D.C. Still Circumventing 2nd Amendment

After a federal judge ruled in July that Washington D.C.’s ban on handgun carry was unconstitutional, opponents of 2nd Amendment restrictions were thrilled. Finally, the nation’s capital could set an example for the rest of the country. Finally, the Constitution – housed downtown at the National Archives Building – would be upheld. Well, city officials have done everything in their power to avoid living up to the ruling.

As part of their forced approval of concealed carry, the D.C. City Council handed the local police department the responsibility of writing the new regulations. What they came up with is clearly not in the spirit of the federal ruling, and at least one lawyer has already decided to take the city back to court. In the meantime, the process of getting a concealed carry permit is stifling, confusing, and contrary to freedom. Instead of going the sensible route – a shall issue policy – D.C. is forcing applicants to prove they are in imminent danger before giving out a permit. Merely living in one of the country’s worst cities for crime isn’t enough, says Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Constitution No Longer Relevant?

Emily Miller, an investigator for a D.C. Fox affiliate, said she asked a civilian police department employee why the city wasn’t abiding by the Bill of Rights. He mused that “when the Second Amendment was written, that was more or less for when the British were coming.”

It may be stretching to claim that one civilian employee’s offhand remark represents the philosophy of city officials, but they do “more or less” encapsulate the philosophy of the anti-gun left. Why, consider Texas A&M law professor Mary Margaret Penrose. She has called for nothing less than a full repeal of the Second Amendment, claiming that the Constitution is outdated and badly in need of a rewrite.

Speaking at a Connecticut gun control symposium, Penrose blamed the Constitution for the recent ride in mass shootings. In a transparent attempt to appeal to conservatives, she suggested that we move to a states’ rights model, allowing each state to draft new gun laws from scratch. “I think the Second Amendment is misunderstood and I think it’s time today, in our drastic measures, to repeal and replace that Second Amendment.”

It’s absolutely baffling that seemingly-educated people still believe that the answer to quelling gun violence lies in making more stringent laws. The city of Chicago has some of the most blatantly anti-constitutional gun laws in the country to go right along with one of the worst murder rates. Again and again it has been proven: gun control laws do nothing to prevent gun crime. Period. What they do is make law-abiding citizens unable to protect themselves in the face of danger.

Washington D.C. is undoubtedly going to wind up in federal court once again for their failure to present a constitutional approach to carry laws, but it’s people like Penrose that concern me even more. When the Constitution is regarded as “outdated” and “misunderstood,” it leaves us in a kind of lawless limbo where each and every right is up for grabs. Which one will be next on the list for the authoritarian left?

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  1. Well, D.C. is right back where they started from. For years it had one of the highest murder rates nationwide commencing with the ban in 1963, but the gun ban was lifted. An article written in The Silver Circle Underground (Dec. 13, 2012) noted that “Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner is reporting that homicides in Washington, D.C. have dropped to their lowest level since 1963. This is significant for handgun enthusiasts, as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of ‘gun rights in District of Columbia V. Heller in 2008, thus striking down a handgun ban in the nation’s Capitol.’ Since the ban was lifted, Washington D.C.’s murder rate has dropped like a stone reaching historic lows.”
    And now the ban is ON AGAIN, and the murder rate is sky-rocketing! Nice going – Bozos – you just never learn, do you?

    Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner is reporting
    that homicides in Washington DC have dropped to their lowest level
    since 1963. This is significant for handgun enthusiasts, as the Supreme
    Court ruled in favor of gun rights in District of Columbia v. Heller
    in 2008, thus striking down a handgun ban in the nation’s capital.
    Since the ban was lifted, Washington DC’s murder rate has dropped like a
    stone, reaching historic lows. – See more at:
    Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner is reporting
    that homicides in Washington DC have dropped to their lowest level
    since 1963. This is significant for handgun enthusiasts, as the Supreme
    Court ruled in favor of gun rights in District of Columbia v. Heller
    in 2008, thus striking down a handgun ban in the nation’s capital.
    Since the ban was lifted, Washington DC’s murder rate has dropped like a
    stone, reaching historic lows. – See more at:

    • They really do NOT learn and it is mostly because the level of their ‘education’ is SERIOUSLY misjudged. If all they learn is hocus pocus and lies, they really haven’t learned ANYTHING at all have they? Our ‘learned’ folk are all grossly IGNORANT these days.

