Democrats Attempt To Defend Biden’s Brazen Crime

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Representative Jaime Raskin expressed a strong view that President Biden’s approach to handling classified documents significantly differs from that of former President Trump, whom he accused of intentionally mishandling sensitive information. Speaking on a CNN interview, Raskin, who holds a prominent position as a leading Democrat on the Oversight Committee, discussed the implications of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s comprehensive 388-page report that had just been made public.

In the interview, Raskin conveyed his aspiration to develop legislative measures aimed at preventing future instances where government officials might inadvertently or otherwise take classified documents with them after their tenure in office concludes. He proposed the idea of gathering a team of the nation’s top archivists and librarians to brainstorm and implement effective strategies that would enable faster and more secure tagging and tracking of sensitive materials, thereby reducing the risk of such documents being mishandled, as was the case with Mike Pence and Joe Biden.

Raskin was particularly keen to emphasize the contrast between Biden’s issues with classified documents, which were highlighted in Hur’s report—including instances where Biden appeared to struggle with recalling certain details during conversations with his ghostwriter and investigators—and Trump’s deliberate actions. According to Raskin, Trump’s conduct involved the intentional removal and concealment of hundreds of top-secret documents, a stark contrast to the findings of the special counsel, which portrayed Biden as fully cooperative and transparent, leading to the decision not to press any criminal charges against him.

Furthermore, the report by Special Counsel Hur concluded that no charges were warranted against President Biden, despite noting some instances of forgetfulness. Raskin took issue with some aspects of the report during his CNN appearance, particularly criticizing Hur for including what he perceived as unnecessary and disparaging remarks about Biden’s age. Raskin argued that such comments were not only irrelevant to the legal assessment but also bordered on age discrimination, a practice he found increasingly tiresome and unconstructive.

Raskin argued that the primary role of a special prosecutor like Hur should be to determine the existence of any legal basis for charges, without resorting to personal attacks or insinuations about an individual’s age or mental faculties. He pointed out that the same type of unfounded criticisms could easily be levied against Trump, suggesting a double standard in the treatment of the two political figures. Raskin’s comments reflect his broader concern with ensuring fairness and integrity in the evaluation of legal matters, especially when they involve high-profile individuals and sensitive national security issues.

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