Democrats Hiding 2016 “Election Autopsy” From Public View

According to a new feature story in Politico, Democrats in the House are trying mightily to hide their 2016 election “autopsy” from public view, apparently afraid of how their supporters might react to the findings. We can only guess that they found something in their report a bit more self-critical than “It was all Russia’s fault!”

From Politico:

House Democrats are going to extreme lengths to conceal a report on the party’s problems.

After nearly five months, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) presented his investigative report to lawmakers during a members-only gathering at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters Thursday night.

Only about two-dozen lawmakers showed up for the presentation, which sources described as “dense but thorough.” But members were not allowed to have copies of the report and may view it only under the watchful eyes of DCCC staff.

Sources who attended the meeting said the report was focused less on the messaging problems of the 2016 election and more on fundraising and how party donations are being spent.

Some Democrats complained about all the secrecy, maintaining that by keeping the report under lock-and-key, the party risked making the findings look worse than they actually were. Still, staffers at the DCCC said the report was never intended to be viewed by everyone.

“Like any healthy organization, the DCCC always works to evolve and grow after each election cycle, and we were happy to have Congressman Maloney as part of that effort this year,” said spokeswoman Meredith Kelly. “This analysis is based on strategic information about our organization and meant for internal purposes, not public consumption.”

Since lawmakers say the report was mostly focused on the misuse of campaign funds, one wonders if the real reason the review is being kept secret is because it undermines the entire ideology of the Democratic Party. After all, the Democrats – and the Hillary Clinton campaign in particular – had far, FAR more money to work with than the Republicans last year. Trump beat Hillary despite raising and spending much less money – to say nothing of the rest of his systemic disadvantages. The next time Democrats go trolling for cash, their big donors may have some questions about what is to become of their fat checks.

But beyond that, it kinda shows you how the liberal philosophy – spend, spend, spend, and your problems will disappear – is fundamentally incorrect. Coming to terms with that on the public stage wouldn’t just mean a backlash against the Democratic Party’s current leadership structure, it would raise serious questions about their entire purpose.

No wonder they want to keep it secret.

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  1. George Soros is not happy about the return on his investment! He made the cover of New York Magazine a his reward!

    But now he is on a new mission for his new master!

  2. Well, Soros is the official owner of the Democrat party. Would be good if he cut his losses.

  3. There is now little doubt that the democrat party was inches away from a one-party socialist state permanently run by an oligarchy of pointy heads, hanky heads and kinky heads. The transformation of the North American republic into the Central African Republic that was begun by the marxist muslim from Mombasa was stopped because regular Americans loathe the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke he kept out of prison to rule as his puppet. This was all to be paid for by Soros, who would cash in his short positions as the American economy collapsed and the people began to eat dogs and rats as in Venezuela. Now they must go another route, and it is clear that these same schemers have mapped out an insurrection, to be carried out by armies of Mexican gangsters and drug soldiers, violent criminals released from prison and armed for this purpose, mohammedan terrorists pitchforked into the country by the old regime and the next generation of scrofulous and verminous hippies out to recreate the heady days of 1968 Paris. We are holding them off at the moment, but we must be prepared for when the weekly marches of hags and kooks become a full-fledged revolution, most likely starting with a round of race riots this summer. We must be ready to give them another dose of Kent State, on whatever scale and in whatever number the stoners, slackers and snowflakes and their leninist minders require.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      That was an excellent analysis! KUDOS! Soros must be arrested for sedition and his assets frozen. He is the main funding for the insurrection Obama fomented upon the USA. The one thing keeping us afloat fight now is the Second Amendment.

      • How can he be arrested when he is being funded by US tax payers?

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          He can still be arrested for sedition.

          • Not without taking down most if of DC. The “District of Corruption”

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            I absolutely agree 100% , it’s all of DC, not just the Shariacrats and RINOS. Obama should be in Gitmo being waterboarded with pig blood until his CRIMES are admitted, then the penalty for treason should be harsh and swift. It isn’t happening though. The entire government is embedded with traitors and corruption.

          • Including Islamobama’s hold overs at CIA, State Dept., FBI, NSA, IRS, AG and every other alphabet agency. The swamp is not being drianed, it is being fortified.

