D.C. Still Circumventing 2nd Amendment

After a federal judge ruled in July that Washington D.C.’s ban on handgun carry was unconstitutional, opponents of 2nd Amendment restrictions were thrilled. Finally, the nation’s capital could set an example for the rest of the country. Finally, the Constitution – housed downtown at the National Archives Building – would be upheld. Well, city officials have done everything in their power to avoid living up to the ruling.

As part of their forced approval of concealed carry, the D.C. City Council handed the local police department the responsibility of writing the new regulations. What they came up with is clearly not in the spirit of the federal ruling, and at least one lawyer has already decided to take the city back to court. In the meantime, the process of getting a concealed carry permit is stifling, confusing, and contrary to freedom. Instead of going the sensible route – a shall issue policy – D.C. is forcing applicants to prove they are in imminent danger before giving out a permit. Merely living in one of the country’s worst cities for crime isn’t enough, says Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Constitution No Longer Relevant?

Emily Miller, an investigator for a D.C. Fox affiliate, said she asked a civilian police department employee why the city wasn’t abiding by the Bill of Rights. He mused that “when the Second Amendment was written, that was more or less for when the British were coming.”

It may be stretching to claim that one civilian employee’s offhand remark represents the philosophy of city officials, but they do “more or less” encapsulate the philosophy of the anti-gun left. Why, consider Texas A&M law professor Mary Margaret Penrose. She has called for nothing less than a full repeal of the Second Amendment, claiming that the Constitution is outdated and badly in need of a rewrite.

Speaking at a Connecticut gun control symposium, Penrose blamed the Constitution for the recent ride in mass shootings. In a transparent attempt to appeal to conservatives, she suggested that we move to a states’ rights model, allowing each state to draft new gun laws from scratch. “I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment.”

It’s absolutely baffling that seemingly-educated people still believe that the answer to quelling gun violence lies in making more stringent laws. The city of Chicago has some of the most blatantly anti-constitutional gun laws in the country to go right along with one of the worst murder rates. Again and again it has been proven: gun control laws do nothing to prevent gun crime. Period. What they do is make law-abiding citizens unable to protect themselves in the face of danger.

Washington D.C. is undoubtedly going to wind up in federal court once again for their failure to present a constitutional approach to carry laws, but it’s people like Penrose that concern me even more. When the Constitution is regarded as “outdated” and “misunderstood,” it leaves us in a kind of lawless limbo where each and every right is up for grabs. Which one will be next on the list for the authoritarian left?

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