Democratic Party in Chaos as Chair Resigns

After narrowly surviving a primary season that exposed deep fissures on the American left, the Democratic Party is now reaping the contentious harvest sewn by their own biases. The day before the Democratic National Convention was set to begin in Philadelphia, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was pressured to step down amidst an email leak that showed clear favoritism to the eventual nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“I know that electing Hillary Clinton as our next president is critical for America’s future,” said Wasserman Schultz in a statement. “I look forward to serving as a surrogate for her campaign in Florida and across the country to ensure her victory. Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals is to step down as party chair at the end of this convention.”

Not only will Wasserman Schultz be stepping down, she has been removed from the convention schedule as a speaker. Hillary Clinton’s camp is desperate to present a picture of party unity, even as thousands of protesters gather outside the arena to let the DNC know what they think of their rigged primary system.

The email leak is being blamed on Russian hackers, and the effects of the leak have been devastating for a party trying to deny that it had its thumb on the scale in the primaries. Bernie Sanders’ supporters have said for months that the DNC was against his campaign from the beginning, and several of the leaked emails seemed to confirm that suspicion. One email even had party officials musing about exposing Sanders as an atheist to give Clinton an advantage in West Virginia.

Strangely enough, the Clinton campaign is hiring Wasserman Schultz as an unofficial campaign advisor, which only strengthens the notion that all of this was planned from the outset.

While Sanders has pledged his unconditional support to Clinton as she heads into a general election against Donald Trump, many of his fans say that they will not be joining him. They see her as just another corrupt politician – one who will betray progressive causes if it means securing herself more power.

For the duration of the campaign, Sanders, Clinton, and other top Democrats have waved away the idea of Sanders supporters defecting to Trump in the fall. But as the resentment grows against the Democratic establishment, they may find themselves surprised one last time before being kicked out of the White House in November.


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  1. Duane A. Fisher

    DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.

    DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off the record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s office. Democrats using interns to organize fake “protests.”

  2. How much more as Americans do we have to endure to see that politicians play by different rules then all of us.
    This democratic party is as corrupt as they come.
    What will it take for these supporters of Clinton to wake up!
    Trump for president!

      • See my response above, because she is seriously ill and could drop dead at any time. What luck!

        • I knew most of you were stupid but this takes the cake. They MANIPULATED the video. Look at the other people next to her. If she was experiencing a seizure they would grab her so she wouldn’t fall. It’s amazing how easily fooled trailer trash high school dropouts can be

    • Daniel Spickard

      With the Democratic party falling apart, I see them being replaced in the house and senate alike. This is all their undoing! They accused Nixon of this back in the early 70’s and here they are caught red handed doing the same exact thing! Who is more corrupt, Democrats for selling all businesses out and sending them over seas, or the Republicans who gave big businesses a tax write off to keep them in our country?

      • I guarantee that you didn’t feel that way last week. Talk to me on November 9th

      • I wonder just how long it will take before Obama self nominates himself to a third term of presidency, just to “save” the DNC?

        • from some of the things i’ve heard, some democrats in congress are already trying to get him a third term.

      • Pforfreedom for all

        neither, when it comes to tax credits or exemption’s they deserve none either side, because it results in us carring it on our backs, screw them, they are already making money from us, How much of a profit does a company really need to make. When I was about 17, which was a while ago:) the oil industry was making 100% on their investments, and grocery stores where just trying to make about 25% to 35% profits on there products, but now oil companies are racking in 300% profits now, when is it enough. There is something wrong with this. And it always will be on the backs of the 99%ers

        • Daniel Spickard

          Let me ask you this, do you have a job right now? Because I guarantee you right now if Hillary Clinton would get in that office, you can kiss that job good bye, and if you have a pension at that job you can also kiss that good bye! I hope you don’t mind eating table scraps from a dumpster, because that’s all the food you’ll be able to afford! If you want to starve, by all means, go ahead and vote for Hillary Clinton!

    • There still are those who vote for Hillary and never see the corruption, the deceit, lies, the favoritism shown by the Obama Admin, the Clintons, do nothing politics, which has created us as a nation. My favorite saying
      ” UNBELIEVABLE ” the stupidity in some people. I’m for Trump all the way!

    • Pforfreedom for all

      Well said

    • Right ..
      Bush — 4,000 Americans killed based on his WMD lies.
      Bush — over 1 million Iraqi and Afghanistan civiians killed based on his WMD lies.
      Bush — made $ millions from the wars.

      • The war that Hillary voted for? Bush made millions from wars? Explain please.

        • Bush family ows oil wells ans refineries. Was uses fuel, lots of it. Bush companies had the contracts.
          Bush family also own stock in the Military Industrial Comples. A lot of weapons are purchased for wars.

  3. It really makes one wonder what Crooked Hillary was thinking in hirinf Diabolical Debbie to her campaign after it was proven that she was corrupt against Burnout. One would think that Crooked Hillary would want to distance herself from DD so that she could court Burnout’s supporters. Still, it just shows that those 2 corrupt gashes belong in prison together. Either way, Crooked Hillary has sealed her own doom and will lose by a comfortable margin to our next president, Trump.

  4. Patrick Driscoll

    Hope this corrupt/ugly party goes down in flames. The same party that brought you LL, obuma, killary, Blow Job Bill, IRS, Benghazi, emails, the most visually impaired (ugly), illegal immigration………
    They are so over! take asshole obuma with you, when you leave.

  5. Patrick Driscoll

    Tell me that picture of her doe not look like an ugly Medusa!

  6. I think the lamestream media is also ignoring that Crooked Hillary is suffering from some medical issue as shown in this video…

  7. In case some of you may have forgotten:

    As a 27 year old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Clinton was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. When asked why Clinton was fired, Zeifman said in an interview, “because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”

    • 97% of Americans have not forgotten, they have no clue about this. Even if they did, it doesn’t matter to a very large segment of today’s Americans. Which tells me they are as devoid of character as Hillary.

      • And so stupefying dumb as to be more than willing to vote a communist like Sanders pretending to be a “democratic socialist” to be the leader of a representative democracy. What an incredibly damning indictment of our government approved “education” system.

        • Hillary Clinton was never fired.

          Zeifman was never her supervisor.

          • Not you again bitch! Get the hell ofF our thread!

          • If it leaves, it will starve! George soros will save money! LMAO!

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Progressive Republican

            I suspect it’s force of habit by now.

          • Party hack and her cut and paste. Take a hike.

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • AK, it is sooooooo hard to control the urge when reading the most STUPID comments on the internet, like your comments.

          • Liar, liar .. take a hike.

          • hahaha!

          • You don’t much like truth and facts rubbed in your nose.
            Stop lying and you won’t hete form me.

          • Come rub it in my nose you piece of sub-human excrement. Your no lady, your an American hating troll and I have a solution for that! Get your house in order or the rock you live under which is more than likely the case!

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Facts? What facts? I haven’t seen you post any facts. Just insulting people and copying and pasting silly little rhymes and trying to act superior.

          • Just block her like I have. If everyone does this, she’ll have no one to bother..

          • Blocked! Thanks for the tip 🙂

          • It is so satisfying to see the Grey box with “This user is blocked”

          • Both in the government and I many business’ employee are often “let go” rather than prosecuted over crimes or failures that may result in an embarrassment to the company or management. Hillary has been caught in so many lies and events over her career as she bounced from one position to another. She finally found a place in the government where she could screw up, lie, fail, neglect her responsibilities and go out begging for money from others! She may have never been fired but she has certainly resigned from a lot of jobs leaving them with a lot of controversy as to why!

          • What lies?
            Bounced from what jobs to what jobs?

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            You have GOT to be kidding! WHAT LIES??? PLEASE! I’ve got to go…….this “What Lies?” post by you has got me. It’s GOT to be the best example of idiocy I have read anywhere.

          • Progressive Republican

            No doubt (HA!) you have credible sources to back up your claims.

            Provide them.


            lots of sleaze but no crimes.

          • Lying to congress isn’ a crime? Illegally deleting 30,000 e-mails isn’t a crime? Russia donates millions to her foundation, and now Russia owns 20% of our uranium.That sounds criminal to me!

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Just b/c she “resigned” and was not prosecuted doesn’t mean she didn’t commit them. Hence, the FBI not prosecuting her for the email crime. And yes, you are correct. LOTS of sleaze in ADDITION to the crimes.

          • Stealing the silverware and dishes from the White House was not a crime? And, as we saw in Texas with the young man who killed four people walking at the side of the road as he drove intoxicated down the highway and got away with it because of his life style, so to we see Hillary Clinton!
            None will ever be able to deny she gets away with things anyone else would be fired, prosecuted or banned for doing. But, because of who she is she can work her way out of about anything; even negligence where people are killed due to her failure to do her job!

          • Gosh you lefties love to look the other way when your first lying, cankled president takes the throne.


            When she does she will hunt you down for your threat to an important party member.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Who was her supervisor? Let’s hear some facts to back up your fairy tales.

          • Clinton’s supervisors were John Doar and Committee Chairman Peter Rodino,

            It’s a sad world we live in when the conspiracy theorists resort to dismissing legitimate facts.

            Zeifman has “altered” his memory several times since publishing his original book.


            Who is zeifman?

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Isn’t Zeifman the one who was said to have fired her? I could be wrong on that in which case I’m certain you will correct me. The point is……..she resigned before he could fire her. I wish I could remember where I read that today and I would tell you where I got it. But, she has a history of lying about everything, so it is probably true.

        • Progressive Republican

          That was proven false years ago.

          Whatever Zeifman may have thought of Hillary and her work during the investigation, he was not her supervisor.

          Neither he nor anyone else fired her from her position on the Impeachment Inquiry staff

          In point of fact (conservatives hate them) Zeifman didn’t have the power to fire her even if he wanted to.

          His description of her conduct as “unethical” and “dishonest” is his personal, highly subjective characterization at best, and the “facts” on which he based that characterization were ones that he contradicted himself about on multiple occasions.

          Let me repeat that; he contradicted himself numerous times about the ‘facts’ on which he based his opinion.

          The meme is a lie.

          Catch up.

          • One of the problems that exists on both sides of the aisle is a blindness to anything that challenges the prevailing narrative and a decided lack of curiosity when it comes to ascertaining the truth. This can happen to well-intentioned people as well as partisans. Unfortunately partisans on either side become wedded to their narrative, unwilling to admit when someone on their side screws up; such inflexibility is dishonest, regardless of what political or religious stance you embrace.

            However, the debunking of Zeifman’s account does not mean that Hillary wasn’t or isn’t everything that he said she was/is. If we look at her most recent ethical issues, such as her email scandal, her indifference to the lives of those in Benghazi, her subsequent lies to the families of the victims, and Bill’s clandestine meeting with Lynch, they speak volumes about who she is as a human being.

            Don’t be sidetracked…character, or the lack of it, counts.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Tired……well said. Thank you.

          • Progressive Republican

            Well, your first paragraph was pretty good.

            And then you got sidetracked and went for more debunked b.s.

            The meme is still a lie, btw.

            You started with such promise…

          • Out of curiosity, which of Hillary’s scandals that I mentioned has been debunked?

          • Progressive Republican

            “…her email scandal, her indifference to the lives of those in Benghazi, her subsequent lies to the families of the victims…

          • Progressive Republican

            Perhaps had you cited any site that aren’t disreputable discredited dishonest FRWNJ disinformation propaganda sources…

            Contrary to liars/Republican claims of dishonesty or corruption, there was no law against using a personal server. No laws were broken. Secretary Clinton, as well as all other Secretaries of State that came before her, including Colin Powell and Dick Cheney, used personal emails for their correspondence. The server was never hacked, and a record of all emails sent to government are stored on government servers as prescribed by law.


            ‘Funny’ how the 22 million emails that da shrub and his cronies deleted illegally just kinda flew by at the time, eh?

            I ‘like’ how the first link leads to a story fronted by a work of fiction FRWNJs treat as pure unadulterated fact. The remainder of that op-ed piece is equally bereft of facts. Paranto erroneously tris to pin blame on Clinton and Obama claiming they, “should be tried for murder and treason…They abandoned our men in Benghazi.”

            Using his standard of being tried ‘for murder and treason…They abandoned our men in Benghazi,’ one (for the sake of accuracy) would point the firing squad squarely at House Republicans that voted to cut security funding for various US installations worldwide after ascending to power in 2011.

            To be more specific, Democrats enacted $1.803 billion for embassy security, construction and maintenance for fiscal 2010, when they still controlled the Senate and House. After Republicans took control of the House and picked up six Senate seats, Congress reduced the enacted budget to $1.616 billion in fiscal 2011, and to $1.537 billion for 2012.



            In fact, in one interview, CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien asked Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), “Is it true that you voted to cut the funding for embassy security?”

            Chaffetz answers, “Absolutely,” and went on to justify the budget cuts as a matter of priority. Benghazi was clearly not very high on that list.

            Nonetheless, various liars and such go around blaming Obama and Hillary for their failure to wave their magic wands and make things all better.

            So much for Paranto’s claims.

            And the unadulterated humor of Charles Woods challenging Hillary to submit to a test that so historically inaccurate as to be banned from use in court?

            Right, guy.

            It probably doesn’t matter to you and the rest of the FRWNJ ignorati that various members of the Ambassador’s family have refused to follow the two you cite down the road of dishonesty?



