Democrats: America Needs More Muslims!

What do we need in this country right now? If you’re a Senate Democrat, you might think the answer is more Muslims. On Thursday, a group of Senators made the case for increased refugee resettlement, posing it as a moral obligation. “While the United States is the largest donor of humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, we must also dramatically increase the number of Syrian refugees that we accept for resettlement,” said 14 lawmakers headed by Dick Durbin of Illinois and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

The UN has been trying to get the United States to take in more refugees from the wartorn country, hoping to resettle 130,000 Syrians over the next two years. So far, they have submitted around 12,000 refugees to the U.S., though only 700 have actually been accepted into the country. That’s “an unacceptably low number” according to the Democrats.

“Following the international community’s tragic failure to shelter Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi genocide, the United States played a leadership role in establishing the international legal regime for the protection of refugees,” they wrote. They are calling on the U.S. to accept “at least 50 percent” of the UN’s registered refugees, a number that would be in excess of 65,000.

Not everyone is on board with that plan. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said that such an effort would be a “serious mistake” when you consider the security risks. McCaul stands on solid ground with that argument; earlier this year, U.S. officials admitted that they did not have the resources to do thorough background checks on these refugees. When McCaul says that the program could provide ISIS with a “jihadi pipeline,” he’s not just pandering to the base.

Democrats are not blind to this risk, but they say that by devoting “sufficient resources and staff,” the U.S. can rise to meet this “moral, legal, and national security imperative.”

Yes, but is there room in the budget for such an increase? And if there is, are there not better ways in which that money can be spent? We don’t seem interested in providing safe haven for the Iraqi translators who put themselves at risk by helping our troops. Seems odd that we suddenly have all of this space and room to invite thousands of potentially-dangerous Muslims into the country.

Even if you put aside terrorism concerns (which you can’t), the truth is that we have enough of our own citizens sucking off the government teat. And we have more and more coming across the southern border every day. We need to be working on solutions to reverse these trends before we start letting in Syrians who will be largely dependent on the government.

It’s also worth noting that several wealthy Arabian countries have already refused to take these refugees in. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, for instance, have declined to house them. Why should America jump in to save the day every time? If there is a moral imperative here, it must come second to protecting our own nation. That seems like common sense, but you can’t expect that from Washington and you certainly can’t expect it from the Democrats.

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  1. We need more moslems like a drowning man needs more water.

    • We cannot allow any more of our enemy in our country. No muslims.

    • old guy,
      I am 78 and so I understand old. I also understand the fact that we have more poor people here than we can take care of now. Who pays for these folks? We have poor kids and even adults who are hungry every day. We have incoming poor people coming here and taking up housing space we need for our own people. They do not speak English nor can they do anything useful so hey sit at the expense of others. at least a senior US Citizen can communicate.
      By the way, I belong to the IOOF( International Order of Old Farts)

      • Francisco Machado

        The incidence of overweight people is higher among those on public assistance. I and many others have observed EBT grocery purchases that include. for example, several bags of potato chips. that is around ten ounces of potatoes for perhaps three dollars – no one having trouble affording enough food would make such an expenditure when the cost is close to what would purchase ten pounds of potatoes.

        • Francisco,
          All you have to do is examine any shopper who pays with food stamps and see what they purchase. It will make you sick. You would not eat much of what they do and for kids especially. Sure, it is OK to get a kid a treat. But a huge supply of junk food is a disaster for the kid. No doubt the adult’s eating habits are just as bad.
          Not only are you paying for those food stamps but you get to pay the medical bills when the adult or kid gets sick. The kid gets diabetes by the time he reaches adulthood so you pay for the rest of his life for medical attention he would not need if he ate better.

          • A possible solution is food stamps (or whatever else they may call them) are no good for any non-food item, snack foods, prepared food and food that costs more that $4.00 per pound, and restaurants. This will assure lower prices and home cooked meals.

          • old guy,
            Great minds must think alike. I have been suggesting just such a plan. I am for helping these poor folks but they have to do their part or starve.

        • They are too damn lazy to cook is the reason for junk food…rich people can afford to hire a cook to satiate their lazy but lazy poor people take a different route, they buy junk food to avoid actually caring enough about their kids to fix a wholesome meal…and ALL in this country contribute to this mentality by running to every fast and easy junk food that is our there…there is one famous coffee chain that charges ridiculous prices for a cup of what they call coffee and it tastes like crap but is politically correct at this time…and you can see and be seen by others of one’s ilk…what a farce…bon appetit america…and speaking of ingesting things, I find this one interesting as heck….after fighting the tobacco industry for quite a long time now and driving the small tobacco-ist farmers out of business…lo and behold…they have ‘suddenly’ found an ingredient(for lack of a better word)in tobacco(only) as the base for a ‘cure’ for ebola…how profound and convenient now that the small farmers are gone…I mean, heck, they might have accidently been able to earn a decent living…and last but certainly not least…scientists in another country have purportedly found the means to remove the good and recyclable, eatable parts of the stools that you eliminate every day…that should eliminate the need for EBTs…a big BON APPETIT on that one…better embrace Mc D’s while you can…lol

      • Jerry since I am older than you are, I must be the president of that org.. lol

      • I am almost 88, a WW2 Army vet and, I’m not ashamed to say, a VIRULENT PATRIOT. I really fear that the muslimscum in the white House and his cohorts have put this country into a death spiral. The Repubums & Democraps are no help. I was a big PEROT fan, but his running got us Clinton. The only rays of hope I see are Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

        • I like Carson for sure. Thank you for your service; you are truly part of the Greatest Generation.

        • old guy,
          Why is it that veterans all side with no use for the Democratic party? Is that not a message for the public to take seriously?

          • The junk that is fed to the young and blacks and truly sympathetic and idealistic people is convincing, derogatory and divisive. Most vets have a realistic view of our great country and are, therefore, immune. I never fail to inform my black friends that EVERY KKK member was, and is, a democrat. It shakes them, a bit. As P.T. Barnum said,”You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time”. I think the time for truth is approaching.

          • old guy,
            I’ll drink to that. Of course the Democrats think all we drink is Kool-Aid. But that is not very high on my priority list.

    • OR cancer, or syphilis, or Ebola, or AIDS/HIV, or any of the other diseases immigrants can/do bring into our Country…….it is the reason many come, for the free health care and quicker service than we give even our own Wounded Warriors.

      • That is a disgrace embraced by Obama who couldn’t care less about our Wounded Warriors. He hates the military; he hates this country and that is why he wants to change it to a Muslim one. Then he can be the IMAM of everyone.

        • Not only are Texan smarter than the rest of the Country, the gals are better looking.
          Houston(33), Fort Worth(1), Dallas(1) = 35 years…..Uof H 15 years.

      • Semper Fi.

  2. The REAL Terrorists reside in the United States Government. ANYONE who is FOR this so called Resettlement is NOTHING more than a flat out Traitor to His/Her own country.

    • Not entirely Bud … it’s the Frigging Liberal Democrats in our Government, ONLY … on this one!!!!!!!

      How many People actually know what the meaning of “LIBERAL” really is … Politically, DUH … do you?????

      • Yeah I do, 90% of Democrats in our Government are Liberal! There are no Blue Dog Dems left. The Liberals have driven them out!

        • The communist party has hi-jacked the democratic party, simple as that.

        • Your spot on that … correct there are “no more” .. Blue Dog Democrats!
          In fact, being Liberal is one thing but adding a Socialist/Communist Ideology (Obama) to them make them what they are today Left Extremist!

          And … if anyone on the Planet Earth thinks that they are OK for America … then their F’en Wacko’s and need serious attention ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • they’re not their

          • WTF kind of a Statement is that…???????????????? Are you F’ed Up too?????????

          • Hey Bill, I’m agreeing with you. I,just wanted to correct the spelling….

          • Please … in a rant like that … your looking at spelling!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I use spelling to tell me what the word you are using says. If you use the wrong spelling, I have to fill in what I think you mean. It’s a big deal for me causing me to stumble over your actual correct thought and takes a second of my precious time to perform the mental edit. Since I am an author, every second I spend needlessly is wasted time I don’t have. Say what you really mean to say, please and don’t get all shook up when I point out your error (getting defensive when someone points out your error is the mark of a hot-head). Proofreading is required to at least a meager amount. Do I ask for the impossible? Also let me point out a second error in spelling: you meant “you’re” but you just typed “your”. Proofread, man, proofread.

          • Ya, I guess your right … people with pea brains “stumble” and think the way you do!
            AND …Yes, people like you turn me into a “hothead” because of your pettiness, stupidity and similarity to Political Correctness, duh!
            Get a F’en Life if you have one and I’m sure that you’ll be a great success being an “author” with a lower case A, duh again AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Proof read your own F’en Shit … “Dip Shit!”

          • you are old codger aren’t you? TROLL. You are not a conservative or you wouldn’t flame someone who also is conservative. The readers can quickly see that you are a pecker with a small p.

          • What’s the matter AH don’t like being called out for being an AH, duh! Remember you started this stupid shit with your re-derrick of being so studious on words and you don’t even know how to construct a sentence .. you left out “an” in your first sentence, AH… what a Stupid AH POS you really are … WTF is you grade level 5th grade at the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

            AH … the “Readers” have already acclaimed to know “what a F’en Stupid Little F’Head” you really are because I’ve already heard from several declaring that of … You, LMAO at little “dantalbot” … and besides where the “F” did you ever come up with that name … in Kiddie Land, suck ass or little gay boy … F’er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mindy Robinson

          Yes and the repubs as well.

      • Actually the term “Liberal” refers to the same political philosophy as the terms “Progressive”, “Socialist” and “Communist”. They, each and every one of them, hope to destroy the freedom of every United States Citizen by destroying the Constitution of the United States. And no, it is not “ONLY” the Democrats, as there are plenty with this philosophy in every political party in this country.

        • They are not satisfied with the constitution & capitalistic form of government we have had for some 200 plus yrs, which has served our country well. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty, helped out in more world disasters, given more to help the poor, yet these same communist, democrat, jerks accuse us of “taking advantage of the poorer countries of the world, by exploiting their natural resources & not giving back to them. Well I think the oil fields of the Mid-East, South & Central American lumber, rubber, sugar were happy to have us help them develop their resources. I wish I could find the quote Sir Winston Churchill made about communism. Right now I can’t put my hands on it. It is well worth reading, maybe it is on google, & you can find it for yourself.

        • Bullshit!

          • Absolutely correct.

          • Mindy Robinson

            Jim is correct in his analysis. However, the Tea Party has already started the third party, that party may be what turns this mess around, assuming there is enough time left and enough of this nation left to do it. The real pain of what the thug in chief , the libs and the rhinos have done starts after the thug in chief is gone. Guess who will be blamed for it? If a Conservative takes the presidential seat , that is who will be blamed, if a lib takes it, they will keep blaming bush and reagan.

          • Mindy ….. “You are SOOOOOO Correct!”
            Wished more people like you were “on top of things with facts and truth” instead of enjoying the life of ignorance, lies, misdeeds and scandals!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • the idea that Republicans are EQUALLY as wrong-headed as liberal democraps is a stupid and fallacious observation. For every RINO or false conservative you name I can name ten or more democraps guilty of SABOTAGE of our great American civilization. Don’t you believe your own eyes?

      • I agree with half of what you have to say. Let me remind you there are RINO’s as well. Republican’s In Name Only, that are just as guilty!

        • and they do not have the numbers that democrap liberals have

          • But add things up. The # of DemoCRAPZ PLUS the RINO’s give many, many more #’s to the DemoCRAPTIC Liberals! Talk about stacking the deck!!!!

        • But, lets all wake up here …. there are few and far between compared to the Democrats, duh!!!!!!
          Let’s All face it … who has been in “Charge” when the Country has .. completely gone into the …Shitter time and time again overall, duh ….. The F’en Democrats is the answer, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          How’s 18 Trillion $$$$$$$$$$$ Nat’t Debt … sound to Ya now, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND … do you have any idea what this means to …. “Little Ole You,” DUH Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • What has become the bigger problem, the Univ. and Schools are full of indoctrinating teachers and professors pushing agenda’s supporting these Communist liberals ensuring them the votes they need to win and push this country further into the abyss. Then you have the Communist Liberals in the Federal and some State Governments weakening Immigration laws and allowing a flood of Illegal Mexican and Muslims from war torn countries to enter into this country without any vetting. Actually refusing to vet them. Ensuring more votes to go to the Communists. This strategy has been brewing for years and now you see its destructive consequences. We are being attacked from all sides and I wonder if there is enough time to reverse it. The Republican’s sure aren’t doing anything to stop it.

