Delegates Scheme to Deny Trump the Nomination

No one ever thought the likes of Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney were going to put together a third-party campaign with any chance of victory, but a new coalition of conservatives inside the Republican Party could succeed where previous StopTrump efforts have failed.

A group called “Free the Delegates” is gaining steam in the weeks leading up to the RNC convention. Their goal: To convince delegates to vote against Donald Trump even if they are bound by their state’s rules to vote according to the results of the primaries.

“As we carefully consider not only the presidential nominee but the rules of the convention, the platform of the Republican Party, and the vice-presidential nominee, remember that this is true reality TV – it is not entertainment,” said Regina Thomson, a co-founder of the FTD group.

Thomson and others want to write a “conscience clause” into the convention’s rulebook that would allow delegates to vote however they want in Cleveland. They are taking the House speaker’s silence on the issue as a green light.

“Paul Ryan signed our permission slip,” said the group’s Kendal Unruh, referring to Ryan’s assertion that it was not his place to tell the delegates what to do.

Trump has more than 1,600 pledged delegates on his side going into the convention, meaning that FTD will have to peel away at least 400 of them to take away his first-ballot victory. Even if they can manage that enormous task, the results of that kind of mutiny could have foundation-destroying ramifications for the GOP. It would amount to telling the voters, “Yeah, we appreciate your participation, but don’t think for a second that your votes actually mattered. You only get to choose when we agree with your choice.”

If they pull this off, Hillary Clinton’s inevitable win in November will be the least of the GOP’s problems. This is the kind of democracy-defying insanity that could spell the end of the party as a whole. Even a great many Republican voters who dislike Trump would be dismayed at such a flagrant violation of trust. There is no reasonable cause for this chicanery; it’s not like the voters chose a chimpanzee or a toaster oven or a member of ISIS.

But he’s different, and that’s what has Republicans biting their nails. Well, bite your nails all you want. No one’s stopping you. But if you step in and thwart the will of the people, it will not turn out well.


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  1. Bill Kristol Erick Ericson and Mitt Romney better be careful, they may very well land in a ditch somewhere.

    • SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim

      And it would sure serve them right … if they found themselves there! Stupid Idiots … with no brains, or loyalty to their party!

      • They have no loyalty other than that for the NWO, masonic evil garbage. masonic temples worship mecca, their temples face toward mecca, they have always worn arab hats with arab tassels.

      • More like no loyalty to their Country…

  2. what in heaven’s name is wrong with the g o p? they are totally nuts to want hillary beast to be president.

  3. Ryan is a Rhino & The Benedict Arnold of The Republican Party. I am switching my voters registration from Republican to Independent. Enough is enough !

    • No no
      We should fight till the end
      Do not give in too soon

      • That is right, Idiot monkey…Somebody needs to fight for the part of the country that doesn’t want to go down the commie drain..Giving up, at this point, is not an option…..

        • I never said that I was giving up on this country or Donald Trump ! Think people ! You can not longer trust The Republican Establishment.

          • Who cares about the Republican Establishment??? Trump ISN’T part of the Rep. Est…leaving the party is one thing, but it still doesn’t help Trump…Problem is, in this country we must belong to ‘something’ in order to vote. Until oblabla got in I was registered as a DimDem…but I haven’t voted for one in eons…Not since JFK…

          • Sorry to inform you but you are wrong. It is not necessary to belong to either party to vote in a presidential election. In fact I voted for Trump in our primary in N.C.
            Primary rules vary state to state in The Republican party.

          • Well, just to clarify…belonging to a party is required in My state.

          • Not to vote in a presidential election.

          • In my state you must be a registered voter of a recognized party..Green or Freedom or whatever…

          • Then you must be from the state of KALAMAZOO because here in the United States Of America everyone can vote in a general election.

        • Happy 1954!!!

      • I never said I was giving up! How in the world did you get there ?
        I am voting Trump no matter what I am registered as.

    • Then you just as soon vote democrat!!!!

    • Why??? After Mitt Romney screwed up and let OBOZO, ODUMBO win in 2012 and you are going to change. I used to like Romney, but I have no respect because I know now he has no balls to fight for what he was after. He had it made all the way but no he gave it away!!!!! Billy Kristol is another idiot!!!

  4. dumb assed republican rhinos.. if you run a third party you will give Hillary the election.. the people want trump.. if you dont sit down and shut up you will likely find your self out of a job come next election.. which would be a good thing..

    • RINOs are Democrats that lie about being Republican to infiltrate the GOP. You’re right about a third party giving the election to Hillary. However, sitting down and shutting up is not a good choice; take a stand and fight! Hold your nose and vote for Trump if you don’t happen to like him but still want a change for the better. Trump is the best choice we have! To NOT vote, or to vote for ANYONE other than Trump is an AUTOMATIC vote for Hillary. You don’t have to like someone to vote for them; when your plumbing is plugged up you don’t have to like the plumber! YOU HIRE HIM BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE HE CAN FIX YOUR DRAIN, even if he smells like sh*t and the crack of his butt hanging out is offensive and disagreeable to you! NO ONE is perfect, and he has several other assets that compensate. Think!

      • Trump IS a democrat that infiltrated the Republican party. That’s why I won’t vote for him. Too bad he fooled so many Republicans with his smooth talk. That’s the same thing barry hussein did in 2008 and 2012! I won’t vote for evil, the greater or the lesser. And I’m not sure who is the lesser, hillybilly or Donny boy. They are both cut from the same liberal, lying cloth. Donny wants men in women’s rest rooms, and he can’t take a permanent stance on anything. Even gun control. He would rule the land with more of an iron fist than barry.

        • Donny has a CCW….that, in itself, says he believes in gun ownership…Not all Dems are losers….Reagan was a Dem before he was a Rep…A lot of us were…doesn’t mean we believed their ways, we just made them think they had more support. If you don’t vote for Trump, who you going to vote for??? The Socialist or the Marxist/Commie that will tax anyone with money into oblivion to support the (socially disadvantaged) ie. Welfare and illegal invaders?

          AND just remember…If you Don’t Vote…You cannot B**ch…

        • you are a fool & an ass

        • @peanut butter….So you will be the stupid one not voting for Trump. Trump is so much better than Hillary the liar. Trump is all American and he loves America. He can save the US whereas Hillary will follow in Obamas footsteps and continue to destroy the US.. A third party run will only give it to Hillary. I have no idea why you think Trump wants men in women’s restrooms because that’s just not true. Do you really want our country to be run by a communist because that is what Hillary is.

        • Amen….a rare voice of reason. Trump isn’t worth selling your soul and vote for. They both are a disgrace…..

          • Thank you Sir. I think we are the only two sane people talking to each other.

          • There is very little sane to explain Trump supporters….trying to make sense with them is like trying to teach a pig to sing but you find you are just wasting your time and annoying the pig.

          • You two must be the Lee brothers, Ug-Lee and Home-Lee!

          • What are you red? Maybe 9 or 10 years old……..

          • Mid 60’s George. But those numbers would align more with your IQ.

          • Have you heard that wisdom comes with age? Or when I was a child I acted as a child and played with childish things but when I became a man I put childish things away. Apparently you haven’t reached that point of maturity…….

          • No George, apparently you haven’t reached that age yet. You need to get a life and stop preaching your BS views as if they were reality.

          • Sounds like we have a couple people in the discussion with “Delusions of Grandure”, I’m old enough to remember “Giv’em hell Harry” a Democrat when they were doing what was right.

          • So there are more Dumasses that you George!

        • You guys don’t have very good reading comprehension. I said I will not be voting for either of the evils, the lesser or the greater. And just because he owns a gun doesn’t mean he won’t want to ban semi-automatic weapons… that was his stance before. And he did say that people that are transgender should be able to go into the restroom of their choice. I’m sure that’s because he has transgender showboygirls out there in his shows, fooling men into looking at them, wanting to take them to their rooms, etc. Fooling men into homo tendencies looking at trans boys in skirts. He’s used to it. It’s part of his New York Values. You people need to go on youtube and see the words coming out of his own mouth if you don’t believe me. And if he has held those beliefs for most of his life till he is an old man, he is not about to truly change his opinion, unless he wants to fool people by acting like a republican to get to be president, the highest prestige in the land. He is a democrat, and he has been proving that with all of his policy changes over the last year. You’ve had the democratic wool pulled over your eyes.

          • Stop the lying. He said it should be left up to the individual states how they address the transgender issue. I agree with that. Stuff you liberal BS. You are no better than the Liberals. You spin everything and anything to fit your talking points.

        • False!!!!
          Did you get involved just now? Can’t you see what Hillary would do? She has said many times in different ways…….destroy the country…….destroy the country!

          • “According to the Clinton Foundation’s website, the Clinton’s have received more
            than $85 million in donations from Islamic Gulf states and their monarchs. Following the money explains why and how much Hillary has been paid to lie about Islam. ”

            Roughly half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake has gone to wasteful projects with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill Clinton and the State Department under the leadership of his beloved wife, Hillary. “We believe that our work here in Haiti and here in the north is beginning
            to show results.” The former president, who has been heavily involved in distributing Haiti earthquake reconstruction funds, pushed hard for the power plant and port for an industrial park in northern Haiti. The Clinton-backed power and port venture is the biggest and most expensive failure mentioned in the report. An astounding $170.3 million later, it is years behind schedule, and lacks a qualified engineer. Hundreds of millions have been spent in Haiti with virtually no accountability. Yet three years
            later, news report after news report reveals that a large number of Haitians still live in deplorable, shanty town tent cities and an ongoing epidemic of cholera has claimed thousands of lives. Makes you wonder if someone is pocketing the money.”

            “Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data. American defense contractors also donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and in some cases made personal payments to Bill Clinton for speaking engagements. Such firms and their subsidiaries were listed as contractors in $163 billion worth of Pentagon-negotiated deals that were authorized by the Clinton State Department between 2009 and 2012”.

      • Well said; I love your plumber analogy!

      • RIGHT. And at least one over-the-edge Paranoid Schizophrenic calls itself Abel.

      • I’ve thought and am confident that a Trump presidency would be the end of America as we have know in for over 225 years! I believe even Republicans who still have some ability to think, know this.

        RINOs are Democrats that lie about being Republican to infiltrate the GOP. Poor grammar but God bless those RINOS!

        • Progressive Republican

          RINOs are the extremists that have been pushing the GOP farther and farther to the right and away from their founding principles for over forty years.

          • RINOS are not pushing the GOP to the right! You have your directions wrong! RINOS are liberal and progressive, not conservatives.

          • Progressive Republican


            Over my lifetime I have watched as Republicans that were considered at least a bit extreme in their day now look like moderates.

            Hence, RINOs are the extremists that have been pushing the GOP farther and farther to the right and away from their founding principles for over forty years )well longer than that actually).

          • Laughalbe at BEST! The rinos have enabled every one of Oblame-o’s leftist actions. Enjoy your transgender restroom?

          • Progressive Republican

            You’re either an idiot or a liar.

            Maybe both.

            I don’t care.

            ‘Bye, putz.

          • Enjoy your socialism just as the Venezuelan’s are!

        • Like someone said, Trump is rough around the edges but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a good president. He is willing to listen. He has proven that already. He knew the people needed someone to speak for us and he so far has done that. He wants America to be great again. Give him a chance to get some money back into this country. He would be good at it. Don’t you want people to have jobs? He will get the jobs. The Democrats and the Satan worshippers need to be put out. That’s who the left has for leader, Satan.

          • I cannot believe there are actually clueless people like you in this great country. I detested George W. Bush but he was a genius compared to Trump. So go ahead and lay your best kisses on Trump’s Rump, but he’ll not win the election. There are still a few more smart people in America than total morons.
            I heard the Donald described as an Archie Bunker without the charm. He’d do his damnedest to put black people in the back of the bus and forbid them from eating in restaurants that serve only lily white people, preferably, men. He is a disgrace, even compared to all the bad politicians in our past. Oh, and just for your elucidation, There is no Satan. There is no God. If there were, he would not have created a being as despicable as Donald J. Trump!

          • “I’m a lifelong Democrat” That speaks volumes and gives you NO credibility!!

          • I’m a lifelong Democrat and Satan is not my leader. There is no such being as Satan or God or Heaven or angels flitting about and dancing on the head of a pin. Religion is the largest and most dangerous superstition there is. More deaths have been caused by religion than any other cause. It is a horrible spectre put upon us by nefarious men who desire to control the ill-informed.

        • What about those of us that are neither RINOs or Democrats. I have never been affiliated with any one political party so I imagine I could be labeled as an Independent. When Trump first announced he was considering the possibility of getting into the race for POTUS, I was somewhat amused as well as curious as to how he could appeal to the everyday, American people. The first time I listened to him speak, I was intrigued by the blunt, refreshing method in which he spoke, leaving absolutely no doubt as to where he stands on issues of concern by citizens like myself who feel we have had no voice for many years now. I watched and listened as his popularity grew and was impressed that his supporters were on board with Mr. Trump for the same reasons I was favoring him. It finally dawned on me, after the flock of GOP candidates emerged, flailed around and dropped out like headless chickens, just why I wanted to hear more from him. Donald Trump is a successful businessman, has experience as an “employee and employer” and most importantly he IS NOT A POLITICIAN! As for your concern that Mr. Trump would be the end of America as we have known it for over 225 years, I must ask ‘What do you call the past almost 8 years under the Obama regime?’ I do not recognize this country anymore and I certainly have lost all hope for our children and grandchildren to have the opportunity to live in the America we were blessed to grow up in, becoming responsible, patriotic adults. I formerly had very long and thick hair that everyone complimented which took much time and effort to care for. One day I made the decision that doing something different, making a drastic change was something that would be good and advantageous in my life, so I got a very short cut that has made my life much easier. This may seem to be a silly analogy to todays world of politics, but I believe that maybe its time America tries a new style of politician. Maybe someone who wants nothing more than the opportunity to “Make America Great Again”!

          • Gammi, Women are supposed to be smarter than men but you have disappointed me. Donald Trump is an unpolished buffoon. He wants to make America Great Again. The photo shows an American family during Trump’s “Great Years” He doesn’t care for people. In fact he totally dislikes ordinary people, especially women. His only use for women, especially his token women, is as life support for their vaginas. How many wives? I think he’s working on his third marriage now, and he’ll dump her when he grow tired of her. I’m sure you know that. He’s really no more than an aging playboy, sorta like Hugh Hefner. He surrounds himself with pulchritude to enhance his image. That is his total interest, to improve his image.
            Yes he’s a successful businessman. He’s especially successful in conning people out of their hard-earned money, supposedly for his harebrained schemes like his failed Trump University. Now he’s blaming the judge in that case for being against him because he’s a Mexican, a Mexican who was born in Indiana. Do you hate Mexicans? Trump does. Do you hate Muslims? Trump does. Do you hate black people? Trump does. I’m sure you don’t hate women, but Trump surely does.
            I’m sure he’d make an outstanding, self-centered, narcissistic, unsure of himself, total egoist president. Congratulations, if that’s what you want.

