Democrat Warns That GOP 2020 Victory Could Bring About “The End of the World”

We’ve long thought that billionaire Tom Steyer was a bit of a conspiratorial-minded ass, and he’s done nothing in the meantime to convince us otherwise. While probably saner (in a way) than many of today’s modern Democrats, his zealous campaign to impeach President Donald Trump borders on the lunatic. Of course, that’s less obvious now that the Democratic Party has officially signed on to that very mission.

But still, Steyer finds a way to let people know that he’s not rolling a full barrow. He did so again on this week in a speech at the Ohio Democratic Party’s 2019 State Dinner.

“We are in the fight of our lives,” Steyer said. “Everything is on the table in 2020. They think so too, because they think if they lose in 2020 the rules are going to be fair and they’re never going to win again. And they’re right. If we win in 2020, they’re done forever. But it’s scary for us, too, because if they win, literally it could be the end of the world.”

Oh. Uh-huh. Cool.

We’ll just be over here, slowly backing out of the room.

Far from being ashamed of his absurd prediction, Steyer actually retweeted a quote of it from The Hill. We suppose there’s something admirable about standing by your statements, even if they’re as kooky as this one.

But then, Steyer is no stranger to bizarre proclamations. He is a climate kook to the left of Al Gore – a guy who spends millions subsidizing his own ranch where cows roam free and carbon is supposedly preserved through a series of strange laboratory machinations. There’s no evidence that Steyer’s ranch actually does anything to reduce emissions or that its practices would even be duplicable on an industrial scale, but he’s a billionaire with tons of cash to throw around. Why stop with the practical?

What irritates us more than his Green philosophy, though, is his self-aggrandizement. Last month, he proudly compared his work pushing for the impeachment of Trump with his father’s work prosecuting Nazis at Nuremburg.

“When I started Need to Impeach, I was thinking about my father and the Nazis, because when you see something wrong in America, you fight it. You don’t ask, ‘What’s politically tactical?’ ‘What’s good for you?’ You fight it every day before it gets too strong and that’s what I was doing,” Steyer said.

Which, if any were needed, is proof that our country is getting generationally worse. And further evidence that Steyer, like most of his fellow candidates, is as batty as a haunted house.

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