Democrats Pick Up Gun Battle Just Where They Left Off

Democrats in the House of Representatives renewed their fight for new gun control laws on Wednesday, picking up where they left off this summer – though without the histrionics that culminated in June’s embarrassing “civil rights” protest on the House floor.

“Time and time again we ask for compassion, time and time again we ask for action, time and time again we ask for leadership. Our people are sick and tired of a do nothing congress,” said Rep. John Lewis, the orchestrator of June’s 25-hour sit-in. “These bills should be passed. Bring them to the floor, let us have a vote.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats would not stop pushing for a vote on expanded background checks.

“We’re not going away,” Pelosi said. “We’re not going to stop until we enact gun violence prevention laws. We’re not going to stop until we get the job done.”

Not content with blathering away on Capitol Hill, House Democrats also engaged in a “tweetstorm” on Wednesday, hoping to draw social media into the fight as they did in June. Pelosi sent out a memo suggesting some of the tweets that should be used to rally supporters to the cause:

272 mass shootings this year. When will @SpeakerRyan give us a vote? #NoFlyNoBuy  #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

Thousands killed w/ guns over reckless Republican recess. When will @SpeakerRyan give us a vote? #NoFlyNoBuy #CloseTheLoophole #GunVote

If person can’t fly, they shouldn’t be able to get a gun. @SpeakerRyan: give us a vote #NoFlyNoBuy #GunVote

As anyone familiar with the gun debate knows, Pelosi’s statistics are pure fiction and the Democrats’ proposition – that keeping people on the no-fly list would prevent terrorist shootings like the one in Orlando – are worse than fiction. They’re actively dangerous.

Thankfully, it will take more than Twitter’s legion of social justice slacktivists to push gun control measures past the Republican majority. And while those Republicans deserve plenty of criticism for buckling under pressure, they are united and strong when it comes to the Second Amendment. There’s no reason – yet – to suspect that will change.


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  1. Screw the idiot Democrats; we have too many gun laws already!

  2. Tell me what is wrong with no automatics to kill animals !

  3. It has been proven time and again that gun control laws DO NOT WORK!! Criminals do not (99% of the time) go to gun shows to obtain their favorite weapon!! They rob residences, sporting goods stores, gun shops, and other such businesses to obtain firearms!! The bigger problem in our country is the corrupt Judicial system, with defense attorneys getting criminal felons off with a “slap on the wrist,” prosecutors passing out sweet plea deals like candy, and Judges handing down lenient sentences that include probation/parole after a short term of imprisonment, and hand in hand with both defense attorneys and prosecutors, consideration in sentencing said criminals for testimony to convict another criminal who played a larger role in commiting a crime!!!! These “revolving door Judicial sentencing” practices must be stopped, and criminals MUST be sentenced to much stiffer penalties than they are now, and that includes imprisonment for life!!!! What is needed in our Country is CRIMINAL CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Even better than lengthy prison terms for really violent offenders (like murderers) is the DEATH sentence, and that does NOT mean 30 years on death row while ACLU lawyers try to get them off! The death penalty doesn’t have to be expensive to implement either. A single .30-06 shell still costs less than $2.00!

      • that will work,and look at the money that would be saved,but it is money that lets the murder go free.

        • ??Suggest you visit the Innocence Project. http://www.innocenceproject.or

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          • You’re wasting your time with the AKLady, Tammy. I can virtually assure you that she is no more interested in your scam than I am!!

          • Internet prostitution.

          • Speakin’ O’ Pros’- How’s your ‘Little House on the Tundra ‘Doing Madame AK??

          • You are mistaken, it is Trump’s little house. He inherited it from his Daddy, who inherited it from his Daddy.

            Oh, and by the way, the European origin of his name is Drumpf. They were Nazis. Trump’s grandfsther went back to Germany to buy hinself a wife.

          • you are truly insane

          • That is your favorite excuse for your ignorance.

          • Wrong again The ! NAZI Party wasn’t very strong back then! And What part of NAZI Party, Translation=- National SOCIALIST Party don’t you understand! The Nazis were Socialists, like you Dems!

          • Why is it that some people on the right becomes insane the minutue they see the word or words relating to “socialism”?

          • Nazi, an Acronym for National SOCIALIST Party! Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics! Every Commie Dictatorship/Nation has the word Democratic, or Socialist in their official Long Form Name. Prove that wrong Medic!

          • Every modern, industrialized country has a mixed economy.

            The U.S. is the only one which allows people to died simply because they cannot afford to buy health care.

            Socialism is a balance between capitalism and communism.

          • Most of ’em couldn’t afford Healthcare, even if it was only $5-$10 bucks a Month. Cut’s into their Tobacco, Dope, and Booze Cash!

          • Why do you do that your welfare check is not enough

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • I know you do not really do that I have seen a photo of you and trust me no one would pay for that, in fact you could not pay most men enough , well maybe a few blind ones would toss in a dollar

          • OK I think we got off on the wrong foot here so I want to clear up a misunderstanding then maybe we can be friends. I am a lot smarter than you, I think we both agree on that so sometimes it is hard for me to “dumb down ” my words enough so I think you can understand them. I understand this is totally my fault I could have taken a class in stupid but you know I felt it was a waste of my time, yes I was only thinking of myself and I feel I owe you an apology for that’ and I also feel bad that I did not put more thought into communicating with the stupid people of this country I know there are a lot of them probably most of your friends are stupid as well so again please offer them my apologies. Now that you know where I am coming from I think you will agree that you need to stop posting anything that does not agree with my viewpoint. Yes I am willing to do this to help you, I know I don’t have to but I am really a nice guy and I want to help you. From now on it would be best to send me any comments you may have and I will approve or disapprove before I give you permission to post them. This does two things it makes you look just a little bit smarter and we both know that is a good thing for you it also prevents the spread of lies and B/S from the” looney left “as we know them. One last thing and I know you wont like this but you have to admit that you need my help and you have to work with me if you want to see real change in yourself.

