Democrat Rep. Refers to Jews as “Termites”

House Rep. Hank Johnson (D – GA), already famous for once worrying that too many soldiers on Guam could “capsize” the island and lead to thousands of deaths, is back in the news with another idiotic proclamation. This time, Johnson is under fire for his comments on Jewish settlers in Israel.

“There has been a steady, almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming,” said Johnson at an anti-Israel event in Philadelphia.

“We’ve gotten to the point where the thought of a Palestinian homeland gets further and further removed from reality,” he added.

Well, yes, that’s because Palestinians won’t stop firing missiles at Israel. It’s because terrorists go on stabbing rampages every so often, spreading fear and misery throughout Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It’s because you have organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas who want nothing more than to keep the violence going for as long as possible. When there is peace, there is no more cash coming in from Iran, after all.

Democrats like Johnson were upset that the official party platform has eliminated verbiage accusing Israel of “occupying” the Palestinian territory. They want a new platform from Democrats that will take sides against our strongest Middle Eastern ally and put the United States in line with the UN, which has consistently treated Israel like a terrorist state.

The ramifications of that mistake would echo throughout history, which is why not even liberals like Obama and Hillary Clinton will cross that line. This has hardly been a pro-Israel administration, but Obama knows better than to abandon ties with the powerful democracy. We need all the help we can get in that region.

No matter what, it would be a miracle if we were to see peace between Israel and their Arab neighbors in our lifetime. Rhetoric like this, though, will make it even harder to find a lasting solution.

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  1. I wish this jerk was on an island that would flip over.
    He needs two strong attendants with a straight jacket for him so he could be carted away to an institution where he really belongs. And this was elected to Congress. Sooooo scary.

  2. MyRoseHasTHORNS

    Did Debbie eat his government cheese?

  3. Richard Schwartz

    What are the IQ’s of voters in his district? Does the score 50 ring a bell. There is no remedy for stupid. This man went to school at “wasmamatteru”

    • can’t fix stupid!!

      • You’re wrong this is beyond stupid.

      • No We Cannot..I’ve always said.. I’ve always known many with multiple DEGREES of various forms of EDUCATION..& MOST have not a LICK OF COMMON SENSE, BETWEEN THEM..This includes JUDGES..God Help US..WE have some of those, like SLEEPY Dwarf, who only wakes up when they TELL HER TO SAY SOMETHING..STUPID..You know who I am talking about..GO BACK TO SLEEP!!

    • Isn’t that a private jew school?

  4. This stupid fool knows a lot about termites. His ancestors ate them when they couldn’t find someone from another tribe to eat. However, he knows nothing about the Middle East or Muslim terrorist organizations like the PLO,Hamas or Hezbollah,etc. He also knows nothing about the land of Israel. Maybe if he bought a Bible or went to Church he could learn about the 3500 year history of the Holy Land and the Jews, who God gave the land to back when Abraham was following Gods will. Hank Johnson should burn the propaganda pamphlets he got at the mosque and read the true history of Israel in the Bible.

    • LOL you though Hank could actually read.

    • Ah, yes…. The Jews love to expound on the biblical myth of God giving Israel back to the Jews…. What the Jews obviously have forgotten is God’s admonition that “Thou shalt not kill”!!

    • Your giving him credit for being able to read or comprehend and that is a real stretch. Anyone who thinks the island will tip over because there are too many people on one side is beyond stupid.

    • The bible is BS, get outta the basement and look at the world~

    • Thank you for your comments. I recently added a new post

  5. God said if you love my people Israel then I will Love you. But if you hate my people then He will never recognize you. So when you come forth for Judgement You’ll be rejected. I know it’s not exactly the word but close. So we Know what will happen to Mr Johnson. I hope he like the extreme heat. 7734 is not a nice place.

  6. This man is an imbecile. Who could possibly vote for him?

  7. It is a wonder to me how many American Jews vote for the Marxist Democrats. One Internet wit called those Jews “oven-ready”.

    • I wil never understand the American Jews who support people like B. Hussein Obama. He is importing Jew hating Muslims at an alarming rate! Oven Ready! Perfect!

      • And what about all of the people of all Christian denominations, races, and genders who believe in the Obama-Clinton “hope and change” fallacy– should they all be put in oven as well?! These hateful comments are just as racist as those made by congressman Johnson. My mother is a survivor of Auschweitz, Geislingen, and Dachau. Hundreds of our family were gassed and killed by the Nazis. Unfortunately many people pushing for the left-wing progressive movement of Sanders and Clinton forget that the Nazi party stood for the national alliance of Socialist workers. As I stated above, there are ignorant people of every race and religion. Don’t judge an entire religion by the actions of some ignorant idiots. As A Jewish American Republican woman, a law professor, and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and a father who fought in the battle of the bulge to preserve the freedom and liberty that we have in this country, I find any anti-Semitic remarks to be hateful rhetoric that has no place in today’s political discourse. Anyone who knows history and is willing to open their eyes to the truth understands that Donald Trump is pro Israel, while the democrat platform is Anti-Israel as are the policies of the Obama Clinton-Biden-Kerry administration.

        • Blame Netanyahu’s brutal assaults on Palestinian communities for Americans’ criticisms against Israel.

        • OldHighlandGuyOne

          You just keep on posting Prof, I like it.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          The great “oven” is coming prof. Fear not, for in the end, JEWS will stand proud and smiling. With great respect to you and your family, here or departed… SHALOM

          • Hehe, will watch as isreal is turned to glass in the near future and that will be a true holocaust~

          • Thank you for what you wrote. I just added a new post.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Prof : In 2001 while living and working at Days Inn here in Orlando, I fell dead on the job. I died twice on the way to the hospital, twice more after arriving and I was plugged into the wall for total life support. Four top heart surgeons did a quad on my heart and installed a stainless steel mitral valve. I was in a coma for five weeks. The doctors told my sister in law at the end of the fourth week that I had one more week, and if I hadn’t come out of it by then, they’d have to unplug me, saying I only had a 2% chance. When she bent over to kiss my forehead, one of her tears hit my left eye and it opened.
            When I looked up, with tubed running from everywhere, all I saw were 4 surgeons and 6 nurses, all of them with tears in their eyes.. Blessed? You betcha! I’m a Vietnam vet and I’very been thru the mill, but OUR God has seen me thru it. Didn’t mean to be that long winded, but I just had to share.. ?

          • Glad you made it through, did you have any memorys from your time in a coma?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yes I did.. I envisioned myself sitting inside a split rail corral, grass tall, but soft. On the outside of the corral was a pit bull, but he was the size of a horse, snarling like mad. “Someone ” grabbed my shoulders from behind and said aloud, “His job isn’t finished yet!” I think that’s when I came out of the coma..??

          • Could the dog have been cerberus?
            What did you take away from that memory?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            To be quite honestly with you, all kinds of words from my departed, Southern Baptist mother began bombarding me. And yes, I’m a 100% different from what I was before. I find myself doing “deeds” that I really wouldn’t have considered before. lol FIFTEEN YEARS later and still kickin.. THANK GOD !! ??

        • Wow, three “death camps.” Funny how there are so many “survivors.”

      • Really stupid comment — inane!! Obama isn’t “importing” anyone!!

    • My mother is a survivor of Auschweitz, Geislingen, and Dachau. Hundreds of our family were gassed and killed by the Nazis. Unfortunately many people pushing for the left-wing progressive movement of Sanders and Clinton forget that the Nazi party stood for the national alliance of Socialist workers. As I stated above, there are ignorant people of every race and religion. Don’t judge an entire religion by the actions of some ignorant idiots. As I Jewish American Republican woman, a law professor, and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and a father who fought in the battle of the bulge to preserve the freedom and liberty’s that we have in this country, I find any anti-Semitic remarks to be hateful rhetoric that has no place in today’s political discourse. Anyone who knows history and is willing to open their eyes to the truth understands that Donald Trump Campaign is pro Israel, while the democrat platform is Anti-Israel as are the policies of the Obama Clinton by Carrie administration.