          • First point, you need to branch out and try to get your information from sources other than the liberal Media Clinton/Obama promoters. You can always research the information you hear rather than be so gullible as to swallow the misinformation you hear them spew, ‘hook, line and sinker’. I have yet to hear Mr. Trump make a statement or imply in any way that he hates women, Mexicans, Muslims or anyone else. I have heard our present POTUS, Obama, and respective DNC presidential candidate Hillary Clinton make statements that are hateful, accusatory and demeaning of the wealthy businessmen and women, yet they accept their contributions. They are consistently attacking American citizens, especially Caucasians, with accusations of racism, bigotry, hatred, and any other matter that can create anger to the point of inciting riots and destruction of entire cities. Our military and police have been denigrated by both Obama and Hillary for the purpose of creating civil disobedience, hatred of those in authority and taking the focus off of the criminal elements that are destroying this country, such as drug cartels and entrance of people into America that are not vetted, giving them the opportunity to commit heinous, deadly terroristic attacks on our innocent citizens. Both have and will continue to use American citizens as a whipping post in order to garner praise for themselves while causing divisiveness and hatred to grow. You ask if I hate Mexicans, my answer is no. But I do hate the fact that when my husband, a successful, hard working business owner that paid for his own health insurance, was denied medical treatment due to Obamacare mandates/regulations, which resulted in near death, leaving him with permanent disabilities. This was done to him while any select groups or classification of people in this country illegally can walk into any ER or hospital in America and receive top of the line care without delay, at no cost to them. I also hate the fact that I had to decide between saving my husband’s life or keeping our business, home, vehicles, retirement and savings. I hate the fact that we were left homeless and penniless and not one politician that I contacted, including Obama, gave a rats ass about what was happening to us. I hate knowing that this will continue to happen to others, all while Obama and Clinton, who are so greedy that they will do whatever it takes to keep themselves in a position of POWER. I know that any person that falls into the descriptions of people you claim that Donald Trump hates, (Muslims, blacks) would never be denied health care, housing, financial assistance, educational or business opportunities in America. Yet we had to give up everything we had worked all our lives to obtain so that we could survive. Everyone has a story to tell but it is apparent that you are the person that simply HATES anyone that does not agree with you. I want what will be the best chance for everyone’s children and grandchildren to have the opportunity to live in a world where their own dreams could be achieved and the freedom to have those dreams would never be denied.

          • Sorry Gammi. Your post was too long and rambling to hold my interest. The first few sentences prove that you completely misinformed about this misogynist, narcissistic, xenophobic, Fascistic ranting bully, so why should I bother?

          • I am so impressed. You’ve learned some new words to use in your rants about Donald Trump. Just exactly why do you and others like you fear him so much? Do you belong to a club of anti-Trumpsters that share your limited use of the English language to just the words that the DNC and media trolls use? Thomas Paine, an English-American political activist, writer and revolutionary said “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”. I hope and pray that you will open your dead eyes and mind to the fact that America is being purposefully pushed toward divisiveness and anger, making it easier for those that hate us to conquer and destroy. I find that while my people skills are just fine, it is my tolerance of idiots that needs some work so forgive my attempts to educate you to what is going on to real people with real lives that have already been really destroyed. Abraham Lincoln said “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. That may be something you might want to think about.

          • Well Gammi2Anna, This time I read your entire post. I doubt that you were impressed, just as I’m not impressed by your hopeless stupidity. There is something seriously wrong with Trump just as there is something horribly wrong with anyone who is taken in by his hucksterism. I pity you but I’m not angry because the Donald hasn’t a chance in hell of beating Secretary Clinton!

      • I don’t believe he can fix my drain…..and would be better suited to be a balloon pilot that could keep it afloat on his hot air and big mouth.

        • Your jealousy is showing George. He is worth Billions. Can you say the same for yourself? I’m sure you can’t but you will sit behind your keyboard and bad mouth a person that you obviously do not know or understand. He doesn’t need to fix your drain George. Using that analogy, “he will replace ALL of the plumbing in the WH”!

          • OK red… have convinced me. You are indeed a loon.

          • I am not attempting to convince you of anything George. You are in fact an idiot who wants to believe the fantasies that the MSM leads people like you by the nose with! Keep drinking the kool aid George.

          • Excellent! Isn’t jealousy the reason that Bernice and the rest of the “tax the rich” pukes exist?

          • For sure!

      • Couldn’t be put any clearer. I agree fully with you Abel.
        Like he said THINK, think people THINK!!!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!! THINK!!!!!!!!!

      • I’ve thought and am confident that a Trump presidency would be the end of America as we have known it for over 225 years! I believe even Republicans who still have some ability to think, know this. “RINOs are Democrats that lie about being Republican to infiltrate the GOP”. Poor grammar but may God bless those RINOS!

    • It appears that the Republican RINOS (correct spelling) are beginning to panic, and with good reason! Hillary Clinton will win the general election and will be our president, probably for the next 8 years, and there’s not a helluva lot they can do about it!

      • We will again deserve all of the BLM, Occupy, Failures, LGBT thuggery, Refugees, illegal aliens, rising debt, corruption…………………………………Ha Ha Ha! Ask Bernice about Ohillary’s honesty.

        • Only if we are fortunate enough to elect Hillary Clinton! 😉 You are the first person I’ve ever heard of whose name is Barry Soetero!

    • Only 14,000,000 supporters……… that is not enough to put “The Don” in the White House. What don’t you get?

    • The Dems are ELATED that tRump is the likely nominee. And he’s the best the GOP could come up with?

  5. Don'[t these judas’ realize what they are doing. If the continue on their reckless self absorbed plan to get Trump off the ballot, they better start thinking about what life will be with clinton in the White House. We will have a socialist government and their jobs will no longer exist, they will have no power and the funds will stop flowing in. They are actually handing our country over to the communists and the muslims and America will no longer exist. Somebody needs to knock these politiicans up side the head and beat some sense into them.

    • There was a fag politician in NEw Bedford who had some sense knocked into him years ago studs or something this is what these IDIOTS and Paul Ryan need

      • We need to round up all anti-Americans and send them out to a deserted island with no way to get to any other land. Let them rule each other and destroy each but leave us alone. It’s going to be a long hot summer and possibly violent with obama declaring martial law and canceling the election. He will only cancel the election is he thinks Trump will win. I pray every day that we can get through the election and President Trump will be sworn in on January 20, 2017.

        • Which is why so many of us wish to secede and form our own state and not allowing democrats and liberals, socialists or communists (many of which we elected stupidly) to live in that state. OR, we divide the country and let the idiots have their half and we will take the other half with rational thinking patriots and we will have the stuff their country won’t have so you can be sure they will want to move/invade the new country. No way, Jose! Stay with your kind and suffer from what you have done to America.

          • Sounds like a plan but the liberals would never allow it. They demand that everyone follow their twisted thinking and live the way the libs think they should. It would be like the muslims who have come to our country and then demand we change to adapt to THEIR way of life in OUR country. Texas is the only state I know of that can legally secede from the Union and I am very happy to be living here.

        • I pray every day that Obama and Hillary both die of any cause before the election. those disgusting scum such as Paul Ryan and others who supported Ovomit need to be fired ASAP


      They know exactly what they are doing. They are complicit. Can you say communist?

    • Not to mention the possible Supreme court appointees for the next 4-8 years.

    • They know what they are doing. It is keeping their power and lobbyist happy. They know what side their bread is buttered on. They couldn’t care less about law abiding tax paying citizens. They have their little power group that controls the party and will do anything not to lose that power and money.

  6. they are a bunch of cowards and are scared of trump.

  7. If this travesty is allowed to go forward

    Redman, you seem to have a fixation on attempting to defame people that you don’t even have a clue about. I don’t live in the hills, anymore than you are a Redman. I have been married for 56 years to a wonderful woman, that is not related to me. I have a great education in Mortuary Science and Training from the FBI Academy in Forencic Science with 47 years experience. Now for the cause at hand. If the GOP delegates attempt to oust Mr. Trump through rules change, they will alienate a voting block that will have repercussions they won’t survive.

    • Your comments are the most realistic and smart comments that I have seen on this issue.

    • And that’ll be a good thing!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Ahhh, HEADUPHISASS ‘S
        troll buddy is here. miss meadowmuffin.. ???

        • Mikey Baby, just a little education in proper English.
          Read this carefully now, it may help you with further posts, if we’re so unlucky: Nouns, such as proper names, that end in ‘S’ do not require an apostrophe and an ‘S’ to denote possession. An apostrophe is all that’s needed.
          My work here is done!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Don’t call me baby, bitch.. And yer STILL not funny ! !

          • Oh Mikey! Did I hurt your feelings? I sorry, Baby. I’ll try to be more sensitive!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            The only way you’d hurt ANYONE’S feelings is by being here in the first place. Now, pull your “depends” up and go play…?????????

          • I’ll pull up my Depends only after I empty all the Michael Dennewitz out!

          • Maybe “thing” misspelled it’s name. Could it really be Michael Dimmwits.

    • The RNC is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I would suggest that we do what we can to have a VIABLE and ELECTABLE candidate and that isn’t Trump. He has proven it himself……so why go down with the loser.

      • Does a Candidate who garnered more Primary Votes than any Candidate in the history of the party really strike You as a loser? Or, do You think the Voters who cast those votes would be the kind of half baked laggards who would not show up for the General Election?
        The only thing Trump has proven is, he is very rough around the edges. He doesn’t act like a politician and that scares the hell out those who think as you do. Perhaps you agree with the Bushes who would leave the country if Trump is elected. I don’t know.
        I believe professional politicians who have no clue as to how massive dept and loose money and have no answer as to how to raise the money to pay for their failed programs but to tax us even more to pay for it all, have had their chance. I believe it is long past time for a big change. If it’s not all wrapped up with a bow on top, I can live with that.

        • You apparently are not seeing the same Donald Trump that 95% of the countries general electorate has seen, heard and are opposed to. Trump needs FAR more than 14 to 16 million crazed supporters to get him anywhere near being competitive in the general election. Trump is destroying his own campaign with his big mouth and obnoxious actions and is dropping like a stone in the polls and the DNC and Clinton’s have just started using material that Trump has supplied them to smear and destroy him.

          • I’ve never been called crazed before. Kinda like it. On that 95% of the General Electorate, did that come from the same honey pot gun control zealots use to get that 90% of Americans who favor common sense gun control. Before Trump dropped in the polls he was within margin of error numbers with Clinton. Being serious though, I believe to have gotten where he is in his Business Life, he did not display the persona he has been using on the Campaign Circuit. I think it is mostly grandstanding for free press. Should he succeed I think he will display the gravitas we are looking for in abundance. I don’t think encouraging behind the scenes backstabbing will do anything but put Clinton over the top.

          • No fool….the numbers come from wikipedia regarding the primary results and government online sources tracking the final results of primary and presidential elections. You are sitting in front of a keyboard, do your own research…the FACTS are public. I know Trump supporters don’t like FACTS and numbers but they are what wins elections. The “FREE” press is over for Trump….the liberal progressive media used Trumps circus to ride ratings and huge ad dollars profits and to put the weakest possible “Republican” in the care against Clinton. And now that he is the presumptive nominee they have pivoted to destroying Trump with his own words and actions. A picture is worth a thousand words and Trump has given them reams and reams of negative material to smear him with. A tiger can’t change it stripes and Trump is Trump and incapable of change at 70 years old. Unless Clinton is indicted and that is unlikely she is headed for the White House, as frightening a prospect as that is.

          • Wikipedia is not considered a reliable source. You need to use other sources than Wikipedia if you want to be taken seriously.

          • What do you know about wikipedia? Did you know that it is one of the most scrutinized and corrected resources on the internet with the exception of Federal sources such as the GAO and Federal Election sources. There is a wealth of knowledge and statistics at all of the Federal Bureaus.So if you don’t agree with wikipedia go to the government sites, as I did. Believe me isn’t hard to get educated…

          • When i was writing term papers and my thesis, we were not allowed to use Wikipedia. That site is not considered a reliable site for research and is not to be used for citing sources. It is used a lot, but must be taken with a grain of salt, and not relied on to make serious arguments. I am sure anyone else out there who has had to write collegiate papers will agree with my point about Wikipedia.

          • Apparently you have forgotten that I mentioned that if you weren’t satisfied with the highly scrutinized wikipedia site that you could also go to NUMEROUS government sites for facts and statistics that you don’t often hear from politicians. Of course in writing term papers and preparing your thesis you are aware of gathering multiple sources to support your work. Try- Federal Election Commission as an example.

          • From the Wackipedia web site.
            “Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.”

          • Yeah right!!!

          • From the Wackipedia web site,

            “Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.”

          • I’m glad you have come to the conclusion to get an education. There for a minute I thought you trying to be factual.

          • I’ve spoken from those FACTUAL sources from the beginning but you apparently have a problem with reading comprehension. And I’m sure that you still haven’t bothered to check in to the resources for yourself….too lazy.

          • George that’s twice now you have called me a derogatory name so I don’t care to play anymore. xxxx off.

          • Poor baby……..did being called crazed and a gullible fool insult you? Those are very polite words compared to the trash talk the Trump supporters spit. Or was it the common sense, statistics, logic and facts that hurt your feelings? I know you folks don’t like the truth. Hillary Clinton appreciates your support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party next January

          • yes – – and – – beware of a knife in the back from HER minions

          • Michael Dennewitz

            B Y E E E E ! ????

          • Keep watching that Zionist idiot Beck.

          • YOU need to google: “people connected to the Clintons who are dead” – – READ the SOURCES – – or – – ask Vince Foster – – – THIS is what the AMERICAN PEOPLE are voting AGAINST by electing TRUMP

          • Wackiepedia? Why don’t you cite Factcheck or Snopes while your at it! GEEZ!!

          • George you fit the mold of the Liberals real well. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Your statements don’t hold water!

          • Moron……I’m an intelligent and well informed conservative that is smart enough not to fall for a circus barkers schtick. I guess FACTS, DATA, NUMBERS, LOGIC and COMMON SENSE are too much for you to absorb. You are too lazy or not smart enough to look for yourself.