          • Brenda Sinclair

            to drain the swamp president trump spoke of was of 30 pedophiles in government offices right now most democrat’s,, to take down these pedophiles will cause a civil war for 3/4 of america is for the pedophiles in office as they too pretake of the pedophilla rings of child traasffcing run in usa by john podesta and james alefantis of comet pizza, david brock , alefantis gay boyfriend, hillary bill obama, biden, pelosi, schumer, warren comey clapper, brennan proved by Wikileaks as truth these people are fighting trump and sessions very hard to stop their arrests, this can be an all out war for the pedophiles will kill to cover up their crimes look at hillary and bill most recent two trey gowdy men went to serve warrant to clinton but ended up murdered, before they could serve warrants to search clinton library 152 deaths surrounding clinton many thinks obama killed judge scalia because he found out about obama and hillary child traffcing out of whitehouse and they parties where little children were raped tortured then killed many have died for exposing obama and clintons and many more will. as we sit here tonight hundreds little children are being kidnapped, by child trafficking used for sex slaves then murdered, who is standing up for the children? PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TRYING TO SAVE HELP THESE RAPED MURDERED CHILDREN

          • headonstraight

            Get help soon. Look in the Yellow pages under “PSYCHIATRISTS.”

          • Fook Off! Heads on Straight up your Ass! Bama Fagg Bott!

          • Thanks for posting these statistics!

          • Literally none of this is true.

          • Brenda Sinclair

            all is true,and as time goes by you will see the pedophiles in that swamp be drained,obama and hillary head of child traffcing as well as podesta

          • You are insane.

          • Pedophiles do not do well in prison. Felons hate them and often punish them when they arrive behind the bars.


          • William Braudis

            Frank, I am eighty-three years old and so I was around during the FDR years and , my friend, you hit the nail directly on it’s head. As much as FDR was admired by ” both sides of the aisle ” eleanor was not so. She was as close to a communist as was Stalin.

          • They Called her “Horsey Eleanor”!

          • You beat me by 2 years in age, but I agree 100%. If we could just transplant what we have seen and learned into the heads of the snowflakes, and progressives this would be a different country.

          • FDR! The Dem Jackass King! Good thing he Died! He was a Big Fan of ‘Uncle Joe Stalin’!

          • They just teamed up to defeat ignorant racist violent Nazi clowns like you, Bozo.

          • I like that picture… Water-boarding with Pigs’ blood. Couldn’t happen too soon.

          • I like it (but I do feel sorry for the pig, he didn’t deserve that.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable


          • William Konrad

            Does anyone really know what’s going on? The only one that has a good idea is Trump. Why do you think they want him gone?

          • Exactly

          • Brenda Sinclair


          • Craig Vandertie

            That is due to eat too many treasonous RINOs who should be arrested, charged, detained, tried, found guilty of obvious crimes and sentenced to death.

            I am exhausted answering all those polls asking if I thought this Demoncommiecrat or that Demoncommiecrat should be charged for breaking the law, if Mr. Trump and his administration are not going to prosecute the why put out the surveys?

        • Craig Vandertie

          Do you not have that backwards, it is Soros paying the dregs of society to riot.

          • No. It’s both, and he’s getting the money from DC

          • Craig Vandertie

            That is even more illegal than him using his money to pull strings, because taxpayer money to act in opposition of the interests of those paying the taxes is as despicable as you can get.

          • Georgi Soros The Nazi Jew, Bought Obama his White House Shoes!

        • He lives in a Compound in Up-State New York! The Folks Know Where he Is! I wonder Where and What the NAZI Bastard was Doing during the Riots of the ’60’s! Probably Funded those Too!

      • With all due respect sir I would add “the use of our second amendment by using our weapons on them when they start attacking us.” It is going to come to that eventually.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          I agree, I was speaking of it as a deterrent. But is is looking more and more like civil war is inevitable.

      • What – Democrats Hiding 2016 “Election Autopsy” From Public View? The defeat of Hillary and Democrats has caused the right wing movements to die. It is over with FoxNews, Patriot News Daily; Patriot Viral News; American Liberty Report; Front Page Report and Conservative Free Press are now folding. No customers to read their stuff. These are the ones criticized IRS for delaying their applications. Now they are all dying for they cannot now throw punches at President Obama. If they dare throw punch at Trump he will ask his body guard to throw them in prisons. The right wing stocks are now almost zero. Gun sales are down by 85%. I am now digging graves for all these right-wing pushers in my back yard. I will invite everybody on September 1, this year to a party of burring them. What a day to see them gone.

    • There is currently an oligarchy of billionaires ruling the USA.
      Any comment?

      • Aron, it’s time that those Billionaires Rule over America comes to an end.

      • William Konrad

        Rather billionaires than corrupt democrats.

