Democrats: No Room for Pro-Lifers in Our Party

A new poll from ABC News/Washington Post reveals that two-thirds of Americans believe that the Democratic Party is out of touch with mainstream voters. And if the party was inclined to do something about that perception, they might begin by opening their doors to candidates and supporters who don’t necessarily buy into the full left-wing agenda.

Unfortunately (if you happen to be invested in the future of the party, that is), they seem to be moving in the opposite direction. Instead of widening their base beyond college kids, minorities, and coastal elites, the party is enforcing their ideology with ever more rigid rules. If you want to be a Democrat, they are saying, you MUST believe…

Well, to start with: You must believe in abortion.

In his campaign to become the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez emphasized the need for the party to reach beyond its own insular boundaries. To go into deep-red districts and let working whites know that Democrats have an interest in their political concerns – something the Clinton campaign totally failed to do.

But after the DNC lent a helping hand to Omaha mayoral candidate Heath Mello last week, the story changed a bit. Because Mello has a history of voting for pro-life legislation, activists were outraged to see the DNC – and even Bernie Sanders! – support him in his bid for office.

Rushing to avoid the heat, Perez issued a statement insisting there was no room in the party for pro-life Democrats.

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” he said. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”

Apparently sensing that this could quickly turn into an extremely poor political moment for Democrats, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi hardly wanted to address the issue on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. Asked about Perez’s comments, she said, “Why don’t you interview Tom Perez? You’re interviewing me.”

Pushed by Chuck Todd to say whether or not there was a place in the party for pro-lifers, Pelosi said, “Of course. I have served many years in Congress with members who have not shared my very positive, my family would say, aggressive position on promoting a woman’s right to choose.”

Most Americans already view the Democratic Party as the pro-abortion side of the aisle, but their leaders aren’t doing themselves any favors by turning it into a litmus test. There are plenty of big-government liberals who still think that abortion amounts to infanticide. If Democrats really want to mount a comeback in 2018, they would be wise to expand the tent.

But hey, if they would rather follow the extreme left even further down the rabbit hole, we’ll take our easy victories without any complaint.

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  1. So they are finally admitting they are anti-life! The party of death – pro abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-big government, anti-Constitution, anti-rights, anti-personal property, anti-economy, anti-family, anti-capitalism, anti-God, anti-middle class, … .

    • IOW, insane creatures who should be BARRED from all government positions. Sane people should not have to spend their lives being dictated to by the mentally warped.

  2. There’s also no room for patriotic Americans in the drmocrat party.

  3. As the Democrat Socialist have prove time and time again and again they do not
    want Pro livers, GOD, Americans or Patriots in their party. What they want is
    sheeple, Snow Flakes, Fascist, Socialist, Communes, Criminal Illegal Aliens,
    and those who are supportors of Shira law and islam. Plus any and all
    who want to BURN down the United States of America, our Flag and
    Our Constitution so they can install a wimp dictator like Obama, Pelosi, al gore
    or some other despot. They have alreay tried Bill Clinton and his box of cigars
    and Kenya stick boy who both failed miserably. What next drag Harry Reid
    out of the grave ?

    • The Dem-wits keep shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. Not too bright to piss-off what voters they have left. They are going to lose even more voters with such a stupid stance. What complete and utter fools they have running their party of Commies!

      • I hope they keep doing what they are doing. If they fail, we’ll get America back.

        • USA has already been destroyed, the shoe just has dropped as of yet. In 2 Samuel 24 we read how King David sinned when he ask that his army was to be number. When it was shown to him that he had sinned he repented of his sin… But the next day the Prophet Gad, David’s seer came to reveal God’s three the choices for the consequences of David sin… God’s Law requires there to be a consequence for our sin… USA has murdered approx. 68 million babies through abortion. Jan 22, 1997, The Holy Spirit whispered in my left ear saying, “I will repay this nation double for her iniquities.” Today we stand at the threshold of this happening. The 9/11/01 attack was the first of three major attacks, the 2nd will be approx. 1000 times greater, the third will be like none never seen before and USA will never ever rise again.

      • Right and it all came to the surface because we have a president with a backbone who is doing what he said in his campaign America First.The last eight was a disaster when we had a jelly fish in office who could care about our country He did a lot of damage along with all the other swamp rats. He should be in jail with Hillary, Reid and all the other Democrats.

        • Marjorie Lee Peterson

          He’s getting a lot of points from a LOT of people on both sides for finally standing up for our country and telling them we WON’T be PUSHED AROUND anymore !!

          • That`s because we have a president with a backbone not a coward like Obama is who did as much damage as he could before he was out of office. In spite of all the democrats Trump has done more for thgis country in eight weeks than Obama did in eight years. Trump is as he said AMERICA FIRST.

        • yeah and take all the phony RINOS with them , they are only their for themselves . look at ryan how he flops around

      • They must believe they can continue to import new illegal voters to survive….