          • Well “SOME” are trying but the RINO’s keep them down.

      • Isn’t it that they (Commies) used to be called “Progressives” back in the day, rather than Communists, but then they were being figured out, so they changed it to “Liberal”to deflect from the commie thing. Then people started realizing Liberals were the Commies, so since it had been such a long time, they figured it was safe to go back to calling them selves progressives?

    • It started by Republican H.Hoover, had the ERA then FERA it morphed into the WPA. Both parties have had a hand in decimating this Nation. You have to go back into history to see how we got to this point and the election of a Socialist. Who’s to blame? WE THE PEOPLE ARE! It’s sad but true. People have always talked the talk but never walk the walk. Until people use common sense, get educated, and be invloved instead of letting some, try to change the direction, things WILL continue to roll down hill to fill the dung pile. It’s pile pretty high and still rising.

      • We are talking about today in America. Freakin’ Dems are destroying our country!

        • I guess Plainlogic is correct in a sense that we keep electing & re-electing the same morons in Congress, but the question or subject here isn’t HOW we got into this mess in the first place, BUT what are the people in Congress doing or intent to do with the situation as it exists TODAY. Yes we can learn from past mistakes, but because something that was started long ago, is stupid & doesn’t lend itself to the situations as they exist today, doesn’t mean they can’t be changed.
          If a past Congress passed something that is not going to work NOW, the PRESENT Congress can pass legislation changing it.

        • Some it goes back to Teddie Roosevelt, some say Woodrow Wilson, I am only familiar with LBJ & his democrat/socialists who started “The Great Society” in 1968, to “wipe out poverty”. They were such a success in “gaining the black vote” until they kept throwing money at one failed program after another, good money after bad. Now look what has happened to the “black poor families”, the programs have failed, the blacks are poorer, but are beginning to catch on to the democrat ploy. That’s why I think they realize they have to bring in more to have that certain poor class, the democrats must have a group of people on their “government plantation” who are dependent on government, who will keep voting for the democrats, no matter what, so they bring in the Hispanic poor, the Asians, Muslims, anyone they can, who they can throw a few freebies to, to have a democrat voting machine. Many are beginning to see what it has gotten for them, very little. I’m surprised some democrat hasn’t introduced bills to make Mexico, Porto Rica, Haiti, & Cuba states. These idiots have almost destroyed a once great nation. I don’t know if this train can be put back on the right tracks or not, if Hillary is the next POTUS you can wave goodbye.

          • Don’t forget the Republicans that want low paid uneducated illegals for Big Corporations,
            the 1-2 % and Congress who will work for minimum wage and take all the benefits that should go to Americans that are going to Muslims and Illegals instead.
            No matter who gets elected in 2016 it will be more of the same, no matter what they promise the American people. It just gets worse and worse.

          • You winger pessimists said that if Obama got a second term it would be all over for this country. Hasn’t happened and won’t happen. False prophets, the lot of you!

          • donemyhomework

            The fun is yet to come. And I can prove it.

          • headonstraight

            Well, now, ain’t you the big sage prognosticator! I don’t see you putting up the goods, done. Anyone can assert anything, but making your case is something altogether different from making a bold unsupported claim of proof.

          • donemyhomework

            The question I’d have to ask you is what do you know? There are a lot of factors in what’s going on now and in order to clarify my position. I ‘ Il ask if you know anything about Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall?

          • OldHighlandGuyOne

            Wait for it, it is coming………..

          • Your head isn’t on straight. it’s up your butt. In the 7 years this lying fraud has been in office, what good has he done but give away taxpayers money? His domestic and foreign policies leave a lot to be desired. He is a proven liar just like his wannabe successor Hillary is. Our military doesn’t like him ,nor do most of us vets, he just hasn’t finished what he set out to do , but Hillary will finish the destruction he has started. By the way, did you get your welfare check yet??

          • headonstraight

            After over 45 years of employment, I am comfortably retired and need no welfare check.
            Whether or not you or other vets like or dislike the President makes absolutely no difference to me. I was of draftable age back in the Vietnam War days and am happy to say that I got deferments and never had to compromise my integrity by participating in that ill-advised and costly debacle. Had deferments been denied, I might well have moved to Canada with the rest of the wiser youth who understood the folly of that useless war. That should give you something to bitch about, so have at it

          • He has a 15% approval rating within the military ranks (source: Stars and Stripes)

          • Because things are just going swimmingly, aren’t they? In case you didn’t see a newspaper last week, our large Democrat run cities had the highest murder rates in years, the economy took a .07% dive, youth unemployment is still at it’s lowest ever and nearly 50% of all university grads are underemployed/not even using their degrees. So yeah, everything just great, right?

        • That is what I do not understand about the democrats, it’s their country too so why do they want to bring it down? Don’t they realize that the programs their leaders propose are not good for the country? Are they that stupid or brainwashed into believing that the policies their leaders propose are going to affect everyone not just us conservatives, do they think that the tax increases are only going to affect the gop & they will be exempt? For the life of me I can not figure out their thought processes either? Who know what really goes through their heads or what they use for brains, it is a mystery to me

          • I’m angry, too, BTW. The only thing I can figure out is their Liberal propaganda. They keep repeating it over & over until the low information Libs believe it, a tactic they learned from Hitler & the rest they learned from Saul Alinsky.

          • To answer your last question/ statement. It goes like this, think about what happens when anyone sits on the porcelain throne/ commode. I think that about answers your question!

          • Angry American

            I know what I do when I sit there, but with liberals I think they are clearing their heads trying to empty them

          • Yep’per! You caught the implication!!!!

          • Angry American

            Maybe that is because I am also an “old codger” but I don’t call myself that. I also refuse to admit that I really am getting up there in years. Saw a cardiologist for the first time last week, but I think it was because the elastic in my socks is just to strong I started wearing old socks that the elastic is getting weaker & the fluid build up seems to be almost normal. Still going to have the eletroencylagram (or what ever it is called) as my father died of congestive heart failure, is it hereditary? I don’t know but why chance it besides that is why I pay for medicare & better safe than sorry

          • I hear ya. My paternal grandfather, and father died from cancer. I was diagnosed with Colon-rectal cancer and have been treated and knock on wood that I’m free of it 10 years out. My brother was diagnosed with Multistage(?) Myloma (it’s in both his blood and bones). He’s living on borrowed time as of today there is no known cure. Kind of looks like cancer is hereditary(?) in my family! Our younger brother said “gee, it looks like cancer runs in the family, Should I get checked more often?? DUH!
            From one old codger to an incognito old codger “live long and prosper”! Next year I can sign up for Medicare, presently on Ovomit “UN”Affordable or “Lack of Care”! Sure saved me money. “RIGHT”! Last years “Out of Pocket” expenses cost me over 15 grand!!

          • They have a treatment at Stanford, for bone/blood cancer where if you are stable enough, they actually clean you’re own blood and cycle it back into your body. I had a friend that had bone/marrow cancer for years and was finally stabilized enough that she was to go there and do it. Only thing is, afterward, you have to stay in an extremely sterile environment for one month and have a very strict very sterile diet for the month. Unfortunately she had complications before that could happen with her kidneys and passed away. But there is a type of treatment available if one is stable enough and a hospital in the area offers it.

          • Well I’m no doctor so I can’t argue with you but only what my brother was told! He was told by Sloan- Kittering(?) that there is “no known cure” for his type of cancer! He’s done the blood cleansing and had his marrow removed and the good marrow segregated from the bad! After all the chemo they reinserted his “good” marrow. He’s been through one round and now is in his second round after round one’s remission went back to full blown cancer yet again. He’s out of good marrow now to replace what the chemo has killed!

          • Oh wow…I guess he’s done that already then. I wasn’t arguing with you, and I guess technically the blood cleansing isn’t a “cure”, but something they can do to lengthen your life until they can’t do it anymore. Cancer is such a horrible thing.

          • I think most heart issues are hereditary. Be careful! Take care.

          • Angry American

            Or it could be that great minds think alike LOL

          • Angry American

            With libs the old saying about shit for brains seems to be correct

          • Angry, these are career politicians that want to stay in office forever, they come before the good of their country, no mystery, just power and greed.

          • People thought they wanted communism even though it’s pure misery and never works. Millions are murdered and it could be them. Liberalism is a mental disorder, as they say. Can’t find logic where there is none. They say (re: Bill Whittle) it’s been proven that conservatives are indeed more intelligent than liberals and it makes sense. Liberals are followers. They need that whole “group think” mentality, they get violent if you don’t agree with them. Their ideas can’t stand on their own, they don’t make sense. Liberalism is for the weak, gullible and lazy. That is why per Saul Alinsky, values have to be worn down. It is for the weak and it makes people weak, therefore perpetuating itself.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        And years ago, a native Indian chief said, “Sure, we’re all for gun control and having the government run our lives. Worked for us, didn’t it!” THAT is where it all started sliding downhill!! The horrible stories my grandmother used to tell me! ! GOD HELP US!!

      • I firmly believe that both parties are guilty of eroding what is left of this GREAT NATION on GOD”S green earth! People need to quit voting along party lines, and research. By research I mean, look in to depth of the candidates voting records, policies voted, and character as well. It is shameful that people will vote solely on party lines, with out an ounce research of their candidacy!

        • We have many, many millennials, blacks,& young college kids who have no idea about what is good for the country, they are only interested in what party will give them the most freebies. I do not think anyone receiving government assistance should vote, if they do not pay taxes they shouldn’t be voting. They should not be such a thing as “anchor babies” either. You should have to hold a job for 5 years in this country to become a citizen, then along with becoming a citizen, they earn the privilege to vote. When you have no rules, & just give away everything to any group of people, it de-values whatever you are giving away. Bottom line, I think in order to vote, you should have a dog in the fight.

          • Well! Just w minute! I am a life long republican..I pay close attention to the elections and people running. I vote all the time. But I have been on food stamps before. I had polio..and I have an amputated leg..there were times when I just plain couldn’t work. Prosthetic legs are expensive. Supplies are expensive. I have been a substitute teacher…and an office manager among other things. I try…I sincerely loved what I did. I didn’t make enough money to pay income taxes every year. But I got along on next to nothing.

          • And it is shameful that the wackadoodle ultra-right wingers automatically classify you and others similarly affected as lazy leeches and grifters. To them there is no reason for anyone to receive public assistance.

          • Not true…even though you as a liberal would like to make everyone believe that.

          • You are full of crap. There is no reason for lifetime, generational welfare. See the Moynihan report, 1965. Google it. It destroyed the black family. Pretty screwed up if you ask me. And they KNEW it would happen, but did it anyway. Because it would buy votes. Moynihan was a Democrat, but they did not want to listen to him because they’d rather buy those votes, to hell with the black family. They used to have a nearly 75% two parent family rate in the early 60’s before welfare. Now, with the “Great Society” (thanks, Democrats) it is more like 15% two parent homes. As much as they won’t admit it, kids are more likely to be happier and more successful in a two parent home. They are also more financially stable and more likely to go to college and less likely to end up on welfare.

          • I do not believe that everyone who may be getting assistance is a “never-do-well”. There are many who have been hard workers all their lives; but because of circumstances beyond their control, need help. That is the reason these programs were instutitued. A paint brush shouldn’t be applied to all.
            God Bless those who try to do the best they can.

          • You are the exception. I think they meant those lifetime, generational welfare types….

          • AMEN!

          • Exactly! It’s essentially bribery if we’re to be honest.

        • wrong observation of the data….the democraps are far more guilty than the Republicans, in spite of occasional examples to the contrary.

        • Mindy Robinson

          There is one party running under 2 banners, they call themselves repubs and dems. This has been proven, the repubs have no excuse now, yet, the train to destruction is still the train this nation is on.

          • Yeah, with just a couple of exceptions (sessions, Gohmert, Lee, Cruz, etc) they have EXPOSED themselves for the lying sacks of sh*t that they are!!!!

        • The problem with your analysis is that shortly after a decent Dem is elected they are turned into Liberal slime & their Socialist / Communist Party takes over. Morals & Decency quickly leave their minds as the immoral, indecent Party indoctrinates them to the way of “The Party”.

