Dan Crenshaw Doesn’t Want Illegals Voting. A Democrat Says That’s “Racist”

In a town hall in Illinois last week, Rep. Sean Casten was asked by one of his constituents to comment on the neverending anti-Semitic remarks coming from Rep. Ilhan Omar. Casten, as is the way of the Democrats, rushed to defend Omar from her own indefensible statements and actions, and he did so in the usual way: Not by actually addressing the remarks but by instead attacking Republicans.

“There are people who are afraid to go to a synagogue because they’re afraid they might be shot. I’m not worried about Ilhan Omar,” Casten said. “I’m worried about attacks from that are coming down from the right and we are far too quick to condemn hatred when it comes out of a mouth of a brown woman with a head scarf than we are to condemn when it comes out of a mouth of a white supremacist.”

Yeah, no one ever says a thing when a white supremacist says something terrible. Huh?

Of course, when your definition of “white supremacist” includes every Republican lawmaker in the House, including those who sacrificed much on behalf of their country, then you can feel free to make remarks that are as reckless as that one. Discussing the House resolution to condemn Omar’s comments earlier this year – the one that devolved into a meaningless resolution against “racism” of all kinds without even mentioning Omar by name – Casten blasted one of his Republican colleagues.

“The last amendment on the floor that day came from Dan Crenshaw, the new Republican, the Navy SEAL with the eye patch,” Casten said. “He came up with an amendment to say we’re going to add a rider on this bill that says that illegals can’t vote. Why are you doing that? The reason you’re doing that is because you are a racist. Because you are trying to appeal to people who will vote for you if you stand up and oppose brown people.”


Crenshaw responded in the classy yet devastating way he’s known for.

“Rep. Casten, we’ve never met, we’ve never talked. I’ve never insulted you,” he said. “But instead of articulating a policy position, you resort to petty name-calling, which is a good indication you can’t defend your argument with any sort of intellectual vigor. This is Congress — it’s our job to debate — but please leave you smear tactics at home next time.”

Gnaw on that one, Rep. Casten. And maybe give it a half-second’s thought next time you want to accuse someone of being a “racist.”

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