Democrats Band Together to Fight a Common Sense Gun-Rights Law

The attorneys general from 17 states are uniting to fight Republican and NRA efforts to pass what’s known as a national concealed carry reciprocity bill. The AGs – Democrats one and all – have written to Congress to demand that they abandon legislation that would force one state to recognize another state’s gun permits. The law, which is the epitome of common sense and serves ONLY to make sure that law-abiding gun owners are not unfairly and unnecessarily jailed for accidentally breaking another state’s laws – a scenario that has happened more than once – is seen as a recipe for disaster by the hysterical left.

Prosecutors from New York, California, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere sent the letter to congressional leaders on Sunday. In it, they warn that the law “will lead to the death of police officers and civilians, the proliferation of gun traffickers, and acts of terrorism and other mass violence.” How anyone with a law degree – much less an accomplished career prosecutor – could actually put their signature to such nonsense is beyond us. Never underestimate the power of political propaganda, we suppose. It has the power to obliterate a person’s rationality.

Well, political propaganda and hefty donations from the likes of Michael Bloomberg.

“With the worst shooting in American history fresh in our memory, we urge you and your colleagues to reject these ill-conceived bills,” they wrote.

Yes, because the lack of a concealed carry reciprocity law really helped police stop the Las Vegas massacre…

Every time something like this happens, it forces us to remember that Democrats always use that phrase “common sense gun laws” when they want to ban some rifle or close some real or imagined loophole in our legislation. But their opposition to this law proves that their idea of common sense doesn’t have much to do with that term as we understand it. Rather, it is their way of saying, “We’re right, the NRA is a bunch of lunatics, and so are you if you disagree with our position.” It’s their way of subtly putting their thumb on the scale and convincing Americans that the majority of their neighbors want to essentially erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. Then they trot out some fake poll that says 99.9% of voters want to strengthen gun laws and those few of us who haven’t been completely brainwashed by the liberal media just sit back and think…okay…sure…whatever you say.

But hey, if this law passes and it leads directly to all of the mayhem these AGs are warning us about (ACTS OF TERRORISM!), we’ll eagerly admit that we were wrong.



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  1. Not long ago the Supreme Court ruled that licenses issued in by state must be honored by every state – including driver licenses and gay marriage licenses. Why aren’t state-issued concealed firearm licenses also required to be honored by every state? Heck, driving and marriage, including gay marriage, are not mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution but the right to bear arms is definitely mentioned in the Second Amendment.

    “. . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t they understand?

    • Very well said, I will send it on to all Patriots

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      All of any right’s for the American people!!

    • That is a very good point. Who the heck do they think they are? The Constitution has never been good enough for them in the past except when they needed it to protect them. These clowns are two-faced, yellow-bellied liars. And that is being nice.

      • Communists used to be arrested as “subversives” and deported. That was until FDR allowed many communist friends of his to be taken into his administration and cabinet. From then on communism was allowed to grow like the cancer it is. Senator Joe McCarthy tried to expose the communists within the government and Hollywierd only to be vilified by the democrats party. If it is still a crime to be a subversive with the goal of overthrowing a legitimate government, then why are they allowed to live in America? Force them to leave under the penalty normally handed out to people guilty of sedition or subversion. That would work for me.

        • Agreed, and take the Muslims, whose goal is the same, with them!

          • Less reading required;) Call me an “Islamophobe” because I do believe: “Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone “prophet”, who made no prophecies, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist.”

          • “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11”—-PS—-I am an “Infidel”

          • Ronald Reagan, “Liberalism is Fascism”

            Ronald Reagan, possibly the greatest president to have ever lived, was also a very brilliant man!

            Many years ago, he described liberalism as fascism. This is not a new concept in the slightest.

            There you have it. If fascism EVER came to America, it would be though liberals. Just like Reagan explained.

            Mr. Reagan said it exactly correctly. Look at the Liberals and their ‘Demonstrations’ right now. The only thing missing is the ability to march while wearing the same color shirts and jack-boots. Like the BROWNSHIRTS or Mussolini’s BLACKSHIRTS, these mobs require a leader to tell them what comes next. There is no original thought going on in these mobs. The ideas they chant are not logical. They are mainly the output of disturbed minds that have been marinated in institutional ignorance and indoctrination provided by our public school system. The Communist flag, emblazoned with the hammer and sickle are commonplace even though none of these cretins has any idea what communism really is. They’ve been taught to believe that Conservatives are far right people that embrace NAZISM. Their ignorance has blinded them to the reality that THEY ARE THE FASCISTS. The (very) few that do know what Communism is are unaware that such a system has been tried over and over only to fail spectacularly every time.

            Remember, Soros was a Sonderkommando (collaborator) in the death camps. He assisted with the murder of his fellow Jews.

          • Unfortunately these kids are being taught by these lefty nut job professors, if these kids hit the streets and get hurt or worse then they should be held accountable.

        • Hmm, “guilty of sedition or subversion,” why do visions of the “Clinton Crime Family” start dancing in my head?

        • Works for me as well…
          Richard 9 months ago

          Remember when every school morning began with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and then bowed your head in silent prayer !

          Yes, the liberals in 1963 put a stop to GOD in schools and they continue to push their agenda little by little each year. Under Obama’s corrupt administration GOD was being replaced by Islam! GOD was banned from the Democrat Convention !

          IT WAS OBAMA who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith” ; who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security. Now we have Muslim Senator & Judges!

          • God will always come first and they will be last, they cannot change what a Christian believes in there hearts.

          • and you were released from a mental institution how many days ago?

          • Rich, you are a stupid bit@h! You are Obviously not old enough to have been properly educated and have fully bought into to the leftist liberal fascist ideology. An ideology that will cost you dearly if it ever becomes fully rooted in American society.

          • There you go again Gooey-” leftist liberal fascist ideology.” Any freshman Poli Sci major knows this is false- “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

            You have accepted your right to be ignorant-Read a book-

          • I actually read the “most important book” daily. And interesting enough there’s an entire chapter on the beginning of socialism and government control of the people. This chapter dates back over 4,000 years.
            As far as freshman political science students go, Lol, since they are all attending liberal leftist colleges the education they are getting is very biased. Lol!
            Maybe you need to invest in some good history books and do some reading.
            Because you are like the forest that can’t see the trees. you’re obviously young and dumber than a slug and just as slimy.

          • gooey- wallow in your ignorance-the Bible is mostly fiction-

            BTW- I am a 72 year old Christian as if it matters

          • Lol, Right you’re a Christian and you say the Bible, “God’s word” is mostly fiction? How convenient for someone who claims to be a Christian!
            Do you even know how to become a Christian? And don’t give me the confessions at the front of the church building and water baptism, because you would be wrong again. And don’t give me the Catholic method either.

            72, and you comment like a 5 year old. Leftist liberal fascist is your creed!

      • They’ve been ticked off every sense the lost the Civil War.

      • all democrats in offices of gov or any where else are just like bill clinton & obama ,cowards ,wont fight for the country and are all RACES ,THAT INCLUDES GOVERNER OF NORTH CAROLINA ,ROY COOPER, OR QUEER COOPER.

        • They are not Democrats, they are fascists commies.

          • ” Any freshman Poli Sci major knows this is false- “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”

            You have accepted your right to be ignorant-Read a book-

      • Liberals should be locked up for trying to take away our free country and trying to tear apart our Constitution. There should be no tolerance.

      • Pretty much every constitution allows for the right to own firearms, don’t think any country bans them. Common-sense regulations and licensing the norm.

        On the bright side our homicide rate is five to ten times that of our peers – W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia, not too mention much higher than most Middle Eastern countries. We average a mass shooting per day whereas the UK one in ten years, Australia one in twenty and Switzerland two in the lifetime of the gun. At least we’re getting rid of dumb whites and criminal blacks – just a pity we have too many dumb folk to take their place. Funny as!

    • They have proven that their understanding of anything is purely a politically motivated subjective activity. Liberalism has been called by many more palatable names but the bottom line is it is communism and communism and freedom cannot co-exist within any country if it wants to remain free.

      • Liberals should only be able to live in a couple of states, and make it illegal to cross the border in other states.

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      • They are 100% communists.

        • That is what I keep saying. I am trying to understand when a political ideology totally incompatible with “a free and democratic republic” and deemed “subversive” toward that form of government was made legally acceptable. I find no information stating it legally happen. Therefore I must assume that being a communist is still against our laws. Why then are they not being arrested and deported as provided by law as far back as the 1940’s? Just because they are here and were born in the US is not relief/reason enough to allow them to continue to subvert our form of government. In communist countries people opposed to communism are arrested or killed.

        • Using your “logic” then all “conservatives” are 100% fascists.

          • No 100 % patriotic, No room for communism in a free country, go live in Russia or North Korea.

          • ANTIFA is that fascists and that is a typical response of the socialist left like you, or a racist this is all typical lefty wing tactics that are not working they way they use to. Try coming up with some new material.

          • I know you are but what am I? Na na na na boo boo. Stick you head in doo doo.

          • How old are you 5?

          • Like most conservatives you lack a sense of humorous satire …..

          • I love funny. You weren’t funny.

          • Wrong you leftist liberals are the fascists. Problem is you’re all to stupid and uneducated in history to understand just how Hitler like you all are.
            I thank God that y’all are a small percentage of the American citizen population!

          • Gooey-

            No dip shit-We are communists…remember?- You’re a fascist.

          • Richturd, being a fascist is just one step away from being a communist. Conservatives believe and apply “the freedom of choice” without going on a rampage when others disagree with us. We simply shake the dust off our feet and move onward and upwards. We also only go on the attack when personally threatened or attacked. That’s when you numb nuts better back off because you will get back what you dish out.
            We do and will continue to protect the Constitution of the United States Of America.
            Be thankful that we are what protects you numb nuts from total destruction.

    • Norman, I agree with your post with the exception of DL’s. Do a google search for “supreme court rulings on the right to travel freely”. The SCOTUS 200 years ago ruled that the people have a right to travel freely without rules, regulations, or restrictions. A DL is not required to travel on the highways or public roads. Also, the 2nd amendment had no stipulations about bearing arms. The laws are blatantly unconstitutional, and they know it. E-mail your reps in congress and ask them to research the “Militia Enhancement Act of 1902”. This law has never been repealed but they don’t know of it’s existence. It makes ALL gun control laws null and void from way back in the 30’s banning machine guns to current legislation.

