Democrats Must Condemn the Shocking Antifa Chaos in Berkeley

Berkeley, CA was once again the site for an egregious display of leftist intolerance and violence as anti-Marxist Trump supporters were attacked by a group of more than 100 club-wielding Antifa terrorists on Sunday. Police, who once again took a somewhat hands-off approach to the protests, were ultimately compelled to arrest at least 13 individuals on weapons and assault charges. As of Monday, the media was reporting that at least five people were assaulted by left-wing protesters.

The originally-scheduled anti-Marxist protest had actually been canceled prior to Sunday, but several dozen supporters still showed up to rally against the liberal intolerance that has begun taking root in President Trump’s America. They were swamped by thousands of “Rally Against Hate” liberals, the vast majority of whom – to be fair – did nothing more than chant and wave signs. Of course, the same could be said for the neo-Nazis who showed up in Charlottesville. On Sunday, as then, the extremists grabbed the narrative away from the moderates.

While peaceful protesters chanted “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA,” the anarchists had a chant of their own: “No Trump, no Wall, no USA at all.”

One of the men attacked on Sunday was Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson, who had previously canceled a gathering at San Francisco’s Crissy Field after concluding that it would not be safe for his group’s participants. After being chased and pepper-sprayed by the extremists who descended on Berkeley, he took to Facebook to blame Democrats for creating a dangerous situation on the ground. In particular, he turned his ire on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who had targeted his group as “white supremacists” when criticizing the National Park Service for allowing the rally to take place.

Gibson said that kind of rhetoric, which had no basis in fact, only served to fuel the flames.

“To call us white supremacists made San Francisco way more dangerous,” Gibson said, explaining why the original rally was canceled.

He said other Democrats shared the blame.

“You have a mayor who says that we’re hateful, we’re violent,” he said. “He doesn’t bring up any specific examples, and he doesn’t mention one word about Antifa. Not one word.”

While Sunday’s chaos was one of the worst demonstrations of left-wing violence we’ve seen thus far in 2017, it was far from the first. Nor is it likely to be the last. Antifa is growing in numbers and support, and they are increasingly willing to use any means necessary to shut down free speech. For Democrats to remain silent on this dangerous group is a national shame that cannot stand. We need to see this country’s liberal politicians denounce this violence with the same vigor they used to denounce the white supremacists in Charlottesville, and we need to see it immediately. Otherwise, they will own the consequences of their inaction.

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  1. From this point out all condemnations of white supremacy should include Antifa.

    I condemn white supremacy and Antifa both are bad.

  2. How many must die before the laws against such violence are put to use to stop it? The police are either to afraid to take action, which is pathetic, or they are being ordered by a Progressive Socialist administration to not take action, which is even more pathetic. Either way, allowing such violent bullying to continue is pathetic.

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    • It’s the ladder.
      The left has said it’s ok to use violence.
      Well what happens when I get hit with a crow bar or bat and I shoot the bastard am i going to jail?

      • It will all depend on several factors. Is your gun registered? Were you able to flee the danger? Was it legal for you to be carrying a firearm at the time and place you were attacked? Unfortunately, the best scenario is to not get caught defending yourself or the possibility of your going to jail is real.

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        • What difference does it make if the gun is register? You can legally purchase a gun from an individual without having it put in your name. As long as that gun is clean and not reported stolen or used in a crime it does not have to be registered in your name. This is in Texas! 🇨🇱 If your state is not like this then get the hell out as fast as you can!!

          • This depends entirely on what state you are in and under what circumstances you use a firearm for protection. In many areas, unregistered firearms will be confiscated and may carry a criminal charge just for being in possession of it.

      • disqus_ihYFX53XmT


      • Sadly the answer is YES. The US govt has become FUBAR & SNAFU.

    • The Demwits are probably paying the Olive Unions to not do anything in these situations. I hope not but!!!

      I would not put it past them.

      • I am going to assume that “Olive” unions is supposed to be “police” unions, in which case, I unfortunately agree with you.
        It would be interesting to find out just how many of these “protesters” are being paid, an by whom. If someone is paying people to protest violently, those paying the protesters and the protesters themselves need to be prosecuted.

        • You are correct like I said Siri sometimes does not understand my Texas lingo

          • Siri. That reminds me of when my mom was asking a question. She’s 76 and says “Serious” (yes, that’s what she called it), “do peanuts grow on trees?” Well, she wasn’t exactly clear and got a little flustered when the results she got back had more to do with male genitalia than it did with what you would find as a snack at the bar. Needless to say we still give her a hard (pun intended) time about it!

