Democrats Don’t Really Want the Public to See Their Memo

In an interview with Fox News this weekend, Rep. Devin Nunes said that the only reason the public hadn’t seen the Democrats’ rebuttal to his FISA memo was because the Democrats themselves are making it impossible to release it. Instead of presenting the White House with a memo cleared of all the classified information that cannot be released to the public, he says, they intentionally sandbagged their own efforts. Their game, he implied, is to keep the memo hidden, blame the White House for refusing to release it, and profit from the narrative that the media will be only too happy to parrot.

Nunes said the Democrats should spend the weekend “redacting it so that we can get it back to the White House so the president can declassify it.”

He said he was hoping for that to happen as soon as possible.

“We actually want the Democratic memo out,” he said. “We think it’s ridiculous on the face of it. We think it’s very political how about they attack myself, they attack Chairman Gowdy, they turn Carter Page into some super-secret Russian spy, they talk about how Christopher Steele is a really, really good source when we know that he lied to the FBI.”

Trump was singing much the same tune on Saturday, saying in a tweet that the Democrats should have known better than to send him this garbage. “The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency,” he wrote. “Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!”

This is actually a pathetic stunt by the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee and it proves that they have no interest in actually giving the truth to the American people. This is a political game to them, not a major national security crisis. It’s all about how they can score points against the president while keeping afloat this leaky, battered, systematically-partisan Russia investigation. They know they have no response to that Republican memo that will pass muster, so they are going to play this silly game that makes them look like the oppressed heroes of the republic.

Because, honestly, what can they say? What can they tell us that will dissuade us from believing that the Obama administration relied almost exclusively on a piece of Clinton-paid-for opposition research to spy on an American citizen? Because, trust us, we would LOVE to read it. We would love to believe that Obama did NOT sink this low. We would love to believe that our intelligence community did NOT purposefully deceive the FISA court for political purposes. So if the Democrats can prove that, we’re all ears.

Unfortunately, we don’t think they can.

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  1. The Left led us to believe that the world was going to explode when the Republican Memo was released…
    That was a smoke screen attempt to save the Left.

    Now the Left inserts classified info into their “version” to create a talking point…. These guys on the Left is really are predictable….

  2. Obama did NOT sink that low.
    And the intelligence community did NOT act politically.
    Nunes is a hack who wrote a B.S. memo to make Trump look good, and now Trump is keeping a real memo away from the public.

    • The Democrats included too much classified information intentionally, since they really never wanted it to be public. They can now in conjunction with DOJ revise to make it available if they choose. Nothing Nunes said is false. Even his reference to McCabe is accurate. I provided you the verbatim testimony on that.. If the intelligence community used an unverified document to support their FISA application with the knowledge that the Democrats paid for it, they did act politically. There is not another way to look at it. It may not have been intentional, but the end result is still the same. It was political. The texts further support that.

      • As you probably know, they only did this to “lay a trap” for PRESIDENT TRUMP…SORRY…DIDN’T WORK. (you just don’t know WHO you are “dealing” with)…. We Just have the USUAL sleazy, corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS attempting to cover the BUTTS of their corrupt cronies all because their “queen” anti-American COMMUNIST witch LOST, and all their “dirty dealings” are being brought out into the sunshine. The time to “investigate” the mueller DEMOCOMMUNIST “investigation” team and shut their butts DOWN. Arrest, try, convict, and HANG the treasonous DEMOCOMMUNIST traitors.

    • Did you see the text that Page sent to Strzok. She said POTUS wants to know everything we are doing. That sounds like he was sticking his nose into a federal investigation. She further stated they needed to give Comey talking points for his briefings with Obama.

    • I guess you think a warrant based on an unverified document that was politically funded is perfectly ok. if you really think this was not wrong, i feel for you. You would then clearly lack any objectivity.

    • have you seen the Democrat memo. You have no ability to say how real or fake it is. If it contains information that should not be made public, it should be revised by those who wrote it and passed through the intelligence committee again for their approval. I know for sure that I have no idea what is in it. For that matter neither do you. I guess you consider it a real memo, due to which party wrote it. Pretty biased don’t you think without information on what it might say. I think the four FISA applications plus transcripts of the FISA court should be made public and then once and for all we would know exactly what happened and whether it was correctly done or politically motivated.

      • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

        Frank Taylor, never argue with a jackass. It is frustrating and a jackass will still be a jackass. Will Higgins fits that description to a tee.

    • What part of Nunes memo do you consider bs. Every Republican on the committee voted to release it, so it included more than just his thoughts. I see nothing in it that can not be supported by simply looking at the McCabe and Comey testimony. We know for a fact who funded it and we also know for a fact that the entire dossier is not verified then or now. so what bs are you talking about. We also know for a fact that the dossier played a huge role in the first second and third page FISA applications. Your comment is your opinion obviously but is not supported by facts.