          • I suggest you get on the laundry I am sure it is piling up you dimbulb

          • If you had gotten an education and made more money you could afford a maid. I employ someone to do my laundry.

          • Drop dead asshole.

      • You are absolutely correct!! It’s been said many times that the death penalty is more expensive than housing and feeding a criminal for the rest of his or her life. I disagree. Let’s get rid of the ACLU, and upon conviction beyond all shadow of doubt, swiftly execute murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and all of the other scum criminals that have NO PLACE in civilized society!!!! That will be far cheaper than supporting them for the rest of their worthless lives!!!!

      • ..Suggest you visit the Innocence Project.

    • You don’t get it it’s not about gun control it’s about gun confiscation it’s not about me and you killing each other off it’s about the people rising up against the evil Tierney and what they have planned for the people by couples getting your land in their homes and property

      • That is the very thing that I did forget to mention, that it is all about gun confiscation!! However, in order to reach the point of gun confiscation, further legislation will need to be passed (which is just what the democrats an RINO’s in Congress want) in order to make it ever more difficult to “legally” buy firearms of all kinds!!!!

      • It’s not about gun control it’s about PEOPLE CONTROL! It’s about taking away our rights to protect ourselves from the very government

        • Right, you need a machine gun to hunt.
          Maybe you would like a WMD while you are at it?

          • I don’t think anybody pays attention to you because they know you’re a psychopath

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Remember you can’t insult an idiot so why would I be childish because you are an idiot

          • Thank you.

          • !Thank you.

          • Look asshole, Everbody in the free world knows you are a useful idiot and if the Marxists were to win (fat chance) you would be “liquidated” as you have no salable skills other then being a worthless troll.

          • ..Thank you.

          • ! Thank you.

          • Sarcasm is over your head, obviously.
            I’ll do my best not to confuse you in the future.

          • It’s not sarcasm I am merely stating what you really are a sociopaths, who lives in another world other than this planet. You were one of what Marx calls useful idiots!

          • Thanl you.

          • 2015? Is that when you were born or your expiration date?

          • Thank you.

          • The second amendment was never about hunting. What even gave you the idea it was. The revolutionary war started because the Brit’s tried to take the colonials guns away from them.

          • Who fed you that propaganda? You need to go back to school. The Revolution began over taxation. Go look up the Boston Tea Party.

          • History fed me that propaganda. So you are too mentally challenged to know what Paul revere’s ride was about? Interesting considering just how smart You Think you are. Bet you didn’t know that it was the citizens and not the My who fired the first shots of the war. Liberals are the most ignorant people on earth.

          • Apparently the words “Taxation without representation” are meaningless for you.

            The Boston Tea Party took place in 1773.

            Paul Revere rode in 1775.

            The Declaration of Independence did not take place until 1776.

          • And you are still not answering the question. Could it be because you are not as smart as you think you are? I think so.

          • Why is Revere given credit, but William Dawes is not?

          • Because our history is written to promote nationalism and pride, not correctness. Also Revere’s destination resulted in the first shots fired in the war.

          • Well, you see, two men were sent with the message.

            They traveled to the same places by different routes to insure the message got through.

            Someone wrote a poem about one of them. The other didn’t make it into mass produced history books.

          • I know. What I discovered years ago was how corrupt our taught history really is. In 75 one of the officers on my first ship was writing his thesis on American history written from foreign history books and it was eye opening what was altered for the sake of patriotism and nationalism. But my original point was still that the first shots fired were by citizens, not military and was a result of the British moving to take our guns and ammo away so we could not defend ourselves from our current government at the time.

          • In pre-revolution America, there was a “citizen army” in place. That militia is now the State National Guard.

          • dingbat it ha NOTHING TO DO WITH HUNTING the 2nd says NOTHING about hunting go read it you dullard

          • Thank you.

          • Yea, To Kill CommieCrats.

            I killed commies before in Vietnam and automatic weapos work really well for that task.

          • Hate much?
            I expect you also claim to be a Christian. Probably even go to church on Sunday.

          • Do you need an oven to make a roast a camp fire should be good enough

        • I believe that is what I just said! It’s so false face people like Nancy Pelosi can continue on ripping the American people will she exempt theirselves from the rules.

          • I didn’t see your post Kassa1. Guess I was to wrapped up in the subject matter to read the post first. Pretty odd that they would pick this up right when Trump is ahead in the polls.

      • Paranoia can be treated.

        • Hi suggest you get back into your ward before they find you missing and get back on your meds, as there is no help for people like you.

          • Save your childish insults for someoneyou can impress.

          • Everyone on the Internet knows you’re a brain-dead idiot as I read all the replies to your idiocrasy, and they always say the same thing don’t patronize her she hasn’t got anybody to talk to

          • ..Thank you.

          • Thank you.

          • Kassa1, I blocked that liberal Moron a long time ago so I wouldn’t have to read her liberal rants. There is none so blind as he who cannot see.

          • You wonder why she’s a so-called Democrat/Marxist she’s either on the dough, or too stupid to think for self or both and there’s another one who just like her and that one is called CB, I think the one in the same though. I believe that because the Cappys his money so close that are that stupid oh yeah that’s right the ones you follow the murdering treasonous clinton’s and Obamas would not have a clue to figure it out.

          • She suffers from dementia she lives in a state run home ,she thinks she was a nurse in several wars through out history from the civil war through Vietnam she thinks she has lived all over the world. In fact she would have to be 150 years old to do half the things she thinks she has done. Her story changes on a daily basis I am not sure how she sneaks out of her room and gets on the computer without the nurse catching her, I suspect she does it during activity hour. She is just not all there and I know it is wrong to poke fun at the disabled but in her case I make an exception.

          • You are right Joe, however I’ve noticed a couple other ones like they’re like her on the Internet one is Elizabeth something and the other one I’m trying to think what her name is CB. It is almost like the same woman with three different aliases

          • It’s fun to step on her. She is so stupid and brainwashed that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Such a liar too. – She claims to be a teacher, a truck driver and a Vietnam Combat Vetran and a published author. – All lies.

