKLady ,TOO MANY of the alleged “patriots” here not only can’t understand Decent Language,Because they DESERVE “Foul Languge”,AND,Because it’s FUN. Also,as an American,I’m NOT embarrassed,by I am Amused,Disgusted,Embarrassed,somewhat Frightened by the many White Trash for Trump comments here.

        • Don’t you know that Fascists, Nazis and Communists were all Socialists”

      • Really?

        There is this rhyme sung at boot camp … This is my rifle, this is my gun …

    • The don’t enforce the laws already on the books because that would cause problems for their constituents.

    • In Colorado the Democrats passed legislation for a Universal Criminal Background Check System…claiming the existing federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is not good enough for Colorado…private sales amongst citizens must stop for the safety of all concerned…private gun sales in Colorado between buyers must now be registered via an FFL dealer…six months later after our Governor signed the Universal anti-gun law into effect, claiming a Democratic staffer suggested it would be a good idea he do so (we now have staffers passing Colorado laws) a student from Arapahoe HS who had just turned 18 purchased a shotgun, took it to school, shot up the place, wounded some students thus killing a female student in the mayhem…Gov. Hickenlooper’s response was “see the new laws are working”…What?

      • hickenpooper is a liberal piece of dung, he and bennet are nothing but mark uterus puppets and all three parasites are transplants to Colorado from liberal areas and devout obozo backers….

        • Right on…Hickenlooper hails from Pennsylvania…Bennet was born in New Delhi, India…raised in Washington D.C…studied ballet in his younger days before entering Yale University…both are flakes…that why the Democrats luv em so much..they fit within the sickly structure of the Democratic mold…plus they and the Colorado Democrats have screwed rural Coloradans so bad that the northern area of Colorado wants to secede from the state…becoming a North and South Colorado as is North and South Dakota…North and South Carolina…If this were to happen I’d move from Adams county to Northern Colorado in a heart beat.

    • It’s not about gun control. It’s about people control…………slavery in the new world order.

  5. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    cpbis, the “JOKE” is Obama! A muslim who kisses the ass of any terrorist and then blames their victims!
    I am old enough to remember Roosevelt who was the LAST democrat president who cared about America!
    I am amazed that America survived the KLINTOONS and the thought of the Hillercow becoming president is disgusting. If she does, I wonder if she will return the furniture that she and bill STOLE from the white house the last time she lived there!

    Remember Benghazi where our ambassador was murdered and the Hillercow’s comment?
    “What does it matter now?”

  6. soldier for liberty

    Harry Reid the traitor of traitors!

  7. soldier for liberty

    Made a living off the ignorance of the masses!

  8. soldier for liberty

    Civil war 2017 time for real change!

    • Definitely. Is that why you have all them guns? Gonna blow up Congress? Good luck on your fool’s mission.

      • Gravyonthetaters

        Nice strawman argument. Grow up.

        • My preference is French Onion with Bacon dip on my taters – hot off the grill. No wonder the Dr. keeps telling me to grow DOWN.

      • Michael Dennewitz


        • rdells needs to leave our Great country and go live in some other Utopian country(for people like them) that has severe gun control laws, Russia, North Korea, China etc.,etc.,etc.Where only the police and or government troops carry weapons and keep their foot on the average citizens neck, which is exactly what they’re hoping to accomplish here.Especially with the help from knuckleheads like rdells who if you told them the sun rises in the west and sets in the east would believe it, just as long as it was a DEMONCRAT telling it to them, what a bunch of morons they are.And I also believe that if they were to leave America to go live in another country like that, they should also give up their U.S. citizenship, that way if they tried to come back into America(once Trump becomes POTUS) they would be considered illegal immigrants just like the sandfleas and mexicans are now.GO TRUMP 2016 and beyond.

          • Because this is the internet, we can’t be certain that this guy is even in the U.S. He doesn’t sound like a responsible American.