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      • Even Republicans say the memo is nothing.
        And you just said most FISA warrants are approved anyway, so that disproves the part of the memo that claims the Dossier was instrumental.

    • I have read the short memo and much of what it says is true. Everyone should be alarmed that the story line of the book 1984 could become a reality.

      • And all the people who say memo is nothing?

        • All of the people are not saying that. If any part of it is true and I think all of it is, then you should be alarmed about what that could mean for everyone’s privacy. The DOJ is investigating now and they do have access not only to all of the applications but also to the testimony by McCabe and Comey and to the FISA court transcripts. This could be huge. Rosenstein signed one of the warrant applications, so now he may be forced to recuse himself from the investigation. Comey signed the first four on Page.

          • IT WASN’T POLITICAL.

          • I have a difficult time understanding how the use of political funded propaganda that was not then nor is it now verified, is not political. It may not have been intentional. The FBI may have been played by Clinton, Blumenthal and others, but using such a document as a major part of a warrant application can hardly be viewed by any objective person as anything other than political.

          • Steele played the FBI like an old fiddle. While working for them, he provided the dossier to numerous outlets and one of those outlets was believed by the FBI to be research independent of the Steele dossier. They broke ties with the man when they learned how he had duped and used them. What the news outlet printed came right from the propaganda issued by Steele and the Democrats. It has been rumored that some of the content came from a Clinton associate, name Sidney Blumenthal.

          • Do you really think it was ok to seek a FISA warrant based on political propaganda paid for by Clinton which was not then nor is it now verified. I find it deeply troubling that the FBI did this based on such flimsy evidence. Obviously you think it was fine, since it did not harm a Democrat.

          • I hope that you realize that by saying that you relinquish what little objectivity you had remaining. It clearly was political, but it seems that only a few agents were involved and that by weeding them out, the credibility of the FBI agency can recover. a really effective agency should not be judged by the actions of a handful of political hacks.

          • Was the Dossier Political? Was the Dossier ever verified? Was the Dossier used as major part of the Fisa Warrant. Did FBI know that Clinton funded the dossier and that it was not Verified. Was the use of unverified political propaganda as basis for a FISA warrant political? If the answer to all of the first four questions is yes and it is, then the whole thing was political. If not what do you call it.

          • If this is not political, then nothing ever done by a government agency could ever be considered political. Strzok and page memos had no political bias. The IRS targeting of Tea Party was not political. When Rice lied about the cause of the Benghzi attack, that also was not political. Hey everything any government agency or government official is cool, since they would never stoop so low as to let politics affect their work. Come to think of it, I wonder when Page and her lover sent 50,000 text messages back and forth to each other, when did they find time to work anyway?

          • What would it take for you to consider something political.

          • You only posting one reply per-comment May help?
            Nunes just put a bunch of stuff Trump wanted to hear in a memo. It’s all his opinion.

          • I guess that neither Comey nor McCabe testified before congress, I guess the Dossier was not used by the FBI. I guess It was totally verified and Comey perjured himself. I guess that Clinton never funded it and her associates never contacted Steele, feeding him information. I guess the FBI never applied for FISA warrants to bug Page. No , will, the memo is not just a bunch of stuff. It has a lot of factual support. Nunes would not put his career in Jeopardy just to make political points, If things do not fit your liberal point of view, they become bs. I wonder though what you would be saying if the previous President had been a Republican and we now had a Democrat in office. If any of these things were made public under those circumstances, I just wonder what you would be saying.

          • GREAT, but you need to slow down a little, you just went straight over his head! 🙂

          • good advice. He is young though, and if he can just back off a bit without preconceived views, he could actually learn something. Unfortunately for him, if the view is liberal, that makes it true, no matter what facts may say to the contrary.

          • The fact that Clinton funded the dossier is irrelevant.
            And Comey said the memo is nothing.

          • Comey signed off on four of the Page warrant applications. I would expect nothing different from him. If laws were broken, he was right there in the middle of it.

          • You whole argument depends on someone from the FBI breaking the law?

          • I said if laws were broken. I assume that there will be a thorough review now to determine if any laws were broken. The way this was done was wrong and should never have happened. Even if no actual laws were broken, this is not the level of proof that the FBI should use.

          • I think that I did say if laws were broken. If requesting FISA warrants is done this way as a normal thing, the FBI badly needs to look closely at the criteria for a FISA warrant. This makes them look really bad and unprofessional.