          • LOL, I agree! The Moron is a Jack of All Trades and Master of None! It’s a useful idiot! As you know Demwits love them. Take care Mathew.

        • yeah but you cant fix stupid and your living proof of that..

        • Good, you need to get treatment.

      • correct…its about control…

        • It’s about Tierney and control but I have the control so you could continue the evil clearly you must take away the guns. Then you got idiots like this a.k.a. lady who just answered you who is a prime example of why Hitler and Stalin rained.

        • This is indeed a MUST WATCH. People don’t realize that Hitler was elected with overwhelming support by an enthusiastic public … 98% Catholic at that.

    • Suggest you visit the Innocence Project.

    • Well said Junior1950!

    • I read yesterday that Hillery (if she becomes president) intends to put obama in our Supreme Court as a judge. That is why he has bought a house just down the road from the White House. He has no plans to leave Washington. It said that is why the hold up vote on our gun rights. They are waiting for him to be one of the judges to go against our rights. If he becomes one of the judges, he will be there for life. If it’s true we can count on losing alot of rights, not just gun rights. I’m trying to find where i read this so i can give a link here. I couldn’t re-find it today. Anyone else read about this or know any more info on it? Please don’t vote for hillery!! We would be in a pot of hot boiling water. And you know what she thinks about all of us anyway. We are below her. Kinda sounds like she sees herself as a Queen, over a Country, (our country, over us?) I guess obama will be her right hand man while he sits on our highest court, for life. I will post the link as soon as i can re-find it.

      • Yes it is true I have read the same thing and we know for a FACT they all want to take our guns, not a single damn one not even a bullet I will find a place to hide them all

    • Dem-Commie Control!

  4. More “common-sense” gun laws proposed by the Dims… the current 25,000+ gun laws already on the books throughout the 50 states…..are nonsense?

  5. When the hell is her term up, She is sickening and needs to be removed

  6. Another article on gun addiction.

    • Another comment on a subject one knows nothing about.
      It’s about people, and their inability to grasp that we have CRIME, and that CRIME is perpetrated by PEOPLE with NO values.
      This wouldn’t be a subject except for the fact that you and others cannot grasp that in a free society, FREE WILL means people will do as they please, UNLESS they realize that the consequences will be severe.
      And we aren’t severe enough on criminals, proven by the very high rate of recidivism in the criminal community.
      As to mass shootings, we are allowing the mentally ill to be drugged up on psychotropic chemicals proven to have severe side effects of paranoia and schizophrenia then allowing them to freely walk among us.
      Nearly ALL the shooters here in the States were on these drugs.
      This is NOT allowed in most European Countries and other advanced Countries, which is why you don’t see those “mass shootings” as often, along with their Govt. innate fear of it’s own populace and gun restrictions.
      And in the ones we have seen, they were on those drugs.
      It’s a complex issue, and foolish people with no stomach for hard decisions latch onto inanimate objects to place blame.
      The ONLY blame for people problems is PEOPLE!
      And sometimes the blame is the inability of the good people to deal harshly with the bad people.
      And people just can’t or won’t deal with that.

      • ” What is a bad man but a good man’s job?
        What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?”
        Harsh treatment is the basis of the problem.

        • And there is NO such thing as just plain evil people?
          Platitudes are what got us here.
          you live in a fantasy world, devoid of historic reference.

          • Man’s true nature is a perfect reflection of divine creation, anything less is by choice.

          • So you acknowledge that man is a creature of choice, but refuse to accept that there are those who chose to be evil?
            As I said, you do live in a fantasy world. “A perfect reflection of divine creation”?
            There will never be a “heaven on Earth”. period.
            Nor was there meant to be, if you choose to take that path.
            As I said, there ARE those who refuse to or can’t deal with it.
            Thanx for making my point.

          • “As a man thinketh so it shall be.” I suppose your correct in that if a man thinks of evil he will live in a world opposed to his true nature, something causes one to abandon that perfect balance of his nature.

          • I see. Ok, I guess you really are a nice guy.
            I salute that, there are so few in the world.
            You choose to see the good in all, and I can’t fault that, per se.
            I just wish it were really true.

          • You’re so delusional

          • does it hurt to be that stupid

      • All you say is true!
        I see “Jazzbelly” is visiting us on this site. Now we can truly say, “A fungus is among us!”
        But, he serves as such a good role model for the kind of person we don’t want to be, doesn’t he?

      • I feel if we were to bring the idea of hanging murders by the rope until they were dead,showing the country and world we won’t put up with the criminals and they will face corporal punishment, I believe our crime rates as well as murder rates would drop!

    • Another oxymoron jizzface troll that has very few brain cells to think for themselves!

    • You are a spineless dullard go play some where else junior


  8. We need to create a new bill! All demonicRATS that are against legal gun owners should be banned from all government agencies. All demonicRATS that are against freedom of Americans should be banned from government agencies. All demonicRATS that are against God and Christianity should be banned from all government agencies. All demonicRATS that believes terrorist from other countries should be part of American culture and spread the lies that Islam is a peaceful religion and the Quran is about love should be banned from all government agencies. All demonicRATS that allow and push for corrupt government should be banned from all government agencies. All demonicRATS that create chaos against the people with new segregation problems,as well as supporting one color over another,as if one ethnic is better than another should be banned from all government agencies. All demonicRATS should be sent to a psychiatrist to find out what creates the chemical imbalance to allow such stupidity when they think! All demonicRATS that doesn’t understand that wasteful spending must be stopped should be banned from all government agencies. All demonicRATS and republicRATS(RINOS) that are above all laws that they enforce on the American people should be banned from all government agencies and put on the same things they force down Americans throats! All demonicRATS and republicRATS that feel the border should be open 24/7 allowing only God knows who into the country should be banned from all government agencies! All demonicRATS and republicRATS that allow aiding and abetting to terrorist,terrorist organizations and terrorist countries should be banned from all government agencies! All demonicRATS and republicRATS in our government should be sent to Guantanamo Bay with a one way ticket for all their crimes against America,Americans,and our freedom! These are the people that are destroying our nation,laws,constitution,rights and trying to kill us all at the same time.




