Dark Times for Israel…and the Middle East

Though reports have been scarce on the evening news, violence in Jerusalem is bubbling to a boil. Since October, more than 120 attacks have been waged by young Palestinians against Israelis, most of them carried out with nothing more complicated or destructive than a kitchen knife. And though the attacks have left more Palestinians dead than Israelis – 80 to 20, according to the Washington Post – they enjoy widespread support among the Palestinian population.

A survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey research revealed this week that a full two-thirds of Palestinians are in favor of the knife attacks and would like to see them continue.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said the attacks are “driven by despair that a two-state solution is not coming.”

Jibril Rajoub, the president of the Palestinian Football Federation, said the attacks were born out of “humiliation and suffering” under a “facist system.”

Most of the American media is selling this perspective of Palestinian motivation, every year growing more critical of Israel’s machinations in the region. It would be a compelling story…if only it were true.

These attacks, by any possible interpretation, have been driven by radical Islam. These attacking Palestinians make no secret of their motivations, filling social media with proclamations to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque from Jewish contamination. A recent Watan Center poll found that 48% of Palestinians want to “liberate all of Palestine” by pursuing these attacks. That doesn’t mean the Gaza Strip; that means they want to wipe Israel off the map.

Like much of the Middle Eastern Muslim population, young Palestinians are increasingly getting radicalized by the spread of ISIS propaganda and the general push towards fundamentalist Islam. But even if they weren’t, the media’s portrayal of this as a generation that really wants peace is absolutely absurd. In that respect, the tactics themselves are all that has really changed. The reason peace talks have never worked is quite simple: there is very little appetite among the general population for co-existence. Why? Because there is now an entire industry built on preserving hostilities, and these terrorist power-players have a great deal of control over what their citizens believe.

“Do it for us, the rich leaders of Hamas” isn’t really an effective form of motivation, but “Do it for Allah” sells tickets like nobody’s business. If Israel wants to put an end to this at some point in the next 100 years, they’re going to need to interrupt the non-stop brainwashing that is radicalizing generation after generation of Palestinian Muslims. Unfortunately, in this supposed age of information, more people than ever are being sucked in by a sick, baseless philosophy. And the Western world seems more concerned about defending the Islamic religion and demonizing Israel, two catastrophic errors that are only strengthening the seductive power of ISIS.

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  1. Be strong my friends! Rome was not built in a day. And our God has promised that Israel and its people will NEVER BE DESTROYED! Many will perish, just many Americans will perish, but satan will NEVER win the battle between good and evil… Shalom

  2. I am so sick of slime bags bastards … Obama is part of problem also anyone with half brain can see what Obama doing to cause problems for america

  3. The so called Palestinian attacks continue for one reason, Arabs believe in a 7th century ideology that requires they kill and never stop killing until everyone is either dead or everyone has converted to their ideology. If Palestinians would stop the killing and stop threatening to “wipe Israel from the face of the Earth” there would be immediate peace and they would have their nation. Since that is never going to happen the war will never end.

    • I’m sure these ‘attacks’ have nothing to do with the fact that Israhell has forced the Palestinians off of their land and herded them into huge concentration camps.

      • It was never the Palestinians land — they didn’t lay any claim to it until Israel got the land back. And the surrounding Arab countries leave them there and refuse to take them in just to keep the tension going.

        • Actually it was until 1948 when the UN gave it to the displaced Jews. They gave them land that was already ‘owned’ and lived on. What would you call it if the UN decided to give away YOUR home to displaced Syrians? Would you agree then that you never owned that land?

  4. Anytime Israel is portrayed as being the innocent player on any stage you can be sure that Zionist pigs are behind the curtains pulling the strings, diming the lights and manipulating the music.

  5. Just move the palestinians off to some remote island or land far away from Israel. Of course that will do nothing for the other radicals surrounding Israel. Our govt is doing nothing to help the situation either they actually make it worse. By stoking fires of racism and hate obama has America on fire and rioting. So it is understandable why the world is this way also under obamas watch.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Just move Netanyahu to a remote island and the process will move forwrd

      • If you are a leftist Israeli….OR a Palestinian terrorists….makes no difference…..If not for Bibi…..either of you would have no place to “hide” and most of you would be dead…..may happen anyway, if Hussein gets his way.