    • They are in in fact domestic terroirsts and need to be treated as such!

      • Which means that there is no place on earth for those who support abortion mills.

        • I am here to inform you that all these right activities are now dying a happy death. Trump has killed them all. Look, FoxNews is dead; Patriots are dead for they cannot now throw punches at President Obama. If they dare throw punch at Trump he will tell them they are fake. So Patriot stocks are now almost zero. Gun sales are down by 75%. I am now digging graves for Patriots, FoxNews and other right wing media in my back yard.

          • Henry J. Gilbertson

            You are a jackass and should be treated like one you belong in a stable in Iran some where

          • Make the hole large enough for you to join them as you are so full of it, except fox news they are down to 20% truth lately.

          • you are perfect example of stupid brain dead liberals

          • What you should be doing before you post is get the facts. Your wrong on all counts. Or your listening some idiot that told you all that B.S. You must be one of Obamas sheep. Time to grow up.

          • PM, keep believing in your “PIPE DREAMS” of the demise of the PATRIOTS and conservatives,and your pro choice baby killers,and soon you and another hand full of GULLIBLE NIT WITS will find your selves alone and wondering W.T.F.happened to the perverted party I always supported??

          • While you’re at it, dig a grave for yourself, moron.


          • FAKE POST…

          • Hey dick head….aren’t you on the wrong website. I believe you’re looking for

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      • Charles Wolfe jr

        Your right about that !

    • I agree the prerequisite to join the Democript socialist party lately is that you must first rid yourself of any humanity or moral fiber and hate the Constitution. Americans can do without these traitors.

    • Your point is well taken they want more people like they have in place. It`s about power and money. It`s not about our country or the taxpayers. Like Trump said we need to drain the swamp


  4. DemonRats finally showing their TRUE SOCIALIST colors, folks it’s not the Dmeocrat party of the past but the new Socialist order of America. Look how well it’s NOT doing in all other Socialist countries. it Won’t work in the REPUBLIC of the United States

  5. The Pro-Death Party strikes again with their mantra: “Hooray for Me and Screw the Rest of Humanity”.. Being responsible is someone else’s job…

    I think this little fellow has a better idea!

    • Excellent. One thing I think a lot about is Obama’s mother. She was 17 pregnant – the father was a married man – you have 3 to choose from – Obama Sr. – Frank Marshall Davis – Muhammed Sabuh ?
      Obama Jr. looks absolutely nothing like Obama Sr. He does have a strong resemblance to Davis and even stronger to Sabuh. It was 1960 she was a pregnant 17 year old white girl with a black baby – do you think that if abortion was as readily available then as it is today we would have ever even heard of Barack Hussein Obama Jr.? To ALL the liberals who support Obama and abortion – who do you think the next aborted baby might have been?

  6. So what in the world keeps these democrats in the party? If they know they are anti life then maybe they should align themselves with a different party. I really scratch my head over this.

  7. Thomas Perez, the DNC Chairman is the same guy who, as head of the Justice Department’s Civil Right Division in 2010, decided to NOT prosecute the two New Black Panther Party members who stood, in uniform and armed with clubs, and threatened to beat white voters about to enter a Philadelphia voting precinct in the 2008 Presidential election. When asked why he didn’t seek a violation of voter rights indictment against the two Black Panther Party members, Perez said, “This Justice Department is not in the business of protecting the rights of white voters.” Oh, so much for equal justice under the law. Perez simply verbalized the intents of both then President Obama and his loony AG Eric Holder. Welcome to the Banana Republic of “hope and change,” folks. Frankly, “Make America Great Again” sounds a whole lot better to me…

    • When you look at Chicago you see Obama’s dream for the U.S.A. What a great job he did “organizing” that place huh? When you look at Pelosi – Boxer- Feinstein – Waters and Jerry Brown’s California – almost a trillion dollars in debt, rampant crime and garbage everywhere you again see the left’s vision. Detroit? Philadelphia? NYC? these are the people who want to tell everybody else what “they” are doing wrong – these fools really think they have it right.

      • When you put it that way isn’t it just ironic? Nice post!

        • Thanks. Hillary says she is a women’s advocate – name one of those cities that a woman can put her baby in a stroller and safely walk down the street to get some milk.

        • It’s MORONIC – only the truly dumbed down/uneducated will follow. Ex: The idiot in my state, Franken, who sends his kids to private school, didn’t approve of school vouchers to better schools, as he’s destroying Minneapolis with the largest population of Somali’s, anywhere, who were just charged with FGM for their 7 year old daughters.

          • Frankenstooge LOL my pet retarded puissant got more brains than him

          • HE WAS A FAILURE AS A COMEDIAN,AND NOW AS A POLITICIAN!! I believe he stole the election from Norm Coleman when they conveniently found the winning votes in the trunk of some ones car!!!