  2. Time to take out the trash.. IMPEACH OBAMA

    • You CANNOT impeach someone who doesn’t legally hold the office! He’s ILLEGAL as hell, carries a dead man’s social security card and cannot and WILL NOT prove his place and date of birth. The only way he can be evicted from office is if THOUSANDS of WE THE PEOPLE marched on the white house, arrested him, jailed his pitiful ass and tried him for treason. No military can be involved, it HAS TO BE WE THE PEOPLE! So be ready, since no one has the balls and no one wants to coordinate such a feat, WE THE PEOPLE ARE SCREWED. Get ready for martial law, a dictator and shitria law….

    • you cant impeach him our country is to dirty an evil to the core,an Lucifer sits in the whitehouse.

  3. One would think that DC would strive to be a role model for adherence to the constitution.

  4. Okay Republicans what are YOU going to do about Obama, WE the People want to know ? Fox, sites like this are the ONLY news Media to come out about this Architect who helped form this worthless Obamcare called the American people STUPID, Dummies & admitted he LIED in order to get this passed, because if the American people knew the truth they would not want it ,along with Pelosi, who said ” we have to pass this bill to know what is in it “,Obama who came before the TV, many times ” You can keep your own Insurance & Doctor you like, Obamacare will save you thousands of dollars”… This is one that needs to be looked at, We want to hear from you, come before the TV to talk to the people…

    What are you doing about the Amnesty, we do not want it… there is no negociating with this MADMAN, he has an Agenda he wants to accomplish , while we are complaining, he is going ahead with accomplishing his dirty, underhanded tricks…

    What are YOU going to do about his taking over the INTERNET ? STOP HIM ! FREEDOM of speech…

    He is bound to take the GUNS away from the People, we want you to stop him …

    Spending money like a drunken sailor… when is this all going to stop ? If it means to shut down the Government, IMPEACH him, then we better look into it to STOP this MADMAN & his regime !

    • Well folks, he said it today.. Ovomit, in his own words said, “The hell with the constitution!” And the worst part? Most will sit back and allow him to become the official emporer that he already thinks he is…

    • The Republican Party lacks the testicular fortitude to engage the Alinsky, Cloward and Pivens Commie, Pinko, Socialist Democrats Liberals, in any kind of meaningful battle for fear of losing Undecided voters, ie. Political Correct sycophants; or to actually engage in all out political war over the Constitutional rights of the people as interpreted by the people; not some greedy, maniacal, liberal, progressive, turd burper politician who wants New World Order compliance with out question from his constituents.


  5. The second amendment is written in plain language that any 6-7 grade kid[excepting modern age pupils]can read with little problem. It states clearly that”the right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed”. In light of this,one must assume that liberals and Judges must fall short of the reasoning ability of the aforementioned qualifications.

    • Replace that word “must” with the word “shall”. Then you will have it right. The word “shall” is non permissive. Must can be up for interpretation just like Clinton’s “is”.



  6. Washington DC is the most screwed up city in the US. totally anti American, anti Constitution. time for these so called leaders to go.

    • Mr Putin has begun DUMPING the US dollar by the millions, N Korean leader calls Ovomit “that little half-breed monkey over there in that big white house,” and congress and the senate are going to sit on their RICH, dead asses and watch the country go down the tubes.. What’s new??

  7. Where in the 2A does it say except and or but ? It Doesn’t . states and federal govt restricting 2A is UnConstitutional, this includes the restriction of ammo.
    Shall Not Be Infringed. People should have been
    On this from the beginning, it should be stood up to Now, everywhere 2A is INFRINGED.

  8. Ever consider that CC “permits” are unConstitutional? They are. Here we are back at “What part if infringe do you not understand……………….?

  9. Until we get rid of unconstitutional judges this country will never operate efficiently.

  10. They’ve already clearly indicated WHAT is next on their agenda of evil. NO HEATING for our homes. NO ELECTRICITY. But — they will have all THEY need. The ‘elite’ under Fascism and Communism ALWAYS get what they want. It is everybody else that suffers for want of food and fuel. Maybe the stupid little Commies coming out of our schools will actually GET that History before we go the way of Stalin’s tens of millions of murders in Russia.

    • Beat them at their own games. Lean the basics of survival. Time is now. Write letters, join groups and learn techniques. Go back to the times when all the utilities were not available to all. Adopt that mentality. I recently started saving the $62.00 per month I was paying to dish network. I now have free tv. A small antenna on my roof still gets me 37 channels. That was my first start to hit the people in their wallets like they were hitting mine. Any one can do this. There are other fixes I am working on too. Educate your selves.