          • Amen to that my friend. There’s way too many foreigners trying to tell us how to live and run our country. I like a saying my Nam friends and I have “Kill them all, let God sort them out”.

          • I love that “Demoncrat”. With your permission I’ll borrow it to use on the LWNJ blog sites, and credit you for it! Rarely get a good idea from a RWNJ blog. This is a first.
            Forever Independent!

        • Tsk-Tsk. Profanity is so abundant here. Must confess I love these RWNJ blogs because it is such fun trolling the poor Rubes that can’t string enough words together to form a complete sentence!

        • grubby Fascist halfwit

    • Maybe the ONLY way to get Hillary from going into the WH? There are many guns out there!!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      My closet’s full” I’M game and just waiting!! ???

  9. I totally agree with Ben. That’s a great question. Why DON’T they go after the gangs and eliminate their sourses? I don’t really think the democrats care about gun violence either. If they did they would go after the source instead of letting them out of jail to offend again.

  10. The Liberal are a big part of the gun problems! How many NRA members has caused gun attacts? None! how many Republicans have been involved in gun attacts? None! Where are these attacts done? In Democrat ran cities all in Democrat gun free areas! I strongly believe the Democrats and George Soros are behind most of these attacts!

  11. The really sad and pitiful part in this abominable act of terrorism is the public is bot being given the truth that the authorities allowed it to happen when they did not follow up on the reports of this Jihadist being turned down trying to buy a gun, ammunition and body armor was reported to them and they did not act because of orders from the White House..

  12. I wonder, if what the Dims say about gun control is true, why there were no Massacres until Obama was elected? Strange huh?

  13. all these shooting are done by Registered Democrats. The logical thing would be to just ban Democrats from buying guns and then the problem would be solved

    • We evidently don’t have to ban them from owing guns. Judging by their political rhetoric and posts on this and other sites, they don’t own any and will never own any. Oops! Apparently they don’t abide by their own rules seeing as the shootings are mostly being done by people of their own political convictions.

  14. The Democrats in the House are anti American
    and should be removed from office for their childish irresponsible actions in
    trying to do harm to our country to get their way on taking the guns away which
    would do no good in preventing the innocent deaths when they release murderers
    and terrorist on our streets. They are
    an embarrassment to humans.

    In the beginning of the socialized medicine
    Obamacare, hundreds of thousands or over the timeframe millions of citizens
    protested for the Democrats not to pass that bill. The most that the citizens
    received was that wicked witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi and her comrades in
    crimes told bald face lies that a protester yelled racial slurs at one of her
    comrades. Law enforcement, cameras, videos and the media present at the time
    neither saw nor heard any such occurrence. A hundred thousand dollar reward for
    anyone who presented proof this happened. The man offering that reward wound up
    dead of alleged natural causes. The citizens against the destructive law were referred
    to as racist, Astroturf, communist, tea baggers which is just the beginning of
    the Democrats anti American rant for the un constitutional destruction of our
    healthcare system.

    I was one of those millions asking the Demons
    not to pass the law and in the middle of the night when all were asleep they
    forced the Obamacare fiasco down our throats and told bald face lies about how
    good it is going to be. Their nasty destructive go to H #** citizens attitude
    is being exposed again. Why are they this way? This will explain:

    Recall that Hillary Clinton did her college
    thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books,

    Saul Alinsky died about 43
    years ago, but his writings influenced those in political control of our nation

    Died June 12, 1972, Carmel by the Sea, Ca. Education, University of Chicago.

    Spouse: Irene Alinsky

    Books: Rules for Radicals,
    Reveille for Radicals

    Anyone out there think this
    isn’t happening today in United

    All 8 rules are currently in

    How to create a social state
    by Saul Alinsky:

    There are eight levels of
    control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist state.
    The first is the most important.

    1 Healthcare- Control healthcare and you control the people.

    2 Poverty- Increase the poverty level as high as possible;
    poor people are easier to control and
    will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3 Debt- Increase the debt to a unsustainable level. That way
    you are able to increase taxes, and that will produce more poverty.