      • Excellent post you really nailed it. However they did not think they had it right they did what they wanted and got away with it. Now they backed themselves in a corner and don`t know what to do about it. Our voters finally realized what they are ,just a bunch of garbage.

      • Yeah, Mike, and Hillary Clinton and her dopey husband thought she had a right to the Presidency simply because she was a liberal wacko bird whose time had finally come. They lied, connived, stole the silverware from heir last time in the White House, and still thought the electorate was way too stupid to hold them accountable. Then came election night…what a surprise! What a splendidly beautiful surprise. Ain’t justice grand! How sweet it is!

        • Have you seen this video? It was used against Bernie Sanders in the primaries. As we all know the fix for the primary was already in for Hillary and Bernie was just spinning his wheels – so this must have been a dry run- rehearsal for the General Election against President Trump.

          • No, I hadn’t seen the video before, but it’s not surprising to see Hillary’s cheating 6 ways to Sunday. It’s tragic that such a person as corrupt, corrupt to the core, as Hillary was that she could end up being the nominee of the Democrat party. And while I carry no weight for the Sandman, at least he was an authentic, decent old fellow, thought about 3 decades behind politically. Whenever I saw Bernie speak about how everything will be free in his administration, I couldn’t help but think about Maggie Thatcher saying “the problem with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Somehow, that didn’t occur to Bernie.

          • Ya gotta love it!

          • Wonder if old Bernie would have sold his 3 houses to help pay for any of the free stuff he was giving away. His wife bankrupted the college that she was running.

          • Yeah, it’s that running-out-of-other-people’s-money thing. Progressives think it grows on trees and have yet to realize that the $20 trillion national debt is real money.

      • California the new Detroit what damn shame

      • Mike you nailed it great post.

  8. Just Soros and his cronies. Dems and libs doesn’t it bother you to follow a man,SOROS, who is trying to undermine American morals and values and put his twist on the world.

    • Look up the cult called SUBUD. When I was first shown a video of this cult it was about Obama’s mother and her connection to SUBUD. Loretta Fuddy the Hawaiian official who certified Obama’s birth certificate – was only on the job for a few months when she did so – she was a SUBUD member. She also died mysteriously in a plane crash in Hawaii a year later – she was the only casualty. There were about 8 people on board the small Cessna type commuter plane and they said they saw her in the water with her life jacket on appeared to be ok. The autopsy report says she died of blunt force trauma probably as a result of the crash. When you look at the founder of the cult – Muhammed Sabuh – there is a remarkable resemblance between him and Obama Jr. Also digging a little deeper you find that Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros supports SUBUD financially. I think the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. Obama will soon be identified for who ever he really is.

      You can also Google up an interview with Malik Obama – Obama Jr.’s “brother”. He has some very interesting things to say about Obama and how the family would like to see a paternity test because they do not feel they are really related and just used as political fodder. His book and documentary is called “Dreams of My Real Father.”

    • The original, real definition of the word “anarchy” is NO RULER. A person like George Soros would NEVER under any circumstances want anarchy because then anyone could put him out of our misery without having to worry about being thrown in prison. That is why dictionaries have added “chaos” to the meaning of the word “anarchy”…….just the thought is dangerous to all who are determined to rule the masses. Politicians would be scared out of their pants if anarchy should break out because it may put them in danger, and they could no longer have any power. On top of that they could not start any new wars or take our money at the point of a gun. The public would for the first time actually experience real, honest FREEDOM.

  9. charles johnston

    So the party of infanticide and the KKK finally admits what we have known for years. They scream in horror when a nutcase shoots up a school, yet stand mute as 2,740 babies will die today through abortion; they rail against the 1%, a mantra they themselves have created, but hide the fact that Wall Street does just fine under the democrats; want to pass more gun control laws, but the cities they have controlled for years and years, with the toughest gun laws in the country, are war zones. The democrats are not only the modern face of slavery, they are the party of idiocy.

    • “They scream in horror when a nutcase shoots up a school” – try to have ALL guns banned and then protest outside the prison when the execution date for the nutcase comes up.

    • Your post is well taken they want to take gun`s from all the law abiding citizens and the criminals don`t care about laws. We have enough gun laws, what they need to do is enforce them. Unfortunately they pick them up and they come in the front door and a lawyer gets them out the back door. I would like too see what these so called officials do.

      • charles johnston

        Few realize, Hawk, that the first attempt to limit guns in America was 1919 when a healthy excise tax was put on firearms- To pay for the first world war was the excuse- the backlash was quick so they shelved it, but they have been trying ever since. Thank God our founders spelled out the 2nd amendment so clearly. Otherwise we might be slaves or there would have been another revolution. Be well.