        • This administration relies on two books “Extremism in the 21qst Century” and “Camp of the Saints”. I am not sure if you have read about Putin inviting extremists to St. Petersburg May, 2016 and was discussing at the meeting how to cut lines among races and all people. A lot of people attended including from here. That is the agenda and what is being promoted today. That is the source of the problem today. Winding the clock to 18000. That is why there was a statement about President Jackson and the Civil War. Please do some reading then we can go somewhere. Putin has been working on the West for a while that is why the Russian Ambassador was busy meeting all the people as he did. This was a very serious agenda my friend.

        • Is there a real difference?

      • Earlene Hammond

        I agree, and they are ruling both parties.

      • Yes Soros is the head of the snake!

    • Well said, but don’t for get the duplicitous RINOs who are screwing us over every day!

    • Your absolutely correct. I never thought being defensive is the way to handle
      These crooks. It’s an enormous job especially because our congress ( our last line of defense from any sitting POTUS going against our Constitution) was in bed with the corruption and let us all down. Going after Sorros ( the Money man and puppet master for 20 yrs), OBama, Clinton, Rice, Brennen, Abedin & Lynch gets them on the run.
      We need a Grand jury convened to indict in order to drain this swamp. Our AG must devote half his staff to these matters.

    • Brenda Sinclair

      and we must lock and load and be ready to protect our familes and our own lives it is not if, but it is now when will obama tell his army of 30,000 isis here at training camps to start raping every woman they can find to produce more nasty nonhuman muslims, the bible predicts a take over a one world government ruled by satan and the anti-christ warns our heads will be cut off(by muslims) if we do not bow to shari law, obama wants to be God in heaven sit on his throne. and will stop at nothing to take over

      • Earlene Hammond

        After reading several comments you have made here on this page, you are seriously paranoid.

        • Brenda Sinclair

          clear you voted for hillary! no i am far from parnoid, i do research for truth, many hate the truth, jesus was hung on a cross for telling the truth, many have died for the truth,while most love to listen to and accept lies, there is a few that still searches for truth, ivoted for trump because obama could not tell the truth if jesus was standing in front of him, and hillary is so corrupt in crimes and a lair.. neither had the truth in them..

          • Earlene Hammond

            No, actually I didn’t vote for Clinton because she is a corrupt liar, cheat and thief, and I really hate the woman because she belongs in jail. I honestly was not impressed at all with either candidate from the 2 major parties, so decided not to vote for either one. They both make me gag because I’m an independent with progressive values, and neither of these candidates come close to offering what I believe in. In case you are unaware, there were other candidates besides Trump or Clinton!

        • You aren’t paranoid if they Really Are out to get you, and Is-slime wants to kill or convert Everyone who is not already bowing to mo-hammered and the old, recycled sun/moon/other god now called allah.

          • Yeah! All Lah, Doesn’t he run a Falafel Stand on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City??

          • What do you know about AC, Bozo. That’s Yankee country and you are not welcome.

        • Just because you’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean “They Ain’t ‘Out to GET YOU’!!

    • Craig Vandertie

      Conservative students need to bring charcoal fluid and matches to any speech from a Conservative speaker, when the scumbags in hooded sweatshirts and face masks enter the scene douse them and light them up they should go up real fast being dressed the way they are.

    • headonstraight


    • All of you that read Miles Drake’s comment – PLEASE go to this site – its the fastest growing site on the web for conservatives that “see” what is going on!

    • Francisco Sperandeo

      Great analysis! However it is FAR FROM OVER! Their roots are so deeply entrenched including the many GOP elites that are CLOSET DEMOCRATS! Another huge obstacle is that they control the MEDIA! This issue President Trump works on daily and hopefully he can effect that issue! However the biggest problem the Right faces is a simple yet very important one at this juncture!
      Democrats say, this item is BLACK! Every democrat and liberal from sea to shining sea are all LOCK STEP fighting that this item is BLACK and not one dare venture away from that claim. (Like every democrat interviewed any where be it a politician, reporter, or man on the street all say “we need a special prosecutor looking into the Russia and Trump campaign! WHY? Because a special prosecutor will dig deep into EVERYTHING giving them so much ammo to use against every right leaning citizen and politician)

      REPUBLICANS one says this item is BLACK! One group says it’s not black it is gray! Another says, what shade of black suit? Another, that color Black does not suit my constituents! So they all sit around and DEBATE it then Vote and can NEVER find a consensus. This leaves the Republican voters totally confused and DIVIDED! In the mean time the Left has changed it to WHITE and they are all in step! The GOP is STILL debating on the BLACK!

    • This reminds us that God is still in charge and that perhaps He is not yet completely through with our nation. Despite the attempts by the evil party to destroy our nation, it continues to exist. I could never comprehend why any thinking person would want a Mohammedan to be our president! But the evil that he did, embedding so many Mohammedans throughout positions of leadership, will be difficult to correct. At least we no longer have a Mohammedan as leader of the CIA!

