Democrats Playing Games With National Defense

There comes a time when a politician, regardless of which side of the aisle he happens to be on, must put aside his party loyalty and vote in the best interests of the United States. The next few days will reveal whether or not there are enough Democrats in Congress with the guts to put national defense above partisan politics.

At issue is the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill that would use the Overseas Contingency Operations fund to get around spending caps. Military chiefs from all branches of the armed forces have testified that funding the Pentagon within the restraints of the Budget Control Act would put American lives in danger.

Democrats, Republicans, and President Obama himself all agree that we must push past these spending caps, many of which are entirely arbitrary. The president has asked Congress for $612 billion in defense funding, and that’s exactly what the NDAA would authorize. Instead of accepting this with grace, Obama wants to use it as a political ploy to increase domestic spending. If he doesn’t get more funding for the EPA, the IRS, Obamacare, transportation, and education, he will veto the NDAA as it is currently written.

“Holding the NDAA hostage would be a deliberate and cynical failure to meet our constitutional duty to provide for the common defense,” said Senator John McCain.

Right he is. The federal government is tasked with ensuring our national security above and before all else. This bill, which would give the troops a much-needed raise, strengthen our ability to fend off cyber-attacks, and add resources needed to fight ISIS, should be handled separately from concerns about domestic spending. Nothing should ever take priority over the military. Especially not when we are facing some of our most extraordinary challenges overseas.

When Homeland Security funding was on the table against executive amnesty, Democrats were suddenly cognizant of the importance of national security. It is only when given a political opportunity to exploit the troops that they forget their ballyhooed patriotism of two months ago. They are still seething over their November losses, and they want to make the next two years as difficult for Republicans as they can. If our military has to suffer the consequences, that’s no skin off their backs. Most of them would probably like to slash the defense budget in half and funnel the money towards food stamps. They know where their bread is buttered.

President Obama, who seems to actually believe that climate change is the biggest threat facing the U.S., is perfectly willing to veto a bill that puts the Pentagon above Obamacare. His grand vision for the remainder of his term seems to include ignoring the real threats in the world and crossing his fingers for peace. He wants to wait out the clock and pass the whole mess to someone better qualified.

That day can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, however, our troops desperately need money. If it has to be given to them with “gimmickry,” then that’s what has to be done. Abolish the spending caps as you move into appropriations. For now, pass this bill and give our military the financial support it needs to retain superiority.

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  1. Bring our troops home from overseas and put them on our border where we are being invaded. With Orders to “Shoot To Kill”.

    • Put some on the border like you said and put the rest in DC
      to put an end to this sorry government!

    • That is not being realistic or responsible. The best defense is an aggressive offense. To sit at home the military would watch the rest of the world fall and allow evil to grow. Obviously this could and would be expensive in money and lives but would ultimately build more and confident allies to help in the fight against evil and the ensuring freedom to others.

      • OKAY, do have a Plan B………bring our troops home and NUKE THE MU-slime MAGGOTS over there. We are the last great hope for freedom in the world lets not blow it. Low cost with minimal collateral damage and no American casualties.

    • Thank you for your service. Glad you’ve still got your Constitutional ‘fighting spirit’.

    • Send them to D.C. to eradicate all the rats in the White House, Congress, and Judiciary.

    • Jarhead, that is extremely poor advice. There are both enormous tactical and strategic advantages having our forces at widely separate locations throughout the world, of which you obviously are not aware. And, there is but a handful of countries that have the capability of attacking the U.S. If a “force” attacked say Japan, England, or Australia, we would have about 30-40 minutes “alert time” that missiles were coming our way in the U.S., to get our stateside forces alerted and other locations airborne or out to sea. If they attacked the U.S. they would have several overseas American and other Nation’s forces with which to deal. Again, only a couple countries have the ability to seriously harm us and stop us from retaliating. Also, surely we can not abandon Japan, Germany, England, Australia or other small countries by leaving them undefended. There is no reason that our modern drones, quick response helicopter teams and National Guard forces can not initially defend our Southern Boarder. And we have several military bases located all along the border. Surely, our satalites and FAA radars are positioned to monitor such possible invasions.