          • While I’m more of a Tea Party Patriot than a Republican, the same could be said of much of the Republicans! In the past election we voted out many Dem.’s and replaced them with Rep.’s but look at our current situation! It’s pretty much “business as usual”!

          • I agree, Old Codger.

            They should have started out 2015 by putting an abrupt to Obama’s dirty dealings & especially should have stopped his Amnesty BS.

            I think Immigration Reform aka Amnesty will be one of the biggest issues in 2016 & if Repubs don’t get with the program we’ll have to find someone who will. Tired of Illegal Alien LOBBYISTS pushing their agenda & Repubs buying into the insanity.

          • I agree 100%!!

          • AMEN!!!!

          • You gotcha RINO herd, codger; now live with it! Your Tea Party wackadoodles are dwindling.

          • I’d rather be a “dwindling Tea Party wackadoodle” then a Communist/ DemoCRAP any day of the week!! KMA!

          • Yeah, who wants to be low-info-left? Ugh

          • That’s why we had a Republican sweep last November, right? All they did was wisen everyone up so that we can kick them out next time and vote in some more honest people, silly.

          • It is essentially the communist party now. All you have to do is look at the communist manifesto and it becomes pretty damn obvious.

        • When a politician gives a speech I do not look at them rather I listen intently, When I do that I realize that most of their speeches are nothing but BS, they don’t actually say much of anything. Of which the current occupier of the WH is good at has he really mastered it to the point that they cheer him on? Something else I have always wondered about is when obama speaks how does 1/2 the crowd hear things different from the other 1/2 Did they really believe his speeches for the 2008 election where he promised every thing to every one, I guess they did as he won election. I know I am not the only one who listened to him & figured out that he is full of it starting with the one where he mentioned that he lived in America the greatest country the world has ever known, “lets come together to change it”. My first thought was change it to what? obama never made that clear, which made it clear that he was smarter than the average person that voted for him

        • It IS! Or the fact that they will only read up on an election or just learn about it from watching the campaign ads a few days before the election!!!! Absurd and ignorant.

      • It wash’t the WPA or the CCC that hurt our country. Both required work for compensation, and would be good today. It was Johnson’s “Great Society” that subjugated an inordinate number of the poor, both black and white, with the lie of something for nothing.

        • Here, here!! It SHOULD be work for compensation!! NOT “freebies are us”! They should be required to do something, anything to get the monies! Pick up trash along the highways/ roadways, whatever! NOT SIT HOME AND MAKE BABIES, DO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL, OR SELL DRUGS!!! Hell they could even pick up Dog sh!t in our parks!
          A lot sit on their FAT A$$ES and are laughing at the working slobs, I’m one of the slobs btw, who work, pay taxes so they CAN sit on their fat A$$ES and do squat!!
          Some of these people are 2nd and 3rd generation “Freebies Are Us”. They know how to scam the system! No work? No free cell phones, welfare, food stamps, etc.!
          Now I know that there are some who HONESTLY can’t work. They SHOULD be entitled.
          But I know for a fact there are some who ARE capable of work, find some shyster doctor to give them an work related excuse so they can be entitled!

          • Yes — and NO MONEY FOR CONSECUTIVE CHILDREN – once you’re on welfare!!! I mean, come on! These people are popping out kids until their uterus can’t hold any more and by then they’re so old, they go on disability! It’s ridiculous!

      • Well…that is if we are actually electing these yahoos! There’s been some voting machines that were rigged to flip a vote from republican to democrat. The machines these days are computerized. That can’t be has to be snesky and devious.

      • donemyhomework

        That is supposedly the reason to send our kids to school. I’d tend to want not one year of American History but two. And two years of world history. And mandatory year of Political Debate with a requirement of “B” or better to Graduate. We disrespect our Civic responsibility to send children out misinformed and ignorant.

        • It should be American History as it was written and not the “politically correct history” that is being taught in some of our schools today. We do not need re-writes.

          • So then wle should gloss over what America did to the Indians?

          • Are you actually asking this question? Of course not. Why would you even ask this. Did you know that we learned some of our best tactical ground war maneuvers from the Indians (tomahawk, not red dot) up in the Oregon/Washington area? They kicked our a$$es up there! But our military learned a lot from that whooping!

          • donemyhomework

            I have no idea what’s being taught today. So I suppose the action is required of parents to correct any and all flaws of the educational system. I don’t know about anyone else, but i know I was always being corrected by my dad and my older half brother as to correct information and doing your own research. Technically, it’s the family way.

        • Charter Schools!!! They can fire teachers, they don’t tolerate drugs or swearing. Kids must respect the teachers and each other. If they get anything below a “C”, they’re out. Small class size. No indoctrination. My kids went, and it’s amazing how they came out, it’s a very good alternative! They also learned lots of history – real history – not liberal versions (lies)!!!!

    • What is really needed is to deport ALL muslims NOT bring them in. They need to be our number one export along with illegal aliens. Maybe if we get a conservative in the WH and congress this can be achieved.

      • Right on!!!

      • I would be more than willing to donate to revoking citizenship and deporting all mudslimes

        • —–& I would be willing to ” give ’til it hurts” to re-settle them to some Arab country. Trouble is their own kind don’t want them. The Shites & Sunnis do not get along, how can either group assimilate to any civilized country? They are only happy, if they are “top dog”. They have been fighting each other for 2000 yrs. They fight among themselves when they don’t have a common enemy. You would think by now they would have wiped each other from the planet, which would be a good riddance. I am not the least bit surprised these “good-hearted” socialist/marxist/democrats are all in favor of bringing more people to turn into democratic voters. This is one way they intend to do it, overload the system, destroy our economy, straight from Clivens & [ ? ] “Rules for Radicals.” The author asked a good question, ” Why not bring in the translators who helped our troops” in Afghanistan & Iraq? What about the Christians who have been tortured, beheaded & slaughtered like mad dogs? No these dum-assed, traitor democrats wants to bring in the jihadists, the radicals, the muslim scum. I would love to kick this stupid senator in the butt until his nose bleeds for bringing up such a stupid idea. Someone ought to introduce a bill not to let another muslim into the country, unless he has sacrificed much to help this country or risked his life, & wound up in prison. I’m referring to the doctor who led our seals to osama bin laden. Wonder what the USA has done to get this man out of prison? Nothing. we ought to send our seals into Pakistan to rescue this doctor. No democrats would NEVER approve of saving any of these people, they only want to let in more radical ones who are risks to our population.

          • Why not resettle them on a nice Caribbean Island, say Guantanamo for instance. When it gets full, just open the gates periodically, and let Castro deal with them!

        • You aren’t the only one my friend.

        • So you’re more than willing to violate the Constitution?

          • Violate the Constitution?? You disengenuous POS. Obama’s illegal aliens are law breakers. How much schooling did you have? 8th grade? Dumber than a box of rocks.

          • #4 is probably an illegal., humor him/her.

          • LOL

          • There is nothing left of the Constitution thanks to Congress and Obama.

          • Prove it.

          • It is people like you who do not want to see the truth.
            Start with NSA spying on you. FBI, CIA, and all the other
            alphabet agencies. All the Illegals coming over the boarder,
            all the Muslims Obama is bringing in, even though other
            Middle East countries do not want them. Just for starters.

          • idiot

          • have you been in a coma since Obama took office, he has (almost)singlehandedly destroyed our country, the commie creep.

          • Last I checked, the Union was still intact.

          • What part of illegal do you not understand???

          • you idiot

          • I’m an idiot because I don’t want the rights of American citizens trampled on?

          • Your head is buried in the sand. Did you come over with them?

          • OK, I’ll agree with that. Only problem is the vast majority of these immigrants are NOT American citizens…….And yes, you are an idiot !!!

          • #4 let enough of these illegal in and you won’t have any rights.

          • illegals are not citizens and the muslims want to murder everyone that isn’t muslim.

          • “the muslims want to murder everyone that isn’t muslim.”

            My Muslim friends would have something to say about that.

          • If they are true muslims they will lie and hide the ultimate goal from those that are not muslims.. The Koran teaches them this and History teaches us the truth of this… And sadly the liberals live with their own interpretation to what truth is…

          • “If they are true muslims they will lie and hide the ultimate goal from those that are not muslims..”

            They are true Muslims. They would also eat a bullet before doing what you accuse them of.

          • Promise? They all deserve to be dead, dead, dead!
            Then, we would use them for fertilizer in our fields!

          • “Promise? They all deserve to be dead, dead, dead!
            Then, we would use them for fertilizer in our fields!”

            Translation: “I, leewacker, proudly support what the Nazis did and would use the same methods against innocent American citizens.”

          • And sadly, you bigots make life hell for them because of your ignorance.

          • In nearly all of man’s history the liberal has failed to see the truth, they failed to see the truth in Christ Jesus, they failed to see the truth in the Civil War, they failed to see the truth in Hitler reign of terror and they most definitely have failed to see the truth in the failures of Pres. Obama and his Administration. It truly is the time to wake-up to what is happening around you, but if you wise to continue down the road of liberalism you are certainly welcome…

          • “In nearly all of man’s history the liberal has failed to see the truth, they failed to see the truth in Christ Jesus,”

            If anything, the Sanhedrin were conservatives.

          • It truly is the time to wake-up to what is happening around you, but
            if you wise to continue down the road of liberalism you are certainly

            I’m not the dolt who thinks terrorists could carry out an EMP attack against the US.

          • I agree, no individual terrorist will carry out a EMP attack but it is possible that a terrorist nation such as North Korea will… And the dolt is the liberal that believes America can continue to survive this down spiral into liberalism and socialism, which has always lead to the destruction of a society as seen throughout man’s history….
            The vast majority of the Sadducees and Pharisees were outwardly conservatively but in reality they were very much hypnotics in every way, concerned for their own lives and their position in society, just as we see in many of the TV evangelists or the liberal leaders today…

          • Don’t ever think those TV Evangelists WOULDN”T TRY!

          • Wouldn’t try what, destroy America? Ignorance is evidently not just found in the liberals or the muslims… America is on the verge of destruction and it will be like none this world has seen since Noah’s Flood.
            There are three groups of people:
            1. Those that will always hide their eyes to the truth of what is happening around them. 2. Those that are seeking the truth.
            3. Those that know the truth.

          • At the rate this country is moving it will not be long. The country will be owned by other countries like China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. WE Will owe them too much to pay it all off and they will foreclose on the debts! And with the rate our government is giving money away to everyone…it will not be long at all. The liberal government keeps throwing more and more money at a problem that is not helping. Poverty can not be paid for ever! The more money you give to some, the more they wants. Or the more they figure out how to take! Working, Taxpaying people is the only answer. Not more handouts!

          • Larry – I don’t know if you are a Christian or not… But, God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hope that the hearts of the people might turn to Him. God has been sending His warning since the mid 1980s. The first prophecy I was led to was in Apr.’94 and that was of the visions given to Pastor Dumitru Duduman. the 2nd and 3rd. ones was in Apr. 2000.. all of which were of a nuclear attack on America… Aug.’94 after reading the Engineer’s Report of the WTC #2 Tower I began praying… During this prayer I spoke, “God, the people responsible for this attack will be back to hit this #2 Tower again and this time they will take it all the way to the ground and that’s’ what they did, hit it and took it to the ground.
            I now tell how the 9/11 attack was the 1st of 3 major attacks on America. The 2nd will be approx. 1000 times greater most likely in Southern California and at least 2 areas on the upper East Coast which looks to be Philly and the Boston areas…. The 3rd will be like nothing this world has seen since Noah’s Flood.
            I highly doubt there will be anything left unless they us the EMP and we end up killing ourselves for food and water in order to survive… For more info. google; watchman48 RFC newsletter #101

          • Retona4, My sincere apologies for misreading your posts. I assumed you were a liberal, I don’t usually make assumptions
            like that. Please accept my apology, and disregard any offending posts. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the cowboys from the Indians. LOL

          • Don’t sell yourself short, you are very much the dolt.

          • But, by your words, you back them! Therefore, you are one of them!

          • I am a life-long Yankees fan. Last fall, I stated I wanted the Giants to win the World Series. Does that make me a Giants fan?

          • No….you still miss Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris like me is all! You do know who they are Right?

          • Is the pope Catholic?