            And so far as the ‘problems are ongoing’ b.s., so long as there’s political hay and money to be made by lying about someone that FRWNJs hate, liars are gonna lie.


          • Perhaps you aren’t aware, but the Daily Mail is a UK paper and it is wise to consider information from a variety of sources…those were just the ones that happened to be at the top or near the top of search engine responses.

            As far as Kris Paranto is concerned, he was in Benghazi at the time of the attack so he is uniquely positioned to know about the support offered by the U.S. government. He has a Facebook page where you are free to address him directly with your charges of propaganda…but we both know that you won’t. You justify your dismissal of his experience by conflating overall embassy funding with prioritized security spending and the cost of a one time rescue operation on the night of the attack. The underlying assumption of your argument is tied to either/or thinking…one side is exonerated if the other side did something wrong. This is not the case; we should look at every contributing factor.

            Your response to Hillary’s email scandal misses the point entirely.but that is how it usually goes in these conversations. The issue is not that she had a private email server, but rather how it was used and what it contained. She contacted her daughter and several Middle East leaders and told them one thing, while she told the American people another, claiming “fog of war.” If she don’t know the truth about a situation, then she should have said so; I would have respected her for that. Unfortunately she didn’t The FBI Director indicated in his public statement, which I heard, that Hillary did have classified emails on her server despite her claims to the contrary.

            As far as Charles Woods is concerned, he is a grieving father who firmly believes that he was lied to, yet you find it surprising that he would want the person who he believes lied to him to take a lie detector test? That desire clearly indicates how strongly he feels about his interaction with Mrs. Clinton and is not an indictment of his knowledge of the legality or veracity of lie detectors.

            Honest people look at issues from a variety of viewpoints and are aware of their own biases. They listen to opposing viewpoints because they understand that they do not know everything and they possess a desire to know the truth.

          • A lot of people have wound up mysteriously dead that have been “associated” with the Clintons. Zeifman did walk his comments back, but I can’t help but wonder if it was done out of fear for his own life. But Zeifman WAS her boss, and she was let go for unethical conduct. The Hilldebeaste was one of only three that Zeifman refused to give letters of recommendation. Yes, it was his own judgment, but it is a telling one.

          • Progressive Republican

            ‘Nice’ job regurgitating disproven b.s.

            The meme is still a lie.

          • Once again, no link! Take your :FactCheck, Snopes and any other leftist site and shove them.

          • Boy have you been brainwashed!

          • Progressive Republican

            Pesky damned facts anyway!

            No wonder conservatives avoid them.

          • You have a lot of nerve claiming words like “unethical” and “dishonest” don’t apply to your candidate. She wears them like a $12,000 jacket everywhere she goes.

          • Progressive Republican

            Show me where I said what you claim.

            Be precise.

            Not that she’s actually my candidate but wtfe.

          • No,
            why don’t you show me where anyone but a lock-step democrat believes anywhere
            this side of a bar-room snicker that Hillary owns anything but the terms unethical and
            dishonest. She’s spent her entire career building that perception to adoring leftist
            who are so dumb they believe anything she and her hubby feed them. Meanwhile
            pretending the rest of the world watching in horror and disgust doesn’t exist.
            Guess what, Bunkie; we’ve been watching all along and pretty much know a pair
            of conniving, bribe-taking, traitorous and yes, probably murderous crooks when
            we see them. Perception, as they say, is everything and boy, theirs sure isn’t
            very flattering

          • Progressive Republican

            As there is no such thing as a ‘lock-step democrat’ your drivel crumbles immediately.

            You’d have better luck herding cats.

          • So a “progressive republican” is just another name for a nazi fruitcake pretending to be a academic.

          • Progressive Republican

            Typical conservative; ya got nothin’ but insults since ya got no facts.


          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            You could be right. ALL LAWYERS are in bed together anyway. However, the “false rumor”, if it is one, sounds just like that crooked heifer, doesn’t it?

          • Progressive Republican

            I’ll give you that it does sound just like the FRWNJs version of her, but that’s pretty much all.

            As I’ve said before: There’s plenty to dislike about Hillary. No need to make up lies, but FRWNJs do anyway.

            Go figure.

        • Kermit, say it isn’t so!

        • Tube Steak Nopantz

          I believe that there has not been an honest election in decades. These elections are nothing but a dog and pony show to keep Americans in the dark as to what is really going on. I’ve never been so ashamed of my country as I am right now.

        • Don’t mean to correct you but America is a Constitutional Republic! Our founding asserts that!

        • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

          Maybe the Killary supporters and the Sanders supporters will keep turning on each other and just kill the party. According to the news, the Bernie folks KNOW that Killary rigged the race between Bernie and her and they are some UPSET commies. I will give them credit for one thing and that is that they see and know Killary for what she is………….a liar, a cheater, a thief and a murderess Which at least puts them a tier or two above the Killary supporters.

      • William Thompson

        This is the scary part.. These people will vote for Hillary regardless… Having zero character matters not in America as we rapidly move to the left side of the earth..

        • she is an amoral , immoral unethical dishonest human? being how could anyone vote for her apparently her followers dont care about americas future


            The alternative is Donald trump. He has threatened to sue reporters who disagree with him, and to investigate them and jail them. Trump wants to start a real dictatorship he is the biggest threat to freedom in American history. He has incited his supporters to violence at rallies and one of them is being given legal support after attacking a protester at his rally. He will encourage Saudi Arabia to build nuclear weapons. VOTE FOR HILARY CLINTON!

          • I think you have it backwards. Obama is the one trying to set up a dictatorship, and he’s counting on Clinton to keep it going.
            He’s never attacked anybody, that was the Black Lives Matter croup, as for Saudi Arabia, they want to go nuclear because their enemy, Iran, is going nuclear, thanks to Clinton, Kerry, and Obama.
            Wake up, your life is in danger.


            My life is in danger? from who?

          • If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s too late! An easy mark is a welcomed sight! Your just too stupid to breath nevertheless be allowed to vote, you are the enemy within, easy pickings!


            If you come to my house my county executive will have you taken out in a body bag.

          • ha ha ha ha another internet tough guy you silly little man

          • Why would I want to come to your house, body bag really?Paranoia taking hold I see, Meth will do that! How about you re-invent yourself into a lower life form. A simple step for you and an appropriate one!

          • Anyone who knows you intimately!


            who the hell do you know who knows me intimately? Has somebody told you somehting?

          • Yourself. Those pork chips and fried chicken are going to get revenge. 😉


            what do you mean AK lady? I cant believe them.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            From, 1st of all, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and 2nd, the enemies of America. Wait……I think they are the same thing. So there you have it. That is what all of our lives are in danger from.

          • Few Americans suspect just how deeply the corruption goes in American politics, and just much danger we are in. I am hoping that DT is elected and can and will start the healing of our nation.

          • Now now raggedy man, nobody said they wanna kill you and I suspect the gratuitous ‘roughing up’ wouldn’t hardly kill you either.

            Why so paranoid nutty buddy? Did the meth get ahold of your soul??


            Somebody posted “I want to slit your throat” yesterday. I think it was Barry Soetero. I printed a copy for my records. I’m not a paranoid.

          • So what if they ‘want to kill you’ it’s the actual killing part you want to avoid. People can say whatever they want, turns out words can never hurt you, nutty buddy.


            Dont slander me! My fellow scientists will nominate me for the McArthur Prize and the Nobel Prize. I have a letter from a Nobel Prize winner saying he wanted to do my ribozyme project but that he was moving on to more important things. I’m planning to show it to grant agencies to get funds for my joint project.

          • wow you are a lunatic I did not know they let the patients in the mental hospitals play with computers. You are also a delusional liar


            What would you say if I showed you the letter from the Nobel prize winner?

          • You sound like a nut, but if obama could win, why not another nut?

          • hey tighten that tinfoil hat the waves are still getting in

          • I think they’re coming to take you away,
            ha ha
            they’re coming to take you away,
            to the funny farm, where life is grand

          • You are one of the useful fools that Clinton would liquidate after she is done with you. – Face it, Other then being a liberal troll there is not anything you can do which is productive. – The only thing you see to be able to invent are lies against Trump and Lies in favor of the TreasonousFelon Cackling Witch.

          • Hypertension, cardiovascular accident, diabetes, cancer …

          • You will see soon. You will look back and say why didn’t I listen.what a fool I have been. Promise !


            yeah what are you promising nutcase?

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            You are the typical dum-o-crat Inventor. You and/or AKLAdy both. Neither one of you get it. Why don’t you run along to a thread where you fit in with people of like minded ignorance? We don’t like you here nor want you here with your empty threats. What part of unwelcome do you not understand? Please don’t make us waste our time reading your paranoid posts and heaven forbid, we sometimes can’t help but post back, which is stupid on our part to give you the time of day, much less a reply.


            I’m a patriotic American that’s why i post here.

          • Where do you people get these ideas. Are you writing this paranoia because he is black?


          • Yes you are. Thank yu for admitting it.

          • ANd double on you.

            I know you are but what am I?

            Typical 10 year old mentality of the left’s useful fools

          • go fetch me some soup dingbat

          • Obama dictstorship? Are you nuts?

          • oh god not you again , is your laundry done, are your windows clean

          • I think you should stop drinking the Kommie Kool-Aid and start getting your information from sources other than MSNBC or CNN. Trump never urged supporters to violence. But Soros has been funding the BLM movement to do just that. Please, pull your head out.

          • WHat rock have you been under? This is just a small sample of the violence:

            “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City

            “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis

            “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis

            “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan

            “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas

            “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa

            “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama

            “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference

            “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            So you want socialists and/or communists to rule this country? Get real or get out.

          • DT was being nice! I would skip the burials and let the buzzards eat them!

          • Or do what the Indians used to do and stake them out in the hot sun, pour honey on them and let the ants have at them. Either one works for me.


            After seeing all those innocent blacks shot on video I put myself in their shoes.
            Most of those Black lives matter protesters are peaceful. I don’t blame them for the outbreaks of anti-cop violence. I applaud the people who are trying to cool things down and talk peacefully to prevent further outbreaks of violence.

          • Here you have it Lady’s and Gentlemen! A self-hating white who refuses to accept that Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a con perpetuated by people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Obungle and Black panthers! Thugs who came about from the biggest lie of all “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” This is disgusting and our Police Officers are murdered because we have no leader! These people would like nothing better than to follow Killary right off the cliff that Obungle left wide open. NO, black lives don’t matter it should read ALL LIVES MATTER! Blacks should not be granted special privileges and attention anymore than anyone else. They need to learn how to socialize like humans! Not all Blacks are like this disgusting group. This group is nothing more than THUGS who have been pandered to thanks to Obungle and his administration.

          • Try Ladies and Gentlemen. I suggest a grammar program for your word processor

          • Whatever, you got the point didn’t you?


            All lives matter. I agree with you.

          • I never thought I would be saying this but thank you. I’m glad you agree.

          • No, darling, the right needs to get off the Brown Shirt heroine.

          • Trump the man… and i going to vote for Trump 100% . Sounds good me lock up some media for telling lies, Look at piece of shizzzt in our white house do to lying news media

          • The man in the White House has far ,ore knowledge and experiene. Trump wants to bring in the Fourth Reich. He is the 21st Century Hitler.

          • William Thompson

            The man in the white house is a lying piece of dog crap.. needs to be arrested for sedition..

          • No, you are simply an ignorant bigot.

          • AK I,m a bigot because I,m against anyone trying to make america a third world country which is what obama has done since he has been in office , now AK before you post some snarkey remark I suggest you google obama,s speeches when he is abroad you will see
            what I mean, I don,t think you care about america again , promoting progressive left wing
            narrative and agenda

          • I know you are but what am I?

            (Trying to put thing in teas someone with a 10 year old’s mentality could relate to)

          • Is that all you lefty loonies have, it is all you ever use ,everyone is a bigot unless they are a left wing lunatic. There is something fundamentally wrong with you seek professional assistance before it is too late.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Wrong. Did you listen to his speech last Thursday? WHAT part of that speech do you disagree with?


            The part that says Trump is the only one who can bring down crime rates and that he can do it in a few months. Thats a BIG LIE.

          • TRUMP will have a little trouble going through ALL the STUPID commie scum people like you, but that shouldn’t delay him too much.

          • Attention folks. danE is a 21st Century Brown Shirt.

          • Concentration camps for Blacks. Concentration camps for Hipanics. Ramp up federal executions. Deny people their 5th Amendment rights.

          • You are such a liar! Post your facts MORON! What part of his speech did you hear that from? Like all liberal/commies your a sick liar! You have an illness that requires medication. Get help!

          • The concentration camps were already built under the Bush Administration. They have been in use for more than six years.

            You are one very poorly informed right-winger.

          • Your delusional. You lie so much that you’re starting to believe your own lies. Do you even know what a concentration camp is? I doubt it.

          • It is called pathological lying.

          • Yep, it’s what liberal/commies do best.

          • AK you must be the only US citizen? that has ever heard of the Bush concentration camps
            I try to keep abreast of things but that a new one for me, maybe some of te other posters can clue me in AK I,m beginning to think you are about a half a bubble off of plumb

          • How does AKBimbo type with that straight jacket on? With a pencil in her teeth?

          • ROFLOL, you asking me? LOL God only knows. I don’t think I want to know. LOL thanks for the giggles.

