Democrats Now Want to Ban Body Armor

In his pursuit of the “modern progressive agenda,” California Representative Mike Honda has introduced a piece of legislation that would make it illegal for American citizens to own certain kinds of body armor. The bill – H.R. 378 – would ban the ownership of Type III body armor and enforce that ban with a prison sentence of up to 10 years. That’s a decade behind bars for… a piece of clothing.

Honda is joined by Alcee Hastings of Florida, Robin Kelly of Illinois, and Danny Savis of Illinois in sponsoring the bill, which is unlikely to get a warm reception from the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. The rationale for the body armor – heavy duty stuff meant to stop rifle shots – is that it would “allow law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively.” Right. Now all of a sudden Democrats are pro-police.

There are plenty of laws that could be enacted that would make it easier for police to do their jobs. If we outlawed personal vehicles, police would never have to engage in a high speed chase. If we made it illegal to lock your doors at night, police wouldn’t have to worry about busting down the door in search of criminals. But we don’t live in the United States of PoliceLand. If American freedom exposes police to danger, well, that’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it?

Another Foolish Fight

Of course, the proposed ban on body armor is just as foolish as the fight against guns. If you’re committing the kind of crime that is going to put you in a position to be shot by the police, then you’re probably not going to worry about whether or not your body armor is legal. This bill is the worst kind of political pandering, meant to appeal to mouth-breathers who think banning a thing makes it disappear forever.

Democrats think it’s their duty to make sure Americans are stripped of their rights to self-defense. Why is that? Could it be because they want people to rely only on government-sponsored protection? Why of course that’s why. That’s the singular aim behind nearly every liberal proposition that comes down the pike.

A defenseless, weak populace is one that can be easily shepherded. For an ideology that has abandoned the ideals of freedom in favor of a top-down “do what we say” philosophy, citizens with guns, armor, and information are a scary bunch. Take away those defenses, censor the information, and teach the populace that freedom leads to bigotry. Then you can seize the kind of power you really want. Right now, there are too many Americans who believe the people should have the power for liberals to achieve their fantasy. In another twenty, thirty years? Who can say…


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