    THATS WHY WE MUST ALL VOTE TRUMP 2016! TRUMP 2016! TRUMP 2016! TRUMP 2016! TRUMP 2016! TRUMP 2016!

    • Absolutely the best post I have seen lately!
      Thanks for the time spent typing this out!

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      You are right we do need to pray for our county and our people every day and night. DONALD TRUMP 2016.

    • ” Weapons are the tools of violence;
      all decent men detest them.
      Arms serve evil.
      They are the tools of those who refuse wise rule .
      He who thinks triumph beautiful
      is one with a will to kill ,
      and one with a will to kill
      shall never prevail upon the earth .
      It is a good sign when man’s higher nature
      comes forward .
      A bad sign when his lower nature comes forward .
      With the slaughter of multitudes,
      we have grief and sorrow .
      Every victory is a funeral;
      when you win a war,
      you celebrate by mourning .”

      • Eye roll…

      • A mans heart is evil! Weapons have nothing to do with it. Being you’re ignorant enough to make a stupid comment about guns is proof enough you don’t know your butt from a hole in the ground! Are you proposing to ban rocks,knives,baseball bats,pool sticks,rope,drugs,cars,doctors,hospitals? More people are killed with what I just mentioned than those killed by guns. If you had a brain of your own instead of being told what to say by others you’d know the truth! In both the Old Testament and New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible, they didn’t have guns! They had rocks and swords,knives,bows and arrows,etc. I guess your way of thinking it was the evil of the rock that killed someone as well? You should also thank those of us who own guns because the majority that own guns help keep criminals away. If you don’t want to be around legal guns by the citizens then move to Chicago,California,Australia,UK,etc….

      • Who are you quoting?

      • Uh huh, we have heard other people through the course of history that agreed with you liberal dem bloodsuckers.
        Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Kim Il Jung, Adolph Hitler Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Hugo Chavez,
        Mao Tse Tung, Josef, Tito and Josef Stalin.
        They all wanted severe gun laws and universal registration, for the safety of the citizenry.
        They all got it.
        With in 3 years, they had confiscated all weapons
        With in a year of that, they had all passed laws that made it illegal to say nasty things about the government.

        Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain Italy.
        In a staggering coincidence, they all passed laws that made it a crime to say nasty things about the government.
        Our founders saw you liberal dem bloodsuckers coming over 200 years ago.
        They gave us the Bill of Rights. Its not really a bill of rights as much as a list of things the government can’t do.
        Then they nailed them to the wall of every government office, with the 2nd Amendment.
        We will not allow ourselves to be disarmed.
        Continue to trifle with our rights or the 2nd Amendment at your own considerable peril.

        • Yes, as these stupid lib/dem. continue to attack “guns”, instead of solving problems… they will have less and less power. People will learn who abuses it, and who actually represents U.S.citizens.

          • Please, all, never forget we are the Government and these are employees that we elected or hired to supposedly REPRESENT US! Now we must fire them lock, stock and barrel because they are insane, brainless, and want everything we have because of greed. Hmm. Sounds just like Obama and Hillary and most in Congress and fed departments! Will be a lot of fun seeing them run like lemmings to the sea when we take away their benefits and jobs. YEA!

      • So when we fought the NAZIS, that made us evil

      • An armed society, is a polite society.

        The only thing that stops a bad/evil man with a weapon, is a good man with a weapon. It started with a club or a rock.

        A weapon is the GREAT EQUALIZER, that will give a WEAKER INDIVIDUAL (by nature), the power to prevent being a victim, or to protect the young or weak; from the STRONGER INDIVIDUAL.

        If you or your stupid lib/dem. gun haters REALLY had discussions as to limiting violence – that would be worth something. But, as you focus on the “object”, the gun, your suggestions will not have any real consideration or believers. From Fed.Gov’t – we don’t need any more LAWS, that will cost citizens, and not keep a single promise!!! Trump/Pence 2016.

      • Well, Jazz, you can pack up and leave for the EU or Australia, Germany, etc. where you will be most comfortable in not being able to defend yourself or family. I will even finance a portion of your ticket!

      • Definitely insane.

      • blah blah blah meaningless twaddle like every thing you post

        • That’s vs. 31 of The Tao Te Ching pre dating the Christian bible by 2500 years. No contact with wisdom/mystery schools eh joe?

          Vs. 69 “Living Without Enemies”
          There is a saying among soldiers;
          I dare not make the first move
          but would rather play the guest;
          I dare not advance an inch
          but would rather withdraw a foot.
          This is called going forward without advancing,
          pushing back without using weapons .
          When two opponents meet ,
          the one without an enemy
          will surely triumph.
          When armies are evenly matched,
          the one with compassion is always the winner.
          You have not heard of a wise man named Gandhi who conquered the British army with nothing but a loin cloth.
          “As a man thinketh so it shall be.”
          ”Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth.
          Blessed are the merciful .
          Blessed are the peacemakers.
          Blessed are you when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you.”
          Martin Luther King transformed a country without guns or violence .
          “Whatever strains with force will soon decay.”
          “The softest of all things overrides the hardest.” Like water wearing away stone. Peace to you in all things.

    • Go Billy! And GO TRUMP 2016.

    • We allowed them in by stupid voting as well as voter fraud, and also for believing their BS, so I agree we must remove ALL of them as traitors to America and our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Could put them on a BIG ship and set them off to the ocean and see how they fare. You can bet they would be killing each other pronto because they even hate themselves as well as America and OUR way of life!

  9. The only good Democommie is a dead Democommie..If they want ’em, they should come personally and get ’em… bullets first, of course.