          • yes her funding makes it nothing more than political propaganda and the FBI should have used due diligence in reviewing prior to making it a key part of an application for a warrant. When they included it the fact that she did fund it became very relevant and it should have been a flashing light for them, saying look at the source of this. Proceed with extreme caution. You for some inconceivable reason think using it even though unverified is perfectly ok and should just be common practice for them.

          • No fact could be more relevant. The FBI knew that Clinton funded the dossier. They also knew that the material included was not verified and that it likely could not ever be verified. Those two facts should have been a flashing red light telling them to stay as far away as possible from this document. We already know how they reacted to those two flashing red lights.

          • If the facts in the dossier were verified, he probably would be in jail.

          • The content could not be verified, Will. As comey expressed it. They were salacious and unverified. If you can not verify something written, it is little more than defamatory trash. I could write a similar dossier about Clinton and include wild charges. This dossier is kind of like a national enquirer article. If you do not like Trump, you will believe that garabage.

          • A fact for your information is something that has proof behind it. Using the word facts when talking about the dossier is not very informed when everyone with reason to know has said clearly that the content of dossier is not verified. something that is not verified can not be called a fact. Your comment however does show that you do not care for facts as long as the material is anti-trump. How would you feel if the object of that dossier was Obama or Clinton. You would be yelling fake information. clue me in Will, what charges have so far been made against Trump or any of his associates that even are remotely connected to Russian collusion?

          • how can you consider something as a fact, when you admit it has not been verified. That is something of a contradiction, don’t you think.

          • You bring up an interesting point. One problem with your facts theory. Information that can not be verified does not qualify as factual. I know you do not like our President, but until actual evidence is shown, your hope for him to be charged with something, with anything, even animal abuse is a waste of energy.

          • What term would you use to describe it if not political. Which party gained the most by the FBI including it as part of their warrant application.

          • Neither.

          • Steele worked for Clinton and also worked for FBI. The dossier was used so clearly the Democrats got more. Their document was used. Page was targeted for snooping due to the unverified political propaganda that the Democrats paid for. You really do have Zero objectivity.

          • What did the Democrats get that the Republican who first funded the dossier wouldn’t have?

          • First point is that it is true that a Republican PAC did first hire Fusion GPS for opposition research against Trump. When they ended funding, there was no dossier. That only happened when clinton picked up the funding. Steele was the main connection and several months later the Dossier became a reality. The end product only happened after Clinton became involve.

          • They paid millions to Fusion GPS through the Clinton attorney for the investigation to continue. I assume they must have been satisfied that a lot more investigation was done beyond what the Republican funding allowed.

          • The company that hired Fusion GPS hired them to research public records to find dirt not only on Donald Trump but on several other candidates as well. The head of that company said that none of the information that they were provided is in the Dossier and that Steele was not involved when they provided funding. Steele only got involved and the dossier was developed after the Clinton funding was offered and accepted. so it follows that everything in the dossier was received by them and was beyond the original fusion investigation. The Republican did not pay for anything in the dossier. That only happened after Steele got involved.

          • The contents of the dossier would pretty much be what the Free Beacon did not get. The head guy there said nothing they were given ended up in the dossier.

          • One party was spied on using an unverified document that the other party paid for. I think that one party could have been damaged and the other party definitely would gain by that happening. So any objective person would say that the only party that gained anything was the Democrats and the Clinton campaign.

          • Trump was the only one being looked into be a independent group.

          • Fusion GPS was hired first by the Republican PAC then by the Clinton campaign to find dirt on Trump. Sidney Blumenthal, a clinton buddy, fed Steele talking points that made their way into the final product. The whole purpose was dirt. if truly independent, no political objective would have been injected into their research. I think the dossier is garbage, but even if it was true, nothing can be verified so it is still worthless.

          • When you are hired by a political party, you are no longer independent. Their goal was to find dirt that the Democrats could not find on their own. You are aware that the dossier was not verifiable and that the Clinton campaign never used their million dollar plus product in their campaign.

          • The editor or someone high up in the Free Beacon which initially funded fusion gps investigation said they were checking on several candidates and that nothing in the report provided to them made its way into the final dossier . He stated further that Steele was not involved in the original investigation and only came on after Clinton picked up the funding. The dossier was a steele product and was developed by him after Clinton ponied up the millions.

        • Adam Schiff, the minority lead on the intelligence committee, is hardly my idea of a person of integrity. He even fell for the pransters trying to sell him naked pictures of Trump. I like Trump, but I have no interest in seeing him naked. He and I weigh about the same and that is not a pretty thought. Of course Schiff could be gay and just like seeing other men naked.

        • Schiff knew full well that by injecting higly sensitive sources and information in the Democrat memo, it could not be released, yet has stated now that even though he knows it does, he will not revise it so that an un-redacted memo can be released. Clearly this was a political maneuver to make Trump look like an obstructionist.