  4. So much for the Democrats being transparent. I guess transparency only affects the GOP. It appears to me that the Democrats want everything the GOP keeps under lock and key, but when it affects the Democrats no one can see what they are “hiding”.

    • Democrats SHOULD BE HIDING THEIR FACES IN SHAME, considering their treasonous actions and thoughts.

    • William Konrad

      Why do they Dems still have so much influence and power. Is it still all about money? Maybe the US dollar should collapse, let’s see what happens then.

    • The agreement by many: the Obama rule was the most secretive administration, even with their members of Congress, in decades. The Press has admitted, they’ve had full access of the Trump administration. The many LIES/propaganda pushed by far left, are not believed.

  5. Of course they want to hide all of the criminal activities from the public. They can’t win a straight election ever. No one wants their views anymore. It’s clear so deal with it comrads or leave the country you hate so much. I hear lots of great places in South America have just what you want. Cuba is best now since Obuma made it great again right ???? Move now don’t wait…just cross the border illegally and you’ll be just fine. They have no walls !!!!

    • You should hear the male running against Pelosi in San Fran…true socialist, says that the real definition of socialism has been misconstrued. He is totally for it, for one payer healthcare, full socialism across the board, says the fire dept and police dept are socialists, etc. A really dense, thick-headed moron from square one.

    • William Konrad

      Gee Ken, I thought I was a master at sarcasm, good job.

    • Ex: Dem. representative in FL just charged with bribery. The D’s are still falling…. by the day.

  6. As Democrats, we lost the elections and the Republicans won. Please move the country forward instead of looking behind and keep on shoveling the dirt. The country is stagnant while Russia rejoices. You guys deny reality that Russians are here in full force with our own complicity. Wake up as we correct “Camp of the Saints”.

    • Don’t you think the effort to move forward would be enhanced if “your party” stopped obstructing everything this administration proposes and the violence perpetrated by the far left fringe dissipated? Instead of admonishing in this forum suggest some change from your brethren. I think you are right, by the way, it’s just you haven’t identified the source of the problem accurately.

    • I wonder what would’ve happened, if the opposition would’ve attacked the POTUS skin color, hair, and family; the way the supposedly tolerant left has done to Mr.T.?? a Clue: it is a hateful thing, and will never increase support of the left.

  7. RichFromShowMe

    A quick autopsy would include:
    (1) DNC corruption defeating Bernie, the old burnt out hippie socialist, so “the witch” won the Primary
    (2) crooked and illegal funding
    (3) “the witch” and her EMail scandal, Benghzi and dozens of other scandals over 4 decades
    (4) the sad history of the clinton-crime-family and its corrupt foundation
    (5) “the witch” and Huma, who’s attached at the hip with the Muslim Brotherhood
    (6) Huma, wife of the Wiener Wagger, Carlos Danger, and his perversions
    (7) willie clinton, sexual predator

    The autopsy would not be the kind of news Dems could hide . . . . but is quite deserving of a corrupt Party that once was a great party . . . . back in JFK’s day (50 years ago) 🙂

    • Don’t forget to add in the adle-minded Maxine Waters who won’t even live in her own district or the idiot Dem leaders, Pelosi and Schumer who admit they are not doing their jobs they are just promoting anarchy. Time to remove these mindless wretches from office!

    • You are so right. I was a democrat during Kennedy’s days, but I turned Republican when Bill Clinton desecrated the honor of the White House. Never will I turn democrat again. Not in a trillion years.

      • I did the very same thing, when I saw what a power-hungry busy-body Marxist banshee we got with Hillary as First (cough!) “Lady”.

        • This mess of ACA, that dems. also won’t REALLY talk about; is Killarycare, as she wrote it up during Bill’s presidency. Bill was too smart or just never got around to forcing it on the voters. She really needs to have this piece of crap entitlement ATTACHED TO HER FOR LIFE. And her major campaign promise: FREE college??= more corruption. And cleaning up he VA wasn’t necessary?? As she claimed the problem wasn’t as big as the media made it out to be? really?? Anyone see the latest news on Reed in DC and the huge mess of $$ of equipment not in operation, the hundreds of patients, LOST? THIS needs fixing, now.

    • And the reason that Killary didn’t want it known that Benghazi attack wasn’t due to a video, the security firm near Libya was HIRED/PAID TO PROTECT our Ambassador; and THEY were the ones who first kidnapped Mr.Stevens – tortured him, and were the ones who attacked the consulate. She was such a total failure in everything she’s done, and since it’s been in government; it’s moronic that most taxpayers and voters don’t know WHAT THEIR EMPLOYEE HAS BEEN DOING.