    4 Gun Control- Remove t5he ability to defend themselves from
    the government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5 Welfare- Take control of every aspect of their lives (food,
    housing and income)

    6 Education- Take control of what people read and listen to-
    take control of what children learn in school.

    7 Religion- Remove the belief in the God from the government
    and schools.

    8 Class warfare- Divide the people into wealthy and poor. This
    will cause more discontent, and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with
    support of the poor.

    Does any of this sound like
    what is now happening to the US?

    Alinsky merely simplified
    Vladimir Lenin’s original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russia rule.
    Stalin described his converts as “useful idiots’.

    The Useful idiots have
    destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate
    in the US.

    It is difficult to free fools
    from the chains they revere.


  15. How about her emails outing a lot of undercover people that our country has in foreign countries. Their lives were put in jeperdy .Russia hacked them how many other countries did too. How many secrets did they learn about our military and government business. President Obama is protecting …I suspect he was evolved in a lot of those emails that he doesn’t want us to know. She will never come to trial.

  16. Absolutely right. Smokescreen, window dressing, election-year grandstanding. These are the same people who have no problem whatsoever with the abortion every year of 1.3 million babies. How liberal is that? Attrition is what there policies are all about. They do nothing to enforce laws which would actually reduce the presence of persons of unknown criminal backgrounds, entering the country illegally. They pander to the Muslim community as if they were, somehow, victimized by members of their own community and religion who choose to “hijack” the tenets of Islam and do violence in the name of its god, Allah.
    Truth to tell (and they can’t), they could care less.

  17. Democrats do not care about anyone and they continue to lie and lie and lie. Hillary and the democrats talk about a poor economy. HELLO! They have been in the White house for the past 7 1/2 years. Just like Chicago. You can’t blame republicans or any other party because democrats run Chicago and the misery they bring to this city. Gun control obviously doesn’t work in Chicago or any other gun free zone. Stop the lies, democrats!

  18. MuslimLuvChrist

    stop the hypocrisy,
    every democrat should NOT have armed body guards,
    including muslim traitor, crooked clinton, reid, lynch, …
    every last democrat!!!!

  19. All one has to do is look at the dumbocraticaly controlled cities, they do nothing about black on black crime.

  20. Chuck (are the cameras rolling?) Schumer a hypocrite? Never saw that coming…much.

    The Democrats are all hypocrites and they get away with it due to the support of the corrupt media.

  21. Eleanore Whitaker

    Wouldn’t it be easier for you wingers to admit that the GOP is on the take from NRA? Or do you want another 49 people shot dead? You want a Civil War? You’ll get it. But, my belief is that no American is going to EVER risk the safety of their youngsters in public places just so a bunch of gun happy freaks can shove guns in our faces everywhere we go.

    Who in the hell would ever allow someone on a No Fly list to buy a gun when they know that these individuals are on that NO FLY list for a reason. They have due process to prove they are not terrorists. Next excuse?

    When you asshats admit that the NRA is paying the GOP big bucks to continue the bloodshed in our public places, then and only then we will stop fighting to protect our kids. All of the mass murders with the exception of Newtown occured in states with lax gun laws. Eat that one and digest.

  22. Michael Dennewitz


  23. Wake up folks. All gun control is people control. This evil administration and the Democrats does not believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They have used the IRS against the TEA party movement and other conservative groups in an effort to silence and intimidate us into doing nothing which is what happening now. We citizens must realize that we can’t relied on all government (federal, state, and local) any more to protect us. I suggest you must find the means to protect yourself. If you don’t how to use a gun or rifle learn how and armed yourself. Take self defense courses as well. We must oppose all gun control laws regardless how reasonable they sound. Hopefully, we can get everyone to Washington DC and occupy all federal buildings and take back our government and country.