          • Actually … Your a “Rectal Exam” to happen and 4th in line, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ??? … Talk about “Dumb and Dumber,” WTF …duh!!!! Only explanation here is YOU must a “Obama Voter or a Kid!”
            How the F^^K Old are you anyway?????????????? If your a “Kid” of less than 16 years … F^^K Off and go suck your Mother Tit! I’m sick and tired of “Little Kids” being on the internet and talking shit, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Iran has launched missiles from shipped now that could put up a bomb high enough to use as an EMP device! Why would they want to do that?

          • I do hope you are accurate in your appraisal of the hell we impart in their lives. A bigot? In your case a maggot.

          • I’m a maggot because I stand against you bigots?

          • Good! You have active brain cells. Now the next step. Retrain your thinking.

          • To what? Hating all Muslims for the crimes of a few? Not happening.

          • They ALL are guilty–especially when they want us to forget our brave men and women who have fought so valiantly to keep our country strong and free! AND, your fine muslims are slithering into our schools, teaching bad things, with nary a care! We MUST cleanse our country, and if you get in the way—ah, so sorry!

          • So then all Christians are guilty of the crimes of Eric Rudolph and Scott Roeder?

          • It’s good to know how much you hate America.

          • “Your Truly …. “NOT AMERICAN” and YES your an Idiot, like everyone has called you!

          • Worse than a maggot! At least a maggot has purpose! All YOU want is our destruction! Time to start ethnic cleansing, I think! Never agreed with it until now, but it should be carried out ASAP!

          • Translation: “I, leewcker, am a proud Nazi.”

          • Actually the Muslims have been practicing that cleansing thing for a lot longer than even the Nazis. They don’t even like their own that alone any infidels. The Sunni and Shiite hate and kill each other all the time. Now we have these fine ISIS Muslims that will kill everyone that is not them. There is also the Palestinians that kill their own all the time…..that’s get aide and sympathy from the morons of the world. That means liberals and the UN! They are even proud of it… this and you might learn some!

          • HA! I told you You … You “Weren’t and American , You POS Kraut!!!!!
            Now, I know the “Mussy’s are going to get Ya, they despise “Krauts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
            Bye, bye now …. so long idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Nice rant.

          • Your welcome … Kraut, fit you well, huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • It takes one to know one, Nazi Ass Wipe!

          • What an AZZZZ … Dumbo, your the Bigot, against Real Americans, Duh Again!!!!!!!

          • Speak English.

          • What do you know about about “English” …. Kraut F’er!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Aside from it being my first language since birth, not much.

          • AW, gee ain’t that just too bad! The only good muslim, my friend, is a dead one! And, if any more try to build those horrible little turnip houses in our country, we should blow each and every one up–especially when services are being held! WHOOPS!

          • Translation: “I, leewacker, hate America, the Constitution, and every American soldier who has died to keep our freedoms.”

          • Watch your back … Bud! Good for you, “Buddy Up” to the Mussy’s and we won’t have to care about taking care of your idiot azzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’ll do the job for us, LMAO at You!!

          • Seems to me all those who come to this country are leaving their own because their country is not nice…..then stay in your own country and FIX IT! But no they come here and won’t assimilate. They want Sharia law here, with their own culture centers like one here in NY… NON MUSLIMS allowed – all on NY State soil and no not NY CITY.

            Same with Mexico and Central America – nasty nations send people fleeing to the US by the millions and we’re supposed to just take them in and take care of them……wow how are we supposed to do that when we can’t even take care of our own?

            Time to secure the border A DUH and stop bringing Muslims here – sorry your country sucks – get the MEN in your country to do something useful with their time and fix their countries.

          • I live in America.

          • The Quran says that they must kill all that are not Islamic! Right!! Quran (61:10-12) – “O You who believe! Shall I guide you to a commerce that will save you from a painful torment. That you believe in Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad ), and that you strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives, that will be better for you, if you but know! (If you do so) He will forgive you your sins, and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwelling in Gardens of ‘Adn – Eternity [‘Adn (Edn) Paradise], that is indeed the great success.” This verse refers to physical battle in order to make Islam victorious over other religions (see above). It uses the Arabic word, Jihad
            You have no idea what is in the mind of ALL your Muslim friend as you might think!

          • You have no idea how ignorant you are.

          • And YOU have NO concept of what ignorance really is–especially when spouted by a lamebrain like YOU!

          • You mean the ones that are still alive? And how did they remain so? Could there be some deviant behavior you are aware of that you aren’t sharing?

          • “You mean the ones that are still alive? And how did they remain so?
            Could there be some deviant behavior you are aware of that you aren’t

            Your senility’s showing.

          • BULLFROGS! Your fine muslim friends should go jump in the sea, and TRY to swim back to the Middle East! WE ARE NOT GOING TO GIVE IN TO THEM!!!!!!
            Got that?
            Idiot on Toast!

          • How cute. A paranoid nut scared of a Muslim invasion.

          • And what would they say, “Yes, we want to kill all non-believers”?
            I bet you’re Muslim.

          • Catholic

          • If you have Muslim Friends … then your “no” f**king better than they are, duh!!!!!!!!!
            I hope they don’t cut your throat someday …. while snowballing you right into their Koran Web, duh!!!!!

          • You are a starry eyed water carrying liberal idiot who cannot see past the end of your eyelash. Trying to explain anything to you is a waste of time. You don’t know the difference between a citizen, illegal immigrant or anything else. You are what is wrong with this country. Why don’t you advocate opening the border to all countries in equal fashion, not just Mexicans. IDIOT!

          • I was referring to Muslims, dummkopf.

          • I was referring to everyone, IDIOT!

          • Hey greyfox, retona4 is a plain agitator … like most of the “Krauts” I have known. In other words a POS & Pain in the Ass!!!!! He doesn’t have anything better to do but write 100’s of stupid shit on places like this to stir the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            “Krauts” usually speak with “Fork Tongue” ….. like “Hitler!”

          • Stop with the first part of your sentence. The because simply boasts your incredibly naive and foolish interpretation of the Bill of Rights.

          • I quote.

            “Actually what America needs is no muslims and very few liberal, socialist democrats.”

          • Yes, it is rather salient and appropos. One of my better comments. And just think, I didn’t have to carry on an argument with forty other commenters like you as I attempted to convince them that muslims were warm, cuddly, little bumpkins. Note; no one ever bought into your facade so you must have been doing all this to massage your histrionic ego.

          • They are NOT American citizens–no way, no how! The “American muslims” REFUSE to accept our terms, and demand WE become like them–with sharia law and everything else filthy about them! As for the illegals, they NEVER WERE citizens, and refuse to become citizens anyway–again, THEY want US to give in and let THEM take over OUR country! What a daft dimwit you are!

          • Please explain how Muslims born in America to American citizen parents are not American citizens.

          • If you are concerned about violating the Constitution, you need to look no further than you ovomit with his phone and his pen. He is being chastised and shut down daily for his Constitutional violations. As far as he is concerned, Congress does not exist. He thinks he should be able to write law, enforce law, and adjudicate law all by himself. He thinks he is our EMPEROR!! He is such a piece of scum, I want to puke whenever I see his face.

          • You’re claiming I’m this Ovomit person?

          • Sounding more and more like him!

          • If it’s good enough for Obama it’s good enough for me, violating the constitution that is.

          • What part of the Constitution are you talking about? Many come here and keep the duel citizenship. The US has no such thing here. The US does not recognize duel citizenship, you are a citizen of the US and not the other country. You can not have 2 passports here!

          • You’re a real idiot aren’t you? Maybe if you took some courses in ENGLISH!

          • Why would I? It’s my first language.

          • the Constitution has already been grossly violated on many levels law is big enemy also govt good for toilet paper means nothing

        • I would like to help also,,,nothing like a moving target to sharpen the skills, eh?

      • Do these senators realize that these muslims DONOT assimilate into the area of which they live? They continue to live under their Sharia law and not under the “law of the land”. What do these idiot senators think they are going to do, brainwash these muslims to think like them? They will take everything the US gives them and then turn against the US because we ARE the infidels.. As it says in the bible, What you sow, so shall ye reap!!

      • donemyhomework

        Right again. There is nothing about Islam that America needs

      • I’ve said the Exact same thing

    • donemyhomework

      You are absolutely right big time.

    • This just shows the sheer stupidity of liberal democrats, their war cry is ” the “Republican war on women” but women have no rights under muslim law, and as we get enough of these idiots in this country, piece by piece sharia law will take effect. So all of you women out there that want to vote for a democrat on election day, think again about your freedoms, and don’t listen to the liar Hillary either.

    • Spirit of 1776


    • RoadRules look up Ann Corcoran’s website immigrant resettlement watch. There are many very large church groups namely just Two are the Catholics and the Lutherans lobbying to bring in more Muslims into this country, they have branches in every state, some of the salaries of the leaders are as high as 425,000 dollars a year mostly taxpayer funded. None are helping Christians to come out of these Hell Holes that I have learned of. Ann Corcoran is a lone wolf in MN trying to alert people, in the meantime the Muslims in the Twin Cities, MN are clamoring for Sharia Law.

    • You are so right. We have a house and senate full of self serving creeps who need their asses kicked and tried and jailed for treason. Last I heard treason was punishable by death. Ya think the death penalty would tune up the “politicians”?

      What I see happening in my USA makes me sick. It’s obvious to me there is a concerted effort to destroy this nation from within – man how much more toleration of snakes in the garden?

    • RIGHT ON!!!!!
      The USA “NEEDS” to take care of their “OWN” … First of All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bringing in “ALL” these Low-Life, Sickly, POS that nobody else wants and give them a HOME is … OUTRAGEOUS and a KICK IN THE FACE TO “HARD WORKING AMERICANS, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We don’t need more muslims we need lots and lots less ship their asses back and let them duke it out with their brothers

  4. Democrats are the REAL problem in America. Stupid, Lying, Thieving, Crooks. ALL of them.

    • Get used to it. There is a real reason why they are importing muslims by the thousands, knowing they will vote for democrats. Soon we will have a one political party government, run by communists (democrats). Most Americans aren’t paying attention. I put the question of Obama not standing down at the next election, and she hadn’t even heard about it.

  5. The name of the game is to bring more Muslims into the country so that they can do their Jihad here… The current Administration has already bought 1.7 BILLION + rounds of Hollow Point Ammo so what next… Fast & Furious 2.0 except this time give ALL of the arms to the Muslims.

    Thanks to everyone who voted for Mr. Obama… you have sealed ALL of our collective fate.

    • Cleverfun….Couldn’t be said any plainer or more honest than what you wrote, the only thing missing is the fact the govt is trying to take the guns and ammo away from ‘the people’ and evidently war type firearms from our law enforcement…and you are right…it is a collective fate…there is an exception to that fate,..repentance of the genuine kind and even that doesn’t prevent bondage for national sins, of which we abound…perchance..if there were ten ‘righteous men’ in each state (and there isn’t), then’ the prayers of a righteous man availeth much’…you will note that the requirement is ‘righteous’ rather than religious…our country abounds with religion and it is written that God hates religion, of the type that the pharisees practiced…and the sadducees, and all the other political discourses of that time frame…’He seeks those to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth”…how does one find Spirit and Truth?..”You need no man to teach you but the Holy Ghost will ‘lead you’ into ALL truth and righteousness”…that in itself, dismisses many of our national, and world, so-called spiritual leaders…thank God for that…there is a requirement however. one must “study to show thyself approved unto God” not unto man……in spite of your cutesy comment name, my gut level feeling is you will make it through what is coming….somehow….by the Grace of God///

      • Phyllis, thank you for the assurance and I will pray for you. I will also take this opportunity to admit that I am the Christian Writer known as pctrell.

        Please take a moment to read this and share often, it’s called “Tick Tock”…

        Tick-tock, tick-tock said the clock on the wall
        On a nail I hang without, I’d fall
        I’m true to me and I’m true to you
        Tick-tock I say now what say you…

        Good times, bad times, they’ll come and go
        A clock I am and I’ll let you know
        Pain and sorrow they too shall pass
        It’s not a long time if you say it real fast

        A clock I am and I’m always right
        It’s not me it’s you, you fight
        Run from me you soon will find
        Be true to you and don’t blame time

        Long clocks wall clocks short & tall
        Some things we share after all
        It’s your time friend forever-less
        You’re wasting yours I do confess

        Constraint of time is your only bridle
        My hands, my hands are never idle
        Tick-tock tick-tock is what I say
        Tick-talk, tick-talk your day away…

        To sum it up your time is thin
        So think about the place you’re in
        You’re young now and somewhat bold
        The truth though is you will grow old

        Time will pass and I’ll still be here
        Your fate to come is what you fear
        I suggest to you go feed His flock
        Buy some time tick-tock, tick-tock

        The Lord’s work is never done
        He gave to you his precious son (3:16)
        Without Him know, you will be lost
        Alone He died on a wooden-cross

        Think about the time He spent
        The agony and pain without lament
        He shed his blood just for you
        Stop wasting time there’s work to do

        A plan for you in spite of me
        A place with Him you soon may see
        Tell the world how great His art
        And don’t forget He knows your heart

        Lord anyway I made my case
        Can’t help but show my simple face
        After all I’m just a clock
        Two words for sure
        Tick-tock tick-tock


        Copyright 2015 – pctrell – All Rights Reserved!