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      • So I hear the accusation that Trump is a “mole” groomed by the Russians over the course of five years. Now let me think……
        Usually when the Dems make a statement, look 180 and that seems to be the truth. Where was “Barry” about five years before hitting the the scene? Just ask the Ministry of Truth!

    • crawl back into your whole

    • Richard Bagenstose

      your right he didn’t sink that low , he was born that way, just like hillary

      • I think you’re thinking about Trump?

        • As YOU stated, it was Bathhouse Barry being talked about going so low, kinda lame to try to divert to Trump now, don’t ya think?

          • You just saying s**t about Obama with not basis in truth.

          • Good comment now just treat Trump in the same way you think Obama should be treated. MyBAD! Obama is a liberal democrat and whatever a liberal democrat does is perfectly ok with you. Break a few laws, no big deal. The person is a Democrat and the law was a bad law anyway.

          • What laws did Obama break?
            And at least s**t said about Trump has some logical basis, and is consistent.
            Obama has been accused of sympathizing with a a group that hates LGBT people AND of favoring gay men over straight men, and marring a transexual. LTF!?

          • Stick to issues. If you really want to find personal faults with any human, you can find them. You make general comments about Trump for example that you would be hard faced to find examples to support. LTF is a new one for me. As for whether Michele is male or female, that is none of my business. In the same way , the married life of the Trumps is none of your business. On whether Obama was complicit in the lead up to the investigation into Trump. I do not care. Personally i think it is time to end these political investigations , forget about Rice, Comey, Clinton and Obama and whether they broke laws. Trump has been investigated now for two years and nearly a year by Mueller and nothing. What criteria is being used to determine whether it needs to be continued. Common sense says if you have not found some strong evidence in a year on this type investigation, the time has come to quit wasting money. The tally now is around $100 million for a couple of misdemeanor lying to FBI. That is pretty high per count.

          • I meant WTF.
            If Obama wanted to politically attack Trump, he would have went public about suspected collusion before the election.

          • A public statement from any sitting President is quite different from a federal law enforcement conducting themselves in what could be a political attack and at the very best, looks like a serious conflict of interest and bias.

          • What’s the conflict of interest again?

          • When law enforcement relies entirely on a document funded by one party as a tool against another party, knowing it is not verified and also knowing who funded that document, that appears to be a conflict of interest. Just using an unveriied document is problem enough but knowing who originated that document adds to the possibility of a conflict of interest.

          • They know who funded the dossier.

          • They do know that and also know nothing was verified. Those two things should have been a huge flashing red light telling someone to proceed with extreme caution. Something stinks here.

          • You have never seen me saying anything about Obama or his wife of a personal nature. Can you say the same about Trump. Granted, I was no fan of what Obama did as President. His personal life, however was off limits to me for any comment. I do not think i have even accused him of breaking any particular laws. I did say he cherry picked to some extent what laws to enforce and what laws to ignore. He also never had much to say about the various controversies that occurred under his watch. Rice for example went on the Sunday morning show route and lied about who attacked and why our embassy in Benghazi. She was promoted later from her job as UN ambassador to a key position in his administration. I think she became national security adviser.

          • I have no proof that he broke any laws directly and you have not heard me say that. The texts do indicate he was wanting to be kept aware not just of what they found concerning Trump , but also what actions they were taking. I think that is unusual for a sitting President.

          • What was Obama texting about?

          • The texts did not come from nor were they sent to Obama. Page told her lover that Obama (she said POTUS) wanted to be kept informed of every thing they were doing. Either he told her that or someone else told her he made a request for information.

          • What did the text say exactly, and what was it’s context?

          • The text was from Page to Strzok. She told him in the text “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing>” If she was truthful in that, then someone had told her to keep him informed of what they were doing in the Trump/collusion investigation.

          • What laws has Trump broken. Obama is no longer in office and I doubt that even if he is shown to have initiated the investigation into Trump, that anything will come from that. Obama does need to show Trump the same respect by staying out of things that Bush did when Obama was elected.

          • Those on both sides of the aisle need to quit the personal insults and stick with issues. When I see someone say personal things about even politicians, i tend to question their credibility when they do talk about issues. in eight years, i never said one single thing about Obama as it related to his private life. Trump deserves the same treatment from those on the left.

          • you can’t handle the truth !!!!!

          • you say stuff about Trump with no basis in truth, just some general personal attack for lack of important issues to talk about and/or defend your position on.

        • there you go again thinking without a brain

    • Will, you really need to get out in the sunlight more as your liberal stink is beginning to show in your rants!!! Oblammo is a Saul Alinsky(communist) plant and you’re too blind to see it!!! Praying for your enlightenment man!!!