      • American’ criticism of Netanyahu’s persecution of the Palestinians is in no way “anti-Semetic”. Netanyahu is waging genocide against the Palestinians who continue to be persecuted in their homeland.

      • Cool story, bro.

      • How did you possibly find anything anti-Jewish in my remarks? I am a great admirer and supporter of Israel. When I was in high school I would invite my Jewish friends to play chess in my room; my mother – a devout Catholic – would ask me how come I have so many Jewish friends; I would answer because they are the only chess players good enough to play against. Then she would say: “Son – don’t you know that the Jews killed Jesus?” “Mother – don’t you know that Jesus was a JEW?” She became silent in thought…and said: “Son – you are right”.

    • Often wondered about the high Jewish vote for democrats for a long time, then read an article that finally made sense. The Jewish are very liberal and so they vote democratic no matter what.

      • Any way to make a dollar~

        • Have read in the past it was easy for Hitler to get the public against the Jews because they controlled most of the businesses and treated others like dirt, weather that is true or not don’t know but it makes sense.

          • You’ve read it correctly for sure. What major corporations from grocery stores to hollywierd are not owned or controlled by the auspices of jews?
            They’re as termites working away till it falls to their liking, of course they control the MONEY~

          • I worked for a company just once run by Jews and said never again. One thing I learned about them is even if they hate each other during business hours they will do business with each other. If they want to hate each other it is only allowed after business hours. That is the major thing that has made them so successful as no one else does that to that extreme.

          • I’ve had the same experiences over the years, and you’re 100% correct- My old man disliked jews to the core and in the early industrial years the fckn jews ruled w/an iron fist, however, he did instill in one fact that we gentiles? should embrace, UNITY~

          • Your dad understood them.

          • True, but I will NEVER change my disdain for the P’sOS… jews and their brother muslimes should be eradicated from the earth~

          • Germany had a clear shot at doing that when there were a lot less of them then today and failed so don’t know if that is possible.

          • Germany failed because of the uS fighting every1 else’s wars- Germany was fighting 2 wars, 1 to eradicate scum jews and the 2nd for the elimination of ignorance- BUT, who actually lost? Europe and the uS-
            Coward europeans are overrun w/mooselimes and the uS is welcoming them with open arms- EVERY act of violence in the near past in the uS has been attributed to mooselimes- But the ni99er in chief and the demoncrats are importing the scum by sea and air, unabated- Future looks dim~

          • If Germany hadn’t attacked Russia don’t think they would have been defeated as until then Russia was with Germany and Japan grabbing up other countries. Hitler though hated communism and that was his downfall plus not listening to his generals as they warned him not to start another front. What Obama has done to this country don’t think we can ever recover and if Hillary is elected we are finished. With open borders and all those from the middle east we have allowed nothing but low I.Q. and terrorist into this country.

          • Yer oh so rite- In a VERY SHORT period of time the uS will have like issues with muslimes as does Europe- It’s an awful act what people will do to their own country for money and power-
            The uS has NO future!!!! The past 60yrs have been greed by ALL and commitment from NONE- Visions are clouded by disparity and uncertainty- We as many great nations were more concerned with power and military strength, and for what? Most, if not all great nations on this rock are militarily powerful and people poor and definitely don’t need a war to feed more people-
            All for not~

          • Am thinking they won’t do much here until after the elections as that would give Trump an upper hand and they don’t want him elected. We have just one advantage over Europe, we are armed. Actually the Muslim’s wouldn’t have to fire a shot to defeat us or Europe. At the rate they are allowed in and they breed it wouldn’t be that long before they could take over politically. They have already taken over parts of Michigan and Minnesota politically so it would just be a matter of time.

          • That’s true, and as stated it will be just a matter of time- The mooselimes have been at this thousands of years and have made many strides in the past couple decades with terrorist activity and the president of our once great country-
            Liberalism will be the downfall of the uS as weapons will be confiscated and the cabal will have control of the sheeple- The citizens evidently have no concern and promote their demise, but I’m on my way out, so I wont get to laugh at their ignorance- And yes, they deserve to wallow in their own cesspool- hehe~


      • Actually that isn’t the case. I’m a proud Jewish American Republican woman as well as a law professor. I just wrote a new post, and will state again that in every religion there are liberals or left wing ideologists.if you watch the Democratic national convention, all of those people were certainly not Jews.


        • You may be republican but the vast majority of Jewish people vote democratic or at least up to this election. Would think they would change their minds, especially when they see who really backs Hillary as most are those on the government dole.

    • They are, Hitler proved it~

    • These Jews are evil Talmud followers, not those good Jews who follow the Torah!

  8. Why would anybody vote for an idiot that thinks that if to many people went to one side of the island of Guam it would tip over. If any Black person that sees the Movie “Hillary’s America” will never vote for her or any Democrat.

    • He’s rite about the fckn jews, they’re like termites and hated around the world- You know it’s true~

      • I am a Jewish American Republican woman, a law professor – the daughter of Republican parents – my mother, a Holocaust survivor, And my father, a respected physician, who enlisted at 17 in the army during WWII and fought and saved lives in the Battle of the Bulge.
        My family and I have supported Donald Trump since he announced last June 2015. Unfortunately, just as there are ignorant people in other religions, there are also ignorant people in my religion. To be a bigot like Congressman Johnson is Un-Anerican. There are many idiots who fail to see that anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment has only increased under Obama-Biden-Clinton-Kerry and their horrible policies.
        Many ignorant people think democrat is synonymous with democracy. They don’t know history. They don’t have a moral compass, or reflect American nor religious values. However, those who spew anti-Semitic rhetoric and fan the flames of hatred are equally as despicable.

        • Anti-Israel sentiment is well deserved. Israel is waging a holocaust against the Palestinians in Palestinian territory. Amazing, isn’t it, that Israelis are walking in the footprints of the Nazis!!

          • YOU ARE ONE IGNORANT, Pathetic, TROLL. The only ones walking and talking like Nazi’s are idiots like yourself.

          • another termite~

          • If supporting ISRAEL makes me a Termite in your pea sized brain>>>>>Count me in, a$$ hole

          • Well, being from texass already makes you an a$$hole~


          • Just block the trolls

          • Thank You! I just Blocked them both & was going to TELL others to DO the Same! They are TROLLS & IGNORANT & NOT Worth the AIR OR FLESH They Breathe or have..Should be like the IDIOT who Tried to Burn another OF OUR FLAGS at the CONVENTION in PHILLY..Hope you all saw that,, IT WAS..Priceless!!

          • Yeah, just block us, so you wont have to read the truth about the HATE for fckn jews you instigated-
            When, Oh when will Iran push the button and eliminate the world from this trash???~


          • You must be full of self loathing since you project so much self hate on to others. It must really suck to be you. Why don’t you do us all a favor and put yourself out of your misery? Oh, that’s right, a coward like you doesn’t have the guts to do anything other than sit safely behind a keyboard and spew your self hate. Like you said, GFY.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            B L O C K E D ! ????

          • No, the Nazis took ’em out when they encroached in their country, and now a spilttail is welcoming muslimes to destroy the country- Both people? are sand ni99ers with different names. U know it’s true~

          • How can anyone store so much stupidity in such small brain?

          • Because there is nothing else in there.

          • Nuke Palestine.

          • There is no such thing as Palestinian territory or Palestinians. They came from other parts of the arab world to settle in the land God gave the Israelites centuries ago.

        • OldHighlandGuyOne

          Now that is what I like to hear. Thank You Prof!

        • I SUPPORT ISRAEL with out distinction. I am an AMERICAN. I am Conservative.
          After reading some of the other posts, I see clearly, some people’s mommy haven’t taught them RESPECT or honor. They don’t have a clue about world History or they wouldn’t rattle off such ignorant bigoted dribble

          • History has nothing to do with termites, as termites, they reap what they sow~


          • Don’t have to yell, douchbag-
            I don’t have to explain anything to a splittail moron~


          • Ever been to Israel, jerkoff? I’ve been there and met some wonderful people. You are an uneducated piece of trailer trash that talks out your a$$ because your mouth knows better.