  10. By the statement of this article, if you don’t believe the Democrat party is every bit as dangerous as Hitler or Stalin, then I got news for you you are jeopardizing your life and your family’s life by trusting in these who will go after people who believe in pro-life, if nothing else it shows you’re prejudiced against people who believe in life, and what’s next start getting rid of the old people because they’re sucking too much of their money back that the government screwed him out of for Ssi and Medicare, make no mistake this is the next thing on the horizon and if they take full power it will happen. God bless America and we may freedom yet ring!

    • Soon after Obama was “elected” the first time,I posted the same theory regarding seniors on the Tea Party site.I took it to the next logical step.If seniors are too costly,who are the next in line? The mentally challenged and those with catastrophic diseases.What is in store for these unfortunate souls? We are already being pre-conditioned to infanticide and eugenics, so government ordered euthanasia will be common place and accepted in the liberal Democratic regime.
      The Democrats have become the “ME” generation on steroids.There is nothing but them and their ideology,no matter how flawed,immoral or atrocious it is,unless it affects them directly.If these idiots succeed there are going to be one heck of a lot of dis-illusioned USEFUL IDIOTS!

  11. Admitting they are “Pro-deathers”. How can anyone look at these people as if they have one ounce of sanity is beyond me.

  12. The Democrats seemed to have gone insane. They support illegals, abortions, Kim Jong Il, use whatever bathroom you feel like (today) – I guessed they don’t realize how many Black Christians there are -they think they own the Black vote – however if I was Black I would be asking myself what have they ever done for me? Except give empty promises. If you look back at the history of equal rights the Democrats were against it – Johnson signed the Bill but only after being embarrassed into doing so by the Republicans. – How most Hispanics are Catholic – They seem to have caved to the will of the less than 5% of the population that identifies as LGBT. Even then They don’t have all of those votes. I know a whole lot of people who were life time Democrats that are not anymore – they are not Republican’s so I guess they will register as Independents.

    Abraham Lincoln – assassinated by a Democrat.
    John F. Kennedy – assassinated by a Democrat
    Martin Luther King Jr. – assassinated by a Democrat.

  13. Strange the party that tries to convince everyone they are the party of transparency, inclusion, woman’s rights, choice and all things good, they make a lot of stupid statements!

    • That is because they are the far left, the party of dependence, welfare/entitlements, so they don’t bother getting informed, as long as they still get their $$$, believe in “equality of outcome” and victimhood, which requires the lack of responsibility; and to explain all of this, they need to be able to LIE and do anything to maintain their “talking points”.

  14. This professed attitude by Democrats makes them all murders. We the people are looking forward to election day 2018 so we can remove more deamonrats from public office.

    • Problem is that conservatives have been unable to a large extent to remove democrats from areas that are saturated with public dole voters and the insane. Who, for instance, could beat out Maxine Waters, NOT the sharpest brain in Congress – or Chuckie Schumer, also NOT the sharpest brain in Congress?

      • Right but you forgot Pelosi, Feinstein who are complete idiots along with many more in office. But little by little Trump is draining the swamp that has been polluted for years. It shows you what the mental status of the voters in those states are. Dumb and Dumber

        • Heavens, YES! We could name dozens, but everyone already has the same info we have. These people should be barred from serving in any government position as they are enemies of the people.

  15. What are all you pro lifers doing about the 702,000 child victims of abuse and neglect. (That is a rate of 9.2 victims per 1,000 children in the U.S.) 3.2 Million cases of child abuse investigated last year. More than four children die every day as a result of child abuse.
    Child Abuse Statistics | American SPCC
    Children are only important until born after that not so much.

    • Many are involved in charities, law enforcement, choice of education, and ACTUALLY PUNISHING CRIMINALS and those who don’t honor our laws. In the last 50 years, with WELFARE, the rate of births to poor single mothers has gone from 25% to75%. That’s due to ENTITLEMENTS, where a poor woman gets MONEY for having a baby, and the “caring for baby” is not a consideration. THAT’S even with PP and supposedly, their wonderful work of contraception and its advancement in 50 years!!

      So basically, conservative beliefs and ideals are helping lower the problems, as far left has created a crisis from the problem.

      • If birth rates have gone up as much as you say they have it ain’t due to “ENTITLEMENTS”.
        More because of so called do gooders.
        You need to look into what single mothers get in assistance, the criteria for getting assistance and the length of time she can get assistance. You would soon see there is little benefit to such a life style and it is conservative beliefs and ideals that are exacerbating the problem.
        By forcing women to have children they can’t afford or don’t want you are likely putting more children in harm’s way. And to me THAT is truly heartbreaking.