    • William Edward Smith

      Hussein was already in the gutter, and the FBI did act politically, its been proven with the release of the memo.

      • The memo doesn’t ‘prove’ anything.

        • typical answer from a democrap muslim

        • The memo however does reference some very strong sources of evidence to support what it says. I am very concerned about government abuse of power.

          • It references what one guy thinks mean abuse.

          • If what the memo says is backed up as it says, the FBI did not act properly. They either abused their authority or they allowed the Democrats, including Steele to dupe them into proceeding. Steele fed the document to at least five or six outlets, some of which published it. The FBI did not know he had done that and thought those publications to be independent verification. Do you think based on the supporting document that a warrant should have been asked for.

          • What evidence dose the memo have?
            Did you hear Muller indicted some Russians today?

          • I saw that and there were 13 indictments. The indictment does say however that they made contact with unwitting individuals to coordinate their plan. That seems to imply that there was then no collusion with these 13 persons.
            As for Memo, it relies heavily on the McCabe and Comey testimonies. I think each of them said pretty much what the memo says the testified. I know for a fact that the Comey reference is correct and I provided you verbatim transcript of that earlier in the month.

          • The indictment says they contacted unwitting individuals who were part of the campaign. Unwitting for someone like you needs to be explained. The individuals pretended to just be interested in the campaign and did not disclose what connection they might or might not have with Russia. In simple terms those in campaign were not aware of the alleged connection.

          • maybe, the word misused is more appropriate, but One thing is clear, they bungled this, by using political propaganda as primary basis for the warrant. The Democrats really played them on this one.

          • The Dossier was not propaganda.

          • It was unverified material that was funded by the Clinton campaign. If that is not political propaganda, nothing is.

          • It was also funded by a Republican.

          • When nothing came out , the Republican PAC ended the funding. If clinton had not picked it up, there would have been no dossier. The republican stopped funding and for a short time there was no funding. Clinton campaign then picked up funding and the investigation started back up, eventually culminating in the dossier.

          • The free beacon funded the original investigation into Trump and a couple of other Republicans during the primaries. Around June when Trump had enough delegates to win, they ended all funding. The free beacon had directed Fusion GPS to search public records for any anti-trump records. Clinton did not put such restrictions and the Dossier basicly bounced paper off the wall to see what might stick. Nothing did.

          • According to webster, the spreading of rumors to harm a government or organization is propaganda. This fits that definition perfectly. If this is not propaganda, nothing is . You show no objectivity at all. If not propaganda, what is it. It was politically funded to use against the Trump campaign. It is not verified according to a person, you reference continually and Yes I am talking about James Comey. You are a perfect example of a mindless liberal, who will not accept any fact that contradicts your own viewpoint.

          • Just tell me specifically what they would need to do for you to say “yes this was abuse of authority” Knowingly using political propaganda that has not and likely can never be verified I not very professional. Comey may have some explaining to do since he signed off on four of the FISA applications.

          • The dossier is not propaganda.

          • if not political propaganda, what is it it, Will?

          • Calling it Propaganda gives too much credibility to it. It is total garbage!

          • To call it propaganda would be an insult to things that are propaganda. It is far less than propaganda and garbage would be about as high as it merits description.

          • The memo calls out a serious problem that must be addressed. I have read the entire memo. He did pull only a few words from the Comey testimony and those words were used. They are not being taken out of context. I have not seen the McCabe testimony but feel that Nunes has no reason to lie about what he said. That part may have been paraphrased as well. I do know that if the DOJ does its job now, they will review the testimonies of the two men, look at the entire FISA applications and review transcripts of the court hearing. Then all of that needs to be declassified and made available to the American people so that we can know absolutely what happened. If some one did something they should not have done, then weed them out and let the FBI recover its reputation for doing things in the right way.

          • you ignore the Page/Strzok text messages, think the memo is bs, despite much of it being supported by testimony we already know about, yet with not one shred of evidence against Trump or any of his people concerning the original subject of Collusion, continue to hang on with some illogical belief that something will turn up if they just keep looking, I wonder though how long you think they should keep looking and spend incredible amounts of money that so far have gotten a couple of misdemeanor lying to the fBI indictments. At $50 million per indictment, that is quite expensive.

          • Muller indicted some Russians today.

        • William Edward Smith

          To the libs who dont want anything to do with truth, everything that goes against their sick, perverted agenda will mean nothing.
          But look at the facts, the truthes that have been uncovered tell all.
          How can anyone avoid seeing what has been a hoax by the left as anything other than lies ?

          • What has been ‘uncovered’ according to you?

