D.C. to Pay Residents Not to Commit Crime

It’s not uncommon to hear people claim that Washington is broken, and that sentiment applies to more than just the federal government. The city council in the nation’s capital is one of the most regrettable snakepits of liberalism in America. These hooligans have already attracted the ire of conservatives with their repeated attempts to disregard the Second Amendment, but what they’re planning to do now might be even more ridiculous.

The council voted (unanimously!) on a bill this week that would pay a stipend to certain residents to keep them from breaking the law. The legislation is the brainchild of Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, who argued that the stipend would be part of a broader strategy to reduce violent crime rates in the city. As part of his proposal, the city would select up to 200 residents considered “at risk” for committing crime. These residents would then be given the chance to complete some form of behavioral therapy program. If successful, they get paid.

Eh, it’s not the worst idea in the world, you say. Throw ’em a hundred bucks, maybe it’ll keep them off the streets for a couple of weeks.

Except, they don’t want to give these people walking-around money. The bill doesn’t specify a dollar amount, but participants in Richmond, California’s similar program receive up to – take a deep breath – $9,000 a year.

$9,000 a year. For not committing crime. Good work if you can get it, huh?

The program must still be approved by the Democratic mayor, and the funding for the $4.9 million initiative will have to be raised in some fashion by the Council. In all likelihood, it will mean raising taxes. In further likelihood, the Council will probably try to find some way to make D.C. gun owners pay for this program. Until, of course, they are smacked down yet again by a federal court.

Once again, Democrats think they can simply spend their way out of a jam. It didn’t work the last 5,000 times it was tried, but hey, maybe this will be the exception that proves the rule.

There’s been some talk lately about giving Washington D.C. residents better representation in the U.S. Congress. If this is the way those folks vote, though, maybe that’s an idea we should leave on the backburner for a while.

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  1. LOL, the DC council is paying the MOB for protection….

  2. I live in CA, I got to take a trip up to Richmond and promise not to commit a crime, and then extract my $9k….

    I will bet if all the honest citizens did the same, the Government would collapse. .

  3. Does anyone else but me think a form of extortion is possible?

  4. give them a broom and put them to work

  5. The Council will NOT “raise the money.” We the people will pay for yet another beyond ignorant program that will fail. Can it get any more stupid than this?

    • “Can it get any more stupid than this?” Stop saying that. THEY see it as a challenge.

    • Interestingly, congress funds D.C.

      • And we fund Congress.

        • American voters need to be more careful who they elect.
          Take now for instance.
          Cruz is not eligible, I cannot fathom calling someone who has held citizenship all his life in another country and his conditions of birth a NBC, his being a Canadian citizen tells me he chose his country of citizenship by never filing the proper paperwork, and he’s a lawyer. And, Rubio, born to two Cuban Nationals who at his birth were not American citizens by any means. Looks like Obama has started something and every person on the planet wants to follow his lead, what will we see next? Putin for Prez.?

          • Please just STOP w/the Cruz not eligible mantra. His mother was & is an American citizen when he was born. He was declared eligible just today by the Board of Elections, so it’s time to move on.

          • How about you people who are ignorant gather up ALL the info on these people. There is word Cruz’s dad took Canadian citizenship BEFORE taking American citizenship AND his mother took Canadian citizenship when his dad did, and VOTED in Canada.. Dual American citizenship is not automatic and word further is the documents needed were NOT filed in Canada or the U.S. Embassy to put this in place by his parents. BUT the two big things are: Cruz held Canadian citizenship for over FORTY YEARS, which to me says he made his choice of his country of citizenship, AND recently another item has surfaced, Cruz has sealed his education documents because it is suggested he was a foreign student. (NOW, does all this sound familiar?) Before anyone is placed on the ballot, CONGRESS must vet them and answer these questions, not only on Cruz, but also on Rubio, who is not Constitutionally eligible).
            PLUS, there are many more issues which need to be addressed on candidates.
            SO, don’t tell me to stop the Cruz is not eligible mantra!

            AND the Board of Electors you refer to is a board in Illinois, does this also sound familiar?

          • What people are saying is that , for example, if a woman has a baby in another nation because she or her husband is in the military, the baby isn’t a U.S. citizen. In short, they aren’t thinking thru what they are writing or saying.

          • If, as you state both parents are Americans, and one or the other is serving in the military in another country, the medical facility where the child is born, if on a U. S. base, is considered American soil. The child would be “a natural born American Citizen.

          • Yes -BOTH Parents – see how that works ?