    • Shall not be infringed doesn’t compute in their minds:( Our friend, who is married to a retired police officer, said that “only” police officers should be allowed to conceal carry. “They are the only one’s that know how to handle a gun safely”. As a retired Vietnam Veteran, thirty two years & three tours in Nam on gunboats, I have had a gun in my hand more than any police officer that ever served & all of a sudden, when that is brought into the conversation, I “just don’t understand”?????:):):):):) I guess I will never understand her:( Oh well:):):) My Dad used to say “you can’t fix stupid”:):):)

      • Ahh still can smell that napalm;) Kudos and accolades on your ‘nam “visits!” They wore me out in 20 (’61-’81) in the Green Machine. On that police officer bit: as the saying goes, “true story.” Was qualifying for an armed security guard position on the same day the local PD was doing their qual. One of the officers was having a failure to function issue with his “revolver.” Could not get it to fire, or even rotate the cylinder. Firing was halted while they disassembled his weapon(brick). Anyone having seen what happens to brass cartridges stored in some leather belt loops will understand what occurred. This officer had been in the department for 20+ years, and the condition of his revolver indicated it had been in that holster the entire time, having NEVER been out. The cylinder was locked down by the green glob in all six chambers! Said all that to say, people thinking many, much less all, officers are proficient gun handlers are naïve. I have competed against many, and few are even above average gunnies. As you indicate about having a gun in your hand longer than most any PO, my hand has become “form fitted” to my Glock that I have on or close to hand 24/7, even now as I sit here! Too old to wonder where I might find a loaded gun when they kick in the old door…. 😉

        • That’s not the worst. As a young, rookie Police Officer, I remember some of the old-timers stuffed rolls of 10 or 20 dollar bills (When 10 dollars meant something) in their department issued gun barrels.

          This, to hide money from their wives.

          That, plus that funny-looking reddish, green stuff you mentioned.

          • LOL – just when you think you might have heard it all! Wudden’t have dun me any good, my wife can sniff out money wrapped in cosmoline paper. 😉

        • “Nam – ah yes, when we stuffed up, chose the wrong side and couldn’t do the job. Kudos – must be proud!

          • It was your elected in WDC that screwed NAM up , your favorite party leader and his butt kissers .

          • Western Digital Corporation? Congress makes the decisions and I favor neither, never voted Democrat – still! Moron!

          • So you think Sanders would have bin better than Hillary when it comes to giving the store away . Morans is what is in WDC that the public elected to Congress .

          • President is supposed to be a statesman – they don’t legislate. Sanders seems much better than Clinton or Trump, you need to ignore political stand-point, what you are electing is a figure-head they cannot install their policies. Sanders seems more like traditional statesman. Duh!

          • Sanders is a crowd pleaser with his give away ideas , plus he kept Hillary out of the WH .

          • Not sure why he kept her out of the WH – lack of numbers in right places did that surely?

            Sanders crowd pleasing immaterial – can the President legislate? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fukwit!

          • Many Sanders people would not vote for Clinton , some voted for Trump and the bulk stayed home . How many Elections does it take for it to sink in by YOU , that a third party can not get the Electoral votes needed .Funny Obama did a lot of that with his EOs .

          • More conspiracy theory gibberish. Usual turnout for election 50%. “Many Sanders people would not vote for Clinton”, speculative drivel like the rest of your missives.
            Never have I intimated a third party would get in – it’s a wrapped up plutocracy. Both parties represent the same stuff aside from gun regulation, abortion and LGBT. Wow! That’s why we’re the toilet!
            Name and number of one of Obama’s EO’s that did that please. Fail!

            You’re a fukwit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dickhead , you just don’t like facts about Sanders supporters .You know what the EOs were and some have bin removed so quit spreading more of your poo .

          • What facts? You’re speculating about Sanders or produce evidence. I don’t care what the result was – neither were worthy.

            There were no EO’s and you can’t remove them once enacted – they’re numbered. No missing numbers! You have to repeal; negate by Congress, the “people” in court or by another EO.

            You have to be top three Stupidest People on here – along with Peatro Giorgio and Frank Taylor. Moron!

          • Dickhead , you would be number one . I happen to live where there was a great turn out for Sanders in the primary and many went public about not voting for Clinton . Your sources are not to great .

          • Hearsay and hyperbole – evidence only please. Hope your sauce is better than your source. I have no source, just read facts. You got none.

            Still a moron!

          • You are spreading poop out of your hyper hole as usual .

          • Hardly – do you have records and details? No; hearsay and hyperbole is all you got. Bit like your made up Panama drivel. Still waiting on facts!

          • Panama papers is no drivel , you just would not look up who all the foreign people listed and their ties to the various agencies world wide and you claim about security work is pure BS or you do not like the truth as to the game that is being played .

          • More importantly you cannot name one person who did anything other than avoid the tax man. No evidence – awwww!

            You haven’t found evidence to prove i was lying once – why start now? Lies; too much hard work to remember.

          • Have you found the missing EO’s – ha, ha, ha!
            Panama Papers – to repeal the Glass-Steagall Act you would have had to buy Congressmen. Ne’er a one on the list. Ha, ha, ha. In fact no politicians of significance.

            Maybe consider an education, maybe too late huh!?

      • That cop is full of crap, he is a lefty that wants full control over American people.

    • Communist democrat’s have no ideal what SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED MEANS JUST ASK ONE.

    • The left understand what the Second Amendment says perfectly well. They just refuse to accept it because it conflicts with their beliefs. They want to scrap the entire Constitution and replace our republic with a communist dictatorship. They will say and do anything to accomplish that.

      • The leftists are still angry almost a year after they realized their prospective communist dictator would not be allowed to nominate anti-Constitution, anti-America activist justices to the Supreme Court.

        • Which really high-lights how ignorant you are about your own system. The President is an administrator not a legislator – the last President who tried to step over that was Nixon and look what happened to him.

          Trump/Clinton, pig or a cow – whoop! What a farce; who ever won was a joke! Duh!

          • Why do you tell so many lies , you embarrass yourself and desperate that you vote yourself up as no others will . Still up Obamas rump ???

          • Not one yet – proof?

          • The President of the United States is an executive. That is why the POTUS heads the EXECUTIVE branch of the U.S. government. The POTUS nominates justices to the Supreme Court for Senate approval. Which part did you NOT understand?

          • Can he make law? No
            Can he make policy? No
            Can he nominate heads of departments or justices? Yes
            Does that mean the justices interpret the law or what he wants? Law
            Does that mean department heads are telling the departments what to do or checking to see they are abiding by Congresses legislation? Congress’s legislation.

            Suggest you read a bit more. Why was the Constitution written thus? Because all the signatories had British history as their background, Britain had had a civil war just over a hundred years previously and no one wanted one man with that much power. British executed the king and since then it’s been a constitutional monarchy – royals are head of state, zip power! And the President ditto. Duh!

            You need to get out more.

          • Duh! I suggest YOU read a LOT more, poophead. The President of the United States is an EXECUTIVE despite the gibberish of your comment. He is head of the EXECUTIVE branch of the U.S. Government . . . And his office (aka the oval office) is in the EXECUTIVE mansion (aka The White House).

            Thanks for proving again that YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Duh!

          • Despite what I say you cannot provide any evidence to suggest it was in-correct. I’ll take that as a back-handed “Yes, you are right Mr Poohey!” Thanks! An’ I’m the idiot? Really!

      • Supreme Court says it does not stop legislation or regulation. Duh! Think you’ll find the same applies in most countries. Duh!

    • They don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • An Amendment can be amended – duh! Just needs to be ratified. Not rocket science.

    • Complain to the Supreme Court. They have ruled thusly:

      “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues.”
      District of Columbia v. Heller, 2007

  2. Once again, the Lefts “common sense” guns laws are proven to be just the opposite. Senseless nonsense…

    • DemonicRATs want “common sense” gun laws as long as they get to decide what is “common sense”.

      Not many demonicRATs have common sense. If they had any common sense they would not be demonicRATs. The few demonicRATs who have common sense quickly switch to Republican.

    • Right! W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia have homicide rates a fifth to a tenth of the US’s – per capita. Try again!

      • You compare apples to oranges… We have had the gun grabbers “common sense” gun laws in CA for over 20 years and it has had ZERO effect on the Lefts worshiped gun violence.

        Except it punishes and disarms the Law Abiding citizens and is a first step towards removing the Second Amendment.

        Why you might ask?

        If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.
        —Joeseph Stalin

        • At no point have we had European like regulation and licencing – fail!

          Lenin didn’t say that did he?! Fukwit!

          • You can’t prove that Lenin didn’t say that….

            And Fukwit, I have proof that he did.

          • Well I asked first – for a date and year. Waiting. I don’t actually care and am happy to admit I am in-correct but suspect I am spot on.

          • Who cares who asked first…

            What is important here is that the statement is a truth.
            The statement has been attributed to Lenin and your silly attempts to untie it to Lenin are a waste of your time.

            At this point in time, what difference does it make?

          • Well I’m interested because I like facts – suspect however that you are lying. I don’t lie, too much hassle to remember them, thus truth and facts easier.

            No date, no year – invented quote with zero substance. Awwww!

          • You are not interested in facts, that is a lie in itself.

            You are interested in disrupting conservatives conversations,

            You do not have the ability to accept facts that go against your ideology. Which makes you the perfect propaganda machine that can not tell lies from the truth.

            You do understand that knowingly repeating lies, is just another form of lying. .

          • In-correct – you’ll find on the Guardian I correct the missives of the crazed left.

            No ideology – i sit on the fence. Obviously basic comprehension is beyond your capability.

            Still not found me in a lie yet have you – why is that? I can’t be bothered with them. Actually never voted for Labour (the left) in UK – Tories or Liberal Party. That’s conservative or slap bang in the middle. Duh!

            Again, no propaganda, no political point of view – just ousting fukwits, liars and the fact-less. Take your pick, you’re the lot in my book.

            You remain a fukwit!

          • Your deflections and denials are so typical of the left. And then come the insults…

            What a predictable liar you have become.

          • No denials, no deflections. Check Mrpoohead on the Guardian. In fairness those on the left tend to have facts, it is their conclusion that is skewed. The right are mostly a bunch of retards who make it up to suit.

          • The Left is mostly a bunch of arrogant pooheads that are easily manipulated to a communist conclusion.

          • Then obviously they are real dummies as in W Europe et al as they have had socialist parties for over 100 years. Still not communist and far better societies than the US. Duh!

          • When one of those nations becomes as free a country as the United States, give me a call. But don’t try to push the BS the UN creates as proof.

          • They are all significantly “freer” – UN not required, most of my family live in Europe and facts and figures prove America is the toilet of humanity.

            Rules and regulations are everywhere – go to school, when you can have a beer…….America by comparison is more strict and ordered. You need to get out more.

          • Poo you are not believable anymore.

          • Well my kids don’t go to a school with cops there all day, nor do they have to go past metal detectors and no one has turned up with a gun to shoot the Principal, like my school.

            US averages a mass-shooting everyday – W Europe et al haven’t had that many in lifetime of the gun – suggest you try again.