        • Great poem!

        • great poem indeed

        • Nice poem..I will forward it on to my grandchildren..I am 74 and very aware of the present day events and what they may hold…Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.” There seems to be a tendency these days to lift up everything except His name, as for time…I have come to a point in time and age where everyday is the day of the Lord’]]”time in itself has no relevance for me….nor do clocks but for the younger ones, your poem seems to be right on….


    • Bumper sticker sighting: “If you voted for Obama, honk. Thanks a**hole”.

  6. WTF is the matter with these F**KING Stupid Idiotic Democrats … have they gone COMPLETELY out of their Frigging Minds, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wanting more People of the Muslim Faith of the Koran … “Who want to Kill Us” – American Christians of the Bible, … to come to the United States!!!!!!!!

    Hey, PEOPLE of the United States Of America … if you still want your “Freedom” – not to mention your “LIFE,” then something has to be done about People (DEMOCRATS) that want this, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I might suggest an .. “Open Season,” on these Bastards, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Another instance of you cannot fix stupid. The dem wit dems open their mouths and remove all doubts about this subject. Idiots!

  8. The Democrat Party is now officially a party of traitors. The great majority of Muslims that have been brought to this country have no intention of assimilating to American culture. Their intention is to change us. They want our resources and wealth but not our ways. They will support the same kind of political monsters they left their homes to escape. Enter the Democrat Party.

  9. Close the borders and ship out the ones we have! Starting with the Commander in Chief, Obama!

    • On my jacket I wear both an American flag pin & a pin with a cross (I am not catholic) I wear them both to remind the both legal & illegals just exactly what country they are in. It is a good thing that I am 6foot 2 inches in height & Have gone to the gym 5 days per week for the last 12 years & I weigh 232 lbs & a short workout for me is 90+ minutes but the average is over 4 hours spent lifting. I do get quite a few stares when some see the pins but they don’t have enough nerve to say anything (which is good for them as I will not hesitate to put them in their place both verbally & physically. My thoughts are f— them all & if they don’t like it don’t let the door out hit them in their butts

      • between your size and my M1 rifle, we can kick some butt.. lol Semper Fi

        • Aah the good ole M1, When I was in basic we had an intro to the M14 but carried the M1 until I was assigned to a permanent unit. Oops I am giving my age away to every former serviceman. Sorry to say but I am not a bully but will stand up for my rights & of course with the illegal problems we have for them I have quite different feelings,m I don’t like nor feel that they should have any rights but am only one voice & one vote & I live in a state that is & has been run by dumbocraps. If or when the sh== does ever hit the fan I will wish I also had an M1 size in only good until they pick up a gun, they seem top make things op sided in their favor. I only have a pistol (380 caliber) that I use for home defence. Any one these days that doesn’t have a gun at home is only asking for someone to come in & help themselves to your belongings. And if the lefties have their way we will not be allowed to protect our selves in our own homes. I do not advocate for carrying concealed weapons unless you have had gun safety classes & get a permit

      • eight feet 2 inches tall? You must have knees where I have armpits. Confucius say “Crowded elevator smell different to midget”.

      • That’s the spirit! I am shorter but I carry a 44 Magnum and follow the Castle Doctrine!

  10. Dick & Amy may be among the stupidest people on earth, if they believe this! Do they not see the aftermath of the influx of Samolians in the Twin Cities? welfare/crime/wanting to join IS/murder/civil ciaos/ disregard for the laws of this country.

    • Shofar threading

      Their brains can’t go that far. All they see in the here and now are VOTES. They one day may find
      THEMSELVES in a FEMA camp run by muslims.

    • Liberals are to stupid to see anything even if it’s looking them in the face.

  11. Shofar threading

    We now, for sure, know we have a bunch of people in our government who care more about their Democrat Party than our (not their) country. A total cast of traitors. They can’t escape that tag.

  12. In my opinion we do not need more people who do not intend to assimulate into our society, and live by our laws, and forget their sharia crap.

    • Yep and all you have to do is look at Europe for a living EXAMPLE!

    • you are spot on! That is exactly what the current administration is doing!

    • the Texas State Senate and the Governor of Texas just passed a Law that eliminates “Sharia Law” completely from and out of our Judicial System from-now-on…

      If you Love your Country, you will contact your respective State Legislatures and remind them that We are Citizens of the United States of America and We are the ones that voted you into Office.

      If you Do NOT comply, WE WILL Vote you out of Office!

  13. How many People actually know what the meaning of “LIBERAL” really is … Politically, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone doesn’t .. it may be very fruitful to you and your life of well being, if you find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Merriam-Webster might be a good start, duh again!!!!!!!!!!

    One example is: if your of “Liberal Ideology” .. you would be one who is open handed, loose, non- authoritative etc. etc. soooo … now you get it, that they would give the Country away to anyone, whether they want to kill them or not!!!

    Simply: they won’t “Go Against or Fight” … the hand that will “Bite or even Kill,” them! NOW, how F’en Stupid is that????????????????????????

  14. When you have a Muslim thing squatting in the White House he is bringing thousand of them in a month! They are steady taking over the world a country at a time. Multiple wives and dozens of kids. Where the rest of the world has down sized the family the muslims are multiplying by millions. Used to be China was the most populated now the muslims are!

  15. I’m surprised liberal main-stream media hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon with the Democrats, much as they did back in the late 80s and early 90s on Somalia. Because of their “deep-seated humanitarian concerns”, we sent in the Marines and other military assets; same as in Bosnia. The results: people living here who hate this country, working to change it to their ways and culture, including imposing Sharia law, no-go zones and cultural mores foreign to our way of life as we know it.

    • david b cordick

      i would like the powers that be ignore the dems and the vote, and send in, cops, troops, dhs, fbi, cia, nsa, i dont give a shit who does it, just march into these no go zones and then right in the middle of it, install american justice, backed up with bullets.

  16. Its becoming more and more obvious that our government @ every level is still taking LSD and lots of it. It would be my suggestion that each and every dumpocrap and several repukeikans report to the Rykers Island Psych Unit for frontal lobotomies ASAP!

  17. I want to know , where are all of the other countries, WHY is it our responsibility to rescue the whole DAMN world, when we have enough trouble right here & we are bankrupt as it is !

    • Shofar threading

      This country became joined at the hip to the UN many years ago. And as more and more non-democracies came in and took reigns from the stupid U.S. governments who allowed it, they’ve become the rulers — and now dictate to OUR government — and, in part, covertly through implementation of Agenda 21. (I again will post this for the more recent readers, if interested in the informative slide show.)

      • New World “ODOR” same as “globaloney”, which is spread like a fungus by NWO morons like Nelson Rockefeller and his RINO ilk. To that crowd add the community organizers and you have a recipe for Armageddon.

    • Yes, Trish, 18 TRILLION & counting!

  18. Good idea – poke MORE holes in the hull.

  19. Democrats THINK that diplomacy and “getting along” comes from the notion that they want to bend over backwards to be their “friend” and ignore the facts as the democrats get drunk on that notion. They go out of their way to befreind muslims as if it is in vogue and are so preoccupied with it that they lose sight of everything and everyone else around them…….Islam and Democracy born out of a constitutional republic cannot co exist. History has taught us that…………Democrats are dangerous

  20. “Democrats: America Needs More Muslims!”

    Of Course the Dem’s say that, their “Leader” says that – who IS America’s apparent Pro Islam, Pro Muslim, seemingly Anti America, Anti Constitution, Anti Christian, Anti Israel “Imperial” Potus – Brarack Hussein Obama Jr. – a DEMOCRAT.

    What DOCUMENTED statements has OBAMA Made about Islam and Christianity ? – 0h – just statements such as:
    1. “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation”.
    2. “Islam has always been part of America”.
    3. “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance”.
    4. “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”.
    5. “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”.
    6. “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

    AND MORE –
    “40 Mind-Blowing Quotes From Barack Hussein Obama On Islam And Christianity
    Geoffrey Grider | October 2, 2013
    When someone shows you who they are, believe them”

    • The sweetest sound would be the Firing Squad shooting our dictator.

    • About that number 5 (the sweetest sound), it sounds like a bunch of bawling cats. Do Muslims ever listen to classical music? Surely Obama has been exposed to sweeter sounds !!! But his brain was infected with cocaine at the time.

  21. We need more Muslims like we need more Ebola!

    • John Allen Dickinson

      Christofascists are worse.

      • NOTHING is “worse” than a Muslim invasion. How many heads have your “Christofascists” removed? How many women have your “Christofascists” stoned to death? How many homosexuals have your “Christofascists” executed? ZERO sounds about right.

        • John Allen Dickinson

          Do some research. Anyway, my first encounter with Christofascists was in high school when two Baptists tried to shove their religion down my throat. I told them no 3 times, and then one pushed me. I turned around and smacked him in the jaw and broke it. They never bothered me again. Today if someone did that I and pushed me I would turn around and gut him with my knife. And, it would be self-defense.

      • It that is so? How is it that Judeo-Christians started and built the United States of American. Must be Jihadi!

      • Ahhhh John , your a faithful liberal..

      • you are blind, deaf, and ignorant

  22. Chris Robinette

    Of course we need more Muslims who believe word for word if the Islamic doctrine called the Qur’an as American need more targets

    • Chris: If I have a choice between all muslim, or some democrats, I would prefer all muslims. The first thing the muslims would do if they gained total control is throw all of the queer democrats off the top of a 7 story building leaving the country with zero democrats.

      • Go finish your Kool-Aid, Worthless PIG !

      • Chris Robinette

        then the radical members among them will implement sharia law then you and I will end up losing our heads. I prefer to arrest all congressional democraps and charge them with treason. As for the Muslims remove them from the US soil.

      • Chris Robinette

        And Sharia law ripe for beheading all who is not a muslim. I prefer constitutionalists.

  23. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    I wonder why the European countries want us to take in the muslims instead of allowing them into THEIR COUNTRIES? IS IT BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY WORLD TRADE TOWERS FOR THEM TO FLY INTO?
    The meaning of liberal? We want LOTS of FREE STUFF WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK FOR IT!

  24. The only good muslims are the dead ones as they cannot kill any more innocent people or breed any more of the scum of this earth.

    • TAM44: That isn’t true. You are almost correct. There actually is one good live Muslim. His name is Sirhan Sirhan. He is in prison in California for killing one of the Kennedys. I think is was Bobby.

  25. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    What we really need is our borders closed and you democrats get put in the streets as soon as possible.

  26. Yeah we need that like we need another 9/11

  27. isis Killing muslum like killing democRATs

  28. What we need is More Ammunition.

    • Arizona, I’m afraid your right.

      • You damn Skippy I’m right. The time is coming to Lock and Load, my friend.

        Hey, the great thing about SBGO is that not only does it scare the pants off of the Camel-Shaggers, it also happens to be the best lubricant for tactical firearms that has ever been developed.

        We use SBGO on all of our firearms here at my house. Goat-frackers won’t have any chance at “Paradise” around these parts.

