Dear Vaxxers: Quit Writing Open Letters to Unvaxxers

I’ve read several open letters from pro-vaxxers to those who haven’t been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. The letters range from mild and friendly, with a tone of “Please consider getting vaccinated for the greater good of mankind and yourself,” to outright vulgar. One letter published on McSweeney’s used the f-word four times in the title alone. The author was not into compromise, or original word choice, but that piece received the most views on McSweeney’s website in 2021. 

Yep, the vaxxed are really wanting the unvaxxed to join them over there in double-jab land. But here’s what I, as an unvaccinated individual, would like the vaccinated masses to know: My vaccination status should be no one’s business but mine. If the vaccines are so effective and trustworthy, then people who received two doses should not be worried about those of us who received none. My unprotected status shouldn’t interfere with their protected status. 

In fact, statistics show that the unvaccinated people are less likely to contract the omicron variant of COVID-19. With the omicron variant running rampant across the US and increasing case numbers, it makes sense that certain public venues and events would be open only to unvaccinated people in order to curb the spread of the virus. So far, I haven’t heard of any nonrestrictions like this, only louder and more frequent calls for vaccination for all. 

Because in keeping with this pandemic’s theme, the rules don’t make sense. Vaxxers keep pushing the vaccine, even though it’s only approved for emergency use and hasn’t been put through rigorous testing that drugs officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are before public release. Vaxxers seem to think that two jabs and boosters on a six-month schedule for the unforeseeable future will protect the world from a disease that most people survive anyway. Nurses are fired for choosing to remain unvaccinated, and those who got the shot but have a cough and/or a recent positive test are allowed to return to work.

But the vaccine is still about protecting public health and safety, you say? Vaxxer, I think your theory has a few holes in it. But this letter isn’t really intended for vaxxers, because they probably aren’t on this website. 

COVID-19 is here to stay, and vaccine levels have largely stagnated across most of the country for the past few months according to Those who want to get vaccinated have received their two (or three) shots, and those who choose to remain unvaccinated probably aren’t going to change their minds, no matter how much vaxxers yell at them in public and online. In case you haven’t noticed, people don’t change their minds because of what they read on social media. Yeah. You read that right – people already form opinions, then they migrate toward those with similar opinions online. 

So here’s hoping you find some measure of community and comfort in your online community, whether you’re vaxxed or unvaxxed. I know one thing for sure – I’m not going to ask your vaccination status, because it’s no one’s business but yours.

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  1. I agree! I can’t understand why this is such a big deal. Someone is making a lot of money on these vaccines. ITS THE FLU!! It has a 99% recovery rate! Leave people alone!!

  2. Love this letter. You are so right in what was stated. Also, IF the vaccine is so great, why does one have to keep getting boosters all the time?
    Because it really doesen’t work?? Shows just how gullible people are. Oh, by the way, We’re jumping off a bridge at noon on Saturday. Be there.

  3. Why don’t people just shut up about the stupid vax it don’t keep you from getting the virus or keep you from dying just let people make up their own mind if they want it or don’t wan5 it

  4. My sentiments exactly! Well written and I totally agree. Since when are our health records anyone else’s business? I personally think many have their regrets and want to shame us into being jabbed by an inoculation that doesn’t do any good anymore or maybe it never did?

  5. As the facts continue to grow showing the lack of actual protection from covid I myself have vowed to never get the so called “vaccines”. When the manufacturers ask for 75 years to release all study and testing information it seems fairly obvious something isn’t right with it. Along with the fact that the word vaccine has undergone an entirely new definition for these “vaccines” it’s become apparent that this is not what it was purported to be. As we watch our own federal government lie about damned near everything I have absolutely zero faith in elected officials and the drug manufacturers. So many friends of mine have had negative health effects after their first dose they have sworn never to get another. Bottom line is I absolutely agree with your assessment that if one are vaccinated then my status is of no consequence to anyone else. I absolutely refuse to answer any questions about my status and that includes medical professionals. The US constitution protects my right to privacy and no one will take that away from me.
    God Bless America

    • You are so, so right. I do not trust the CDC, NIH, WHO and especially our lying present administration. The more mandates are forced on people the more suspious and untrusting people become.

    • you could tell folks that you identify as unjabbed. works for my husband. and I bought him a tee shirt that says so!!

  6. Dear Vaxed when you all succumb from the untested poisonous vaccine that Bill Gates is pushing for population control we unvaxxed will attempt to set aside time to attend your funerals.

  7. I so totally agree. It’s a nasty flu. I take Vitamin A AlphaLipoic Acid which seems to stop any infection. Regardless, my vaccine status is my business, not anyone else.

  8. The flat curver branch covidian set can go pound sand.
    They act like we OWE them something, and we don’t owe them jack…I
    I will proudly say, myself and my family are unvaxed, will REMAIN unvaxed, and there isn’t squat the covidians can do or say about it.
    And if they try to force this on the unwilling? Would be a huge error in judgement. Many will consider it an assault with a potentially deadly weapon. It will be responded to in kind. It OVER, people! Let it rest.
    So vaxers…
    DO piss off.

  9. I’ve found that I’ve had to defend my standing on vaccination with my wife and her friends from Peru. They listen to Spanish Television – which apparently – make MSNBC and CNN look right wing. They have the impression if you get Covid – and this group ALL had Covid – that it is certain death. Yep, they still believe it after surviving it!