          • Really! I guess you’re not considering all the history of killing innocent people with guns and way before guns.
            All of Europe had and does have ideologies they’ve practiced for centuries. Mass murdering innocent people.
            The USA has centuries to catch up!

          • The “topic” was gun-related homicide – try again. Hitler was singularly more productive – gas! The fact remains the U.S. is singularly more repugnant and violent.

            There isn’t a city in W Europe I wouldn’t walk across, not so in the U.S. Try again!

          • The fact remains that all of Europe has murdered masses of innocent people over the centuries. ( many centuries.) mainly because the said people didn’t line up with the various countries ideology. The USA is only 242 years old. It will take many centuries to to catch up with the death toll! You are the drooling troll!!!

          • Stupid comment as majority of Americans have European history in their family – without it you would be an Indian or not there.
            Most European wars were over power,; without the U.S. giving the world the Great Depression then Hitler wouldn’t have happened and now we’ve done it again with the Financial Crisis 2008. Stupid lending practices twice – we didn’t learn did we! Let’s hope it doesn’t lead to the same end.
            So where’s the toilet? USA, USA, USA! Highest homicide rate by far among our peers, in fact worse than many Middle Eastern countries. Toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Wars over power and religious ideology. And the religion being the worst.
            That’s why the USA became a free country. Free to believe and do as you choose.
            And FYI, your know it all attitude is a filthy toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Religion oft the excuse it is true, but mostly power really.
            Americans objected to taxation without representation and got a republic – pity, if we’d sued for MP’s instead we wouldn’t have to elect a moron and monarchy much cheaper. Funny as!

          • Why hide history? Troll or tin hat brigade?

          • I don’t know, which one are you?
            Troll or tin hat brigade????

          • Pragmatic realist with the facts -so far un-refuted.

          • No, What you think you are is a “Know it All.”
            The kind of person that most people loathe. Your inability to EVER be wrong is deafening loud!

          • History is history, I didn’t make it up, it just is – duh!

          • It’s the history you deem as factual. Duh!!!

          • Well I pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice if you can refute anything I’ve said. Reputable reference required. It is history! Duh!

          • On the bright side your historical education has rapidly improved over the last week. Glass half full or empty? Amused me and that’s all that matters.

          • Keep on riding the dream train to hell moopoop!!!

          • You charmed! I remain correct thank you very much.

          • Well as they say the so called “know it all” can never be wrong. Man, I am so thankful that I am not as insecure as you and have no need to always be right.
            By the way your avatar is VERY telling. Pretty obvious which god you serve.

          • No insecurity, live with three females – am occasionally agreed with, but I am never right.
            No God, avatar’s a nod to my youth; bad dress sense and punk rock.
            Suggest you get out more.
            P.S. I can laugh at myself, whereas you’re the joke. Ha, ha, ha!

          • I’m way past the punk rock crap!! First of all it’s not music, it’s only use is for head banging. 70’s rock, now that’s music.
            Bottom line is, you believe you have all the right answers and you feel real safe behind the screen, but the reality is you are THE small man who needs attention even if it’s behind a screen.
            And the wonderful joker of a woman pities you!

          • Head-banging was 70’s rock. Punk rock was 1976 – more inclined to pogo-ing though. Sex Pistols, Clash, Stranglers, but also partial to Pink Floyd, Genesis and Led Zeppelin – punk was just a restless phase. Do still play it when cutting the grass. not sure what the neighbors think as am inclined to sing along, though suspect family would say “shouting”.

            Obviously you banged your head too many times as you are devoid of facts, not my fault your memory is shot. I only comment on things I know to be correct, thus I leave quantum physics to my father-in-law.

            No attention required – you’re the idiot for continuing an argument you’re getting walked all over on. Not rocket science!

          • Well since I graduated high school in 1972 I’m pretty sure I know the music of the times. Loved Led Zeplin, George Throughgood And The Destroyers, Moody Blues Journey, Three Dog Night etc. None of those were head bangers.
            Question, does it make you feel superior to slam every comment someone makes? Not only are you rude as hell, you’re very immature.
            I do believe I’ve Wasted enough of my valuable time on you.

          • You can’t spell and will assume you meant Moody Blues “and” (or comma) Journey. The term “headbanging” was first mentioned about fans at a Led “Zeppelin” (or Led Zep) concert, but no I wouldn’t classify either as headbangers music.

            Doubt your time is valuable, you only emit drivel and are probably only capable of dribbling efficiently. Suggest you return to school and complete – start with English and history.

          • Joey, this Moorehead dope is nothing more than a trouble maker and a troll, screw the idiot.

          • Lol, I totally agree. I’m done wasting my valuable time on the pitiful empty carcass farting dust!

          • As opposed to sticking their noses into other peoples business and killing them – Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq. Funding despots and dictators – look no moral high ground. Awwwwww!

          • Our Constitution was designed around the individuals rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is UNIQUE in the world by the way and is what makes America great. The power resides in the people, not the State.

            The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

            Of the People, By the People, and For the People, to:

            Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…

            This is Communism, and no different than what our ancestors left England to get away from. The elites are the traitors.

            #MAGA If Trump is successful at Making America Great Again, by returning the power to the people, he will have take historic steps to freeing this once great nation.

          • Prove the statement wrong and we will talk…

            At this point what difference does it make who said it…

          • How interesting. These two articles from wikipedia show just how politically charged wikipedia propaganda is.

            The United Kingdoms firearms policies second sentence is “The country has one of the lowest rates of gun homicides in the world….”

            It goes on with the anti gun propaganda which has NOTHING to do with describing the actual gun policies in the United Kingdom…

            Nice drive by propaganda… poohead. Now Kids, don’t take wikipedia as gospel.

          • No it doesn’t, it relates the facts with a bounty of references at the bottom. Obviously they regard the regulations as having an effect on gun crime – I suspect America shoots more folk because there’s a load of fukwits there.

            Prove one thing Wikipedia says is in-correct with a reputable reference – good luck!

          • Obviously, you don’t live in CA. This state is on the verge of confiscation.

          • So I was correct again. As previously and frequently stated I left the US – it’s a shit-hole! And, if you had the capacity to travel and investigate you’d realize I am correct. Duh!

            Anywhere W Europe et al – better! They all have right to own guns too. Not much of a hobby in most places, hunting a bit difficult when ancestors tried to hunt everything to extinction. Target shooting very popular in Switzerland and plenty of hunting in Scandinavia and France – in fact I have friends in the former who are given a quota each year that they are obligated to fulfill.

            You remain an ignoramus with possible dementia.

          • I suggest you leave the US.

          • Already gone – duh!

          • take your propaganda with you.

          • That would imply I have a political point of view – I do not! Equal contempt for both parties. All I have is facts and statistics – you have nothing. ZERO!

          • Your propaganda supports Communism. The Democrats are full blown socialists that are being used by communist… (That is why you fight to erase history)

            It is you who have nothing…

          • Both US parties are center-right – just degrees of.
            Communist – ha, ha, ha! Hasn’t worked anywhere has it – duh! Dying a death too – two states left.
            Too difficult to erase history – facts are out there. You are obviously of the tin-foil hat brigade. Funny as!
            I’m in business, why would I want communism – I own property, why would I want communism? You sound like a little boy who hasn’t experience anything and is scared of his own shadow. There is no socialist party in the US – suggest you compare policies, the Democrats equate to the Tories in the UK. Moron!

          • Yes, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA…. They are all communists.

            The most clever thing the devil has done is convince man that he does not exist.

            “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

            Why did Lenin say this? Because he could easily erase history and replace it with the poo that fills your head.

          • None are communists – suggest you look up the ideology first. Duh!

            You accuse me of deflection, you blatantly take Lenin’s words out of context – funny as!

          • Communism – Marxist- Leninist system.
            the Marxist-Leninist version of a classless society in which capitalism is overthrown by a working-class revolution that gives ownership and control of wealth and property to the state.

            Socialism – Political system of communal ownership
            a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles

            Seeing that Socialism doesn’t exist on Earth, and all attempts fall to some sort of Communism, you can assume that the two are equal. And Communism is essentially a form of slavery to the Government where the people work for the State.

            Again, the most cleaver thing the devil has done is convince man that he does not exist… The same goes with Communism.

          • To achieve either would require a totalitarian state – W Europe et al have had socialist parties for 100+ years they have brought balance to society. Thus better healthcare, education, social disparity and mobility – the conservatives gave them gun regulation. The US remains the shit-hole of the modern world.

          • Spoken like a communist troll.

          • Who’s in business and owns a few million in property – right!

            Pragmatic realist actually!

          • That does not stop you from being a communist. Those that control the means of production is quite often rather wealthy in a communist society.

          • ……………….but kind of counter-productive. Obvious being a dummy doesn’t preclude you from stupid comments.

          • Counter productive? Those that have power quite often want more and ways to keep what they have.

            With Capitalism, wealth can be fleeting, not so much in Communism.

            It does not surprise me that you would deny this type of corruption.

          • No denial – communism has been woefully corrupt, equally America’s extreme capitalism has screwed the people and society. Nowhere is perfect but W Europe et al utopia by comparison – balance is the key.

          • Capitalism is NOT equally extreme. That is where you are wrong. Where in America’s history has it exterminated 100 million people that were dissidents?

            America’s Capitalism has created the greatest number of rich, while providing the most fluid living conditions of which the poor can better themselves. In other words there is a path from poor to rich through your own hard work.

            Even the poor in America enjoy higher living standards… It is the promise that you have the freedom to improve yourself that is the American Dream.

          • …….. …..and the greatest imbalance in social disparity and mobility. And no, poor in the U.S. is way worse than W Europe et al.
            Also provided two depressions – first gave us Hitler and WWII, suggest you try again, duh!

          • What chu talking about Willis?

   You will find the greatest imbalance in the Communist/slave states… And they have no mobility or freedom.

          • Are any of W European countries, Canada, NZ and Australia communist? No!

            You failed again – we’re still the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Technically in-correct; fall out with the party – gone! Wealth has remained in some families for generations. You can’t get anything right can you? Moron!

          • “Some” generations……. You conveniently ignore the new crop of super wealthy…

            Gates, Zuckerburg, Jobs, Uber dude, Zillow dude, Tony Hawks, the list goes on and on… But you can not see.

          • Nope and only N Korea fits your commie theory.

          • Sorry, they all fit. PERIOD. Denial no longer works for you.

          • No denial about newbies, wealthiest families are generations old and more politically inclined.
            Rest of my missive – spot on!

          • My point is that our Constitution protects the rights of the people to move between classes like no other. And the Elites are working together to subvert the Constitution, and morph it into something that is more Communist in nature.

            Any time you make a point that argues against capitalism, you argue in favor of a more communist society.