        • YOU certainly are the typical ignorant far left. If you did any research, you would see the facts that the 50 years of the increase from 25% to 75% rates DO EXACTLY COINCIDE WITH THE BIRTH AND ENHANCEMENTS OF ENTITLEMENTS. The difference in the numbers may also be due to the fact that these poor women, don’t seem to care about being married before getting pregnant, because the father isn’t worth marrying or the woman isn’t worth marrying. I’ve read many a response from young women intending to “get pregnant, and have a baby”, because the money they get is so much greater than they’ve ever seen. Medicaid, housing, food stamps, etc. and WHY MOST OF THEM HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD!!! More children = more money.

          Also, as I am not going to be able to open your closed mind, I DON’T BELIEVE THAT ANY DO-GOODER CAN HAVE ANY INFLUENCE ON THESE IGNORANT WOMEN. The far left = they just know what they just know! Look up the stats for “abortions” in this nation. It is share stupidity to think that that additional 50% of children, were not aborted due to do-gooders. Those baby mama’s and welfare, want a baby for the money they get. It’s more money than they’ve ever seen or will “on their own, with their own abilities.” Get informed.

          • “YOU certainly are the typical ignorant far left.”
            Wow!!! That’s harder than I’d slam a door and totally uncalled for.
            1) I do not dispute that the two things occurred at the same time. What I dispute is your assertion that entitlements caused the birthrate to climb. On the contrary. I’m saying that conservatives based on THEIR thinking they have some right to intrude on a woman’s right to self determination by reducing her choices to zero based on THEIR religious moral principle is more the cause for the increased birthrate.
            2) From “The difference in the numbers may also be due to …” all the way to “…WHY MOST OF THEM HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD!!! More children = more money.”
            Where is your research that shows your claim to be true. I would say that it was the need for more assistance that caused the increase in entitlements not the other way around.
            3) I’m not the one with the closed mind. I’m not the one trying take away women’s rights. I understand that my opinion of someone else’s decision doesn’t give me the right to take away their right to make their own choices. That is not the product of a closed mind.
            4) “Look up the stats for “abortions” in this nation.”
            Why? For what purpose?
            Being pro-choice doesn’t make me pro-abortion.
            That is just another YOUR mistaken beliefs.

          • The comment “that conservatives feel they have the right to intrude……” Is certainly not MY belief, no one is intruding on anything. Abortions have been legal and with PP, easily obtained for decades!! (and the birth rates to the poor still rise) I am pro-choice, and really wish you would get informed. You are “guessing” about things, coming up with your own conclusions without any real facts.

            There are many, whose religious belief just doesn’t allow them to accept the idea of abortion. The Fed.Gov’t made many promises, those with that belief, should never have to give taxpayer dollars to support it. No one is taking it away, PP makes a great profit and don’t even need taxpayer dollars. You’ve assume many things about me, simply because I repeated a fact that is well known. Get informed – your view would be more realistic.

            You asked what pro-lifers would do for those abused children? YOUR solution is to have more abortions. I don’t believe that a woman has a baby, planning to abuse it, so doesn’t plan to abort it = for whatever reason. I said look up some stats, so you won’t be writing such ignorant conclusions – and attacks on pro-lifers.

          • ” no one is intruding on anything.”
            Then you haven’t been paying attention or you agree with and see nothing wrong in the steps conservatives across the country are taking to limit the number clinics women have open to them for the services they require.
            True abortions have been legal since Roe v. Wade but that hasn’t deterred conservatives from making nearly impossible to obtain.
            You claim to be pro-choice but your posts lead me to think otherwise. I not guessing I’m just responding to your posts.
            Whether Planned Parenthood is making a profit or not I’ll refer you to this article and you can make up your own mind.

            If more abortions would reduce the number of children being abused, Yes. But I prefer reducing the need for abortion through contraception, education and counseling.
            I don’t believe that women have babies to abuse them either. Circumstance is more the culprit there. Causing women to have babies they don’t want or are not able to adequately take care only makes circumstances worse.
            I’m not attacking pro-lifers. I’m a pro-lifer myself. I just believe that women have a right to self determination.

          • Wow!! Go back and read for your first comment?? “What are all you pro lifers doing about the 702,000 child victims of abuse and neglect. (That is a rate of 9.2 victims per 1,000 children in the U.S.) 3.2 Million cases of child abuse investigated last year…” Ahhh. “YOU PRO LIFERS…”

            Give me a break. I never said women shouldn’t have the right. Didn’t I simply respond that there are groups, charities, etc. that can help those women???? I never said anything about women not being able to get an abortion!! Tell me: WHICH CLINICS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE BEING CLOSED OR ARE LIMITING SERVICES??

            I can’t comment to you anymore, as you are typical far left – spouting things simply not true, based on nothing. Not a good way to go through life: “assuming”; but you probably don’t know the old saying that fits, either.

          • Investigation into child abuse cases is all that is necessary?
            No fixes required?
            “Give me a break. I never said women shouldn’t have the right.”
            But conservatives are doing everything they can to make as difficult if not impossible for them to exercise their right.
            Not assumptions. Observations.