          • I read a post that said the best way to get a liberal’s goat is to laugh at them. And I am not referring to Obama’s goat being that he is a Muslim.

          • LOL, OMG! I’ve been told they do terrible, unspeakable things to those goats!! OMG! Poor goats.

          • Obama is just practicing Islam. LOL!

          • Yeah like he plays at leading. That numb nuts was way over his head the MORONS ELECTED HIM.LO L

          • ROFLOL, I wonder what Mooch is doing while he practices? Probably looking out the screen of her Burka!

          • “She’s” not a female. She doesn’t have to wear one.


            Would it get his goat if i said he’s stiff as a comedian and none of his jokes are funny?

          • Blocked.

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Seems you called someone an “ignorant bigot” earlier in you posts. Must be you haven’t left the 2nd or 3rd grade by you own post. Like most left wing liberals you exempt yourself from you own rules.

          • You are clueless. Lie, lie, lie, lie and lie hoping something will stick. Just like Goebbels, you must be a close relation!


            In the future they won’t need waterboarding because they will have brain scanners to read the minds of terrorists.

          • I have a friend who is a proctologist and I am sure he would be happy to extract your head from a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

          • No it’s not! He was saying he was the only one running that could do it and he’s right. You might try getting help with your listening skills. Maybe a hearing aid would help?

          • Better yet he needs a brain implant in that empty cranium.

          • I second that!

          • The olaws says an accused is innocent until proven guilty. That is how the American judicial system works.

            Apparently, you and Trump want to suspend the Costitution.

            Do you really think that that Congress, law enforcement and the military will stand by and let that happen?

            You seem to have missed the part where Putin supports Trump.

          • You mean like the librial leftest commie democrat mayor and prosecutor did to the coppers in Boston. (Where they found all charges to be unfounded?

            You mean like everybody stood by and watched rule by Pen and Phone in COMPLETE disregard of the constitution?

            Trump runs his business way closer to the Constitution the Obama ever did at anything in his life. – You are a COMPLETE idiot.

          • So you also believe that the Constitution should be ignored?

          • Shame when a little kid has to have a hearing aid, isn’t it?

          • Yes it is Mathew! LOL

          • Oh, he can do that; just like Hitler did.


            My sister was married to a 1980’s brown shirt. He liked to talk politics with me and tell me what wimps the Democrats were. His biggest compliant was that they were a bunch of faries that couldn’t protect their wives and that wouldn’t execute rapists.

          • Smart your brother in law is. He he is a patriot not a brown shirt.


            He took his cues from George Bush.

            The party of trump wont protect women from rape. They are spouting crazy stuff like “a rape pregnancy is a gift from God.”
            Its not your father’s republican party.


            do what? Bug the Communists?

          • Anyone who makes a reference to Hitler regardless of the political party or the candidate they are talking about shows their ignorance. If that is the best you’ve got then I feel sorry for you.

          • Well, not necessarily. If he puts togeather his version of “brown shirts” and suspends the Fifth Amendment, je can do just about anything he wants. Well, unless Congress moves to impeach.


            I’m printing IMPEACH TRUMP bumper stickers
            in case of emergency.

          • We can only hope DT can and will help this nation. The corrupt Liberals AND Republican administrations may have rotted this nation too deeply for any President to heal. All that would be left is for the decent Americans to revolt.
            Lock and Load! Molon Labe.

          • Just where did he say he was the ONLY one ?????
            But then Commies and Liberals are expert at lying about what someone said so I guess we will have to consider the source,,,,And completly ignore you. .


            You are an obvious right winger. You pretend to know what Hilary Clinton and the democratic party will do but you dont- you are dead wrong if you think Hilary Clinton and the people i know will reject me like a used up tool. You dont know who you are talking about when you make that stuff up.
            Are you still a cop somewhere?

          • All of it. The entire speech was simply a 21 Century update to one on record from 1935.

          • Stop your lying. Get ready for your next President of the United States Donald Trump! You liberal/commies are scared chitless!

          • When the Brown Shirts come walking down your streets, how will you feel?

          • No Brown Shirts would ever walk down my street. I assure you. My house is well armed and I’m more than capable of handling myself.

          • The same way people feel when Black Lives Matter comes marching down the street.

          • Exactly what is that feeling?

          • Perhaps you have them confused with Obama’s proposed “police force” of black panthers?

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            ALL of it? You really are a socialistic communistic idiot. Or are you truly not AMERICAN and don’t want the best for this country? Done with you. Can someone tell me how to block this moron?

          • Try harder.
            I am still not impressed.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Nah……don’t think so. You are evidently truly lost.

          • For someone to be impressed one must have the intellect to understand what was said. You are certainly lacking in that area.

          • Be happy to. Put your mouse on her name and on the right far side you will see a – sign and a Triangle. Click on the Triangle and it will drop down an you will see Block or flag. Click on Block and your done. At least that’s what I do. Good luck

          • Since Obama has such great “ore” knowledge, he should go into mining ore – not politics!

          • You say so much about yourself with each of your posts. The one I am replying to screams little baby girl.

          • And your posts scream MORON!

          • You say so much about yourself with each of your posts.

          • And you don’t? I like my position much better F–k you very much!

          • Quien Sabe?

          • Sounds like you, huh?

          • Thank you for bringing the typo to my attention.

          • His Royal Exhaulted Boma never did a days work in his liberal life. He couldn’t cut it for 2 minutes. – Love to have him on a jobsite. some time. By 8:00 he would be calling me SIR! (And pleading to go home -No doubt in my military mind, though that Trump could work my guys, no problem. .


          • All you say is the truth. I do hope that DT’s business experience and desire to be a winner is given a chance to help this nation!


            I remember America when it was the freest country on earth. I DONT WANT A DICTATORSHIP, I WANT A DEMOCRACY! The people arguing with me here are not arguing in good faith. They are committed to electing a dictator and they don’t mind being caught in obvious lies lizzard is a prime example.

          • To you anything goes anarchy is “freedom”.


            Whats your idea of freedom?

          • Putting criminals like Hillary in jail. So the rest of us can be free from tyrannical oppression.


            If you put all the corrupt politicians in jail we would be free in the future.

          • No, It was a song.

            Shows what you know,,,,Turn up your AC/DC and Duds and Hoser records and live this to adults.

          • You remember America before the Clintons and Obama.

          • I was born when FDR was president ,a lot of it was good especially the 1950s , americas
            worst time has been the last seven and a half years, more of everything bad

          • It was 1941 for me. I don’t remember anything about FDR except a joke about Eleanor.

            Eleanor is at the doctors office:
            Eleanor: Doctor I can’t tell if I am coming or going.
            Doctor has her take off all of her clothes and crawl back and forth on her hands and knees.
            Doctor: I cant tell if you are coming or going either.

            Seems like that joke would work great for Hillary.

            I think that the time of President Eisenhower were the best and things really started going to hell when LBJ came into office.

          • you may or may not be aware of it but among other things eisenhower gave us our interstate systems a really good thing

          • We already have someone who wants to be a dictator and a lying witch that also want to be a dictator…..We have had more then enough of the Pen and Phone.

            TRUMP in 2016

          • Oh really? What knowledge? What Experience? He is nothing more than a community organizer who got what little experience he has by on the job experience. He knew nothing! He hadn’t even been a Senator long enough to get experience. You idiots would follow him off a cliff and should! The rest of us would be a lot better off. You have no proof that Trump wants to do any of what you claim. Shows your ignorance to compare him to Hitler. Did Hitler want less government? Did Hitler want freedom of choice when it comes to children’s education? Your such a Moron! In case you don’t know the answers its NO to all. I could go on and on but I still don’t think your limited mentality would grasp it.

          • Maybe you should read the job description for community organizer. It is almost word-for-word for the U.S. Presidency job description.

            Obama also practiced Civil Rights Law with one of the most prestigious law firm in the country.

            University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Law is also one of the highest rated in the nation. Obama taught as a part-time professor.

          • His so called job at Chicago’s School of Law was totally based on the color of his skin. The same as his Presidency. He had no experience and you MORONS wanted to vote for the first black man. Never vetted by the media. There were a lot of Black men that could have served this great country with integrity and honor. But NO, you MORONS had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find this flake! I know the job of President idiot and he had NO experience to help him lead us. He has led from behind just like a Chicago black thug would lead. Nice try MORON!

          • American bigotry on display for the world to witness, Is it not beautiful to behold?

          • That’s right when you MORONS can’t take the truth you scream bigotry! I couldn’t care less!

          • AKLady I don,t think anyone has ever asked you ,but are you black? no offense intended

          • billdeserthills

            AK Lady’s claim to fame is her raging stupidity, not her race, but She has to be mostly white, other races half as dumb are dead now

          • Your posts say more about you than I every possibly could.

          • Trust me sweetheart the LESS you say the better off we all are

          • What has “black” got to do with intolerance?

          • Now I know you are a white lady, why do you hate yourself so much devil lady??

          • big·ot·ry
            intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

          • Full Definition of idiot

            1 usually offensive : a person affected with extreme mental retardation

            2 : a foolish or stupid person
            3: AKLady
            idiot adjective

          • AK when your opinions are totaly different than the vast majority perhaps you should rethink them

          • You trying to say it is bigotry to ignore race when talking about a person (For instance, Herman Cain and Ben Carson are GOOD men who happen to be black) yet it is not bigotry to have voted for His Royal Exhaulted Boma ONLY because he is black (Well 1/2 black anyway)

            More 14 year school girl logic. – Go back outside and play honny.

          • big·ot·ry
            noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries
            intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

          • M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.

            CEU – U.S.D.A. Graduate School.

            CEU – University of South Carolina, School of Medicine

            CEU – University of Alaska — Fairbanks

          • Your the ONLY Bigot and Ignorant one “writing” (spewing) senseless BS and LIES!!!!!!!!!

          • Yea I bet your house is not beautiful to behold either you waste too much time in here that should be dedicated to washing floors doing dishes and folding laundry.

          • It was Gloria Allred and the democrats who chose to crucify Herman Cain on the burning cross of the Ku Klux Klan.

          • 100 percent correct! Gloria Allred is a clone of Killary. She’s a vicious liar and will stoop to any means to get what she wants. Remember when Jerry Brown was running? It was Gloria Allred that destroyed his running mate Meg Whitman. Remember that? Even Greta VanSustern who was a good friend of hers told Gloria Allred on her show that she wasn’t sure she could ever forgive the roll she played with all her lying.

          • William Thompson

            This is most correct posting..

          • Thank you William. It’s so obvious but the Democrats have done a great job of indoctrination for many years now! They love people who can’t think for themselves.

          • There is a difference between voting for a Black Man and voting for a Good Man who happens to be a negro,,,,or even a Woman. – How ’bout considering the person first.—-

          • Very true. But Obungle doesn’t fit the “Good Man category” AsTo the woman category we don’t have a good woman running.

          • I am surprised at how much stupidity can fit in AKlady small brain. I am sure she is no lady either.

          • No brain just an empty cranium!

          • I worked my way through OSU as a Ghetto cop.

            I have seen and dealt with MANY “Community Organizers and being a pointless agitator has NO bearing what so ever on being a president of ANYTHING. – Get on a soapbox, Tell lies and try to stiur up protests and hope to incite a riot.

            You know what, That DOSE describe Obama, Doesn’t it? .

          • America’s Founding Fathers were community organizers.

            They incited a revolution.


            I applied to get a DNC fact checker position. My best friend is giving me a job selling fertilizer. we’re applying to get grant funding for a joint investigation. I believe if my project works we can cure AIDS or at least enable them with a state of no symptoms; but possible infectivity syndrome stopped work by other groups.

          • Hey you crazy old bat go find something else to do maybe take up knitting you are not smart enough to be in here

          • She is an asylum escapee. Ignore her.

          • I’m going to do better than that and block her. She’s hopeless. Thanks for the advice. 😉

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Btty….you will notice that AKLady never answers any direct questions. I’ll bet she doesn’t have a job either but is mooching off taxpayers money.

          • Yes, I’ve noticed. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out she is sucking off the government tit! Just another low life liberal/commie. I blocked her. I’ve read enough of her crap to last a lifetime.

          • she is a liar she makes up all sorts of insane stories about being a nurse in vietnam she is just an insane old lady that belongs in a nursing home

          • oh by the way AKLady he was a foreign exchange student whose college accomplishments were so unremarkable that they are forever more sealed
            that along with being a community organizer , spending 181 days in the senate
            voting present much of the time truly makes himqualified for the highest office in the land

          • Yep, you nailed it! Good job.


            I thought his rise to power was bizarre. Then i found out his father was a CIA agent in Kenya. That’s his inside connection. The party thought his loyalty was proved.

          • Experience in what? Maybe taking vacations and wasting millions of tax payer dollars. It’s vacuous people like you that elect leaders that don’t have a clue. If the AK in your name is a reference to the AK-47 then I can imagine where you IQ falls on the scale of determining intellect. Now go back and finish grade school if your smart enough.

          • Whats this experiene you speak of, a new industrial grade headache remedy??

            Didn’t you say you were a teacher??

            Trump doesn’t mind jews, he may even be jewish for all I know, why would he want to do that? You sound like some of the pretend nazi trash I been speaking to-Get a New Agenda?


            Pretend Nazi trash to get a new agenda? What are you talking about?