  24. Democrats will never get it as they always want to forgive the terrorist and condem the victims.So just what kind of idiots do we have in charge.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      If Trump wins, we’ll definitely have the biggest idiot in charge ever…even worse that Bush II.

  25. If the Democrats want to sit down until a gun bill is pass. Then we the people need to sit on the house floor until the DemocsenateP ass an immigration bill banning muslims entering this country. What they need to do, is start by doing the job they were ekected to do. The Democrates haven ‘t the right to sit on their asses while the are getting payed by the American tax payer, thls constatutes. These members as terrorist, by trying to hold the senate hostage until they get their way. The need to look for a new job .

  26. Alert, wake up people, it has begun. MA has the nat guard trying to take peoples “Assault” weapons.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Oh my God! The sky is falling!

  27. “It’s hard to believe, but still true, that our Republican colleagues voted to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns,” said Democrat Chuck Schumer.
    Well Chucky and Old Dianne, in our legal system that you swore to uphold and protect, is based on Innocence until proven guilty.
    Sorry you sad sack of caca, you do not get to take away civil rights by your whim

  28. Damned if ya do, damned if you don’t. What needs to be done is to get rid of all “No Gun Zones” that’s what the shooters are going for. Taking guns for law abiding citizens will do nothing to prevent the bad guys from getting & using guns in “no gun zones”…Trump 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  29. What ever the democrats don’t want the average citizen to have , they don’t want to give up themselves.. They have security details to protect them that are armed… Yet they don’t want us to have armed protection such as side arms..

  30. Any new gun laws will only serve to disarm the American People…

    The Government has all the gun laws they need.

  31. It is really a shame that supposedly adults are having a sit in, in our house of representatives. Guess some hippies never grew up.


  33. All this Gun-Controll stuff is a distraction from other issues that are more important like JOBS, THE ECONOMY, ISIS THREATS, NORTH KOREA THREATS. The Democrats Sit-Down strike is as useless as tits on a boar hog.

    • You left out the most pressing issues, climate change and how to throw Millertrumpbarrondrumpf under a Cleveland bus. .

  34. If “profiling” in regards to criminality is so offensive to liberals, how do they justify their systemic profiling of conservatives and Christians?

    • Can you tell us one instance where it is verified a Christian was profiled for being a Christian?

      It’s better than just throwing out bullshit!

    • ….by the costumes, hairstyles and clinched sphincters. Right wing Christians are easy to spot, they’re the ones who do and support the Jesus opposite, “revere Christianity”. Left wing Christians operate on the dictates of the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes.

  35. Never elect a RINO nor a Democrat, ever…show the Dems a camera and they “have an orgasm” trying to mug for it!

  36. The only new gun legislation that is needed is against criminals not law abiding citizens. Democrats want to disarm law abiding Americans so that they can continue the creep of socialism and communism that will eventually take over America without fear of the people.

    • DUH!

      Why do you think we are advocating for background checks of INDIVIDUALS – NOT GUNS – you fuqing retard?!

      PS – you fuqing Texans LOVE socialism –

      Texas is another example of conservative socialism in practice. Almost 150 years ago the Texas Permanent School Fund took control of roughly half of all the land and associated mineral rights still in the public domain. In 1953, coastal “submerged lands” were added after being relinquished by the federal government. Each year distributions from the fund go to support education; in 2014 alone it gave $838.7 million to state schools. Another fund, the $17.5 billion Permanent University Fund, owns more than two million acres of land, the proceeds of which help underwrite the state’s public university system.

      Similar socialized funds — sometimes called sovereign wealth funds — are common in other conservative states. The Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund, with a market value of more than $7 billion accumulated from mineral extraction, is almost a direct expression of Schumpeter’s doctrine: Socialized ownership has helped to eliminate income taxes in the state.