          • You are a cuck.

          • You must remember, history is no longer taught in public schools. We now have social sciences, which are little more than indoctrination classes – just like Hitler’s Germany and the USSR group.

          • Thank you! Please see my newest post

        • Michael Dennewitz

          God Bless You !! ?

        • If you were black people he would have been praising you

          • Nah, ni99ers and jews are hated by most worldwide~

          • Oh boy,still, there are this kind of ‘eternal jelouspersons (like you) that turn jelously thoughs into ‘HATE”.. May your soul find out the truth, while going to ‘hell’….! Love is so much easy and rewarding…. You just miss it. Sorry…!!!

          • I’m not jealous, I just say what I want and though it may not be PC correct to you, it’s the truth and most liberal scumbags as you don’t like it and cast aspersions toward me-
            I don’t believe in your religious BS so wishing me to go to hell is your issue with ignorance and hate, as yer a fckn hypocrite in your belief~



          • I appreciate your comments!

        • Wonderful analysis.

        • Despicable, you would say cuz yer a jew, as would a black in blm, however, I’m truthful and forthright in stating jews are hated worldwide. Why don’t you try JLM and enjoy the love~

          • Like it or not Ashenkazi jews have average IQ of 116 and much of the hatred comes from this and their gratitude to the Turks who rescued them from Spanish sadistic treatment and made them administrators in their empire due to their wisdom, therfore garnering hatred from the residents of that empire who were not Turks.

          • And aren’t the Turks having a boatload of issues at this point fckn w/the world????

          • Seems to me that they have been recently. They just underwent a coup attempt.

          • That’s intelligent~

          • Typical progressive air-head reply. No what part of my comment about the coup attempt was incorrect?

          • GFY- Their superior intelligence failed them, as yours apparently~

          • Einstein had an IQ of over 160. and he was a Jewish Genius!

          • I would guess Bigotist has an IQ of about 16.

          • Minus 16.

          • wish in one handism

            So everyone hates jews? I like jews and Israelis in particular but if I wanted to sign up for your program what would I need to do?

          • Kiss my ass~

          • wish in one handism

            That could take a while, you’re apparently all ass and that’s probably how you like to take it.

          • Only you would know about that, butt lover- Did you know/// of course you do, the majority of fags are jews??? at least yer good at something~

          • wish in one handism

            I guess that makes you a jew. Spend much time in the target woman’s restroom? I’d bet you have a whole closet full of pretty things to dress up in.

          • You must be talking to yourself in the mirror, homo~

          • wish in one handism

            Make that homo sapiens, as for your variation of homo, maybe – could be homo bigotens, homo blowinus, homo dickens, homo ludicrous, homo nonsensus, homo jerkins or the most likely just homo dumbass

          • AND YOU ARE GOOD AT WHAT???????


          • It’s proven that the thing we hate most about others is the thing we hate most in ourselves. It’s called projection and Bigotist is projecting a whole lot of self hate on to others.



          • Why he reminds me of an unemployed college professor. No Class!

        • Sounds as though that Rep. Johnson is a muslim….that might explain his feelings….however wrong he is to express anti-Semitism…

        • The hollow hoax is a myth.

        • There is one side that is always trying to commit some sort of mass murder, gang rape of underage girls, and to shove their disgusting religion down our throats at the point of a sword. Then there is the other side which never resorts to those tactics and who are content to keep their religion among their own people. I believe that ISIS are the people who are actually practicing the teachings of Mohammed. I will always stand with Israel.


          • Thank you for all of your posts. I just posted new comments

          • Well at least the Protestants haven’t killed you yet. I have a long life of being accosted by the likes of J. Witnesses and others. But they have never resorted to violence. What I said has nothing to do with God (at least to me) but to just plain common sense. It is not how the Muslims prey that I mind, but how they are constantly trying to prey ON us. I believe that it is our RIGHT not to have to put up with their chap, weather it is their mass murder or their gang rape of our daughters. If that means that we have to kill the whole stinking lot of them to enforce that right, then so be it.

        • AMEN Prof!! KATZ! Thank You for some COMMON SENSE & TRUTHS!

        • A jew law professor, that makes it true~


        • I agree with you 100%.


          Dear Professor Katz.
          Trump wont object if the Saudis build atomic weapons and might even help them to do it.
          They will bomb Israel if their regime changes.
          Dont vote for trump.
          He’s not the lesser of two evils.

          • And you’re the biggest asshole in America~


            Your confusing me with Hilary Clinton, i’m not her.

          • Huh, u look like her!!!
            okay then, the 2nd biggest asshole- feel better?

          • NO………YOU AND YOUR KIND ARE!

          • Actually Mr. Trump is very pro Israel. All through the DNC, there were people holding signs saying to boycott Israel, pro Palestinian, and separate meetings throughout the convention with anti-Israel rhetoric. Donald Trump is certainly not the lesser of any evil – all evil is reserved for the Democrats and their anti-Israel platform.


            I thought you were a professor with a mind, not a doctrinaire robot. Maybe I’m wrong.

            It wont do Israel any good if it’s destroyed in an atomic war by Saudi Arabia. His pro Israel stance is designed to get the Jewish vote. He’s setting them up for a nuclear holocaust even as he supports Israels right to the Palestinian territories.

            I’m worried about growing antisemitism in the democratic party too but it was the republican party that set off the wave of fascistic antisemitism that threatens our lives.

            Trump is the most evil candidate for President- ever. He’s in a class of his own. Yesterday he told the press he wants to punch the Democratic convention speakers in the face! Why do you follow him as if he was regular republican like the Bushes? He’s a new phenomenon in America.

            A lot more of his followers are openly antisemitic than the republicans. If he becomes an authoritarian imperial president, sooner or later his neo nazi followers will get power and stab Israel in the back.

        • Well said Professor, thank you. I am an RN and I cared for a Jewish man until his death. What a wonderful person he was. I won’t mention his name here but his brother was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize 4 times. Both he and his brother were Scientists. I have him to thank for teaching me about his religion. He was an amazing man. I asked him once why the New York Jews didn’t support Israel more? He said Btty this has been a thorn in my side. I think the NY Jews have had it to good for too long. I love Netanyahu (sp?). I believe if Israel ever falls we won’t be far behind.

        • Doesn’t the Bible teach that God will bless those who stand with the Jews, and curses Israel’s enemies?

        • What, dare I ask, would cause negative sentiments about isreal?

        • And tell them how many Jews are on EBT cash compared to the POS feral animal yard apes that support him? At least Jews contribute to society instead of sucking it dry like the EBT suckers and muslims!

      • Maybe by you far, left wing, radical extremist, MINDLESS, SLOBBERING socialist democ-RATS! You a$$ holes celebrate every vile behavior known to man kind. Nothing new here

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        I just love it when the pot calls the kettle black.
        Democrats and termites….how can you tell the difference….that is why we have an exterminator at our house frequesntly….because there are democrats living next door.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        B L O C K E D ! ????

      • You know a lot about termites…….looked in the mirror lately? Why don’t you go to Israel and spout your hatred among their Special OPS assets but have your will prepared before land mutant! You’d be DOA and that would mean one less scumbag breathing our air!

        • ALWAYS Love YOUR posts..Always!! You like me, are NOT..PC! NO WAY, NEVER, Will I Ever shut up or SIT DOWN, or GO BACK TO THE END OF THE LINE..As was also Spouted at the DNC..IDIOTS who Actually did this?? Dumber than a PLANET FULL OF ROCKS, Forget the BOX..God Help Us, SO ANY IDIOTS, SO LITTLE TIME..They WILL ALL BE L E F T!! By the LEFT & all who HIDE & LIE & MANIPULATE to CALL Themselves by any other NAMES..There are at Least 15+ Named Groups of Terrorists, they TOO Call themselves by Different “NAMES” But they ALL Have ONE THING IN COMMON, they ALL Want OUR END, as well as ISRAEL, & THEY ARE ALL..BARBARIANS, & Will KILL, TORTURE, & Worse, Men, Women & Children as Proven in all ATTACKS..that WILL become More Frequent, as even OUR Nation, has been INFILTRATED, INVADED, & least that’s what HE Calls it..I Call it..TREASON..All “DEALS” have been MADE WITH OUR ENEMIES & Not for any of WE THE PEOPLE, the TRUE PATRIOTS, who will Always DEFEND & PROTECT IT..& THE RIGHTS & FREEDOMS that WE SHOULD ALL RESPECT & APPRECIATE, IF NOT?? GET THE HELL OUT< WE'LL PITCH IN & BUY YOU TICKETS, OR BOAT RIDES, & Assist you in LEAVING OUR COUNTRY..PLEASE..Save US from the TROUBLE, & Leave it if You Don't Respect it, Love it & Will FIGHT FOR IT, Not AGAINST IT.