          • This is the first time I’ve seen your crusty girlfriend, AK Lady talking shit about jews.
            Sounds like she has a new agenda, do try to follow along

          • What experience ??? His Royal Exalted Boma has NEVER had a job. All he is is a “Com-unity Organizer” (AKA Agitator.) with NO saleable skills.

            But you are a useful fool who, when confronted just makes up out and out lies. — Like a 10 year old with caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

          • Licensed attorney with one of the best law girms in the U.S.

            Employed by Catholic church to assist the impoverished.

            Instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation

            Director, Illinois Project Vote

            Director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP),

            Consitutional Law Professor

            State Senator.

            Published author.


            He wants to be the fourth Reich leader but he’s going to be put into prison. He’s violating the espionage acts. If this was 1958 they might have revived the house unamerican activities committee to investigate Trump.

          • who tells you what to say in these forums and how much are you paid.

          • Locking up the media is nothing new. Mr Trump didn’t invent locking up the media. In fact far as I can tell every thing that Trump has suggested that riled up liberals has been done before in the US.

            I find the whole thing to be fairly comical, watching him suggest something that actually worked last time it was done, and here all the libs hafta make their displeasure known!!


            When and where was the media locked up in America?

          • shows 3,310,000 hits for reporter placed in jail, so a better question would be
            ‘when was a reporter not placed in jail’


            You seem to be overgeneralizing. Reporters have been placed in jail for hitting their wives. Thats not a precedent for jailing reporters that bug the president.

          • Plenty of reporters have been jailed for refusing to name their sources, I’ll take getting sued by Trump anyday over being tossed in jail

            I see you claim to have invented a cure for aides, I just fire them, if they don’t work out


            that wont really cure it.

          • billdeserthills

            As long as they don’t bother me anymore, who cares

          • How about you invent a brain and stop embarrassing yourself in public! Supporting the greatest criminal and traitor in American history must make you feel good moron! Got news for you, we will be coming for you and I hope I get to show you the error in your ways as you fade away into the nothing you are! Make my day ass hat!


            I have protection from the police if that’s a threat you made. I think you are blowing Hilary Clinton weaknesses out of proportion. I hope you come to your senses and listen to reason.

          • Your statement shows what an idiot you are! The police can protect no one!


            The police commissioner in my county knows me and the police have investigated nuts that threatened me. That’s a crazy statement “the police can protect no one.” Have you been committed some time in your past?

          • I’ll slit your throat!

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            I’ll just BET he knows you!


            I’ve been talking with my country executive about politics and excessive force. In the past he helped me get nuts like Barry Soetero arrested.

          • “HEY CHIEF, it’s that nut again on the phone who wants us to arrest millions of people on blogs, for calling him names.”

          • Do you ever read what you write. I swear, this blog sounds like a nursery school playground.


            Who’s that supposed to be? A real person or some fictional character with no identity that you made up?

            Who the hell is that supposed to be Dom Delouise imitating Donald Trump?
            You think I have to be Donald trump to get you arrested? I’m gunna have you arrested.

          • Sure they protect you, every time they lock you behind bars.


            You have been locked behind bars a lot i bet. I have no record. You dont know who you are talking to,

          • No threat intended, just a response to your over the top characterization of Trump and the fact that you should be aware of the enormous level of crimes and treason inflicted upon the American public by the Clinton criminal cabal! Hopefully it gets your attention because if you are unaware of the deaths, treason, criminal money laundering, illicit funding from America’s enemies, hacked eyes only emails on an unprotected server, aggregating into massive criminal acts against our nation, then it’s time to wake up! How about look at the real threat to you and all Americans with a track record of murders and disappearances, not perceived threats…….your heroes the Clintons

          • Compaired to Trump, the Clintons are angels. The DOJ has sued Trump repeatedl for discrimination. His employees were so disgusted, they turned him in.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Right. And we all KNOW how honest and forthright the DOJ is, don’t we? Keep going…… are proving the right correct.

          • Fact is fact. Instult away, it is your repitation being damaged.

            We know that Trump told his employees not to rent to blacks.

            Insturcted them to tell any black that the apartment in question had already been rented.

            He has also been sued for hiring illegal immigrants to work in his casino and on his construction sites.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Who exactly is “we”? Your dum-o-crat buddies? Well…..THAT tells us it’s the truth, doesn’t it?

          • Oh, and Trump admitted guilt and paid fines.

          • Your unrepentantly FOS with the mentality of a snail shell! As A demented waste of DNA are you finding your straight jacket a little to snug for your liking, hmm? You really should put the crack pipe down, your two functioning brain cells are in conflict! By the way………..your no lady!

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Hillary Clinton needs to be blown somewhere besides out of proportion. She is a criminal and a murderess and is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi, or have you forgotten that? And then there are the emails. Oh PLEASE!! She is a CRIMINAL for pete’s sake and you support her? What is WRONG with you? WHY would you support someone like that?

          • She brags about things she “thinks” she did In her past but never says anything about the things we “know” she did and we know she failed to do!
            She says she wants to be a role model for kids – NOT MY KIDS; I would wash there mouth out for lying as she does. She says she has fought hard for women and kids right her entire life but as a two term senator she only wrote one bill that had anything to do with kids or women! She says we need to open a dialog and talk with ISIS to find out what it is they want; that is what she was doing as Secretary of State and makes about as much sense as her performance (or lack of) there! She probably got more Clinton Foundation work done on her Secretary of State time as she traveled around the world getting donations than achieving any benefits for America or the free world! !

          • Lies, lies and more lies. The right is really frantic.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            No, not lies. You refuse to acknowledge the truth. Hillary has lied about so much and so constantly that I doubt even she knows how much or what she has said. She lied about the emails that she said were not classified that she received and sent on her private server located in her basement. She has been caught on tape at least 5 different times stating that. The FBI director, UNDER OATH, testified that there were classified emails that she both sent and received. She also did not turn over or send back to the state dept. about a thousand emails that she said she did. These emails were wiped from her computer server and destroyed by her attorneys and computer experts to the point that NO forensic evidence of them could be recovered. That is a FACT. Now…..what do you think would have happened if an ordinary citizen had withheld classified into on a private unprotected server (which also came out in the in the questioning of the FBI Director) and refused to turn it over and then lied about having it? How many years in prison would they have gotten do you think? She is not FIT to be POTUS because she is a liar and cannot be trusted. Same goes for Ovomit. Just look what has happened under his tyrannical reign…….race relations are set back 50 years. They represent what the Democrat party is these days and it is really dangerous for the world and especially for America and Americans. Now, AKLady, lets see you respond with facts instead of attacks. What say you?

          • The last innocent person was crucified.
            Why don’t you name just one politician who has not lied.

            I can, but I am pretty certain you cannot.

          • Somehow the country is being run by psycho’s and that is why they cannot see two feet in front of their nose and are very capable recruiting STUPID, STUPID people and mental patients.

          • I am sure there is a clinic in your area where you can get treatment, even id you cannot afford a private doctor.

          • When the left kicked God out, the vacuum He left behind is massive.

          • Lies, more loes, and more lies. Additional securoty was offered — twice. Both offers were rejected by Benghazi.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            LOL!! Right! Where are the facts supporting this? That is just outrageous!! The Ambassador had been asking for more security and help for over 2 months!! That is a recorded fact. Hillary say that? WHY in the world would they TURN DOWN more security with what was going on? Your statement does not make any sense whatsoever and I highly doubt there is proof for it anywhere unless it came out of Killary’s mouth and that, my darlin’, is NOT proof and the world knows it.

          • That question is more elusive than the death experience.

          • billdeserthills

            The police!??! They would sooner shoot you dead than speak with an ignoramus of your stature!!

          • Comong from you that is a compliment. Actually, the poluce and I get along quite well. They call me every time they need someone to help an abused spouse or a rape victim.

          • billdeserthills

            You just keep on calling them ‘the poluce’ and we’ll see how much they like you
            Devil Lady


            You dont know who I am and you dont know who the police are around here. I’m not AK lady and she’s not my girlfriend. I have protection.

          • billdeserthills

            Good for You, secret agent man
            say hi to your ugly old girlfriend, from me

          • I know everything I need or want to know about your liberal pos agenda. Have fun with your olda ss girlfriend, AK Lady and by all means do use your ‘protection’, you wouldn’t want to catch a disease that is as disgusting and nasty as You are…

          • It is not protection you need; it is Psychiatric help you need!
            How can you, or anyone, deny the failures in Hillary’s past, deny her lies, deny the theft from the White House; She has admitted to several of them when investigations showed she was guilty. She has become known as a world-class liar and for failures that have got Americans killed and left a vulnerability in the world that ISIS has quickly moved into!


            You just told me i need psychiatric help because i have different political opinions and for no other reason. You need your head examined.

          • She has a rap sheet a mile long. Take your blinders off.


            I took my blinders off.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Well. You are evidently still blind. Bless your heart.

          • My old friendly drug dealer had ‘police protection’ too, but she didn’t hafta brag about it

          • One must choose between two evils, I’ll tske the experienced evil. Trump has modled himself after the greast evil to walk this earth — Hitler. Trump is sexind generation KKK.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Are you also known as Inventor invented? You need to get the facts as to which is the evil side.

          • She can’t. She doesn’t have that kind of brain power! Frankly a knat has more intelligence!!

          • Grandaddy Trump ran a whore house in Yukon.

            Daddy Trump played with the Mafia and was a Foumder of the NYC Chapter of the KKK.

            Donald is a racist that has been sued re[eatedlly by the DOJ for housing discrimination. He also had Mob connectionsm as you see there was this casino he owned.

          • Liar but I’m sure I read in the paper where you were selling yourself in that whore house in Yukon. You were whining then that no one would touch you. We see why. The Mafia had a hit out on you but when they saw how ugly you were they decided to let you live. Hell, you even tried to service the KKK but they ran the other way!!! I’m sure I read that in your paper. Donald is not a racist. He has many blacks and Hispanics and many others working for him and even employs women with top salaries.


            she never went against a mafia protective warrant. If she did they wouldn’t spare her life no matter how good she is in bed. I’m not joking.

          • LOL, well, you have to admit that’s funny stuff.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Good one, Inventor. But DT is not selling women. Try again.


            now you’re talking. Donald trump is selling women himself.

          • More grammatical error. You are over you head trying to correspond with people of an intellectual lever far beyond anything you have attained or ever will. Now go crawl back under the rock from which you slithered.

          • Insults only matter to people who respect your opinion.

            I have no respect for right-wing, ignorant bigots — such as yourself — who lie and insult.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            I do not lie. You really need an attitude adjustment.

          • More name calling by our resident 3rd grader.

          • DT only lacks one thing and that is the ability to kill. Do you know where he can find good instructors on this issue?

          • DT kills people, quite frequently — children as well as adults. He evicts them from buildings he has bought. Once cleared, the buiiding is remodled and rented/sold to the highest bidder.

          • oh wow, RIGHT, the last ten headlines was DT killing people, (good LIE ak) darn I thought you were going to give us some proof truth. Instead you LIED. Your a LYIN’TED ak.

          • The proof is in the Court records. Get off you lazy .. and look them up.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            My, my…….you really are a super duper all around KNOW-IT-ALL, aren’t you? Keep them coming…….you are really getting to be quite entertaining.

          • Prove you allegations or keep your BS to yourself.

          • That is smart business Get rid of the dregs of society that don’t pay their own way.

          • There often comes a time when we need to make a decision between two bads; when such becomes necessary it is paramount a decision be based on the past as much as what the decision will do for the future.
            Hillary Clinton has a terrible track record in her decisions. Commonly known is her vote of YES to go to war without reading the bill or the supporting documentation; She voted yes because someone else told her she should (she admitted to it). How can a U.S. Senator think they are doing their job if they do not read the bill before voting one way or the other: A Hillary Failure! She decided not to put security at Benghazi because the advice to do so came from friend (as she tells it) instead of her staff (I don’t know if she was trying to shift the fault onto her staff for not telling her or what her reasoning was) – She failed to do her job and people died! She set up a personal server and was sending government information over it, some of which was highly classified. It was in violation of Det. of State Regulations and it was the same thing she forced a U.S. Ambassador to resign for doing! She lied, and lied, and lied, and lied about it for a year but the FBI determined she was lying and she had sent classified information over an unsecure personal sever! The FBI also pointed out the Department of State, her agency, was terribly lax in their duties, their overall operation and in compliance with federal regulations!
            With what we know I am surprised anyone would trust Hillary Clinton; with what we don’t know she needs to consider herself fortunate – there probably is enough unknown stuff to put her away for life!
            Making a decision between her and Trump is easy! Trump certainly is not the typical politician we know; he tells things like it is; the kind of person we find in successful positions. He is not afraid to challenge the status – instead of working around it and lying about it as it seems our Washington D.C. politicians have become known for. He upsets us with his comments but we don’t get lied to; the truth does not hurt nearly as bad as the consequences of lies!
            Trump is the only logical choice!

          • We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.


            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.

            Start with the Electoral College.



            I believe you.

          • For someone that keep rattling off at the mouth about a grammar program for others maybe you should look at you own posts. They are full of grammatical errors and your spelling leaves a lot to be desired.

          • Hitler Trump’s little brown shirt army. So not impressive.


            Why do you talk like its 1989 when 39 rolling stones grips pulled knives and guns on Trump for breaking a contract with Mick Jagger? They threw him off their set. Now 33 years later trump is playing their songs at his rallies without their permission.

