Democrat Claims Election Integrity In Danger

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, D-Texas, who is currently running for re-election to Congress has claimed that a June special election in Texas was stolen. The event was attended by House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

These remarks from Gonzalez came during an event at Shotz bar in Brownsville, Texas. During the event, Gonzalez said that “our democracy is at stake”.

During the “vote blue” event he noted that while Republicans were able to spend more than them because of the support of big oil, big tobacco, and the NRA, they still “can’t outwork us.”

Throughout his speech, he took shots at Rep. Mayra Flores, R-Texas, who is his Republican rival. The newly elected GOP representative was victorious in the special election for the redrawn district.

His claims included that that election had been stolen as they had spent $3 million and had campaigned for two years. By comparison, the Democrats had spent $250,000. Still, despite this large gap, Flores only managed to win with less than a one percent difference.

Schiff, who is part of the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol protests, also spoke in support of Gonzalez during the event. As he said, this work is all about supporting the Democratic institutions, the rules of law, and the whole premise of an election.

Gonzalez, later on, took to social media where he shared a photo of the event and thanked Schiff for attending.

Flores also took to Twitter to say that if Adam Schiff has come to Texas, then the left is getting desperate.

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  1. Their going to lie about everything they can so they can cheat! Their a disgrace to the Nation!!!

    • Listen to Democrats and your lives will be at stake! Criminals all support Democrats! Maybe Democrats are sharing in their profits!

  2. I thought that suggesting that elections had been stolen was insurrection. I guess that is only when Republicans do it.

    • Schiff is as dirty & dishonest as they come….his backing taints any candidate! Inviting him into your circle is a sign of desperation!

  3. Democrats are correct that the republic is in danger. It is in danger BECAUSE OF the Democrats.

    • The democrats are trying to save the democracy. They are not setting hundreds of bills to stop people from being able to vote. Or setting new rules on what can be taught in school. Turning against gay people stopping them from being able to run their own life’s and stopping them from getting health care. They are human beings and should always be allowed health care no matter what it’s for. Taking away books if it has anything to do with black history. They are trying to turn America into a communist country. And they can only follow the rules of the republicans. And then if they Lise in a election they start hollering fraud. If republicans win you will get back on here and say I should have listened. We are now living in Russia


  5. They are talking about this now so they can have a “Told ya so” moment when they claim the elections were stolen from them in 2022 Why is it that the Democrats want illegal aliens to get the right to vote? What about not having to produce photo ID’s? Don’t tell me that’s racist because it isn’t. The also the Democrat run Cities do not clean their voter rolls of Felons, people who have moved away or even those who have dies! Example is NYC who in the last six years have only removed 22 voters because they died! Out of how many millions? It should have been tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of voters during that period.

  6. In the niggeRAT party it’s dead.

  7. If Schiff went all the way to Brownsville then why didn’t he go check out the “closed” border???? Maybe because then he’d have to admit that it isn’t closed and it is out of control???

  8. That’s the most hilarious thing I have heard. WHAT A BIG JOKE!!!!!!! Te DEMONRATS have been the ones arrested, video taped stuffing boxes, rigging the voting machines and flipping the votes to OBiden. Not to mention all the dead people that votes as a DEMONRAT.

    • That is the biggest lie I ever heard. Did that come out of your lying cult leaders mouth. The democrats were never taped stuffing boxes or rigging voting machines and flipping votes to Biden. All those lies were told by trump and proven false. They had Atleast fifty or sixty law suits and all were thrown out. Because they had me proof of anything. All dam lies they did not have dead people voting, in fact they did prove that there was dead people who voted and guess what. It was republicans. Laugh out loud. The anti christ big lues came back on him. You should watch the January 6th investigation. All trumps people are coming forward with all trumps lues. Cuz they do y want to go to prison. This is trump turning everyone against everyone. Even his own party. Calling them rhinos cuz they don’t obey him. He was a president not a god. You don’t obey presidents. Don’t you think it’s strange how he acts. How he has a live for Hitler and Putin. And he wants his people. Not the American people to obey him like Hitlers generals did. Wake up stupid he’s trying to become a dictator and ruin America