          • William Edward Smith

            Comey lied, under oath, did not report to senate select committee, hussein lied, tried to cover it up, the memo has the text messages that were sent nack and forth to those involved, rice sent herself a message, for no other reason than whats going on now.
            You can read them if you’ll just look at them instead of wanting to dispute the truth with me.
            I didnt write them, but they exist and are available for all of us to view.
            Look them up.

          • What did lie about?

          • Obama met with Comey, Rice, Biden and a couple of others just 15 days prior to leaving office. Rice in her January 20,2017 memo to herself said he told everyone to do things by the book. This may well have been a good thing to say if said some months earlier. all of the authority and power was shortly to depart from Obama. I find it unlikely that he would at the last minute be so concerned about doing things by the book. That may well have been good advice to Comey Prior to his downgrading his comment from being flagrant disregard down to extremely careless in her sending and receiving of classified information. Sending such a message just 15 days prior to leaving office is very unlikely.

          • what legal justification did the FBI have to request a warrant to spy on Page. the dossier does not cut it for legal justification. So what was legal basis for the original and the follow up warrants that the FBI asked for, in particular Comey. He signed the first four of those applications.

          • How do you know the source in the dossier wasn’t correct about Page?

          • No one knows who the alleged unnamed source is. Not even the FBI. I do know the dossier was not and still is not verified, so I think I will stick to innocent until proven guilty. You seem to work backwards on that.

          • How do you know he was right. The whole thing has not and probably can not be verified. For that reason, the material in it is nothing more than just words that do not apply to anything. Just a whole lot of salacious gossip. It reminds you of the National enquirer with even less credibility .

          • It does not matter what you or I think about the Dosssier. The facts are that the FBI knew the information contained in the document had not been verified. In fact even now, the information is not verified. they knew that Clinton paid for it and that Steele was instrumental in finalizing the document. An objective investigator would have backed away from the document as though it was a ticking bomb, waiting to destroy any one who got too close.

    • we are talking about the FBI, not the CIA or the National intelligence agency. FBI has domestic authority only. Perhaps you are correct and this was not politically motivated by those in the FBI. They sure as heck used poor judgement in selecting the proof for the warrant application. The funding of that makes it look a bit suspect to any objective person.

  3. Claudia Morin Garland

    Will Higgins what do you mean Obama did NOT sink that low. His 8 years in the WH he was making the U.S. look foolish by what he told foreign governments. Obama is the king of B.S. and he spread that literally. Why won’t he and that woman(?) go away. Obama has sunk to the levels of the Clintons or maybe he was already there. He is a sleeze and I was ashamed of his actions and his words!

    • What did Obama say to the rest of the world according to you?

      • Lies …how about the don’t cross this red line (bugs bunny style) how about the Iraq nuclear deal? how about “you can keep your doctor” How about climate change is the biggest threat to this country, how about “there is not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS, shall i go on were running out of space here to put everything.

        • William Edward Smith

          If i may say, you got a bullseye on what hussein has done to de-value the U.S. in the worlds eyes.

        • What has Trump done about red lines, what’s wrong with Iran nuclear deal? And the ‘keep your doctor’ quote is a dead bourse that’s glue by now. Do you think no one changed doctors before Obamacare?

          • changing doctors due to your own decision is fine. Being forced to change due to a law is a horse of a different color. As for Iran, they are restricting access to some areas for the UN team to inspect. They can not then say that nothing is going on in those areas. You confuse Trump with Obama. Trump has not laid out any red lines. If you remember it was Obama who told Assad that if he used chemical weapons again, we would respond militarily. trump gave Iran until the end of March to comply with inspectors request to enter. There is more. The agreement will not be certified then if Iran does not comply .

          • Some Doctors leave insurance plains, or practices.
            And Obama asked for congrss’s Promise to bomb Syria.

          • OK Will. Based upon your grammar and spelling I believe you may be a ROBOT & a troll inciting people with your responses. Go get a real job. There are plenty out there now because of Mr. Trump’s actions.

          • I’m just stating facts.

          • Obama did not need permission from Congress. He had authority. If he had no intention to act, he should never have drawn a red line for Assad. When that line was crossed and he took no action he looked weak and made our country look weak.

          • Those are voluntary actions for personal reason for those doctors. My problem when a change is forced on citizens simply due to a law and for no other reason. We are best served when government keeps its nose out of our private lives.

          • Congress never brought it up for a vote. That was a flimsy excuse not to follow through on his red line promise. the line should never have been drawn, and made him look like a lily livered coward.