            You’re not impressive AK lady you’re a mental case.

          • Your entire remark makes no sense.
            Trump’s threats say exactly what he is going to do. Suggest you read Hitler’s speeches.


            You missed what I said.
            “39 rolling stones grips pulled knives and guns on Trump for breaking a contract with Mick Jagger.”

          • You put him where he is. You keep him where he is.
            EVERY TIME YOU BUY A FOREIGN PRODUCT you kill more Americsn jobs.

          • Your an idiot now and forever!

          • Keep buying those foreign goods. The next job sent to China may be yours. 😉

          • Save some for me ArmyCombatVet. I would love to meet up with her and have her spew her ignorance.


            I thought you wouldn’t be caught dead with her.

          • I don’t think I said that but under certain circumstances I would.


            you dont believe they will stop torturing people? They will torture people fort no good reason?

          • You sir are an imbecile!

          • AND …. Your a TOTAL ASSHOLE! More .. Ignorant then any F**KING TOAD!!! Go bury your head back in the “Hole in the Ground” … where you crawled out of, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

            YOU and YOUR Kind …. are the Total Problems in America today …. Asswipe, Welfare Food Stamp, Un-Employed “Sucking Leach” on America and the “Working People!”


            Dont be a dummy.

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Foul langiage is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.


            Bill Senior is a mental case.

          • Speak for Yourself ….. What did you “invent” …”Dumb and Dumber” from your Life’s Story!


            I invented a concrete top sealer that’s sold in Home depot. That’s what pays my child support and alimony.

          • Hey jackoff! Care to post a link?? Or are you a typical libTURD, throwing out Obama speak.

          • Your comments are emotional bull shit and have no basis of truth in them

          • billdeserthills

            Yes, just like AKLady’s comments

          • Keep those compliments coming. The free publicity is also welcome.

          • billdeserthills

            The Idiot Speaks

          • Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

            First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.

            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

          • Libs don’t think. They just feel.


            Are you talking about AK lady?

          • Trump wants to start a dictatorship? Are you swimming in Lake Smirnof? The violence at Trump rallies have been caused by Bernie and Hillary’s voters. Hillary? No thanks! Wall Street owned and the most corrupt candidate to ever run for office.

          • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Socialist.

            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
            Because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

            Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)


            Trump says he will change the libel laws so he can punish reporters who dont agree with him.
            He wants to start a dictatorship. Trump will suppress freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Trump is against the American way of life.

          • Trump = Hitler

          • William Thompson

            YOU = MORON

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            TRUMP = SALVATION for AMERICA!

          • Trump = 4th Reich.

          • Mein Trumpf

            Vol. One: A Reckoning

            1. The Hispanic Peril
            2. The Arab Peril
            3. The Black Peril
            4. The Female Peril …

          • TRUMP=HELP for mentally ill people like yourself.

          • Insults only matter to people who respect your opinion.

            But, hey, go on making a fool of yourself. It says more about you than it does me.

            You have not earned my respect.

          • “I don’t want your endorsement.”

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Then why do you keep insulting people on here? You are a hypocrite.

          • AK = Hitler

          • TRUMP 2016 – 2024

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Inventor invented, have you lost your mind?

          • You Sir, are a lunatic.

          • Dinesh Sousa was sent to prison for a far lesser offense that was no threat to national security. The message from this administration was loud and clear that the law only applies to us “little people”.

          • You do realize that Mr Trump already has several thousand lawsuits going on right now, don’t Ya?? He sues everyone who pisses him off, apparently.

            Now doesn’t that seem more friendly than killing the witness, time after time again, like hillary & bill do??

            Vote Trump–Make America Great Again!!

          • Who cares? Trump already sues lotsa folks–And a lot of folks sue him
            Sure seems more peaceful than killing the witness, like hillary does, don’t it??

          • At lest he has the balls to strike back at the lame stream media when they, like Clinton, lie. –

            And like all worthless parasite liberals, you simply state things that have no basis in fact what so ever……Like the complete lack of ANY evidence of Trump inciting violence.


            Lots of people have copies of the videotapes. The police in two states investigated him and his campaign manager. I saw it. He was inciting the people to violence whether he got off or not, it shows you what a trump Presidency would look like. He will say something like “maybe we should rough them up” and it will be a cue to attack demonstrators and reporters. And he will have control of the department of justice.


            they lie. How?


            Hilary Clinton made the greatest SPEECH OF HER LIFE LAST Night! watch her reruns on YOUTUBES. Its the greatest oratory of the twenty first century.

          • Roy Fredrichsen

            Inventor Invented- Obviously a Dyed-in-the -wool democrat.

          • another brain dead media puppet, can you feed yourself or do you have a nurse that puts your food in a blender then dribbles it into your cakehole

          • Like husband, like wife at least in the case of Bill and Hillary. I still meet people today who love Bill, blo–j— Clinton..

          • <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!br495p:….,…

          • William Thompson

            I know.. I can’t understand why..

        • Daniel Spickard

          Let’s see who they blame when they’re standing in line at the soup kitchen when Hillary Clinton sells this country to some communist country for her soul!

        • I have always believed that having good character is the most essential qualification for the office of president.

      • Pforfreedom for all

        You got that right

      • I will trust a thief before I will trust a liar; that leaves me in I predicament as Hillary Clinton is both (caught and admitted to both); she can not be trusted to do her job, she makes extremely poor decisions, always blames her mistakes onto someone else, hides behind counterparts when she does something wrong, BUT – MOST UNDESIRABLE TRAIT – she acts like the American people are dumb, like we know nothing of her lies, of her theft from the White House, of her failure at Benghazi, of her voting without reading bills! She may be able to fool some people but the majority know her failures but she acts like they never happened while she claims she has done so much for so many people. She claims she has fought her entire life for kids and women’s rights – BUT – as a Senator from New York she only wrote one bill (1 bill) that had anything to do with women or children – not much of a fight! With all the problems she claims women have today, it would appear she has never accomplished a thing in what she claims has been a life long fight!

        • also as a supposed crusader for women’s rights why did she accept millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia who treat their women as second class citizens? How about doing something about the Yadzizi girls that are being sold as sex slaves by ISIS (virgins go for $12,000!) or burned alive in cages if refuse? With all her money she can buy those girls and set them free. Shoot, that ugly jacket of hers, that looked like a potato sack) that cost over $12,000 would have freed 1 Yadzizi virgin sex slave. But I hear her not mention or crusade for these girls- shame on her!

      • Ziefman lied to sell his book.
        If you search his apporances you will find where he admots lying.
        He was never Hillary’s supervisor.

    • Talk to me on November 9th

    • Pforfreedom for all

      This was new to me,tham
      nk you for that information, it just clarifies their Hitler style philosophy. And so why do the people voting for democrats seem so blind, or heads buried in the sand. who are these democrats, or are they demo,krauts.

      • Todays news shows the major problem; the Democratic leadership is corrupt and have been working to direct the outcome of the Hillary campaign. Berny Sanders became aware of this some months back and challenged the system but was soft-talked out of his argument. It has now been verified that the Democrats were working to see Sanders was not nominated.
        Sanders should have run as an independent; he could have beat Hillary hands down and the Democratic leadership could not have done anything like they have done to his campaign!
        Not only has the Democrats leadership screwed over Bernie Sander’s but they have screwed over those who supported him. The donors who so faithfully supported him should sue the Democratic leadership for thier activities!

      • Mein Trumpf

        Vol. One: A Reckoning

        1. The Hispanic Peril
        2. The Arab Peril
        3. The Black Peril
        4. The Female Peril …

        • Still breathing I see and posting your brain dead drivel! The real peril is what’s coming for you! Lady, your no lady, just a failed test tube experiment! Now go collect your troll check from Hitlery and crawl back in your hole!

        • Did you hear what Hillary called Hispanics in the Wikileaks? Taco bowls. The Arab peril? Have you heard about all the terrorism going on in Europe from the religion of peace? So far this year over 50,000 people have been killed by Islamic terrorists. The blacks have never done worse under any other president, Hussein Obama is not their friend. Trump will create a business friendly environment and get them jobs because currently they have the highest unemployment rate. Female peril? Not if rapist Bubba Clinton crawls back into the WH. Did you know that half of Trump’s executives are women?

          • Suggest .you study Europe-Arab History. The two countries you need to look at are Britain and France.

            There are always two sides to a story. You are only looking st one side.

            Do I approve of violence, some times; but not in this casw./ However, I understand the basis.

            Frankly, I am surprised India is not in on this as well. The occupiers treated people very poorly, paid then slave wages, worked them long hours and stole their natural resources.

            What you are witnessing is payback. People who have been treated like animals tend to be angry and revenge is part of the Eastern culture.

            The only way to stop the violence would be to pay reparations, as we Americans did with the Japanese

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            You are TRULY demented.

        • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

          ALL ABOARD!!!! I’m ON the TRUMP TRAIN 2016!!!

    • Hillary Clinton was never fired.
      Zeifman was never her supervisor.

      Hillary’s supervisor was Impeachment Inquiry Special Counsel John Doar.

      Zeifman had no hiring or firing authority over members of the Impeachment Inquiry staff for which Hillary worked.

      • Long story short she was “removed from the position” because she was unethical, untrustworthy, untruthful and obviously she still is unfit to serve. Who in their right mind could even consider a person proven to be so careless with this nation’s secrets for the position of Commander and Chief? Who indeed☭

        • Hillary was never “removed from the pisition:.”
          Zeifman was never Hillary’s supervisor.

          • And you believe in the tooth fairy, communism is great and Bill Clinton doesn’t have a unique taste in cigar humidors.

          • Can’t wait for the return of Bill; we need the comic relief.

          • Did you hear the tapes of Hillary cackling when she got a child rapist freed?

          • In America, the Constitution clearly states that an individual is innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction,

            You are a bit mistaken. If a defense lawyer wins, then the state failed to prove the alleged crime.

            People like you seem to think someone is guilty until proven innocent. That is the was they do it in Iran, Russia, N. Korea.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Oh PLEASE. Will you STOP repeating yourself. Enough is enough. Try to say something different. You’re like a friggin’ parrot!

        • The FBI, obviously, in collaboration with Loretta Lynch and Obama. We need to investigate all those alphabet agencies that surround power in Washington DC and remove most of the federal agencies. Then we might be able to breathe air again☺

      • Hillary CLITon was reprimanded for lying to Congress TWICE! Once for her egregious inactions regarding security requests from an Embassy under attack, and another for hiring her lover for sensitive Gubment positions, and not missionary!!! She is a miscreant, lying beotch!

        • Why do you need to tell this lie?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • AKLady?? you need to work on your facts too

          • Still falling back on the tried and true Soviet era & Democratic Party tactic of the Pot calling the kettle black yet again☭ So predictable and so very boring.

        • You might want to get your “facts” correct.
          Benghazi was not an embassy.

          • Ambassador Stevens was the first ambassador killed since 1978. Hillary didn’t answer that 3AM call.

          • Were you in her bedroom to hear the telephone ring?
            Have you every tried to call stateside form the Middle East?

          • Stop with the nonsense, in 2008 when Hillary was campaigning against Obama, she said that Obama wouldn’t be there for that 3AM call. Stevens asked for extra security on multiple occasions and didn’t get any.

          • “Stevens asked for extra security on multiple occasions and didn’t get any.”

            The GOP cut their funds, and the FBI found that Clinton never denied them extra security.

          • Bull shyt, the military was only a few hours away and the s=attack went on for 12 hours. Stop blaming the GOP for obama and hillary’s failures.

          • The FBI found there was no military response that could have saved them. Would you like me to quote their report and show you?

          • Bull, I heard military leaders say they could have been there in a few hours but were told to stand down. The FBI, sure.

          • Clinton didn’t provide extra security when it was requested. She also scrubbed all the e-mails around the time of Benghazi. Wikileaks has info on hillary and I can’t wait! Let have a beer and make some popcorn!! 😎

          • The FBI found that Clinton did not deny a request for extra security. Would you like to see their report? I’ll quote that part for you.

          • The e-mails from Benghazi were scrubbed! It also wasn’t the FBI investigating it, it was congress.

          • “The e-mails from Benghazi were scrubbed!”

            So you are saying the embassy was not saving their own emails? And that’s why there was no evidence to support the claims that Clinton denied them security?

            “It also wasn’t the FBI investigating it, it was congress.”

            Congress had 14 or so investigations. The FBI’s investigation concluded in July of this year. Yikes, buddy, you are comically misinformed. High school education?

          • You’r not paying attention, the e-mails around the time of Benghazi were scrubbed. Hillary voters just accept her corruption because they’re so use to it. I have a business degree, did you even make it out of high school?

          • “You’r not paying attention, the e-mails around the time of Benghazi were scrubbed”


          • Source? They’re not there. Look it up yourself. Comey called it gross negligence and that makes her unfit for office.

          • ” Look it up yourself.”

            The facts are that she deleted 30,000 personal emails, as the law allows. But you are claiming those 30,000 emails took place within days of the Benghazi attack, but you have zero evidence to back it up? Weird, right? Even the FBI didn’t know that.

          • She wasn’t suppose to delete any because they are government property. The e-mails around the time of Benghazi were scrubbed, I’ll believe Comey. Did you see Chris Wallace interview Hillary last Sunday? So did the Washington Post who gave her 4 Pinocchios for her lying in that interview. BTW, Chris Wallace is a democrat, and the WP leans left.

