Democrats Now Want to Ban Body Armor

In his pursuit of the “modern progressive agenda,” California Representative Mike Honda has introduced a piece of legislation that would make it illegal for American citizens to own certain kinds of body armor. The bill – H.R. 378 – would ban the ownership of Type III body armor and enforce that ban with a prison sentence of up to 10 years. That’s a decade behind bars for… a piece of clothing.

Honda is joined by Alcee Hastings of Florida, Robin Kelly of Illinois, and Danny Savis of Illinois in sponsoring the bill, which is unlikely to get a warm reception from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The rationale for the body armor – heavy duty stuff meant to stop rifle shots – is that it would “allow law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively.” Right. Now all of a sudden Democrats are pro-police.

There are plenty of laws that could be enacted that would make it easier for police to do their jobs. If we outlawed personal vehicles, police would never have to engage in a high speed chase. If we made it illegal to lock your doors at night, police wouldn’t have to worry about busting down the door in search of criminals. But we don’t live in the United States of PoliceLand. If American freedom exposes police to danger, well, that’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it?

Another Foolish Fight

Of course, the proposed ban on body armor is just as foolish as the fight against guns. If you’re committing the kind of crime that is going to put you in a position to be shot by the police, then you’re probably not going to worry about whether or not your body armor is legal. This bill is the worst kind of political pandering, meant to appeal to mouth-breathers who think banning a thing makes it disappear forever.

Democrats think it’s their duty to make sure Americans are stripped of their rights to self-defense. Why is that? Could it be because they want people to rely only on government-sponsored protection? Why of course that’s why. That’s the singular aim behind nearly every liberal proposition that comes down the pike.

A defenseless, weak populace is one that can be easily shepherded. For an ideology that has abandoned the ideals of freedom in favor of a top-down “do what we say” philosophy, citizens with guns, armor, and information are a scary bunch. Take away those defenses, censor the information, and teach the populace that freedom leads to bigotry. Then you can seize the kind of power you really want. Right now, there are too many Americans who believe the people should have the power for liberals to achieve their fantasy. In another twenty, thirty years? Who can say…


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  1. ban all you want ass holes, when the time comes lets see who remains standing

  2. Why do the Socialists (former democrats now corrupted) want to ban body armor for AMERICANS? So their alphabet agencies can kill us more easily?

    • UN AGAENDA 21, That is why, they want to reduce the total population by over 95% and keep the numbers there with a very select FEW! that are going to have anything to say, and the rest who have been made into nothing short of a SLAVE FORCE! with no more than 2% having any power, and the TOTAL power to decide who is allowed to live, Once you have reached the end of any USE!, they will make sure that you have an accident, and with ALL babies being conceived in a LAB then implanted into ‘Surrogates’ there will be NO ONE to worry that you are no longer around!.
      So keep that in mind every day, and if you are introduced to anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable, They need to be watched, and ‘WARN’ every one that you want to live safe that they need to do the same!.
      LOCK & LOAD!!!

  3. What is the harm in having any type of body armor for law abiding citizens or someone who wants to protect him or herself when the SHTF? If it saves a life it is a good item to have. Will it really protect the police from the people that already have an illegal gun, they will also have illegal body armor. Even a Democratic, Liberal fool would know that, then again they are so ignorant of facts that they probably don’t know. It is just another senseless law that takes more freedom away from the law abiding citizen.

    • Never confuse a whiny Socialist Democrat with fact, figure or just plain
      common sense, it make their heads expose when the have not come
      back except you’re a Racist.

  4. Its not bad enough there are no jobs. Its not bad enough that Illegals are given our benefits our jobs, our rights, Its not bad enough that the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives,Communists, Terrorists, want to take away our rights of Free Speech, Its not bad enough that the Obama Administration is trying to break this country and give our money to the ones who don’t deserve it. Its not bad enough that the elitists want a One World Governance, and combine the United States, Mexico, Canada into a EURO type of cabal. Its not bad enough that we have 50 Million people on food stamps, millions without work, millions on food stamps, millions of unemployed. But what really Gauls me is the Democrats in office want to take away our right to defend ourselves from the oppressive government and the elitists. They even want to change our PASSPORTS to EURO types. Wake Up America, they are doing this while we sleep.

  5. No time for real stuff, too bust with this shit.

  6. One can not fix stupid

  7. WELL: If the DEMOCRATS have their way they will try to ban freedom and the right for the common citizen to wear clothing as they may conceal something that may be a danger and a threat to DEMOCRATS.!!

  8. Typical stupid progressive puke . Eat s#it punk !!

  9. Ve vant to cuntrol u. Unnerstan?

  10. Ken Dometriosis .

    In a nutshell, it’s commie POSs like Honda and his 2 zionist cronies who are out to completely neuter the Americans and take away ALL personal protection so we only have the piglice to “protect” us. to contact him and use zip code for San Jose, CA 95112 We need to bombard his office with complaints.

    • I agree that making Him and all the rest aware of what we will not tolerate, BUT we need to be willing to spend a few $’s and use the U.S.P.S. Certified Mail/Return Receipt, (Green Card) they have to SIGN to accept the mail that you can hold on to prove they got it, then hit them with as many E-mails you want, they will be BACK-UP to that you put on Paper they can shred, but they know you can prove they HAD it, so they are more prone to get careless and say things that will blow up in their face for the world to see!.
      I hope that the greater majority of you will print out a letter on paper, sign it, then spend 3-4 $’s to make sure that those we want to STOP!, will get the message, and then do what we want them to do, STOP!
      LOCK & LOAD!!!