      Such “socialism, American style,” can produce odd reversals of conservative-liberal political alignments. One of the largest “socialist” enterprises in the nation is the Tennessee Valley Authority, a publicly owned company with $11 billion in sales revenue, nine million customers and 11,260 employees that produces electricity and helps manage the Tennessee River system. In 2013 President Obama proposed privatizing the T.V.A., but local Republican politicians, concerned with the prospect of higher prices for consumers and less money for their states, successfully opposed the idea.

      In one of the most conservative states, Nebraska, every single resident and business receives electricity from publicly owned utilities, cooperatives or public power districts. Partly as a result, Nebraskans pay one of the lowest rates for electricity in the nation.

      The list goes on. More than 450 communities have also built partial or full public Internet systems, some after significant political battles. Roughly one-fifth of all hospitals are also currently publicly owned. Many cities own hotels, including Dallas — where the project was championed by the former Republican mayor Tom Leppert. Some 30 states directly invest public funds in promising start-up companies.

      • Pretty good rant on everything except guns, I guess you don’t like Texas. Let’s stick to the subject. You call me a fuqing retard but your too dumb to realize that criminals don’t care about background checks because they don’t get their guns from an FFL dealer. They buy them illegally on the street to avoid background checks. In reality, background checks are done only to law abiding citizens who do not usually use them illegally. In the end, a background check is only as good as the enforcement agency. More than 100 million such checks have been made in the last decade, leading to approximately 700,000 denials. That’s an average of 0.007%. A major problem is that most people who try to buy a gun illegally through the National Instant Background Check are never prosecuted. In 2012, over 80,000 applicants failed the background check but only 44 were prosecuted (0.00055%). The problem isn’t with the background check but with the DOJ enforcement procedure.

  37. What a bunch of juveniles we have in congress. A SIT IN is not leadership it is the mind set of miss led people by a stupid President who never analyzes a problem correctly because he can only see GUN LEGISLATION which will cure NOTHING. I do not and have never owned a gun. But it is intelligent to note that a gun has never killed or hurt anyone without a trigger pulled by a criminal, a mad person or a terrorist. Hitler took away guns from the people resulting in his becoming dictator. Stalin took away the guns of the people and he became dictator. Obama is to blame for a significant amount of these slaughters because of failing to define Islamic terrorism as the product of instructions to Muslims in the Koran. Thus he has betrayed most all Americans and certainly the millions of Christians who make up the huge majority of the population.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Get your godamn history straight: “Hitler took away guns from the people resulting in his becoming dictator” never happened. You really think civilians would take down the Third Reich!?! You have no brains a t a l l ! !

    • From Almay:

      “But it is intelligent to note that a gun has never killed or hurt anyone without a trigger pulled by a criminal, a mad person or a terrorist. ”

      Mother fatally shot by two-year-old son from the back seat of car in Milwaukee

      Patrice Price, 26, died at the scene and the gun was recovered from the floor

      The mother of three was driving on highway when the boy picked up the gun

      Police identify 3-year-old fatally shot in South Anchorage

      By KTVA CBS 11 News 3:15 PM August 6, 2015

      Updated Aug 7, 2015 at 5:05 p.m.

      ANCHORAGE – The Anchorage Police Department has identified the 3-year-old boy who fatally shot himself in a South Anchorage home on Wednesday.



      BY LUCY WESTCOTT ON 3/9/16 AT 1:05 PM

      Jamie Gilt and her son were going to pick up a horse when the shooting happened.

      Philadelphia girl, 4, shot in the face and killed after her 5-year-old brother grabs their father’s gun

      The girl was pronounced dead at her home on Saturday afternoon

      Police said her father Maurice Phillips, 30, fled the scene after the shooting

      He has not yet been located but a semiautomatic pistol was recovered

      The girl’s mother was known for not letting her children play outside because of crime and drugs in the neighborhood



      when you are retarded republicans going to wake the F up???!!

  38. wow ! They whipped up this bull shit spin in a hurry!