        • YOUR air!!!! Typical fckn jew that thinks everything is theirs- isreal would have nothing if the jews didn’t control the uS and demand the best military stuff we have- If I prayed it would be that Iran turns that cesspool to glass asap, and you’re there- POS~

          • Make my day ass hat, just make sure your insurance is paid up. Then again you live in a cardboard box, never mind the insurance! Being that you’re a deranged failed test tube experiment, I’m curious…..did your mother have any kids that lived?

          • Well ckbrth, your reply and last query are a written statement of your lack of an IQ and prove the best part of you dribbled down your black mommas leg~

          • It’s one thing to be thought a moron and then to confirm it by posting a vile baseless comment that you can’t back up! Suffice it to say, I faced far tougher adversaries in theater than you could ever hope to be numb nuts. Now crawl back into your cardboard box and make believe your a hero while you load up on meth! I’ve blocked your responses, there is no help for you, try a drug rehab clinic!

          • Damn, thot we coud talk war stuff- It’s sad~

          • She dropped him on his head when he was a baby, She was short, so he is still functional.





    • Because they are ignorant?
      The whole Hank Johnson/Guam thing is an embarrassment to our government and our educational system.

      • Yet he keeps getting reelected. Very telling regarding his constituents. See how well the liberal scam of dumbing down kids via public edjuamcashum has worked?

        • Why it’s worked so well, we all know we shouldn’t move to Guam!
          This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

        • Just like Nancy Pelosi, it takes a San Francisco (her district) to elect a crazy dingbat like her.

          • She was the one WASTING our tax dollars to the tune of over 6.5 million every year by demanding her own 737 to fly back and forth from liberal utopia every week wasn’t she? I don;t know if she still does that, but she sure did when she was house speaker.

          • She has been rather absent, lately.
            I think that is due to the nips and tucks she needed to go to the dem convention!


          • Jeffrey Nall Barnard

            And probably would do so again if she were ever to win that position again, God help us. Vote Republican, almost all the way. I leave room for some good Democrats who would do better than some bad Republican candidates, mostly in state and local positions.

          • Yes it does!
            I do notice that after her … rest (perhaps in a sanitarium?) she has joined the convention looking, well, filled.
            Cosmetics and meds.
            Nan’s saviors.

            There’s no helping him.

          • <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bt269p:….,.

        • edjuamcashum – is that “ebonics” ,lmfao. Im glad to see you are still posting,it has been awhile.

        • Hank Johnson makes Peter Griffin look like a genius by comparison.

          • Hey that’s my dad you’re talking about! I cannot disagree.

          • Dad?? Reminds me of apparent differences our society. On June 19th the white folks celebrated: Father’s Day. The black folks celebrated: “Who be yo daddy dad”

          • Jeffrey Nall Barnard

            To be fair, that’s only true of some blacks…Fortunately others have either worked their way up from the socio-economic level they were born into or they were born into middle or high class (socio-economically, speaking). There is no excuse for being “no class”, that’s something anyone who is aware of it and wants to change themself can do. I don’t mean to come off arrogant, if that is what some are reading. I am trying to be fair and understanding, not really educated on sociology and human dynamics and demographics of what we call ‘class’. I don’t fully understand all the ramifications of what that word means.

      • Education system?

      • Amen! They have to be to have bought into the lie that he was “just joking”! He was DEAD ASS SERIOUS! What a moron!


        • He was. And probably drunk.

    • It’s true! It’s true! I saw it on television!

    • Doubt they would even stay to watch it, they would call it “rayciss” and protest its showing, to hell with the truth, give me my free stuff, NOW you crackas!


        • Poor Southerns could not afford to crack their own corn.


          • That is what I have heard. Just another liberal stereotype among racist blacks.

        • The term originated in the days of slavery, referencing white masters who crack their whips on or at black slaves. These days it is their version of the N word for whites.


          • Racism is not pretty any time. It’s just that Obama made it part of his plan to push racial animosity because he uses social chaos to implement changes. It is time to get past this and get over things that have long been over. No one alive today was a slave nor are there any living slave masters. Whites are not targeting blacks for racist attacks, the reverse sadly is not true. Polar Bear Hunting, The Knockout Game, Beat Whitey Night are all constructs that have been increasing exponentially since Eric Holder said that blacks can never be the perpetrators of a hate crime. Hate is hate, it is colorblind. That is the sad reality of Obama’s white hating racist legacy. He has had Al Sharpton as a white house guest over 150 times since he got illegally placed in office, even referred to him as his “personal race czar”. Al’s record of racial hatred and lies is well documented, as is his unpaid IRS debt of 4.5 million dollars. If a white owed that amount, their assets would have been seized and they would be in prison. The racial double standard is unbelievably sad and wrong. We all had hope that Obama would be a force that brought the races further together, the opposite has been the case.

          • Hate crime laws are unconstitutional as currently applied. The 14th Amendment requires all states to provide equal protection of the laws. However, the hate crime law is almost exclusively applied to whites and almost never applied to people of color.

          • I bet, if you asked any of today’s black people, they could not tell you the origin or meaning of cracker. Just like they can’t tell you the origin of wearing their pants down below their crotch.

          • That is what I call a sucker bet.
            Saggin was started as a way to let other prison inmates know you are available for sodomy is what I heard. I looked no further as that was disgusting enough for me. It looks horrible and is offensive to many people. I don’t want to see other people’s junk, their butts or their undies. Police sometimes chuckle at the fact that when they run away, they often fall from the loose pants or cannot run as fast. What I found interesting is the spelling, reverse it.

          • Good catch. I hadn’t even noticed that.

          • I wonder if they have?

          • Jeffrey Nall Barnard

            Which word to revers spelling? butts = sttub,

            Sorry, I’m probably just being dense! But I don’t readily see it…thx for some help, in advance.

          • Saggin is the one.

          • The pants issue is supposedly some kind of fashion statement. Just looks dumb to me.

          • It started in prison, like Beeotchstewie said.

          • Still, it looks dumb.


          • Michael Dennewitz

            The pants down almost to their knees was started in prisons. The queers are actually the ones that started it. It was a sign from one queer to another that he was in need of butt plugging!?


      • It’s “racist” and “crackers”. Your remark demonstrates the dumbing down of our country.

    • Because,…….the type of people who vote for idiots like this, are the dumbest G.D. people in the world!!!!!

    • wish in one handism

      If that would work we should send all the libs to California and force it to slip off into the ocean.

    • SouthernPatriot

      Black Democrats vote for the worse representatives who are all Democrat idiots and then wonder why they have such bad representation? Under-informed and un-informed voters vote these racists and mentally unsound, former judges who were convicted of accepting bribes, and every other derelict of society.

    • Daniel Hamilton

      The answer to that question is easy. It is Democrats that vote for this ignorant and ill educated man. If you have two brain cells, but they won’t communicate with each other, then you register as a Democrat.

    • How do we get them in to see the movie ?

  9. Idiots vote for idiots. Of course those who fail the IQ test are born demoncrats……just look at the one in the white house now. And that reminds me, if you voted for Obama because he was the first black black president…..look what you got. Now if you vote for killary because she’s a woman..God help us. As the Chinaman said when his wife gave birth to a Caucasian–Two Wongs don’t make a White.