          • George you seem a little up tight today, I have heard these declarations before, it doesn’t empress me or change my mind. The problem with most people today is they proclaim to be Conservatives until someone calls them out. If you wish to proclaim yourself intelligent you have a funny way of showing it. For some time now the Republican Party has proclaimed themselves Conservatives while shaking hands in the back rooms and stiffing the working class with ObamaCare and economy that stinks, without a whisper. Donald Trump could not do worse if he tried and Hillary is a guarantee to continue the same programs. Better yet come on out to the CIRCUS, you may learn something.!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ha! Wikipoopia AND Google belong to the dumasscrats. Google donated millions to the bitch!! HA! ????

          • You know children should not be allowed to play on the computer and internet…….

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Then, what the hell are you doing here, georgie boy?? ?????????

          • The polls have been proven wrong over and over. But you keep on believing them George. Where you come up with that 95% of the electorate is beyond me. Sight your source for that ridiculous number George!

          • It is called the internet and governmental resources red 110306… are sitting if front of a keyboard, try using it. Trump received a total of 13,445,461 votes after the primaries which only represented 44.2% of all Republican voters…129,085,403 voted in the 2012 presidential campaign. As you can see Trump is a long way from even half of that number and he is doing NOTHING to attract new voters past the primaries… fact he is chasing voters away. Time to wake up red……

          • Time for you to wake up George. Those numbers were compiled when he ran against as many as 16 opponents. If you are so narrow minded to think he won’t pick up a good portion of those that didn’t vote for him, it is YOU that is delusional! Take your phoney numbers and peddle them somewhere else George. I am not buying into your vision of this election.

          • Now that is spelled S.T.O.P…… start arguing with it red. You will lose……….

          • Take a hike George. Even Richard Long has called you out for your dumb position and phony numbers. Get a life George.

          • “Birds of a feather flock together” red and you have yet to show ONE fact or statistic to support your conclusions. Now that IS dumb and phony…….

          • And for you George, “Dorks of a feather, stick together”. You wouldn’t know reality if it bit you on your backside. You are a Dumass!

          • There you go again little boy……..shame. shame, shame.

          • Durdin, I forgot more than you will ever know. And coming from a liberal leaner like you, I wouldn’t believe anything that you say.

          • Now that is Called D.U.M.B…… start arguing with it Georgie boy. You will lose…….

          • “You apparently are not seeing the same Donald Trump that 95% of the
            countries general electorate has seen, heard and are opposed to.”

          • His source is his own severely malfunctioning brain. This clown is so far gone, that it really doesn’t matter what happens to this country. Because he will always be a semi retarded gullible coward slave sheep.

          • For sure! Just another rino supporter that doesn’t have a clue.
            Even this article is preposterous. You would think that the Patriot daily news would not waste their time on garbage like this. It is a pipe dream and will never happen.

          • I hope it is just a pipe dream. The GOP establishment are very much NWO agents and will do anything to ensure a Hillary victory. The truth is they never had any intention of winning the general election. They were planning on putting up an unelectable clown like they did against Obama. Then along came Trump and ruined the plan. If they succeed the American people will be finished.

          • The Republican party will be finished. I believe that if that happens, you will see an insurrection for this election the likes that you have never seen before. I believe that Trump would win even on write in votes if that is what we are forced to do.

          • Give it up u won’t be able to convince Trumpbots that Trumps in danger of losing because of his BIG MOUTH.If he does lose, which is a pretty strong possibility they’ll blame everyone else, instead of listening too the rest of the electorate, who said they wouldn’t vote for him. I hope for all their sakes he wins, because if he doesn’t, there are going to be a lot of disenfranchised REAL CONSERVATIVES, and all of talk radio and Fox News will pay a price, for pushing such a buffoon !!

          • Amen……you know you can try to teach a pig to sing, but you will just be wasting your time and annoying the pig.

          • The two of you are doing a fine job and someone did teach both of you to sing, no matter how annoying you are, carry on, we love a good laugh.

          • Trump will win because of his big mouth. Many people are sick and tired of the girly men in politics. When pressed about a comment instead of owning it, they hem and haw and apologize like little sissy boys.

          • YES!!

          • TRUMP is actually RALLYING the PEOPLE – – – they LIKE what they see – – they generally LIKE what he says – – HOW he says it doesn’t MATTER – – he is PROVEN RIGHT TIME AFTER TIME

          • Where in the hell did you dig that statistic up? DNC?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I wish you wrote my paycheck. With the troll bullshit yer spreading, I’D be rich!! ?????

          • Stuff It Georgi Turdin!

          • Let me guess……you are may be eight or is that nine years old?

          • Another Brilliant Lib! Look at Georgie Shining!

          • OK….you have proven it! You are only six years old and should not be playing on Mom and Dads computer. I won’t tell them…….

          • Bite the Banuche!! As the N.Y. Italians would say! Shine On Turdin! You Wax more Brilliant every day! Look up the term wax! I’m sure you’ve never heard it used in this manner! Public School Grad!

          • Little boy……you just proved my point. Keep this up and I might have to contact your mommy.

          • Hey Georgi Turd-in, go fly a Kite! get off mommy’s ‘puter!

          • Do the Orderlies at your Mental Institution KNOW that you’ve Escaped your Room, and are playing on the computer??

        • and – – we’ve ELECTED “rough around the edges” successful presidents BEFORE – – Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, – – –

      • If we listen to you and your kind, we WILL be losers. You are no better than the despicable people that are attempting to undermine the process and the will of the people that voted. Enough is enough!

        • It is true! You are delusional and fail to see that we are already losers with Trump as the nominee and Trump is doing NOTHING to change the course. His campaign is in disarray and virtually broke four weeks before the convention. You would argue with a STOP sign…….

          • I guess I would because you display the intelligence of a STOP sign!

          • George, just because people don’t agree with you does not mean they are delusional. You won’t convince anyone by insulting them. Isn’t that what anti Trump people accuse Trump of doing, just insulting his competition? Hmmmmh, you come across as being so obsessed with hating Trump that perhaps you are acting like Trump!

          • I’m sorry Richard, but if you would pay attention, the Trump supporters get very ugly and insulting with anyone that TRIES to show them FACTS, statistics, logic and common sense. I can only conclude that people are delusional IF they fail to look for themselves at reality or even do there own research. You have to be delusional if you can’t see for yourself Trumps ugly actions, words and message that have turned off the majority of Republican voters and the American electorate. It isn’t that I hate Trump, I detest what he has done to the Republican party and the primary process by hijacking the party with a Nationalist Populist campaign and is NOT a Republican. Trump is at a loggerhead with the RNC because he refuses to represent and support the parties platform and principles. This is a VERY important election that the Republicans could have won against a very weak and flawed Democrat candidate and it has now been lost to Trump’s bumbling campaign. Nobody I know could act as foolish and ugly as Donald J Trump.

          • Everyone got ugly during the Republican presidential campaign, not just Trump. I guess I differ from you in that I believe that the Republican Party is corrupt on the national level. So I am not overly concerned about what happens to the Republican Party. They have cooperated with the Democrats in many ways to destroy our country. I am concerned about the survival of our country, not the survival of the Republican Party. The best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party was the rise of the Tea Party, and the Republicans did their best to destroy the Tea Party.

          • That is the exact attitude that is needed by more patriots in this country. I am not all about a party. I am about making this country great and respected again. I agree with your logic.

          • It is called reality Richard……we have a two party system and have to deal within that system. Both party’s are flawed but everything that man does is flawed. The failure of the two parties to compromise and work together has caused the rise of populist movements such as Trump’s Nationalist and Sanders Democratic Socialist, but they will never gain a foothold in our government and I am not disappointed because I’ve seen for myself the logjam that is created in a country when it has more than two or three political parties. I also disagree with your assessment that the Republican party is corrupt and has co-operated with the Democrats to destroy the country because I have watched the activities on the floor of the House and Senate for myself on CSPAN and have watched Obama’s henchman Harry Reid stall ALL legislation in the Senate from ever being discussed in the Senate and ever becoming legislation going to Obama’s desk for a signature or veto. Reid’s actions in stalling Congress has allowed Obama to RULE by executive action, while blaming the Republicans for the logjam in Congress because he knows the American people are not paying attention and are stupid. If you don’t believe me watch the spectacle for yourself… is FREE. I’ve been a supporter of the Tea Party in the past but some of the parties have gone too far and have continued to fan the flames of discontent in an effort to remain relevant and frankly for a pay day. They have become “chicken little” and ” red riding hoods” in claiming the sky is falling and the wolves are on their way. We can’t make progress as long as chaos reins.

          • Yes, we have a two party system and have to deal within that system. Using your words logic,and common sense, Trump is the nominee of one party in the two party system. He defeated 15 other Republican candidates, and should be supported by the Republican Party. The Party establishment shows more energy trying to deny him the nomination than they ever demonstrated fighting Obama. That is what folks like me don’t like. Fellas like the liberal Mittens Romney fight harder against Trump than they do against Obama and Hillary. If this continues, I see doom around the corner, not just for the Republican Party, but for the country. You will get no argument from me that Trump has a lot to learn about running a political campaign, but not supporting him accomplishes nothing except to elect Hillary.

          • I’m sorry….I am a devout Christian and my God gave me the ability to discern good from evil and I am not going to sell my soul to vote for either of the very two evil candidates running for president. I am assured that no matter what happens God will be there to get me through difficult times. As I’ve said many times before Trump is his own worst enemy, has destroyed his own candidacy and is NOT going to change. This is one old dog that you can’t teach new tricks.

          • I understand, I am a Christian also, ordained minister, though I don’t wear that on my sleeve for all to see when I post on blogs! I am curious, did you vote for Romney last time? I did, but very reluctantly, not just because he is a RINO, but for Biblical reasons.

          • I don’t wear my faith on my sleeve because I try, as I might to live it and fall short everyday. I am not ashamed of my faith and share Biblical passages when religious issues arise to hopefully give others Godly Words to consider. After all, sharing the Gospel and the good news of Jesus is the calling of all Christians. I did vote for Romney and he was a FAR better candidate that openly confessed his faith and belief in God and alternative to another four years of Obama. But it is reported that as many as 25 million Christians did not support or vote for Romney because he was a Mormon, which handed the election to Obama. BUT now these same “Christians” will forego their conscience to vote for Trump, one of the most worldly men to ever run for the presidency. There was a time not many years ago when practicing the faith of a potential president was vital and an unwritten requirement, with the exception of Catholism, which Kennedy put to rest. Today it is of absolute NO concern and look what the lack of concern for faith of the candidate has put in the White House over the past seven years and what he has done to our country. I am just being straight forward, honest and it is not my intent to offend you.

          • No, I am not offended, and I understand your opinion. That is what is still great about being Americans, being able to express our viewpoints without being pressured into being like everyone else. I am not sure about the exact numbers that did not come out and vote for Romney. I had heard much less than 25 million, but whatever it was, it was still enough to sway the election. Personally, I don’t think that was the deciding factor for Romney’s loss. Romney came across as a Casper Milquetoast in many people’s eyes who was politically correct, and one of the architects of government run healthcare in Massachusetts. He came across as someone who was unwilling to fight Obama and the left, even shutting up about Benghazi during the debate, and I believe that Christians for these reasons, along with his being a high ranking member of a religious cult were just too much for some to bear. Probably similar to how certain things about Trump are driving some folks up the wall, and they will stay home or vote for a losing 3rd party candidate, and hand the presidency to the Demoncrats. These are perilous time we are living in, and I would just encourage you to vote, and ask the Lord for direction and discernment. That is my plan, and we will see what happens from there.

          • I will do my civic duty and vote by writing in a candidate BUT my Christian conscience will not allow me to vote for either Clinton or Trump. I believe that Romney was the better choice between two less desirable choices, hands down. But Clinton and Trump are both evil incarnate…….and I would just as soon stand for our God and what is right and righteous in the end.

          • Maybe the republican party has changed and no longer reflects the entire platform that you and an establishment minority cling to. After all, the past performance of the establishment republicans have done little of nothing that has reflected the desires of their constituency. Obama should have been impeached and Hillary should be in a federal prison. The current republican establishment has done little more than rubber stamp whatever Obama desires. He has violated the Constitution, selectively enforced (or suppressed the enforcement of) federal laws at his whim and placed the security of our nation in imminent danger – all tacitly or passively aided by a republican establishment political system.

      • We have been told for years that we have to accept the lesser of 2 evils for the good of the party, and elect liberal sellout Republicans like Mittens Romney, and John McShame. So don’t tell us we can’t have Trump, who at least has a backbone. He has flaws, but at least he will fight illegal immigration and Muslim terrorism, which is more than the average mushy Republican like Paul Ryan. My first choice was Cruz, but I never really believed he would have a chance in the general election. Trump on the the other hand has a chance because he will call a spade a spade, and call Hillary and Obama out, which is more than I can say for most Republicans who are trying to deny him the nomination.

        • No body is saying YOU can’t have Trump but you don’t seem to understand common sense, basic logic and the numbers. You can’t and won’t have Trump if he is incapable of winning the general election. You seem oblivious to the fact that he has wasted the last seven weeks that he could have used to unite the party and build a general election campaign machine. Trump is doing this to himself……he currently has a campaign staff of 70, Clinton has SEVEN HUNDRED. Clinton currently has a 23 million dollar ad campaign going on in seven states, Trump has NONE. Clinton has 24.5 million dollars in her personal campaign coffers, Trump has 1.3 million. Clinton WILL be able to raise a billion dollars or more for her campaign, Trump is having trouble even asking donors for support and doesn’t anticipate being able to raise enough money to compete with Clinton and the DNC. Clinton is already out on the campaign trail, Trump says he hasn’t even started. If Trump is the presumptive nominee, he is digging himself in to a very deep hole and starting FAR behind Clinton. These are all FACTS that can’t be overlooked just because you support Trump…..he isn’t building a winning campaign and I don’t believe he really wants the office.

          • Perhaps you are right George, but I hope you are wrong, because if Hillary is elected, she will finish the job of destroying this country that Obama has been hell bent on for the last eight years. There is a chance we might survive if Trump is elected, and Hillary is defeated, no chance otherwise. If the Republicans try to select another candidate other than Trump, that candidate has no chance of winning the general election, unless He is the Lord Jesus Christ come in the flesh, and at the Second Coming of Christ, Jesus will have more important things to do than win the USA elections! One of Trump’s greatest assets his not being the typical sold out politician. Unfortunately, his lack of political experience is hurting him also, as well as his “big mouth”. But I will still vote for him, and I am more enthusiastic about him than voting for the hypocritical Romney, and the cowardly John McCain. You make some good points, but I continue to think that Trump is not the demon that anti Trump people make him out to be….Nor is he as good as his ardent supporters think he is…..still much better than Hillary, in my opinion. For folks that see no difference between the two, I think oftentimes that is because they don’t want to see the difference. Hillary would never fight illegal immigration, or Islamic terrorism, or select a Supreme Court nominee that was not a leftist. Those are significant differences between the 2.