          • Oh no….. women seeking abortions “in Texas” may have to drive a little farther, to get a safer abortion!! (sarcasm) I know I said I wouldn’t respond; but it’s MY weakness.

          • That’s the point. Republicans closed them to make it more difficult. And you say no one is interfering.

          • Another thing, since abortions account for a small percentage of what the clinics do, what about the larger percentage of women that use the clinic for reasons of which you approve? Should they be forced to drive a little farther too?
            Sarcasm in certain instances tends to make the user appear to be hard hearted.

          • I also went to your mentioned, website? A rose is a rose? A profit is a profit?

          • As I said you can make up your own mind.

          • “conservatives from making nearly impossible to obtain”??? As millions occur every year…. I don’t think so. My posts said nothing about “women’s rights to obtain an abortion”.

            Do you far left have to try or does it come naturally? PP doesn’t need federal funding, and how does one break down fees for abortion or pre or post care for the patient? The doctor is probably the same, the facility is the same, the overhead the same, and the $ being received from baby parts, certainly brings in additional $$$ they refuse to even talk about. I’ll bet you participated or agreed with those “pink hats” also, where the leader is actually Muslim, who practices Sharia Law? Sharia Law = where women have NO RIGHTS, and she is attacking the U.S. where women totally have equal rights??? Your political party is going extinct – thank God.

            Wow!! You far left (also) have to change the wording, so the actual meaning won’t be clear to the ignorant, who follow. “right to self-determination”??? Yes, in the U.S. where women have equal rights, no one is taking them away; have the right to kill their unborn babies. Give me a break.

          • Because abortions are being performed doesn’t mean that conservative republican pro-lifers aren’t trying to close clinics.
            You didn’t read the article. It stated where the money that Planned Parenthood gets from the federal government goes. And none of it goes to abortion. The Hyde Amendment sees to that.
            “where the leader is actually Muslim, who practices Sharia Law?”
            BS. You need to get out of your right-wing bubble.

  16. And the beat goes on as the Dems dig themselves into a deeper grave. Love it!!!

  17. Every one of those DemonCrats in Congress is a card carrying Communist Check it out on Google

  18. I believe women have the right to do with their bodies what they please. Every human has that same right – including the human in the woman’s body which SHE put there by not being a responsible person. If she did not want a baby, she should have closed her knees tightly OR simply said, “NO”. She has no right to murder the baby whose life she invited in. She claims a right that she denies HER own flesh and blood……

  19. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    personally I think that the majority of democRAT-ICK politicians are abortions that survived.

  20. George E. LeFebvre

    Those sick DUMBOCRATS are doing anything they can to destroy sanity and Christian values in this country. Most of these SOB’s want and contribute to the destruction of anything that isn’t MUSLIM. They have been bought and owned by CAIR, and the likes of them. Want to fix AMERICA, deport any and all Dumbocrats to the middle east where they will be welcomed with open arms. Still want two parties, then start another party to replace these idiots, however, the new party should not allow any former Dumbocratic leaders joining them.

  21. I am a believer in a woman’s right to choose. That does NOT mean that I would make the choice to abort a baby. What it does mean is that I know that God gave me free will and, I think, some rules to live by, which for me means I cherish life greatly and would NOT want that on my conscience my whole life. So what would you pigeon-hole me as–a pro-lifer or something else? Just wonderin’.

  22. The Liberal/Progressive members of the Democrats are pushing those who “were” thinking in terms of liberalism out the front door by DEMANDING they do/think EXACTLY as the leaders. Soon there will only be a few leaders left and NO FOLLOWERS because the followers have left and jumped the fence to the other side.

    When people aren’t allowed the option of discussion/opinions, they will retreat to a safer zone. ★★★CONSERVATIVISM IS GROWING LEAPS AND BOUNDS AS THE DEMOCRATS LITERALLY PUSH THEIR SUPPORTERS OUT THEiR DOORS.★★★

    Soon there will be no Democrat Party to lead. Can’t happen soon enough to a misguided, loony class of people!

  23. Here’s the ad to join the democrat party: Enthusiastic thug wanted for a position in the democrat party. Must be willing to lie, cheat, steal, pepper spray, beat and most importantly murder. If you are against abortion, stealing hard earned money from citizens or other despicable acts please don’t apply. IQ under 60 preferred.

  24. Yeah – no place for independent thinkers either…..

  25. Liberalism is a mental disease.

  26. DNC – the true clear and present danger….

    • True, and the RINOs are helping them all they can. I called myself a republican for over 50 years, but a few years ago I began calling myself a libertarian, AKA, Independent. I’ll never send another penny to the RNC.

      • I don’t blame you – I’m an independent – I serve no party but america first – I know these people in DC and elsewhere —– THEY SUCK…..and would sell their own families out….