  29. More Muslims???? We don’t even know, at this moment, how many we already have. There are estimates up to ten million and, assuming 80% are “devout” Muslims, they will respond to a call for Muslim “war Jihad”. Also, Muslims are not only permitted, they are directed to lie, deceive, cheat, steal, and even commit murder, if doing so will “furthers the cause of Islam”. Congress, it is time you, as a group, ceased being “useful fools”, agreeing to most everything the Administration is placing on your political plate. The Administration is now “openly” trying to change this great Republic and freedom loving state into a Muslim state and if allowed to continue, there is going to be blood in the streets, with public firing squads meting out justice to all who are committing treason. It is probably already too late to prevent some blood, but the longer congress delays, the more blood will flow—and they, collectively, are going to be a major part of the problem. The UN is already beginning “population control” rumblings and it will be impossible to make any reliable live “body counts}, with world-wide mass migrations going on. If the UN does establish population controls, we can rest assured it will be those of Islamic faith getting the “free tickets” to survive and all of we “infidels” will have our heads removed, or in labor camps providing the necessities (and “females and boys”) to the male Muslims. Folks, it is all spelled out in the Muslim’s Qur’an—but to understand that Holy Book, you must edit its many “abrogations” and place the remainder in chronologic order—-you will then see that Holy Book, is little more than a full blown “declaration of war” against all infidels. Unfortunately most people don’t have the time to do all that research. An overall understanding of the Qur’an can be accomplished just by reading Surah Nine (out of 114), which Muhammad revealed in the last year of his life. That Surah, abrogates most all of Muhammad’s early peaceful, loving, understanding, forgiving and equality revelations. Those are harsh words but I am willing to debate, in public, all that I have said. And, I do not hate any of the Muslim Faith, in that they are just carrying out the 7th Century barbaric war propaganda that has been “forced” upon them since Muhammad came on the scene. I believe that “truth and facts” can never be blasphemy, slander, racist or a hate crime. I will close with the statement that I believe there are very few, in any, “moderate Muslims”. In order to be moderate, they would be subject to a Qur’anic “death penalty” for deviating from their Holy Book—and those who might be moderate, surely are not going to speak up–and lose their heads.

  30. Albert L Biele

    The Dem’s will do anything for a vote. Immigrate Aliens from out f space, illegal’s from south America, Muslim terrorist from the id-East; They’ve control the black vote for decades, raping souls, for a meager andout, being motivated by deceit and dissension, pitting one American against nother, gracing the halls of apostasy, keeping the suppressed in bondage, denying uman the fundamental values of human dignity; our choice is, we can believe
    the lie, change the course of history now, or prepare to live in a third world ountry.

  31. If the Jackass Democrats want more Muslims than let them go to Syria.

  32. In the 1940’s, Jewish refugees were being hunted to death and had literally nowhere to go. Today, Moslems are not being hunted to death (except in areas controlled by the nuts of ISIS), and there are many countries they can go to. Meantime, oil-rich Arab countries like Kuwait and the Gulf sheikdoms do little if anything, monetarily or otherwise, to help their “brother” Moslems.
    Plus you have the added factor that too many Moslems are basically intolerant of non-Moslems (remember, Islam translated doesn’t mean peace, it means surrender and subjugation). Moslems often want sharia law, have jihadi sympathies– and/or have no interest in democracy, women’s rights, religious equality for all, i.e., an America based on Judaeo-Christian values. Caveat emptor, America!

  33. It may escape everyone’s attention but there have been several nations with refugees and they were ignored by this administration…why the sudden attention to ‘muslim’ refugees?…what about the ‘christians’ fleeing the muslims in more than a few countries?…what about those we saw crucified, beheaded, burned, buried alive? why no compassion or mercy for them…I have never been predjudiced in my life and I do believe that is taught rather than something one is born with…but I find myself, in my old age, despising the ways of the Muslims and our present dictatorial emperor who is very prejudiced and racist…ugh..

  34. Exposes the stupidity of the demoCRAPS!

  35. boris yasdnilkov

    The ignorance of progressive liberals (including many far left-leaning Democrats) is beyond the realm of understanding. Evil is at work in the halls of Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Military, and most federal agencies. Satan’s hold on this nation gets stronger every day. The institution of Sharia Law in certain areas of our country is fast approaching, then it will spread like cancer. We have lost our common sense, our civility and our reverence of God: Great tragedy for this land is just over the horizon.

  36. Fuck Dick Durbin and the Commie Crats. I don’t want to spend a single dime on relocating any Muslim bastards to America! I’m tired of stupid, lying Commiecrats….they are un-American and every time they move their lips they are telling us lies. No resettlement in AMerica! And stop funding the UN! United Nuts!

  37. Why doesn’t a “Muslim” country Take them all in? You know England, France, Saudi Arabia? Iran?…. No let’s ship them 9000 miles to us….. WTH?

  38. Here are the 14 Democrat Commies that think we need more Muslims from Syria. Be sure to let Americans know about this in 2016 when some of these FOOLS are up for re-election. Even Democrats are getting fed up with Refugees/Illegal Aliens/Foreigners.

    Here they are:

    Dick Durbin (D-IL)

    Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

    Al Franken (D-MN)

    Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

    Diane Feinstein (D-CA)

    Patty Murray (D-WA)

    Robert Menendez (D-NJ)

    Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

    Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

    Christopher Coons (D-DE)

    Tim Kaine (D-VA)

    Edward Markey (D-MA)

    Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

    Mazie Hirono (D-HI)

  39. Here’s an idea. Since all 14 Democrats are so fond of Muslims from Syria, let’s re-locate those 14 basturds to Syria instead of the 35,000 (mentioned on another site) Syrians to here. It would be a lot cheaper! And we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  40. The Democrats will destroy the Country to get VOTES!

  41. Shofar threading

    I have posted this earlier in this thread and repeat for anyone interested.

    This country became joined at the hip to the UN many years ago. And as more and more non-democracies came in and took reigns from governments who allowed it they’ve become the rulers — and now dictate to OUR government — and, in part, covertly through implementation of Agenda 21. Click on the page-by-page informative slide show.

  42. James in Texas

    Easy answer to this issue! They are all going to be “Stupid” which will make them Democrat voters in the “next” election, Period! All one needs to understand is the Democrats in the Senate that putforth this tripe! Combine that with the “open Borders Illegals” and the Democrats will rule the government until this country comes to it’s senses, or the country goes flat-broke, Period!

  43. Hell with the Muslims and the Liberal Democrats, are they desperate for more votes !

  44. Alleged Comment

    We should start hanging Demoncraps the way their Moslems counterparts behead people.

  45. We need more Muslims like a moose needs a hat rack. We are already over-run with them. When they start demanding that we institute Sharia Law in this country, it is time to shut the flood gates. One day we will wake up and find that we are being forced to bow down to “Allah” or are scheduled for beheading. There is no middle ground with them

  46. hey markypolo! Don’t forget to put a few Republicans in that list. If they were doing the job they’re supposed to do, the Dems wouldn’t have done as much damage as they have. When politicians stop doing any thing ‘big money’ wants and start serving the people who elected them, we will be a lot better off.

    • The only way that will happen is to replace the “establishment” RINOs in the Primaries with real Conservatives who put American Citizens first, instead of foreigners and Lobbyists.

    • your right Joyce, the republicans should have at least started impeachment proceedings, they didn’t have the senate before, but they do now since 2014.

    • also blame the voting populace. If our countrymen didn’t vote for these democraps the problem would not exist.

  47. Where is the call to help Christians who are being mercilessly killed daily by the savage Muslims. You won’t hear such a plea from the Devilcrats. There are two subversive organizations in the U.S. One is the Muslims and the second is the Democrat Party. The party of Truman has evolved into one that is bent on destroying our traditions and Balkanizing the nation for their thirst for power—meaning the control of the purse. Not sure which evil is worse. Let’s just say they are tied for first.

  48. Just be more targets when we play Cowboys and muslims.


  50. Bring ’em !! We need more target practice !!

  51. I will not put up with the liberal garbage if they force more Muslims into this country, I will monitor the vote, if some one you bring into the USA does damage in my neighbor hood,I will be coming to your house.

  52. This should be telling everyone that we don’t need these Dems anymore. They have gone beyond being liberal, they are so far left they can’t be reached. and this isn’t what our country was founded on. Now they are trying to have total domination over all of us. As if they know better. ———-Lord have mercy on the insane.!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. if the dems want more muslims, then why don’t they go overseas and join the socalled peaceful muslims,

  54. John Allen Dickinson

    Of course, right wing hypocrites didn’t bat an eye when Cubans were moved to the front of the line. Or Vietnamese.

  55. Yea, look at what happened to France! Time to send Urbin to Syria.

  56. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    How do we
    spell Demo-Rats”? TRAITORS.

  57. Michael Dennewitz

    SCREW THE DAMNED UN! Shoulda ousted them years ag. And I just talked to a group of SIXTEEN HOMELESS VETERANS, and they all said, “WHAT THE HELL DID WE FIGHT FOR? LOOK WHAT IT GOT US!!!

  58. Michael Dennewitz

    People.. Take a moment of silence for the people in Texas. Many are missing and thousands of homes were wiped out by tornados and massive flooding….

    • Yes, that is terrible Mike. I saw that on the news. My heart goes out to these people. Many have lost their homes, everything. It is so sad, I hope God will help them to put their lives back together.

  59. ZERO muslims is the number to strive for.

  60. Maybe we should resettle all of them at Martha’s Vineyard.

  61. Just another way of flooding our country with more immigrants who will not hold ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. Flag, U.S. Constitution, or our great NATION!

  62. In the 1950’s–Unwary Americans were used as “Guinea-Pigs for Secret Atomic Radiation Tests under the
    Democrat Majority Administration–which followed the ‘Death of President Roosevelt–under Truman-! Los
    Alamos scientists (‘intentionally’) sent radioactive clouds aloft over northern New Mexico at least “Four Times
    in 1950, as part of an experiment in tracking nuclear fallouts, congressional investigators reported. Radio-
    active fallout from one test on March 24, 1950 was detected as far away as Watrous, more than 70 miles
    east of Los Alamos–according to the U.S. General Accounting Officer. At other parts of the Nation at a much
    later time, Army researchers ‘Sprayed’ Zinc Cadmium Sulfide–a Chemical now associated with ‘Cancer’–
    over more than 200 cities-! There was a ‘Memo’ from U.S.Govt. Attorneys–advising them to Label every
    thing as “Top Secret” to eliminate the opportunity for ‘Civil lawsuits’-! In the Nevada Tests–FOI ACT details
    that “Exposure to the Tests’ may have exposed over One million children to Radio-Active Iodine–which may
    cause over 100,000 cases of Cancer-! Aren’t the Muslims “Afraid they might be “Accidentally Liquidated” like
    Thousands of U.S. Citizens were-! We’ve had a Democrat Majority Again–& Still haven’t “Won a GOP Vote”-!
    Yes, I still have the Newspaper Clippings–which “Published the Freedom of Information Disclosures” which
    were acknowledged by Government Officials–as being “The Truth-! Yes, the Federal Government did
    “Practice”–“Acts of Terrorisms”–against it’s own U.S. Citizens–who didn’t need any more enemies after
    World War II–! And Millions of “Helpless Babies are Still Dying”–Funded by Democrat Agenda-!

  63. How about fewer DEMORATS, as well as fewer muzzlums? And where do the loony left politicos, such as Tricky Dickie Durbin, get off spouting off about “moral” responsibility? Since when do the Demorats believe in “morals” of ANY kind, unless, of course, it somehow suits the warped, selfish purposes? Guess it doesn’t matter when these sleazebags play with peoples’ lives, simply to gain more votes. They’re nothing less than utterly pathetic, and should be ignored, and kicked to the curb, once and for all!

  64. Shows you how out of control they are with reality!

  65. Jonathan Brooks

    Yes, bringing in palistinians worked so well for the Israeli, who used the labor, and then had a in house terror force that could lauch infatadas at will, and vote as Israeli. That worked out spiffy. Also, if the Dems really cared about refugees, how about bringing in the Christians and Jews that are being genocided in the Middle east first. No, only muslim lives matter to the Great Muslim madhe President.

  66. It should be obvious to all by now that democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about the welfare of the American people.

  67. Check the Qur’an! Every true Muslim is looking forward to that day when the entire world is under the rule of a theocracy, and Sharia law led by Islam. If a person professes to be a Muslim, he is your enemy if you are not a Muslim. Too bad that politlcal correctness does not allow us to exile or confine our enemy as we did during WWII. Socialism integrated and now Islam is integrating. A fool is left to his folly, and so a nation.

  68. May I repeat an offer to all. I will email you a FREE,copy. of the book I wrote yesterday, on the john,
    “Great WW2 and Korean War, Muslim-American Heroes.” Quick read.

  69. Yeah, we need more Muslims about as much as we need more AIDS, ebola virus, bubonic plague, smallpox and the list goes on.

