Democrats Fighting Hard to Get Coronavirus Funds to Illegal Aliens

At this point we have to assume that if there were some awful crisis that affected only straight, white citizens of the United States, the Democratic Party would be completely absent from the discussion. Over and over again, they have proven that if you aren’t gay, trans, black, Hispanic, an illegal immigrant, or, at the VERY least (and this only counts if you’re a Democrat) a woman, they don’t have any time for you. They’ve gone from using identity politics as a tool to win elections to using it as a substitute for religion. It is all they care about.

So maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that, in the face of a pandemic, the Democrats are chiefly concerned with how illegal aliens are treated.

This week, in letters to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, dozens of Democrats in the House and Senate demanded that she open up the $14 billion in education funding provided by the coronavirus stimulus package to students who are in the country illegally. While half the money in that fund is meant to go to American college students, DeVos had previously sent out guidance to colleges that illegal immigrants were not eligible for the cash. This guidance was in line with the Higher Education Act of 1965, which requires any student who receives federal financial aid to be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

But since when has anything as paltry as federal law stopped the Democratic Party?

“This decision unnecessarily harms students in need, and contradicts clear Congressional intent and the plain language of the CARES Act,” Senate Democrats wrote. “We expect you to comply with the intent of the CARES Act and reverse this unauthorized decision immediately. These students should not be excluded from critical emergency financial aid. Indeed, those who are especially vulnerable to economic hardship are exactly whom these funds were designed to help.”

In their own letter, more than 70 House Democrats wrote, “This narrow guidance goes against the broad language of the CARES Act and the congressional intent of providing help to all students. In this extraordinary time we should not be dividing students based on immigration status or unduly limiting aid. This pandemic has upended the lives of all students from coast to coast, and colleges and universities should have the flexibility to help those in need.”

It’s not particularly surprising to see Democrats fight to put federal money in the hands of illegal immigrants, but they might want to be careful about fighting too hard. Polls consistently show that American citizens, no matter how they may feel about the wall or sanctuary cities or Donald Trump, have very little patience with seeing their taxpayer money go to providing illegal aliens with welfare. Democrats are going to battle for a constituency that can’t vote, and we’re not sure how that can ever be a winning strategy.

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