          • For sure! I have got in the habit of trying to Proof read when I text my Boss. Siri can put some bad words that are not anywhere close to what I am saying. Can get real sticky at times trying to explain what should have been in the text!

          • This modern technology can be both helpful and hurtful if we aren’t careful. 😄

          • disqus_ihYFX53XmT

            Thanks fed up, that was a well needed break from reality! That was really funny ( I’m sure not for your mom though) sounds like she’s a good sport!

        • Sorass is the one paying them thru adds in Craigslist and other on line adds.

        • Well yeah…but the authorities think they are working for George also!

        • It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to know that Soros is funding both anti-fa, the BLM, the KKK, and the neo-nazis…ALL of whom are various factions of the DEMOCRAT PARTY. My question is: what groups are taking their orders from Obama/Jarrett, and who is Hillary egging on?

          If I had my guess, Obama/Jarrett are orchestrating the Anti-Fa and BLM. Hillary is definitely complicit as she most definitely has an ax to grind!!!

          • Knowing and legally proving are two different things. We need to have someone willing to prove that billionaires like Soros are funding these violent organizations. It may not be so easy to find someone willing to do that.

      • The police are standing down because the dumbocrap mayors are telling them to stand down. Most of the police want to do their job but don’t want to be fired for ignoring the dimwit mayor. Anyone who gets hurt should sue those mayors for keeping the police from doing their jobs thus causing the injuries from the cowards of antifa.

      • any on welfare should have to pay it back.

        • I am fine with providing a hand up for those who need it. It would be better if private sector organizations would get back in charge of providing a hand up for those who need it while government backs down from giving hand outs that never actually help those in need. The difference between providing a hand up and providing hand outs is the difference between teaching a person to fish versus giving a person a fish. Charity organizations such as religious and civic organizations are much better at providing food, shelter and a purpose for those in need. Government agencies eliminate the purpose, causing the needy to perpetually be in need. Government agencies create circumstances where government becomes the beneficiary of a person rather than allowing that person to become responsible for themselves.

    • Thanks for the update.
      Kind of shitty all that you have to endure before you can kill somebody for beating your brains in for wearing a shirt or a hat.
      Law enforcement needs to lockup these hate groups ANTIFA, BLK etc.
      Them not doing their job will make things so much worse.
      I know if one of those idiots attack me or my family, it’s not going to be a pretty ending.

      • There are many of us who share your feelings about this. When law enforcement cannot keep us safe, it is our duty as human beings to do what is necessary to keep us safe.

    • The University, city and county police acted correctly – not to interfere in such peaceful rallies. I believe you heard about hear about this stupid cop telling a drunken White woman that “cops love to kill only Blacks – not Whites.” I hope Trump will something about this stupid cop. I have friends as cops; and some I was in same classes with in college. But such a statement from a cop really pits a hole between cops and Blacks. I hope that cop is fired immediately. If the chief of police does not fire that cop; then the Chief of police should also go. This goes also with some White state government lawyers and officials. Would you believe a state lawyer said in open court: “You know we can hurt Black males and nothing can be done to us as Whites?” That official was asked to retire or quit. He retired. Another White state lawyer argued in open court as follows: “He is not qualified and cannot qualify for these jobs; look at him he is Black and cannot talk.” Thank God the state court judge told her off.” She is in administrative leave. I will keep you posted on her status. How about a federal judge saying in open court as follows: “How can you as a Black male score highest on exam – were there Whites taking the exam too? Now those are my personal evidence. We don’t know what some government officials say behind doors. More mental rehab is needed for cops and government officials. They should to treat people of all races the same. I hope Trump will talk about the cop caught by his own recording.

    • The laws are already there. Maybe try enforcing them. Just a novel idea. Foreign to Democrats, but it just might work.

      • Which is really amazing since most laws were created by Democrats. Progressive Democrats just believe they are above the law.

  3. It’s time to start killing left-wing violence.

  4. Stand your Ground. When attacked by armed thugs a person has a right to use deadly force. In Commiefornia guns aren’t permitted but knives and other things are legal

  5. sooner or later one of these antifa slime are gonna mess with the wrong person and MANY WILL GET KILLED and even if i where to see who does it i didnt see 0000

    • Keven Harrison,
      THAT is the ONLY way this is going to be stopped. Once a few get their butts blown away, their clubs,signs, and shields will be thrown down and the little masked pussies will run back to mommy and daddy’s basement (and their “safe space” to continue to play with their play dough and coloring books) Seems the “police” are too scared to do THEIR DUTY, or told to “stand down” by democommie “elites” ILLEGAL “orders” that run these towns, so it will be left to “We the People” to protect our homes and families from these violent soros PAID anarchists.