            None of your socialistic societies that have existed during the same period as the Constitution created the wealth and prosperity for the common folk as the United States did, or still does. Not China, not Russia, Not North Korea, not Cuba, not Venezuela. not Norway, not Sweden… None of them.

          • Russian billionaires and Chinese ones too. Are you suggesting that folk cannot make it in W Europe et al because of their constitution. What garbage.

            Elites are steering policy – fuck the Constitution you dummy!

            I am pro-capitalism, a dash of balance like in W Europe et al is not communism – you’re a dummy! Removing finance regulations gave us the Financial Crisis 2008 – a bad thing? Gun regulation might drop homicide rate to that of W Europe’s – a bad thing? Clean air, clean water – a bad thing?

            You should think your arguments through – mostly they’re stupid!

          • CNN is such a corrupt organization….

            Yuri got to them…

          • Good morning sunshine!

            you just redirected the subject…something you accuse others of doing.

            You also attack the messenger and rather than the substance of the information.Something you accuse others of doing.

          • You use CNN to make a point, and I made a statement about CNN’s corruption, implying that only fools would use CNN to make a point…

            And how is that a redirection of the subject? This is YOUR tactic, I though you might understand it if you started getting treated the way you treat others… But sadly, you are a hypocrite.

          • what about the substance of the issue?

          • Twitter Ads info and privacy

            Donald Trump was actually born in Pakistan under the name “Dawood Ibrahim Khan”:

            Donald Trump was born in a Muslim family in Shawal Vally North Warziristan on June 14th 1946, original name was Dawood Ibrahim Khan, he studied in a Madrassa in South Waziristan. His parents were killed in an accident in 1954, Capt. Stockdale a retired British Indiana army officer brought him to England in 1955 and later a couple from Queens, NY by the name of Fred and Mary Trump adopted him and called him Donald.

            We should demand a Birth Certificate and his DNA.

          • Twitter Ads info and privacy, pretty much tells the background to this ridiculously ignorant statement! Lol!!!!!

          • If there were any merit to your accusations, Trump would produce the DNA and prove your socialists arse to be the liar that you are.

            Nice try at sarcasm though.

          • I’d rather he produce his tax returns.

          • I rather sexual predator Bill and the crooked hildebeast produce their tax returns.
            Then we might learn just how much they ripped off from the people of Haiti!
            Who are still waiting for running fresh water and schools and housing.

          • Duh…Hillary Clinton released her tax returns for the 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns


          • Yes and now we are finding out about the $145 Millions that we’re not disclosed, which is probably the tip of the iceberg. Duh!!!!!!

          • Go take a flying leap you are the most uninformed idiot I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. We do not care about socialism in our free country. Beat it go sell your crap somewhere else. Try Venezuela.

          • Please – what was in-correct about the above? Nothing!

          • Thank you! FYI, you are definitely dealing with one of the devil’s minions. The reality is, he’s nothing more than a carcass farting dust. His end game will not be pretty!

          • I shall forever think of poo as a carcass farting dust…. LOL….

            Thank you!

          • You are very welcome, I did however forget to add the word empty. He’s an empty carcass farting dust!

  3. The phrase “Common Sense gun laws” needs to be banned!

    • I’m still looking for the first law maker, or ANYONE, that can recite to me the “common sense gun law” #1666. Don’t understand the difficulty getting that answer, since there are only about 400+ more after that one??

  4. There is only one reason the Left wants more gun laws…

    “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

    • Or, acquire the type of “heavy equipment” the government will use when coming after “we the serfs!” My wife has nixed parking a tank in my front yard as being a bit too confrontational, but primarily because it would block the view of her flower gardens. Most would say that wanting a tank at your home is proof of paranoia, or sum such; my response would be to google up Waco!

      • Okay, park an F18 in your driveway, if she won’t let you have a tank!

        • I concur! Where I live, however, would require something like a Harrier;) My son actually ‘drove’ one of those F-18s in Iraq and Afghanistan. Favorite toy plane! Performed a few “fly overs” at Talladega and other venues, special memories….

          • how about mounting a 105MM on the roof, I think a 155MM would be a little to heavy to support.

          • LOL, part of my motivation to become part of my “Green Machine,” was the Armed Forces Day display, at Fort Jackson, SC, the Corps had of this boy:

            Being a former, yea even present day, fan of Roy Rogers, having that “six gun” array as my own shooter was mouth watering. Being “young and dumb” I had no forethought about how to fit my 6’5″ bod into something like that, or even a full sized tank! They had that thing polished up like new money, pretty ride….BTW, never got near a tank, except to follow one, even though my recruiter “implied” I would get there. Hey, I’d even reinforce my roof, if I could get one on it;)


    • Date and year please – good luck with that.

  5. How can BRAIN DEAD demorats BAND together…WHAT A JOKE !!!

  6. As I understand it, the safest city in the country has a local law whereby every citizen over twenty one must carry and have training to shoot. Chicago where honest cizens are prevented from owning guns has the highest crime. Only the criminal nails have guns.
    I will suggest that the Elites in Washington keep there noses out. Permanently! I question their motives as that was one of Hitler’s steps to gain control with the eventual goal for world government.

    • Kennesaw, GA – 1982

      • You must be from Ga. , cause that is correct.

        • No, but I’ve been to Kennesaw, GA many times.

          I do remember first hearing about that law on the Paul Harvey Radio Show back in 1982. I could barely contain my excitement. Hurray for Kennesaw!

          For anyone who is interested, Kennesaw, GA is where the Great Locomotive Chase began during the Civil War in 1862.

          • I’m a Ga girl. Born and raised here. Wouldn’t live anywhere else. I like visiting other states, but love getting back home.

      • I haven’t checked lately, however, I believe it states “every homeowner” is required to have a gun in the home. I’ve slep a mite since reading that in ’80 ish something, so they may be walking around like Roy Rogers today. 😂Personally, I’m armed at all times, but it doesn’t show!

        • Fergot to mention, they just interviewed a woman living in Kennesaw, GA about that “gun in the home” thingy. She said it definitely has made a difference with home break-ins or invasions – she had not heard of any! Agin, maybe she’s new to the neighborhood? 😉

        • “Kennesaw residents were required to own guns … save for those Kennesaw residents who couldn’t afford guns, couldn’t use guns, couldn’t legally own guns, or simply didn’t want to have guns. Essentially, Kennesaw residents were never actually required to own guns, making most assertions about mandatory gun ownership and crime rates in that town highly problematic.”

          Nor did the crime rate plummet. Again, “or simply didn’t want to have guns”. Not policed, not enforced. Stupid missive by stupid southerners.

    • I believe that is also requirement in Switzerland. In fact the truth is that the Swiss, long apostles of neutrality during all wars, actually financed the country by offering their own military members to be hired out as mercenaries to other countries. Like Vatican City. They still employ the Swiss Guards. Sounds like Hollyweed. All the celebrities have armed body guards to protect their perverted lives, but we non celebrities should not be allowed to protect ourselves.

      • What requirement in Switzerland? Swiss Guard are hired individually nothing to do with Swiss government.

        Celebrities require bodyguards because America is full of morons.

        • You had better do some research on the Helvetians, Swiss Cantons etc. before you show your ignorance of history.

          • No ignorance – we were talking about the modern day Swiss Guard. Was I correct? Yes!
            Historically Swiss authorities hired out the “help”.
            Obviously comprehension is a bit beyond you, suspect you are one of the “morons”. Duh!

    • Gun Control is not about controlling guns or the safety of human beings. It’s about making you submit to Government and about controlling you! Once they get you to submit to the Government by turning over your guns, then you are powerless to defend yourself from tyrants – large or small – you are powerless to stop a criminal from raping your wife and killing your children – and they make you even more dependent upon the Government. They want you to be dependent and submissive. With your dependence upon them for food, health care, housing, safety, cash, even a telephone(ObamaPhone), hey can order you to do anything. They can strip you of ALL of your rights and ALL of yor dignity as a human. You will do whatever they say. You will pay whatever tax they say you must pay. You will live where and how they tel you to live. You will read and watch only those things they want you to read and watch. You will become a slave and it will happen slowly, and with insidious words and phrases like “common sense” and “for your safety”…. Don’t be stupid, don’t be sheep.

    • Hitler wrong! He gained control with bullies and a stuffed up country courtesy the Good Ol’ USA.

  7. Dems = common sense = NOT

  8. Joan Ferrantesimplyme

    Don’t these Demorats know they need functional brain cells for any kind of thinking????

    • I am positive that if the DNA of democrats was seriously analyzed they would find many many genes that are damaged and therefore defective.

    • It’s too late for them now. They have been on weed since the 1960’s.

      • And, anyone within five miles of “Woodstock” was affected! The attendees are all white haired, those that still live, today; however, their progeny were born dope heads, and those are what you hear making that screeching noise every time they encounter that thing called “common sense!”

    • LOL! Today, being an ancient Marine, my synapses rarely fire in the proper sequence. These “progressive/socialist/communists,” a.k.a. “Demorats,” don’t have even ONE that sparks off occasionally!

  9. This is very interesting. They are claiming that making reciprocity legal would be dangerous to police officers in their states? I wonder what those police officers have been doing before this? And now what would be so different? These AGs are George Soros supported AGs put in place to help with the suppression of the 2nd Amendment, aren’t they. Reciprocity of concealed carry permits is a no-brainer. If people from one of these states comes to your state, they do not get harassed because of different requirement here or there, but somebody from another state that goes to one of those states – watch out! You need a gang of attorneys to defend even your most basic rights.

    • Reciprocity would be dangerous to police officers in their states? Good law-abiding citizens who have concealed weapon licenses did not pay fees, voluntarily subject themselves to a detailed criminal background check, get training, and pass range qualification just to go to another state to be dangerous to police officers. People who pass detailed background checks, are trained, and qualified are the least dangerous to police officers in any state.

      How many BLM and Anti-FA thugs who frequently threaten (or kill) police officers do they believe have concealed weapon licenses? Few, if any, of those thugs could pass a detailed criminal background check to get a concealed weapon license. It is not the law-abiding concealed weapon licensees the police fear – it’s the criminals who can not qualify for a conceal weapon license whom the police fear.


  11. Constitutional Carry was the law of the land back in 1789 simply by the existence of Constitutions Second Amendment. It was only later that liberals manipulated individual state legislatures into subverting the federal laws with their own wills. This is a matter of simply putting things back the way they were intended. Liberals even back then were trying to impose their insane ideas and wills on the general public. These are the very same state attorney’s general that conspired to start to arrest and imprison people who disagreed with the junk science of “global warming”. Democrats communists need to be removed from a free country if it wants to remain free.

    • HAHA – arresting people because of their beliefs! Sounds like Antifa and Black Lives and the Socialist Democrat Party under Clinton and Obama! It’s just around the corner if we let these nutjobs back into power.