  10. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    The reason they want our guns is they want complete control over us.

    • I think you are correct about that! But, all the gun-control advocates have accomplished is a rise in gun sales and acquisition of guns in general! There are already too many guns (many unregistered and many made in workshops) to ever disarm citizens. Not to mention the millions of illegal aliens. Since criminals will always be able to acquire firearms, they will only accomplish restricting the law-abiding citizen’s ability to protect their family from the criminals.

      • mary, mary quite con-trary…

        • The General was speaking of war materials not private gun ownership. Pleas don’t try to muddy the waters with quotes that are not germane to the subject in the thread.

          • Yes, I know, but it fits any gun conversation . You have enlightened at least 5 goobers , you’re a good teacher.

        • Typical of low intelligence Demwits! Taking quotes out of context. Crawl back in your box and if we want your opinion we’ll give it to you!

          • Your mouth as a profile picture, how appropriate . A gun is a gun, there’s nothing out of context, it applies. I read your posts, you are just agreeing with sphincter boy, you didn’t have a clue. There’s nothing low intelligence here boop, I’m intelligent enough to evoke a desired response. Thanks for playing !

          • You sure have a high opinion of yourself. You’re the only one.

          • LOL, You obviously got all butt hurt. It doesn’t apply and you know it. You just got you azz handed to you. Again, if we want your opinion we’ll give it to you!

          • Playing again ? No hurt here, sorry, water off a ducks back. I knew you couldn’t control yourself, one more go at ‘nuh-uh’ and a deplorable double down.

          • You should go back to school and learn how to comprehend so you can respond to the subject matter like an adult and not some 8 year old. Your profile picture proves your immaturity. Find a subject matter you know something about like marbles!

          • Just can’t help yourself can ya boop? I see that your mouth pic is still in buddy mode. I have an ASA in Culinary, 2 B.A. and an M.A. ; I’m pretty sure that I can keep up with you honey . Like I said, I read your William S. Gray like critiques. My profile pic is Putintrump getting some training in national security , the presidency is a perfect place for an internship in running the largest government in the world . I have to go boop, I’m calling a radio host with no prior electrical experience to come rewire my house . Peace, love n’ hippie beads!

          • I wouldn’t believe you if your tongue came notarized! No educated man would write some of the things you’ve written. Looks like you can’t help yourself from responding also. Okay, I’ll let you have the last word you little baby. Go on, I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO HAVE THE LAST WORD like I would any child. Culinary, LOL The other degrees if I believed you (which I don’t) must be in music and art. Let’s hear it little baby. Waaa, waaa.

          • You are delusional you need to get a grip on reality there you strange little fella

          • He who espouse his intelligence is usually an idiot.

          • Not in my case, don’t project your personal situation onto me.

          • Thank you for proving my statement.

        • Ignorance! A gun protects those valuables one has worked all of his life for! His FAMILY!

          • You choose fear, I do not. We create our own reality, we draw to us what we fear. If a man has control of mind he has no need for a weapon. Your family IS safe.

          • Your reality is false. Why don’t you try living in the real world for a while?

          • Sorry Dr. 1956, no two beings share the same reality . You want me to join your illusion of fear and live in your manipulated reality? Thanks, but no thanks.

          • Like I said, liberals live in their acid induced fantasy world. Try the real world where everyone else lives for a while. It might open your eyes to reality. I really doubt it, but it just might.

          • wow you live in la la land why don’t you tell that to the hundreds shot in Detroit or Chicago every month you dimwit

        • You are not real smart are you

      • Well, Obama continues to get the merit badge for being the best gun salesman ever!

  11. The democratic imbeciles continue to trample on America’s 2nd Amendment. They could care less about the American People. They want total control of the People.

  12. I will give up guns when all democrats give up theirs!!!!

    • The criminals, who are lawless, will STILL have firearms! So, I won’t give my weapons up–period!

      • I’ll give mine up when they pry them from my cold dead hands

        • I agree… and we’re probably the majority. And, they can stop blaming NRA. But, I am glad for the NRA,GOA, etc. as without them, our Gov’t would’ve taken our firearms a long time ago, as they don’t REALLY seem to respect the rights of THE INDIVIDUAL.

  13. I think the ones selling gun out of the trunk of thier cars should have to run background checks on the people they sell guns to. When they break in to your home, they should go to the nearest police station an have it registered. Criminals like the democrats are LYING bunch of commies. When they get our guns that’s when we lose our freedom. Go Trump!

  14. What must be done is to “remind” the Dem’s that we, the People, know that if we allow our guns to be taken we will lose all of our freedoms! And then remind them that “they” are the ones who hate guns and don’t own many of them. And, if we are forced to confront this issue we will be very busy defending our rights and freedoms, not those who supported the taking of our rights and freedoms! Just saying……………………

    • I think the government leaders whose end goal is to take firearms from decent citizens could at least set an example by not allowing their bodyguards to carry!

      • Goes without saying…

      • Ms. Mary, Gun Control has nothing to do with guns. It is all and only about People Control, them ruling over us, the peoples! It is probably that only about 5% of the people have ever had any incident that included the use of a gun, and yet, many of them own and shot guns for their own pleasure, the military excluded. Gun’s don’t need to be “controlled”, they see the problem as being the “unwashed people” who have the gall to think that they are smart enough to decide for themselves. And, you will find that these “elites” think that only they need to be protected, the people must just understand that they have no need to be able to defend themselves, afterall, “They have the government to protect them”!

  15. What are we going to have to do to convince the liberal dem bloodsuckers, to leave our weapons alone?
    i think most of us already know, just hate to get started.

    • Yes, I do hate for that to start for it would be terrible.
      In this election cycle, I have noticed that more and more comments posted causes me to think there are many who are realizing it may have to happen.

      • Let em pass a no fly, no buy law, and all our names will magically appear on it overnight.