          • Cruz is legal to run

          • Read this carefully, please: The U. S. Constitution has special requirements for anyone that runs for the office of President, that do not apply to any other office. Besides being a Citizen, you must be a “natural born Citizen”. That means that the mother and father must both be American Citizens at the time of birth, and the birth must be on American soil.
            Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are Citizens, but they are not “natural born Citizens”.
            Ted Cruz was born in Canada, to an American Citizen mother, and a father who was born in Cuba and at the time of Ted’s birth was a Canadian Citizen. Ergo, not a “natural born American Citizen.”
            Marco Rubio was born in America, but at that time both his parents were citizens of Cuba. His parents, according to Marco’s bio, became “legalized” citizens when Marco was four years old. Ergo,
            also not a “natural born American Citizen.
            As citizens, but not “natural born citizens”, both men qualify as elected members of Congress, but not the Presidency.
            Obama, even if he was born in Hawaii, is also not a “natural born Citizen, because the man he claims as his father was a citizen of Kenya, not the U.S. He is not, according to the Constitution, a legal occupant of the White House. Those of us who opposed his running for the office in 2008, were labeled racists and “birthers”. His “race” had nothing to do with the public’s disapproval, It was because it was an affront to our Founders and Framers of the Constitution.
            America has to make a decision— do we want our Constitution to remain intact, or shall we ignore it and allow our Nation to be run as Dictatorship, or Anarchy?
            Ignorance of the Constitution got us Obama in 2008. One HUGE mistake for our Sovereign Republic. Can we afford to make another such error? The people who are saying that Cruz and Rubio are legal candidates, are either working for the destruction of American, or just too ignorant by far of the purpose for our Constitution, and Article II, Section I, paragraph 5, in particular.

          • I AM WITH YOU ON THIS, BUT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ERADICATE THE ineligible plague in the WH at present. Everyone seems to know about Obama, but no one will jerk him out of the WH, I am for anyone who will obey the Constitution and protect America, I think Cruz will do both these things.

          • Now you gonna be called a racists ! See how that works ???

          • Board of elections in ONE state. The DNC owns the federal election commision !

          • Natural Born Citizen = TWO U.S. citizen parents ! Only doesn’t apply if your half-black ! Barrack ain’t legal ! PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

          • Putin can’t be any worse than what we have now,can he??

          • Why can’t Cruz be President? You elected Obama a Kenya village person, TWICE.

          • Get serious.
            (I hate responding to 13 year olds.)

          • Not me slick – I voted against that maggot TWICE !

          • drrocko, Thank you, certainly a lot of those other folks with their head up their arsxxx did, and we are all paying the price.

          • I DID NOT elect Obama, I knew he was ineligible before there were any votes.
            The NWO set him up and now the Repub’s think they can do the same, that’s why the are upset with Trump running.

          • Thank you for your votes, sad some of the other people can’t see the harm O is doing. They would probably vote for him a third time if they had the chance. Sad

          • Natural Born Citizen has TWO US citizen parents ! Cruz’s father became a citizen after he was born. You are correct. And Barrack is NOT a US NBC. He is illegally holding office.

          • Cruz’s father was a Canadian citizen before he (later) became an American citizen.

          • Correct – Cruz is NOT a “Natural Born Citizen” !

          • You are wrong

  6. Pay them not to commit crimes. Goes along with paying them not to work. How about we pay them not to have babies, or better yet, pay them to leave the country.

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    • there you go…pay the ahole’s ticket to somewhere else….lots of land in africa…you can even give them a little check for “termination pay”…of course clowns like kenyan and his messiah in the oral office, kenyan boyo, want to stack the payouts from those miserable honkys….free shelter, free food, free transportation, free phones, free internet, free health care, free welfare, now a free bonus for not stealing, raping, beating, or murdering anyone….waiting for the announcement of the next “freebie”…

      • I already heard the next FreeBy is Free “Condoms” to students in school. Must be a good way to keep’m from playing Hooky. We know the Restrooms for all genders are going to be packed, doing ,you know what.

      • Yup ! And that disbarred dog-eating “down low” racist muslim loving maggot leaves office he’s headed for Dubai. Where he just bought hisself a nice new mansion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

    • I love the last suggestion.

    • How about not give them a dime, and tell them follow the law or go to prison. Stupid stupid liberals they are.

    • we already pay obama to leave the country but he keeps coming back.is there anything we can do about that??

  7. More STUPIDITY coming out of Washington, D.C. This idiot idea is only fair if THEY PAY EVERYBODY and there are far too many politicians than they can afford!

