Democrats in a Snit, Refuse to Attend Border Security Meeting

Congressional Democrats refused to come to the White House for a meeting on border security on Tuesday, digging their heels into their rejection of the wall and demonstrating to the nation that they have no interest in bringing the government shutdown to an end. Throwing a political tantrum of epic proportions, Pelosi and Schumer have now abandoned the negotiating table in favor of lecturing Americans on television whenever they get the chance. Judging by the polls – which show more Americans than ever in favor of building the wall – they may want to rethink that strategy before it’s too late.

“The President has a proposal on the table that includes additional technology at ports of entry, allows minors from Central America to seek asylum in their home country, and physical barriers between ports of entry made of steel instead of concrete,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. “Today, the President offered both Democrats and Republicans the chance to meet for lunch at the White House. Unfortunately, no Democrats will attend. The President looks forward to having a working lunch with House Republicans to solve the border crisis and reopen the government.”

At this point, it’s time to make Democrats take full responsibility for this shutdown. They are trying to use it as a political weapon against Republicans and President Trump, and that strategy needs to be addressed and destroyed before they will come to the table.

For that, we need Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to go ahead and take action. Introduce to the floor a Homeland Security spending bill that includes $5 billion in wall funding. If Democrats want to introduce a clause stripping that money out of the bill, let them have a vote. We’ll see if they are right about passing the bill without the money. But whether they will or they won’t, it will surely fail on the Republican side. If McConnell wanted to end it there, that would be fine. The ball would officially be in the Democrat Party’s court.

Alternatively, they could open the bill up to a floor debate. Who knows, maybe something would actually be accomplished. Maybe Republicans and Democrats could, with the spotlight focused firmly on Capitol Hill, actually work out a border compromise that meets President Trump’s approval. At any rate, it’s worth a shot.

Either way, it’s time to make Democrats share the full responsibility for the shutdown. It takes two to disagree. Right now, they are profiting from the media’s narrative blaming Trump for the gridlock. Put them at their lecterns, make them hold a vote, and then we’ll see exactly why this government is shut down and exactly who is responsible for it.

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