      • Apparently you have been out of touch with the rest of the world for some time…..the Major Threat to World Freedom currently is the radical MU-slime maggots…….NUKE ‘EM and we save the World for the next 50 to 100 years……call it a modern day Crusade. Drones, Military bases, etc., in the SW have accomplished ZIP/NADA/ZERO/ZILCH for the past several decades….it is past your “possible”……the INVASION has happened. Japan, Germany, etc. are all vey capable of defending themselves, i.e., and only have to start with deporting all the MU-slimes. You were never in the Military obviously……Semper Fi

        • “Jarhead”, soldier, you know not of what you speak—there is a far bigger picture, than you and your rifle. Just where would you start to “nuke ’em”? They occupy much of the land on this planet and there are several million right here in the U.S. and the great majority the r “devout” Muslims here , would respond to a call to “war Jihad”. If they decide to go to war, we will be swamped with attacks on or power plants, bridges, key road intersections, cell-phone towers, schools, hospitals, GIs living off post ;and you name it. And, any military has a significant “plus” if they have a formidable navy with nuclear powered submarines. And no, those small countries can not defend themselves. And as for my military career, I was honorably discharged from the Indiana National Guard, at the age of 15, for being under-age. I joined the USAF at age 18, and within 3-years was an E-5. I qualified and went to flight school for a year and was commissioned a 2nd Lt and Pilot. I served the rest of my 20 years as an officer and retired as a major. I served a year in “Nam” and have my fair share of air-medals. During all of that, I accumulated about 4500 flight hours, received a BS from the University of Maryland (after 10-years of night school”. I retired from the USAF at age 38, and then spent 31 years as an agent for one of the larger mutual life insurance companies. Now, at age 83, I am trying to write a book on the very misunderstood Muslim culture, ideology and its pseudo religion—what pray tell are your accomplishments?—other than sounding off as an uniformed blowhard?

  2. If anything in this country should be outlawed it should be all Democrats the U.N. !

  3. The Kenya born Chicago thug acts like a 5 year old if he don’t get his way. Sounds just like the people that voted for him

  4. There comes a point in time when you can plainly see that your “appointed” leader is no longer concerned with our best interests. I think that with Obama, we have been past that threshold for quite some time now. I don’t want to wake up one day forced into servitude for the betterment of Mother America. When will the betrayal end? How long are we going to give him to hang us all?

    • This was all apparent long before he was “elected?”. I don’t expect it would have made any difference for the LIV’s and registered democRats but for everyone else to ignore the facts that were available, it is pathetic.

  5. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Republicans stupidly believe that the Natioanl Defense scheme of the 50’s is what we need. Forcing the military to take planes and other weapons they do not want or need

    • Warmonger for profit is just as bad of a taxpayer funding fraud as these “green energy” shell companies founded by Al Gore and forced on us by Obama!

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Yeah that is pertinant to the topic. If the topic is hate and bigotry you hit it right on. I would prefer to discuss all the money lost fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the military plainly stating they do not need and Republicans who are lining their pockets saying yes you do need. Sorry this truth pains you.

        • You presume that this fact bothers me, not because I am conservative but a taxpayer, and it should bother you too. This is our taxpayer dollars that they squander. I believe that the people should have more of a say than politicians on either side of the aisle. They are only interested in the lobbyists and special interest groups that funded their campaigns to get them their “respective” seats, and not the best interests of the people

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            You presume that it does not botyher me and you presume that as a Conservativer you have some spoecial right to being upset by it. Well you are correct the people that Consevatives put into office did this

          • I didn’t presume, I figured that much in the structure of your comment. The only special right I claim to have is defined in The Bill of Rights that are unalienable, and shall not be infringed. Conservative or not, you are just as entitled to these rights, and I hope that you realize just how important they are. You may not like guns, but they are a necessary tool to keep the government in check. You may not like soldiers, but they do give you the security to sleep at night. You might not like my beliefs, but I am not going to stop fighting for what I believe in because it may be unpopular. Like it or not, it is people that share my belief system that give you the ability to voice your opinion, and that doesn’t make me feel “special” or however you spell it.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I find it difficult to determine where you are finding these things you say I may not like? Ther are two weapons with 3 feet of where I sit a rifle and a.357 short barrel revolver. So I guess maybe I do not hate guns. I hate what the Republican controlled Congress has doine to food stamps primarily because I actually personally know people who are disabled and they used to get food stamps to help them out. Two were disabled as a direct result of military service. So I guess saying I do not like soldiers is also erroneous You are correct that many of the beliefs held by some Conservatives are highly obkectionable to me and trust me I voice my opinion often enough

          • You believe in the 2nd amendment and know people that are disabled as a result of war, yet dislike conservatives? Funny how you changed the narrative from Republicans previously. My question to you is, do you even know the difference between a conservative and a republican? Better yet, do you know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, or are you just another low information voter?