      • Israel has had numerous leaders over its history and the terrorists always act the same way. It is not Israels leaders that are the problem. If terrorism by the terrorist radical islamists can not be recognized as the problem then the problem continues. Everywhere the radical islamists are terror reigns supreme. They have no intention of assimilating at all. It was a good try on your part ,but not really thought through very long or looking at the whole big picture.

        • It is all a region of fanatics of all three religions.

        • You have to be kidding, ZioNazis slaughtered thousands in Gaza using white phosphorus and you dare to call Palestinians “Terrorists”. How dare you?

          • You can easily tell you have your head up the PMIC’s ass!!

          • I do not even know what PMC is but I do know that you support massacres taking place in Gaza

          • You must be totally out of your ever lovin mind. Those Islamoterrorists in palestine are the ones that keep initiating all those atrocities. Then they hide behind the private homes of innocent civilians, hospitals, and other locations that the Jewish state does not want to attack. The palestinian terrorists are nothing but abject liers, murderers, and cowards.

          • As are ALL muslimists/islamists. Their very “book” encourages them to lie and murder, and, indeed, THEY ARE ALL COWARDS – a coward is one who hides behind someone else.

          • Right, Palestinians use their elderly, their women and their children as human shields. Its despicable.

          • Please give a reference, a reliable reference, where you got that about white phosphorus. My bet is that you are simply anti-Israel.

          • Tell you what sand flea, i was in Israel in 1999 on sales call.
            I helped pull toddlers out of a nursery school, that was being hit by artillery from Palestine, most of them in 2 or 3 pieces

            if i ran Israel, there would be nothing higher than 2 inches in Palestine and nothing still alive.

          • I dare.

        • I’ve got news for the entire world… ISRAEL AND ITS PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE DESTROYED…. NEVER !!!

        • TOTALLY Agree.
          Palestinians are like the neighborhood brat who comes on your lawn, stomps his feet, throws rocks as your windows and dog and then cry’s when you tell him to go home.

      • Kill yourself low life liberal dem bloodsucking jew hater

      • the Christmas agitator from the evil one.

      • Move forward like how?

      • SCUMBAG!

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        They better be glad that that the leader of ISRAEL IS NETANYAHU AND NOT THE ONE WHO DIED HERE OF LATE. he would have got rid of these asses long ago and that would have solved the problem.

    • Just make sure that the island you put the scum on is one that is used for target practice for the Navy or is sinking.

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    • Jews have a Birobidzan all for themselves, soil is rich and there are no Palestinians to bother with

    • Move them to Iran and then vaporize it.


    Congress has a 6 % approval rating and these losers walk around like nobody knows it. We can’t survive with more of the SOS. One term per termite should be standard operating procedure. There is no one of any value that should be allowed more than one term. Anyone who voted for Obama cost the country 8 years of progress, destroyed the Middle East, helped Iran get the bomb and allowed Putin to recover lost sattelite countries. Russia is now the go to country for Mideast governments.

    If Obama was our enemy he has accomplished more victories against the USA than any enemy could have. He controls both parties who just gave him everything he wanted.
    The top doers in the repuppy party Darryl Issa, Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan all look good on TV but nothing happens. Match McConeel voted with 40 democrat senators to allow our flag to be desecrated. They called it freedom of speech but just break the moment of silence rule and shout halleluia and see what happens. You will be banned from the Air Force Academy. That vote by the way was 40 days before 911 SJR7. You can see my record of it on you tube, Flag Burners of Record ABUTOM.

    Today’s elected officials have a guild. If you are not a member you can’t join. As Trump skyrockets the big rino argument is he has no political experience. You mean he can’t fly over flooded areas and take bribes from foreign governments? If you want to know how politics works in the USA ask the princes of Arabia. They probably have a chart of every politician in the USA and a price. Obama likes to bail out failing communist countries and terrorist nations with American tax money that he did not earn.
    He has done the biggest nuke deal and signed Israel’s death warrant. He has done the biggest drug deal. Wait till you get a load of cuban gold better than cigars.

    He is financing Iran’s nuclear program. Remember when the mis leaders told us Iran was days away from a nuke? They left out after Obama gets elected. Our intelligence is a failure. Do you want to see the face of American intelligence? Get a look at con grease mouse Peter King. He gets his intel from marvel comics. THE ONLY ENEMY HE EVER DISCOVERED WAS TED CRUZ. All these mis leaders have pre written speeches for failure. Two moslems shot up a Christmas party? Give me my shocked and appalled speech no 27.