      • ,
        Dec of 2014, there was poll that showed, 11.4% of the people thought that their state should secede from the union.
        Dec 2015, same poll showed, that 23.9% of the people thought that their state should secede from the union
        The poll will be taken again in De of this year.
        Unfortunately this sense of superiority that has attached itself to the liberal dem bloodsuckers leads them to believe that they are all 10 ft tall and bulletproof.
        I sincerely hope that it doesn’t come to that place.
        I am a former marine who, has been there and done that, it wasn’t any fun then either.

        • I thank God for you, a soldier, and am glad you are still with us. Many aren’t.
          I have informed my TX family that if they secede from the Union, I am moving there! lol
          Folk are realizing that the states have given up too many rights to the Federal government.
          But, what comes next, I don’t know! We will wait and be ready to defend ourselves. If the Hill is elected, hell might break loose. If the Donald is elected, it could be the same.
          I just really, really hope that DT is sincere, and that he is elected.

          • We will have to find out.
            One thing is certain, we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.

          • I totally agree. We just cannot, CANNOT leave this nation as it is and is going to our children and grand/great children. They will truly not have a future! Someday, the knowledgeable ones will hate us!

      • Many have talked about Obama’s entire agenda of increasing hate/anger/division and hostilities between races, religions, legals and illegals in the hope that his destruction will result in war and declaring Martial law – where many things, like elections, are postponed. I’ve never seen a leader in the U.S. so concerned and affective in creating division. We must not allow him to do this, and use our laws, our freedoms/rights and especially, the vote 2016 – Trump/Pence 2016. We cannot handle a 3rd year of Obama, with Killary.

    • Gun addiction and false fear detox clinics?

      • We have been here before with scumbags like you, we got through that alright, if necessary, we will do it again.
        Quit ahead liberal dem bloodsucker, you are headed for a place where talking doesn’t work

      • You really are clueless tell the people of Detroit and Chicago they live with false fear they will bash your head in with a shovel and you will deserve it you limp wristed jellyfish like coward

    • The ONLY thing that really saves these stupid libs/dems = the majority of law abiding gun owners would never use their weapon to kill anyone, and would hope to never use to defend themselves. So, it’s unfair to have them lose their lives, DUE TO THEIR STUPIDITY.

  16. I think the time and money wasted on ” gun control legislation” by the mostly democratic government leadership would be better directed to research for discovering an antidote for the VIRUS that infects people which causes people to become Liberal and/or Progressive. This virus seems to cause perfectly normal-seeming people to engage in idiotic behaviors!

    • Like this ?

      • Why don’t you show us a picture of the rapist killer Muslims, beheading people, cretin?
        Unless of course you wat to walk up and hang flowers on their machetes.
        You garbage talk a good game, and you can never be found when it gets to be nitty gritty time.

      • How did you ever get to be so weak and spineless who told you we live in a fantasy world where it is OK to ignore reality, was it your worthless socialist snowflake teachers. Was it your parents that were brainwashed by liberal liars or is it just that you are not strong enough to handle life so you just keep your head in the sand and hope every thing will be OK or someone else will fix it. That is a typical liberal way of thinking “let someone else do it I am not smart enough or strong enough” thankfully there are so few of you around that you are meaningless and insignificant. This country would not be where it is today if weak willed cowards like you existed back in the early days of it’s founding . Someone like you would be relegated to staying around the homestead with the children and women folk tending to the sheep and the crops because you would be considered too weak to do anything else. People the likes of you just disgust me and should be removed from the country.


    • If one wants to affect “criminal activity” as it’s not the law abiding citizen, who legally purchases a gun; that is doing the majority of killing – which is actually in places like Chicago, and it’s drugs/gangs activity; the laws need to be passed and enforced on criminals. Maximum sentencing for criminal use of a gun. It’s the libs/dems who are soft on crime. And, as we’ve discussed throughout the entire rule of Obama – not a single suggestion for “gun control” would’ve prevented ANY of the latest shootings in the news.

      The majority of citizens are not that stupid. Lib/dem followers are, apparently.

  18. I wouldn’t mind a no fly, no buy rule, if, it wasn’t for the fact that you c a n be put on the list on a whim, with no legal proceedings, then it’s virtually impossible to get off of it. But the dems think that anyone in government should be able to say “hey, put this person on the list”. Then, they could just put us all on there.

  19. I will give up my guns when democrats give me an iron clad gaurantee, that there is no one on the planet that can do harm to me or my family.

  20. Why?? And doesn’t one fact stand alone?? Pelosi can’t convince anyone that her: “We’re not going to stop until we enact gun violence prevention laws.” is necessary and a real problem they need to address = WITHOUT BEING DISHONEST ABOUT THE FACTS?? How can anyone agree with her position, when her numbers are wrong, and taking away a citizen’s 2nd amend. rights if they are one the no-fly or terrorist list, WITHOUT DUE PROCESS is simply unconstitutional??? She is definitely an indicator of the ignorance and apathy of voters who keep electing her into office – where she doesn’t belong.

  21. You’d think the Dems. would notice the American People DO NOT agree with their anti-gun stance. For more than a year the number of ‘back-ground’ checks for gun purchases has set new records each month. Four states have enacted ‘Constitutional Carry’ (no permit required) gun legislation this year, the latest here in Missouri. We The People understand that the 2nd A. is the last stand for us to resist a Tyrannical Government. That is precisely why they refuse to give up their efforts to disarm us, The People.

    • According to lib/dem. trolls and politicians, who don’t honor facts (like Pelosi), the majority favor more gun control, like universal background checks, and not wanting crazies to have guns (duh). But, they don’t understand what they’re favoring, and the politicians are LYING.

  22. If the second amendment is the first to fall, the first amendment will be second.

  23. Example of good gun control: CHICAGO!!!

  24. As memory serves, there are some Republican “congress critters” whose positions on gun rights/firearms possession and such matters strike one as strangely “flexible”, in that seem to bend to or with the moments passing breezes.