      • Hey Pappy, way to go. The cops in Berkeley are told what to do by the mayor. He is a commie
        member of BAMN, a violent commie outfit created a few years ago in Berkeley and other
        parts of USA. Look it up. It’s covered extensivly on the internet. It is Baaaad.

      • I’m right there with you brother.

  6. The left wing leaders have called for more blood shed of Americans who do not agree with them nor vote for them. They claim the right is violent and dangerous while proving they, from Hillary, her VP running mate to the lowest mask covered terrorist are the ones Americans need to fear. They are the ones wanting to take our freedoms by any means. How they dare call Putin or any other violent leader evil when they are worse is beyond me. the liberals have proven they wish only to rule our nation as a dictatorship and killing those who do not fall in line is approved by them. After all they do not believe we have any rights. They are no better than ISIS, Putin, KIm of NK, Nor any other leaders who use violence to control the people of their nations.

    • I totally agree. They like to point fingers and call names,while they are the biggest threat to freedom that Americans face today,they operate on a basis of hatred and violence toward anyone who doesn’t follow their agenda,they are more like the Nazis than anyone else in history has ever been,if you research them,you will see that they are using the same tactics that hitler did,they are creating their own rein of terror,based on Nazi tactics.

  7. Both Democrats and the Main Stream Media support the Antifa Terrorists. When the country starts fighting back the first targets should be the reporters and politicians who either publicize, promote or ignore the problem. These are the real racists and troublemakers in this country.

    • A long time ago I read/heard how this plays out.”Start with a Dictatorship”, revolt, form a Republic. Turn it into a democracy, let this go to anarchy, back to dictatorship” We (the US) are between democracy and anarchy the way I see it.

    • Hey Thomas, way to go. Oh, the Democrat mayor of Berkeley, who gives the police their orders, is a
      member of BAMN. That is a commie outfit which has been around for awhile. Look it up via Google.

  8. But the dumocommies DON’T KNOW they’re doing wrong!
    They ‘think’ they’re in control and WE ALLOW it!!

  9. How can they do that? They are the ones hiring, inviting, paying and – transporting them, You don’t expect those Dems to do that themselves do you. They have to hire stooges to speak for them. Chicken livers!

  10. Nothing is going to be done about Antifa because they are democrats.

    • Paid by scumbag soros .

    • I have a 9mm solution for them.

      • Even though I like your idea we can’t stoop to their level.  We need to be above them.  Although if they fire first,

        • Hitler and Imperial Japan were not “Stopped” by adopting the “We cannot stoop to their level” mentality. Total War IS Total “SAVAGERY” (if you expect to win). The ONLY way to confront ANTIFA (and the rest of the Soros funded “terrorists”) IS with TOTAL WAR (if you expect to win).

          • I’m not saying that war against them won’t be necessary.  I will be.  But we can’t just go around shooting unless we know they are antifa.  Soros either needs to be hit or deported.

  11. Destroying Dumbocrats must be jailed for a minimum of 05-life for disturbing life and liberty!

  12. Never will you EVER see democommies say anything about these groups that are being PAID to do what THEY want in the first place. (with soros,oscumbag’s ofa,and dnc $$$$$) Unless people step up, INSIST that soros, oscumbag, hitlery and their “followers” be arrested and prosecuted, denounce the COMMUNIST PARTY (democrat/rinos) this will keep on.


  14. Anyone who thinks that the cowardly members of Antifa (who hide their faces by wearing black masks) is a peaceful group probably still believe Obozo’s claim that “if you like your Dr.,you can keep your Dr.”

  15. The democrats love this why would they condemn it? It’s their beloved George Soros who is funding all this crap. One of these antifa a-holes is going to go too far and find a hole in them one of these days. For a group that says they are anti-fascist they sure are fascists.

  16. Remember the 60’s Democratic convention in Chicago? It was a great day watching the police
    severely punish those rock and botttle throwing idiots. However I don’t think the impotent California Law Enforcement has the balls to do it.

  17. They are the ones funding – recruiting – training and equipping these nutz….. CONDEMN —- LMFAO

  18. Antifa and BLM get free passes for committing violence. The Democrats cheer them on. Politics as usual in this day and age. We are losing our heritage because of these shit for brains Washington Democrats and their little Antifa minions. They should be shot on site. Or send them all to Syria and let ISIS behead their asses.