  70. Durbin and his dullard friends in DC need some serious exposure to sunlight and truth.

  71. No no no, no more Muslims! No sharia law and not one more Christian hater. Obama is destroying our country with these traitor democrats!

  72. Remember, The USA is an ENEMY of the UN !!

  73. The United States needs fewer Democrats and a lot fewer liberal (so called ) Educators.

  74. Reminder to the stupid Democrats who obviously haven’t read our U.S. Constitution since high school Civics class, and obviously have forgotten the lessons of 9/11! The primary responsibility of the U.S. Government is to protect our national security from enemies both foreign and domestic, and no single group represents a greater threat to that than Muslims! Even after being in America for several generations, Muslim men are answering the call and going to fight to ISIS against their own country! We can’t trust them in our military (the Fort Hood massacre proved that!), we can’t trust them on our airplanes (proven conclusively on numerous occasions!), we can’t trust them in our shopping malls (proven by constant threats issued against our shopping facilities!), we can’t trust them at our sporting events (proven by the Boston Marathon Bombing!), and can’t trust them anywhere near Free Speech Events, even when held in Texas! In short, Democratic Politicos, we don’t want any more Muslims, we sure as hell don’t need them, and we can’t afford to supply all the needs of tens of thousands of additional pitiful, Third-World refugees will few skills, little education, and large families! Our hearts go out to the people of Syria, and we deplore the conditions they’ve suffered for years, but ethnic Muslim violence has gone on since Muhammad created the Islamic religion during the 700’s, and there appears to be next to nothing that the civilized world can do to stop it. All we’ll be doing by taking in more Muslims is to speed up the demise of our own way of life. That is why all Muslim immigration must stop, and it must stop now! Otherwise, 50 or 60 years from now, they will outnumber us because they breed like rats to accomplish the goal of “Making the world Islam.”

  75. Proof the Democrats have lost their minds is wanting to import more Muslims, when we should be deporting them. And I kind of hope that some of those democrats would leave with them!


    7papa7 is right! Denmark deported them and their crime rate went down 80%.

  77. I’ve got a great idea. Let Democrats put their money where their mouth is. Let them each “host” a Muslim refugee family. Instead of putting them in clumps where they can push their agend, let’s help them learn our culture, customs & language. The host family would be responsible to keep tabs on them too. Save the FBI & DHS some money, too. These Democrats seem to have so much extra money, seems logical. Let them tap into their 401Ks if they have to. Just make sure to get the porn out of the house. Muslim men , especially ISIS have a proclivity to child porn.

  78. Why we already have the supreme Muslim ( Osama Obummer ) in complete control of America!!!!

  79. It’s obvious that they just want to eliminate Christianity. These idiots haven’t done their homework. When the church faces opposition, it just grows bolder and stronger. When the muslims wat to force Sharia Law, those politicians will be running to Christians for help.

  80. “One Nation Under GOD”…….”We The People” have failed to uphold this standard, and now will pay the price!

  81. America needs less Democrats



  83. We have no moral obligation to take in Muslim refugees. They are in the refugee status purely because they are members of the opposite division of Islam. Why is it that Durbin and Klobuclar want more muslims in country? Rather than stress over the plight of foreigners, these two would do well to apply all their attention to making America productive and safe again.

  84. No. We need a whole bunch less demonrats!

  85. This could have been a good article about the problem if you had led with Saudi Arabia refusing these immigrants the Dems want us to import. What is wrong with your editors, your writers!

  86. the only reason to import more Muslims into America would be to use them for target practice.

  87. There is a far bigger issue concerning the natural-born status of an American citizens running for the Presidency. That issue can best be summarized in one word, “allegiance”. With the Muslims now here in force, we need to have the necessary authority (whether it be a constitutional amendment or amendment to existing laws), prohibit someone from running for the Oval Office (or occupying an office wherein they can be a successor to the presidency,) who might have allegiances to other countries or “entities” (Islam). It should be obvious that Islam and our Republican and freedom way of life are so diametrically opposed, there probably will be a future major war or conflict on the issue (The Muslims insist all people on this planet must convert to Islam and become second-class Muslims, or have their head removed). And they enforce that edict in the countries they control or have significant influence. The Islamic Faith stays with the person, no matter where they go, as there is an Islamic “death penalty for deviating from any aspect of the Qur’an, and that too is enforced in their controlled countries, (and they have even tried it here a few times). Bottom line, Muslims, no matter where they are, remain barbaric 7th Century followers of Islam and we surely cannot afford to have one (another?) in the oval office, or for that matter in congress or other high government positions that requires a security clearance. I am sure several (other?)Muslims are being groomed for the office of our President. A partial solution is legislation (or amendment) that requires a person running for the Presidency, to be born of natural born citizen parents (plural) whose parents and grandparents are also both natural born—Such parameters, would to a great extent, reduce the possibility of a President having “allegiances” to other than this country. Islam must never be allowed to be in control of any aspect of government or “our way of life”. Keep in mind, Muslims are not only allowed but, directed to lie, cheat , steal, deceive, or even commit murder, if doing so, “furthers the cause of Islam”. And, as I also say and mean, I do not hate anyone of the Islamic Faith, as they are just responding to that which they have been taught from a very early age and which has continued every day of their lives. “Truth and facts” can never be blasphemy, slander, racist or a hate crime. If we don’t solve these issues, there is going to be “blood in the streets”, and the longer congress waits, the more blood will flow.

  88. Makes me think it is time to remove all muslims from the face of this earth, and then start in on democrats. Americans haven’t the foggiest idea what is in store for them what with Obama and congress has done to the future of America. They are going to make the depression look like a carnival ride.

  89. Democrats—-Ignorance breeds ignorance

  90. First of all, how can a true believer in the Koran and its laws honestly be a citizen of the United States? Shiria law is opposite of our laws, thus, when a Muslim takes the oath of citizenship, are they leaving the Muslim beliefs or are they lying in order to become a citizen. Further, the argument that the US has a MORAL obligation to bring more Muslims into our country is just another way to use taxpayer funds to buy more votes for the Democrats and those 14 legislators are traitors to most of the American citizens. Benedict Arnold was executed for doing less than these traitors are proposing. If they like these Muslims more than the largest single group of people in the US, the basis for this countries origin, Christian believers, then they can move to a Muslim Country where all the women are slaves, de humanized and treated very poorly. .

  91. We need them for live target practice! That is the only thing they are good for! They have no value otherwise in this society.

  92. This is one of those days that I can’t believe I’m actually reading what’s before me and it is not satire.

  93. William Wilson

    We don’t need any Muslims in this country.. Deport them and any liberal that is trying to bring in more.

  94. Who are these Traitors stating we need more Muslims slime balls in America? They need to be jailed for Treason today. Then deport them to Gitmo. Muslims do not belong in America at all! I want to know all these names so we can prosecute them for Treason and get them out of America..

  95. Re the obviously spurious claim, headlined in the article, that America Needs More Muslims, what are we supposed to do with them, perhaps serve them as appetizers?

  96. NO MORE MUSLIMS. The one we have in the White House is a destroyer. We will expel the UNs refugees if they attempt to bring more in. And not gently. The freaking pieces of crap are both anti American, and wanting our country for their own. Screw them! They want to kill us!

  97. OnTheRightInTampa

    These IDIOT Leftist Senators call this a “MORAL OBLIGATION”? Where the hell do they get THAT from? Where is that written? As far as MORALS… they are using this sweeping ideal in the entirely WRONG WAY.

    Since when MUST we get ourselves back into a situation of saturating our country with people that LITERALLY HATE AMERICA’S MORALS? Check how Syria “Votes as Members of the U.N.” – They are fully against us, in all respects. These MUZLUMZ will do all they can to ‘soak American gravy’ dry, grow stronger, insist on Sharia Law,
    build strength and commit themselves to do the work of “Allah” as they are so Ordered in the Koran – KILL INFIDELS!

  98. We need to stand up and fight this stupid thinking ! We need to do every thing we can to run them out of our country and keep them out ,by anything it takes !!!

  99. What COMPLETE Horse Shit this article is… The republican crybabies sit on their indolent asses making up bullshit to spew with NO backing at all… Grow up, republicans. They offer no cognizant help, but would rather sit there, pointing fingers, and blandishing lies.. What Horse Shit…

  100. Only a total fool or criminal looking to expand his “troops” would want to import
    terrorist into America. I agree that Syria is a very dangerous place for the citizens
    but it is not now and never will be in out best interest to import more terrorist
    to American soil. This is but one more step by the Socialist Democrat muzzie
    in the White House to bring “his” people here to destroy our Nation and turn
    us into a muzzie state. That will not happen, there are to many OATH Keepers
    who will rise up to defend our Nation against our enemies both Foreign and
    Domestic. Washington and the Socialist Democrat with the RINO’s think this
    is their answer to overcoming our nation.
    Our nation is under attack both from within and outside our borders on a daily
    biases. We have the invasion from the South across our borders by Invaders
    daily and the White House refused to admit this fact. We are under attack
    from outside out borders by foreign nations seeking to destroy our nation and
    out role as leaders of the free world and also under attack by the Socialist
    Democrat muzzie and his cohorts in the White House and in our elected
    halls. American have become complacent and lazy, they do not realize
    the danger they are in with the attacks upon our Constitution and our
    rights. We have the so called “elected” representative who are trying
    to change our Constitution to a useless piece of paper and installing
    a dictator in the White House. While this may seem far fetched to some
    this is how other nations have fallen. We have a rise in drugs, gang,
    lack of morals and self respect. People have become so self centered
    and dependent upon government hand outs that they are forgetting
    how to take care of themselves and not rely on a handout for the
    necessities of daily life. Our religious values are under attack daily by
    those who are afraid of our freedom to worship as we please without
    government attacks. Yet the supreme court is making rulings
    that are forcing us to bow to the belief or lack there of others.

  101. There would be only one reason to bring more muslims to America and that would be for more targets for us True American patriots to practice on. Then to show the whole world how to properly dispose of dead muslims is to chop up pigs and place 12 muslims along with 2 well chopped pigs in every hole.

  102. This must be some form of USA masochism. We don’t need any more Muslims in this country. Even if all of them are secular, not devout, and pose no terrorist threat to this country (not likely), they will not assimilate and instead expect us to adopt the traditions, mores, and sharia law they are accustomed to. We know this from experience here and in Europe. They do not become good citizens as most other immigrants do. We must think of American interests first. That’s what we elected these senators to do. They should be kicked out of office if they vote to bring these people to our shores.

  103. Screw you idiotic democrats . If the crap ever does hit the fan I will be looking for democraps and liberals. I promise that.

  104. Yah Right . Just like I/WE , need another Ass to Wipe . DICKHEAD LIBTURDS

  105. What
    person would want to want to endanger himself with people that hate, steal, burn and
    otherwise have no respect for themselves or others. The old adage of do unto
    others as you wish done unto you is now in play. You will find this to be the
    case from now til the Lord comes back as the Lord will give you exactly what
    you want. America told the Lord He was no longer in charge when they started;
    Removing the 10 commandments from our schools and court houses, abortion in the
    60’s, allowing homosexuality to run ram-pet and even blessing it with same sex
    marriage, stealing money from hard working people and giving it to freeloaders, allowing Muslims with their sureia law into this country and worst of all booing God at the democratic convention. If you don’t want God
    in America there is a penalty and God is giving it to you with Barack Obama and his Muslim friends, This is not
    going to end well for America.

    If any of you have studied the book of Daniel you
    are likely to remember in chapter 12:4 that the Lord told Daniel to seal the
    words till the end times. Under this lying president and his Godless cohorts we
    the American people are being lead to the gravest prophecy in the bible. A
    prophecy no one realized was there. The Lord hid it well so it would only be
    known at the time of the end.

    The Lord knew 2500 years ago what America was going
    to do when he told Daniel to seal those words. What did the Lord seal? There
    were 5 prophecies sealed. One prophecy is the founding of America in Daniel:
    Independence Day. Another one is what is happening to America this very day in
    2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 for the mystery of iniquity doeth already work, he who
    leteth, will let, till he be taken out of the way, then will that wicked one be
    revealed. We are closer to the end than most think. One of them is Revelation
    14:6-13 the judgment of Babylon/America. The Lord also knew when this event
    would take place. All of this is recorded in the bible and what Daniel sealed
    has been unsealed. What amazes me is the fact that most people are not getting
    what is happening in and to America. Most haven’t a clue where we are in bible
    prophecy and probably wouldn’t care any way. They will though, when they lose
    their country and that is exactly what is happening today.