  12. I will never voice the same lament as that of my hero, Dr. Suzanna Hupp, in her testimony before congress:

    That being the case, obviously I am not burying my firearm/s at the border of any state I cross into. As Dr. Hupp states, “I would rather be sitting here facing a felony weapons violation and have my parents alive,” I too am willing to chance being charged with some “man-made” gun law violation than give up my “God Given Right” to self-defense of myself or mine, by ANY appropriate means, ANYWHERE! That dastardly 2nd Amendment is appreciated but NOT required….

  13. Gun Control is not about controlling guns or the safety of human beings. It’s about making you submit to Government and about controlling you! Once they get you to submit to the Government by turning over your guns, then you are powerless to defend yourself from tyrants – large or small – you are powerless to stop a criminal from raping your wife and killing your children – and they make you even more dependent upon the Government. They want you to be dependent and submissive. With your dependence upon them for food, health care, housing, safety, cash, even a telephone(ObamaPhone), hey can order you to do anything. They can strip you of ALL of your rights and ALL of yor dignity as a human. You will do whatever they say. You will pay whatever tax they say you must pay. You will live where and how they tel you to live. You will read and watch only those things they want you to read and watch. You will become a slave and it will happen slowly, and with insidious words and phrases like “common sense” and “for your safety”…. Don’t be stupid, don’t be sheep.

  14. To use the term “common sense” in the context of something leftists possess is an oxymoron of the highest order; they do NOT think; they emote, and emotion and common sense are diametrically opposed to each other. NOTHING any leftist proposes is “common sense”; they don’t have any from which to propose anything.

  15. Another piece proof liberal BS that proves the are well recognized by the ignorant stubborn uncontrollable Jackass. Th fact that the perpetrator was a democrat escapes them completely. The need to be removed completely and filled with honest men who don’t line their pocket with money from mongrel dogs such as Little Chucky Schumer, Killary Clinton and a real Nazi George Soros. I am tired and have had enough crap for one day President Trump’s lecture on opioid abuse has wiped me out for the day.

  16. I would take the DIMS more serious if their bodyguards would give up their guns!

  17. The US Constitution is Law of the Land that allows for Gun Ownership! This should be enough to allow crossing of state lines.
    Their hysteria never ceases to amaze me but The People are starting to see through this a lot more lately!

  18. ConservativeSenior

    The dems and too many repubs want us all to be enslaved, weaponless morons. They want to control everything we do and say. They are communists.

  19. William L. Ramsburg


  20. Until these liberals tell us how we disarm the enemies of America, forget the nonsense they sprew daily. We have rights too, what is there about our rights that liberals don’t understand?

    • they can’t see anyone happy

    • They totally understand our rights, they just do not want us to have any rights. That’s their goal. They want total control. They think we are going to give in to them, just to make them finally shut-up. Then they would go on to their next ‘right’ that we have and bash us on it till people caved in. Not going to happen!!

      • “Amendments” are amendments – thus new ones can be made over-ruling previous rules. Not rocket science.

        • No Shit !! Tell us something we don’t know. But I doubt you can, since you’re missing the whole point.

          • Your point is about “rights” – these can be amended. Duh!

          • No..Amendments can be amended,,, but our ”rights” can not be taken from us. Re-read my post. I ‘said’ our ‘rights’, those can not be amended.

          • Obviously if an Amendment changes your rights you are talking gibberish. Won’t happen – NRA fund both parties.

          • Certainly you mean your gibberish? Despite you leftists worshiping big government and believing government is your almighty creator, amendments to the U.S. Constitution don’t grant, change, or repeal rights.

          • Thank you.

          • No government worshiping, never voted Democrat. We’ve already had amendments to the Constitution – they’re called Amendments. Duh!

          • As Debra and I have been trying to explain to you, amendments to the Constitution do not change, grant, or repeal rights. Humans had inalienable rights long before the U.S. Constitution was written and will continue to have rights despite any amendments to the Constitution.

          • What “rights”, prior to Constitution we had British Law. Prior to that it was Indian country. Moron!

          • Governments do not grant rights. Humans have always had rights before any government was ever formed. That means humans have had rights long before British Law or the U.S. Constitution. MORON!

            I see you are still up voting your own comments. What’s wrong, poophead? Can’t you get any idiots to agree with you?

          • Governments regulate and legislate on how those rights work. Driving licence, fishing licence, drinking age, age of consent, etc!

            Up-voting amuses me and confounds the retards – don’t expect up-votes from Alt-right fukwits; usually get banned.

          • That kind language is exactly why you keep getting banned.

          • Generally I’m banned for presenting an infallible argument that doesn’t sit with the site – FrontPage Mag being a classic.

          • I don’t know what ‘turnip’ truck you fell off of, but it busted your head. You are not understanding what i am saying. So lets just move on.

          • Well enlighten me then – you think you have rights set in stone by the Constitution, we’ve already had Amendments so things can be changed. Duh!

          • Humans with all their rights did not suddenly come into existence in when the U.S. Constitution was written. Humans existed and had rights long before the U.S. Constitution was written and humans will continue to have rights with or without amendments to the Constitution.

          • agreed, we had British Law before that. And before the invention of religion there were pagan rules and regulations. Think they’ve all been surpassed by modern laws – British or American. Try harder! I’d love to see you in court with that argument; law of the land is in place and according to the Bible we are supposed to abide by laws of countries and kings. you’d be slaughtered, unfortunately just legally.

          • Self-defense is a basic inalienable right. That’s why self-defense is justifiable and self-defense cases seldom make to court.

            Up voting your own stupid comments is proof you are an IDIOT.

          • Self defense – what’s your point? We all know it’s a basic right – government can legislate on how. Duh!

            You’re still the retard and up-voting continues to amuse me.

          • Duh! I made two obvious points: (1) You are an IDIOT and (2) only friendless retards must up-vote their own comments.

            I see I’ve finally convinced you self-defense is a basic inalienable right that existed long before any government was formed.

            Sadly, wherever YOUR demonicrats are in power they’ll try to restrict crime victims to fighting fair against a violent assailant. Self-defense situations are not the time to fight fair. That’s another example of YOUR confused demonicrats being more concerned about criminal rights than about crime victim rights.

          • Alzheimer’s? I said from the start that the right to defend predated the Constitution. What you have failed to disprove is the right of government to legislate and regulate.

            Never voted Democrat – see you just can’t get anything right can you? Regulating is more likely to control gun ownership to non-criminals only not support criminal rights. I’d say you should engage your brain before emitting but doubt you have one.

            As you have yet to refute one thing I have said with a reputable reference the idiot is obviously not moi.

          • Wow! What a coincidence; I’ve never voted for a demonicrat either.

            The District of Columbia V. Heller case (2008) upheld the Heller v. District of Columbia ruling that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.

            The McDonald v. Chicago case (2010) decision of the Supreme Court overturned a decision by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals by ruling that the right of an individual to “keep and bear arms” are protected under the Second Amendment.

            I don’t care if you have Alzheimer’s.

          • PS “The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right belongs to individuals, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices.”


          • Amen, well said.

          • Amendments can not change your RIGHTS TO DEFEND YOURSELF. I don’t know how else to explain it to you. In the first place, it is natural and automatic to defend yourself. That’s a God Given reflex. We are born with it. I know because at the age of 2 yrs old, my cousin bit me on the arm,, I bit him back, he never bit me anymore. That’s a reflex to defend yourself. I’m 64 yrs old and i’ve carried a gun since i was 18 yrs old and thank God i’ve never had to pull it but one time. And didn’t have to use it cause he ran away. I’m 64 yrs old now and still carry and still keep my skills up. Anyway, Amendments have not changed our gun rights. Stay safe and take care.

          • Indeed! Self-defense is an instinct, a right, a duty, and a responsibility that exists despite any government’s efforts to suppress it.

          • The right to defend is not the same as gun rights. I have a baseball bat for the same purpose. Idiot!

          • The right to defend myself means I can use whatever means I have available including a gun. If someone swings a baseball bat at me I will NOT fight fair . . . I will fight UNFAIR even if that means shooting the assailant with a gun.

            The assailant had the decision to attack or to leave. If he decides to attack me I have no choice but to defend myself with whatever I have available including with a bigger baseball bat, longer knife, or more powerful gun. IDIOT!

          • The right to defend is still not the right to own a gun. Duh!

            Toodles – off for the weekend. Been a laugh!

          • The right to defend is the right to defend with whatever is available to defend with.

          • The government still has the right to legislate and regulate what you may have. Duh!

          • Governments don’t have rights. States and individuals have rights. Government have authority.

            I am not certain how it is where you live, but here in the USA government authority is limited by the U.S. Constitution.

          • The government has the right to legislate and regulate – awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

            The US Constitution and all constitutions evolve and are merely a work in progress. Stuff changes. C’est la vie!

          • U don’t live in THIS country. Whatever country u do live in, Nirvana is not available in this world! When those Gun carrying police do show up, they should be just in time to photograph your & yous dead bodies….

          • Why live in a toilet when you can have paradise? No bodies, no reason, not a toilet.

            W Europe et al all have the right to own firearms, they just added a bit of common-sense. duh!

          • And we have a gun for the same purpose,, so your point is????

          • Subject to gun ownership being allowed for the insane..

          • So you don’t trust yourself to own a gun because you are insane? Now we know why you have to defend yourself with a baseball bat. Heck, I don’t trust you with even a baseball bat.

          • No requirement for gun – don’t live in a shit-hole like yourself.

          • I don’t live in a bad place like you live because around here we have guns . . . many guns . . . for self-defense and home defense.

            I just bought a new rifle yesterday because . . . well, just because I could. Yay, ME!

          • Only folk with pistols here are the police, folk with hobbies or farmers have rifles – was chatting to a guy last week who’d just returned with a freezer full of venison; I’d rather surf. Excepting a few gangs (maybe) nobody here needs a gun for defense – thus you live in the shit-hole! Not rocket-science

          • Do you surf in stink-hole HI or in stink-hole CA? Oh, now I realize why you are so envious of us who live where we are allowed to own as many guns and to hoard as much ammunition as we want.

            I expect to fill my freezer with venison next month also. Oh, next month (November) starts in just a few hours. Yay, ME!

          • Lived in California back in the 90’s – haven’t touched US since ’96 and won’t be renewing passport. Shit-hole! Already November here – pinch and a punch first of the month.

          • Seems I recall that it’s not a very erudite plan to bring a bat to a gun fight?

          • Never been to a gunfight and doubt you have either. Suspect you’re sitting in a basement scratching your backside.

          • Easy chair actually. Marine Corps ‘61-‘81, your experience?

          • So your experience is limited to the military – does this equate to regular society?