      • I can’t drop dish quite yet because my mom is crippled and it’s her only entertainment. Me? I’d get rid of it in a New York minute. It’s only a couple of decent channels and tons of sport crap and auction/sale channels otherwise.

  11. That Mary Margaret Penrose is nothing but a communist liberal scum, who should be kicked out of the country like the illegal citizen that she is. Maybe we should take away her right to free speech, along with freedom of her to write an article about her opinion, and her right to vote, her right not to be subject to illegal search and seize . Imprisonment without a right to a speedy trail by her peers, the right not to be subjected to crude and unusual punishment i could go on , but I think my point is understood.

  12. WELL : This is the DISTRICT of CRIME we are talking about WA.DC. is where all the Politicians meet to discuss how and when to SCREW the people. Now why would the Politicians want it to be easy for HONEST people to get a permit to carry a gun when the POLITICIANS are RAPING,ROBBING and SCREWING the PEOPLE IN GENERAL Hell a person might decide to get some payback who knows.!!!

  13. To resident Obama and all 535 voting members of the Legislature:

    It is now Official that the majority of you are CORRUPT politicians:

    All America knows this – WE ARE NOT STUPID !!

    a. The U.S. Postal Service – 1775 – You had 234 Years to get it right – it’s broke.
    b. The V.A. – 1930 – 84 years of lies and betrayal to Vets – COMPLETE Failure !!
    c. Social Security – 1935 – You had 74 Years to get it right – it’s broke.
    d. Fannie Mae – 1938 – You had 71 Years to get it right – it’s broke.
    e. War on Poverty – 1964 – You had 45 Years to get it right – FAIL!
    f. Medicare/Caid – 1965 – You had 44 Years to get them right – they’re broke.
    g. Freddie Mac – 1970 – You had 39 Years to get it right – it’s broke.
    h. AmTrack – 1970 – You had 39 Years to get it right – it’s broke.
    i. War on Drugs – 1976 – You had 38 Years to get it right – Huge FAILURE!
    j. The Department of Energy created in 1977 to cut our need for foreign oil.
    It has ballooned to 16,000 employees with a budget of $24 Billion a year and we Import
    MORE oil than ever before ! – You had 32 Years to get it right-It’s an ABYSMAL failure.

    You people have FAILED in EVERY “government service” you have shoved down our throats,while Overspending our tax dollars….


    ********************************************* B.S. !! **************************************

    • Great post Mac Boy , SEMPER FI , USMC , disable VETETRAN , 12-69 – 3-71

    • You forgot to mention however they have lined their coffers with our money. They can’t be trusted with anything, that is why our forefathers tried to protect us in America, because they could feel the lack of self discipline, and the possibility of the destruction of sovereignty. Many laws have been passed and the UCC codes are being ignored. You have the right to travel. No insurance, driver’s license, registration. Take a gander at the UCC codes and weep. We have allowed way too much of our hard earned cash to be spent doing what they say! Lots of the laws are not constitutional!! Read about strawman.

    • It is time to send the rider on his mighty steed to warn the populace, it is time for all good men to come to the defense of their Republic, the time is NOW!! When the riots start in St Louis we will then be fighting on two fronts. Where is the legendary American courage? This old Jarhead is ready, willing and able. I read about all of these so called organizations who claim to be dedicated to our Republic and Freedom; where are they??
      Two tours in Nam as a Marine grunt taught me well in how to deal with dirtbags who would steal freedom. Now I am 70 years old and 100% combat disabled, but I still have the fire in my belly. So what do you say Mac Boy?? It is time!
      Semper Fidelis

    • As usual, you are right again…great post !


  14. The thing that p/o’s most with regard to the 2nd Amendment, is that it identifies the very persons that are conspiring to DISMANTLE The United States of America . Copy the names down of all who are in opposition, and you’ll have a near perfect list of those we will exile from this nation. After all We The People are more in control of our nation than we are given credit. You know you can walk among tigers, however the possibility always exist that you may not live through it. The elected officials have been walking among tigers, all bold, brash, and brazen enough to verbally comment that we are all to stupid to handle our own affairs. I say that the forthcoming new government for our nation show the current establishment, that we can ” without ” errors Vote publicly for every single law and legislature that is required. They can all watch it on T V on their exile ship to Britian since they believe they will re-obtain The United States territory.. They have forgotten so much in 238 years! Coincidentally when you begin to notice that our troops are similarily being thinned out across the pond, we will be the ones to take up our arms and this time send the armies of the united nations packen with their tales between their legs. Remember the midnight votes that unlawfully changed the way laws are made, during Bills tenure. Well the U.N. tried to pass a small arms law that would take the 2nd Amendment out of the controlof U.S. citizens.. All of these who serve us that know who and what they have done to usher in the new world order ,should be aware that we as a nation of free people are going to fight for what our family members fought and died for. This attempt to hijack our great nation won’t be stood for, and self exiling about now would ensure your enjoyable moments adjusting to already established socialism, communism, shirea law, etc.etc. Already done , just GO & Enjoy

