Democrats Caught Creating Election Chaos

Democrats have a plan in place to discourage strong potential Republican candidates from running for Senate according to a report by the New York Times. This plan was created in 2021 by Democrat strategists and Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich.

Peters, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had at the time said that the Democrats’ best chance of maintaining their control of the Senate was to focus on four seats: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

David Bergstein, the group’s communications director, noted that they knew they needed to focus on the localized races and ways to disqualify Republican candidates. This is why Peters reportedly authorized the group to interfere a bit with the GOP’s Senate recruitment effort.

According to the report the plan had two distinct parts. Firstly they would need to convince strong Republicans not to enter the race against those “core four” Democratic incumbents and secondly, they needed to find ways to maximize “the chaos” of the Republican primaries. This was called the “Summer of Chaos”.

For the Democrats Republican Govs. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Doug Ducey of Arizona were two of the Republicans that had caused them the most worries, as Republican leaders had been trying to get them to join the Senate races.

This is why the Democrats started targeting Sununu first regarding his shifting abortion views. In 2016, Sununu said that he was “pro-choice, but with some caveats.” However, in 2021 he passed a bill stopping all abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy. The bill did not have any exceptions for the cases of murder or incest. This is what made his abortion stance the easiest thing to go after him for.
Sununu eventually decided not to make a bid for the Senate, while maintaining that his abortion stance had not played any role in this decision.

In Arizona, the Democrats focused on Ducey’s refusal to accept former President Donald Trump’s position that the presidential election in 2020 had been stolen. While some Republican leaders had reached out to Ducey, Democrats had leaked information about Ducey and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell meeting to the press. This publication led to Trump and his allies actively attacking Ducey.
At an Arizona rally, Trump had said that Ducey was “a terrible, terrible representative of your state.”

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  1. You could probably count on one hand on how many times Trump has mistaken a loyal citizen for a RIN0. 99% of the time Trumps statements are true, and no matter how a liberal twists his words, he is still right.

  2. Democrats continually demonstrate a totalitarian mindset. “If you are not on my team I will do anything possible to break your kneecaps. Just in case, mind you.” Reminds of the Russian and Chinese dictators always receiving 100% of the votes.

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