            ’61-’81 means Vietnam or Dominican evacuation. Latter – wow, over-whelming odds. Whoop! Former – well we didn’t finish or complete the job, so we’re crap!

            No desire to take orders, my wife will confirm that. Seen more of the world than you ever will.

          • With each post you prove not only your moniker, but how ignorant and lacking in knowledge you are. Your contribution to wherever you live is obvious, worthless. As for that last, well it is highly doubtful, as my 20 years of service followed 30 by my father. Fliting hither and yon, even if you qualify for the jet set, may be “seeing” but far from “living!” You do qualify as perhaps one of the most ignorant posters viewed….

          • Your contribution was pointless as Vietnam was never justified – sorry! Your father presumably was in during WWII so might have done something positive – Korea, no!

            Definitely not part of the jet-set; Jack Kerouac was my inspiration and at 22 I decided to work my way around the world. Fourteen years later I returned – worked illegally and legally in countries and did on a shoestring. That is living, you meet “real” people. didn’t aspire to Jack’s booze and drugs; don’t mind the odd beer or glass of wine though, latter usually with dinner.

            Despite my ignorance I am considerably more worldly than someone baby-sat by the military here and there. If you can refute with reputable reference anything I have said then I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Good luck! Dummy!

          • Last response to an inane comment. You are a narcissistic lecher, having searched, as you claim, nations for some purpose to your life, having found none, now live “FREE,” complements of YOUR BETTERS, many millions of whom sacrificed ALL, to allow you to continue to contribute nothing to your privileged existence! I don’t know where you live, & don’t care; however, take a walk through Arlington National cemetery sometime, or if your time for personal introspection is too precious, just view a photo. All your benefactors, and the saviors of WHATEVER country you claim as yours, are there. In the meantime, take a hike, you are wasting the air you breathe.

          • Were the Vietnamese threatening us? No! I live free because of my fathers generation not yours/mine.

            America had the 20th Century to make a difference and we stuffed it up big time. Supported despots and dictators, fought un-justified wars – we are a joke! Ciao’!

          • The 2nd ammendment is the only ammendment that says it shall not be infringed.

          • “The Second Amendment was based partially on the right to keep and bear arms in English common law and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state.”

            Supreme Court disagrees with you – “The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right belongs to individuals, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices. State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right per the incorporation of the Bill of Rights.” Suspect they know more than you or I. Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The District of Columbia V. Heller case (2008) upheld the Heller v. District of Columbia ruling that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia.

            The McDonald v. Chicago case (2010) decision of the Supreme Court overturned a decision by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals by ruling that the right of an individual to “keep and bear arms” are protected under the Second Amendment.

            More gun control cases are up for review by the Supreme Court. Looks like PRESIDENT Trump’s appointment of Justice Neil Gorsich in 2017 will lead to more rulings in favor of individual gun owner rights.

            Duh!!!!!!!! Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Immaterial, see previous.

          • Only an handful full of idiots want to take away your guns…toilet tissue…

          • I am glad we agree that they are indeed idiots.

          • Nobody wants to take them away doofus. Regulation is all that W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia have. Duh! You see, you know nothing. Ha, ha, ha! Too stupid to see beyond your own nose – too big to pick probably.

          • Many want to but they know they can’t . . . Aw too bad, poophead. Our guns are hear to stay.


          • If you read what she was trying to do it is no different to what W Europe et al have . They banned assault weapons – are you expecting to be attacked by a herd of deer. What are you going to gun down a herd for – feeding a town? Duh!

            So no; not a complete ban, just a bit of regulation. Duh!

          • Attacked by a herd of deer . . . I can’t think of a more glorious way to die!

            The U.S. did not ban “assault weapons”. The U.S. restricted the sale of AR-15s for from 1995 to 2005. (Those who had them could keep them.) When the restriction expired in 2005, AR-15s became FAR more popular than ever. I bought my first AR-15 in 2015. Now I own four AR-15s just because I want to and because I can. Duh!

          • Think it would hurt actually.

            Why would you need four – are they that useless? Never said there was a ban, said that was what Feinstein attempted – duh! Is English your first language? I hope not!

          • Duh! I don’t NEED four AR-15s – I WANT four AR-15s . . . And I WANT four MORE AR-15s. I do NOT have to explain to you, feinstein, or ANY leftist why I NEED or WANT so many AR-15s. That’s what is great about being an American!

          • Can’t imagine why – presume you only have two arms? Are you related to Parvati?

            Not really much to be great about being American – turn up late for important wars, can’t finish the mediocre and un-justified, have given the world two economic depressions (knock on was one WWII, fingers crossed for the current disaster). We have the worst social mobility and disparity among our peers, healthcare and education systems. On the bright side we are good at killing folk with a homicide rate five to ten times our peers – whoop! Plus 60 million aborted – education bit lacking, on the bright side that’s 60 million fewer dummies.


            Who is WE, poophead? You typed you no longer live in the USA since 1996 so we know you are NOT referring to the USA. Who is the WE who have the worst social mobility and disparity among our peers, healthcare and education systems? Who is the WE who are killing folk with a homicide rate five to ten times your peers? Who is WE, MORON?

          • How – national debt still going up, nearly $21 trillion. Imports still out-growing exports – that is not making anything great again. America is actually stuffed – the 20th Century was there for the taking but like past empires it got blown, bankrupt! Respectability was still on offer but blown that too with Clinton/Trump election – a pig or a cow. Whoop!

            Royal “we”, the US has the worst social disparity and mobility, healthcare and education systems, plus a homicide rate five to ten times that of W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia. Take your pick they all have better stats and a good number have decreasing debts as opposed to growing – nothing like $21 trillion.

            Still citizen, so it’s still “we” – duh! Also, British citizen by birth – that’s a “dual citizen”. One passport says “European” too, well technically “Citizen of EU”.

            Trust that’s not too difficult to process.

          • PS Great has gone – forever. No way back; by the time we’ve balanced the books it’ll be either China’s or the EU’s century to steer. Preferably the latter as they actually care about people and the planet – comparatively! America is now a bit part – get over it!

          • The only thing the EU cares about are the global elites that have been pulling the strings for decades. You know the old money and criminals like Soros that have destroyed countries for the sheer enjoyment of it. The EU that’s responsible for the hordes of Muslim immigrants that now make up about half of the population and continue to kill and shove their shariah law down the throats of the people.

          • Obviously you don’t get out much. US is a plutocracy – both parties owned by same people; big business and industry bodies. Thus Glass-Steagall Act repealed giving us the Financial Crisis 2008 – Republicans did it, but Democrats would have too as both owned by finance industry. NRA owns both Democrats and Republicans – thus, no serious regulation. Both america’s parties are to the right of center – Bernie is about in the middle.

            W Europe have center-left and center-right parties – the former are funded by unions and academics. Not owned by business. Thus when they are in power more social programs – gives them balance which gives them better social disparity and mobility, healthcare and education systems – they also have a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of the US’s, though regulation was mostly conservative parties.

            No Muslim hordes – EU population is about 2% Muslim, 1% has been there for 500+ years. Because of Syrian Crisis they have taken in 10,000’s of refugees among a population double the US’s, most of the refugees are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan (not Europe) – millions. Sharia Law is not in force, though if both sides approve civil arguments may be sorted out that way on proviso it does not conflict with the law of the land. Generally result is same just speedier.

            Suggest you get an education – dummy!

          • I suggest you tell the truth once in awhile. Do you seriously think the USA does get the news about what’s going on over there.
            About the only thing you’re good at is being a pompous ass with your filthy language. So who’s the dummy? That would be you!

          • What you get is sensationalist claptrap – try reading the newspapers of the region. I was perfectly correct in everything i said and you can’t refute one iota of it – well not with a reputable reference.

            Only do truth and facts – lies too much hard work to remember! Prove one thing I said in-correct and I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice – reputable reference required, that doesn’t include Alt-right media. They just make it up. Good luck!

          • Something tells me I would never see the money go to where I request. ABF Biblical Research And Teaching Ministry.

          • Then you would have the knowledge that I am a liar and could tell all. Of course you have to have something first – you don’t!

          • Your comments are all the proof I need. You’re quite insane if you think I’m going to do the investigative research for you.
            You’re not an American, so why do you feel the need to continue bashing our President and our country. Oh, wait a minute, because you live in a Muslim immigrant socialist country and you’re jealous of our Freedoms.

          • You mean you have nothing as everything I said is correct – I’m very careful!

            Dual citizen by birth – like Obama. Lived in both, educated in both, worked in both and currently chose to live in neither. America is the biggest shit-hole in the modern world, Britain is runner-up.

            W Europe et al have mixed politics; socialism has given them better schools, healthcare, social disparity and mobility. Gun regulation was actually introduced by conservative parties. Most Muslims I have met are in mixed marriages or their kids are – you are a sad ignorant little man!

            I can live in the US by virtue of birth, I choose not to as it is a dump!

          • You assume too much about my avatar name.
            You know what they say about the word assume?
            When you assume, you make an ass – out of you and me.

          • What have I assumed?

          • Glad to hear it as we could care less what you think. Oh socialism has worked out real good in Venezuela.

          • Why is it always Venezuela? Why not W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia – they all have better healthcare, education, social disparity and mobility thanks to socialist parties. Venezuela relies on oil money which ever party is in power – duh!

          • You can’t argue with that kind of brainwashed socialist stupidity.
            He’s going by the socialist propaganda media which doesn’t tell the people the truth.

          • I have to ask; are you living in your car, a trailer or just a dumbass nigga? Are you in care and incapable of wiping your own backside? Born stupid and ignorant or hit by a truck? Ha, ha, ha! Tickled pink!

          • I am doing VERY well since Donald Trump was elected last year. Did you also notice the sudden rise in the stock market and the sudden increase in consumer confidence starting on November 9th, 2016?

            I know I’ve defeated morons like you when you can only reply with filthy nonsense. Thanks for proving my point, MORON. I never expected you to reply with any intelligence anyway.

            How is the surfing in England?

          • Stock market irrelevant – debt still growing, as are imports over exports.

            You haven’t disproved anything I’ve said yet.

            Surf in Cornwall much the same as other places – good days and bad. Chillier than California, but warmer than New England in the winter. Thicker wet-suit!

          • Dear Norman-The point is…in reality nobody wants to take away your metal penis substitutes- I have been in this argument before and when one makes the statement- “nobody wants to take away your guns” some numb nuts like you finds some outlier on the internet who makes that statement and uses it to prove me wrong.

          • Nobody wants to take them away doofus. Regulation is all that W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia have. Duh!

          • Duh! Contrary to what you leftists believe, the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution) does not grant any rights. Rights are granted to us by our Creator and are inalienable based on our humanity. (FYI, poophead, the government is NOT our Creator.) The Bill of Rights were and still are a restriction on government authority from infringing on OUR rights.