  11. For some reason, I can’t imagine myself ever NEEDING to wear body armor. I’m not a police officer, a S.W.A.T. team member, a CIA agent and I’m not in the Armed Forces… The only reason that I can imagine the need for body armor is if I were to intentionally and knowingly put myself in a place where I stand a strong possibility of getting shot at… which I would never do. Otherwise, why wouldn’t EVERYONE be wearing body armor at all times?

    • It is NOT so much that You will not put your self in that situation, but what if a ‘RED DAWN’ does in fact happen, Those that will be the Bad Guys will have Body Armor and that will put those like you in a danger that I question if you have the thoughts needed to see what is right in front of your face?.
      I will not be there to pull you out of the fire, so YOU need to think about it, and figure out what you need to do it for your self!.
      NUFF SAID!!!

      • Did you read my last sentence?? “Otherwise, why wouldn’t EVERYONE be wearing body armor at all times?” Tell me truthfully, do YOU wear body armor all the time?? Be honest, not self righteous… NUFF SAID!!!

  12. Wow what nitwits if this passes. California democrats are subversive.

  13. Typical Liberal Neurosis….yea stop sales of body armour to citizen, lest they commit an armed robbery and the police can’t stop them…..Thats that ticket!….How about banning bulldozers, welders and scrap steel. Remember a few years back when a pissed off businessman in a community made a tank from a bulldozer a CAT D9. Then in one surprise attack crushed the businesses and homes of those who pissed him off…..Now I say they should ban bulldozers, welders and scrap steel……Anybody out there can think of another type of incident that we can ban the associated materials?…I think Liberal progressive Marxists think of this in a game they play when traveling in the car with their other neurotic liberal “friends” as way to pass the time smoking their dope, then thru their inebriated state start drinking their own bathwater ( believing in what they invent) and then present their stupid idea to another neurotic liberal who is their congressman or represenative…….LMAO!!!!!!

  14. Makes one wonder how stupid can they get. These people have NO BRAINS!

  15. I knew this was the next step when we took the Senate and more seats in the House, thereby putting an end to them taking away the 2nd Amendment, Now they want to make us all a bunch of easy targets so the results are much the same as if they had taken the Firearms from us. So I have to tell all that will listen, that until we have reduced the number of the ‘DEMMOCOMMIES’ and start tossing them in Prison for each and every crime they are found GUILTY of for the Maximum time allowed, we are still at RISK! and need to keep our eyes open for any and ALL things that they might think they can get away with, or at the very least TRY!.
    As many on here that are familiar with my posts, I tell anyone that will give a moments time.
    LOCK & LOAD!!!

  16. Perhaps VILE LIBERAL SCUM should focus on thier Body Oder.

    It is abundantly CLEAR who the ENEMY really IS. It is not the Tea Party!

  17. Don’t allow government Democratic to own body amour. All others buy all you want!!!!!

  18. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! Every day I am proved right! mInr, NSA!

  19. People. Don t freak out over what the politicians want. All you have to do is research/ remember our history. When tyrants wanted to rule over us and trample our GOD given rights. Our ancestors KICKED THEIR ASSES all the way back to England. History always repeats itself. Our freedoms require sacrifice. Prepare yourselves to make that same sacrifice our ancestors made if it becomes necessary. We won t be alone. We will be millions. Get ready

  20. I have decided that in order to be a democrat it is a requirement that you be as stupid as a bag of flour. There is no other reason I can come up with for these insane ideas they have. I also think you are required to be easy to manipulate and willing to do what you are told. The country needs to be rid of these sheep they are nothing but bad news.

  21. WHAT an UTTER load of CRAP article!
    What WILL the dumb ass republican whiners be peeing their pampers about next, I wonder….
    STAY TUNED, folks!

    • Don’t you just love democrats who make coherent arguments?
      …oh, wait.

      • Isn’t it ironic that republicans can only spout their OWN generated bullshit? Porty, you don’t HAVE an argument. ALL you have is bullshit. Therefore, not worth the time of day.
        Get Lost!

        • Ma’am,
          You did not pose an argument; you simply posted a (rather irrational) response to an article. I’m a bit concerned for your sanity if you believe that a barrage of name-calling and Internet acronyms constitute a valid argument.

          • Give the whining a rest, Porty. The republicans are digging their own political graves with a steam shovel! You have nothing.. you add nothing… The comment you made is off the wall and ridiculous. Check yourself, mate. You republican clowns should be used to hanging yourselves with your own stupidity by now. It’s only been 30 ( or more ) years, you know….

  22. Its obvious that the reasons for wanting such a ban is sinister. What people seem to miss, is all the arguing between democrats and republicans is a diversion. It makes it seem like opposition. But the reality is they, the government, are all for the same cause. They have the same goals and it’s not fighting for the American citizen. It doesn’t matter if the majority is a democrat or a republican. We’ll get the same results. Why do you think they constantly blame the other party for their inability to get ANYTHING done? That’s what they do, then make excuses. Just like a teenager, blame everyone else but themselves. No accountability, nothing accomplished, WTF are they getting paid for? These people deserve their checks as much as welfare recipients.

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