          • I don’t want to see Clinton elected but Trump has destroyed his own campaign and robbed the Republican party of what could have been a sure victory in November. I wish I was wrong but Trump is going to continue to be Trump and the facts and numbers don’t lie. They are cold hard facts. Both Clinton and Trump are a disgrace to our electoral process. The past seven years have been hell and I don’t see them getting any better under a Clinton administration.

          • ……and who was your candidate for “sure victory” ? Just wondering since Trump defeated all competition.

        • This guy is a dork (George Durdin) and there is no reasoning with a dork! He is just another one of the “never Trump” Dumasses that thinks his opinion is the only one that matters. He is in for a rude awakening come November.

      • How has Trump proven himself unelectable? He has beaten and badly every other candidate in the Primary. So you base your statement on what? It is because of unthinking, easily fooled people like you that our country has been going down hill for the last 70 years. The left wing has won the culture war and the war against our American way of life because of illogical, easily fooled sheep. It is already probably too late to save the nation anyway. But a Hillary Presidency clinches it.

      • you are NOT paying ATTENTION – – SO MUCH MORE qualified for the office than YOUR OBAMA, Jimmy Carter – – and OTHERS – – – really disappointed in ROMNEY and THAT OTHER CLOWN Ryan- – have SHOWN their TRUE colors – –

      • Delusions, Trump will win, period. If the RNC pulls some trickery, it is the end of their party.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Hmmmm.. sounds just like the rest of the DUMBASSCRATS.!! ???

    • If they do this it will be the death of the GOP. I don’t drink the Trump kool aid but this attempt to overthrow the will of the people is despicable. If they seriously go through with there plan they will lose a lot of people myself included. I could never stay with a party that would be that unethical.

      • You keep talking about the will of the ppl, but forget that TRUMP DOES NOT HAVE THE MAJORITY OF THE PPL BEHIND HIM!!41% is not the MAJORITY of the ppl. So stop using the term Will of PPL !!

        • Somewhere a majority made him the nomibee.

        • Mark Anthony Jones

          Did I miss something? Trump won 37 states. No one else came close. That’s called winning the nomination! What’s so hard to understand about “the primary is over”

          • You seem to forget, or maybe you deliberately overlooked the fact that those people in the 37 states are all Regressives, some of whom have yet to lose their wisdom teeth. The states he lost are the ones with heavy Democrat population, Like CA.

          • Ca is a rat infested hole run by MORONS! Liberal rats have ruined a once beautiful state. Ca is in debt up to their ears and put out false reports to lure its citizens into a false sense of security.

          • Obviously you’re not from California because you have no idea of what you’re talking about! You must be from Texas, where ignorance is a virtue.

          • Oh really stupid? I own a 5.5 million dollar ranch in Ca. So pull your head out of your butt and try again. My state has has gone from a once thriving state under Republican control to one of the biggest Nanny states in US under demwit control. Many businesses have packed it in and gone to Texas because taxes drove them out! There ya go eddy boy! Stick that where the sun don’t shine.

          • My goodness! A five and a half million dollar ranch. I’m really impressed. I would be except I own a 6 million ranch in Central Washington State! So take your measly 5.5 million dollar ranch and deliver it to someone who might believe you! I’ve read posts from pretentious jerks like you for years. I didn’t take them seriously just as I don’t take you seriously now! You probably work for Jiffy Lube or Dunkin’ Donuts and depend on Fox News for your information. It ain’t gonna work, Btty. There are too many weak minded Regressives like you out there. I doubt that you even live in California.

          • Frankly I don’t give a rats behind what you believe or don’t. My ranch has been handed down through my family many, generations! We raise horses and cattle. My four son’s all graduated from college. Two from that liberal chit hole Berkeley and two from UC Davis. All managed to stay true to their conservative values. My point? Someone like you would know nothing about hard work and Christian values because you were no doubt handed everything the liberals are so fond of feeding you from childhood. So again I could care less whether you believe me.

          • Well, it doesn’t matter whether or not I believe you. I just don’t care.

          • We can agree on something. Nor do I!

            Took me awhile to find it Eddie but read it and weep!

        • 41% is a lot more than any of the other clowns got and he got more votes than any republican candidate in history so don’t spew your ignorance. If he got the most votes, he should be the nominee period. So the Hildabeast getting say 46% is a majority though right?

        • you are paying attention to POLLS – – so – – did they call YOU for the poll? – – do you have a LIST of whom they called? – – NO – – you don’t – – and NO ONE ELSE WILL EVER SEE IT EITHER

        • you are really an idiot and you need to pay more attention to what is going on in the world before running your stupid mouth

        • 41% of working Americans and LEGAL Americans is the will of the people.

        • Forty one percent could very well represent the “MAJORITY” of voters if the other 59 percent were split between anti-trump, pro-Hildebeest, abstaining votes. So go back to elementary school and learn a more sophisticated logic than you currently present.


          • Is it true Trump will be in court for rape? I would not be surprised Trump is in trouble. Trump ditched 2 wives and now is living with a woman 20 years younger. Talking about hypocrisy, Repubs and TPs are hypocrites. They preach family values but at the same time are in prisons for molesting children and women molesters, thieves and racists?

          • Slow down, you’ve been drinking the KoolAide again. If anyone should go to prison it would be Bill Clinton, but then with a Liberal mind facts don’t matter.

          • Did you check this woman out? She is a mental case and a Dem plant.

          • Your an idiot and everyone should ignore your pathetic attempt at posting facts. You have no facts so shut the hell up MORON!

          • Give me a break!!

        • What a FOOL you are ssuzyshopper..

        • Stop your bs, you know better, you are just running your mouth, there is an excellent chance that you RINOS will cause the destruction of the republican party

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Hmmmmm, must be a dumbasscrat!! ???

        • Trump will WIN in a LANDSLIDE!

        • Whiner’s anyone.

        • STOP depending on numbers you see on the television. They CHANGE every week and NONE of them are accurate

          • I’d like to know where they get the polls, I’ve never been polled, nor has anyone I know.

          • I think there are more polls than we can count, and they poll ‘different people” all the time. They should have “ONE MAJOR POLL” Democrats and republicans, men and women. EVERY time the polling is done, they should ( always ) ask the same damn people. That would be the only way to be able to tell how their thoughts change. Most of the so-called polls are garbage, trying to make one person look better than another. “DON’T TRUST ANYONE” ever

        • Begone Troll WITCH!

        • I was for Rubio, but he did not win. Cruz was NEVER going to win this country. Would do much worse than Trump. I am a Texan and know that we were only a stepping stone.

        • That is if and that’s a big if you believe the polls. I don’t! I have a feeling Trump will win by a huge margin. Lets not forget that the Russians claim to have evidence on Killary. I believe they will release that information just before election time. That murdering witch has a lot to be worried about.

        • Trump had the majority of the Republicans in the primaries. That’s how he gained the necessary numbers to be the nominee!!

        • Suzy, Suzy, Suzy what stats are you being fed. She is only 4 to 5 points ahead and that isn’t chit at this time in the game.

      • It will also make the Hildabeast a shoo in.

        • Many of the RINO’s would prefer the status quo under the hildabeast. The last thing they want is a reduction in power.

          • I’m afraid you’re right. Unfortunately the rest of the country will suffer the consequences of that disaster. The Rino;s would continue to get richer and more powerful, with no thought to their constituents.

          • It is because of things like this that term limits is so very important. One six year term then done. Go live by the rules you made.

          • Exactly Papa, One term and zip bing gone. No follow on. Ever. No house to senate either. One term in either and that is all you get.

          • We need to go back to our founding mentality. You got into government for only one reason and that is to serve. They went to DC to serve the country and then went home back to the jobs that they had. No retirement benefits, no outrageous pay and benefits. They came to DC to serve and most of them to a real financial hit to do so. They were real patriots not like the slime we now have.

          • the RINOs clearly do not give a flying flip about the People PERIOD! They are in this for themselves.

          • just like dimwit Donny….your point?

          • This is true of practically every member of congress. They are in it for themselves, the country be damned. This past election was one of the best in a long time, as a number of the professional politicians were replaced with new politicos who regarded the country as the first consideration, not their re-election..Now we have to rid ourselves of democrats whose plan is to turn the country over to muslims and socialists..

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It’s a “flying fuck.”

          • The Dems in the House and Senate have an average net worth considerably greater than the Rep. Your assertion is false.

          • Phyllis Schultz

            I know the Dems have a greater net worth, but the Dems are continually saying the Reps are the party of the rich, which I disagree with. My comment was aimed at a group of Rino’s who repeatedly backed Obama’s socialist agenda, in order to retain their status and power. I was not referring to the GOP as a whole.

          • I agree that Rhinos are responsible for the GOP doing nothing after promising everything. It is my belief that many Rhinos are really Dems who could not get through a primary on the Dem side such as former senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. There are others that ran for congress because they needed an income and were unsuccessful in the private sector.

          • Vote the rinos out, McCain, Rat Ryan and a dem wit Pelosi are all running this year. Anyone is better than McCain, Rat and Pelosi. Vote em out!

          • Like every 2 years the entire house is up for reelection. It is a good time to dump all the liberals on both side of the aisle. There is a lady running against McAmnesty in AZ and is a strong conservative. She is constantly gaining on McAmnesty and has now caught him. She is a Dr and has experience in government. Her name is Kelli Ward and would be a breath of fresh air in the senate.

          • SHE IS AN OSTEOPATH!!~! Osteopathic physicians (DOs) are the legal equivalents and, in most cases, are the professional equivalents of medical doctors. Although most DOs offer competent care, the percentage involved in dubious practices appears to be higher than that of medical doctors. For this reason, before deciding whether to use the services of a DO it is useful to understand osteopathy’s history and the practical significance of its philosophy.

            Would you go to a chiropractor for brain surgery? I don’t think so! Osteopathy is a chiropractor with a little more education!

          • So why not mislead the reader Ed? Rather than your suggestion, why not focus on the DO and their practice, their hospital privileges, and their reputation in the community. Dubious practices follow the greedy practicioner, not the profession.

          • Merida A McKnight

            And how does that effect anything????

          • Well… drugs are NOT primary care, natural health care IS. Why would anyone want to be propagandized by a medical education into believing that drugs heal? “More educated? Yes, in wrong thinking…

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Drugs are fucking awesome!

          • It use to be that way but no longer. My daughter is a DO and her exams were basically identical to those of an MD. There are a few differences but they are minor. They are fully qualified physicians and I would trust them to same level as any MD.

          • How ’bout a brain surgeon?

          • They have that option if they choose that in there residency. I wouldn’t want my wife’s OB doing brain surgery on me either or my orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist etc. I would trust her in her field of expertise.

          • Pelosi is a Dem, asshat!

          • She’s ugly as a rhino, active as a sloth, and as dangerous as a electric eel.

          • mccain? your cowadly prisoner is a fqing loser!

          • Er, SDofAZ , I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is a RINO. Maybe you need to reword your stupid rant!

          • Merida A McKnight

            I think she meant she’s OLD enough to be a rino?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yes, please do and replace them with true AMERICAN PATRIOT LIBERALS!

          • freedomoutpost ken

            They better wake up because it is coming.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Oh God! Oh yes! I’M KUMMING!

          • freedomoutpost ken

            The UK predicted that staying in the EU was a sure thing, NOT. Now watch Trump’s predicted demise by Hillary go down the drain.

        • Merida A McKnight

          So we need to fight the rinks!

        • freedomoutpost ken

          Not likely.

      • GOP will be gone as we know it. They are unethical swell heads.

        • I think we may end up with the death of the republicans and a new party take its place. They have done it to themselves and are reaping the consequences of there actions.

        • davesnrakleberger

          good riddance to the current GOP. Bunch of treasonous cowards.

        • Merida A McKnight

          Just like the dems, that is why everybody is having a gastric attack over the rise of Trump!

          • lol! only 35% of Cons support him! He’s going to get his ass stuffed with the Koran!

          • In your dreams! You’re scared to death and know what’s coming your way. Better that you move to the communist country of your dreams because your going to be very unhappy here. LOL

          • StupidConservativeValues

            The “rise of Trump.” There is no rise of Trump, his cock is as limp as his wrist.

          • Sooo, your one of those LBGT Liberals! Stop branding everyone with your title.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Stop branding everyone with your ignorance.

          • SAYS THE MORON!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Even you can do better than this!

          • Disgusting filth!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            As opposed to just plain old filth.

          • He can’t help it Btty, English is a second language!

          • I sort of thought so. This is what Obozo and Killary have unleashed on the American people? Lock and Load Tennman39, Lock and Load. I wish he’d come through my gates! His so called mother would be planning a funeral!

          • That would be a “JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE” and I would recommend you be awarded the CIVIC IMPROVEMENT AWARD!

          • ROFLOL, That was great. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I promise you I won’t miss! I practice everyday and I’m pretty good. 😉

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Everyone is right, except for a few racist assholes who think Trump is going to ride some fictional wave of populism into the White House.

        • John E Strom Jr.

          GOP, good riddance. With jackasses like the Bush family, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Curley Hoggland [spelling intentional] and the rest, who cares. They’ve just been outted as the two faced sleazy people they are. If they dump Trump or engineer a victory for HildaBeast then this country is gone and SO is the damned GOP and its iterations. All of those shunning Trump so that THEY can get re-elected? Not one patriot among then. ALL they care about is being re-elected and screw us.

        • StupidConservativeValues


        • There will be hell to pay I predict…….

        • So will the USA – it will be finished forever because KILLary will set the SCOTUS up as totally liberal like Sotomayor and Kagan. Our Constituion will be completely rewritten by activist justices.
          TRUMP 2016!!!

      • I never drink the kool aid. However, if I’m given a choice of Trump or Killary! It’s a no brainer! Trump all the way.

        • way to back a LOSER!!!

          • Better than backing a murderer, liar and horses azz like you!

          • trump……..4 bankruptcies…..3 whore wives…..2 tiny balls….1 illegitimate kid!!! Rump is a fqing LOSER!

          • You know he has two tiny balls because you had your nose where?

          • I know he has tiny balls because he talks big with zero fllow through. Besides, Donny is in love with his Tranny wife~she/he is the only one Donny shows his clit and balls to!

          • Your such an intellect.

          • lol! Again…..learn English, little stinky twat!
            Learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” you imbecile!

          • The MORON TELLING ANYONE ABOUT THEIR GRAMMAR! LOL. Liberal MORONS always resort to becoming the grammar police when they can’t defend the their own weak position. LOL

          • I was going to report this moron but everybody seems to be OK. Just let him blow. Like a bad smell!