  8. “Since lawmakers say the report was mostly focused on the misuse of campaign funds, one wonders if the real reason the review is being kept secret is because” the democrats who misused campaign funds desperately want to stay out of jail.

    • That’s not a problem for them, Obama & Loretta told the FBI to never investigate a democrat, and the FBI & DOJ are still fallowing their orders…WTF!

      • Please Trump, clean house of all the leftovers of Obama and Clinton administrations.

      • I recall seeing a news story where Holder made an announcement on-camera that “In cases of black-on-white crime, I’ll never prosecute the black man!” after he dropped the charges against the Black Panthers for voter intimidation in 2008.

      • Are you saying Sessions now holds to that program? He is now the Attorney General you know.

        • Time will tell…But the FBI is made up of 90% democrat voting agent’s…to me that 90% of the agent’s that don’t give a crap about their oaths…or hurting any of the elite’s in the democrat party…after all they be looking for Russian’s…just saying!

  9. Why does it have to be under the strict scrutiny of the “DCCC Staff”? Why does CCC sound so familiar?
    Oh yeah – ” The Central Control Commission (Russian: Комитет партийного контроля, Komitet Partiynogo Kontrolya) was a supreme disciplinary body within the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.”
    I suppose that the DCCC stands for the Democrat Central Control Commission! Sounds about right.

    • Makes sense since it was actually the Dems that were conspiring with the Russians. These trolls have been setting up the Dem voters from the start.. It is time that the real criminals in the DNC or DCCC go to jail!

      • As Obama said earlier, there is no evidence of Russia involved in our elections; but to date, there is certainly a lot of sneaky negotiations, etc. between Killary, the Obama staff and Russia?? She had the nonsecure server, that Comey said wasn’t as secure as an average gmail account. And, since the backup was Abedin and husband, Weiner, there’s no telling how far and how wide the information was sent out.

  10. Of course they feel compelled to hide it! They know all too well that what kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself!

    Does anyone remember this one?

    • Please do not show me that pic anymore! He is the Senator in Virginia and I hope we can rid ourselves of him when he is up for re-election! I have 2 Demorat Senators and Gov. McAuwful (BFF w/Hillary), then we have the northern part of the state that borders Wash., DC with Demorat Federal gov. workers settled there voting.

  11. They work harder at keeping their failure and why hidden from public view than
    they ever did with National Secrets and Classified material. Wonder Why?

  12. ConservativeSenior

    If you think the socialists lost, take a look at the budget: more funding for baby-killers and no funding for the wall that would protect us. The parasites are in both “parties”. Trump needs to cut off the heads of all the snakes who fund this: the obamas, the clintons and soros. My question is: what’s he waiting for? How many more crimes have to be committed before he will take charge?

    • This was the budget that Obama was working on. I guess Ryan and McConnell when working on the 2018 budget think they can tell the Demorats that they gave them what they wanted in the 2017 budget and now it is their turn to vote on Trump’s budget. They will not get any Demorat votes again and if they don’t start standing up to them, people should work hard to get them voted out in 2018.

      • Historically, every time the democrats promised to do something if they get what they want FIRST, they always reneged on their promises.
        They reneged on their promises to 3 Republican presidents about securing the border.

      • I would rather use the term replaced by other conservatives. We certainly do not want them replaced with progressive communistic so called democrats. Right?

    • Not totally true when it comes to the wall. Since it says border security and is not specifically designated it will more or less be up to President Trump if he wants to use some of the money designated to start the wall or hire more border patrol. Personally I would chose the wall. But we will see what happens. Getting it started is the main thing. However, I certainly see your point here. The main thing is to get the economy rolling again and that will happen soon IF we can get the ACA repealed. Keep in mind there were more than twenty-two thousand pages of new business regulations hidden within the ACA. However, that has turned out to be much more complicated then first thought. Many so called republicans are the cause for it not being done already. On the other hand none of us know the reason why there is so much push back. Perhaps we will soon.

      For some reason the House under Paul Ryan does not seem to understand the procedure of reconcile which is what must happen for the ACA to be repealed. Democrats did not even know what was in the bill and passed it so it seems they march in lock step. Republicans do not do that. They want it to be good for America. At least I hope that is the reason for the delays. Time will tell.

  13. it’s a good thing that the Socialists didn’t win because there would have been an armed Revolt and many on the Left would not be here today to keep causing trouble.