  25. bring on more guns and less laws.many gun laws should be banned,because they were passed by a group of dummies that dont know anything about guns.

  26. Well, you have to give the DNC communists/socialist merit points for being consistent in their lack of brains and understanding the Constitution and Amendments, altho they are trying to ignore those items. Get real. You won’t get our guns except when we are facing you with them. Get the picture? Dumb as you are I would think you could understand that much.

  27. You idiot democrats. You just can’t seem to understand the criminals will not follow the law. The only people being harmed by these laws are law abiding citizens. God you people are stupid.

  28. Those that who want to take away our 2nd. amendment, OUR GUNS are NAZI’S, COMMUNIST & SOCIALIST!
    They want to re-distribute the wealth.
    These are the people that want to rule the world.
    Now they have new HITLERS that are banding together.


  30. Conundurms – Think about it

    Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.

    “A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”

    The definition of the word Conundrum is: something that is puzzling or confusing.

    Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United States of America:

    1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.

    2. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.

    3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.

    4. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.

    5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.

    6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

    Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century.

    Makes you wonder who is doing the math.

    These three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current political environment.

    1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

    Funny how that works. And here’s another one worth considering…

    2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. But we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their money, but the second didn’t.

    Think about it…..and Last but not least,

    3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens.

    Am I the only one missing something?

  31. while the democrats pick foght over legislation, the republicans in congress pick their nose and or arses and roll over

  32. Stupid fools, do they ever look at or talk about gun violence in the Black community with Black on Black
    crime and murder? Nope not part of their bucket of crap they keep spewing forth. the cities with the
    toughest gun laws in the nation still have a major problem ever day with gun violence and no one
    mentions it or the fact that the guns used for the most part are illegal weapons that have been “acquire”
    from other than legal fire arm dealers. If they would just enforce the laws on the books already and stop mollycoddling the criminals they could stop a lot of this crap easily.

  33. The demonratz can kiss this American’s Royal red ass! We have a God given right to (a) defend ourselves against a tyrannical government like that which we have today. (b) to defend our family, our home & possessions from evil doers & the Constitution via the 2nd Amendment Guarantees us that right!! It has been so since 15 December 1789 when the Bill of Rights was ratified & there isn’t ANY liberal demonrat who will EVER deny us that RIGHT!!! MOLON LABE!!!

  34. No one really gives a shit what the communist/Democrats want to do about guns we all know what they are now as the rat has its head out of the hole. I think we’re going to go give up all done so they can slaughter a bunch of us and Christians with their Muslim brothers or Dragon in here burning the taxpayers with more debt. When the civil servants refuse to obey the law there is no law only survival of the fittest . God bless America

  35. Please, nancy piglowsy go away! Take the rest of the demaslob baboons with you… Hay! Sh!t for brains, any laws that you want to pass will make no difference to CRIMINALS, by definition a criminal doesn’t care about LAWS. We the American Citizens i.e. Non Criminals are the only people that you will affect by your stupid laws. Thus insuring that we will be VICTIMS and helpless against your newly created CRIMINAL MONSTERS with GUNS.

  36. Everyone who wants gun control in the senate and congress, should be impeached! They took a oath to up hold the constitution!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pelosi is running that dicklicker she calls a mouth, wish the old bitch would expire already !

  38. Let’s see…

    Countries with tighter gun laws have less homicide, less suicide and less crime with firearms. The same is not true for cities and states that are surrounded by uncontrolled zones. That is not a logical argument for less control. Rather, it argues for more.

    Sure, criminals can easily steal firearms from the frightened throng who falsely believe that they need them for protection and that they actually provide that protection. In my city, people are ticketed for leaving their unlocked cars running. Stealing cars is criminal but one should not invite it through carelessness. The same is true for owners of firearms. If your weapon is not locked up and it is stolen and it is used in a crime then you have made yourself a willing accomplice.

    Such availability of unlocked firearms argues that there is too much ginned-up fear and too many firearms among those who don’t understand what they can do.

    • One problem your so called facts are lies the violent crime rate in England has skyrocketed by 40%FACT!! .Gun deaths in Australia are on the rise and violent crime is also going up it is just as easy to get a gun on the street as it was before they confiscated them leaving their citizens sitting ducks FACT!!. Next time you decide to open your mouth maybe do a little research instead of spreading the liberal lies that the main stream media spews. Clearly you are uneducated on the subject and doing nothing but puppeting what you are told to.

      • If crime is rising everywhere, does that prove that more or fewer guns are needed?

        Back in the 1980’s when hunting was more popular, perhaps half of citizens were gun owners and they did not in general justify them as protection. Since then, the percentage is down to perhaps 20% and that is the primary justification.

        Crime is actually dropping in the U.S. with recent spikes in Chicago and Detroit. Does that require firearms for self-protection in every other city? I think not, only the fables published in National Rifleman. When ownership decreased from 50% to 20%, were those in the 30% murdered? No, and they had far fewer suicides and no children accidentally killing each other.

        I have been around long enough to remember smokers gassing everyone else and demanding their “rights”. As the percentage of ownership continues to decrease, gun owners will be viewed like smokers.

        • You see the problem here your so called facts are simply lies your numbers are WRONG they are made, up you spew misinformation because you are afraid of a piece of steel and wood. You left wing liars make me sick ,do some damn research and get some real facts or shut your damn mouth you coward. The real facts are 10 times more people are saved EVERY year by citizens with guns than are hurt by criminals with guns. Even police officers are saved by the dozens every year so your lies and garbage are meaningless. As is typical for the uneducated mentally ill liberal you have no idea what you are talking about, you make things up, you get info from phony webpages that you never vet then you sit there and claim you know what the hell is going on when you do not. I have done extensive research and I am telling you that you are simply full of shi7 and wrong about everything. Maybe try to form a thought of your own instead of being a dumborat parrot, I doubt that will happen though since you people are not capable of making your won decisions you need the government to do that for you, you are weak and a plague on this country.

