Democrats Double Down On Trump

House Democrats are intending on releasing new information about former President Donald Trump’s long-hidden taxes after a key meeting that is set to take place next week. The Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal gained access to Trump’s filings in November following a relatively long legal battle. However, the documents released will only be accessible to a handful of lawmakers and aides who will be tasked with examining them. The tax filings released are still subject to strict privacy laws which would make it a felony for any information regarding Trump’s taxes to be shared.

However, there is a way that would allow Neal’s committee to bypass those rules if they had a private vote in which they decided to make the documents published. This is the past that Massachusetts Democrats are hoping to see their colleagues take. This option will most likely be discussed during a closed-door meeting set for Tuesday at 3pm

Democrats do intend to have some specifics released from the returns but so far there has been no indication as to what those specifics will be. According to some speculations, it could include everything from the entire returns all the way to summaries.

While most people in the committee have not yet seen the fillings, access has been given to the panel’s ranking Republican, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas).

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