Democrat Leaders Must Be Crazy

It is said that the first definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

In hearing the Democrats messaging for the past couple of years, I have concluded that they must be insane.  They are currently getting rather bad responses from the American public – at least according to the most recent polls.  

They did not do well with it in the 2020 election if you look down ballot from the presidential race.  They did poorly in the 2021 off-year elections– and now it appears they are in for another electoral shellacking in November.  Their polling numbers … their fundraising … and their political agenda are tanking.

And yet … if you turn to the daily news, you will see Democratic leaders, strategists and their media pals putting forth the same old – largely rejected – messages and narratives.

Their major initiative is to have everyone hate former President Trump – and by extension, hate all Republican officeholders and voters.  According to the narrative, they (we) represent an authoritarian cult that is about to bring down the American Republic.  The public is too smart for that bit of political hyperbole, but that has not stopped – or even slowed down – the rolling out of that outrageous narrative on a daily basis.

Even as the public rejects their propaganda barrage, they see the need to double down – to make their claims even more outrageous.  To make them more often – with shriller voice.  You can almost see the madness coming through the screen or flying off the printed pages.

Their second major strategy is to blame their declining fortunes on poor messaging.  Now this one is really funny.  Because they are correct in that the message is the problem – but … they go after the wrong message.

Democrats say that their problem is NOT policy, but that they have not talked about it enough – and not articulated all the good things they say they have done for the American people.  Apparently, they do not take in what their friends in the press are saying.

For months, we have been hearing about all the things they did that we should like – thanks to Biden & Co..  You hear it every day.  The Democrats problem is NOT giving the American people their positive message – it is that the American people do not believe it … do not feel it … do not like it.

Every day, those on the left tell us how great the economy is.  The greatest ever.  That is a hard sell when everyone in America is having their purchasing power diminished by a burst in inflation, unlike anything we have seen in 40 years.  People are seeing their stock-based retirement programs suffering as the stock market turns sour.  People are looking at empty shelves at the grocery store – and what is there is 10 to 50 percent higher.

We hear what a great job the Biden administration is doing in the handling of the Pandemic. We the people, however, see a reduction in services due to a lack of workers.  We have too many of our school kids still at home or in school wearing masks.  And if it is going so well, why the continuing masking and vaccine mandates?

We are told by Democrats that we a lucky to be out of Afghanistan – and it is not a problem if Russia takes over Ukraine.  Somehow that just feels wrong.  Maybe because it is?

Democrats believe that their fortunes would reverse if only they could pass the Build Back Better legislation.  They seem to actually believe that.  Biden’s BBB plan will only do one thing – put more money in an over-heating inflationary economy, causing more inflation.  

The problem for Democrats is not getting their message out.  They are trying to sell snake oil programs to a public that is not that gullible.  Biden’s messaging problem is that his policies and programs suck – and they cannot message their way out of that.  And they are crazy to keep trying.

So. There ‘tis.

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