    I’ve also had to defend my standing at work with some people who have been relentless in pushing it. I’m 65 but I really don’t have any health issues so I have no concern. My immune system has functioned very well for 65 years, I don’t believe it’s going to let me down now just for the sake of Covid. I am also thankful for the vaccine as I know there are people out there, not as fortunate as myself, that are better off with the vaccine.

    So very true,,, everyone has their own opinion about the vaccine and it is absolutely nobody’s business of other peoples status or belief. I’m so against the mandates on anyone; to me it just shows someone wants to impose their will on everyone else.

  10. I totally understand your reluctantly to take such a quickly developed vaccine without the usual testing. By now millions of people are vaccinated, most without harsh side effects.Many medications that have been used and widely accepted as safe can have side effects in some individuals. I have personally experienced this myself.

    We know by now that Covid vaccination does not always prevent transmission and infection. What it does do for most people make the infection less harsh and keeps many people out of the hospital. This frees the hospitals to carry on with routine tests and enables them to give more attention to other medical emergencies and need surgery which could be life saving. I have read that an average day’s hospital stay is over $100,000. Every hospital stay expense is paid by somebody, whether it is the government, insurance or the hospital absorbs it as a lost. These costs result in either higher taxes or higher insurance premiums for all.

    Sadly, the more the virus is transmitted, the more it has a chance to mutate, and becomes more difficult to prevent. This costs lives and dollars.

    However, with all of this said, I believe this a primarily a medical issue that should between and individual and their doctor so there should not be mandates.
    There can be medical reasons not to get the vaccine.

    I have been vaxxed because my doctor recommended it and I have underlying health issues. I wish all of those around me to be vaxxed, while the vaccine is not 100% fool proof but increase the odds that the person will not have the diease. I wish those who can be vaxxed would do so to save lives, keep our hospitals available for other problems and keep our medical premiums and taxes down. I do believe being vaxxed slows down the mutatins. Notice that many of the mutations have emerged where people are not vaxxed. Sick people cannot work so it also hurts our economy and adds to inflation and shortages. When you Vax,, even with risks, you do so for yourself and the rest of the world.

    • Linda, Thanks for your well-written letter. It expresses my sentiments as well. I know that many people have contracted Covid and recovered, but I don’t believe that it is just like the common flu. I know of 6 people in my circle that have died from covid. I’ve never known anyone who died from the flu.

      It sad and disappointing that people on both sides of the issue can’t be more civil and gracious towards each other.

  11. If we change “vaccine” to “vindicate”, the vitriol of the posts make more sense.
    To quote Schultz, “I know nothing!” Our media has not been vindicated.; it cannot be trusted.

  12. I will do WHAT I want, When I want, and inject my body with ONLY what I want !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If YOU want to roll over for the TYRANICAL “VILLAGE IDIOT IN CHIEF” just have yourself a BIG OLD TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I don’t understand why a vaccine that doesn’t stop you from catching or transmitting the virus seemingly only doesn’t work because of those who decided *not* to take it. Shouldn’t it work regardless of the unvaccinated’s choices?

    I don’t judge others for taking the vaccine, so why are so many judging me for my choice? What is in that shot they’re so desperate to force us to take?

  14. My Rights are God-given and blood-bought. I WILL NOT grab my ankles for anyone or anything.
    There are 475 words in the Bill of Rights, but NOT ONE ASTERISK.

  15. when you have to be bribed, cajoled, and threatened with loss of job and living freely, a reasonable person should and does say NOOOO. I am unjabbed, and I prefer to live my life on my terms. I have never had Covid. I use my GOD given brains to keep myself safe. to those who ran out and got the jab to feel part of the group, I say your choice. but when you drop dead, I don’t want to hear your relatives lament that an unjabbed person caused it. no, you tell them to thank bill gates, fraudci, and joey bribem. they are the ones benefitting from this madness. they aren’t listening to science, they are listening to the jingle in their pockets. and if the jab is so safe and effective, how come so many are dropping dead? in the hospital? or in the ground? you explain that to me scientifically, and maybe I will listen. but you can’t. it is a killer shot, full of nano particles put there by who knows who for what no one knows, or will conjecture. I will take my chances, and trust a brain that has gotten me through some 70 plus years.

  16. You can take them letters and wipe you ass with them.

  17. The sad reality is that many of us can’t, indeed shouldn’t, take those jabs, for medical reasons pre-existing. We have histories of bad reactions to many drugs, we have histories of autoimmune disorders that make taking them extremely more dangerous than those who don’t have such disorders, etc. But no exception is made for us, even when we are using other means to defend ourselves & not sick, so no threat to others. Others simply know too much about the jabs to want anything to do with them, a position I fully understand also, as a trained & experienced RN. Even if I didn’t have medical reasons to refuse the jab, I’d do so on other grounds. It’s NOT safe for humans, or any other animals; enough information has emerged over the past 18 mos or so, to show that clearly. Further, it’s only under EUA; which means it should NOT be being broadly used, & is NOT approved for general use by the public as yet. Given that the control groups in the few tests they actually ran were contaminated as soon as the EUA was obtained, there can never be a realistic or lawful approval of any of those drugs.

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