  8. This goes beyond the Orwell experience, right into the realm of Ripley’s believe it or not.

  9. Hey, wait a minute! This IS cheaper than putting a couple of them in jail! Just think, too, it gives the WDC police something to do, since there’s no guns allowed, crime is way down, right? Now they also will need to hire a plethora of specialists to mentor, counsel, & track, so this will also cut the unemployment.
    It’s a win-win!

  10. We need to bring back the chain gangs. If you commit a crime you are sent to prison and must work at hard labor as part of your sentence. We could clean up our streets and highways and could use these criminals to help rebuild our infrastructure. It might help reduce the crime rate if they knew that they would have to work for no pay in order to help repay those against the criminal committed his crime. It would help offset the high cost of incarceration while reducing the cost of taking care of our infrastructure.

    • Can’t have chain gang’s that would be crule and unusual punishment for some one who raped and sodimized a woman or child; tortured and murderd some one: don’t you think these criminals have feelings too?

    • In Texas at Huntsville the prisoners also grow their own crops. If they get tired of that they can get in the Huntsville Prison Rodeo and with luck can break a leg and end up in Sick Bay for a while….

      • There is a prison in my home county that used to raise their own crops. It was good for the prisoners to raise their own food and be pretty much self sufficient. Things changed when liberals decided that it was cruel and unusual punishment to force prisoners to work and provide for themselves. The prison is now run by an outside for profit corporation and is a drain on our tax dollars.

    • Sheriff Joe in Arizona agrees with you. He makes it unpleasant for the prisoners.

  11. Americans Wake Up

    Another new welfare program. Wish we could Congress to do their job… oh wait! We do pay them, they just choose not to do anything.

  12. just about the time you think these clueless politicians cannot possibly become more stupid,they come up with something like this,again,whose money are they giving away,if the scum commit a crime,just lock them up,this is one of those left leaning socialist democrat idea

  13. If they commit crimes then just pay them with lead went they are caught in the act

  14. Are there people that are really that dumb?

  15. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    Thats another stupid action that the PRESIDENT wants and the brainwash members of congress will approve it through their stupidity

  16. Dennis B Anderson

    WOW Obama is doing everything to help out the scum and bring down america. How about it if we just get rid of one half baked Kenyan. Its time this guy was behind bars with his administration. Jail time and death is in order here and everybody knows it. Its gone to far and this mutt of a president keeps pushing. What bothers me is we now have no justice..

  17. I thought that program was called welfare?

  18. Nine grand for not killing, raping, beating, robbing, etc. Hey. I think I’ll apply for that. In fact I’ll promise to stay out of their city entirely. DC was never my favorite place.

    • BTW are there any white people living in DC?

      • The last time I was in DC, about a month ago, I think there are at least two or three white people. Why they are there, I have no idea.

      • There were a few when I was there. Of course that was about 40 years ago. I’m not sure about the present situation. But if they want to pay me to not commit crimes there, well I’ll stay away from the city entirely.

  19. DC = Democratic Communists

  20. Put them in a police uniform without a weapon and let them patrol the streets at night in their “hoods”. That will give them the opportunity to catch a thief for their money or get mugged by one of their own.

  21. How does one prove he does not commit crimes?

  22. I think I might do something bad now pay me!

  23. Now now are we talking about white bad guys here? Blacks don’t commit crimes do they?

  24. So the one`s selected to get it are going to piss off the one`s not selected then you will have to come up with more money to pay them this program has no limit eventually it will include everyone. Now the largest program for the tax payer is the federal pay a criminal program. Hell they would be better of paying kids to stay in school an maintain a b average grade.The program their proposing will create more criminals we will have a class of paid professional criminals

  25. Obama in the WH and blacks in D.C. clearly show that black people cannot govern.

  26. Thought we were already paying them?

  27. Expect more of this lunacy when Ohillary or Burnie is elected.

  28. they are already being paid with welfare and a host of other entitlements.. how much more does this government want to pay these thugs?? money isn’t the cure all for these street animals…hard time ,chain gangs and public humiliation . do to them what they did to society

  29. It would seem to me it would be cheaper to buy more bullets.

  30. Another form of Welfare. More out of the taxpayers pockets for useless riffraff.

  31. Paying “at risk” people to NOT be criminals ? Sounds like the city has too much money.

  32. Are we back to paying tribute to Barbary Coast Pirates? We pay to be left alone?
    What sheer and utter nonsense! It is another Liberal Progressive Democrat ruse to redistribute wealth to the crap of society. It is another form of welfare where people are given support not to work or in this case commit crime. It is psychotic!!!

  33. Mark N Starla Traina


  34. Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP says pay them in HOT LEAD TIPS!