          • Their probably right. Bad smell aptly describes it. 😉

          • still looking for yer whore mother? she’s dripping Muslim juice out of her ass~go
            clean it up inbred Jed!

          • Oh this idiot is a legend in his own mind. He’s certainly preoccupied with the anatomy of Donald Trump!

          • I think you have him confused with Obama !

          • Merida A McKnight

            I got your back against this sniveling creep!

          • the cunt who can’t spell??!!! lmfao!

          • STOP, talking about yourself like that silly MORON!!

          • Thank you! Back at ya friend!

          • did you .ook up his historynof adultery? his bastard kid? lol~stupid girl!

          • Tiffany Trump ~ Donny”s bastard kid!!!

          • Merida A McKnight

            His wives weren’t whores…and I’m wondering when you’ve seen his balls?…and he doesn’t have any illegitimate kids that I’ve heard about!!! On the other hand let’s look at billary [both wife and husband] and look at them from newspaper and congressional depositions and the Romanian hacker etc, etc, etc! Look at them and READ them I dare you!

          • they are ALL WHORES!
            look up his bastard kid you uneducated bitch!

          • Look up daddy, maybe you can find yours! I doubt it because from the inner city the whores run on volume!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            This is what you hear every night when you tuck her in for the evening: “Oh daddy, I love you so much! Be careful though Daddy, you’re too big, you’re tearing me Daddy! Daddy! Daddy STOP! PLEASE!

          • StupidConservativeValues


          • Troll, and not very good at it. You must be one of those inner city kids still looking for your daddy!

          • latent homosexual.

          • Watch it 1265, your ignorance is showing!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Do you back into your suction dildo you keep on your shower wall?

        • I wouldn’t vote for the hildabeast if she were the only one running. She makes loser seem like a thing to be attained rather than avoided.

          • trump’s FOUR bankruptcies are rather impressive…given the odds are WITH the casinos he ran into the ass hole!! lmfao!

          • Hey MORON, what’s your claim to fame? Cleaning toilets for Killary? Oh don’t tell us, we may loose our lunch. LOL

          • Merida A McKnight


          • You can’t even spell at a fifth grade level…laughing

          • Every now and then an idiot gets on here and obliterates all doubt about the mental capabilities of Liberals.

          • Merida is a Republican who can’t spell @ a fifth grade level! You surely must admit her mental capacity is a thimble full!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            A thimble full that would pour out if not level. Oh shit!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yep, your assumption that liberals (that was nice of you to honor liberals by capitalizing the word unnecessarily) are mentally inferior has been obliterated. LIBERALS ARE SURPERIOR IN EVERY WAY.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Fan Fucking Tastic response.

          • Trump’s 4 bankruptcies got you all worked up? lol!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            LOL indeed! You really crack yourself up don’t you? Keep yur day job. Oh wait, you’re on welfare? Oh okay you fucking deadbeat conservative.

          • My day job pays for your leaching off welfare. Not many conservatives on welfare. To much pride. You however and your ilk couldn’t make it off the government tit! Suck up while you can commie!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            It’s gonna last a long time for me. Gonna get some beer and cigs with food stamps today (the clerk is on the take) and hang out by my Section 8 pool. Life is fucking awesome. I’d thank you for your hard work so I don’t have to, but since I think you’re a total and utter shit stain on our country…fuck you instead!

          • Obama’s azzwipe is what you are. Total and complete low life. YOU and your ilk won’t be getting my money much longer Moron.

          • Merida A McKnight

            I think any bankruptcies had to do with the laws he was trying to navigate! Anyway why are you so enamored by that we’re 20 TRILLION in debt so how could we notice anything he might do wrong!

          • dumbass~ he runs casinos!!! The odds are stacked in his favor!!! Navigating laws??? wtf? He can’t run a casino with odds stacked in his favor~we’ll be able to feel his bull. You first should gain command over English!

            PS are you even aware that Trump said we can’t default on the debt b/c he can just print more miney?!!! Are you this retarded?

          • The government took over a legal house of prostitution in Nevada and went bankrupt – so what is your point?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            His point is conservatives without question always miss the point. In this case, you missed the point, as evidenced by: “so what’s your point?”

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yes, he’s that retarded!

          • Merda, the person talking casino bankruptcy is a troll with half a brain.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Hey goat fucker, it’s obvious you butt fuck your family pets.

          • I’m with you Sir!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You’re with whatever way the wind is blowing. Speaking of blowing…do you still have that job blowing monkeys at your local zoo?

          • You’re a filthy nasty commie and try to insult and demean others to shut down intelligent debate. Something you would know nothing about. Take your filthy comment to Huffington where they would appreciate them.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You need to start using “Muslim” for “commie.” Commie is too old and it shows your age.

          • Shows your low IQ that you don’t know the difference in Commie and Muslim.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Idiot! Reread what I wrote you STUPID FUCKING COW!

          • I would write Trump in, no matter what the RINO’s and closet Democrats do. Then I will not vote for any Republican again.

      • hey stupid! the gop is already a pile of asswipes! lol! they cut their own throats months ago. Hillary will kick little Donny’s ass~then she’ll appoint Barack Hussein Obama to the SCOTUS!!!! you stupid, uneducated asshats r fun to watch!

        • You give new meaning to the word Moron! Crawl back in your hole!

          • the only hole I know of is that

          • Yep you nailed Killary!

          • simpleton, schoolboys always respond like you do, sweety! Yer a fuqing loser!

          • Your so educated. Where did you go to school? Killary’s Institute for MORONS? Never mind we all know.

          • lol!! hey dumb dick!!! The word is: “you’re” ~ you uneducated filthy, lazy, repugnant little dick! post again you fuqing moron!

          • Not to worry MORON, we all know your IQ

          • Tiffany Trump~Rump’s bastard daughter.

          • Don’t know the difference between your and you’re, dick up yer ass got you confused, stoooooooopid?! lmfao!!!

          • Such language! Your mother failed you. But I wouldnt! You would have your filthy mouth full of soap if I had anything to say about it. Go ahead and show the world your IQ. LOL

          • This idiot is a model Lib, they resort to profanities when faced with any conversation that initiates any degree of civility or decorum. He wants us to think he’s hip and in the know, it’s a shame that the inner-city schools are not educating these people and instilling some basic morals.

          • Is it any wonder that we have violent riots with these MORONS? There is no restraint, no control in these people’s lives. Lots of them are from broken homes, one parent raising them with no skills to be a proper parent. This is what liberals want because MORONS are easily controlled and gullible to what they are spoon fed. It’s disgusting!

          • Sweety? Now, I understand you must be part of the LGBT group! Go play in your sandbox!

          • do you not understand English u dumb

          • Institute for MORONS! You show the world your minimal IQ.

        • Merida A McKnight

          You need to be spanked and faced into a corner for your language! And don’t be praising killary till she sees if they throw her in jail for everything!

      • You are either for TRUMP and the Constitutional Republic or You are for the other side. It’s just that plain and simple. No mater how you slice it ALL TRUE REPUBLICANS MUST STAND UNITED BEHIND DONALD J. TRUMP if they want to save the United States of America. To do anything different will not only destroy the GOP it will destroy the United States of America.Now call this drinking anything you want, the truth is still the truth. Have the backbone to declare your alliance. You are either For TRUMP or you are for killary. Quit dancing around.

        • Merida A McKnight

          I agree!

        • I totally disagree with you. This is a matter of the lesser of 2 evils. I am not for Trump but I am more against the hildabeast so I will probably vote for him but my vote is not for Trump it is against the hildabeast and that is a huge difference. The republicans have not had a good representative of the party since Ronald Reagan. My biggest hope is that the hildabeast is defeated. I hope I am wrong about Trump but only time will tell.

          • I don’t know how anyone with any intelligence can say of Donald J. Trump that he is a lesser “evil” than killary. obviously you go off of the liberal media lies. Do your own research. You would learn just how good a man Donald J. Trump is. Does he say things that aren’t politically correct? you bet he does. That is because he speaks from his own convictions and what the people want not from a approved script like all of the other “professional politicians” do! Well I wonder if you will ever take the time to do your own research. Most likely you will continue to take the lazy way and absorb all the lies that the media put out there.

        • yer republican dolts here say yer name calling makes u a liberal!

      • What bothers me about this action is that only a small group of Republicans are trying to get rid of Mr Trump.

        • It is a tool that the MSM can use to try and take down Trump. The biggest problem is that the leaders are not trying to shut this off so it is given more credence than it deserves.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Drink the Trump urine.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        “I don’t drink the Trump kool aid, but I do drink his urine straight from his little nub.”

      • Little Bright Feather


      • You are right I will no longer be a Republican as well.

      • Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary’s vagina.

        Sorry folks….that image is now ingrained into your head. EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW.

        • Like I said I will probably vote for Trump not because I like him but because he is the least objectionable. It sure would be nice to have a choice of someone who we can proudly support. The last time that happened for me was Reagan.

          • Steve from Ohio

            Reagan was not who we were told he was.
            Reagan was bad……so bad that he had to have a fortune teller tell him how to be president.
            Reagan raised taxes 7 times.
            Reagan gave amnesty to over 3 million illegal aliens.
            Reagan raided social security.
            Reagan tripled the national debt. Sure….not as bad as Obama…but still bad.
            Reagan’s push to eliminate bank oversight helped bring on the banking crisis of 2008. Clinton gave the final push by elimination of Glass-Stegal.
            Reagan funded Al Qaeda.
            Reagan funded and supported Iran…..and Iraq.
            Reagan had Oliver North who was running a drug running business to support the Contras. North should have been shot but he became one of the talking heads on FOX. Hmmmm……..

            I am amazed at the Reagan worship that some folks have. That is Ok….but simply amazing since the truth is there to be seen by all.

      • C’mon Folks. I agree with most of these posts, but what they are doing (political establishment elite) is getting us to give into petty bickering and, you have to admit, they have accomplishes that quite well. They want us fighting among ourselves so they can do what they want as we are too busy not seeing what is going on (or so they think).

        In regards to Trump and their concerns (right and left), they are all making a ton of noise and saying all sorts of things to rationalize their concerns, as they want us to believe that what they say is truly the issue, but it is a smokescreen. Trump vs. DNC and RNC….the DNC and RNC elite, despite all they say and make sure we hear has only a very specific concern. It is ALL about their POWER & MONEY and keeping control of it!!! They are afraid that if Trump gets elected they cannot control things (business, political contributions, etc.) as they have for so many years. Despite ALL that they say, again….just a smokescreen. All about their POWER & MONEY. They are afraid the control on the POWER & MONEY will be compromised if Trump gets elected. All the other “concerns” they give about Trump is a lot of BS. They couldn’t care one way or the other about Trump….just their POWER & MONEY!

        • It is absolutely about power and money. That is why some of them are willing to throw the country away and vote for the hildabeast. These so called republicans need to be defeated in the upcoming elections. They do not have the right to any longer talk about the Constitution and supporting it. The goal of these people is the same as obama’s and that is to ignore the Constitution and the rules in place just so they can get there way. I have been a republican ever since the days of Reagan and I will admit that I don’t like or trust Trump. If it comes down to Trump or the hildabeast I see no choice. The hildabeast is far far more undesirable than Trump. I also admit I hope I am totally wrong about Trump but that won’t be known for the 3 or 4 years if he is elected and can overcome the voter fraud that will happen in the next election.


      • well stated !!! I don’t care for Trump either but, pigs will fly & hell will freeze before I would vote for ANYONE named Clinton

    • And if they don’t oust Trump then u will be alienating the others who are in the larger majority, and Hillary will win for sure. So the republicans will lose either way!

      • I voted for the last 2 unelectable clowns against Obama. I didn’t care for either one. If Trump is going against Hillary it is a no brainier vote Trump. Besides the brain dead morons that are against Trump and always fall for the Republican lies are a smaller bloc than likely Trump voters. I am sure many including myself will simply not vote at all or go third party if Trump is denied nomination. Then Hillary is President and so what. Because if that happens because we are a nation of fools then the sooner we fall the better.


          If Trump somehow wins the election,there will be wars,rumors of wars ,economic depression such as the world has never known .The United States will become the fragmented states and the newest members of the third world.Gods favor will be withdrawn.The loud thumping noise will be the sound f the bus tires running over us.

          • How was the last 7 1/2 years for ya???

          • Like now you mean? Have you had your head in the sand? Good God look at what is happening in the world and here and if you really look you will see that what you predict has already occurred.

          • Bus tires already ran over me
            Praying ticket on Trump Train works out better for WE THE PEOPLE

          • Sounds like you are describing the way things are right now! But really explain how keeping out third world immigrants and bringing back manufacturing jobs is going to make the US a third world country. Explain how actually not being Israel’s hammer and negotiating with Putin and other world leaders, instead of bombing them will lead to more wars and rumors of war. Explain please. You have the opportunity to show you aren’t an unthinking idiot.

          • Too late!

          • And what verses of God’s Word lays this out? Think you need to spend more time reading through I & II Kings, I & II Samuel and see the charlatans that God allowed & used in the ruling of Israel & Judah.
            There is far more “Biblical facts” and historical facts pointing that Hillary would be the cause of the end of American Civilization than the Don.

      • you’re not PAYING ATTENTION again – – google: “people connected to the Clintons who are dead” – – READ the SOURCES – – or – – just ask Vince Foster

      • You hope, don’t you sunshine?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        YOU and MEADOWMUFFIN and HEADUPHISASS need to take your TROLL asses to Iraq and stay there!! ???

      • Suzyshopper, you need to be stabled with that small percent of women that fair much better Barefoot, Pregnant, and in the kitchen !


    • republican rhinos are traitors to our country, violated their oaths and committed treason…Their comfy days in office are nearing an end….

      • dems ol bill and hill top of the list of traitors!!!!

        ol bill sold out America signing nafta and taking big money from commie chinese…


      • Vote em out. McCain, Rat Ryan and Pelosi (who is the dem lady in waiting for Hillary or is that Pocohontas?) are all running this year. Vote em out of office this year, anyone is better but conservatives are in the candidates against the two rinos. Sic em!

    • As an expert in mortuary science, you should be able to discern that if Trump continues on the course he is setting for himself, he will be DEAD MEAT come November!