  27. Death to innocent babies they cry
    Evil is our game
    Money is our driving force
    Obnoxious because we’re dead from the neck up
    Corruption is a trait of our party
    Ruining America is what we want
    Anti, God, America and your rights and the military
    Terrorist are welcome in our party.
    Sanctuary cities for our law breaking illegal friends

  28. Ask God what He thinks about this!….bet He is on the pro life side…..someday we will ALL find out!

  29. And these morons are supposed to be the party of “inclusion” and “tolerance”! Goodbye and good riddance you bunch of anti-Americans.

  30. Let’s see . . . there is no room in my life for Sharia law, pedophelia, animal cruelty, communism, and numerous other things including the democratic party and anyone who aligns themselves with, or calls themselves a DEMOCRAT !

  31. Are the FREAKS and Utter STUPID Idiots MOON BATS of the (D) Nazi party actually advocating in advance the Death camps that Adolph had that indicate the Extermination of all members of the (D) Nazi party >>>??? Rich Israelis BEWARE!! they’re not your PARTY ANYMORE EITHER!!… and what shall happen to the Plantations?? sadly they are part of this “PROMISE” that Even DAFFY DURBIN supports …

  32. Marjorie Lee Peterson

    I’m an Independent and right now solidly behind President Trump. First time I’ve trusted a President in years! He is very good for our country. But If, in the future, the Democrats would come up with a good candidate (I don’t really expect that to happen), but IF they did, I could NEVER vote for a party that says you have to believe in abortion to be on their side. I will NEVER EVER believe abortion is anything but MURDER of a BABY!

  33. So I guess they can become republicans, Independents, Or maybe P.O. with their leaders and vote them out of office for spite. And Nancy needs to sober up and die. Really dislike that creature.

  34. No room in the party of stupid (demotards) for any kind of integrity, it seems…..

  35. Actually I’m kinda for them being able to get abortions….maybe they would think about getting sterilized while they are getting the future little liberal sucked out? The more of them that don’t reproduce the better.

  36. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    no room for demon crats —

  37. The liberals make their own commandments, replacing Gods laws with laws that parallel the blasphemous laws of Sodom and Gomorrah, including the massacre of 70 million children while in the womb, and selling their parts to the highest bidder; so when you cast your next vote remember, you will be making a choice between the satanic laws embraced by the democrats, or the laws given us by the Holy Bible. The democrats have become the Pied Pipers of the modern generation, weakening the minds of our youth, and relentless in leading this-lost-generation down a path that leads to perdition.

  38. Remember this Genesis 9:6KJV whoso sheds will “REPAY” the Innocent Blood shed by every man has shed that innocent life! Life for life, I mean every Innocent life taken by abortion etc will and MUST be paid back! YOU can BET that that is exactly what it means, and this means that IF you have aborted an unborn child or killed an innocent in cold blood etc Then expect to pay and expect the Lord Jesus to get that payment from you!

  39. The UNBELIEVABLE “BLOODSHED” to come, in the matter of abortion(s) brought on by these GREEDY B@$$%@&’s a cry of this nation, NEVER heard before! 61 million aborted, and counting, and yet 6 million lives to pay in retribution, and counting! STOP the bloodshed!!!

  40. Does this come as a surprise to anyone. Abortion is the Sacrament of the Left. They sacrifice innocent babies to their god.

  41. May God Almighty judge these foolish people harshly based upon their unbelief, their hatred for justice, and their desire to abet murder of unborn babies! It is so sad that unless they open their eyes to the truth, they will spend an eternity in torment in Hell! I don’t say so! God says so! But then, they reject God! Won’t they be surprised!

  42. This party has become so socialistic and out of touch they don’t even care if people agree with them .They have become political ZOMBIES that cant think only follow the commie wackos who need them for support of their agenda to ruin our country. Why do you think they are so hell bent on letting illegals in our country to vote, maybe because most of them have already been indoctrinated into having socialist mindset. they need to be stopped and taken out of office

  43. ONLY a Democrat Party, would cut their own throats, by disenfranchising the 25% of registered Democrats nation wide in their party. Slick Move Moron’s. JFK is rolling over in his grave, and I hear he’s now a registered Republican in Chicago, where they register dead people.

    • Most democrats are in disaray and can`t get over the fact Trump is our president the more they talk the deeper they dig the hole they came out of. Stupid is what stupid does.

  44. That is good. I hope you have no one in your party! Maybe people will see that killing unborn children is not the right thing to do. It should not be used as a form of birth control and I think you will find this out when God has the last say-so in the matter! Of course, you won’t like it, but you don’t have to. If you don’t believe in God, that does not mean it is not going to happen. It only means you are burying your head in the sand and thinking maybe it will go away. Not so, unfortunately for you and your followers.

  45. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  46. Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Dingle, Hillary, Barney, Durben and many others have destroyed the democratic party. Who the hell would won’t to be in it.