            The First Amendment, for example, begins “Congress shall pass make law . . .” and the Second Amendment includes “. . . shall not be infringed . . .”

            People have had the rights to religion, expression, self-defense, privacy, etc. since the beginning of humanity which is LONG BEFORE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN.

            Even if demonicRATs could repeal the Second Amendment, we still have OUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to defend ourselves from government oppression anyway we could including with weapons.

          • AMEN !!! Thank you.

          • The Bill of Rights are the first lot of Amendments, more amendments may follow and change previous ones. Not rocket science.

            Supreme Court has already stated that States may impose gun regulations, Federal can not without amendment. Viola’!

          • The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The Articles of U.S. Constitution established how the government would be formed and its authority. Several states refused to ratify the Constitution in its original form until the Bill of Rights was added to prevent the new government from becoming too powerful and restricting the rights of individuals and states just as the British government had become before the recently fought American Revolution.

            Amendments to the U.S. Constitution can be repealed or changed with subsequent amendments, however, inalienable rights granted by our Creator based on our humanity which existed long before the U.S. Constitution was written can NOT be repealed.

            The American Revolution (which was fought before the U.S. Constitution was written) is an example of groups and individuals using their right to use weapons (i.e. bear arms) to expel an oppressive government. Therefore, the right to bear arms existed before and in spite of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and will continue to exist if the Second Amendment was repealed.

          • The right to bear arms was under the previous laws of government – the British. Moron!

            Don’t think the Ten Commandments includes that sort of stuff – duh! More about not shagging your neighbor or doing him/her in.

            The Revolution was about representation in Parliament or “no taxation without representation”, most were loyal to the Monarchy. Duh!

          • Duh! The right to keep and bear arms under the British government, MORON? Is that why the British soldiers marched to Lexington and Concord, MA on April 18 and 19, 1775 to seize the guns, powder, and flints of the Americans? On the contrary, the Americans exercise their right to keep and bear arms and sent the British soldiers fleeing back to Boston – and that was more than 12 years before the U.S. Constitution was written.

            Yep, you are getting angry and frustrated, poophead! If you want to learn more about the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, or human rights, just ask me! I’m happy to correct any misconceptions you and other leftists have.

          • The right to bear arms was granted under British rule, but revolution was not. It was a revolution because we won, if lost they would have been terrorists. Duh! Victors write history.

            You have nothing to say, just gibberish. Human rights – only if you were white. The Bible hardly condemned slavery.

          • Duh! Early humans wielded clubs, threw stones and spears, and used other weapons to defend themselves and there groups long before there was anything British to grant the right to bear arms.

          • No laws other than who is biggest, civilization brought laws. Right to defend is not right to own gun.Viola.

          • If the assailant chooses to attack, I choose with what I will defend my self.

            If I have a gun and the assailant has knife, I will chose to defend myself with a gun rather than a knife.

          • So the pussy anti-FA (anti-First-Amendment) activist dweeb is calling me a sissy.

            Kahunas? What are kahunas? You need grow some cojones, sissy boy?

          • Kahunas is Hawaiian – it’s what you need when you paddle out in big stuff.

            Not anti-anything, just like facts. Duh!

          • Duh! The Hawaiian word Kahuna means a “priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession”.

            Here is the Wikipedia link to “Kahuna” Go read it yourself.

            Oh, BTW, you need to grow some cojones. Duh!

          • Scroll down further, also big waves. There are many surf shops thus named. In surf-speak it is having the kahuna’s (cojones) to paddle out there. Here end-eth another lesson. Duh!

          • Duh! I dare you to read the definition of “cojones”. I don’t believe you have the testicles. That’s testicles; not tentacles.

          • They’re there; though I was recently threatened with bricks in the garden or the “snip” for my wedding anniversary. Big wave surfing beyond my ability or adrenaline requirements. And, we were speaking about “kahuna” and it’s definition – fail! Again! Awwwww. I guess when you’re a dummy getting walked all over is normal – I wouldn’t know on these sites for the retarded.

          • Yep, just as we both knew you do NOT have the testicles to even look up the word “cojones”.

          • No need, wife speaks Spanish. French, reads Latin. God knows why she married me.

          • Your lack of real intelligence is stunning. Great liberal fascist talking points though. Very typical of a liberal fascist troll.
            You lose ground every time you pick up your dictionary and look up the words you’re spelling.

          • Amusing – fascist, very right of center, liberal, in the center. Who forgot the dictionary – not I!

          • PS My parents created me – God is made up gibberish to keep the morons in their place.

            Civilized countries citizens have the right to defend – only folk denied firearms are criminals and folk with mental health “issues”. Gun ownership is less most everywhere else as they are not afraid of their neighbors or aliens; plus hunting in heavily populated countries has diminished from practicalities – more about conservation. However I know some folk in rural Scandinavia obligated to cull numbers of reindeer, moose and bear each year. Reindeer meatballs – very nice! And, some in France who cull wild boar – pig on a spit for the village afterwards.

            You remain an ignoramus!

          • Getting angry and frustrated, poophead? What is YOUR gibberish about?

          • Entertained actually! You have nothing, you are nothing!

          • Yes, many people find my lessons about the U.S. Constitution and human rights entertaining.

          • ……………………because you know nothing I suspect. Comedy!

          • Getting into food fights in an attempt at logical discussion with those not familiar with the term, as ole Spoc might opine, is “illogical.”

          • Oh I see now what’s wrong with you and why you think the way you do. I got the information from your first sentence. I see you follow Satan. I hear he has a real hot place. Hope you can stand it.

          • Makahiki – surf God actually. None are real – just dreamed up for the dimwits.

            Toodles – off for the weekend. Been fun!

          • I hit a subject you can’t deal with. If you don’t believe there is a God in heaven; then please tell us how humans and nature were created. And no bullshit that everything just appeared out of thin air.

            Obviously you skipped science class.

          • lol, lol. Not me. I loved Science and Especially Biology. And no where in either subject could i find how the first humans were made. Or the first animal was made or first insect, etc. But learnt how all function. It’s amazing how everything works together from head to toe. Humans are amazing with how your whole body and brain works together. It took a HIGHER POWER to design and make a human and creatures. And besides, how did the ‘first’ human make himself and also make his self a mate to create other humans together. Now i explained how i believe we got here (from God) and since you ‘do not’ believe that God exists, (which is a spirit and by the way, He is everywhere) made us and everything else on earth and the whole solar system,) please explain to me how you believe we got here on earth, in the first place. All jokes aside, please explain it to me. I am interested in your concept of how you believe the first human was made and a mate, so they could create more humans

          • Think you’ll find we evolved from apes, Bible amusingly forgets Earth nearly five billion years old and number of incarnations. Why does the Bible forget the dinosaurs?

            If God exists then why does he not fix my football team or provide perfect surf everyday?
            He’s tardy or just been on vacation for the last 2000 years. Lazy bastard!

          • We did not evolve from Apes dear one. And as for your football team etc. — you are praying to the wrong one. If you will pray to Satan, he will give you all that your heart desires, and the only thing he ask for, in return, is your soul. You will most likely be more comfortable with Satan. By the way, even Satan believes in God, cause he knows God exists. It’s your choice, and only your choice. I wish you well.

          • Well there seems to be considerably more backing this idea over anything else. And,

            Satan don’t work either – football team still crap and surf changes consistently. You have belief, I don’t begrudge that, I like facts.

          • lol, to each his own. We will just have to agree to disagree. But I can tell you this, believe it or not, I’ve never met anyone that truly believed that there is no God in heaven. And that humans created their selves and the trees and plants and seeds etc. You’re in for quiet a surprise, so you better be prepared for it. Take care.

          • Suggest you get out more and become educated. Obviously the trailer park is a little short-sighted.

          • I like facts also. But from what i just read in wikipedia and humanorgins that you posted…..”don’t you remember, we learned that in middle school. I didn’t believe it then and i still don’t. My reason is,,,, Who was there to see and record Apes turning into humans?? And who made the apes in the first place? You don’t ever hear what they came from or how they came to be. If you believe we came from apes, then you must know where the apes came from. Please explain where they came from, along with all the other animals and birds, etc. They were here before us.

          • Too many bits of evidence lying around. Bones, drawings etc.

            The Bible on the other hand was written after the main protagonists had died, sometimes a few generations after. Equally plenty of tweaking thereafter by Christian bodies. God apparently made Adam and Eve, apes not required? Birds came from dinosaurs, mammals evolved – ask Darwin.

            God is for people that don’t have enough belief in themselves – get a life!

          • Yes, man and animals had been around a long time before Jesus walked this earth and told us about God, our creator. He answered questions about how we came to be. God created the animals before He created Adam and Eve. As for your question, ‘apes not required’, apes and animals were here before man. And as for your last remark, ”get a life”, I have one, thank you. You did not have to answer my post if you didn’t want to, but because you did, i answered you. But no worries, signing off now.

          • Errr, the Old Testament was written about 1300BC, Jesus merely re-iterated the same drivel.

            Yes, apes and animals were here first but Adam and Eve magically appeared. Right!?

          • You are just a lost soul, you will know everything when you get to the other side.

          • Whereas you will be very disappointed – no other side. Dead is dead, best make the most of the here and now.

          • Agreed 100%

          • Thank you.

          • Who do you think created science that man has dabbled in for the last 6000 years of human life?
            Not a scientist.

          • Not a God either; just kinda happened and evolved. God is tardy and a lazy git; where’s he been for the last 2000 years. Useless bastard!

          • Typical response of an unbeliever, until that very moment…

          • And that’s all you have, “belief”. Zip fact, I’m kinda on the facts based stuff.

          • Debra, unbelievers always use the thin air excuse or the rabbit out of the hat.
            Yet the day will come when all their unbelief will turn to believing in that which will be to late to partake of for all eternity.

          • You are right. But i felt like i at least had to try. That is what God would want us to do. Take care.

          • Yes we are to give everyone the opportunity to believe the truth, and when they choose not to, then we are to shake the dust off of our feet and move on. We don’t waste our valuable time casting our pearls before swine. The the truth of the word of God.

          • Yea,, I’ve had to do that a few times. I just don’t like to give up easily. But i also don’t like to keep on and on with anyone that can’t at least open their mind to the gift God has for us. Take Care.

          • You take care as well.
            God bless you!

          • Thank you. God Bless you and yours also.

          • Uh, not so much – u shudda quit reading right after putting your lamps on that moniker! Defines what makes up the compost in his malfunctioning (non)thinking control group!

          • ?? Is this post meant for Debra

          • Yep, just noting you cudda saved your time reading after this whack, poohead? There is no reasoning with the unreasonable!