      • Ha Ha! “According to the Clinton Foundation’s website, the Clinton’s have
        received more than $85 million in donations from Islamic Gulf states and
        their monarchs. Following the money explains why and how much Hillary
        has been paid to lie about Islam. ”

        half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help
        Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake has gone to wasteful projects
        with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and
        power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill Clinton and the State
        Department under the leadership of his beloved wife, Hillary. “We
        believe that our work here in Haiti and here in the north is beginning
        to show results.”
        former president, who has been heavily involved in distributing Haiti
        earthquake reconstruction funds, pushed hard for the power plant and
        port for an industrial park in northern Haiti. The Clinton-backed power
        and port venture is the biggest and most expensive failure mentioned in
        the report. An astounding $170.3 million later, it is years behind
        schedule, and lacks a qualified engineer. Hundreds of millions have
        been spent in Haiti with virtually no accountability. Yet three years
        later, news report after news report reveals that a large number of
        Haitians still live in deplorable, shanty town tent cities and an
        ongoing epidemic of cholera has claimed thousands of lives. Makes you
        wonder if someone is pocketing the money.”

        Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth
        of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given
        money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of
        State Department and foundation data. American defense contractors also
        donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of
        state and in some cases made personal payments to Bill Clinton for
        speaking engagements. Such firms and their subsidiaries were listed as
        contractors in $163 billion worth of Pentagon-negotiated deals that were
        authorized by the Clinton State Department between 2009 and 2012”.

        • What about the money missing from State Dept.? I am with Trump, I don’t believe a D___ thing coming out of her mouth, her history since becoming a Lawyer speaks for it’s self, her law lic. has been withdrawn, as has Billy boy’s and both Obama’s

      • As “A Expert” I would consider your statement as a threat, more than a fact!

    • Redman is a troll! He is a most likely mentally retarded because he has nothing to add to any comments that is beneficial.

    • I have written above but you have said what is on my mind the short way. I agree whole heartedly.

    • REALLY? After 47 years and STILL don’t know how to spell “FORENSIC”??

      • Oh my goodness, I don’t know how the spelling was wrong other than I’m 76 yrs. old and don’t see as well as I used to. I would try to get help for it but ObamaCare doesn’t cover eye health so I have to pay for my care.

        • Don’t worry. This obamacare isn’t good for anyone but obama. It is putting the screws to the American people and they don’t even know it. Pretty scary for our Society!
          The best thing is to find an Herbalist that can assist you with just about everything a regular doctor can do and not use anyone or anything from obamacausticcare. And, an Herbalist’s formulas are all natural, not like the prescriptions the docs give out to people that are nothing but foreign chemicals to the human body that do more damage than good.

          Have you noticed the influx on TV of new “Amazing” drugs available now? Problem is that in a year or so, many of these will be on the Lawyer’s sites as harmful and causing secondary issues far more dangerous than the disease they are supposed to cure, even death. Really nice for a so-called cure. Like they said, Big Pharma is all about $$$$, NOT saving lives. It’s a business now, people are prioritized secondary.

          I do agree with you about Trump. Don’t listen to some of these bloggers, they become very full of themselves and their mouths start rattling without their brains in gear. I’ve been blogging for many years (since 2007) and have seen them all! It seems to be a common ailment these days. Perhaps an Herbalist has a “cure” for their “Foot in Mouth” disease? :p
          Blog On!

          • FYI………….it’s NOT so much the pharmaceutical companies, but it is places such as CVS Rite Aid etc Their markups are crazy. I used to get most of my meds thru Canada, but now i realized a few months ago that places like WalMart are just as cheap, or cheaper, than Canada. If you’re a senior and pay meds out of pocket, try Walmart ( NO i do not work there )

          • Thanks PianoMan Smith for the tip! We usually get our meds through the Mail (cheaper that way), but it sounds like we need to check WalMart for a better price. Now this is what I was saying before! We’ve got to help each other because when you’re a Senior, there usually isn’t anyone else to help you but yourself.
            Appreciate the info PianoMan! Blog On Friend!

          • I also used to get most of my meds “thru the mail” from Canada, but that can sometimes take a couple to a few weeks. Walmart is so much convenient and probably a little cheaper. Call today pick them up tomorrow. Best way to do it. Good luck

          • Thanks for your input! Wish more bloggers were like you, helpful and courteous. I used to tell my kids when they were little, “Every time you help someone out, you earn a feather for your Angel wings!” You’ve just earned several here!

          • Always happy to help a nice person. Good luck

        • I’ll tell you how. Maybe you’re NOT what you say you are?? What has age got to do with it? I’m 77 Most of us don’t see “as well as we used to” What’s the next excuse? The keyboard screwed up? You stepped into the ObamaCare trap? I am shocked. I should own a drugstore. I pay for ALL my meds “out of pocket”.

          • You are fortunate to be able to do that — PAY FOR ALL YOUR MEDS OUT OF POCKET. Not all Seniors are as well off. Wish they were, but life doesn’t treat everyone the same, different paths teach different lessons. What lessons has your path taught you?

            At least being a Senior, we should all try to take care of each other, protect others from an overstepping Federal govt overreach, protect our rights, yes? That was how this country used to work, “People took care of each other and listened to the other guy”, not slamming or belittling someone because they don’t totally agree with you. Seniors are bigger people than that I should hope.

            Don’t forget, you can get a lot more with sugar, than with vinegar! Remember that from your childhood? Bring “gentleness”/”kindness” back into your life and see what wonderful changes come flooding to you. IT WORKS!

          • Maybe! but I am not stuck on the idea that you get so fired up about it because you think I am making an excuse. Just spit it out, I’m very secure in my self , I can take it. !!!!!

          • Who, me “fired up”? lol Not at all, but upon reading some of your comments to others, i can clearly tell who the person is that is “REALLY FIRED UP” That be you Ahem

          • Go tune your piano, maybe you’ll know what you’re talking about. I am a very understanding person when conversing with someone with basic intelligence, you don’t qualify.

          • My piano never goes “out of tune” since it’s electronic. I fail to see ANY of your online comments which might show that you are “understanding”. Yeah, i guess you do VERY well with ( basic intelligence ) lol TAKE YOUR MEDS

          • Thanks, don’t mind if I do, it takes a lot of them to tolerate some of the statements regarding Liberal self righteousness. Anyone that has been conscious for the last 7yrs. And thinks America is a better place than before really needs to have an evaluation. Lies, deceit, God battering, selling our country thru stupid agreements. But then I’m just not prepared to publish a book on this medium.

          • Well well This is good. For a change we “both agree” on your comment 100% Yep, lots of lies and deceit for sure. Obama has the nerve to look straight into the TV camera and say “America is safer now”…………….trying to convince people HE had something to do with it. FACT: America has gone DOWNHILL and is “less safe” since he got elected. Nothing but lies and more lies from the Dumbocrats. Have a good evening.

          • My apologies PianoMan, you are spot on with your assessment, I was under the impression that you were an Obama Soldier, maybe my meds need adjusting and bit. LOL

    • at least you didn’t marry
      a relative like most of Trump’s Chumps! i hate to tell you but inbreeding republicans are all around!

    • You can hang this crap on the likes of Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio! ALL are grown men behaving like SPOILED children! Putting themselves above the welfare of this country! I wouldn’t vote for ANY of them..having temper tantrums while in office! WONT vote Rubio either. Arrogant little sh*t who has done nothing in his life & know nothing! ARROGANCE! Unbelievable!

    • Merida A McKnight

      Yes but maybe for the demo-repub That would be better than loosing there power!

    • Redman is a racist, and a Muslim don’t let him fool you.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      “I have been married for 56 years to a wonderful woman, that is not related to me.” Where’s the fun in that! Man, there’s nothing like the “Family that Fucks Together,” has a whole lot of fucking fun! Try it!

    • Little Bright Feather

      This “travesty” is CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY BEFORE OUR EYES AND THEY ALL NEED TO BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY WHO ARE A PART OF IT – and ROMNEY NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND HUNG FOR TREASON ! He is the Communist who is putting this actual conspiracy into action !
      Anyone who doubted or didn’t know what a conspiracy is – you are seeing it right in front of you !

      They all need to be arrested right now ! 20 year minimum since they are defrauding millions of people !

    • 10-4. This will prove that there has been but One Party—–Demo-Pubs.

    • Redman is one of Obama’s welfare Idiots and a low info voter as well and your are right redman is NOT RED AT ALL.He is what blacks call a low class NIGGER.

    • Secession or civil war, there is no democracy or republic if this is the GOP plan and it will at the least destroy the GOP. Too many have voted and the overwhelming number will not be ignored. But the rinos and dems in their corruption might just be this foolish in their attempt to assure their status quo. Good luck with that and the delegates who sell out are at risk as well. Talk about corruption, this is it.

  8. The establishment RINOS should all be hung from the nearest yardarm…….Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol, Marc Levin, Glenn Beck and a few lesser known are scared to death that their little play houses will come tumbling down should Trump become POTUS….Should they be successful in blocking Trump as the GOP nominee that will be the end of the GOP and it will be good riddance……..

    • Ernesto Franklin

      Yup, and the same dolts can kiss their Congressional leadership “bye bye”….

    • Well why did the GOP agree to him running on their ticket

      • In spite of the way they act most of the time, there are a few intelligent members who can see a picture bigger than their own butt, but not too many. The good guys are under severe pressure by the Establishment to Go Along To Get Along, and they really need to grow a spine! The RINOs and the Establishment Career Politicians must be removed if we are to succeed with saving this country. Think, then vote with your head, not your heart, and get some qualified, honest, and patriotic people in Congress.

  9. Proving Democrats are not the only IDIOTS in the USA
    No wonder everyone wants Trump with so many IDIOTs
    people are just getting fed up

    • You lost your vote. Look during the last 7/1/2 years Repubs and TPs were badgering President Obama to build an electric tall wall to stop Mexicans from coming here. Same people wanted 11 mi illegals shipped back to Mexico when they knew if all illegals leave there won’t be anybody born here to do their jobs. Repubs and TPs did not want Arabs and Muslims here. Repubs and TPs got a candidate to do all that – Trump. Now they are telling us they hate Trump. I am confused. After all Trump is a rich White male and born here- therefore a USA citizen; in contrast with Ted Cruz a foreigner who wanted to sell USA to Canada – his home country. I could not stand TPs voting for Cruz a foreigner to be commander-in- chief for USA military. Shame on them. Well Trump is losing his luster now. I am asking all Repubs and TPs to make their lives easier -Vote for Hillary on November 8.

  10. Best way for the dickheads to destroy the Republican party is to keep up with the attempt to thwart the will of the conservative voters!!!! If Trump is not the nominee, I will do everything I can financially to make sure they are not re-elected or are ever elected to public office above dog catcher!!!

  11. Take names of all these people , Even if Trump isn’t our next president We Vote these people that are against Trump OUT OF OFFICE

    • Viking, this is supposing there will ever be an election if Hillary gets in because America as have known it before Obama and his cabal will no longer exist and our freedom gone! I pray daily that God stops this horrible division and nastiness of those who don’t want Trump, proving that he really is what we need and want. He set aside his private life and businesses to run. He didn’t have to, but he loves America and wants us all to flourish, while any DNC candidate does not. I pray others wake up and realize this is our last hope to save America and those who are against her must leave the country or be tried as traitors with the usual ending for traitors.

    • The people that are against Trump are not in office.

      #NeverTrump NEVER!!!

      • How can you say The people against Trup are not in office? Here Are just Two of many names against Trump – Gov. Jeb Bush & South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. Try looking it up:)

  12. The American people have spoken with their votes during the primaries. Those who don’t agree need to “put on their big boy pants”, get behind and support the presumptive Republican candidate-Donald J. Trump. Your constant bickering is only giving fodder to HRC and her cronies.

    • The Republicans have never picked up on this fact: no matter how criminal or how bad a democrat is, his fellow democrats cover/protect him or her. However, the Republicans divide themselves and wonder why they lose. For years the RNC/GOP have selected candidates without anything to truly qualify them as leaders, so I am suppositioning that the DNC/RNC-GOP are just 2 parties in 1 to destroy America. All we had, excepting Geo. Bush who, unfortunately had to have Democrat-runned houses during his terms, were wimps, nobodies, nothing of courage, skills or whatever. Romney brought this home clearly when he ran – no testicles, no fight, nothing! and they even think of forming a 3rd party illegally with him will help America? Get real, you all, and listen to WE, the People who are the Government and you are our employees and can be fired, recalled, never re-elected again, and we will not let you take any perks or pork with you. You go home without all that because you have made a lot of money from your “donors” to whom you answer and ignore us. Your lack of love for America results in this:

      • Well put. I thank you for making a comment without making it personal…isn’t that the reason for this kind of forum?

    • Daniel: you mean the BITCH, LIAR, TRAITOR AND THIEF!!!!! She also in involved backing the PHARM with the meds they distribute to patients and doctors, What she charged for speaking anywhere from $125,000 to over $300,000 an hour. WHAT A THIEF!!!!

  13. I have been a life long member of the Republican party. They pull any more shenanigans and they can shove it up their fourth point of contact. I am done with those on the hill who care for nothing except their wealth and power. I want my country back and I want American citizens to be the priority.




    EIGHT GOOD PRO TRUMP SHOWS TOP TO BOTTOM…/cant-believe-we-elected……/cant-put-trump-in-the……/trump-is-voting-for-you……/fbi-endorses-trump……/trump-tax-plan-everybody……/only-trump-can-save-us-now…/trump-and-secretariat……/2016/04/13/trump-is-love

    • Trump has always had loyalty to his employees, and I think Cory will probably be there in another capacity.

  16. This is my appeal to anyone who has any doubts that he/she should not vote for Trump. If only from the standpoint that the opposition, Mrs. eternal, deceiving Clinton, does not have the honesty, intelligence nor wisdom to be the President of our beloved U. S.; Trump surpasses her in Spades. This is terribly important, Do not give away your vote. Trust that Trump will gather around him many experienced minds and get the job done.

  17. I doubt this is a delegate scheme. It is most likely a Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney scheme to say it is a delegate scheme. I am so sorry that I ever voted for Mitt Romney. He is certainly not the man I thought he was.

  18. I see the republicRATS are still at it ! I wonder how much HilBilly is paying them so she can be president ? I did not vote for Romney the last time and won’t this time. As a matter of fact the only one I will vote for is Donald Trump.

  19. “Free the Delegates” is another way of saying “Screw the Voters”

    • Egads! so that was his problem and I just thought it was because he lacked testicles! He sure presented himself as in a coma so I think you are right on.

