Democrats Have 85 Investigations Locked and Loaded for the Next Two Years

If you thought House Democrats actually had some mild interest in legislating over the next two years, you thought wrong. Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of America-hating warriors may have campaigned hard on protecting Obamacare and preserving the pre-existing conditions clause, but now that they have the majority, they are going full-steam ahead on…investigating President Donald Trump. While Democrats in the leadership are still shy about mentioning the I-word in public, they are content to fill the next two years with investigation after investigation, all in an effort to weaken Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

Axios reports this week that Democrats have a list of “at least 85 topics” that they are expecting to target with their new House majority. Reporter Jonathan Swan wrote that Republicans were already in possession of a list of issues they anticipated coming under investigation once – or if – the Democrats gained control of the House. This list includes Trump’s tax returns, his family business dealings, the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the Stormy Daniels payment, Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the military transgender ban, and more.

But in a broader survey of topics Democrats have mentioned to various news publications over the past few months, Axios came up with many other investigations that could be in the pipeline. They include:

  • Figuring out what Mueller has found thus far
  • Trump’s use of pardons
  • The building of a new FBI headquarters
  • The firing of Jeff Sessions
  • Several allegations of misconduct revolving around Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke
  • Trump’s “politicization of the military” (??)

…and many more.

Some are sounding an cautious alarm, however, and are concerned that Democrats will go too far now that they have the power of subpoena in their hot little hands. In remarks to The New Yorker, Geoff Garin of polling firm Hart Research said that Democrats would be wise to find a balance between proper oversight and overzealous showboating.

“The more they are seen as partisan fishing expeditions,” Garin said, “the greater the danger that Congress will be creating some sympathy for Trump that he doesn’t deserve.”

We suppose there’s not much doubt about how Garin voted in the midterms, but he’s probably right all the same. Democrats had a pretty good election last week, but this was no wave and they have no particular mandate. The people of this country want to see good governance, not the hijacking of the presidency. If Democrats think they were sent to Washington to stir up passions on the Rachel Maddow show, they are going to pay for it dearly when the next election comes around.

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