    From the day Obama stepped into his cushy office we
    have been paying him to destroy our country. For him that is a great deal, he
    gets to play golf, take selfies; he laughs when caught in a lie and thinks he
    is better then and over everyone. It seems he puts everyone around him in a
    trance as they follow like sheep. It is possible that he is setting himself up
    to be the Muslims 12th Imam? I could make a list here of the minuses for
    Americans and the pluses for the Muslims he has accomplished but you all know
    what they are. If he can accomplish the destruction of America the Muslims
    would worship him forever.

    He has already placed Israel in a box just as the
    bible says. I am not sure if any of us can do anything about this situation
    though, as our government has been taken over by him and his Muslim friends and
    it’s getting to late to change what he has accomplished.

    What was so horrible that our Lord wanted the words
    sealed? The sealing was done for one reason and it was to cover something so
    horrible it wasn’t to be known till the end times. There are two more
    prophecies detailing this and these interact with a host of other scriptures
    that verify the outcome. Folks were very close to the last 7 years and the
    words Daniel sealed are now unsealed. You will not like what is advancing
    toward us at avalanche speed but you need to know. What Daniel covered is a
    nuclear war and not a little one. I cannot cover in detail here what I have to
    say but for those of you that are not faint of heart you can find the
    prophecies detailed and the time element which you will know is the work of God
    by his time stamp of incredible sevens in a book you will
    not like what you read but you will be glad you read it. Your family’s future
    is at stake.

  106. The LAST THING America needs is more muslims. We need to rid the country of the muslims that are already here and FORBID ANY future influx. I know, this country was founded with freedom of religion, but, islam is NOT a religion……it is a political ideology…..pure and simple.

  107. “A man reaps what he sows!” (Galatians 6:7) We have systematically sown the destruction of the United States of America, and that is exactly what we are reaping! This nation is in its death throes even now, and no human politics alone will not save it! “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God'” (Psalm 14:1). The fools in the ACLU and other progressive groups have thrown [they think] God out of the culture. He is still there but has merely removed His sustaining grace and will let us destroy ourselves. When things get really bad, these same people will cry out in anguish, “Where is God?” and curse Him for His apparent abandonment! Then He will judge this nation and others for their unspeakable disobedience to His established laws and covenants. Yet we hear the foolish Democrats say, “The hen house needs more foxes,” and they obviously do not realize the evil of Islam and the diabolical deceptions it fosters. We are, after all, in a spiritual war and not simply a political one!

  108. Obama studied Law,not Economics. So it’s not surprising he thinks “Trickle Down” refers to deceit, corruption, self aggrandizement and non-stop benefits for top government officials trickling down to the lower levels of politicians and government representatives. A large percentage of such appointed or elected officials also went to law school.

  109. We don’t need any Muslim here, not even one. They live here better than they have ever lived before. Live in better houses, eat a larger variety of foods, etc. and they’re very ungrateful. They asked to come and we opened our doors, but that’s not enough. They want to change us back to their backward ways and change our beliefs and principles. I say, Send them all back to where they came, charge them with treason and deport them for breaking their oath when they were admitted into the US. We do not need any of them. Our leader is God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ and He will be with his people until the end and, by the way, the end is very near.

  110. We should allow ONE(1) family in for every WW2 veteran they have or had. That should settle it. (this includes Obummer)

  111. The best place to start getting muslims out of our country is the White house,get rid of f Obama the half breed communist muslim from Chicago. I have never seen a president so dead set on destroying a country than this Kenian piece of crap

  112. Why don’t the other countries that are part of the Un-United Nations take in the Muslim refugees themselves. We have enough problems already with immigration of any sort. I can’t believe the Democrats are so stupid or could they just be Anti-America. Are there any Democrats in the Senate and Congress that believe in America and its constitution, if so, let them stand up and be counted or does the cat have their tongue or are they afraid of Obama. My message to them, “have some balls”.

  113. Why not publish the names of these Democrats? Don’t your think that their constituents should know how these elected folks are representing them?

  114. What ignorant democrat came up with this? We need to send the democrats with the bad muslims back to their great country. What this country needs is to get rid of the communist which are mostly democrats.

  115. We know that Muslims are terrorists, and some of us know that Democrats are, too. That’s why they want the Muslims in.

  116. lets be they are not american citizens.these people refusu to simulate to our constitution.

  117. As I had asked previously re America Needing More Muslims, allegedly, or in the minds of some, what might we do with them? Perhaps serve them as a warm appetizer?

  118. What we REALLY, REALLY need is many less democrats not more muzzies….

  119. We need more muzzies? Like I need my head removed, not!!!!

  120. Who wants to join me on a trip to DC? It is about time to protest peacefully and let these fools know that their representation has no confidence whatsoever!

  121. If they want to compare this situation with the Jewish holocaust, they should be importing the CHRISTIANS, not the moslems. They are the ones being murdered because of their faith. We DO NOT need any more moslems to cause more discord and strife!

    • Like Christians have been doing for centuries?

      • No Christians have not been committing genocide for centuries. You really are an ignorant fool. If you see no harm in these moslelms, just go on over to Syriia and tell isis you are not a muslim and see if they chop your head off. Then come back to the message board and tell us all about it… oh wait, maybe not.

  122. THEY CALL IT MULTI-CULTURALISM, I CALL IT INTRODUCING THIRD WORLD MENTALITY INTO 21ST CENTURY SOCIETY. Let’s see, underage girls being taken by older men, Stealing as a means of existence, gaming out welfare system to support extended families here illegally, overstaying visas, Cheating as groups at our universities and colleges and using their student status to collect benefits, ignoring health and safety standards while conducting businesses, ….. I have seen all of this in the midwest as an Adjunct professor and it does nothing but denigrate our culture, sop up resources that should be going to our children, since these folks are in no possible way paying their own freight and lowering our standards at an even faster rate than the Libs are doing on their own. Its like the old saying, it is hard to remember you came to drain the swamp when you are up to you butt in alligators [substitute Somalis, muslims, Pakis, Mexicans, South/Central Americans]. We have lost control of the Border and what is crossing is not wht we want, it is the dreggs which only seve to dilute society and culture.

  123. Time for the United States to get out of the UN. The UN consists of commie loving idiots. America doesn’t need that garbage to be deposited here. One cannot draw an equality between the Jewish refugees of WWII and the Syrian refugees from an Islamic world. Islamists want to rule your life, your thinking, and your soul, and if you don’t like that they take your head. Who needs garbage who thinks like that in the United States, hell we already have liberals, one would think that that is enough nonsense.

  124. We need more Muslims like we need more deadly diseases…

  125. OldHighlandGuyOne

    I still say martial law is on the horizon, before the next election. All Hail Obama The King! Damnit!

  126. America needs more Muslims like a submarine needs a screen door. Like every school needs a bomb in each room, like a crop needs a billion locusts, like a mobile home needs a tornado… NO, emphatically, this country does NOT need more Muslims!!!!

  127. Actually what America needs is no muslims and very few liberal, socialist democrats. What the democrats need is a few million wetbacks to bolster the otherwise fraudulent voting booths next year. With Bammie Bojangles at the WH he will use executive privilege to get it done. He also needs tons of toilet paper to cover all his bad choices.

  128. Is it just me or do any of you feel just like Charlton Heston when saw the sunken Statue of Liberty for the first time in the 1968 “The Planet of the Apes”? Our Apes are Progressives that turned every Judeo-Christian value this Nation was founded on @$$$$$$$$ backwards and sideways. Conservatives should all open our windows at the same time and yell out….KEEP YOUR DAMN DIRTY PAWS OFF ME, YOU DAMN DIRTY APE”…wouldn’t that be grand?

  129. I think a great idea would be to bring them in & let them surround Durbin’s residence. Flood his neighborhood so he can shop with them, worship with them, intermingle with them & always wonder if there could be a terrorist among them! Let our people struggle, losng their homes, trying to make ends meet, find jobs, while the refugees suck us dry with their freebies! So glad I had the sense to leave the democratic party! They are all losing it!

  130. Joseph r carreiro sr

    No the D’s need more voters. Think. Opinion.

  131. Why does America need more Muslims? More votes?

    • Why does America need more Christians? Why does America need more Jews? Why does America need more Hindus? Why does America need more Buddhists? Why does America need more Jains? Why does America need more Shintoists?

  132. If American bombs are helping create the refugee crisis, then the least America can do is take in some refugees.

  133. Yaa. That’s just what we need. More Islamic refugees who we know nothing about. They were driven out of their own coutries due to their nefarious activities ! Why would we want them here ?????

  134. I keep saying over and over that Obama wants to get more of his Brotherhood here in the States to cause more chaos. He has a plan to do just that and set it all into motion so he will get what he wants. Total control! He has already armed more terrorist around the world than Yassar Arafat ever did!

  135. Only the very rich Democrats would be for such a vile plan! We Americans don’t count as far as they are concerned, and we are sick and tired of the pandering by the “government” to the jihadists who have invaded our country! THAT is most likely because of the head jihadist in the white house!

    • “THAT is most likely because of the head jihadist in the white house!”

      Prove the president has ever committed a terrorist attack against “infidels.”

  136. South American countries that have already accepted these “refugees” have experienced so many problems by Muslim men with local women and expectations that locals will comply with Sharia in front of Muslims that the recipient governments have asked the UN to take them back. Our own experience with Mnpls MN Somali population supporting those who have gone to Syria to fight for ISIS and those who have taken up Arms against the Non-Muslim population of the US; should be a warning sign. The demand by Muslims not to show the American hero Sniper because it will hurt their feelings. Can you imagine German-Americans during and after WWII making that claim and shutting down a movie house. They would have had there insides beaten out of them. If those Immigrants to this country feel they can’t support this country’s decision to go to War, it’s a free country but if you think you will start dictating to rest of us what we see in a paid venue, NO. This is why there was a Cartoon contest. These are 2 examples of your belief you can use your religion and impose on the rest of us. If you want to live without Freedoms go back from where you came because everyone of you admit there was no freedom. By receiving greater numbers of refugees we can expect ever increasing demands for Sharia and less American Freedoms. How many Christian Refugees from those countries have been allowed into the US. I’ve heard almost none and that there are political reasons for it. They are being murdered for their faith and their churches burned to the ground. WiLL SOMEONE FiND OUT HOW MANY CHRISTIAN REFUGEES ARE BEING ADMITTED AND IF FEW WHY?


  138. Dennis B Anderson

    I recall going to some really nice places in my youth. I went all around the world and when word got out the population trampled it into the ground. I had my favorite fishing holes, and places that were special to me that no longer exist., they were turned into Safeway parking lots and mud holes. I suggest that you fat asped democrats who do nothing all day but wait for the good humor man who now deals in food stamps to get away from Oprah and deal with reality. Been to Honolulu lately its nothing but place where they sell shiny beads to the tourists. Take a visit to Irac / Iran Kurdistan and if you havent been beheaded stay there because thats what they are going to bring to the USA. Democrats you are to stupid to live..

  139. Spirit of 1776

    We have an illegal squatting in the oval office that is allowing over 36 + terrorist training camps up and running in side our boarder. Obama says leave them alone to all law-enforcement. And them practice killing Americans.

  140. Muslims? We don’t need no stinking muslims. I have greater appreciation for my sheep and goats than to share them with these bozos.

  141. America needs a hell of alot less Democrats, and republicans, what we need is a Gov of the people & for the people, not everyone trying to steal all they can & then get all they can steal for the rest of there lives!!!

  142. America needs less ‘DUMOCRATS’ !!

  143. we don’t need more muslim in the U.S. we need to get rid of the ones that are already here and send those idiot senators with them …remember when they do stuff like that vote them out vote for rand paul tlhat stuff will end anyway you can count on it

  144. Michael Mayben

    Democrats want more Muslims relocated to America? What are these fools thinking. They want more of these hate mongers, women oppressors, rapist, pedophiles, and murders of all other religious faith believers. It appears Obama still has his hand stuck up the asses working the mouths of Democrat congress members. More Muslims in America is the reason why gun control is a bad idea.

  145. America needs more Muslims like democrats need a dose of lung cancer.

  146. Excellent! Unfortunately, anything that makes sense is incomprehensible to the Demo/Socialists.

  147. let them put up tents on the white house lawn and they can also protect the family from ISIS terrorists

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