Democrats Nervous to See WHITE MALES Leading 2020 Polls

According to The Hill, Democrats are getting nervous about recent polls showing Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, and Bernie Sanders leading the pack of potential 2020 contenders. Desperate to position themselves as the “straight white men are the problem” party, what are they going to do with all of these STRAIGHT WHILE MALES at the top of the pile? Where’s muh Elizabeth Warren? Where’s muh Kamala Harris? Is it too much to ask for a black transgender polymorph pansexual to join the race? Like, what’s the problem here??

From The Hill:

While some Democrats believe the early polls are merely a metric on name recognition, they say it defies the party’s mission to be more diverse and more inclusive that the top three candidates are all white men.

“It’s almost like we’re moving backwards,” said one Democratic strategist. “We elected a black president in 2008 and 2012, we nominated a woman in 2016, so why are we now back with three white men at the top of the polls?”

Democratic strategist Seth Bringman added that it “definitely sends the wrong message about who our party is.”

“A white male candidate will have challenges because our voters are predominantly women and people of color,” Bringman said. “Women candidates dominated Democratic primaries in 2018. The last two competitive Democratic primaries were won by the candidate who was the overwhelming favorite among black voters.”

Well, you heard it here, folks. Women and people of color do not like to vote for WHITE MALES. Next time you hear someone complain about the fact that Donald Trump or the Republican Party is too busy catering to White America, maybe you can remind them of this quote. Oh, wait, we forgot: White people are literally the only people in the country who are not allowed to vote according to their skin color/identity. How convenient that is for the Democratic Party!

We’re not here to justify the Republican Party being the home for White Politics by any means, but we would love it if there was someone – anyone – on the left who would recognize that the Democrats are the cause of the racial/political divisions we now have in this country. They are the farmers of polarization along racial and gender lines. CNN’s Van Jones called the 2016 election a “whitelash,” and he was more right than he would probably like to admit. But it wasn’t a “whitelash” against eight years of a black president, it was a “whitelash” against a political environment that tried to make white people out to be America’s original evil.

But no, keep going down that dark road, Democrats. What could go wrong?

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