Democrats Hiding 2016 “Election Autopsy” From Public View

According to a new feature story in Politico, Democrats in the House are trying mightily to hide their 2016 election “autopsy” from public view, apparently afraid of how their supporters might react to the findings. We can only guess that they found something in their report a bit more self-critical than “It was all Russia’s fault!”

From Politico:

House Democrats are going to extreme lengths to conceal a report on the party’s problems.

After nearly five months, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) presented his investigative report to lawmakers during a members-only gathering at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters Thursday night.

Only about two-dozen lawmakers showed up for the presentation, which sources described as “dense but thorough.” But members were not allowed to have copies of the report and may view it only under the watchful eyes of DCCC staff.

Sources who attended the meeting said the report was focused less on the messaging problems of the 2016 election and more on fundraising and how party donations are being spent.

Some Democrats complained about all the secrecy, maintaining that by keeping the report under lock-and-key, the party risked making the findings look worse than they actually were. Still, staffers at the DCCC said the report was never intended to be viewed by everyone.

“Like any healthy organization, the DCCC always works to evolve and grow after each election cycle, and we were happy to have Congressman Maloney as part of that effort this year,” said spokeswoman Meredith Kelly. “This analysis is based on strategic information about our organization and meant for internal purposes, not public consumption.”

Since lawmakers say the report was mostly focused on the misuse of campaign funds, one wonders if the real reason the review is being kept secret is because it undermines the entire ideology of the Democratic Party. After all, the Democrats – and the Hillary Clinton campaign in particular – had far, FAR more money to work with than the Republicans last year. Trump beat Hillary despite raising and spending much less money – to say nothing of the rest of his systemic disadvantages. The next time Democrats go trolling for cash, their big donors may have some questions about what is to become of their fat checks.

But beyond that, it kinda shows you how the liberal philosophy – spend, spend, spend, and your problems will disappear – is fundamentally incorrect. Coming to terms with that on the public stage wouldn’t just mean a backlash against the Democratic Party’s current leadership structure, it would raise serious questions about their entire purpose.

No wonder they want to keep it secret.

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