    • Point well taken Patrick. There was an excellent commentary on one of my favorite conservative radio shows last night where the host had his own interpretation of this mess we’re in – but he used a different explanation as to the meaning of the acronym ANTIFA. His interpretation was Anti First Amendment, which I had not heard before, but which I believe is quite appropriate.

  19. They won’t and they can’t. If they do they will lose some of Soros money.

  20. These Demorats are destroying their own party! Stand back and clap your hands for them!

  21. Sure as soon as Democrats see Republicans condemn gun toting KKK members and torch bearing Nazis demanding statues of traitors remain in public spaces. We can unify around a condemnation rally and brand all of them.

  22. The Demons won’t condemn them. They’re a large part of their base. The Brownshirt part.

  23. Democrats will agree with Antifa because Antifa is THEM.

  24. “Democrats Must Condemn the Shocking Antifa Chaos in Berkeley”, OR, simply ignore it or define it away which seems to be their standard operating procedure.

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    Ahhhhh, that bastard soros is at it again… 😣

  26. Your dem party is in the toilet stop the insanity .

  27. Forget the Dems criticizing Antifa. I want to see the friggin’ Republicans do that! Who aside from President Trump has spoken out about the violent left-wing fascists? Screw Ryan, McConnell and especially McCain!

  28. This shows just how disgusting and sick these democrats are – nothing else can be said.

  29. Richard Bagenstose

    well there is a way to fix this , next time have a club of your own and when antifa comes at you and cops do nothing beat the crap out of them , it’s not going to stop because the cops are just as guilty as antifa ,you want to protest you better go prepared , because antifa does

  30. Plastic Pelosi finally called out Antifa by name. Whether she was lucid remains to be seen. After all, she can’t remember who the current president is at times.

  31. Why aren’t Antifa members being treated like what they are — U.S. HOME BRED DOMESTIC LIBERAL TERRORISTS?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but any domestic terrorists are apprehended and Imprisoned until their hearing. Why weren’t “ALL” of those Antifa members arrested and jailed — all of them? What? Because they are political domestic terrorists, they get a pass?

    A terrorist is a terrorist and should be treated all the same, even the Antifa jerks! So why isn’t this happening?

    Why aren’t all Antifa participators arrested, tried for crimes against America and imprisoned? Why not? Because the Left screams LOUDER than the Right! Until we Conservatives show some backbone and PUSH BACK TWICE AS HARD, this political crap will just get worse and worse.

    Antifa has no place in America and needs to be destroyed, deported or defuncted. Piglosi needs to be thrown in a pig stall with her relatives and Soros kicked to the curb. These are all detractors to our American country and need to be removed…forever!

  32. So is the Communist Party is not going to apologize for anything because this is their brown shirt army! Do not be surprised if they’re not sponsoring them meaning with money in their uniforms and that kind of thing, and I’m serious they will do anything for the reins of power BAR nothing !

  33. disqus_ihYFX53XmT

    Do they even listen to what antifa spews out!! That is enough right there to shut them down. Example “no Trump…no USA at all”
    How many isis terrorist are embedded in the thousands?! Although they are violent enough without the help of isis
    Isis is probably very proud! Little less work they personally have to do even though they do enjoy it
    How many joined this and other violent left hate groups and isis just because they are sick individuals who enjoy torturing, murdering and destruction and are SUPPORTED by congress left and rinos and all left in offices! They can fulfill their longings and depravity with blessing and monetary funding!
    Personally I think these groups make white supremacy look like beginners!!

  34. Dems Denounce it!? They organize and fund them!! What a joke! No one who has been paying attention can believe how obvious the connection is. Don’t insult us by asking the CEOs of antifa to condemn their own.

  35. What is KILLING ME is that they keep claiming TRUMP is racist and a bigot and that hatred NEEDS to stop; HOWEVER , WHO are the ones coming out with all of the VIOLENCE?? THE DEMOCRATS!! I don’t know about you, but I see those that are coming out to hurt and kill AS THE ONES FULL OF HATRED!!! WHY IS THEIR HATRED FOR THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED FOR TRUMP JUSTIFIED BUT NOT THEIR PERCEIVED HATRED THAT TRUMP HOLDS?? ISN’T HATRED HATRED NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT IT IS AGAINST??? HOW HAVE the Democrats BRAINWASHED so many so called intelligent people?? They are so irrational that they can not see through all of the Democrats lies against TRUMP merely because the Democrats are pissed that he WON!!!!

  36. Time to get a gun

  37. Democrats are touting these Terrorist antifa thugs as their heroes. They call anyone who does not side with them racists and Nazi’s. No reasoning or basis to any of their claims. Just the same old ranting and insanity.