  35. Mark N Starla Traina

    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP
    Make checks payable to the “NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of WHITE PEOPLE”

  36. They are already being paid, give me a break. I have a better idea, pay them not to breathe.

  37. It is nothing more than REPARATIONS being paid by the tax payers! This communist regime and their minions are “TRANSFORMING” AMERIKA as the Muslim-Marxist jihadist had fore-warned! I HOPE THAT ALL THE MENTALLY DISORDERED USEFUL IDIOTS THAT VOTED FOR THIS DEMONIC PSCHOPATH ARE ecstatic with their decision! It is only going to get worse as I foresee no presidential elections being held in 2016, hell if they don’t make this new Hitler step down there probably won’t be a country left! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr=================================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed! mInr NSA!

  38. I can use some extra money. Perhaps I could commit some crimes, then go straight and get paid for it. WTH???

  39. The Liberal Lunacy never seizes to amaze me. apparently they don’t have common conservative logic, God gave man a Brain to do the thinking, but so many in Washington preferre to use the other end to do the thinking with.

  40. I have an idea , let’s pay the thugs and the politicians to live this nation.

  41. That takes the whole biscuit. Most of the people who commit the crimes are doing it for drug money, according to most law enforcement agencies. So just pay their drug bills and wait. I’m guessing but I’ll bet that those selected will get their $9,000 and then knock over a store to supplement the check because drug street prices went up when the government check began coming.

  42. I thought of something that could be more of a permanent solution. Allow the people of DC to shoot criminals without fear of prosecution. It would not cost taxpayers anything and would rid the area of at least some of the criminals who pray on those who cannot defend themselves.No pay, just a bullet and plot at the local cemetery.

  43. Has the US just fell off the turnip wagon or what ?

  44. Is it just me or am I the only one that sees the “minority” blacks ,all 13% of them are in every TV add? Every last one and in every TV program being aired has at least one black in the cast. Not to mention that blacks are always in a power position judges police chiefs etc etc.Just an observation An observation that I’m sick of

  45. D.C. to Pay Residents Not to Commit Crime
    As ABSURD a proposition as this is. . IT SEEMS THEY JUST WANT TO GIVE ALL THE MONEY AWAY. And it doesn’t seem to matter to whom they give it. IT’S YOUR Dollars they don’t have anything to give away.
    Now understand I am a thousand miles away from DC, and don’t have any plans to go there, however, I think I will apply for some of these funds, for I don’t intend to be in DC and won’t commit a crime there.
    All these facts should make me eligible for their give away. It’s time for Americans to get rid of all those deadbeats in DC.

  46. Here we have another crime ridden city run by Demorats who, having run the city into debt, propose to reduce crime by spending money “raised in some fashion by council.” This truly is the District of Criminals!


    Maybe crime free people with no records will commit crimes to get paid to to stop. ‘m against that program

  48. NO WORDS!

  49. Absolutely asinine idea. But that’s DC for you.

  50. Can tourists and other visitors collect a per diem or is this just another vote buying sceme aimed to get the votes of the unconvicted thugs of DC?

  51. Socialism to the extreme.

  52. It sure did not work with obama & that cost $9k a second the & Clock is still ticking

  53. What a JOKE,D.C.will go broke,paying off their CORRUPT PLOITICIANS !!

  54. Raymundo Munoz Gavina

    Oh sure, another stupid law if it’s indeed a law, once you run out of money, then they’ll commit crime, what a joke

  55. Only in Barracks liberal utopia ! Who said “crime don’t pay” ???

  56. Ultimately this will not work. The greater drive for these criminal elements will be to double dip. Collect free money with a promise not to commit crimes and to do as they please in committing crimes. When and if caught what are they going to do remind them of their promise and demand the free money back? Good luck with that! This kind of thing would only work with ethical people and criminals are just NOT that kind of people.

  57. Kind of like paying folks to turn in their OLD, seriously used and out of order guns. Here is a hint, most use the money given to them to buy an upgrade. Morons

  58. All parts of DC, are a cesspool.

  59. So the District of Criminals wants to pay the criminal element not to commit crimes. This is the dumbest idea the liberal City Council of Washington has ever come up with. Better yet why not call up the Washington Nation Guard to interface with the police department and put them on 24 hour watch on every street corner in medium to high crime areas in the District. They should also consider a curfew in the same areas.

  60. Here’s an idea! Get Al “Notso” Sharp-ton to pay his taxes and then petition the IRS to provide you money for this ludricris idea! At least the taxpayers of Washington won’t get stuck paying for this, the dumbest idea of 2016!

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