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I know you are an idiot posing as an expert. I do not play semantics fortunatly for you.. I have dealt with the best cons and liars in the world you are but an amateur go try your obviousness with some children. You can not deal on topic so you think this dumb tactic will work? You do amuse me

          • You have the intellect of a toddler. Just because of a moot personal experience that you have had, does NOT make it better for the rest of the country. The best advice I can give you, go grab your blanky and go to your room. You seem cranky and I think it’s nap time little boy scout.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Compared to you I am a genius. You simply can not discuss a topic. Instead like the moron you are you attack someone with shit you have no clue about. You are far from impressive in any way shape or form. Why anyone would take any advice you give is totally beyond comprehension.

          • All of you little self-righteous egomaniac libtards think that you are God’s gift to the rest of the world. You figure that since you cannot compete in a free market, you have to attack competent people to justify your inadequacies. It is so sad that in so many ways you guys lack the intellect, morals and common sense to a point of wanting everyone else to be as incompetent and ignorant as you. I don’t fall into your little clever (at least that’s what you think they are) traps, and drudge down to your level. If you want sympathy, you definitely came to the wrong place. Pity is hardly what you will get from the likes of me. Go cry in a corner and try not to wet your diaper.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Very simply you and I have nothing to talk about you are unable to do anything but ad hominem attack so …..Ciao

          • Arrivederci.

    • Ray, I am a retired USAF officer and there in later years. I worked at planning and training for war. Right now, our military is smaller than it was before WW-II, and the government has what is left, baby sitting illegals, camping in Ebola country and other odd tasks. The “second” prime issue for our new congress, should be determining exactly who is our potential enemies, what are their capabilities and what size force(s) are required to defend both our selves and our allies. Right now our military is smaller than it was before WW-II. The first priority for the congress should be to amend our constitution to make sure that the present Obama fiasco never happens again—with public firing squads for those who try to destroy this great country. All too many fail to understand that America has been the greatest social and political experiment in the recorded history of this planet.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        As I see it you totally destroyed your logic with “Obama Fiasco”. I need noit explain. Also you totally avoid Congress failing to do their job and forcing planes and tanks on the military they do not want. BAsed on those I must say your military tactics are greatly lacking and your judgement leaves something to be desired.due to bias.

        • Congress does not do the enforcing, the President and the Secretary of Defense does—-congress controls the purse strings, but the spending is approached in many different ways. Also, the military has a specific budget and they have to make decisions as to how to get the most “bang for their bucks” (dollars). I did not even address the issues wherein you find fault with me—that would take several lengthy comments of which neither of us have the time. And yes, you do need to explain, else you are just babbling. Do I understand you correctly in that you don’t believe there is an “Obama fiasco”? Also, I note you failed to respond to each of the issues I posted. If you have time, read some of my three thousand plus, conservative posts on Disqus wherein I frequently hold congress equally responsible for their lack of action. I will leave the issue of my judgment up to those who are acquainted with the facts and the know how as to solutions—and the other readers.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            The greatest “enforcement” is an actual declaration, a vote, something that tells the country where they and we stand. An absolution of Congress for abrogating their sworn duty is spin I wiull never buy sorry. Once that has been said the rest of what you “think” loses significance to me.

  6. Margaret Longoria

    Secure our borders and protect our American citizens and DO NOT SHORT CHANGE OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN.
    I am so SICK of liberal politicians who have no idea what it is like to actually sacrifice and certainly don’t mind undermining good, decent, hard working Americans just so they can keep their cushy jobs in Washington. Our Founding Fathers would have had them removed and banned from holding public office for the rest of their lives.

    • Right on!!!

    • I totally agree with you. But what I still can’t reconcile is why the F.F did not address “mandatory term limits” and “removal of Congressional members via recall”. I wonder if the 17th Amendment took away that right if when the state legislatures appointed them, the states had the authority to recall them. If that is the case then there is no reason not to repeal the 17th. It interferes with a states sovereignty over it’s representatives.

  7. The PC-MSM and the PTB keep telling us that few Muslims are radical terrorists.. That may be true.
    But the majority of Muslims seem to be willing to watch events take place.
    Several Muslim nations have large armies, yet they do not take actions to end the terrorists.
    Maybe the USA can tell Indonesia and several other nations such as Saudi Arabia to put their armies in the field to end ISIS and other terror groups. The USA could support them with logistical support.
    G.W. Bush said, “You are on our side or theirs.”
    We could use the carrot and stick, The carrot is easy, free trade, the stick is very easy but difficult.
    If these nations refuse to fight and end the radical Muslims they claim to not support we could nuke the nations that won’t fight in a timely manner.