    • Of course you are correct. There is little difference between antifa, black lives matter and new black panthers. They are all hate groups who are turning into terrorists. Everything is to disrupt the Trump administration. Hopefully Americans will see through this charade and hold the progressive communist so called democrat party responsible.

  38. How can the democrats condemn something they created and paid for. They need to find out the source of the ads in Craig’s list and who is funding these groups and prosecute them. What really makes me irate is as soon as anyone goes against these groups they are considered white supremacists or Nazi’s. I call them American’s that have had enough…

  39. Why, msm will never call them out. On top of that msm supports them. msm no truth no responsible/accountable reporters just totally biased people with opinions.

  40. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️

    Are ‘less than liberal’ journalists/politicians so afraid of being told by the left they are a racist, KKK etc etc etc sympathizer if they don’t add the Nazis etc etc in all articles about this ongoing violence on the Left. All non-liberals tend to do this Ive noticed, when the Charlottesville was a 1st recent neo-nazi etc etc one, that I know of, and where was all this violence -other than the driver, of course? Tragic but not some large common event.

    While Dems blatantly, in your face, condone/don’t denounce this ongoing violence by their groups! Or are mum about it. And then totally misquoted and lied about Trump’s words and intentions in Charlottesville.

    Oh not Pelosi -the token “empathetic” one they want to speak. The double standards speak volumes!

  41. Keeping the people and the buildings safe being damaged from the rabid ones who come to be the bone breakers in a peace full exhibit!
    Being ordered to stand downs, calls for jail time for the in-charge member who cracked the whip and deserves it also!

  42. “Antifa is growing in numbers and support, and they are increasingly willing to use any means necessary to shut down free speech.” Let’s see them shut down this! The country has survived divisions because the vast majority– (the silent majority)–is sane. It would be acceptable if peaceful assembly–a right accorded by the constitution–were the simple practice. The purpose of Antifa is, obviously, confrontational to the point of conflict and violence.
    Antifa needs to know that the means of force is not limited to them or by them. If a word to the wise is sufficient, what else is necessary for those who are not quite so wise?

  43. Up north, in Berzerkley, they are insane. The police cannot do their job because of the stupid butt head liberals that run that town. But, here in California state wide, we real Americans are totally screwed. I think it’s time to march on our state capital, Sacramento, and kick every politician out onto the streets and start over with real Americans.
    I was born in Los Angeles, grew up here in California and still live here and wishing we could afford to move out of California but we will stay and fight the half witted liberals, illegal aliens, BLM, Anti-Fa, etc., etc., whomever.

    • No doubt about it California is a beautiful diverse state. I don’t know how you can afford to live there the taxes are so high and keep going up. It is to bad it is run by such loons as these democrats now running it. The problem is LA and San Francisco along with a couple other. Large metropolitan areas are always the den of progressive communists so called democrats. Much like a snake den. New York state has the same problem as California. It too is controlled by New York City, Rochester, Buffalo and Albany. I was stationed in the Army in up state NY (finger lakes) and it too is very nice. But cold as hell in the winter.

  44. “Bikers For Berkeley”—– People organizing for the next rally and it’s not going to sit well for many – especially berkeley PD and Mayor…..Clubs are talking about being there and kicking A**……


  46. Where are the Retrogressive, anti-Democrat (“Socialist”? You gotta be joking) administrations when you want ’em?

  47. Democrats think of ISIS as freedom fighters. Do you really think they would condemn their own offspring?

  48. Okay,okay, okay….So now that it is getting closer to the 2018 elections the democrat’s want you to think that they care about the citizen’s, and stopping the violence from the alt left thug’s & terrorist’s…?
    Well where were they demanding free speech for all, the whole last year…?? Where were they when cop killing BLM were gunning down the police…???
    But now we are to believe that democrat’s & their owned MSM will fix it all if you give them your vote…well it would take an indoctrinated moron to believe that trashy lie…period!

  49. WHY? the democrats/leftists are all for this!!
    they are to be the ONLY ones with “freedom of speech” and for the rest of us (especially if you are a white male) if you say anything it is a “hate crime” !!
    what a bunch of hypocrites.

  50. As Obama jumps up and down with joy, along with George Soros,

  51. Police in the sanctuary cities are hauled into court for doing their duty. And even the chiefs of police there order their officers to observe and report but keep their hands off. San Francisco is one of many. Never has there ever been ‘No Go’ zones in America until Obama. Go figure.

  52. All democrat politicians and media outlets that are silent about the violent liberal faction in this country is complicit in their crimes. People who are injured by these thugs need to start suing the police departments and local governments for not protecting them.

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