  39. If our Congress weren’t in the vest pocket of the NRA maybe we could have some sensible gun legislation. There is no need for anyone to own any type of assault weapon. These weapons are not meant for deer hunting. They are meant for one thing – to kill people in large numbers. It’s time for Congress to do something about our inordinate love of guns in this country.

  40. Ho Hum! More of the same rhetoric, but not a whit of real honesty among these people! They want to play both sides but don’t want to make a real stand! The Constitution with its Amendments allows for private citizens to keep weapons for self protection. You can’t simply erase that right!

  41. Muslims are the problem not guns.

  42. Harry Reid and the rest of the Democratic Anti Gun Mafia are plainly full of it. BY the way, that includes Republicans too, who are like minded.

  43. They gave Mexican drug runners 50 cal. Rifles,how smart is that? Shut up stupid democrats.

  44. Chucky “Cheese” Schumer and Harry Reid have always been hypocrites and they always will be.

  45. Republicans support slaughters, owned and directed by the NRA which donates 20 mil into their coffers and pockets to line more pockets of gun makers and to support the fascist agenda. LaPierre will die of a frozen heart with a gun in his cold dead evil, creepy Heston hand. SHUT OFF THE C-SPAN CAMERAS AND MICS? Really? TREASONOUS CENSORSHIP,

  46. michael schimanski

    The democrats push for and enact these type of laws on honest Americans because they know that HONEST Americans will follow them , but the criminals , drug dealers , and of course their muSLIME terrorists friends won’t . That way they can say , look we tried but those dame republicans will not let us stop this gun problem and there media will put the blame were it DOESN”T belong , on republicans and the NRA . Oh I’m sorry I’m not supposed to talk bad about there muSLIME friends . And Ben you are so , so right about the laws already on the books .

  47. USUAL
    LIES from the Pig Shit called “Patriot” News Daily.

  48. The problem in America is politics.
    Eveything is now “politics”.
    We the People no longer matter.
    The indiviudals we elect no longer represent us.

  49. Socialist democ-RATS don’t give one iota of a damn about America, Americans, violence. The game the democ-RATS played in the House and Senate was just political theater. What the socialist democ-RATS are all about is power and CONTROL over the masses, just like Hitler, Stalin and other Tyrannical A$$ HOLES

  50. Democrats are ALL about attrition in one form or another. They “cloak” it in the pseudo-intellectual “freedom of choice,” which favors “stupid,” who or which is a never-ending problem which can not be solved by a law or obedience to it. Since people are too stupid to be legally responsible, they change the policy or the law to obviate legal responsibility. Consider it! EVERY issue that is the substance of current public debate is little more than an attempt to accommodate the irresponsible consequences of the freedom of choice to be stupid. The liberals have done this for decades. It is the tiresome aspect of campaigns which are excessively long. We barely inaugurate a president and the opposition party swings into full-campaign mode in anticipation of the next election, based on the foreknown substance of the platform, fundamental difference over law and order. Liberals want a change in social order by changing the law and conservatives want law and order by obedience to the law. This may sound simplistic, but it is true. There is virtually nothing in liberal reasoning or policies which stands the test of cause-and-effect logic! They are an utter disgrace.

    • Our Founding Faters were liberals.
      America exists because of iberals.
      If you don’t believe me, get out a few British history books.

      By your reasoning, women should not be allowed to own property, let alone vote. Then, there is the issue of slavery. On top of those, are the pesky child labor laws.

      Vrtually nothing in liberal reasoning or policies which stands the test of cause-and-effect logic, Really?

  51. Took me a while to dig this one up:
    I’m sure most of you know what the 3rd Amendment was all about. But for the anti-gun nitwits This is a great explanation. Listen to the dummy. He is not so dumb after all. Maybe all the anti-gun advocates should be more aware of the 3rd Amendment. Worthy of a full view for the future of this great country.

  52. h m Roland. i am not trying to be snarky Just wanted you to know that there are more killed every year by drunk drivers in this country than Americans who were killed in the whole Iraq war. If you want to save lives go after drunk drivers.