  10. What can one say, “Consider the Source”.

  11. Why does this racist SOB, think he could get away with that kind of racial slur… i think we tolerate to much of this hate language from blacks, especially coming from elected officials…… I didn’t hear any Jewish people call him Nigg3r……………….

  12. Incredible nonsense

  13. I’m a Jewish Anerican Republican, a Law Professor and the daughter of Rrpublican parents–my mother, a Holocaust survivor, and my father, who enlisted in the army at 17 in WWII and fought and saved lives in the Battle of the Bulge.
    My family and I have supported Dinald Trump since he announced last June 2015. Unfortunately, just as there are ignorant people in other religions, there are also ignorant people in my religion. To be a bigot like Congressman Johnson is Un-Anerican. There are many idiots who fail to see that anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment has only increased under Obama-Biden-Clinton-Kerry and their horrible policies.
    Many ignorant people think democrat is synonymous with democracy. They don’t know history. They don’t have a moral compass, or reflect Ametican or religious values. However, those who spew anti-Semitic rhetoric and fan the flames of hatred are equally as despicable.

  14. Demorat=disaster for America. Trump/Pence 2016, America’s choice.

  15. I will bet Hitler said just about the same thing….
    Hitler was a socialists, So is this guy….

    • You are correct. And his hateful bigoted and racist propaganda Hitler called the Jews rats and vermin. He made movies and there were caricatures and newspapers dehumanization Jews. My mother is a Holocaust survivor who was in the camps of Auschwitz, Geislingen, and liberated by the Americans in Dachau. As I stated below, the Sanders and Clinton people seem to forget that the Notsi party was an acronym. The word not see stood for national alliance of Socialist workers. So when the Democrats talk about a more progressive agenda, they are pushing for socialism. My father in listed at age 17 in the army to fight in the battle of the bulge. Our founding fathers envision an America built on liberty and freedom a republic of democracy– Not a country built on socialism, communism, or totalitarianism. This country was also build on Judeo Christian values – not radical Islamic ideologies.

      • None of this would be possible without a corrupt MEDIA.

        Fight the liberal MEDIA at:

        • Well, he’s rite, but your rite about the media. They’re as left wing and race baiting as it gets-


          • I can’t take your ignorance as your replies and caps indicate and really have other people to aggravate with my time, so I’m gunna BLOCK you for like ever- Bye douchbag~



        • Certainly the liberal media is perpetuating the falsehoods and propaganda

          • They use bias by omission. They ignore all bad things about liberals, and ignore all good things about conservatives.

            Conversely, they sensationalize all good things about liberalism, and sensationalize all bad things about conservatism.

            Bias by omission is EVIL, and a direct selling out of their journalistic integrity. Bias by Omission leave propaganda, liberal propaganda.

            If Conservatives want to win at anything ever again, they must neutralize the lefts use of bias by omission.That is what Mad As Hell Boycott is all about..

            Neutralize the left stream MEDIA Join:

      • I don’t recall the Battle of the Bulge having any association with jews, but a jew would~

        • No. My Dad’s best friend, Andy, died at the Bulge. Andy was Catholic, but I don’t recall the question of religious identity coming up when we attended the annual mass that Aunt Teeny paid to be said, for the repose of Andy’s soul.

          • Truly sorry about that and have similar feelings about the losses of the war- The termites should fight their own war, they have the best military in the world thanks to the millions of Gentiles that made it possible~

      • Hitler was right and the LOL-o-Co$t is a myth.


    Censure him.

  17. “There has been a steady, almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming,” said Johnson at an anti-Israel event in Philadelphia.”
    The Democrats have had a few Johnsons who were complete morons. For the education of this one, the events and history and translated names of the German Concentration camps might be informative since several dealt with trees of the forest and others with what can be made from them. Six million, having paid the ultimate price for being human beings, should justify the creation of the State of Israel and the right of Jews to live there and manage it however they want. Americans need to learn to mind their own business and realize that the entire world is NOT their business.

  18. Richardoftheyears1

    How could anyone with such demeanor have ever even made it into the public purview? We are disintegrating, no doubt, into a degenerative state of existence.

  19. Egor von Johnson

    This moron is classic democrat. A real POS and DUM NIGGER to boot.

  20. What is this guy doing on the outside of a mental institute? He is a full-blown NUTCASE! I would be ashamed to say I voted for this butthead. Capsize Guam? What kind of DUMBACRAPIC crap is that?

  21. I still am stunned by his concern that “Guam would tip over”. I mean, GET REAL. Is this an example of members of Congress? We really need to pass a term limit and enforce it.

    • how about a simple intelligence and reasoning ability requirement? Term limits are WAAAAAY overdue.

    • It would have already tipped over back in the 1940s with all of those B-29s and B-17s with their tremendous bomb loads taking off for Japan. This dumb a$$ is a product of the federal failed school programs. And that’s without the benefit of CommonCore !!! As old Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) would say: “Surprise, surprise, surprise”.

  22. Dennis B Anderson

    How about it if we take you to Gitmo and decapitate all you ignorant worthless democrats. I will think and do the same thing for Hitler-y as I would for Obama cut off your cackling worthless head. What happened at the DOC was a take down of the democratic party it was clever. Even with Birney being facist you now have a facist democratic party? What was once the left is now a foreign policy and you dumb cork sucker democrats finally pulled it off.

  23. Yep, the socialist democ-RAT talks a good game, but when it comes down to it, the socialist democ-RAT CELEBRATES RACISM, SEXISM/BIGOTRY/CONTEMPT. It is the only way they remain viable. This was just ONE example in thousands. The socialist-democ-RAT is the very definition of HYPOCRICY

  24. “Jews”. Who are they? Soros and the secular socialists? My Orthodox friend Ronnie and his family, whose males never go outdoors without wearing a yarmulke? Or my old roomies and some of my dear friends, who are overwhelmingly mildly observant Reform Jews?

    Anti-semitism is vulgar.

    That said, even a lot of American Jews don’t much care for Bibi, and there are a lot of Saudi-salafist dollars sloshing around to build mosques and to create madrassas here. Eek!

    I admire Netanyahu.

    • America and other nations have no business telling Israel what to do and how to do it. It would be like Cuba telling us what to do and how to do it (which they do, anyway) . The UN IDIOTS should be like NATO, independent in thought and there for those that need protection from aggression and communism.

      • NATO poses us a problem, post-putsch in Turkey.

        Israelis have been our eyes and ears in an explosive region. The pivot to the South China Sea is a geopolitical fact. We are now focused on Pipelineistan (per Escobar).

        We live in interesting times.

  25. OldHighlandGuyOne

    But, there is not such thing as a Palestinian. Israel should wipe out the vermin mis-named palestinan. Hamas and hezbollah are criminal organizations so what is stopping us, the U. S. A., from wiping them out.
    By the way, Hank Johnson (D-GA) is to stupid to be in congress…..Oh, my bad, congress has become to stupid to exist. I guess Hank fits right in there.

  26. Johnson is up set because issues like the Israel Defence and other Middle East radical problems are stealing from the BLM, voter ID opposition and other radical socialistic issues of today. Most rational thinking citizens can see through this type of radical liberal crap.

  27. Michael Dennewitz

    That’s ok johnson, you little velcro headed PM, the day will come, dead or alive, you and the rest of this world will stand before the HEAD JEW and make an accounting… SHALOM ?

  28. Goes to show blacks will vote for an idiot as long as he is black besides all those they have voted in after they get out of prison.

  29. What a blooming idiot!

  30. he might be a rep, but what if anything is in that head of his? Must have been one of those playing Midnight Basketball rather then home in bed getting his much needed sleep.

  31. This from a dem? The party of tolerance and inclusion? Sounds a lot like the muzzies, don’t it?

  32. using dumb and Niger in the same sentance is redundant.

  33. Ah! the Religion of piece and tolerance to the forefront. I mean party of piece and tolerance. No wonder they endorse Islam.

  34. America is on the verge of tipping over and capsizing because there are two many liberals and free loaders on it.

  35. Jews aren’t termites. They’re cockroaches.

  36. Richard Omiecinski

    This IDIOT is an American politician.What depths have we sunk to when morons like this
    represent constituents. What does this say about the people who elected him?