    All governments are corrupt.. It is up to the people to keep them honest. The best way is to not make their seat too comfortable. One term per termite. One dollar maximum champaign contributtion. Whether you are Prince Waleed or Joe the plumber. WHAT ARE FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS DOING BUYING POLITICIANS? I know certain countries have prices for work slaves. In GCC countries, they have a chart for how much a nationality can make. So much for an Indian, a Filipino, a Sri lanken, a Brit, an American etc.
    Then comes Senators, Congressmen AND PRESIDENTS.

    America is on a losing streak and there is only one remedy. It has to be Trump. I don’t know if you notice but his intel is pretty good. He knows the competition better than you think. A New York boy drawing big numbers in the South has to be good. Now a story is coming out about a farm family he saved in Georgia years ago. Don’t forget that big flag he was ordered to take down in Floridm. He put up a bigger one.

    Look at the demoncrat side. Stalin had more opponents slated not to win. Not one racial group is questioning why the all inclusive party, that great mosaic has no rainbow.
    if this was a chicken banquet, it would be all white meat. Yet not one race card player is peeping. Last DNC convention the demoncrats kicked God off the party platform. Now they won’t let people of color on the stage. Yet the party that gets labled racist has as candidates. One great African American surgeon, two Latinos, One greek, One Italian lady etc. The communists said Trump won’t get the Latino vote or the black vote. Yet latino ladies are saying Hitlery Clinton is no abuela (grandmother) African American ladies are opening web sites supporting him. He has not begun to fight.

    If he says you can only come in legally that is it. Done and over. If he says Mexico will pay for the wall that is it DAO. If he says we are going to have the strongest military in the world. that means goodbye Obama Czars and military PC commisars. Maybe a pardon for the Ft. Levenworth 10 WHO WERE TRIED AND CONVICTED FOR HONORING THE OATH TO DEFEND THE USA THAT THEY TOOK.. Pfizer is taking their billions to Ireland to save 12%. The communists say that is unpatriotic. How about stop giving them incentives to leave the country?The sad part about what the fifth column is doing is that you and I have nowhere to go.

    If we won’t stand up against the Islamo commo party then at least put a gun slinger in power to save the land. It has to be Trump. The only good news we got was gas prices went down. All the government can do is tax you more, fine you more and take more of what you have. Tax junkies have no limit to their appetite. Trump promises jobs, less taxes and more money in your pocket. No community organizer ever created a job.

    One of the biggest nightmares Americans are living are the loss of their children to drugs and abortion. The government makes money on both and even sponsors addiction and child murder. No taxpayer should allow their money to go to rehab and democrat chop shops that sell baby eyes. The same people who demand the ten commandments be removed from federal buildings under the pretext of separation of church and snake want the national conscience destroyed. The same people who want the confederate flag removed also want the American flag removed and the cross. When moslems force a reporter to say I’m A Jew and my mother is a Jew and video tape the cutting of his throat yoiu know we are up against evil in it ugliest form. When moslems rape women and slit their throats in a manner so the the blood can be captured in a pan. You know we are up against an evil religion. The word radical is not in the koran. DON’T TRUST THE MEDIA UNLESS IT IS OANN.

    When less than one percent of the nation defends the 99% of the nation rhat refuses to face reality. You know one day the draft will come back quickly with no exemptions.

    Our best chance is Trump. He will put the best people in key positions and drain the venom that has poisoned our government. No government agency like the EPA, the IRS, the DOJ, BLM,etc. should become the tool of any political party to be used to punish their enemies. It is time to teach America American history. It is time for Americans to speak English. Instead of Obama phone it should be rosetta stone. It is time to remove boxes from all applications. Check American. Most important is to raise AMERICA’S PRIDE. GOD AND COUNTRY FOREVER.

    Let that oil pump, our enemies stump, demoncrats dump. Just vote for Trump. Viva el Trumpo, Vaya con te fiesta..



  7. Open season on Israelis means open season on their attackers as well and Netanyahu is not afraid to retaliate. He is one leader that promised to protect his countries citizens and actually means it.

  8. Islamic idiology is the enemy of mankind in general…For GOD or against GOD…Islam is in direct opposition to GOD! Thankfully Islam will not exist in Heaven!!!!