          • My numbers come from the latest Pugh survey which came out this week.

            While I could accuse you of intentional falsehood because you do not have the integrity to use your entire real name, I don’t think that you know enough to tell whether you are typing truth or falsehood.

            Why not get some real information and do a rational discussion rather than wasting space on insults?

  39. Go away Piglosi……… every American a favor and just DIE

  40. ““We’re not going away,” Pelosi said. “We’re not going to stop until we enact gun violence prevention laws.”…..Are you frikken kidding me????? Your puke laws in Shitcago haven’t stopped anything except the lawful from buying a self protection device. Climb back in your casket, Halloween isn’t here yet!

  41. Most Common Sense, backed up with facts, video on gun control and gun issues to the constitution that is.

  42. As long as Americans have guns they will always have their freedom. It is not law abiding citizens with guns that commit the crimes it is the criminals. Common sense is to cherish the 2nd amendment because without it you would be stripped of every right you now possess.

  43. Is Pelosi talking about all the gun murders in Chicago, where they have some of the toughest gun laws in the country? Interesting how in places where more people own legal guns, the crime rate is actually lower. I live in Georgia where a woman today shot and killed an intruder to her home who could have raped or killed her, but instead she protected herself. That’s what a legal gun owner looks like.

  44. The Left will always have their panties in a wad because they are nothing but a bunch of frightened little girls afraid of their shadows. They aren’t visionaries, but pessimists, so they will never see the value of a gun to protect your loved ones. They are naturallY afraid of guns BECAUSE GUNS CAN SHOOT THEMSELVES WITHOUT THE HELP OF A HUMAN HAND. This is the fear of the left. What a bunch of duncea!

    HOWEVER, IT GOES MUCH DEEPER THAN THAT. Libs know that if Americans are armed (even for hunting purposes), they cannot force their sick twisted realities of homosexuality, transgender or God knows what they want to force down sane Americans throats because PISSED OFF AMERICANS WILL FIGHT BACK…AND MOST ARE A DECENT SHOT! It would be a slaughter because Libs are afraid of guns BECAUSE GUNS SHOOT THEMSELVES WITHOUT A HUMAN HAND!

    So the argument about weapons is really abt having an American public armed, locked and loaded that can change our govt, removing the “deadhead gene impacted” libs from existence forever. What a “Sweet Future” that would be!

    And don’t forget: According to libs: “Guns shoot all by themselves without a human hand” so they must remove them so no one can get hurt. TOO LATE! Libs have lost the ability to process facts and it all happened with millions of guns owned and used by Americans. Hmmmmm. Guns must not be the problem, Liberals are!

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  46. Obama, born in America. Putintrump supporters, born yesterday.

  47. Democrats should lead by example. Take their guns away and their bodyguards with guns. Their such nice people no one would want to come after them…RIGHT? These unhinged elitist only want full control of you. The laws they want are not for them because they are special and you are deplorable…

  48. Heil Hitler! These Godless, Satan worshipping, power mad ghouls must disarm “US” to complete their DREAM, our NIGHTMARE, of total control of the dumb-(m)asses! I’m not going to accept that – REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, if you can’t comprehend this then you are a fool, soon to be an enslaved fool at that! mInr, NSA!

  49. Don’t worry Pelosi…, we’re not going anywhere either. If there ever was a perfect example of “deplorable”…, Pelosi epitomizes that word……

  50. ————>

  51. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again,”NO WAY IN HELL, ARE THEY GONNA TAKE MY GUNS! All they want is to control! I use my guns for all lawful purposes! And if I had to, for self defense!

  52. In light of the stabbings in St. Cloud, MN, I think we need to ban knives. In light of the police officers being run down by a nutbag driving a car in Phoenix, I think we need to ban automobiles.

  53. These Shootings are Staged by the NWO And the Dems. Used to be 1-2 mass Shooting Events, every 5 yrs. or so! NOW, It’s one a week! Highly Suspicious! They can’t control an armed citizenry!

  54. Why don’t we do this, raid all the gang hangouts, frisk those with gang related tattoos walking down the street, PROBABLE CAUSE, get the mental cases long term treatment and last but not least TAKE AWAY CARRY PERMITS FOR BODY GUARDS AND SECURITY FOR RICH, FAMOUS, AND POLITICIANS. Let them know how it feels to be vulnerble.

  55. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an irrefutable civil right, not to be infringed. The gun control people(?) blatantly contradict themselves when they say the right to vote would be infringed by requiring photo ID to inhibit fraud but, that standard does not apply to the right to be armed?

  56. We were caught off guard when the JAPANESE ATTACKED WITHOUT WARNING–never again——-The Admiral (could have been a Japanese General) said that Japan would never invade America {it would need to be from within}– as THE WOULD BE A GUN BEHIND EVERY BUSH.

  57. Pelosi should step down the bitch does not even know where she is most of the time ,the humane thing to do would be for her family to take her to the vet and have her humanely euthanized because it is the right thing to do.

  58. Am I wrong or do the places with the strongest “gun laws” have the highest murder rates and the most other felony crimes.

    WTF, over, Chicago is more dangerous then Benghazi and that’s not a joke. It’s a fact.

    Damn good thing the off duty man at the mall was carrying. Things would have been a lot worse if he hadn’t put the A-Rab to sleep,,,,,But it would have been against the law for him to be armed in many jurisdictions.

    We are beating a dead horse here though. The ComieCrat party has no use for facts and logic. The only thing that is going to make a differance is when we get rid of the pack or them Boxing Bell, Blow-see, and Scarry Harry included.

  59. Nancy do us all a favor, pick up the gun, look down the barrel and pull the trigger, to find out what’s in it.

  60. Bring it on, DEMS. Start a war that you will not survive. I’m really looking forward to it.

  61. Not me- I’m not going to put my name and address in a “has guns”
    federal database. But in obama’s transformed America I’m carrying
    protection. I got these- search google and
    “conversion cylinder for NAA cap and ball”

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