Democrats Confirm It: If We Win, We’re Investigating EVERYTHING

There was a story out a week or so ago about a memo circling in House GOP circles warning Republicans of the midterm stakes. The memo laid out in no uncertain terms what the Democrats would do if they won control of the House of Representatives in November: Grind Washington’s gears to a halt while they pulled every investigative trick out of their hats in an effort to make life miserable for President Trump in the final two years of his first term. And if there was anyone on Team Trump who thought the memo was an exaggeration, Democrats have confirmed to The New York Times that it was actually a pretty accurate picture of our future.

From the Times:

House Democrats, increasingly optimistic they will win back control in November, are mining a mountain of stymied oversight requests in preparation for an onslaught of hearings, subpoenas and investigations into nearly every corner of the Trump administration.

While they continue to distance themselves from the most extreme recourse — impeaching President Trump — senior Democrats who stand to control key House panels could soon oversee inquiries into some of the most precarious threats to Mr. Trump’s presidency. Those include whether his campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 election, if the president obstructed a federal investigation into the matter and what role Mr. Trump played in paying to silence two women in the closing weeks of the campaign who say they had affairs with him.

Their scrutiny could also extend beyond Mr. Trump’s legal troubles to include his administration’s remaking of federal regulations and other policies that the party has disagreed with.

While we’re not particularly concerned that any of the Democrats’ high-profile “investigations” will actually come to anything, we’re intensely concerned about what this sham session on Congress will do to the country. President Trump has had enough problems just dealing with the political sideshow known as the Robert Mueller investigation. If he’s got Congress breathing down his neck for most of the remainder of his first term in office, we can forget about getting the full MAGA president we thought we were electing in November. This is why it’s so essential that every supporter of Donald Trump get out and VOTE in the midterms. The stakes could not be higher.

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