  37. Israel is occupying the land given to them. But they we supposed to root out everyone else and do not. However, the land does NOT belong to the Palestinians.

    • Who was the land extorted from to GIVE to the useless jews?

      • BIGOTIST,
        I said nothing about extorted. And Israel did not take total control of the land anyway. That is the root of their problems with the Palestinians. Israel should simply boot them out.

        • Who? said you did????
          WHO had possession of the land BEFORE it was extorted from them and GIVEN to the jews?????
          Possibly, after it’s turned to glass it may have some use~

          • BIGOTIST,
            God directed Moses to take His people to the land He promised to them. God told Joshua to take the people into the land and occupy it. at the point of entry, the Hebrew people had no land. They forsook what they had when they fled to Egypt. The land they forsook is Israel. That land belonged to Abraham. It was taken over when the twelve tribes went to Egypt.

          • You definitely have brown eyes- jews are an abolition and should not or ever have a place on this earth- Hitler and Stalin tried, Iran will succeed-
            I hope~

          • BIGOTIST,
            Sorry but I am Norwegian with hazel eyes. And you are certainly certainly NOT anyone I can respect.

          • I don’t need your respect nor do I want it!!!
            So, GFY ya norwegian asshole~

          • BIGOTIST,
            I am not surprised at your response. Throw in that I am also Christian and support Israel all the way. Go post your garbage elsewhere. I don’t know if anyone can locate you by your email address or not but I am going to report you to authorities.

          • Oh dear, I offended a fckn christian norwegian-
            If you’re not surprised, why are you crying? You talk and print BS, you get BS in reply-
            Go blow yer bagpipes or look up skirts or whatever you jew lovers do~

          • BIGOTIST,
            The name fits. Crying? Over you? Hardly.

          • CRYBABY,
            Is bigotist a name, are norwayians jews???

          • BIGOTIST,
            I am reporting you to the FBI. I do not know if they can locate you from our BIGOTIST post name or not but am trying.

          • BIGOTIST,
            I just sent a formal note to the FBI concerning your anti-Jewish dialogue.

          • Jerry, they CAN find him through his IP address – the website can capture it….

          • tagalong68,
            Good. I filed a formal complaint to the FBI. I am also going to file a complaint with Homeland Security.

          • HANG HITLER!

          • Can’t, Russians shot ’em-
            Nice cat~

          • WRONG, numb nuts! He committed suicide – so, you aren’t so damned smart after all, so STFU! He was a freakin coward, just like YOU!!!

          • Hey cockbreeath, stop suckin dick for a few minutes and try reading!!!!! A recent documentary informed the Russians have his skull? SO-
            I know, you only care about his dick- now swallow, and keep them nuts under your chin~

          • And a cuck. Enjoying that mudslime enrichment? Guess who’s behind it.

          • caligula,
            Unfortunately the video clip is garbled and hard to hear what is being said. But it does not change my position that this message poses a threat to eh Jewish community in the US and as such I notified the FBI concerning the text of the message I received.

          • What a faggot!

          • caligula,
            You are now in the hands of the FBI. What they do or don’t so is up to them. I also notified Homeland Security.

          • LOL. Telling the truth about you kikes is now a thought crime. Only in the Orwellian Jew World Order.

          • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and comments. I just added a new post

          • Prof. Katz,
            What many forget is that the Hebrew people occupied what is now Israel prior to going to Egypt. That was where they had been and Israel was already theirs. God just told them to take it back and that He would support their effort. He did But they were supposed to drive all others out of the land. They failed to do that and have paid for it ever since. They have every right to drive the Palestinians out but choose not to do so.
            There are two factions in Israel presently. One is the traditional Hebrew and the other is the Jew. They do not see issues the same.

          • Freakin Nazi!

          • I’da been a good one-
            Nice cat~

  38. Representative Hank Johnson (D) suggesting that the Island of Guam would “capsize” by putting too many soldiers there, is obviously NOT OF SOUND MIND, AND SHOULD BE COMMITED TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION!!

  39. Who voted for this racist ignorant tool? How can anybody with a single digit IQ be allowed to be a member of congress? The very same mutant who complains about racism is in fact a virulent racist! Send him over to Israel and let them take care of the sub-human! Where the outcry from the blacks he represents or in congress over this subhumans comments!

  40. I have noticed for the past 50 years Blacks hate Jews, yes the people who have fought for them, given them the most opportunities and they hate them more than any race of people I know. It doesn’t amaze more than the fact most Jews are Democrats. I can tell you Jews have been very good to me and I always have respected them as Yes, good businessman, solid family life, hard workers and students as well as helping each other. It hurts to see them having haters they don’t know exist,while they continue to try and help the Blacks, who only do it because their leaders teach them to do so..As long as Blacks keep being gamed by their leaders and the Democratic party they will continue the whining and accusing instead of copying some the immigrants that have by passed them over the past 100 years.

    • The jews sold the blacks into slavery by the boatloads!!!!

      • Never read that in any history book. Never heard anybody my your statement?

        • Do you actually believe it would be in a history book you? would read? 99.9% of printers and historians are jews!!!! The entire Us is controlled by jews, pay attention, get a life-
          “”Never heard anybody my your statement?”” what’s this mean, and you read?~

          • Questioning my naivete and my intelligence is confirmation you are ill mannered and extremely rude. Secondly the word racist really applies to you and I am a live long Republican. Quiet down now you will live longer. God Bless, case closed.

          • wish in one handism

            Anyone that would brag about being a bigot definitely has the racist mind set, if you can call it a mind.

          • Thank God only of few of this type are out there, but they are dangerous as they sometimes join Isis. My last reply to him was my last, as I think he thrives are expressing venom.

          • Still don’t no what u said, but to make your reply PC? correct, I’m a very happy bigot and racist and express my sentiments as fact and honestly as “I” believe without remorse-
            If u wish to adumbrate your true feelings for acceptance, so be it- Better to be truthful and disliked than a sheeple- So, be a happy kunt~

          • wish in one handism

            1/2 of it is controlled by muslims now.

          • I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s happening-
            All thanx to a muslim ni99er and the democrats that installed him- christains? are a dying breed~

          • wish in one handism

            No doubt.

      • wish in one handism

        The black tribes sold their own into slavery, you trying to rewrite history?

  41. He’s a standard bearer for blacks? What a pathetic, ignorant man….an absolute disgrace. He desperately needs to compare the contributions Jews have made to the world with those of “Palestinians” (a fabricated misnomer)/Arabs.
    “Retribution is mine” saith the Lord…..I hope for the day
    He will allow the Jews peace – His chosen people.

  42. Johnson is typical of those people who think that just by being appointed(elected) made them smart. Unfortunately Johnson has a history of using words that he apparently doesn’t understand; or in some cases even pronounce correctly.

  43. So, the democ-RATS are exposing themselves as the RACIST PUKES they have always been

  44. Just more proof that in most cases the people are sending “the worst possible people” in the country to be in control of a government. And of course this particular moron is a democrat. The party that make stupidity a requirement for membership. He best be careful, he might just fall off the end of the earth.


    Caligula’s crazy.

  46. If it was a republican or even worse a “white” guy that said it the democommies would be calling for his resignation. But when it’s one of their own black jackasses….. not so much. To bad he is not an exception in the party of mental degenerates.

  47. This man has GOT to be the dumbest SOB to EVER get elected to ANY office!!!! On the other hand,……I’m sure he represents his constituents well!!!!

  48. Steve J Dannunzio

    Democrats= Racist

  49. Simply amazing. Just when you thought some of our elected were as dumb as you could get and still breathe.

  50. wish in one handism

    Idiots like this complain constantly about racism but every time they open their mouths they make racist remarks and perpetuate the very issue they’re complaining about.

  51. Well this is just another example of deceitful folks that have been elected to office , that aren’t real representatives of their constituents, but doing what they please once in office. Typical of liberals, and even some Republicans.. We need more common sense folks to fill those positions in all the gov. offices . Cities, counties, states, and federal govs.

