Democrat State Flips On Their Homeless Population

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

( – California officials have filed a number of lawsuits that will require that the courts weigh in on the state’s homeless population.

On Tuesday, Thien Ho, the Sacramento County District Attorney and one of the state’s top prosecutors, sued the city for having failed to enforce the local laws regarding the homeless population and allowing the city to descend into “chaos.” During the press conference for the lawsuit, Ho pointed out that residents were forgetting what it actually means to be safe and that there is “an erosion of everyday life.” He further argued that it was necessary for people to be taken off of Sacramento’s streets. The lawsuit has the signatures of many local business owners and residents.

Homelessness is a big issue in California, which is the state with the largest homeless population in the country. It is suggested that somewhere between a third and almost half of the nation’s homeless people are located in California.

Ho has been threatening to take legal action regarding homelessness since July. He is not the first one to file a lawsuit regarding the state’s homeless population. Different lawsuits in Santa Ana and San Francisco are also currently being considered. The state has also reached out to the Supreme Court requesting that they weigh in on the state’s encampments.

Republicans have been using the homeless crisis in California as proof that liberal Democratic policies are ineffective. The situation in the state has also resulted in many liberal public officials and voters expressing frustration.

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