    • All these far left/lib protestors are so stupid and just lucky, that the conservatives, who are the working class/middle class foundation of this nation; became gun owners during the Obama rule (gun purchases hit an all time high) who are smart enough to NOT WANT A WAR, and law abiding enough to NOT FIGHT BACK. We realize the majority of the damage to these groups, will be seen in the next decade, and they’re doing it to THEMSELVES. Ex: UC Berkeley – will lose students, more blacks will be hated due to the damage they are doing to neighborhoods/businesses, Hollywood going on strike??, as their viewership was dropping, so their “income” was dropped??

  14. Nothing new for the democrat party, they will never tell people who they really are…just as we found out from Wiki leaks. They are a bunch of disingenuous lying jaybirds, that could care less about this free sovereign nation! They simply want to confiscate & regulate every aspect of you miserable life…the democrat party the party of the KKK, nothing has changed, but the way they lie to you….period!

    • I object you using the name “jaybirds” in your statement! hahahaha – I prefer “naked as a jaybird”.

  15. So msm does this interest you at all? I’ll bet if it were the R party you’d be all over demanding to see the results, asking what are they hiding? But here you are showing your bias again.

  16. William Konrad

    Americans don’t know how lucky they are that Hillary lost the election. Love Trump or hate him he is a patriot and has Americans and America at heart. Hillary and her democratic

    left leaning buddies are only interested in power. Why else would they be fighting so viciously against Trump. Never in the history of America has a party fought so hard against an incumbent President. Trump is not as bad as they try to paint him.

    • He’s working very hard, attempting to keep his promises, without much support from the GOP, who need term limits, to remind them who they are working for.

      • It is a nice thought to think about term limits however, that will never happen unless there is a states convention. Congress will never limit itself. I once wrote a letter to a senator, Jon Kyle, here in Arizona (before he retired) and his reply was we already have term limits on congress they are called elections. I find that to be the attitude of most if not all congressmen and women. I personally do not believe our government was ever meant, by the founders, to be a life’s profession. But it is now and unless something is done to stop that America will go down the same road as so many other nations who once proposed freedoms. Power begets greed. We will become, as we should be able to foresee now, that what happened to Venezuela “could” very easily happen here as well. We were headed in that direction under obama and if hillary had won we would now be well on our way.

        We all know, or should, freedom is not free but not everyone who repeats that statement knows what is entailed in remaining free. It is called sacrifice and not many now-a-days seem willing to make any sacrifice for this nation! The military is one way but just what percentage join the military in a effort to protect this once great nation?

        • Thank you for a very intelligent comment. I think we read very few of them on these posts, and I don’t know the reason for that. The freedoms and rights that our nation was founded upon, ARE VERY IMPORTANT, and need to continue to be a focus to maintain for all future citizens. I have followed the “Convention of States” movement and when each state supposedly, agreed to it. They told me they still continue to plan this, to make several changes, such as term limits.

          What is sad, as a baby-boomer, I have heard from so many that: we had the best of this nation and we have failed the last decades to do our just diligence. Many are glad they will not be around much longer, or greatly affected by this movement in the nation to the violence, justified and encouraged by the left; who have the ears of millions. Common sense and self-responsibility is NOT a worthwhile consideration. THIS attitude does indicate that those who peacefully fight for right, basic ideals that made this nation great, are giving up to the huge powers of the media and education, somethings we have been able to believe in the past. And, an example: I believe if it weren’t for the NRA, GOA, etc. the far left would’ve manipulated the message, each citizen no longer has power, the right to purchase/own a firearm would no longer exist, as it makes victims of honest citizens.

          • You too make a lot of since with your reasoning and understanding of what is going on. Many do not. I hope you will continue that effort.

  17. It must be so bad that they have to hide it. I think I read where they are attaching themselves to the COMMUNIST PARTY. Here is another sink hole that we have to defeat.!!!!!!

    • Actually, the Communist Party USA and the American Communist Party both glommed onto the democrat party beginning in the 1950’s when they kept losing elections in the US during the Cold War with the former USSR.
      A few of them also infiltrated the Republican party, too.

  18. Do you believe tom perez and his sick chit ??????

  19. No need to hide anything, the cadaver was just on CNN! And, I am a committed progressive. My only solace is I remember the Karl Rove “permanent republican majority”, and the last GOP autopsy!!!

    • Progressivism is communism in disguise.

      • What is conservatism disguising?

        • Perhaps you could rephrase that so it makes sense.

          • Okay, maybe you’re slow. You said “Progressivism is communism in disguise” try Progressiveness is communism in disguise. My question to you, aside from correcting your grammar, is this. What is the true agenda of right wing conservatives?