    • They get paid to sit in a group and shoot their mouth off and yell ‘yea’ once in awhile, but they ARE there for the salary for not working, and the retirement if they last that long. Free health care, food, booze, security and car, – In other words, they HAVE arrived!!!

  52. Guam flipped over years ago, you are looking at the bottom today! 🙂

  53. you can dress them up but you cannot keep them from proving they are morons

    • wish in one handism

      Make them a lunch, buy them pencils, paper and books, send them to school and they eat the teacher – the male teacher.

  54. So Jews are termites? Then Hank (Uncle Remus) is a maggot. He lives off the flesh of the government and spends his useless time retorting to racist slander of a productive and thriving nation surrounded by muslim radicalism. He embarrasses the thousands of hard working and productive black Americans and should make those he represents hang their heads in shame for electing something as useless as he is.

  55. if i were Jewish i would rather be a termite than a monkey.

  56. Barbara duTreil

    So many people don’t pay attention to what is happening to our country and abroad – “ignorance is bliss”

  57. Cast in the mold of King Bo and Queen Moochie – just another RACIAL BIGOT like the Pretender in Chief. Counting the days until the monarchy falls, the Establishment is kicked out and reality is restored.

    • ARE you ready or THIS one? Odumbo actually ‘selected the location for his library today” – ain’t THAT a hoot? Like, WHO will visit except the drop outs from obummercare, and the other little negroids….oh yeah, forgot the crack head ho’s that pop out those welfare rug rats they breed like sewer rats to get!! WELFARE is way of life…and this co on dares to call another a termite? Ha!

  58. Can’t fix STUPID with the ignorant POS racist feral animal libturd niggas!!!!!!!! So Jews that have always contributed to a society versus his bros in the ghettos that kill, destroy and steal are called termites that destroy??? And yet the racist single brain cell ignorant 2nd grade drop out will agree with this POS racist that needs to be given the Mussolini treatment!!!!!!!!

    • A kike caling a negro a nigger. Oi veh, where’s da tolerance? You deserve the Zyklon B treatment.

      • did your EBT sucking breeders have any offspring that lived, had a brain cell or made it past the 2nd grade? Can’t fix STUPID with the ignorant libturd niggers huh? I’m sure you’ll get your lead poisoning before too long.

        • Relax, kike. I’m not a negro nor a liberal.

          • Well I’m not a Kike but your responses show that you are a libturd and a nigger….a negro is an educated black person…you definitely don’t meet those requirements!

          • Not a negro, you dumb faggot.

          • I never called you a negro…I called you a nigger…like I said Negros are educated…have your faggot breeders explain that to you as you evidently didn’t pass the 2nd grade you dumb libturd.

          • Faggot breeders? I’m aware that “breeder” is a term of derision that you butt pirates use against heterosexuals. I’m White, you retarded cuck, and definitely not a liberal. Enjoy your AIDS.

          • See again you’ve proven the point that you are a nigger and your faggot breeders couldn’t keep you away from their libturd Nazi shitstick suckers. Now go upstairs and tell whichever faggot you call mommy that you have been trolling like the little EBT sucker that you are.

          • Again with the “faggot breeders.” Shit dick can’t breed. I think you are a poo pirate faggot kike.

  59. Another famous Democrap, their god, F.D.R. himself, when someone complained to him about what someone who was Jewish did, he said, “What do you expect from a Jew??!!?!??!” Many Democraps are among the most bigoted people in the world.

  60. This Idiot is the kind that has dragged the black race down, and shows who the real racists are,

    • What do you mean ‘dragged the black race down”? They ARE and have always been, lower than a snakes belly!! Maggots feeding on the blood, sweat and labor of every one else,” cuz you duz owe dat welfare to dem, fo sur!!”

  61. Robert M Stach Sr


  62. I’ve got a novel idea…why doesn’t he ask himself why he hasn’t done more for his own people, who when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Bill, he sat back and laughingly said–his words not mine–“I will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 50 yrs.” It has been 60. It doesn’t bother him a bit because he has risen above his own. When they said SEGREGATION FOREVER, they damned well meant it. The breakup of the family unit was complete when the mother could not get that entitlement check if the father was in the home, and then the PPH abortion kill mills were set up on each corner of that SEGREGATED INNER CITY, and to prove once and for all that it is SEGREGATED, if you leave that INNER CITY PLANTATION for over 30 days, there goes that ENTITLEMENT CHECK….you see, that CHECK is the CHAIN that keep them in that SEGREGATED INNER CITY. So, instead of being so worried about what a country in the Middle East is doing, why doesn’t he give a damned about his own? Take Gary, Indiana. A perfect example of what progressives will take every city they have held on to for the last 100 yrs look just the same way at these: Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Chicago, et al. They go in, the inner cities are secured, and the whites flee any part of that tenement for it begins to start to look like–progressive public housing–a little too much like WWII’s Warsaw Ghetto. Then the fleece every business with strangling regulations, highest taxation, and bureaucratic red tape that those businesses can no longer succeed, and they leave. The whites are leaving in drove too, for they have the most draconian gun laws, but only the criminals have guns. And I am beginning to believe I know exactly where those guns are coming into those inner cities. They are being run into those inner cities just like Holder did it running guns to Mexico cartels without any plan for arrest…one problem and a sticky…it cost one of our Border guards his life. So, we see, in Gary, after the Progressives have leached every resource out of that city, taxed the businesses to death until the businesses either left or went bankrupt, and the honest citizens left. So, I will ask, that instead of worrying about what one country and its people do in their country, he should be a little bit more concerned about the question of…do any whites eat near the blacks? Do they live near the blacks….do they drink out of the same water fountains as the blacks? CASE CLOSED I guess it is back to the 50’s yet again, except this time the enslavement is due to their own rising above the others, and making it impossible for them to rise above. Thereby, keeping those that do in a tight little club, you might say. Well clap, clap, clap.

  63. How hateful!!! How unhappy he must be to be so full of venom!!! And the other Democrats SAY NOTHING about this behavior???? How loathsome of them! NEVER vote for a Democrat again!!!!

  64. This guy is even more entertaining than Joe Biden.

    • The VP was quite the master last night. Great ! I think its been good to have a VP who hasn’t shot anyone in the face, unlike Big Dick Cheney.

      • wish in one handism

        He’s probably shot many people in the face over the years.

        • Nah, VP Biden is not a bully. He doesn’t need to shoot people he’s a strongman, self assured, kind, loving, wise gentle man.

          • wish in one handism

            And gives good reach around too.

          • Is that the hand you’re wishin’ for? Meanness or kindness, disrespect or respect, love or hate…all choices of right or wrong not right or left. Peace to you, and your hand, which can be used to strike or to lift up a fallen neighbor .

          • wish in one handism

            You’re expecting all that flowery well meaning behavior from Joe “Biden my time until I can be the next global elitist to use a completely open and bottomless expense account on the American taxpayer Dollar to live the extravagant high life and get everything I’ve ever dreamed of – FOR FREE”.
            If someone is a politician there is no such thing as an honest hand shake, there is only their own agenda and ambitions. None of them ever shake a hand without thinking about what they’re going to get out of the photo op.
            So if they are going to 5crew me the least I can ask for is to be kissed first or get a reach around.

          • Thank you for your more sincere response. I understand your thoughts and feelings and agree or at least empathize . However “Middle Class Joe” has never been known for elitism. I truly believe him to be a noble and common man who has served us with integrity for many years . I do think that some shake hands for votes but some shake for votes because being elected is the avenue that allows them to showcase ideals and ideas to better our republic and quality of life, from both sides of the isle. Because of my spiritual view of the world I normally am a dumbocrat, but many times have voted republican’t I live in the gray as much as possible and listen before deciding . Nice to share with you, one for all and all for each one. If we look at our lives here in America we have through our sharing created a group reach around together , have a thankful heart and enjoy !

          • Hm.
            He just advises others to.
            With a double barrel shotgun.
            From the “balcony”.
            No aiming necessary.