  9. I have a feeling that before Obama leaves office (if he intends to leave), he will signal the terrorists in such way they will attack Israel, in mass and I believe that signal will be the already planned attack on America by the “refugees” Obama is bringing to America……. WW3 is well on it’s way and the muslim “armies” are already in country, America and Europe.

    • Many are of the opinion that WWIII is already under way and there is no one representing us. The Oval Office may be occupied, but not by anyone representing us.

  10. WWIII, site of it all to come. And the whole world will be pulled in. BO has been quite a boon for the muslims.

  11. Write your legislators, remove Obama’s body guards as soon as he is out of office.

  12. Maybe you thought that occupied palestinians should go down on bended knee before ZioNazi torturers!

    That will never happen, as long as Gaza is one huge prison bigger than any Nazi Germany ever conceived

  13. I never could understand why is USA saddled with defending the most fascist, terrorist organization called ISRAEL

  14. Amazing that the Palestinians aren’t welcome in other Islamic countries. Historically, the Jews have the deed to Jerusalem and the remainder of Israel. They have always had a presence in the Land. During their absence as a result of the dispersion, the Arabs [“Palestinians”] did absolutely nothing with the Land. They let it decay! Now they enjoy the fruits of the Israelis who have returned and made the land flourish. The presence of the al Aqsa Mosque doesn’t mean nor has it ever meant that the land is theirs. The Palestinians as well as their andi-God U.N. backers have the same desire as other Muslims . . . the annihilation of Israel! It isn’t going to happen! I don’t say so, God Almighty says so! Argue with Him!

  15. Thanks to the negro. And you got one more year of his HELL!! The negro hates Israel, hates whites, hates Britain, hates America, he even hates NEGROES, of all things!!

    Nobody is doing well under this negro, except himself.

  16. Taking care of business!

    Biblical, no?

  17. God gave the land referred to as Palestine to Israel and Israel should have never given that land to people who call themselves Palestinians. The so called Palestinians are muslims which have been displaced by their own countries, primarily Jordan. The people who call themselves Palestinians will never be satisfied until Israel is totally destroyed and occupied by muslims. The destruction of Israel includes the murder of all of the Jews living there. The smart thing for Israel to do is to reclaim the land land called Palestine because the transfer of land for peace was a total farce from the beginning and therefore the agreement is null and void. The muslim occupiers should be returned to the muslim countries from which they came. Israel should never even consider giving the land which God gave to them to muslims.

  18. All our government and media are doing is working on destroying Israel, and they don’t care what will happen with their actions. BHO is always going to favor his Muslim brothers over and above the American people and the Israeli’s. But, he thinks he is going to be lionized as a “great American president?” He is in for one heck of a major shock, when he finally sees his “legacy”.

  19. ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’donald trump or cruz 2016”””””””””””””””””””””””””’
    ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””long live israel there to stay forever””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  20. The Arabs in Israel aren’t Palestinians, they are just Arabs period, the only Palestinian’s in Israel are Jews, it is a Latin Slang word for Philistine’s the enemies of the Jews and used to insult the Jews, Arafat started this lie and he was a Egyptian and not a Arab, wish people would wake up and get it right? The Arab Muslims want to destroy Israel, not live in peace with them as their book says to kill them where ever and when ever you get a chance, they will never let the Jews have peace as long as they both exist. Kick the Arabs off your land Israel, it is yours and not theirs.

  21. Hmmm

    This article is a travesty because it falsely paints the Palestinians as the problem in Jerusalem. But let us be clear about the basic underlying problem: Israel has no legal or moral right to control let along annex Jerusalem. It is therefore acting in direct violation of international law. Consequently none of the actions Israel has unilaterally taken in Jerusalem or for that matter anywhere beyond the 1948 lines it illegal. Under international law the Palestinian people have a fundamental right to self defense and self determination up to and including resisting Israel’s illegal military occupation. Therefore to suggest Palestinians are at fault for defending their lands, homes, businesses and families against an Israel’s illegal occupation isn’t just wrong. It is in fact irrational. As is Israel’s claim of a right to steal other people’s property. Not mention their lives. These are the root causes of the violence in Jerusalem and all of Palestine. And it represents the true fact of “terrorism” in Palestine.

    There will never be peace in the Palestine until such time as Israel returns to its legal 1948 borders. Returning all lands and property subsequently stolen and full financial restitution is made. In other words until such time as the Jews in Israel start treating the Palestinians in the same manner in which the demand the world treats Jews nothing will change.