          • “Comey called it gross negligence and that makes her unfit for office.”

            He was talking about the use of private servers. What did the FBI say about her 30,000 emails deleted the days following Benghazi? I have a hard time believing they would be silent about such a damning piece of evidence, proving that she was involved in the attack, right? Or do you thing maybe you got that fact wrong?

        • Childish foul language.
          Why am I so not impressed.
          Why am I so not impressed.

        • Barry, I can’t begin to tell you how satisfying it is to read your replies to AKLady and not to have to soil my eyes and mind with her/his verbal vomit. Down arrow, select “block user” and she/he disappears forever?

    • I did not know this. thanks

    • As an attorney representing the Wal-Mart board of trustees she set quietly while employees and the board fought for benefits. Although her duty was to the board she never advised or supported the board at all. The employees won and rewarded Hillary with a check made from donations from the employees! TRUST, LOAYLTY – NOT FROM HILLARY!

    • Her only real Government job until she became Senator and then Sec of State. The bitch has bordered on criminal activity for 50 years – money and connections have kept her out of an orange jumpsuit.
      The HILL-BILLY Team are the new version of ORGANIZED CRIME.

      • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

        Bonny and Clyde !!


        dont exaggerate. She will not curtail civil liberties the way trump has warned us he will. Trump is a much worse monster and we must unite to defeat him.

        • And your overtly brain dead the result of a failed lobotomy! Don’t strain yourself traitor, breathing must put a strain on the two viable brain cells left in the vacant pile of waste between your shoulders!

          • Love your straight Truths, most do not recognize them anymore..I Like You, spare no one’s “FEELINGS!”..I am sick of PC BS & So I always LOVE Your POSTS!! Thank YOU! FOR Your SERVICE, & MY HUBBY Put 21 years in SF ALL THE WAY..WE STILL Are for the Same We have always been for…Our Nation, & What AMERICA used to STAND FOR & WITH! WE NEED TO PURGE A FEW OURSELVES, You know, Like OBUMMERS BEEN DOING FOR Almost 8 Years, Trying ever so Much to TIP the “SCALES” Like TURKEY IS DOING & Also Has been DOING..I always said, this IS being DONE RIGHT HERE..The POS TRAITOR IN THE WH Has been SO Clearly AIDING OUR ENEMIES & Other DICK-TATORS, TYRANTS, TERRORISTS, You know, CLOCK BOYS & BERGDAHLS, & ISIS< & other 14+ Named GROUPS< while FLYING IN, Also by Buses, Trains & Hell, Just WALKING IN..For all 8 YEARS! I always said,,they are IN OUR GOV, OUR COURTS, OUR UNIVERSITIES, SCHOOLS< TOP ON DOWN, FAR & WIDE< SO, WE NEED SOME "PURGING" OF OUR OWN, & ONLY MR. TRUMP Will GET THIS DONE..& WE'LL BE THERE TO HELP! TIME TO TAKE "OUR!!" NATION BACK! I Hope All remember WHO ALL THE USURPERS & THOSE Complicit ARE..SO THEY ARE ALL…LEFT By the LEFT! Hitlers "USEFUL IDIOTS" Were also LEFT to Fend for themselves, & THAT TOO Did NOT Work out well for them, as it will also NOT WORK OUT WELL For so many who have AIDED in the Downing & TRANSFORMATION of OUR…NATION..Thank You ARMYCOMBATVET! & a Few others here & other places where I actually get to READ Posts from PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HAVE A BRAIN, THAT WORKS!

        • You can enjoy your position as a Hillary Troll but with the strength of voters opposition to more control by the Establishment – after 28 years voters are saying enough – we are no longer the Establishments cash cow. We see how you control both Parties and nominate your Puppets and it does not make any difference who wins because both are your Puppet – UNTIL THIS YEAR. You tried to stop Trump and you did stop Sanders but Sanders delegates are no rolling over to you.

    • Progressive Republican

      I’ll tell you what I told ol’ den down there:

      That was proven false years ago.

      Whatever Zeifman may have thought of Hillary and her work during the investigation, he was not her supervisor.

      Neither he nor anyone else fired her from her position on the Impeachment Inquiry staff

      In point of fact (conservatives hate them) Zeifman didn’t have the power to fire her even if he wanted to.

      His description of her conduct as “unethical” and “dishonest” is his personal, highly subjective characterization at best, and the “facts” on which he based that characterization were ones that he contradicted himself about on multiple occasions.

      Let me repeat that: He contradicted himself numerous times about the ‘facts’ on which he based his opinion.

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      Just vote for Trump, If enough people do the rigged computer voting machines will Not be able to steal the Election for Hillary !!
      Vote Early Vote Often ! Hillary Does !

    • Hillary was not fired.
      Zeifman never had hire-fire authority.
      He was never her supervisor.
      To confirm these facts you will need to rrsearch past his boojs — he llied to nake sales, He had admotted lying on several interviews,

    • Zeifman was never Hilary’s supervisor.
      He lied.
      He admitted lying.

    • These current people are far worse than Nixon ever was. In fact it is time to stop using the word “gate” in reverence to these scandals and start using the word “ghazi” in stead. Such as Whitewater ghazi, Travel ghazi, email ghazi and so forth.

    • Unfortunately there are some problems with Zeifman’s story, such as he never had the authority to fire her because he wasn’t her boss. We have to hold ourselves to the same standard as we hold everyone else so, as much as i believe that his description of Hillary is accurate, the tale that he tells about firing her doesn’t appear to be the truth. I would not hold his story up as evidence of her lack of character when there is so much more recent data to use; it only sidetracks people from facing her poor judgment, lack of political skill, volatile temperament, and unethical behavior.

  8. hey fellow americans. let’s all join together, vote democrat and allow a few more muslim terrorists into this country. who knows, perhaps you too can lose a loved one.

  9. History indicates when any nation becomes as politically corrupt as America now is the chances for that nation’s survival becomes very bleak. If Hillary wins this election, it is over for this nation as a representative republic. Hillary and her party will complete the transformation into a single party rule government. That will be rule, not governance. All future elections will have only Demorat candidates, or candidates approved by the central government. Voters will get their choice of who the ruling class puts forth. Just like the rigged nomination of Hillary, except on a national scale. For those who cling to the delusion “it can’t happen here”, History says it can. America is not immune to the cycles of history.


  11. black people were freed by republicans. black people voted for republicans until welfare came along. now the democrats have them in slavery again.

  12. Boot Hillary out. She is a liar of the worse of liar’s and the wife of Satan!

  13. Daniel Spickard

    All we need to do is to vote for Donald Trump to get rid of all corrupt politicians! We all need to make sure this new Amendment to the constitution goes into place! This new amendment would put term limits on all politicians, and would not allow them to retire from office! If you agree with me on this make sure it passes your states Congressman/woman, and your senator!

    • And, Daniel, add to it that all perks/benefits are no longer given to them even if leaving now or not re-elected again. We are their employers and we were not asked to okay raises, lifetime salaries, free college for their brood, or anything else. They get a reasonable salary on being elected and 2 terms max and not in each house, just 2 terms, PERIOD.

    • This has been tried many times. It’s not a novel idea. It has as much chance passing as I have convincing you to vote for Hillary. 30 states would have to vote yes

    • But first vote out the incumbents in November. It’s critical to passing amendment 28.

  14. I would vote for neither, however sanders is getting the raw end of the deal, and he is taking it. Not once is he standing up for himself. This shows that his supporters are dupes.

    • 200,000,000 dollars were siphoned out of supporters pockets by a candidate who had no intention of winning. He doesn’t see himself as different from Hillary and knows so little about his supporters that he figured they wouldn’t see a difference between himself and Hillary either.

      Bernie was just running as a placeholder and working men and women handed over 200 Million. They were definitely duped.

    • Enchanted stay home and be a dunce and see if I care if some muslims come over to your house and beheads you just because you didn’t vote for Trump who will send them packing back to where they came from evil Terrorist!!

  15. I’ve been a Democrat for a long time and it shames me to be in the same party as this corrupt woman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is more than likely lying more than what is being let onto. The Sander’s people who committed to supporting him in the primaries should be taking up arms to free themselves of the corruption that Hillary Clinton has done to the DNC! I know I’m voting for Trump because at least his lies only made him some money, not betray the public trust, lie to a Congressional Investigative hearing, lie to the FBI, the Inspector General of the State Department, and to the American people repeatedly about her involvement in the Benghazi incident, and covering up for Obama not being a natural born citizen and that he was born in Kenya and is a devote Muslim who knows he can lie to true Christian’s and it’s okay because the Koran he swore in on (not the Christian Bible that he says he’s been a Christian for 20 years) to the dismay of true American Christian’s who supported him in 2008 to give him is win for the presidency that he was never worthy of to be.

    • What few Democrats realize today’s Demorat party is NOT the party of Truman, JFK, HHH, Scoop Jackson, and other such great men. Today’s Demorat Party is the party of omnipotent government, and socialism. In fact, the Communist Party USA has ceased running candidates because today’s Demorat Party uses the Communist Party USA platform. They said so.

    • Sanders is as bad as Hillary – after what HRC and Debbie did to him, how does he come out and endorse her. Is he afraid he might “commit suicide”?

      • This picture says it all…

      • Both Hillary and Bernie have been communists since 20’s alto Bernie doesn’t mind being sometimes a socialist or an Independent as he has done. NO DNC candidate is worthy of our WH, and that is the truth because of the DNC’s 1963 published Communist Manifesto to take over America, so let them rot in your know where and close down their corporation!

        • Not to mention that the one running the country now (Barak Hussein Obama’s Valerie Jarrett) wrote in her college thesis that she wanted to turn America into an Islamic state. Unless we get rid of Barack and Hillary, looks like she might succeed. And Michelle, who in 2008 was proud of her country for the first time. Now after eight years of the imposter president, she said America is already great – we don’t have to make America great again. Look at her then where she looks like a dishrag and now so different after all the plastic surgery and makeup.

      • My thoughts exactly!

  16. Daniel Spickard

    You can also thank your Democratic politician for selling you out to foreign countries by all the rules and regulations they put on big businesses! Then you can thank all of the Unions for helping them! The Republican Party (no matter what one thinks or says) has been fighting for the middle class! All of those tax breaks they were giving to big business was for your benefit! They were giving those breaks so you would have a job to look forward to! It was the Democrats that were selling you out! That is what NAFTA was all about. Putting unreasonable rules and regulations on big businesses to make them want to move to countries with cheaper labor, like China! I bet if you dig deep enough you’ll find that China has fingers in the Democratic Party’s pockets!

    • MSNBC carries water for the Clintons. That’s why they hired incompetent, know-nothing, do-nothing Chelsea for $600,000/year, of which she didn’t even earn 5 cents.

      • Almost the entire mainstream media in this country is part and parcel of the Demorat party. The party’s bought and paid for propaganda arm.

    • Especially the Clinton’s pockets.

    • Francisco Machado

      There was quite a bit of flak flying about Chinese contributions in the ’96 Clinton campaign. Charlie Trie or something like that comes to mind – there were also contributions to the Clinton foundation from China. I wonder if the China/Clinton connections have anything to do with Putin favoring Trump?

  17. 1968 all over again.

  18. To both political parties…It’s NEVER Wrong to do the Right Thing! Apparently they’ve forgotten this until Trump and Sanders exposed them for what they are. As to the DEM’s emails being Hacked, if everything was always above board, there would be NO ISSUES, regardless of who Hacked, stop blaming Bush, Russians and everyone else for your own actions. If a secure email system of the DEM Party was Hacked by WHOEVER…what do you think happened to Hillary’s email server in her bathroom which was virtually UNPROTECTED by advanced security. I don’t believe Clinton’s emails were not Hacked, but probably read as they were sent, just like we did to the Japanese codes before Pearl Harbor was bombed. This will be the Democrat Parties “Pearl Harbor” before it’s all over. I’ve heard from the DEM’s themselves, more Hacks are just waiting to show the full extent of all their shenanigans. They’re Done, stick a Fork in them…

  19. SAME old clinton game of pay for play. debbie breaks the rules, smiles, steps down after her work of helping hilary win, and then gets a high paying gig from the slush fund.
    the looser is once again the american peolpe

  20. Jesustheonlyway

    Typical Democrat behavior – cheating and lying, lying and cheating. They are disgusting.

  21. Good, I would rather not have Clinton as president, and maybe (but maybe not) Trump will be elected even though I don’t intend to throw my support his way. I didn’t intend to vote for the evil that is Clinton OR Trump.

    • Well, enjoy living under President Hillary then. I am not a big fan of Trump, but I will be voting for him for one reason, he isn’t Hillary. I know who and what she is. I would vote for Donald Duck first. If she wins this nation is finished as constituted. Not only will she and her party finish the establishment of a single party ruling government where the only candidates you find on ballots will either be Demorats or those selected by your rulers. The current situation with the DNC on steroids! The federal courts will also be loaded with judges who will finish the process of gutting the Bill of Rights starting with but not ending with the 2nd Amendment. If you think that won’t happen here you are delusional. History says it can, America is not immune to the cycles of history.

