Democrat Governor Places Lover On The High Court?

Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

( – Governor Maura Healey of Massachusetts has put forward the name of Gabrielle R. Wolohojian, a former long-term partner with whom she lived for an extended period, for a prestigious position on the state’s highest judicial bench.

Pending confirmation, Wolohojian, currently serving as an Associate Justice on the Massachusetts Appeals Court, is slated to ascend to the role of Associate Justice on the Supreme Judicial Court, stepping into the vacancy created by Justice David Lowy’s departure.

Governor Healey, who holds the distinction of being both the first female and the first openly LGBTQ individual elected as the state’s governor, expressed her confidence in Wolohojian’s capabilities and suitability for the role during a Wednesday press briefing. “Justice Wolohojian stands out as the most capable and ready candidate for the SJC. I am honored to nominate such a deserving and competent individual, which is exactly what the commonwealth merits,” Healey remarked.

Addressing the potential concerns about their prior personal connection, Healey, a member of the Democratic Party, highlighted her intimate knowledge of Wolohojian’s moral fiber and professional integrity. “Given my long-standing personal relationship with Judge Wolohojian, I am also intimately familiar with her character, her integrity, and the kind of individual she is,” Healey added.

Wolohojian’s nomination was unanimously endorsed by the state’s Supreme Judicial Nominating Commission, a five-person panel appointed by the governor. Her appointment now awaits the scrutiny and approval of the Governor’s Council, an eight-member body tasked with the review and confirmation of judicial nominees.

At 63, Wolohojian is not expected to recuse herself from cases involving Healey’s administration, as she already oversees cases related to state agencies and the executive office, according to the governor.

Nevertheless, the nomination has sparked some controversy. Amy Carnevale, the chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party, criticized the decision, stating, “It’s highly inappropriate for the governor to nominate someone to the state’s supreme court with whom she has had a significant romantic relationship. This decision underscores the lack of accountability that comes with single-party dominance.”

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