          • That’s easy individual freedoms, small government and lawful citizens

          • You too!

          • Aren’t Progressivism and Progressiveness synonyms? Why would one be the “correct” term to be chosen over the other?
            It seems to me that neither of these is “Communism in disguise,” but might certainly be moving one toward that political persuasion.

          • I don’t know about the word usage, I’m certainly not going to get hung up on it. My own feelings are that most conservatives equate progressive, liberal , socialist and communist all in the same basket. My own politics are progressive and they are far from being communist. Most conservatives hate socialism but love their social security and medicare. They hate welfare for the poor but are okay with corporate welfare. They hate taxes but love the road that they can drive their RV on. They love their Christian religion but don’t practice the teachings of Christ. They love the bible especially the stringent laws of the old testament, but don’t care to practice the eight beatitudes in their daily life.

          • “Conservatives,” both Democratic and Republican, are simply those folk whose predominate political views places them mid-range in the far-left/alt-right political spectrum.
            They may or may not believe in God. Most embrace some aspects of Socialism. All HATE to see their taxes misused! They also disagree on many issues!
            You call yourself a Progressive. All that indicates to me is that you are for “social reform.” It doesn’t indicate what you want socially reformed.

          • What do I want? Universal health coverage, equal justice, elimination of private and corporate money in elections, (revocation of corporate person-hood) and an end to gerrymandering.

          • I want the same as you want!
            But, normally,
            generalities exist along a continuum, so if we are at opposite ends of that continuum we might be poles apart in our ideas.
            In order to live together peacefully, I guess we humans are just destined to compromise sometimes.

  20. Like United Airlines has learned, there are consequences to bad decisions and bad behavior. The costs must be paid.

    I vow to never vote for a Democrat again, even dog catcher, regardless of the individual’s personal virtues and qualifications.

    I make exception in this to my standard rule of judging people as individuals, rather than the group.

    The Democrat party’s ideology is just crap.

    • Yes, and I’ve also never a devoted GOP. I’ve always voted the individual person; no longer will I disregard the party.

    • It does seem it has “evolved” into that. However, I suggest it is because it is now ruled by progressive communistic so called democrats. The democrats referred to as liberals of today do not meet the dictionary definition of liberal. it is not even close. I suspect the last liberals to meet that definition was the Kennedy democrats in the 60’s. .

  21. The greatest danger to the USA is not Iran or Russia or North Korea. It is the U.S. Congress.

    • I have a tendency to agree with you. However I do believe it goes beyond congress and is embedded within the so called progressive democratic party itself. Whether knowingly or not. As Lincoln once said America will never be defeated from outside. If it is ever defeated and the constitution overthrown it will be from within. That should be of concern to every freedom loving patriotic citizen at this very moment. If hillary clinton had been elected we would be on out way to that fundamental transformation obama promised and never explained. You know the one so many democrats cheered so wildly when he announced it. Furthermore, if he could have gotten the guns he would have succeeded. Make no mistake about that. His fundamental transformation required force be used and without somehow outlawing the guns he could not interject that force successfully.

      Keep in mind those same useful idiots also cheered when he promised a civilian army just as powerful, well equipped and trained as the US military. That was not explained either. But what are such forces used for? To impose force!

      Of course this is an over simplification of what took place over the eight years of the obama administration. Once what happened has been investigated, if it ever is, it will be known how close we, the United States of America, came to being transformed as obama promised. Keep in mind in order to transform anything the original must be destroyed completely. With President Donald J Trump we are at least temporarily out of danger. However, we must all be astutely aware and on guard against a reoccurrence of the obama efforts to destroy Americas freedoms including our constitution and the God given rights it guarantees. Taking God out of our society was also a plan nearly accomplished as well. That has been going on for decades. Make no mistake the fight is NOT over.

      • Oh no, the fight will continue. And it may lead to civil war. If that’s the case, so be it. The right wing cannot peacefully co-exist with the left. The left is to far out of touch. Until brain damaged derelicts such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are purged from our society, peace is impossible. Their vision of reality is drug and booze induced.
        The day is coming when everyone will be tasked to pick up a gun and choose.

        • I agree with you and Patrick Henry!

        • When one faction is trying to bring the nation together for the good of the nation and the other is trying to tear it apart how can a compromise happen? Of course it can’t. Compromise is always only possible if the goal of each side is the same or nearly the same. When goals are opposite compromise is not possible.

          Anyone who has a problem deciding which side is which I suggest considering which side wanted a fundamental transformation and the answer will become obvious. How many on the left even had an idea of what was meant by that statement. Certainly, no one questioned what that meant. However, it seems to suggest force must be used. Perhaps that explains the obama stated need for the civilian police force.