          • you are a lost cause go back to sleep

          • William Edward Smith

            How about making us pay a fine for not taking bamacare or choosing not to be insured at all ?
            He is a socialist dictator.
            And his so called bamacare was only forced on us, not the politicians.
            And do you remember what pelosi said about just putting it in first and then reading what it was about ?
            Who signs anything without reading it first?
            Yeah, the left really has our backs, dont they !
            My bacjside still hurts from those anti-Americans.

          • The individual mandate help keep Obamacare as affordable as it was.
            And what about the GOP senator who didn’t read the tax plan?

          • William Edward Smith

            Will someone tell this guy, bama wama care was never affordable !

          • Obamacare was and is far from being affordable. Have you seen how high deductibles are in some plans. It is unconstitutional to require someone to purchase a product they would not otherwise purchase.

          • Hey Will I served in the military with a man of the same name as yours He would be horrified to see his name being violated by the things you post and stand for. He is a very tough guy and an American 100.0%. I would make sure my doors are locked every night or perhaps change you FB name..

          • That was Tim Scott. I really do not understand why he said that. He did say he knew the things that were in it. The tax plan is now law. Thankfully, Congress at least this once did what is good for taxpayers. They have more money to spend and due to that probable spending our economy will grow.

          • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

            People were forced to change their doctors as no respectable would accept Obamacare. It did not pay the doctors. Working people could not afford it either. Premiums were outrageous and the deductibles were higherror than the bill. And one thing you weren’t told was the deductible had to be paid before Obamacare would pay a penny. It was cheaper to pay the blackmail money at tax time. If crime lords tried this scheme they would be arrested for racketeering.

        • I think you have answered his question!!! way to go

        • Concerned AMERICAN Citizen

          EXACTLY! I thought Bill Clinton was the KING OF LIARS, but Obozo PUT HIM TO SHAME!! Thank God the country survived his Anti American executive orders and everything else!!

        • I agree 99%. Let’s make sure we know the difference between IRAN and Iraq on the nuke deal.

      • Hi Will. Where were U the during the 8 years of BO’s Admin?

      • HOW about ALL the LIES About ACA/Obamacare.

        YOU know, IF U like Ur MD, U can keep them- Except that is NOT HOW it played out. Many lost their MD’s, & MSM covers it up.

        IF U like Ur Healthcare plan, U can keep it- EXCEPT for the 10 MILLION who LOST their plans. GEE, WHY wouldn’t a 62 yr old woman want/need a plan that INCLUDES Maternity Care? (OR, just another way to BILK HER for MORE MONEY!).

        Biggest LIE: EVERY family will save $2500 in Premiums, the FIRST Year! Happened to NO ONE that I know. Of course, they ALL Work for a LIVING, or are retired.

        EVERYONE I know had their Premiums Increase, with HIGHER Co-pays & Deductibles, & LESS Coverage! And, to PROVE MY POINT, You have to merely READ the Comments of Jonathon Gruber (1 of the architects of the POS Bill), on the “GULLIBILITY” of the American people, in Believing Obama’s OFT Repeated LIES. BTW, WHEN HIS Promises turned out to be UNTRUE, BHO tried to DENY he ever said that. Unfortunately for BHO, it is NOT “1984”, and HIS LIES were there for everyone to see on NEWS “tape”, over 36 Times.

    • I blocked that MORON , he’s a waste of time trying to explain anything to or have a honest debate.

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      • William Edward Smith

        Alan, you’re right, that guy is typical of the left.
        Just yammers on about anything stupid to waste time and money like his idols up in DC who will not co-operate to accomplish the countries business.
        I’m done with wil higgins.
        He needs to learn not only how to read, but comprehend it too.

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    • OBAMA Is Head of Snake Leading A FAILED Globalist Gov COUP Against America!

      • Claudia Morin Garland

        Bandara Carlos…I don’t drink but you should have a drink or two if you don’t realize that every moment that idiot was talking, especially Islam countries, how sorry he was for what we (Americans) had done to them and we needed to make up to them for issues and if you don’t think any or those countries were not nuclear ready you’re only fooling yourself. A thing the democrats are excellent at doing!

  4. Time to analyze the question behind the question on the Dem’s memo. My perspective is purely politics to cover their inability to function with morality, ethics, and integrity. Strategic moves to maintain their “diva” status and continue to mislead the American voters into a deeper state of “slavery” to their egos. Term limits are necessary; compensation and retirement needs to be provided and managed by the state they represent and subject to the voters of that state; they need to do an annual report to the state voters on what they accomplished and the impact on the state with specifics and facts not empty words of perception; lastly the voters maintain a constant vigil what they are doing and not rely on the news or printed material from one source. They (media) are elected and their opinions lack an unbiased view, thus not just “fake news” but “deceptive news”. Although they are the elected person, they are accountable to the voter……and we need to hold their feet to the fire.

