Democrats Deflect Blame for Collapsed Southern Border

( – The situation at the U.S. southern border might intensify if disagreements in the House of Representatives hinder Congress from averting a federal shutdown, stated Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly on Sunday.

Kelly, representing Arizona, voiced his concerns on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” pointing the finger at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California, accusing him of not uniting conservative members of his party behind a fiscal plan to sustain government operations.

“There’s an ongoing situation at our border, and the actions within the House might exacerbate it,” expressed Kelly.

The number of migrants at the southern border crossed 200,000 in August, setting a record for that month and the highest for the year so far.

Hailing from Arizona and having a history as a NASA astronaut, Kelly mentioned that border states have grappled with immigration issues for a long time. He emphasized the adverse consequences a government shutdown could have on the prevailing condition.

Kelly pointed out, “In case of a shutdown, the salaries of Border Patrol agents might be withheld. The situation, already challenging, could worsen.”

Additionally, he expressed concern about the international ramifications, especially concerning the U.S.’s support in the Ukraine conflict.

He stated, “The assistance we’re providing Ukraine is pivotal. A halt could lead to their defeat and a victory for Putin. It’s crucial we navigate this properly, or the consequences could be dire.”

Kelly went on, “The current discord in the House is unparalleled. The decision to support Ukraine has wider implications, even drawing attention from global powers like China.”

President Biden recently requested an additional $24 billion from Congress to aid Ukraine. Recent reports have highlighted that the Biden administration has already allocated over $100 billion towards the conflict in Ukraine.

Kelly warned, “A failure now could potentially lead us into a direct confrontation with Russia in the future. That’s an outcome we must avoid.”

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