  9. More liberal Donkey’s a—-es

  10. If a Election is stolen, then the Democrats would know, They know how to Cheat.

  11. thats right democrats get there way and screw the rest of the people over

    • That’s visa versa. Republicans are the ones writing all the bills to stop people from voting not democrats stop listening to all the lies coming out of trumps mouth. Start listening to the January 6th investigation. His own people are turning against him and telling everyone all the crap trump has done. Democrats are trying to save our democracy not ruin it. Please wake up. My god if he wins he will become a dictator and be like Hitler. He admires Hitler and Putin. He will tell you that. He’s a traitor.

  12. I said it before and I’m going to say it again. = Bring back the HUAC before the end of January next year and start putting NWO Marxists in the hot seat . Start with the shit squad. Put ‘um under oath and question them out of business. Then start on the rest of the commies in the congress like Berni Sanders.

    We cannot let the commies take the country w9ithout a fight and this could be our last chance,,,,,,,if the NWO Marxists don’t rig THIS election.

  13. If these phonies think the Dems will win the mid-terms, then tell me why Nancy Pelosi is making preparations to leave Congress to be named ambassador to Italy? A post that bozo Joe is reserving for her at her request. Do you think for one minute that that power hungry witch would leave the DC swamp IF she really believed that her Marxist friends had a chance to win?? She sees the ship sinking and doesn’t want to stick around being a congressional back-bencher come next January. No surprises here folks.

    • Pelousy is only running so the rest of the dems won’t give up. They will lose the house and then she will quit because she can’t be in charge. Talk about screw-in the voters in her district. Considering she has been screwing them for years serves them right

  14. The cheat mapped out looked good but they can’t figure out how they lost. This crap usually works?

  15. Man oh Manischeweitz, does this idiot have his head up his ass, The liberals are losing support the closer we get to the mid terms and they’re running scatred. The bad, thing, i don’t have a bookie in Vegas to figure the odds. The good thing: the American people are finally waking up to the fact the liberals, progressives or whatever these lying anti American POS’ are calling themselves these days have been playing them like fools and treating them like walking ATM’s to financve all their anti American policies and worthless personal fantasies deemed to turn America into the Venezuela of the northern western hemisphere.

  16. Sadly in Califronia gavvy ‘giveaway the store and everything else to leeches, bums freeloaders, deadbeats and illegals’ newsom had a recall election to oust him in septen=mebr 2021. And the strange if not outrageous thing at the same time, this greasball weasel, and douchebag beat the recall by a landslide. If this wasn’t voter fraud, please explain just how this could have happened. The over half a million valid signatures who signed the petition to recall him certainly didn’t have a change of heart overnight and sadly this bastard has another 2 years to screw California indeeper into the ground. And the funny thing, this worthless clown wants to run for president, does he have his head up his worthless wrinkked ass or what. Got his campaign slogan ready to go: hi i’m gavin newsom, governor of California, if you want America to be just like the great golden state, i’d appreiate your vote and support. This should send pretty boys campaign right into the toilet, something newsom knows all about as California under this clown has become an open air toilet, especailly his former stomping ground, San Francisco, the one time gem of California that can be compared to calcutta, mogadishu, nairobi and port au prince

  17. My God but these Democrat Liberals will believe anything good about the Dems and bad about the Republicans. That one poor woman believes that the democrats are wonderful and the saviors of the USA when in reality they are the ones who are in charge at the moment allowing the Union to bankrupt this nation and forbid us to produce anything ever again! First and foremost, the USA is a Republic and NOT a Democracy. That was intentional as our founding fathers knew that Democracies do not work. Only a representative Republic works. Now it is up to those of us who love freedom and our wonderful nation to step up and get out and simply vote in November for Republican.

  18. well, if u cocksuckers didn’t steal the 2020 ele just maybe people would feel more like voting again, but you fuckers are going to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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