Democrats are Still Rigging Their Elections…and Progressives are Not Happy

You’d think the Democratic Party would have learned a little something about the perils of rigging their primary elections from the disaster that was 2016, but it seems this is a party impervious to any gain in wisdom, no matter how obvious or small that gain might be. Because two years after the party’s millennial, far-left voters blasted the DNC for rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders in favor of Her Majesty, The Chosen One, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is STILL out there choosing winners and losers on behalf of the voters. And while there’s nothing “wrong” with that from a legal standpoint – they can actually do whatever they want as a private organization – it’s probably not going to do them any favors from a public relations standpoint.

Of course, they didn’t know they were going to get caught.

But they have gotten caught, and now activists on the left side of the party’s base are furious about the DNC’s attempts to push progressive candidates out of the picture in primary races in Colorado and other districts.

The news came to the forefront after The Intercept published audio of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer encouraging progressive candidate Levi Tillemann to get out of a Colorado primary in order to clear the field for establishment soldier Jason Crow. The conversation was taped by Tillemann, who leaked it to the website last week.

Hoyer tells Tillemann on tape that he and DCCC chairman had a policy that “we’d try to agree on a candidate who we thought could win the general and give the candidate all the help we could give them.”

Hoyer tells Tillemann that, well, sorry boy, but we already decided we’re going to put our efforts behind Crow. Ya might wanna step aside.

“Staying out of primaries sounds small-d democratic, very intellectual, and very interesting,” Hoyer said (with a grin, we imagine). “But it was clear that it was our policy and our hope that, early on, try to come to an agreement on a candidate that we thought could win the general, and to give that candidate all the help we could give them. I am for Crow because a judgment was made very early on. I didn’t know Crow. I didn’t participate in the decision. But a decision was made early on by the Colorado delegation.”

This is Hoyer admitting that, yeah, in a perfect world, we’d leave this kind of thing up to the voters, but hey, what do the VOTERS know about who should be representing them?

“So your position is, a decision was made very early on before voters had a say, and that’s fine because the DCCC knows better than the voters of the 6th Congressional District, and we should line up behind that candidate?” Tillemann asked.

“That’s certainly a consequence of our decision,” Hoyer replied.

Now that the audio has been released, the Democratic Party’s left flank is threatening to set the national organization on fire with extremist fury.

“We saw what happens when Democratic Party leaders put their fingers on the scale in primaries in 2006 through 2016, when we lost nearly 1,000 elected offices up and down the ballot,” said an enraged Charles Chamberlain of the liberal group Democracy for America. “Steny Hoyer likes to spend a lot of time talking to progressive candidates about electoral viability, but after his exposure in these recordings, it’s time for him to recognize that only thing that’s truly not viable is his leadership role in a House Democratic caucus that depends on an enthusiastic grassroots progressive base for its majority.”

The fury is only going to grow, especially since House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi has already insisted that Hoyer did nothing wrong and people are getting worked up over nothing.

The RNC tried to play this game in 2016 as well, and conservatives told them to shove it. The Democrats might be on the verge of having their own come to Jesus meeting with destiny if they don’t step aside and let the voters make their own choices.

Should be fun to watch.

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