Democrats Paid How Much To House Illegals?

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – This week, officials from the city of Denver told Fox News that the surge of migrants in the city was costing close to $25 million. Many liberal cities have expressed that they are facing problems as a result of the influx of migrants arriving in the city.

In an email, the city disclosed that the cost of sheltering migrants was close to $24.8 million. In August, an Axios report noted that Denver had spent more than $23 million in trying to address the crisis. However, the city had previously stated that the situation was stable and city officials were trying to work on a plan that would solidify the provision of services.

In April, Fox had reported that the city was expecting that over the next six months, they would need to spend $20 million on sheltering migrants, with the cost per migrant per week being around $1,000. Late last year, following a surge in migration in December, the city declared a state of emergency.

In order to deal with the migration crisis, the city has restricted the number of days that migrants are able to stay in shelters, with migrants only being given 30 days before they have to find other accommodations.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has similarly expressed concerns about the surge in migrants in his own city, noting that sheltering them would cost up to $12 billion by 2025. He has further claimed that the increase in migrants was going to “destroy” the city and has urged the federal government to assist.

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