Democrats Band Together to Fight a Common Sense Gun-Rights Law

The attorneys general from 17 states are uniting to fight Republican and NRA efforts to pass what’s known as a national concealed carry reciprocity bill. The AGs – Democrats one and all – have written to Congress to demand that they abandon legislation that would force one state to recognize another state’s gun permits. The law, which is the epitome of common sense and serves ONLY to make sure that law-abiding gun owners are not unfairly and unnecessarily jailed for accidentally breaking another state’s laws – a scenario that has happened more than once – is seen as a recipe for disaster by the hysterical left.

Prosecutors from New York, California, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere sent the letter to congressional leaders on Sunday. In it, they warn that the law “will lead to the death of police officers and civilians, the proliferation of gun traffickers, and acts of terrorism and other mass violence.” How anyone with a law degree – much less an accomplished career prosecutor – could actually put their signature to such nonsense is beyond us. Never underestimate the power of political propaganda, we suppose. It has the power to obliterate a person’s rationality.

Well, political propaganda and hefty donations from the likes of Michael Bloomberg.

“With the worst shooting in American history fresh in our memory, we urge you and your colleagues to reject these ill-conceived bills,” they wrote.

Yes, because the lack of a concealed carry reciprocity law really helped police stop the Las Vegas massacre…

Every time something like this happens, it forces us to remember that Democrats always use that phrase “common sense gun laws” when they want to ban some rifle or close some real or imagined loophole in our legislation. But their opposition to this law proves that their idea of common sense doesn’t have much to do with that term as we understand it. Rather, it is their way of saying, “We’re right, the NRA is a bunch of lunatics, and so are you if you disagree with our position.” It’s their way of subtly putting their thumb on the scale and convincing Americans that the majority of their neighbors want to essentially erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. Then they trot out some fake poll that says 99.9% of voters want to strengthen gun laws and those few of us who haven’t been completely brainwashed by the liberal media just sit back and think…okay…sure…whatever you say.

But hey, if this law passes and it leads directly to all of the mayhem these AGs are warning us about (ACTS OF TERRORISM!), we’ll eagerly admit that we were wrong.



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