          Consequently, your prediction of a possibility of a civil war is sadly correct. However, I can see if a civil war does begin it could not end until America as we know it today will be gone forever. Furthermore, I will predict there will never be another civil war like the last one. Never another war of attrition like in 1861 – 1865. Such a war would bring in outside factions and America would be caught up in a never ending conflict. No one alive today would live to see its end. Consequently, violent conflict must be a very last resort. All other efforts should be exhausted prior to such action. Including but certainly not limited to a states convention. War seldom really solves anything it only determines which side dominates with its position. It forces one side to capitulate.

          • America as we knew it is already gone Don. No, it won’t be a civil war like the last one. Not exactly anyway. There will be violence, yes, and much death. It will be a cleansing process. Liberalism does not work. That has been evident over the centuries. It only works until everyone runs out of money. I see the nation splitting in two until the left cannot sustain itself. Then they will come to us. We will have no part of it. Then the violence. This could last for a couple of decades. Islam, Russia or China could try to move in. Not sure how that would work.
            First, we must purge ourselves of the Socialists, Anarchists and people like Schumer and Pelosi and Hillary.

      • Taking God out of our society, and more importantly, our schools, was our first mistake. Letting the borders become open range was the second. Trump has a narrow window (4 years) to prove to everyone that A) Capitalism does work and B) A rising tide lifts all the boats.

  22. This shouldn’t surprise you. They have been on a Socialist agenda since 1964 beginning with LBJ’s “Great Society” (a.k.a. the modern version of “the Plantation”). If you look into the history books, you’ll notice that he would provide the minorities with a meager subsistence from the Government coffers, as long as he received their votes. In his words, “I’ll keep those ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

    This exemplifies the Socialist mentality that has been running the Democrat Party since LBJ was sworn into office after JFK’s assassination in November of 1963.

    I may have been early 9 years old, but I STILL remember what happened to the Black “nuclear family” upon the advent of the welfare state.

    • I’m also “old enough” to remember. The problem is their followers are so entrenched/dependent that they can’t think for themselves or stand far enough away, to see the forest through the trees. As those same people blame everyone else, except their beliefs; for their poor existence??

  23. There are many problems with the leadership/focus/ideology of current dem. party: but this certainly shows a major one: OUT OF TOUCH!!!

  24. The two biggest problems for the Democraps in 2016 were the Hilderbeest and a huge population of pissed off Americans.

  25. Lucy Ten Fingers

    Still So Glad Crooked hilary is Not our President!! And All The Money They WASTED, Still could not help her!!

  26. And to think the air head ,Pukelucy, from California told the truth “We (Democrat Elites) r all Captalist” and confirms the willing idiots that honestly believe the Democrats are socialist and will take all the money away from Wall Street and give it to the po .

  27. If the democrats let their true agenda known they wouldn’t win another election except in very communist areas such as San Francisco. Their plan is top down control. They salivate over Venezuela and their communist government. They love Castro and Mao. Many also support Stalin and Hitler thou none will admit it due to the mass genocide by both far left men. Yes dems. Hitler was a socialist not a far right winger. His party the National Socialists or NAZIs were left wingers. Don’t buy the BS that they were a right wing fringe group. Hopefully as more people realize just what the democrats want they will vote republican. It’s just a shame that the republican house and senate leaders are so weak and ineffective. A few good conservatives could fix that real quick.

  28. Elizabeth Sprowes

    I would like to now how come they are putting up all donors info from the trump campaign,
    and yet Hillarie’s is being kept under lock and key. We the people have a right to know
    who gave to them and how much they gave. All this info is suppose to be in the public records.

  29. ” The Democratic National Committee is currently defending the tactics it used last year to rig the presidential primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders in a class-action lawsuit, brazenly telling voters in a court of law that the party is not obligated to run a fair and impartial primary election

    Outraged by how the DNC unfairly boosted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and cleared the way for her primary victory, supporters of Sanders and Democratic donors sued the DNC in June 2016 alleging it defrauded its constituents.”

  30. Just watched the Comey questioning?? A joke, as dems. use this to make speeches of how great and honest THEY are, that Killary should’ve won, and the stupid Franken: “it’s a lie that Killary blames everyone but herself for her loss”. Give me a break.

  31. We can only hope that some patriotically minded individual with access to that report helps it see the light of day anyway. That or it is stored on a server that Assange’s organization – or one with similar abilities and proclivities – has access to so that it can be released.

  32. All of that money and all of that media support could not put hilLIARy-Dumpty over the the top.

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