    The racism, bigotry and hatred on display in these comments is indicative of Israel’s other problem. It highlights the other component in the violence in Palestine for the last 70 years. Namely Jewish hatred of
    Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. This hatred stems from the beliefs and teachings of the radical right wing, fundamentalist Jews currently in control of the Israeli government. Israel has every right to survive and prosper. But that can never justify the war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid Israel is committing against the Palestinian people. If this delusion is allowed to continue, Israel will not.

    • ddearborn???? Really?? Do you infest the lovely city of dearborn!

      • Hmmm

        “Do you infest the lovely city of dearborn” hatred and bigotry personified in the first reaction to my post. Why am I not in the least bit surprised. Since you have chosen to keep your comments private I would hazard to guess that if you actually ever wore a uniform at all, it was in Israel. Have a good evening.

        • Stick it scum bag, I wore the uniform of the USMC garbage, come get me

          • Hmmm

            Dearborn’s have proudly served America in every conflict and war since this
            country was founded. You see it just so happens that I really am a honorably discharged 11B. And I still have my DD214 to prove it.

            A self-professed Marine who publicly goes about disparaging its name, I doubt it.
            Gerald, unlike you, I proudly served my country. “come get me” ? Do tough guys really mutter idiotic sophomoric comments like that? I doubt that too. What I don’t doubt is I never addressed you in the first place asshole. Unless of course that was you
            cowering behind “OSAMA OBAMA”. Either way, I have wasted enough time
            here already. So why don’t you stick it scum bag, and just crawl back under whatever rock you were hiding under.

          • I doubt that you have been in any uniform garbage, if you did you were drafted, the only liberal dem bloodsuckers I ever saw in uniform were draftees

    • Stick it sand flea, hope Israel catches you and sticks a mortar up your fanny.

  22. Israel could totally destroy Islam with two atomic bombs (Mecca & Medina) and one MOAB on the Dome of the Rock. That would bring them peace after the initial riots.

  23. Yes, it is a dark time for Israel and also for the U.S.A. which is making it dark for Israel. A genuine American would help Israel now, not work to destroy it, as Obama and all Democrats are doing. How sorry is a Democrat? You cannot measure it.

  24. Amazing how the media can twist the fact that Israhell is the aggressor here and the Palestinians are the ones having their land and their dignity taken away

  25. The best thing we could do for Israel is to turn our backs and tell them we don’t see nor hear what is going on. When things have been corrected they can announce that they have resolved the problem and we can buy up the dehydrated meat scraps (etc) they have to offer and we will use that as bait for our fishing fleets.

  26. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Try reading the history of the Middle East and you’ll discover no one forced these people off any land. Israel didn’t start the wars and they didn’t force anyone to leave.You watch too many CNN, MSNBC news accounts that dismiss the truth and are basically PC nonsense.

  27. Israel should get their own 2nd Amendment & arm Every citizen

  28. The PMIC’s sole desire is to destroy our Constitution and this country. I’m a bit crazy, but when it happens, try to think back that this OLD fart told ya so..
    There WILL BE NO ELECTION.. Think !
    Strategically placed, all across America are people that the PMIC likes to refer to as “refugees!” Got news for ya. He and geo soros are getting ready to cause the biggest race riot in history! Once he’s done that, he will declare martial law, which will totally shut government down! Nothing moved, no election!! His next move will be to abolish term limits. At about this time, there will be so much shit hitting the fan that his soldiers, (refugees) will come crawling out of the woodwork to protect his sorry ass. Then, he will call in UN troops and he’ll declare himself a dictator. ALL OF THIS will happen because WE THE SHEEPLE HAVE allowed it to happen..

  29. Got news for you. If anyone has ever engaged themselves in deep thought, it really isn’t that hard to figure out….
    The PMIC hates Israel. The PMIC struck a deal with Iran. The PMIC gave billions to Iran. The PMIC is hoping those billions will facilitate in Israel’s DESTRUCTION. Little does the halfbreed bastard know, but Iran also hates American, and they’ll also aim quite a few this way. Only thing is, just before they start sending them this way, Iran will phone up the PMIC and let him know so that he and his fellow terrorists can either take cover or escape the country! Iran AND the PMIC both are MOOSELUMS. We need be getting ready for the worst! We haven’t suffered shit yet!!!

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