    • Barney Frank was the biggest D’bag ever in politics and then they found Al Franken. A bunch of everybody owes me everything morons.

      • Sorry, forgot Al Franken who looks stupid, talks stupid, walks stupid; therefore, he must be stupid. He should have stuck to being a stupid comedian.

        • He did not have that option as he was not a funny comedian. His most memorable role was the anal retentive a**hole on SNL. At that point I don’t think he was acting it was just Lorne Michaels thought the role suited him.

  47. Don’t worry awful Democrats I won’t join a bunch of Killers for anything.

  48. that’s the dims no love for god and life

  49. one symbol is a donkey one an elephant whoes smarter go figure

  50. I believe it is about time we started calling things as they really are! Republicans = conservative & constitutional, while democrats = liberal & socialist!

  51. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    National Socialist Democrat American Party / NAZIonal Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei, same ideology?

  52. As normal the lefts bigotry and hypocrisy is shown here. I am not a republican so don’t box me in just listen. The left tells you to think for yourself but unless you agree with them they call you the bigot. They have no tolerance for any non-fascist, communist, socialist, or immoral ideas. They say if you disagree with us you can not speak, you should not be allowed to comment in any forum and you should truthfully be cast out of our c=society because you disagree but the issue isn’t stated factually. They really mean think our way or we will destroy and punish you. We will accuse you of fraud, bigotry, having no compassion etc. They will call you a liar and uneducated and change the subject as soon as they are at a point that they know can not be defended. They know that abortion is not a right but just a decision made by some activist judges whom voted along party lines without following the rule of law and without using any moral guidance. They also know that when people realize that it is not just some lump of flesh or that a fetus is just a small human being that has no way to stand up for or protect itself that most will understand that they are killing a human not sone tad pole or germ. The whole propaganda machine is in effect to miseducate and misguide with heartstring excuses and tell you you shouldn’t allow a baby to be subject to a life in poverty, or to growing up in a home with a young girl whom has no way to care for herself let alone a child and without a father, etc.
    These are foolish and stupid excuses and it creates callous people whom only care about themselves and no one else which makes for a society of selfish uncaring individuals whom have a perverted sense of morality and reality. There are countless single moms whom have done amazing jobs and turned out amazing children and there are some amazing young men whom have actually done the same. You do not know the future and you do not know what the mother or father may do that could be just one thing that makes that child become someone of exceptional caliber and more importantly on God has the actual right to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. You are not God and when you take that authority you bring more upon yourself than you could ever understand even if you do not realize what is happening.

  53. How could any thoughtful and humane person support a person or political party that condones allowing a doctor to “stick a sharp instrument into the back of a baby’s head,killing it as it emerged from it’s mothers birth canal and call it CHOICE”???

    • The political party your reffering to is democrats.

    • I am also amazed, that we have laws governing almost everything one person does to another person, in the U.S. Yet, these far left idiots don’t want any laws governing abortions, such as “no partial birth abortions”!!!

  54. It is certainly good to be principled. (whatever that means, liberally). A woman’s right to choose begins before sex, before conception and before abortion should have to be an option resulting from the failure to choose before sex and before conception. Planned Parenthood is a situational remedy, not a preventive plan. The fact that fully one fifth of the yearly pregnancies in the U.S. end in abortion attests to the fact of the failure of choice exercised before sex and before conception. If a pregnancy is “unwanted,” why is a woman pregnant? These can not be classified as “act of God.”

    • The far left will try to make you believe: those abortions and unwanted children, ARE ALL THE RESULT OF RAPE!!! Their propaganda is moronic.

  55. No Vegas magician show is more entertaining than watching the DemonRAT Party today.
    Just like a show in Vegas, where a magician causes a heaping pile of dung to disappear;
    we are getting to watch—–for free—-the vanishing act of the DumboRAT Party.
    So looking forward to seeing in the rear view mirror, the likes of Piglosi, Hildabeast, BillyBoy, Rangle, Schucky Schumer, Ovomit, Mooch, Mad Max Waters, Perez, Chisolm, Booker, Biden, Fauxohantas, Cummings, Socialistic Sanders and the rest of the Demo-lunatics.


  57. The liberal wisdom strikes again. In their minds it is far easier to get an abortion than it is to keep your pants on especially if you can get someone else to pay for it. And, to boot, you might even make a few bucks selling parts. The downside of self inflicted wounds should be everybody’s problems and not born solely by the selfish and irresponsible. Duh!

  58. Don’t tell them to change. Let them continue to lose membership bc they are stuck on their stupid views and have no room for any other view. The party of tolerance is dying a slow and painful death. It’s like watching a car wreck, I just can’t turn my head.

  59. David VanBockel

    I cherish the bold ideas of Perez and Pelosi. Their words resurrect my hopes for even greater election victories in 2018.

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