  22. Cheaters

  23. What a shame. Bernie gets cheated and now folds up. He betrayed his own followers.

  24. If Trump doesn’t win our country is finished.

  25. They blamed a documentary against Islam as the reason Benghazi was attacked when they knew full well that it was a terrorist attack…..Now they’re blaming the Russians for hacking the DNC as a means of helping Trump win the November election…..That’s nonsense as well…..Putin would rather have an extension of Obama (Hillary Clinton) than have to deal with the likes of Donald J. Trump…….

    • You have that right! But with as may lame brain idiots we now have in America, that is over their heads. They buy anything Hillary and the Demorats tell them.

  26. Presto, Debbie is hired (seamlessly transferred) to Hillary’s campaign team. This insures that she be hushed up, and will not be available to speak to the media about the whole tawdry affair.
    Oh, the dirty tricks Clinton had to resort to just to eliminate a 74 year old Democratic Socialist (not a Democratic Party member) from competition during the primary.

  27. Rodger K. Shull

    nothing but a FARCE an a CLUSTER TUCKER. the morons calling other morons idiots, very very stupid, only good thing out of it so far is they BOOED that POS ASSERMAN SHUITS , she needs to go hide, nothing but a mouth of diarrhea

    • Foul language, so childish.
      Foul language, so ignorant.

      • you stink, ak-u-no lady , LOL LOL but you are funny an amusing, you must really have a load of drugs going on,

        • Insults only matter to people who respect your opinion.
          You have simply proven your imaturity.

          • you are cracking me up LOL LOL LOL, you are funnier that the dnc convention, which should be on comedy central, yes , your insults should matter to those that respect your opinion, but it doesn,t. Your immaturity, an stupidity is proved to one an all, every time to try an type or speak. TRUMP 2016

  28. Nothing could be better than for the Democraps to be in chaos and it’s their own fault for putting “all their eggs in one basket” (oh I forgot about ole Bernie the Socialist)!

    • The U.S. is the only modern, industrialized Nation which allows people to die — simply because they cannot affors to buy health care.

      Apparently, leaving people to sicken, become disabled and die is something you approve of.

      Then, you scream about having to pay the taxes required to fedd, clothe, treat and house the disabled.

  29. Truth, Justice and the American Way….. (Not)!

    • Do you steal your employer’s money doing these at work?
      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  30. Amen to this article! It is time for her followers to see the real head of the Clinton Crime Foundation!

  31. Debbie’s Excuse….

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  32. Well, glad to see Debbie booted and now we know she is a Shillary adulating idiot and will be treated as badly as all of Shillary’s staff (she doesn’t know it now, but Debbie will). Ain’t gonna help voters want Shillary any more or better, and many of Bernie’s followers will definitely either not vote or move over to Trump and I am praying for the latter. Now, all states must ignore the fed judge because states can declare they want IDs because of suspected voter fraud, illegals, etc. Get driver’s license WITH photo at a DMV just as my mother, a non-driver, did! Or if you have a Costco card, that works too because it also has your photo. We found in June that the voters in our city really appreciated having to show IDs! People are sick and tired of voter fraud and especially of invades on our soil voting illegally.

  33. Hillary is so crooked she can’t even walk a straight line. By the way I believe that “concussion” was actual a stroke because she is now suffering and taking meds for a serious clotting issue, so having a “fit” like epilepsy, fainting which she has also done, etc., etc. means she is not fit mentally or physically for anything and definitely not in our WH. With luck, she could drop dead quickly if more and more emails come and cause her to really!! upset. That would be a treat to America and the world. Bill isn’t well either and has a brain issue along with that cocaine red nose and drooling and looking really gaunt. Well, no couple outside the Obamas deserve to pass away and let us elect Trump and get our America back from their clutches and communism and sharia!

    • Yes, her medical conditions are serious. She had what looked like a TIA on camera–posted on YouTube–no wonder she needs a private aide Huma.

  34. The Democrats rooster is coming home to roost.


  36. This whole current situation with the DNC reminds me of a childhood rhyme; “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” The inept, deceitful and corruption which has been at the heart of the DNC for some time has now come full term to bite its own deceivers. They will now die by their own internal venom.

  37. I think that the Democrats need to be striped of any hope of winning the Presidential election for good…..They have supported and forgiven Hillary of all wrong doings and she will NOT get the White House as her prize for doing such things……….

    • Hillary is immune from wrong doing as she is an elevated icon of the ruling, not governing, elite. As such she can ignore any and all laws she choses to do so. THAT is the current political reality of 21st Century America. To change that would require an American People that isn’t so stupid they would elect the likes of Obama twice, and even consider the likes of this witch.

  38. And Zeifman later recanted, saying, he did not fire her, he would have if he could have, but he had no authority to do so. Just more crap conservatives like to throw around, not really caring if it is true or not. Now you’re going to say, you’re just a stinking libtard, or demorat, no I’m not, I just do not like lying, it makes us look bad !!!!!

  39. Those darn Russians helping unwitting commoners see through the veil of deceit.

  40. “I know that electing Hillary Clinton as our next president is critical for America’s future,” said Wasserman Schultz. Is this woman nuts? If this is the caliber of person that would chair any organization, then humanity in general is in dire straits. But, this seems to be the attitude of the Democratic Party which is nuts to begin with.

  41. CHAOS is what the dnc does best!!

  42. Chaos or not it day1 was 8 tremendous hours that I will NEVER forget . I have not missed but a few minutes of either parties convention since I was 6(1960) and today was the most exciting, uplifting, and substantive ever. I’m on my second time around on c-span. An all day WOW, …I was an undecided but not any more. Sen. Cory Booker was immense! Franken a national treasure , Warren all backbone; Michelle Obama fantastic; Bernie … won the future. Incredibly big, forward looking, articulate citizens . Surely Ann Richards and Barbara Jordon were looking down from their exalted place in the heavens. Amazing day!

    • LOL!!!! Perfect response from another delusional moron who doesn’t get it, you’re backing a walking cesspool of corruption and Crooked $hitery’s decision to support Diabolical Debbie by giving her a post on her campaign just alienated the very supporters she was hoping to court. She’s deranged and unstable and the more those morons who support her see that she has NO INTEREST in improving this country, the further down the gash and her numbers will fall. All this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, the demoncraps are worse than bottom feeders.

      • From what was offered last week in Cleveland one could easily see just what the bottom feeders find there below them; antiquated decay, death, rot, remnants and particles of civilizations long gone which cannot, must not be rebuilt. Change is the only constant in the universe, forward expansion is its course, move with it or find yourself angry, frustrated and unhappy . Warm and fuzzy was not my feeling it was more joy and inspiration and recognizing that there are people who still look up and forward with hope and vision in a positive way, as I do. “As a man thinketh SO IT SHALL BE”.

    • What is truly amazing is someone as brain dead as you!

  43. The fact that she resigned brings *unity*, not division. It means they listened to their base.

  44. Debbie Washerwoman Schultz has carried the water for these criminals, Bill and Hillary Clinton, for six years, and now she has been jettisoned, because she is no longer viable for these evil people. She, too, may have a fatal accident any day now. If that should happen, she will make #50.

    • We can only hope. For now she has been guaranteed a top space in Crooked $hitlery’s campaign. That decision INFURIATED moron Burnout’s supporters being belief and now they’re even turning on him. Here is a link to “Clinton Cash” that Corrupt $hitlery tried to get quashed so no one would see it…

  45. So what? The tards foment chaos. It’s straight out of their Saul Alinsky playbook. Just have a look at the Philly propaganda pig pen. It was trashed out and torn up worse than a Saturday afternoon kiddie’s matinee. A Washington reporter said, when seeing their Animal House party pen, “I long for Cleveland.” They don’t care about other people’s property because it’s not theirs, for free. They are filthy, nasty and disrespectful, and everything they touch just turns into chaos. They solve nothing. Their only interest is in creating more chaos. Their hidden but recently uncovered emails prove they are racist and bigoted against blacks, Latins and Jews, which, in the spirit of Freud’s reverse projectionism, they blame on Republicans, to create more confusion and chaos. The only thing which isn’t faked by these genetically flawed, brain sick tards is their intrinsic need for Chaos. The Hillietard wants bridges not walls. Please explain the impervious wall built four miles around the Philly pig pen.

  46. Hillary is a liar has become known now. Do not fear, many today were not yet here and do not know of water gate nor Bills fClintons affairs/sexual trysts and his impeachment or fast talking double speak. Blame that on the Education system. Today they are being found out. As is the propaganda and manipulation of the news and the slandering of Donald Trump. Our concern is that those who have jumped our borders and those who rig do not do dishonest polls. We must insure That all polling places are monitored for true and accurate accounting by qualified folks to vote, honestly and by the rules. CLINTONS will stop at nothing to continue to control the world for their profit and personal gain.

  47. We all know how crooked old Hillary is! Doesn’t matter to those on the dole…millions on welfare under ovomit ,plus all the new illegals he let in

  48. The best thing that could happen to this country would be, if the Democrat Party was dismantled completely and done away with.

  49. Let’s cut to the chase; the democrat party has been taken over by the ☭American Communist party☭ for quite some time now. Communism is the arch enemy of our democratic American system which makes anyone, knowingly or unknowingly supporting such a system a traitor and an enemy of America. This PC hogwash about being either “left” or “right” makes interesting copy but the bottom line is there is no left or right, only right and wrong, very wrong trying to bury us from within as Khrushchev so famously bragged. Useful idiots indeed and too dumb to even realize it!

  50. Wasserman just represents what the whole soul call Democrat party represents, a party of crime a party of lies and deceit and murder.

  51. FACT – Hitlery supporters do not care about her lies and corruption.


    I’m, gad Hilary was picked by the DNC and the voters in the primaries. Bernie sanders would have been an unelectable disaster.

    • What do you mean? If the election were held today he would fair far better than Trump!! I’m THRILLED they chose her because they can’t take it back and she’s nothing more than a walking toilet. Her numbers are abysmal and only getting worse. The best thing she could have done was to protect that other corrupt gash, Diabolical Debbie and that’s EXACTLY what she did and, in doing so she slapped ALL of moron Burnout’s supporters right in their delusional, moronic faces. All they’ve managed to do is cement the win for Trump!!! Go Trump go!!!! She also tried to stop production of this movie but it made it out after all…

  53. It looks like even the Russians don’t want to see Clinton elected. They’ve dealt with her before and know her pretty well.

  54. Well i guess we need thank Russians for opening can worms and showing how Democrats are bunch cheating scum bags … //// Just sayin

  55. one of the things that makes our country work is ersonal integrity and high moral standards. Without these, there are no restrictions on what a politicain of rich person try and do. Obama is a perfect example. He does, I am the HNIC and I will do as I want.
    The liberals and Clintons operate on the , so what, it worked and you canot do anything about it.
    Well, put trump in the White Huse with Congress having above 2/3 Republicans and waatch the fun. Day one, all liberal appointees are fired and replaced by actual law and ordes peple. Day two is carrot suit time for the Clintons and a large number of folks for being part of a RICO scheme

  56. Americans We The People Should Stand Together and “Demand” Her Arrest for Treason! She is not capable in anyway to lead America and even Our Allies want her Out NOW!

  57. This is their karma bringing their chickens home to roost. Last year Crooked $hitlery and Diabolical Debbie were running around mocking the Republian primaries for the number of candidates on the stage and claiming that the Demoncraps were SOOOOO civilized and transparent and therefore would prevail at the general election. Diabolical Debbie was busily pulling strings and playing by her own corrupt rules and ANYONE who believes Corrupt $hitlery when she says she had no idea what was going on NEEDS to have their head examined. Corrupt $hitlery has already given Diabolical Debbie a post in her campaign!!! If that weren’t enough to get moronic Burnout out against both of them then it shows that he’s just as corrupt as the rest of his party. The good news is that all this is playing out just as God would have it. Even HE can’t stomach having Lucifer’s daughter as president of this country. Here is a link to “Clinton Cash” the movie Corrupt $hitlery tried to stop from being viewed…

  58. There is no honor or loyalty among theves

  59. Hot damn, one ole ugly commie whore down, the other big, lying fat-ass one to go – “Hillary the Pillory” She-Devil!

  60. Is it not ironic that the demonrat party is crashing just like they said the republican party would. Could not happen to a better bunch of idiots. They are pathetic!



  62. BTW..the so-called Debbie WHATSHERNAME Shultz?? this too was all PART of the she could DO More & You know, FURTHER HER CAREER & BANK ACCOUNTS Over seas no Doubt..You know, Like the REST..

  63. C O R R U P T I O N…SWIMMING THROUGH THE CLINTON CAMP. This is hillary’s last hurrah to get the Presidency…and again she will lose. She is a vile creature that feeds on human hope and ignorance and her supporters are questioning her motives to even be president. Too many are now doubting her and the democratic platform that is crumbling beneath her feet.

    But she will stop at nothing, trampling anyone who gets in her way, and spitting in the faces of the American people. Thank God Trump’s persona is much larger than her feeble mind! Her journey is about to end and it won’t find her sitting in the W.H., but if Trump can find a way, she and bho will have adjoining cells in Quantanamo with the rest of the muslims! A fitting end to a horror story of grand proportions!