        • Joe Biden Is a good and loving man/VP,in his life he’s had a lot of strife. But with his strong and good Godly convictions he has done the people of this country some good. Too bad he got linked with a President that isn’t anywhere near like him. Who has ties to George Soros, and the one world crowd, Just like the Harlot of Babel does. They have done everything to try to drive a wedge between the American people. Dividing them into classes, colour, ethnic, and Religious Beliefs. So don’t put old Joe Biden down. He deserves better.

  65. This is absolutely amazing, a member of the laziest, no-count, breeders for welfare, popping out MORE welfare rug rats race of worthless POS people, has the temerity to call Jews ‘termites”? This, coming from a completely opinionated idiot that is a black person who is NOT condemning the actions of his OWN destructive, despicable life style, and pathetic behavior that exists in his OWN race, not to mention their killing each other off 24/7? Hey, they want to ‘off’ each other, works for me!!! The more the merrier! Jews are among the most professional of any group of people – they WORK, create, are attorneys, judges, doctors, bankers, business men, shop owners, scholars, inventors, mathematicians, writers, and brilliant. Unfortunately, persecuted because of their religion. This nig*ro clown needs to keep his mouth shut – I’ve NEVER had a Jewish person be unkind to me or treat me unfairly, but I have had the nig*ro rob my house, lie, cheat, destroy, and steal. Now, tell me, WHICH one would YOU prefer being around?

  66. What an absolute moron! He is a disgrace of our political system.

  67. I would say IDIOT but that would be a compliment to this dumb as a fucking post person. Not a man because a man has balls and this one obviously does not have a pair. Oh yeah that is because it is a DEMOCRAT

  68. As A law professor, it’s extremely disheartening to see that a select few are using a website entitled “patriot news daily” as a forum for their verbal garbage. Their lack of patriotism speaks volumes!

    To the ignorant person who stated that it was amazing that there were so many survivors of the 3 “death camps” perhaps you should take a course in World War II history, or even a visit to the Museum of tolerance so that you would see that there were thousands of death camps and ghettos combined, and the survivors that you talk about are extremely few in number.

    To the select two or three who’s hatred and vitriol speak volumes about their lack of humanity and character, you are so fortunate that you live in the United States of America , because if you were to say those hateful things in Iran, about radical Islam, or if you were to say things in any communist, socialist, nazi run or totalitarian country, you would have been silenced so fast, by the very evil that you seem to admire.

    Those same few who know absolutely nothing about biblical history, the history of the state of Israel, and the fact that everything stated with regard to the Palestinian plight, fails to mention how many times Israel has given up land in exchange for peace only to be constantly attacked by Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood , Hamas, and other Palestinian terrorists, as well as the fact that in Israel, Palestinians hold seats in Israel’s government, receive free healthcare education, and opportunities to work, again speaks to their ignorance about the region, and the problems in the Middle East. Before you just spew lies, propaganda, and falsehoods, you should get your facts straight.

    With regard to any comments that all Jewish people are liberals – that is also false! As stated previously, there are ignorant people in every race and religion. There are also people in every religion who consider themselves secular rather than religious people.

    From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of those whose comments have elevated the discussion of our current political situation, as well as defended the truth about the Jewish people, and the state of Israel. It’s nice to know that the MAJORITY of people, as Anne Frank rightly stated, truly are good people at heart–that good will always outweigh the minority of those who choose evil.

    To try and educate those few, whose comments are filled with nothing but bigotry, racism, and hatred, about the history of the world, the United States , goodness, morality and values seems almost an impossibility, as education, an open mind, and a moral compass would first be necessary.

    About bigotry, one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson wrote:

    “Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education and free discussion are the antidotes of both.”

    Thomas Jefferson: letter to John Adams, Aug 1, 1816
    The Quotable Founding Fathers

  69. If your remarks Steve Reed were aimed at me, I’m a proud Jewish American Republican Woman, and a Law Professor–The daughter of two Republican parents one an army hero, from World War II who enlisted at age 17, fought and saved lives in the Battle of the Bulge, the other a Holocaust survivor. My remarks about bigotry were to those few who had bigoted remarks in this discussion about Jewish people and Israel. All of my appreciation and thanks were stated to the many others who stated honesty and truth and defended our American values.

  70. Stupid ass nigger. Dumb ass Jews.

  71. Rep Johnson is actually just another black thug that on the streets would be nothing more than a drug dealing, gang banging pimp. The biggest issue with him is that he’s actually in a position of authority so he considers himself more intelligent than others. What we MUST ALL remember is that he is a Demoncrap and under a $hitlery presidency he will be considered a hero of her administration!!!!

  72. Just one more in line vieing for the top slot of : “bitch ass niggah”.

  73. I’m not sure who are the bigger idiots: Rep. Johnson or the drillrods who keep voting for him?

  74. <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bt269p:….,

  75. This is about reason 999 why we should kick most of the Democrats out of our Congress. Vote Hillary in and we will totally lose most of our freedoms as our nation will become a typical Banana Republic much like Venezuela! Do we want thousands of so called refugees many of whom are members of ISIS settling in our country where they will hit us with nonstop terrorism?

  76. In a way he’s right. Israelis have made it almost impossible for Palestinians to every live. What Israel continues to do to these people who have been living on that land for centuries is disgusting. Yet the US thinks this kind of slow genocide is OK.


  78. A racist comes in every color and they espouse hatred from their own limited piece of the universe. This screwball is shockingly in our government but why is that surprising? I am an independent who leans toward fixing the nightmare obama has left us with which is pretty scary, indeed. I was raised in the late 50-60s deep south and it left a permanent mark on me I will not forget. Racists love to hate anything and their lack of education and common sense is appalling but this idiot in the article is beyond stupid. You could have a better discussion with some crabgrass than this johnson creature……do us a favor and spend some time with isis, you boneheaded numbnut!


  80. He’s referring to the invasion of Jewish Settlers onto Palestinian land and personally I think he has the right tag for those monsters.

  81. Jesse Jackson referred to New York City as :”hymee town” (sp) Al Sharpton referred to whites as the “white devils” Also on a video, Sharpton encouraged Black to put “pigs in a blanket” (kill police) A little levity” videos: Bait Bikes. Bound to laugh, a lot.

  82. This idiot thinks with his johnson.

  83. Johnson is more right and everyone knows it -! the US Gov support for Israel is 100% Criminal-! for supporting The Worlds best known Terrorist who run this Country by Criminal Hostile means-! and will be the Death of this Country-!

  84. Remember everyone this is the party good calls people names like racist and bigot homophobes etc. these are the biggest pieces of shit on the earth but are nothing but call me Mr. Lewis seeking dominion over the 99% by using communist enslavement which leaves you nothing in them everything.

  85. To think that many democrats are of the
    Jewish faith ;(not me ) and to still belong
    to that party is absurd . In addition to this
    comment , last week out of camp Hillary
    came the statement what do you think my
    Southern Baptist peeps in Kentucky and
    Tennessee will think of Bernie Sanders if he were an atheist or Jewish ?
    Not one apology from Hillary or the Democratic Party for this snide remark and
    considering Hillary’s son in law is Jewish .


  87. Killary is now known as the BENGHAZI BUTCHER……

  88. I have an idea, a gift to our outgoing politocos . . . Send them to live in Cuba and then denounce the whole lot as treasonous and take their citizenships away! With Cuban’s money, he can build them a palace there, where he can go live, too!

    Have you noticed how many of the Mega rich become socialists? Do you think it is because they feel so guilty they want to share their guilt of being so rich?? Have we seen free housing going up for the poor? Health clinics? Or anything really necessary for the true down and out ?
    No, of course not! They want to help ruin this nation thinking their wealth makes them knowledgeable.

    These are just a few ideas, which I am sure you could add to, about Socialists with more money than brains!

  89. RE. The person who called Jews “termites.” You can dress up an ass in a suit, teach him to speak, but he is still an ass!

    (Sorry “real” animal asses. I didn’t mean to insult you! It is the human inadequacy for not being able to describe a person by a real name!)


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