  53. If a Democrat anywhere in government opens his mouth you know he is lying. If 75 percent of Republicans in Washington, D.C. open their mouths you know they are lying. You cannot save the USA.

  54. I’m sure some of you knew what the 3rd Amendment was all about. But for the anti-gun nitwits This is a great explanation. Listen to the dummy. He is not so dumb after all. Maybe all the anti-gun advocates should be more aware of the 3rd Amendment. Worthy of a full view for the future of this great country.

  55. Thanks AK for fact checking for me although The other party chooses to ingnore the facts and go after the guns. Most of them don’t even know the difference between a gun and a rifle.

  56. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Proof that Obama is a MUSLIM? He was educated in a Madrass!
    Whant to guess what book he had his hand on when he took the oath of office? Hint, it wasn’t a bible
    Note the family dog does NOT fly in the same plane as Obama and family. Muslims believe dogs are “unclean”

  57. There are more Democrats in this Nation that wabted better gun laws then Republicans. Republicans are the ones that turn everything down. This must be a political Lie.

  58. There is a serious danger to any legislation that allows government to deny arms to ” threats” by citizens. Under no circumstances do we want to go down that road. If the government agencies find someone is a risk, they should be jailed and tried. Otherwise this law would open the4 door for disaster.

  59. you got that right

  60. EVIDENCE: CHICAGO>Run by democ-RATS for decades. The most oppressive gun laws in the nation. Every weekend violence in that rat hole is abundant. What do the socialist democ-RATS do? That’s right> The sound of sexually active CRICKETS abound. NOT A DAMN THING! Hypocrisy at its height. We could change the names to DETROIT, New York, St. Paul or any other democ-RAT run hell hole in the US. Lets add for the West Coast Oakland, Kalifornia, another socialist democ-RAT hell hole. Baltimore>another socialist democ-RAT hell hole and the list just keeps on a growing. One thing all these hell holes have in common>>run into the ground by socialist democ-RATS. Hear the CRICKETS CHURPING. Unless the socialist democ-RATS believe they can oppress law abiding citizens, they do absolutely not one damn thing. THEY DO NOT LEAD! They oppress!

  61. BO went to UK with a 500 plus group including armored cars, etc for his safety. The brits were amazed at his prep for that visit after they left the EU. He took several doctors and plenty of military. What a liar in chief. If there is nothing to fear, why all the prep. Afterall he is the one preaching how wonderful and peaceloving the moslimes are. And he and his dem lemmings don’t go anywhere without their security. They know all too well how very dangerous this theology is. It is a government regime not a religion. What religion needs its own law administration as in Sharia? This is a method of governing and a not to tolerant one at that. Just look at IRAN!

  62. Al Harry “the ass” cares about is His “marching orders”, handed down by His HANDLERS.

  63. Our Nation is being subjected to STATE SPONCERED (by the federal government) terror. States are being invaded by illegals from waring areas of the World and not informed by Our Federal Government anything about them——–WAKE UP !!!!!!

  64. Archie Cogollos

    They are desperate and sick with worry about the part being over…..and the Rino’s are helping them…SSDD….we need a BB to change it…Trump 2016/2020

  65. Gun Control is not about reducing violence, its about getting US Citizens to submit to the government, to submit and surrender one of their God given and Constitutional rights to the government. It is simply part of the overall plan to eliminate your freedoms one at a time. First, take away your privacy (NSA now listens to you, reads your emails and text messages). Second, take away your guns. Third, take away your right to free speech (Don’t disagree with the left, they will go crazy and get violent – Black Lives Matter, Antifa – supported by the left. Berkeley, Charlottesville, Dallas) Fourth, they can take away your property without due process – it’s called Civil Asset Forfeiture. Fifth, they will eliminate cash transactions at banks (See new policy on cash at JP Morgan Chase this month) so that they can simply freeze your account, sweep your account, take your money, track your purchases and track your every move.

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