Democrat Senator Twerks for Votes

Rhode Island state Senator Tiara Mack, a Democrat, has made a rather unusual pitch to voters ahead of the state primary election to be held in a couple of months.

In a series of beach-themed TikTok videos released on the Fourth of July, Sen. Mack and friends discuss “nip slips” and eating “the rich,” and then Mack herself stands on her head and twerks upside down while someone off camera repeatedly expresses admiration for “that a**.” She closes the video by reminding viewers to “vote Senator Mack.”

Warning: Extremely suggestive content. 

An unidentified woman in another video advises people — ostensibly women and girls — to “try to be a skinny ho.”

The social media backlash to the videos must have been severe, because Mack then took to Twitter later that night to try to troll her critics: “Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday.” However, as @LibsofTikTok notes in the replies, all Mack managed to do was set herself up to be ratioed.

This is hardly the first time Mack has garnered national attention for overt sexuality. Back in February, Mack drew the ire of parents across Rhode Island and beyond when she tweeted out: “Really excited for the house sex ed bill hearing later today. Teaching comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed was a highlight of my time teaching.”

To demonstrate what she means by “comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed,” Mack shared a lesson she had once conducted about “gender role, norms, and sterotypes” (sic), using Old Spice commercials as an example. This lesson prompted students to generate a list of masculine “norms and sterotypes” that included “big penis,” “pubic hair,” and “girl catcher/player.”

There is no indication how old the children receiving this lesson were. A brief biography of Mack given on her campaign website claims, “She started her journey in education teaching sex-ed in Providence schools as an undergraduate. Tiara previously worked in Providence as a Recruiter to ensure students have teachers that represent their backgrounds, experiences, and future selves. She now works as a Youth Organizer, empowering young people to engage in local and national social issues.”

Aside from teaching sex ed to the young people of Rhode Island, Mack has devoted much of her time to other sex-related causes. On Twitter, Mack calls herself an “Abortion Fundraiser,” and her tweets testify that she has attempted to raise considerable funds for abortion. She also claims to be a former Planned Parenthood employee and a current PP volunteer.

The Rhode Island primary will be held on September 13, 2022.

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  1. Andrew Charlson

    Don’t we all wanna live with this crap going on around us!! REALLY!!! NOT!!

  2. Where do these people come from pushing a degenerate agenda why anyone would vote for this deviate is beyond all understanding.

  3. Oh boy are the nut jobs running loose,and just what we need more perverts trying to pervert society.

  4. that video more than likely will cost her votes rather than get her votes.

  5. STUPID B….! A DEMONICrat of course. THAT is what I call DESPERATE!

    • The Democrat Party has become a cult of useful idiots. All Democrats who voted for Biden are guilty as is he, of the MURDER of 13 brave American soldiers who died trying to save the lives that Biden left behind for the animals in Afghanistan. They are all guilty of drowning over 50 illegals trying to swim across the Rio Grand from Mexico. Not to mention the hundreds who have died of heat strokes in 50 ft trailers and on the ground walking to the US. Ban the Democrat Party in America, NOW! They are a domestic terror organization

  6. An *as for kicking. What kind of idiots are they raising in that dam little postage stamp to elect this level of stupidity to a government office. Her main claim to fame seems to be circling around sex, so return her to her old street corner.

  7. Oh God!! How can I wash my eyeballs??

  8. Yes, Senator Mack is AWFUL, and heavy. Our legislators get more and more degenerate as the years go on. Not surprising that democrats would have someone like this as a senator. Look at all the Drag Queens and trannies that the dems support and promote. It is a regular Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Your post is Very True and shows the depravity of Corrupt Democrats that are pushing the children especially to ‘think there is nothing wrong with this kind of filth she shows. Sad that these are the same Dems who have ‘Tranny’s in office like Rachel Levine in Biden’s cabinet-he has No mental cells left, and it is my conclusion that the “First Gay President(on Times Magazine cover w/that title btw)Obama is ALL IN ON THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE, CORRUPTION AND HE HIS THE ONE CALLING THE SHOTS, AS ‘DEMENTIA ADDLED BIDEN CAN’T DISTINGUISH ONE FLAVOR ICE CREAM FROM ANOTHER…ONLY THAT HE MAKES THAT CHOICE….ALL THE REST ARE MADE FOR HIM TO FOLLOW PER HIS NOTES HE EVEN SCREW UP. THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IS TEACHING CHILDREN THAT ‘ANYTHING GOES, AND IT’S ALL OKAY’….IS IT REALLY?????

  9. God help us if this pig is a representation of our future. Unbelievable.

  10. Time to put the street walkers back in jail or back on the street in the ghetto where it belongs. It certainly doesn’t belong in government or in any devent respectable area. Go back under your rock gutter trash!

  11. nasty black hole…i thought they were big in outerspace !

  12. This is where liberal progressive ideology leads us to. Literally nothing of substance just more incoherent do as you please nonsense. Who cares about people starving when you can shake your ass like an overesexed teenager? What the young leftist fails to understand is that these sorts of behaviors are only part of a long life. Those things we felt so important as a teen become no more than a fading memory when the actual responsibilities of life take hold. Failure to grow up and defining oneself through sexuality does nothing to prepare people for life after 30. Nor does ones wokeness serve as an economic policy. When I witness someone who was or is responsible for educating the children for the future it fills me with despair and fear for the future of our nation. When does acting like a self involved self described slut become not only inappropriate but more so despicable behavior? We tolerate these sorts of childish behavior from childish people because we understand that they will grow out of it. When we see political leadership acting in this manner we understand this is not a serious person. Far too many people like this have permeated our political system and the time has come to relegate unserious people to non serious positions. With weak minded people trying to run a country the end results are entirely predictable.

    • Your excellent and truthful posting is ‘The Best of the Day’ and I agree with you 100%. Good to see that others feel this is depravity that is infiltrating the young minds of our children these pukes have access to- Teachers, Mentors, and those who want to allow Drag Queens to ‘teach in the tot’s classrooms…What are these minorities going to teach? That their depraved lifestyle is A-OK? It is Not and should NEVER be exposed to the little ones they want to ‘start early as acceptable. Sad time for America…with this slime!

  13. Satan is alive and well in the house, senate, and white house. The Holy Spirit has abandoned our leaders, and left them to their own desires. They are completely lost.

  14. Edward Schuetzle

    I suppose Camel Hairs is her inspiration. I understand everyone has different tastes, but that was and is disgusting.

  15. Christopher Tabin

    that woman needs to be shot in the back of the head!

  16. vincent j frantantoni

    An overweight, shameless, crude, vulgar example of human degeneracy. If you voted for this lowlife you are in her class. LOW!

  17. 30 lbs. overweight and gross. The last person in the world who should be wearing a bikini. I wish I hadn’t eaten before I saw that obese thing.

  18. I wish I hadn’t eaten before I watched that. 30 lbs. overweight and should never wear a bikini.

  19. frederick fetty jr

    As I have posted before, What in the hell were you expecting when you voted for this very sick person?

  20. Well, that’s another point of view of putting your head in the sand. There are some leople who think sex is the only important thing in life. She proves that covering your ass up is another.

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