Dan Bongino Sounds Off On Mouthy, Critical Secret Service Agent

Over the last few days, you’ve probably heard anonymous reports in the media that Secret Service agents are speaking out about President Trump’s “reckless” decision to drive over and wave to his supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center on Sunday. None of these agents are ever named, of course, and we’re sure it’s not difficult to find one agent in a sea of more than 3,000 who is willing to badmouth the president for a reporter. Especially if you expand that scope to include former agents as well.

Speaking of former Secret Service agents, Dan Bongino says that it’s just one guy out there giving reporters all of these precious quotes. A former agent himself, Bongino said this week that he is in constant contact with hundreds of former colleagues, and none of them had a single problem with Trump’s trip to see his supporters.

As an example of what Bongino is reacting to, we quote reporter Yashar Ali, who provided these two texts from the anonymous agent on Sunday:

“I am beside myself. He is willfully disregarding the health and safety of the agents around him. They have no choice as they will carry out their mission but if this is not a clear indication that he could give two sh*** about their health safety then I do not know what is.”

“I remember a time when we used to judge protectees based on whether they traveled over the holidays; thus impacting the family lives of the agents. Now moving forward I guess the litmus test is whether or not the president will kill me.”

Bongino was unamused.

“Just to be clear folks, I remain in contact with hundreds of my former colleagues in the Secret Service and this is BULL***,” he tweeted. “This ‘commentary’ is from one agent (we all pretty much know who it is) who serves as a quote factory for negativity when they need to advance a narrative.”

Of course, now we are days removed from that car ride, which inspired rage from every corner of the media, and Trump’s detractors are on to other things. His tweets telling people not to be afraid of COVID. His decision to take off his mask upon returning to the White House. And whatever else they’ve dredged up between the time we started writing this sentence and now.

It never ends with them. They don’t seem to realize that, after a nonstop, five-year-long barrage of this nonsense, it all just ends up sounding like white noise.

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