    • I just watched a documentary on the D-Day Invasion. To put it mildly, the logistics to carry that invasion out at all was a miracle. They had several men now in their 90’s who were some of the first men to land, perform mine sweeping, demolish tank traps and set up beacon lights used to guide landing craft to the beaches. If even one of these activities had failed the invasion would have failed. Somehow America, Canada and England had the courage and fortitude to see that their actions were the only thing left to save the world. Now we can’t seem to get even the people we spilled American blood for in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for their own lives against an even more radical and dangerous enemy. Would it make sense to just leave these cowards to fight and kill off each other? One American life was one too many to waste on these cowards. Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have huge well equipped military. If they are not worried about ISIS, why the he!! should we be worried? Sooner or later Israel will be forced to take care of Iran.

      • “Maxx”, don’t you know that ISIS is under the control of the Muslim hierarchy, as are all Muslim endeavors—-many Muslims are encouraged to have their own private “jihads”, but they have been given firm instructions as to how they are to be carried out—you don’t think those thousand or so “Mosques” in the U.S. are “Sunday go to meeting” places?

    • JIm, you fail to understand the workings of Islam. Saudi Arabia is the most strict Islamic country of the “bunch”, and they hire all of their manual and dirty work to be done. Equally important, their Qur’an prohibits devout Muslims from fighting each other, unless doing so, furthers the cause of Islam. And, there is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”, in that to be moderate, they would have to deviate from the revelations of their Qur’an, which is punishable by death. If a few are moderate they surely are not going to say so or reveal it, due to that barbaric death penalty—-which is enforced in countries they control (and, on occasion, have even tried it here in the U. S.

  8. He is all worried about shutting down the government, yet blamed it on the Republicans when HE did just that. But he’s not worried about our defense in these arduous times. Sounds fishy to me… of course it IS obie.
    I’ve never understood why they lump all of these different departments together in one bill in the first place. It seems like if they voted on each separate bill, we could at least get SOMETHING done without all this in-fighting. And it would go a whole lot faster and smoother.

    • It’s called “summarized legislation”. It certainly has nothing to do with Congress being overworked. It was so that Congress could “sneak” objectionable bills into law without being held accountable. Political corruption at it’s best.

  9. As long as Barack Obama is in charge today and up through January 2017, and whenever Democrats (aka American Marxists) are in charge of government, all we can do is hold our noses, or if we have anough money leave the U.S. for a freer country.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Please do not saty on my account. Let me know when you ar departing and I will hold a party for you in absentia. Open bar and the works

    • “tex….”, “freer country?”—–there isn’t such a country as all of them are in the “cross-hairs” of the Muslim “take-over” objectives.

  10. Over 338 billion was stolen from the American tax payers to support all these law breaking illegals last year. Our military means nothing to obama and the democrat party as they are anti God, America, our Constitution and our military. obama is cutting the military and has made America the laughing stock of the world.

  11. I think its time to veto barry.If our elected officials had the guts they would impeach this guy.He plays with America like its a pawn in a game,meanwhile the country continues to die.Even biden would be better than barry,not by much,but,at least he’s an American.God damn the people that want to destroy America.

  12. mu-slime maggots been fighting each other way before Jesus was here. Send them all back to Middle east, let them kill each other. Any try to leave kill em.

    • Mad, the problem is, there is about a 90-10 percent split in the size of the two major Muslims religious factions. And, the much smaller group, while somewhat less barbaric (not moderate),than the larger group, they still have a goal of world-wide domination.

  13. Obama isn’t concerned about national defense,,he has life-time armed body guard protection,paid for by American TAX PAYERS..

  14. Spending isn’t the problem! The problem is that we have a Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” that is siding with his Islamic brethren while the (opposition?) party and conservative pundits are in a state of denial about this reality! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  15. Ground troops are a thing of the past. The next war will be a cyber space war. We will be able to knock out a power plant with one beam of light and shut down whole towns because they are all run by computers. Tanks are useless, planes are useless, every mode of transportation is useless because without the computers in them handle everything. They can be al knocked out in a flash.

  16. Alleged Comment

    Demoncraps, socialist and lieberals always WEAKEN the military of the West when they get in power. They know that is what invites WAR!

    Demoncraps are WAR MONGERS!!! They started all the past wars. America when will you learn the truth about Demoncraps?

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      YTou apparently fail to realize that getting our people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan insignificant?Especially if it was done utilizing lies.

  17. Donde, that’s sounds about right 10% good 90% bad. If we have 2 mil. in America that’s 1.8 mil. terrorist running lose.

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