Democrats Have a List of Requirements for North Korea. Iran Broke All of Them.

If Senate Democrats had any ideological integrity, they would have done one of two things: Cheered President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the nuclear agreement with Iran…or they would have kept this letter to themselves. Because in an attempt to throw their weight around, the Democrats have sent a letter to President Trump with a list of things any nuclear deal with North Korea must include. The irony being, of course, that Iran was in violation of each and every one of these requirements.

North Korea, wrote Sen. Bob Menendez and six other senior Democrats, must abide by the following measures if Trump wants Democrats to support a deal:

  • They must dismantle and remove every single one of their nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.
  • They must end the production and enrichment of uranium and plutonium for military purposes, and permanently dismantle their nuclear weapons infrastructure.
  • They must suspend all of their ballistic missile tests and disable, dismantle and eliminate all of their ballistic missiles and programs.
  • They must commit to robust compliance inspections including a verification regime for their nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Inspections must have complete access to all nuclear related sites and facilities with real time verification of North Korean compliance. A separate compliance regime for its chemical and biological weapons that prevents, detects and punishes cheating on the part of North Korea is also necessary. These compliance regimes must include “anywhere, anytime” inspections and snap-back sanctions if North Korea is not in full compliance.
  • Any deal put in place must “be permanent.”


It takes a lot of gall to draw up this letter in the full knowledge that Iran was either in violation of these exact requirements or, in many cases, the requirements were not part of Obama’s deal at all. And yet Democrats were out there telling the world that this was the greatest nuclear agreement in history and that Trump was endangering world peace by pulling the U.S. out of it.

Two things can’t be true at the same time. Democrats are used to being Washington’s worst hypocrites, but this takes political nonsense to a whole new level.

All that said, the Democrats’ list of requirements is not the worst list we’ve ever seen; we would like to see all of these included in any potential deal as well. It’s just ironic that they are getting up on their high horse with these demands now…after just blasting the president for de-certifying the Iran deal, which included none of them. Simply amazing.

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