  20. This is unbelievable ,I can’t believe my eyes! THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN

  21. Paul Ryan is a DISGRACE and a TRAITOR. So is REGINA THOMPSON and all her comrades in this effort. Donald Trump is trying tirelessly to unite the Republican Party and THEY and THEIR ILK are working around the clock at every opportunity to further divide it. Paul Ryan is the Republican Speaker of the House and 2nd in line for the Presidency of the United States. IF he can not support the Republican nominee, then he should resign the position and join a party that more accurately portrays his ideals. If there is a Goldwater style defeat, it will NOT be the fault of Donald Trump. It will be the fault of lily livered, mealy mouthed, spineless, gutless, forked tongue, politically correct, double speak, do nothing, go along to get along, afraid of your shadow, girly man or manly woman, new castrati eunuch elite republican establishment phonies like Ryan and McConnell. We would have a Reagan style victory if the republican establishment were not so fearful of losing their power and position over the electorate. Not only would Trump win the Presidency, but he would increase republican members in the House of Representatives and the Senate. We lost the black vote because the republicans, including McConnell and Ryan, have allowed the democrats to claim ownership of the Civil Rights Act because LBJ signed it and instituted welfare programs to enslave the blacks and low income whites. Further, they have not made known the fact that LBJ kept the act from becoming law under Eisenhower because he said “the act will never see the light of day as long as I am Senate Majority Leader” just as Harry Reid has kept many good pieces of legislation from going forward. Republicans have not made it known that BLACK republican congressmen were elected from the south in the 1800s but were denied their seats by the DEMOCRATS – that Republicans passed a Civil Rights Act in the 1830s and the founder of the DEMOCRAT party, President Andrew Jackson repealed it. Now, they allow the liberal socialist communist democrats (party and media – same entity) to portray Trump’s remarks as against Hispanics rather than setting the record straight that he is referring to ILLEGALS (a term that doesn’t exist with democrats these days) and not the general population. It seems that YOU are more inclined to join the media chorus than to stand up for the truth. YOU have a primary challenger this election and I think you should remember Eric Cantor vs Dave Brat – very few thought Dave Brat would win, but he’s now sitting in the Congress. I encourage EVERY ONE to join with those of us who will be supporting the challenger in Ryan’s district,, to retire Paul Ryan to Janesville permanently.

  22. We are to handle outsider trouble makers not domestic ,insider trouble makers like these stubborn GOP
    Don’t they know the USA people are tired of them before the primary during the primary and now to the end .
    I guess if my spouse say I m tired of you it means divorce is the indication . One spouse will moving out and ……..
    These people are callous , trying to hold on to their bread and butter . Since they know out of their positions now they can not find a new jobs . – jobs that are exported –
    Wait for 4years then trump will bring some of the jobs back . In the mean time try to spend time in job trainings ,stubborn group

  23. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the only way one can actually get ahead in a corrupt society is to embrace corruption. Right Hillary? Honesty, integrity and the desire to to the right thing will get you kicked to curb faster than Hillary changes her position on an issue!

  24. The people picked Donald Trump and if you so called delegates deny him to be our pick to be the GOP Nominee then we will all sue you in a class action law suit right after we riot and if you think Ferguson was bad then you had better think again. Trump for America.

    • If Trump becomes the nominee it is guaranteed that his good friend Hillary WILL win the presidency.
      A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

      “The people picked Donald Trump”

      The democrats picked Trump in the open primaries because he is guaranteed to lose to his good friend Hillary.

      “then we will all sue you in a class action law suit”

      The RNC is a private organization, they make the rules and can do whatever they please.
      You will lose because you have no standing.

      “right after we riot and if you think Ferguson was bad then you had better think again”

      You’re not going to get your way by throwing a childish temper tantrum.
      Your actions could have very serious consequences like 0bama declaring martial law, suspending the 2016 election and remaining in power indefinitely.

      #NeverTrump NEVER!!!

  25. If the so-called RNC/GOP republicans go against we, the PEOPLE, they won’t have a happy ending because we are tired of being owned and told for whom to vote. Trump did his run straight and legal, but they are so afraid of losing their honeypots of money and position, they are desperate to block him in any way they can. A 3rd party at this late date is supposed to be illegal, and the candidates chosen are wimps and Hillary will win for sure. These idiots don’t understand that if Hillary gets in America goes to the One World Government/New World Order and they will “disappear” due to the fact they cannot be trusted. Fool’s aid all the away around. We want Trump, he has the delegates and DO NOT FREE them at your peril. Because of the 2 parties in 1, I am now an Independent and I love America and am voting for the only leader around to save my country and that is Trump. My family has experienced both socialism and communism, and we DO NOT EVER want it to take over our Republic, the once shining beacon on the hill. To bad we have allowed voter fraud or voted for supposed conservatives who immediately became RINOS: ie, Tom Cotton and Joni Ernst. This is also why I left the Tea Party because of poor vetting.

    • “Trump did his run straight and legal”

      Trump is a liar and a fraud supported by the most foolish people in America.
      Trump will NEVER be president.
      If he becomes the nominee it is guaranteed that his good friend Hillary wins the presidency.
      A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

      “the only leader around to save my country and that is Trump”
      Trump will never be president, see above.
      Your fairy tale dream will never be reality.

  26. Time to purge the gop elites and career politicians.

  27. Hillary paid them off

  28. Need further proof that the Republican party is dead, coffin nailed,& in the back of the hearse headed rapidly toward the Ash Heap of History.

  29. We all know that the hole election is a fake and the Bilderberg Group and the Wealthy elitists have pree picked Hillary Clinton to be President. Hillary Clinton is bought and payed for by all of the Middle East Muslim wealthy oil Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood to push their Islamic so called Religion and Agenda on all of the world and on America that is why she is taking God out of America and taking Christianity out of America and the world. That is why back in 2012 ISIS started killing off Christians in Iraq and all over the Middle East because Hillary Clinton is the one that told them with John McCain’s help. Hillary Clinton is payed off with Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Donations that went into the Clinton foundation and for her to run for President. Hillary is and was Payed off. Is this the type of scum that you Democrats want in the White House? After Hillary Clinton gets into the White House she will start her great Culling of the Christians and Jews of America and the world. For this reason she was payed off. For this reason she was born to destroy the Christian America. Do not Vote for Hillary Clinton.

  30. Ernesto Franklin

    You RINO idiots are also going to cost the GOP control of Congress. Just hand the White House to Hitlery, Senate to Dingy Harry Reid and the House to Nasty Piglosi, go ahead. I’m ready for the collapse and ensuing civil war anyway….

  31. Michael Dennewitz

    Mr Trump has every politician scared shitless! Why? Because ALL of them know that if he makes POTUS, their guaranteed free ride is over!! ???

    • Trump will NEVER be president. He is guaranteed to lose to his good friend Hillary.
      A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

      WHY can you clueless Trump supporters not see that?

  32. disqus_BAvz0LV7zw

    Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney are traitors. they know that their 3rd candidate will not win. But they are handling the victory to Hillary Clinton. TRIATORS TO OUR COUNTRY ARE KRISTOL AND ROMNEY. They hate Trump, they are jealous of Trump.

    • I agree, as is Beck jealous of Trump….can’t stand to see someone make something of themselves and be worth more that they (losers) are.

  33. So fed up with the Republicans. Seem’s the Rhinos all want Hillary. Just because Trump does not fit their profile’ They are afraid he will make them get off their ass and do the job they are elected to do. 2-Term is a nessasary thing we need. I have not dipped to Independent yet but getting close.

  34. I can only say the Republican party is seeing the last days of summer and their party altogether if they vote against the will of the people.

    You idiots that are aligning yourselves with the two time loser Romney, you are all as big a loser as he has been and will suffer the consequences of the Hatred you will build against the party by We The People

  35. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC

    If these people were so worried about their consciences, they should never have been elected as delegates. Party rules say that bound delegates MUST vote according to the voting in their state for at least the first round of voting at the convention. Donald Trump properly and lawfully obtained the number of bound delegates required to clinch the Republican nomination. As a matter of fact, he won a considerable number over and above the required 1,237 delegates needed. Any attempt to change the rules or carry out any kind of shenanigans to deny Trump the nomination is guaranteed to have a negative outcome, so why don’t you people STOP FUCKING WITH THE PROCESS!!! I have started a petition to require that Reince Priebus do his job, and quash any attempt to subvert the will of the people who voted for Trump:

  36. It’s pretty shady dealings when the RNC had Trump and all the other candidates swear that they would support whoever won the nomination on national TV and now the RNC can’t back the winner. I’ve been a lifelong Repub lican, never voted for a democrat and never will. But the RNC has really pissed me off with their shenanigans during this election. So I say to the Republican hierarchy straighten up your act and support the peoples nominee or disband your insider policy. The people have spoken on Trump and he deserves the nomination. Anything less and you are deliberately giving Hillary the White House. Not only that I will no longer support the Republican party if you’ll don’t quit acting like children taking their ball and going home. It’s pathetic that you’ve turned into little crybabies.

  37. The problem with this whole “upend” Trump movement is that the Republican Party bigwhigs are scared to death that they can’t control him. Perhaps its time to listen to the people even if it means letting go of control.

  38. Face it. Trump NEVER had a majority of the votes. Most of the state primaries had multiple candidates running.
    And the general concensus was NOT TRUMP. Kasich was a conspirator in that he ONLY stayed in to deny Cruz a great ,many votes.
    AND you had a large number of Democrats who came over and voted in OPEN primaries for the candidate they thought would be easiest for the Democrats to defeat. And that WAS Trump as indicated by the polls, even today.
    A MINORITY were able to put Trump in the cat’s seat. But he is SOOOOO repulsive to so many that IF you had a REVOTE, he would lose most certainly.

    Now get this.
    Trump is likely to lose to Clinton. So those of you who are sold out to him, realize, YOU are the ones putting Clinton into office.

    • WOW, I see you’ve been slurping at the MSM trough!!!

      • Not at all. I mainly use conservative web sources. But you continue to prove what bigots Trumpsters are, and how unreasonable, disrespectful and irrational you are.
        Keep it up. Your “up votes” continue to prove YOU LOSE.

        • I have dealt with you before, AD…….not impressed…you haven’t wised up one are still one of the most ILLINFORMED people out there.

          • Let’s see. I don’t agree with you. So that must mean that I am “ILL-INFORMED”. LOL
            And what source of authority do you claim that says that YOUR way is right and mine is not.
            IF you were intelligent, you would have a mind open enough occasionally see a fact, wisdom or just another opinion that could still be valid.
            But in your closed minded state, with all the arrogance and pride of someone who is certain of themselves, you have nothing left to do but attack and smear.
            You certainly cannot defend your position or you would. And you apparently cannot refute what I said or you would.
            Tell me. Just how many people do you confront because they have not been “informed” as well as YOU have.

            By the way. I am willing to admit that I certainly am not always right. But I draw my conclusions from what information I receive. And I am able to discern when things just don’t add up. Like Obama refusing to admit it was MUSLIMS who attack.
            Or Trump, claiming to be PROLIFE and then continuing to give to Planned Parenthood.

          • Quite the opposite. It is YOU that is ill informed.

            I have a get idea, you should attempt to address the issues instead of attacking the messenger like a clueless fool.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      WHAT A DICKHEAD! ???

  39. First of all, I don’t believe even the RINOs are that stupid. It will end their political careers.
    So, common sense tells me that we’ll all pull together following the Convention. If not, then the Republican Party will be dead

  40. What they are talking about is us conservatives get together and nominate a true conservative at the convention. This has nothing to do with the establishment rhinos. I’m tired of having to vote for the lesser of to evils. I want to vote fore a true conservative. If Trump looses to Hillary Clinton it won’t be because of us conservatives it will be because you guys nominated a Democrat for the Republican nominee.

    • If you are intelligent you will settle for a Moderate in 2016 (Trump) and then see if the is a Constitutional Government Conservative that has the moxie to win and election and leaves his bible on the nightstand. If Hillary is elected you can bank on her tanking the USA – then you won’t have to worry about a candidate

      • I’m intelligent enough to know when someone is lying to me. We can still elect a conservative at the convention. You don’t think that the Hillary media won’t use what Trump supported in the past against him? There is going to be a lot of stuff about Trump that will come out then. All the stuff that I’ve been saying about Trump and more will come out in the general election. Wake up before it’s too late. Reagan won in two massif landslides elections and they said back the a true conservative couldn’t win.

        • Good luck skip – there isn’t a Conservative that can win – I guess it is OK for Hillary to win – Hmmmm? BTW – Reagan got the nomination because the Establishment thought they were in control of both Parties – why do you think they are spending billions to stop Trump – they don’t want to make the same mistake again – wake up – a Moderate is better than and Professional Politician Puppet – Hillary or any other RINOs

          • They have you hoodwinked John Boehner said he could work with Trump, but couldn’t work with Cruz. Trump has supported the liberal agenda and organizations for most of his life. He will back track on his promises. He will continue to grow the government and ensure that it will be centralized and more powerful. Reagan took his message to the American people and won. They said only Ford could win he lost to Carter. What happened to the last two moderate that ran they both lost to Obama. Tell me again how Trump will win if he’s a moderate? At best he’s a moderate Democrat. He will lose to Hillary just like the last two moderate Republicans. I think Cruz would have been a better choice.

          • Are you talking about the last two RINOs that ran in 2008 and 2012? It you think that those two Establishment Puppets are Moderates you need to go back and take Politics 101 and get a grip on what is going on. Do you ever look at voting records – forget the BS coming out of their mouth and watch the bills they support – how they vote – and who funds their money.

            Why did you bring up the Cruz family? No one wants another Bush Baby in the White House. “Conservative” Ted and Wall Street Heidi were groomed in the Bush WH – placed by the Bush family and moved back to Texas to become a Professional Politician. Hell – even with the #1 RINO FEMALE – Carly and the Establishment behind him he couldn’t win.

          • First of all you ignore Trumps past and he’s going to be another big government rhino. Second Cruz has a good record of fighting the establishment. Your guy Trump has supported the liberal agenda and organizations for most of his life that also includes the establishment Republicans. Free trade is not what is hurting this economy its the federal government and their agencies. It’s the regulations that are killing our economy. Name one government agency that he wants to scale back or defund? Look up Herbert Hoover and his policies Trump wants to put in place the same policies and those policies led this country into the great depression. The establishment hates Cruz that’s why John Boehner didn’t want Cruz because he couldn’t work with Cruz but he could work with Trump and Mitch McConnell has said some of the same things. If that’s not establishment I don’t know what is. As I said before Trump at best is a moderate Democrat.

          • OMG! You are a Lose With Cruz guy – forget it and say a prayer for the USA.

          • I pray for this country every night. All you Trump supporters want to do is sweep his record under the rug. You guys are just looking at the shiny object instead of looking at the real Trump.

          • Spoken like the 9% Lose With Cruz group – thanks for the insight.

          • As I said before you guys can’t defend Trumps past. You refuse to see the facts that not only has he supported the liberal agenda he’s also supported the establishment Republicans. He will be apart of the establishment. He will lose to the Democrats the same way as the last two moderates that ran.

          • You resort to attacking the messenger because you’re incapable of addressing the issues.
            Typical brain dead clueless Branch Trumpidian.