  64. I am at odds, With both parties…So I’m Selling my Vote. Someone Will Want it if a Vote has Value.

  65. Now the democrats are howling that the Russian hackers are deliberately sabotaging Hillary’s campaign to help Trump. Talk about a classic case of misplaced priorities! Instead of being thankful a totally untrustworthy and incompetent government employee (well she is, isn’t she?) has been identified they busy themselves with shooting the messenger to protect their party over the leadership and security of the nation. Tells you all you need to know about the priorities of the Democratic Party “leadership”.

  66. Isn’t it funny that Trump was never called a racist in his 30+ years of public fame, until he became the opposition candidate against the lying, parasitic, morally destitute Hillietard? It’s all those poor brain dead tards have. Don’t debate issues, just call him a racist, and not one tard knows the definition of the word. It’s all they’ve got, besides a brain sickness.

    • Yes that is funny, but not true. It does tell us that you just weren’t reading about him, the facts of his racism has been in print for 20 or more.
      The knowledge of Millertrump having black employees sent into hiding at his casinos when he would visit with John Gotti/Giuliani or wives/ girlfriends . Only one example there are mannnnny more.

    • Trump and his daddy have been repeatedly sued by the DOJ for racial discrimination. Thei employees tyrned them in. You see, Trump workers were told not to rent to blacks.

      What isn’t funny, is you have absolute ignorance of fact.

  67. The RNC was a professional job from the moment it started. The DNC is a chaotic mess with everybody falling on their own swords!

  68. billdeserthills

    Bernie Sanders is so stupid, he allowed hillary to make a fool of him & take away his chance at president & just to say thanks he is trying to unload his idiot supporters on hillary!!

    • Sen. Sanders lost the primaries but won the future, astute observers see that. Bernie moved us left which we needed to do long ago, not far enough yet but the right direction . Liberals haven’t been liberal since the days of Stevenson, since the far right fascist coup in ’63 for sure. Bernie ended our center/right bs, the bright dedicated young people who supported him will carry that campaign and its noble values throughout life as they serve others, they will pass it on.
      If you are a reader, so few are, you might get a copy of “Too Dumb To Fail” by Republican strategists Matt Lewis who writes about the party’s plan since 2012 to ”draw and confound the idiot, uneducated into the base as they are most easily manipulated and abundant”. Do you remember when Mr. Trump said at a rally, “I love the uneducated, love the uneducated.” ?

      • You mean the bright young socialists, Bernie is a socialist, his values are unAmerican. Personally,
        I hope the democrats and the gop both fall apart, Our country cannot afford these money wasting stupid politicians, they are already putting Our grandchildren in debt with their out of control idiot ideas and loose spending.

        I definitely don’t memorize Mr Trump, but he seems like the only solution left for our country, unless you think voting for a lying, murderous nut like hillary is some kind of a fix

        Vote Trump 2016 for the Good of This Country!!

        • Another who doesn’t understand ‘socialist’, and that’s fair , we can’t know everything . Domestic socialism is not the socialism of Mussolini . Domestic socialism is about us all chipping in to create a better quality of life. The policies Senator Sanders was offering were mostly a return to those of FDR. If a program is paid for by our donation of taxes for our group benefit it is socialist. The military, fire department, parks dept., public schools, social security, street & roads dept. your mayors pay check and Head Start to name a few. Yes! those bright young socialists, looking out for the good of the ALL. . . red and yellow black and white, 300 million shoulders pushing, sharing to create a greater tomorrow today. I’m for Healing, Hope & Hillary ! Not hostility, hate and hopelessness , but thanks for your suggestion …peace to you.

          • Why not move to switzerland and see most of every paycheck go to the gov’t, I prefer to spend most of My money myself.

            I don’t need gov’t handouts and I don’t want to be paying for lazy, shiftless people, who don’t care to pay for their own share.

            Social Security is not a special item that can be just handed out to obama’s special muslims. I been paying into Social Security for most of my life

          • You had me saying ‘well that’s fair’; for me personally it would feel selfish but I can respect your view. Then came your third point and you showed me your hand which holds the two of spades, one spade is a lie and the other is a spade.

          • Not every spade can tell the truth miss judy

            Why elect a prez who kills the witness??
            Elect a prez who Sues the witness instead

            Make America Great Again–Not Like Last Time!!
            Vote Trump 2016–For the Good of the Country!!

          • How many more Americans do you want killed in war?
            Isn’t the 4,000 Bush murdered enough?
            The Iraq War price tag was $1 milliin a day.
            The Afghanistan War price tag is still $1 million a day.
            You are already yelling about the national debt. but you are also not willing to pay higher taxes for what you are demanding.

          • I don’t care, they can pay the Israeli’s to finish the war, far as I’m concerned

            You’ll know when I start yelling, that’s when people start reaching for their guns
            crazy, white devil, self-hating lady

          • Save your insulrs for someone you can impress.

          • I don’t mind, old dried up & crusty, I got lots of ‘insulrs’ to go around

          • I’ve never claimes to be a good typist.
            If that is the best you can come up with …

          • Don’t give me the senile routine AK Lady, You’ve seen my stuff
            I can keep cra pping on you all night long Devil Lady

          • Feel free to continue making a fool of yourself.

          • billdeserthills

            OK, so you think Trump wants to build the Fourth Reich, what an idiot you are.
            You give old people a bad name, with your constant senile comments

          • Mein Trumpf

            Vol. One: A Reckoning

            1. The Hispanic Peril
            2. The Arab Peril
            3. The Black Peril
            4. The Female Peril …

          • billdeserthills

            I’m jewish and I can’t wait for the welfare and job stealing illegal aliens are kicked out–
            Muslims who don’t value their homes, and family enough to fight to protect them are good for nothing, kick them out as well
            In fact Trump would be My Hero if he kicked you out with all of the above!!

          • Illegals cannot obtain welfare. That is a lie which has been spread widely. A lie people readily believe and do not bother to check facts.

            Illegals are provided with Medicaid. That is a matter of national defense, not wekfare.

            You only need to look at the flu epidemics of the past to understand the necessity for the Medicaid benefit.

            Islam has been part of America since before it became a Nation. The first person to die in the American Revolution was a Muslim.

            America is a land of freedom. It even allows the ignorant and hateful to live among us.

          • billdeserthills

            Actually you are wrong again, as usual. Illegal aliens can collect welfare, if one of their relatives have a green card already and they are allowed to make more money and continue collecting welfare, even after actual american citizens would have been cut off

            You did get one thing right– ignorant, self hater, who lives among US

          • I suggest that you actually research the law. Your state’s laws are published on the Internet.

            Self-imposed ignorance is very sad. The nonsense you have posted screams bigotry.

            I strongly suspect thst you probably also claim you are a Christian.

          • Actually as I have said before, I’m jewish, but you make a good guess for an ignoramus

          • Now You got AK Lady upvoting your comments,
            very sad indeed!

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Why do You??

          • Sounds like the visions of the Third Reich.

        • The United States is the only modern, industrialized nation that permits people to die because they cannot afford to buy nedical care.
          When those medically needy people become too disabled to work, you pay for their total support. You even get to pay to bury them.

          • Who cares, last time I checked we didn’t have any shortage of people

            The hospital by law is required to stabilize you in the event you have an accident

            The gov’t only pays a few hundred dollars toward ‘burial’, so you see, it is cheaper for poor people to simply die, when their time is up, much like yourself, crusty crone

        • StupidConservativeValues

          “Bernie is a socialist, his values are unAmerican. Personally”
          You can’t even write English proving you’re an illegal alien. Go back to the sewer where you belong.

      • Good Commie boy!

  69. “mommie, daddy, plzzz save us; vote DT, NOT for the she nazi, who will ONLY DESTROY AMERICA.”

    • Mein Trumpf

      Vol. One: A Reckoning

      1. The Hispanic Peril
      2. The Arab Peril
      3. The Black Peril
      4. The Female Peril …

  70. Hillary is an obvious crook, and still the loony left has nominated her.

  71. Where do you get the notion that the Democratic Party is in chaos? I’ve seen no evidence of that. In fact, the Republican Party seems to do very well in the chaos department.

  72. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    No honor among thieves. Even lawyers have no trust in each other. Are Bernie Sanders’ faithful supporters feeling betrayed by his coldhearted “faithfulness” to them? It’s like two lovers being doused with a cold shower at reaching the peak of their orgasm. Well done Bernie.

  73. If you read even a few of those emails, you see Wasserman Schultz showing the same insulting and dismissive attitude that was almost universal in the Republican campaigns. The few who were gentlemen were eliminated early and the dregs survived to the convention.

    Wasserman Schultz was forced out because she was out of touch with that other party and was dividing it. Those who had defended her admitted their error. Has Mr. Trump or any Republican candidates ever admitted an error?

    After her departure the sides were growing together. They were largely healed Monday evening when Bermie more than endorsed Hillary. Ask Mr. Trump how well he’s healed with Cris Cristie.

    Those who would inflate small and temporary differences among Democrats need to read Matthew 7:3,

  74. TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    I can copy and paste too AKLady………this just breaking news:

    The DNC aided and abetted two illegal aliens on Monday night during
    the nationally televised DNC Convention 2016 in Philadelphia. Thus,
    according to the law, the DNC twice violated Section 8 U.S. Code 1324.

    At 8:04pm local time, the DNC invited an illegal alien to accompany
    her daughter to tout Hillary Clinton for president. During her speech,
    which was televised on national TV, the daughter explicitly said her
    mother is in the United States illegally. Minutes before the mother and
    daughter team took to the stage, the DNC played a video showing the
    daughter communicating with Hillary Clinton during one of her tour stops
    in Nevada. It was then that the daughter (Karla) admitted to Hillary
    Clinton that her mother (Francisca) received a government issued letter
    of deportation. Clearly, the mother is ignoring the order as is Hillary and the DNC.

    • The daughter is why the mother has not been deported.
      The daughter is an American citizen.
      Had the mother been deported, the minor child would also have been.
      You might want to send innocent American children to third-world countries. Obviously, those with better common sense do not want to do that.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      The DNC aided and abetted two illegal aliens on Monday night during
      the nationally televised DNC Convention 2016 in Philadelphia. Thus,
      according to the law, the DNC twice violated Section 8 U.S. Code 1324.

      At 8:04pm local time, the DNC invited an illegal alien to accompany
      her daughter to tout Hillary Clinton for president. During her speech,
      which was televised on national TV, the daughter explicitly said her
      mother is in the United States illegally. Minutes before the mother and
      daughter team took to the stage, the DNC played a video showing the
      daughter communicating with Hillary Clinton during one of her tour stops
      in Nevada. It was then that the daughter (Karla) admitted to Hillary
      Clinton that her mother (Francisca) received a government issued letter
      of deportation. Clearly, the mother is ignoring the order as is Hillary and the DNC.

  75. Great! The Ugly Chair is gone…now if the Expensive Dresser will just do the same, we can begin to heal our ailing country.

    • The Democratic Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Mason in 1828.
      It is the world’s oldest political party.
      Maybe you should get an actual edication.

  76. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!br495p:….,..

  77. The demowit ‘party’ has always been in chaos due to their socialist ideologues (communism, resulting in subversive wars and cleansings that have murdered tens of millions in the last century beginning with the Russian Revolution and WWI). In the Vietnam war over 1 million were sent to destroy the Republic of South Vietnam, alone resulting in their destruction. During the reign of the USSR, over 5 million of their citizens perished, with 2 million in WWII, alone. This isn’t including what the Nazis accomplished. Mao and his buddies murdered millions due to their refusal to ‘conform’ for “the greater good”. Castro and his buddy Che murdered thousands in the same claim (Cuba is much smaller than the others). In Central and South America, chalk up another million or so. And, don’t get me started on ancient idiots and those in the middle East.

  78. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho and Alinsky are rolling over in their graves.

    • Funny thing about Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho and Alinsky — they were all right-wing conservatives.

      The Democratic-Republicsan Party was founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Mason in 1828. It is the world’s oldest political party.

  79. Chaos? Where? I don’t see it? Did everyone go nuts or jump off bridges or set themselves in fire. Nope, no chaos here. Others in our system seem to have taken awards in the “chaos” department.

  80. I cannot stomach watching the DNC convention. It is like looking at the crowd of people and thinking that I am watching the largest mental asylum in Pennsylvania.

  81. How much longer until President Trump can begin. Obama is taking October to campaign, at our expense,for Hillary Rotten Clinton. The empty president chair should be filled by Donald. $200,000.00 a day it will cost to fly this dream team to destinations –our nightmare. They might go to Juarez, Mexico to Tijuana and invite bus loads of illegals to come to USA and vote for them. Thats why walls should be at our border, not around political conventions,as the DNC did. That’s where free speech and the bridges should be. Bernie supporters clearly locked out. How unAmerican. That’s not who we are as a people.

  82. StupidConservativeValues


  83. Roy Fredrichsen

    And they laughed at the Trump protestors. Now THEY have the Bernie protestors at their own convention and trying to ignore the obvious. Not everybody is happy with the Clinton Machine after “DUMPING” their candidate so

  84. Oh, astounding, your education wisdom and knowledge, and your command of the English language is incredible. Your name calling convinced me you are the upper echelon of perception, intelligence and discernment. How much did you get paid for your response? Who paid you and how much? Hope it was enough for your next fix.

  85. Oh hello Hillary. No I’m not one of the f–in “retards” as you say, that participated in the White House Easter egg hunt. Held up, you cussed everyone out that day. But then you are always mad, mean spirited and hateful. Your mouth makes a drunken sailor blush. TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

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