          • You got that right. I believe he is a little ‘touched’ in the head. But we tried anyway. lol, lol

          • Gun owners are less most everywhere else, not afraid of neighbors,aliens, diminished hunting due to practicalities. More about conversation. What a mouth full!
            The most elsewhere, happens to be the countries where people are being slaughtered regularly.
            You obviously take issue with Americans owning guns for hunting and protection. Great! Don’t own one! Pretty simple.
            That’s your God given right. I know you don’t believe in God, so just accept that millions of people do including me, so allow it to be, without being ridiculously crass with the name calling.
            It’s a strong sign of insecurity as well as immaturity.
            Also there are millions of people in America including me who enjoy hunting and sharing the spoils with others and being wise with our finances concerning food, as well as for protection. After all you may need one of us, one of these days and you’ll be thankful we were there and packing. See how beautiful that works out!!

          • Maybe you should engage your brain first. W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia
            have homicide rates a fifth to a tenth of ours – per capita. What slaughters? We average a mass shooting per day; UK one in ten years, Australia one in twenty, Switzerland two in lifetime of gun!

            Don’t begrudge anybody a gun but obviously some common-sense rules and regulations work! Our homicide rate is worse than Iran and Cuba’s – we are the toilet!

            Defending oneself is our right, how is up to legislation.

          • Amendments can be amended, as can the Constitution. Or, did you want just white men to have the vote and your slaves back. Personally I could do with an Obama to look after the pool and the garden and Michelle looks like fun to keep my feet warm. That’s it next election I’m going for the one to repeal women and niggas getting the vote and put the blackies back in the fields. That’ll turn the economy around. Duh!

          • Dispise lending any credence to you by any response; however, you obviously understand not the word “unalienable” when combined with “rights!” Lacking in acumen is the “Duh!”

          • You have the unalienable right to defend yourself – kind of moot if caught doing something illegal though. You do not have the unalienable right to own firearms – duh!

            Our peers; W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia have rules and regulations – don’t think anyone there I know feels their right to defend is thus lacking. Duh! One should note that their homicide rate, per capita, is a fifth to a tenth of ours and whereas we average a mass shooting per day; the UK one in ten years, Australia one in twenty and Switzerland two in the lifetime of the gun. We are the toilet!

          • Once again, u r out to lunch. What part of defending yourself is “illegal?” If u are committing some “illegal” act, it is hardly “self defense” to shoot at the police! Cain only required a rock to do in Able. In that day, that may have been the best available. Today, I’m using my “God Given Right” to self defense by ANY appropriate means – that’s as “unalienable” as it gets! That 2nd Amendment that absolutely says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is appreciated, but NOT required! You obviously have abdicated your responsibility to keep yourself and yours alive, until the cavalry arrives – where will u seek refuge from the killers, behind your wife?

          • Defending yourself against the police if committing an illegal act is merely frying pan into fire – bit stupid!

            “The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right belongs to individuals, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices. State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right per the incorporation of the Bill of Rights.”

            Suggest you have words with the Supreme Court – government can introduce regulation and legislation. As NRA own both parties unlikely.

            No need to defend myself, I don’t live in a shit-hole. Cavalry not required! Enjoying life considerably more pleasurable. W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia all have firearm regulations, they also have a homicide rate, per capita, a fifth to a tenth of ours. We are the shit-hole!

          • PS Did not say defending oneself is illegal – your words not mine. Duh! We do not have an unalienable right to own weapons – legislation! Duh!

          • PPS Only recent homicides here have been by friends or family – can’t see any of those getting that grumpy. Suggest you improve your circle of acquaintances. Not rocket science!

  21. Democrats do not have common sense to be gain with so why would you expect any thing else.

  22. Here is the only gun law they need – Stop and Frisk – That law is for all of us, if you have your carry and conceal papers in order you will be fine. Now if you have no paper, they take your weapon and fine you for the illegal gun and a day in court.

    • According to the 2nd amendment you don’t need any papers to carry a firearm in this country, plus your ‘stop & frisk’ answer is also illegal in this country. Where in hell do you live?

      • Will the government took that from us, we don’t need any more laws for people who follow the law. We need laws for the felons who bought their guns from a car trunk. STOP AND FRISK. I’m from Ohio. So is taking my illegal gun is ok, think about it.

  23. Fighting “states’ rights” when inconvenient??? Some states just don’t want your friggin gunners and their death-dripping guns. How about some real common sense gun laws – NO semi-automatic rifles, NO clips more than 8 bullets??

    Now go away.

    • people like you just don’t get it!! do you realy think the ganges will follow your “COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS? you need to take a walk on the south side of chicago then you will see why we need c.c.w. now you wake up and go away

    • Well you just showed everyone that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, so why should they listen to you. You don’t even know what a ‘clip’ is. That is not even its name, it is a magazine, and no manufacturer even makes one that holds 8 rounds. So maybe you should take your own advice and ‘NOW GO AWAY’

  24. FYI: ALL mass shooters in the U.S. were registered Democrats! Look it up folks — All of them tweak headed Democrats.

    Question for you: How can any sane intelligent person ever belong to the most DESTRUCTIVE PARTY OF THE U.S. AND NOT BE TOTALLY EMBARASSED AND ASHAMED?
    I certainly would not admit it because Dems, you are the biggest liars and FOOLS ON THIS PLANET.

    Hey Libtards: No one is going to give up their guns just because you libs have your panties in a wad. Most americans are responsible with their guns unlike you idiots that leave guns out for unstable family members to grab and.kill others. If you want to have gun control, try controlling your own Dem party members by taking away their guns. America would be a lot safer if no Dem had guns in their possession!

    I certainly hope those members of the absent brain party wake up soon and abandon the losers remaining. Someone in that party has to have a few brain cells — at least a few?

  25. SO MUCH for the 2nd HUH

  26. Reminder: Nearly every Democrat senator in 2012 voted favorably for the UN “Small Arms Treaty” presented for Senate approval.

    Said treaty required limited, registered, gun ownership. Said registration overseen by UN appointed “compliance officers”, etc.

    If passed, this would have effectively made the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution moot ; and drastically impacted our national sovereignty.

    To put it mildly.

    • The UN Small Arms Treaty is still in the books. If the demonicRATs would ever get a 2/3 majority in the Senate they could still ratify it – AND THEY WOULD RATIFY IT IN AN INSTANT. LET’S MAKE CERTAIN THE DEMONICRATS NEVER GET A 2/3 MAJORITY IN THE U.S. SENATE.

      What is even more frightening, it is an open treaty. That means after ratification by the U.S. Senate, the UN by majority vote could amend the treaty (i.e. make it more restrictive to U.S. gun ownership) without the U.S. Senate ratifying the amendments.

      If the Senate would ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty we’d have UN troops overrunning the US to enforce the UN Small Arms Treaty. I am certain China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela would be happy to send more than their share of UN troops to invade the U.S. with full support of the UN.

      The Law of the Sea Treaty is another UN treaty on the books signed by obama that is still waiting to be ratified by the 2/3 of the U.S. Senate.

      • Norman, here is a little “very interesting” history few people know about. It is the answer to the question of why, after Pearl Harbor, Japan did not invade our homeland:

        “Someone at the table asked a Japanese admiral why, with the Pacific Fleet devastated at Pearl Harbor and the mainland US forces in what Japan had to know was a pathetic state of unreadiness, Japan had not simply invaded the West Coast.

        “You are right,” he told the Americans. “We did indeed know much about your preparedness. We knew that probably every second home in your country contained firearms. We knew that your country actually had state championships for private citizens shooting military rifles. We were not fools to set foot in such quicksand.”

        Japanese Admiral

        Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries Volume Nine, No. 9 46/73

    • The Democrat Party is the home of the Deep State and the party of Globalism. The Democrats are using the United Nations Globalist programs UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 as the blueprints for their Fascist Socialist World Government. There is also a handful of Republicans who are Globalists. John McRino, Ryan, Graham, the Bush family, Jeff Flake, Kasich, McConnell and a few more. Vote these traitors out.

  27. dumarat want strip you of right so thay can send in there gunes and no body can stop them and take the rest of your right

  28. No we the American people men and women or fed up with the bullshit Communist , Lies and deceit and hide behind humanism to disarm us so they can promote your evil agenda honest like they did the American Indian. Well you scumbags we’re on to you and we’re not giving up our guns if you want to come get them you get the lead first. We know what you are you’re nothing but lying thieving murdering one world order assholes.

  29. We are being inundated by a crew of grave diggers on a trip to pull the run out from under us!

  30. Democrats want our guns to render us helpless so they can have their way with us. Why? All Democrats are Fascist Globalists or Communist Globalists and they want to force feed us their world government. Islam is the official religion of the Democrat Globalists because it is ruthless and controlling and it syncs right up with the Satanic Globalist ideology of total control. The Globalist’s final goal is no borders, no American law, no private property except for the Globalist Elites or allowed by the Globalist Elites and no US Constitution. Anyone who votes Democrat is voting for that Fascist/Muslim World Government

  31. Michael Bloomberg is looking for a 6x6x4 grave and someone out there will see to it.


  33. Don’t ever expect “common sense” from dumbassocrats and liberals. It’s only a buzzword they love to use to insinuate that the common people supporting the right have no intelligence and only “they know what is right” for the country. Just like they failed to defend the country, increased welfare roles, killed jobs, created a massive debt, and more.

  34. Behold how the alleged conservative advocates of STATES’ RIGHTS wax ecstatic over a Congressional dictum that would, if enacted, supersede the rights of states to decide for themselves whether to permit concealed carry by non-residents! Even in the Court’s expansionist 2007 opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, much hailed by the NRA and other gun advocacy organizations, the Court pointedly observed:

    “Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues.” Heller at p. 54

    The Court unambiguously recognized the right of STATES to permit or to prohibit concealed carry. But under the House bill, the right of a state to prohibit would be erased. No state could prohibit visitors or transients from other states from carrying a concealed weapon so long as such person possessed a concealed carry permit from another state of which he/she is a legal resident. So much for STATES’ RIGHTS! So much for consistency!

    There’s a bug in the bill, though.There are 12 states that allow concealed carry without a permit. Unless those states enact concealed carry permitting laws, under the proposed law, their citizens will not be able to legally carry concealed weapons within other states, since the aw would require those traveling outside their home states to have a permit from their home states in order to qualify for the “national exemption,” which would not be truly national, but would apply in only 38 states that do issue permits. Should the bill pass, will the pro-gun residents of those 12 states petition their state governments to enact concealed carry laws so that they may carry their weapons when visiting other states? That would present an interesting situation, to say the least–pro-gun folks begging to be regulated. With such a scenario, at least some of them would have to compromise their doggedly-held notion that “shall not be infringed” means no regulation whatsoever.

  35. Not just gun laws – demonicrats band together just to fight common sense laws in general.

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