Democrat Calls for Assisted Suicide for Terminally Ill Kids

Democratic Michigan congressional nominee Robert Lorinser claimed it could be “proper and ethical” for children suffering from a “terminal illness” to receive a medically assisted suicide, according to a Facebook post obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“[S]uch a difficult issue -DYING,” Lorinser, who is running to unseat Republican Rep. Jack Bergman in November and is also a doctor, wrote on Facebook on Oct. 20, 2018. “Children are harder than dying after a long life. Calling it medical assisting dying –I like. When, who, how–devil is in the details.”

“Calling it suicide or killing is definitely negative and ‘wrong”. [sic] Calling it medical assisting dying may obscure the issue. A suffering child with a terminal illness say within weeks or months could it be proper and ethical. I think so,” Lorinser wrote in the post, which has since been made private, thus shielded from public view.

Medically assisted suicide is the process by which a patient agrees a physician may end their life often by administering a lethal dose of drugs.

Lorinser, who is the medical director for the Marquette County Health Department in Michigan, was responding to a 2018 article in the Daily Wire titled “HORROR: Toronto Hospital Preps Assisted Suicide For Children, Might Not Inform Parents.” The article is about doctors at a Canadian hospital who rolled out plans for allowing those under 18 years of age to receive medically assisted suicide “in the near future.”

“Not in any case when the docs initiate this action without even contacting parents,” a Facebook user, whose name the DCNF has redacted for their privacy, responded to Lorinser. “Murder.”

Diane Coleman, president and CEO of Not Dead Yet, a disability rights group that opposes legalization of assisted suicide, told the DCNF the practice is a form of “discrimination.”

“It’s discrimination because people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, whether or not they’re labeled terminal, are devalued in society,” said Coleman.

Lorinser advanced unopposed in the Democratic primary on Aug. 2 for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. The district is “solid Republican,” according to Politico, and a Democratic member has not been elected there since 2008.

“Dr. Fauci wannabe Bob Lorinser sincerely thinks he is God, and this revelation further proves that point,” a campaign spokesman for Bergman told the DCNF. “Democrats in the First District continue putting up terribly radical and flawed candidates.”

“Last election cycle they put up a wife-beater, and now the same team puts up a doctor with viewpoints so radical they would make Dr. [Jack] Kevorkian blush,” said the spokesman, alluding to Dana Ferguson, a Democrat who ran in 2020 against Bergman and was arrested for alleged domestic violence against his ex-wife. “Bob Lorinser should withdraw from the race in disgrace.”

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  1. Have democrats got a genetic evil gene? This is demonic
    Ideology., like killing of babies!

  2. Let you be the first to show how it’s done NAZI

  3. So Dumocrats want to “kill/suicide” children with drugs but DON’T want to use these drugs to put to death CONVICTED murderers?
    What the hell is wrong with Dumocrats?

  4. Lorinser wants to be the one who administers the drugs, he is assuming Dr. Jack Kervorkians position! What a pathetic POS!

    • This kinda of behavior, Adolf Hitler did to many, many people, in tge camps, this person should be thrown out of Washington DC.

  5. I wonder why there are so many Doctors with a God complex, like for instance Josef Mengele, Harold Shipman, Dr. Kevorkian just to name a few of them, and now also this individual living in Detroit, Michigan USA?

    If I remember it correctly, there was also someone living in Chicago, Illinois at the turn of the Century, ca. 1890 or so, by the name of HH. Holmes, who had a medical degree, who turned into a serial killer, and his own house into a house of horrors!

    But I guess it takes a certain kind of mentality to be interested in something like slicing or cutting up human beings for a living, and not being squeamish about it. But it would be interesting to hear what a Psychiatrist might have to say about this topic anyway!

  6. A child does not have the wherewithal to make a “suicide” decision, nor should they be able to decide on gender reassignment. If it is relief from pain and the inevitable outcome that you want to eliminate, the euthanasia is what is in question, not suicide.

  7. A child does not have the wherewithal to make a “suicide” decision, nor should they be able to decide on gender reassignment. If it is relief from pain and the inevitable outcome that you want to eliminate, the euthanasia is what is in question, not suicide.


    • Remember that you are talking about SATAN WORSHIPPING (DEMON)CRATS ) SOME of the worst of the worst, and remember that the satan worshipping DEMONcrats hate children as much ax they hate anyone that opposes them and the agenda they have.

  9. Good Lord no way is this proper how we need help from God it has become a bad world.

  10. Unless you have suffered from chronic pain or terminal illness I would not be so quick to judge. Unfortunately the leftists seem bent on depopulation except when it applies to criminals. I would surely support anyone who suffers in their choices or decisions based on their suffering but we have all learned by now that liberals always have a hidden agenda. Therfore I simply don’t trust this man.

    • A few years ago I had a friend suffering from ALS Tony decided to end his own life so the doctors assisted him, Tony only had maybe a year left anyway. For those who. Ever met Tony Barrett he was about the kindest person you could be friends with; he would give you the shirt off his back, he would give the shoes off his feet. Tony was just one of the best people I knew, he helped me through some tough times. And because of one of the most horrific diseases that one could get he is no longer here, but he is no longer in pain and his body is no longer being attacked and destroyed by its own nervous system. ALS is a disease that is not only terrible to get but it is terrible to watch a person to go through.

  11. this person may have a point! i really would like to know what his or hers definition of terminal ill. some of these young kids are really mentally fu-ked up. if that is considered a terminal illness, maybe!!! some of these young kids that are so depressed, taking drugs, think they should be the opposite of what they were actually born as! thats pretty messed up to me, just saying!

  12. I think that you far right,bunch of Trumpsters, need to get your head out of your asses!
    Or take care of all these kids that no one will want to take care of..
    We already have kids in poverty, and you want to put more kids there..

  13. If free healthcare is ever available in the US, the cost of your illness will determine whether you live or die! No compassion from democrats, unless you’re an incredibly large contributor to the DNC.

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