  5. Take a page from Hillary’s play book shot in the back of the head body dump on the sidewalk pay the corner to rule it a sucide I for one still think Vince foster was killed cause he was the father of Chelsea

  6. Alejandro M Castro

    The Democraps don’t want us Republicans to see the #memo. It’s a little too late. Many of us already seen it and heard it. Right, Hannity. Sooner or later we’ll know how many of this traitors will be going to prison.

  7. The Democratic Party hides behind the political term Democrat, what actually now they’re calling the selves progressive Democrats, and the definition of a progressive Democrat is an elitist ,Marxist,Which translates to the definition elite elite is him for the very rich and powerful the half percent and communism for the 99 1/2%. The Communist Party entered the Democrat party to for fill one of the 45 goals of communism to take down America 80 years ago. Google it yourself 45 goals of communism to take down America!

  8. The Democrats are behaving as criminals themselves so perhaps they are. Maybe Schiff should be put into custody to determine if his false accusations are lies to enforcement and Congress.

  9. Carol Juliano Popp

    Scumbocrats put that memo together in an unacceptable way, knowing the FBI would require changes. They did this so that the memo could not be released and then they could blame Trump….. and that is just what the sick morons did. Problem is they fooled NO ONE. The whole country knows this was just another scumbocrat ploy that did not work.

  10. Funny how nobody in the MSM points out that the Nunes memo, which was slammed by the Dems and the FBI as having classified info turns out not to have anything close to classified in it. It was just embarrassing to the FBI because it showed how politically motivated the investigation into Carter Page and the Trump administration really was.

  11. What foolish questions in the survey! The Muslim/Commie, illegal, druggie, gay, anti-America should not have been able to run for the Presidency too begin with. He should have met a firing squad for TREASON. Is it too late to do so?

  12. The Dems know their voters “sheep” will still vote for them. Even they know Russia is Hillary’s lie.

  13. The Demon-Craps are using the same tactics they have used for years to destroy Republicans. It is built on BS, innuendos, and out right lies. The problem they have this time is that they are dealing with a different kind of Republican, and they can’t figure out what to do, the old play book isn’t working. If they were dealing with Romney, Kasich, McCain, or Little Jeb, it would be all over and they would be in charge. They are obviously in charge in the Senate because we have a weak ineffective RINO as the (Leader ?). But their doggie doo doesn’t work on OUR PRESIDENT, Donald J. Trump. It also seems to me that Ryan is getting some bad news from back home because he isn’t as out front with his anti Trump rhetoric as he was a while ago, lets hope we can get rid of him and McConnell the next time they run.

    • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

      The GOP was set to oust Trump in a brokered convention, Ryan was supposed to be their nominee. Well the outcry from the voters was too intense so that scuppered their plans, Ryan said then and there that he would not recognize, or support Trump if he was elected. So far he seems to be doing just that.

  14. Why doesn’t the White House bring in the FBI and NSA and with their help strip out any classified material and then publish the memo. If the memo is not publish just as Nunes said the Democrats and of course the Democrat owned media will blame President Trump for not allowing the release and of course this will be proof that the White House is hiding something.

    • That is what Schiff wants. He can then complain that the important parts of his memo were redacted, while the Nunes memo had no changes made. He never wanted nor expected it to be released. This was just a political move on his part.

  15. One day we will know that Barrack Obama (aka Barry S) isn’t legally a citizen, didn’t have early growing up or High School history, wasn’t who he was in college, actually defrauded the government on student loans, has a “gray” history in college in his personal life, notice he has no girlfriends bragging during his life, no prom pictures, childhood memories etc???????????????? He is a ghost, never had a job except living off federal grant money, and the list goes on……………….

  16. The Democrats can’t afford to have the truth be told about how their party is run and by whom. The people of this nation would be hanging them from the light poles in DC if they let that information get out. Question: What do you call 1000 Democrat politicians, drowning in shark infested waters? Answer: A good start.

  17. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Just what I and others predicted, they put in so much classified material it could not be released and tried to blame the Republicans and Trump. Sorry losers, but nobody with any brains is falling for it.

  18. Schiffty it is only 10 pages !
    GIVE US demoRAT Memo!

  19. OBAMA Is Head of Snake Leading A FAILED Globalist Gov COUP Against America!!!

  20. If the libs really wanted it out as is someone lib would have leaked.

  21. DNC is FULL of Pathetic Stunts! Unfortunately, SOME of them have even been elected to CONGRESS/SENATE!

  22. Their duplicity borders on treason but they know it’s impossible to resist indefinitely lest they cut their own throats. Schiff conceded that Obama had blame for inaction on Russian interference starting in 2014. Their day of reckoning is at hand when they soften their protection of their Supreme Leader.

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