          • Messenger? Where? Your’e a Lose with closet RINO Cruz – supporting a Bush Baby. Even the Establishment couldn’t bail him out of his hole (just like JEB) when the offered Carly the prime female RINO as his running mate and put all the RINO Puppet lined up behind him. I researched the clown for a year and a half and considered backing him until the nitty gritty detail of Ted and Heidi climb up to power came to light. Then he started his campaign seriously – you see what you got. You call me clueless and you are the guy that doesn’t even know his candidate of choice. Forget his mouth – even the booger on his lip – look at his complete history. A Professional Politician Puppet.

  41. Any Republican pulling that stunt will never hold another office, they will be thought of as back-stabbing traitors!

    • Deb – we wish but the Establishment has the deck stacked and after 28 years of control they don’t want another 1980

    • “Any Republican pulling that stunt will never hold another office”

      Any Republican? It’s the delegates that decide who the nominee is and you want to blame the nominee?

      Get a clue you foolish TrumpTardTrolls!

      Trump supporters are the most foolish people in America.

      • You have to be a hillary woman all nasty and no balls, he’ll yes I am for Trump ! I don’ talk to myopic fools.

        • You attack the messenger because you are too clueless to address the issues.

          I’m not a Hillary supporter and definitely not a liberal Fool-Aid intoxicated brain dead Branch Trumpidian like yourself.
          Get a clue fool.
          Trump is a liar and a fraud and will never be president.

  42. I sure way to let Hitlery win and the end of our Democracy to became a Liberal Socialism ripe for the Muslim influence to take over is to deny the GOP winner the nomination. Are these so-called Republicans freakin’ crazy!

  43. I switched from Independent to GOP to vote for Trump in the Primary. The Establishment will do what ever they have to to keep control of OUR Government – 28 years of the cash rolling in hard to give up. If Trump is successful their support will be 100% behind Hillary – she is their chosen candidate for the DEM Party and any one except Trump would be their choice for the for the GOP – JEB, Mitt, McCain, Ryan and the ilk are all good Professional Politician Puppets.

  44. A vote for Hitlery…..

  45. CrustyOldGeezer

    I wouldn’t want to be a delegate that went home after telling his friends and neighbors he don’t give a damn what THEY WANTED……

  46. It proves the Republican Party couldn’t care less about the vote of the people. The TEA party will grow in leaps and bounds this year.


      • Trump will never be president.
        It’s guaranteed that he will lose to his good friend Hillary.
        He’s not even putting forth any effort to win the general election.
        His poll numbers are dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants.

    • They care more about the very future of their nation than what the foolish Trump supporters want.

      • No way do they care about the future of our nation. They care about their personal wealth and power. We as a people have allowed the 2 main political parties to take complete control of our nation. Instead of a government by, for, and of the people, we have become a nation of by, for, and of the political parties and who ever is running them. Always follow the money trail, then see which laws get passed or which companies all of a sudden have huge government contracts. Politicians have found a way around low bid, by being able to sole source a bid if certain conditions are met. Guess who sets the conditions to be met.

  47. Bye bye Trumpet mouth! Good riddance!

  48. The Republican establishment should remember how Bill Clinton, the womanizer, got elected because of a third party candidate and the same thing is going to happen if the dissenters continue to oppose the candidate that the people voted as the nominee. And if the so called Republican dissenters do not support the nominee, then we can call the Republican party the same as the Whig party of the past, GONE, GONE, GONE. And then this nation will become a dictatorship or socialist with one philosophy dominating our lives. WHAT A SAD SITUATION BEING CAUSED BY THESE POOR LOSERS.

  49. Dumping Donald Trump at the Convention would mean the end of the two Party system and the end of our Democratic Republic as the country devolves into a Communist dictatorship. We mustn’t let that happen even if it takes a second American Revolution.

  50. I will vote Trump in November – even if he is not on the ballot. I have a pen, (don’t leave home without it) and I know how to write in Trump’s name.

  51. Francisco Machado

    If the GOP machine didn’t want a rebellion, they should at least have put the greatest possible effort into fulfilling the promises that gave them the Senate and a larger House representation in the 2014 election. Their immediate polar reversal, their refusal to fight, their Omnibus Spending bill, their failure to defund the programs they had sworn to stop generated the reaction that created the mess in which they now find themselves.

  52. That’s what you would expect from someone like Hillary Clinton!
    If these fools want to blow up the Republican party, they’re on the right track.

  53. NEVER thought I’d have such warm Feelings for Republican Delegates! GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!

  54. I’m from a family that has been GOP since the Civil War when it wasn’t healthy to be so in our area of Tennessee. If the in crowd even try to pull this off I’m through with Senators Corker and Alexander and any other Republican who ever shows up on a ballot for so much as a community organizer. Don’t worry, I’ll not vote for a dimwitcrat either.

  55. This sounds like a larger scale of what happened in Colorado. The process did not respect the opinion of the everyday Coloradoans. I was one of then who was unable to get to the caucus but have been deeply interested in what has been going on in the country. This year’s election gave me a bad taste and am tempted to change my party affiliation.

  56. Even the Regressives are beginning to realize Trump is bad for their party! Such a pity! 😉

  57. Trump is destroying his own campaign because he doesn’t want the responsibility of the presidency and NEVER expected to get this far and now that he has he is in WAY over his head. We are 30 days out from the convention and he as made NO effort to unite the party, to co-operate with the RNC and does not have the financial support and team to conduct the general election campaign. One way or the other the 2016 Republican Presidential campaign is over, but the least we could do is put up a VIABLE and ELECTABLE candidate that WILL support the party platform and give Clinton a solid race for the White House. It is time to stop the Trump charade and get on with business…..there will still be a Republican party long after the election.

    • “the least we could do is put up a VIABLE and ELECTABLE candidate that
      WILL support the party platform and give Clinton a solid race for the
      White House”

      That person is Ted Cruz, by far the smartest man in Washington.
      The last thing Hillary would want is for Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee.

      • At this point I don’t care who it is as long as it isn’t Donald J Trump, the buffoon…..there are three to five very viable and electable true Republican candidates that could jump in to the race and would have the support of the Republican voters and donors.

  58. Democrats Tell me How you can Vote Hillary knowing she lied about Benghazi are you denying it.. what about the gun fire over her head when in fact Hillary was greeted by a little girl with flowers! Now lets talk about Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton Remember the sperm on Monica Lewinsky dress & how Bill put his hand up to God & said I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Tell me is this who you want in the White House Knowing Bill SHAMED IT! Does Voting for your party mean more to you then your ethics?

    • If Hillary lied about Benghazi, why is Trey Gowdy and his witch hunt investigation not exposing her? He promised a report on the investigation before summer. Summer arrived 2 days ago. Still waiting. And I do not care about Bill Clinton’s penis. I have had many affairs myself, as have half of the married people in this country. Better to have a president doing it with women than doing it to the country.

  59. And as far as I am concerned it puts them in with the treasonous demoncraps…one and all. Ones that fundamentally want the USA changed to a communist/socialist/sharia compliant anti-American hell hole. All the twitter angst they are having with Trump makes more and more of us support him.

  60. Trump is not a politician and doesn’t talk like one. That’s what is needed. If you don’t think Trump will beat hitlery the GOP won’t either…….Remember the GOP is an extension of the liberals all looking for the New World Order and they’re almost there…..A little more turmoil in the country an election that rino’s are allowing hitlery to win and than it;s your guns and the NWO starts……….Better hope Trump gets in or this America we know and are already losing will be gone forever. GO TRUMP 2016!

  61. If they are able to take away our voting rights then what rights do we have at all? They government has way too much power & the next time we vote we better get the old geezers out & put in some honest guys. Also term limits need to be acted upon & passed BY THE PEOPLE!!!!! I’m sick to death the way our country is going. I’m 83 & I remember when our country was good & the people were happy & we helped each other.

  62. ‘IF’ this happens, ‘IT’S REVOLUTION TIME”!

    • Give 0bama reason to declare martial law, suspend the 2016 election and remain in power indefinitely.

    • And you wonder why we need gun control. Nuts with guns is why. Must be stopped.


  63. None of this matters anyway, because if Hillarys not indicted, she’ll be the next president , how is Trump going to win with 70% unfavorability ratings? IF the polls are correct, you’re going to be voting too lose, and then we will get Hillary for sure, and it will be all u Trump supporters fault, 41 % is not a majority. I hope too God that the delegates revolt, and vote their conscience,and pick someone more suitable,and knowledgable to be president!!!

    • Like whom? You righties had 17 pathetic candidates to pick from. Kasich was the only one who demonstrated any sense at all. But his history being involved with the witch hunt on Bill Clinton disqualifies him.

  64. You want “crooked Hillery” then go to Venezuela

  65. Face it, there are those republicans (more aptly called RINOs) who are NOT conservative in any way and think they know what is best for this country. All they want to do is guarantee klinton a win without actually endorsing her because that would then let the American people know what side of the aisle they are actually on. Shame on them!!

    • I could not find enough clothespins to hold my nose and vote for Mr. Phony. He has no ideas other than Make America WHITE Again.

      • Ya well I would throw myself off a cliff before I would vote for that lying cheating corrupt piece of cr ap keg legs klinton.

        • You would deny Benny the geek his Snap card, his welfare dole, his socialistic-communistic personality? He has no ideas other than to make America a Chairman Mao regime.


  66. The GOP and he rest of it’s Rino’s can continue in the tradition of Obama to split the party and our nation or they can work on bringing it together. We know Trump is a wild card and the public picked him any way!!!
    He received more votes then any other at this point and stands a good chance of being our president, OR the GOP and whoever else is working this issue can torpedo the process.
    the changes Obama brought to Office were not acceptable to the majority of the public or they would not have changed out both houses of Congress! and The Media needs to get on board with their purchasing public or the sponsors who buy ad time on their networks will be selling to crickets.
    People are tired of a lot of the games these supper intellects are playing, they have become inte-duh-lectuals wit so many politically correct rulings they can’t even discuss the issues in private or with the public!!
    We have to elect a man who can be crass and unashamed of it because that is the only way anything will ever get fixed, the other person won’t be allowed to talk about our problems!!!
    How stupid have we become as a nation when the rules take us to a point we are not allowed to use the words needed to discuss or problems? Ever wonder why I came up with “inte-duh-lectuals”, that’s part of it.
    Let’s quit the game play and get behind our new President

  67. The title of this article should be… “Trump schemes to con his way to nomination.”

    His phony pandering to religious types is sickening. Who, with any knowledge of the bible, ever said “TWO Corinthians.”?

  68. Is the peoples choice to be denied? This sounds like the Democrat party. No wonder they support the extra constitutional powers of the president.

  69. Nothing quite like “attempting” to erase 30+ years of horrendous and despicable history in order to get Clinton in the White House. No way on God’s green earth people can be so clueless.

    • Yet you will support a fascist such as Trumpty who regularly dog whistles his racism. This pathetic attempt to reign in his juvenile temoer and repackage who he really is insults every American.

      • Believing we have an illegal and foolishly-condoned “refugee” problem in this country, especially at this time, does not, in my opinion, make anyone either a “fascist” or a “racist.” Our borders need to be closed to ALL until every last person attempting to enter the USA can be vetted and proven to mean Americans no harm. Only those who refuse to believe that terrorists from an Islamic – albeit radical – persuasion intend to kill Americans (as they have so openly bragged), and continue to do so on this country’s soil, or, have no problem with the drug trafficking (and killings) coming across our southern borders, tend to consider Trump a “racist”. As far as “juvenile” [“temoer”?] goes, one might do a bit of research on Clinton before spewing such an accusation against her opponent. There are many, many accounts of her being absolutely VILE throughout her lifetime, including her tenure in the White House during her husband’s presidency. If your picture is of yourself, I happen to believe you know exactly what a truly wicked wretch and self-serving hypocrite she is. From a personal viewpoint, hell will freeze over before I ever cast a vote for such a pathetic excuse for humanity as her. Enough is enough.

        • Excuse the typo. Sheesh.

          • Sincerely, my intent wasn’t to correct a typo. I honestly didn’t know but that it was a word I was not familiar with, no dictionary handy, and didn’t want to get out of the comment to look it up online. Because of spelling, just assumed it had to do with temperament. I apologize that it seemed to be otherise. (I’m going to leave that “typo” for the heck of it as acknowledgment that I don’t own perfection.) People who correct others’ typing and/or grammatical mistakes in online comments irritate me royally. (My honest view is that anyone can beat me up royally over opinion but the comments re typing, spelling, grammar are nothing more than petty BS that some use to try to make themselves feel better.) Here’s wishing you a great day.

  70. I guess the Republicans like losing. Well look at the last 2 unelectable idiots they put up against Obama. Or more likely they are controlled opposition. Controlled by the same puppet masters behind Obama, Hillary and the Democrats.

    • McCain and Romney, while both useless, the make trump look like an 8 year old crybaby.

      • You see. You are easily fooled. Those 2 nitwits were chosen to throw the election to Obama. Now the GOP wants to throw it to Hillary. Why? Because the NWO agenda can continue to march on, while the Republicans can claim to oppose it. Claim to oppose it but also claim to not have enough power to do anything about it.

        • Gotta love those wacky conspiracies. LOL

          • You can not deny the truth of my statement. Explain when over the last 30 years the GOP has ever successfully reversed or ever really tried to reverse the leftward march of this country. Wacky only if you have no long term memory. But perhaps you are a sheep, you will just believe what you are told and convince yourself that you arrived at your conclusions through deep thought.

  71. The Republican Elites are at it again & they are going to create problems they won’t be able to solve. They are going against We The PEOPLE & we will fight back. TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  72. I agree with Ben Tortuous, I’m a member of the American legion, and the author of “INSURGENCY” where are the patriots. This would absolutely confirm that we need a third party, because not only are a number of Rino’s enemies of the state, but in accordance to this message, even our turn-coat delegates, whom we put our trust in, may now, without conscience, go against the voice of the people’s choice, making them nothing less or more than dictatorial bureaucrats. Like I’ve been shouting for years, this country is no longer of, for or by the people, but rather saturated with self-pompous self-aggrandizing, politicians and delegates who have become self-serving hypocrites, rather than representatives of the people.
    Such a rebellion will lead to the total undoing of the Republican Party, and secure a democratic win. God help American, even our delegates have become turn-coats. We need Trump in the white house.

    • No part of what you wrote agrees with me, as you stated. What you think is the Republican Party rotted away long ago. The myth of Reagan is what righties live on today. His own wingnut son Michael disavows everything about Trump. It is not only your so called RINOS who know Trump is a fraud.

  73. The commentary I agree with is by Tennman39 and not Ben Totuous! (I respect his right to say what he believes but do not agree with the conclusion of his statement.