  15. Proud US vet/American

    DC is of the mindset that if they can “Disarm” the American civilian, they will be free to take over the country and do as they see fit, no matter what the people say. Does this sound like China or Russia to any else but me, or am I just naive, crazy gun-toting Patriotic American who believes in the Constitution? Has America come to the point where a few politicians must be sacrificed to get the people’s word across for the sake of freedom? Has the free, gun owning American citizen become the terrorist in our own country?
    These are the questions the NRA, American’s for Freedom, The Tea Party, Oath Keepers and many more Patriotic groups now must be able to answer, or they may be facing revolt against a tyrannical government and our own fellow American’s. Not a real encouraging thought is it? But, this is the country and the choice’s our President and his Administration have given to the American people.

  16. Six years ago this mud-slime moronic pig terrorist took an oath to uphold the laws and the constitution of this country, he has yet to do any of that. When we entered the Military service we all took the same oath to protect the constitution and we have lived up to that with our lives if need be. This pig has got to go because he makes his own laws as he goes, and that is against the law. This terrorist may think he is above the law, but he is not.

  17. Little Mountain George

    “It’s absolutely baffling that seemingly-educated people still believe that the answer to quelling gun violence lies in making more stringent laws.”
    No it isn’t. Gun controllers are mentally defective. They are ill, sick, deranged. Anyone that thinks the bill of rights should be ‘fixed’ (they always mean the first 10) is delusional. How can anyone in their ‘right’ mind think that citizens shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves. They are sick and need to be put in a rest home for our safety.

  18. Professors like Penrose and Police Chiefs like Lenier make me ashamed to be a woman. Here these people have gotten to where thay are because of the opportunites and protections our Constitution has afforded us and now that they are in a position of power they want to gut that document. How sickening. Lenier, of all people, should know better. She knows her department cannot respond quick enough to all the calls she gets. If the stats backed her up it would be different, but they don’t. People are killed at a pretty high rate in D.C. Obviously, we cannot rely on the police to “save”us.
    Study history. There was a reason Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland when he was in power. Switzerland requires every adult to own a gun. The Swiss government even provides the ammo for them. There was a reason the Japanese did not try to invade the U.S. during WW11. It was because the Japanese believed the Americans had a gun behind every blade of grass. It is an unarmed populace that is easily subdued. Michael Bloomberg wants armed guards so he can tell us what to do without repercussions. Don’t be stupid, America. Wake Up!

  19. Are we really just going to sit idly by, and let a few left wing screwballs re-write our constitution, which was drawn up by our founders, who were some of the best educated and most dedicated people who ever lived? I seriously doubt that many, if not the majority of the American public, have ever even read completely through our founding documents, and/or even tried to understand what they mean. In fact, I doubt that most of them lack the ability to even properly pronounce the words they were reading. —-and we should actually trust these same people to change them???

  20. Time to flood Obama with massive numbers of lawsuits!! Name your respective Congressmen as well!!

  21. why is it that DC had the most stringent gun laws in the country (you could not even have a gun in your home if you lived in DC) but DC also had the worst crime rate involving guns in the country? Gun control laws DON”T stop the criminals it just makes criminals out of normally law abiding citizens!!!

  22. MrPissonyourgrave .

    Its like once cops hit a certain rank(like chief) they become retards.

  23. the Law? whats that.

  24. “We the People” need to wake-up, 1, this has nothing to do with Gun Control, it’s People Control, 2, BO wants as many Americans disarmed as possible so when the Commie/Muslim/NWO makes their move on “We the People” they will have less resistance to rounding us UP for their Fema/Reeducation/Enslavement Camps..!!!

  25. The rabidly anti-gun/anti-2A leftist agenda there has worked sooooo well combating serious crime in DC.

    But, hey, the DC and federal leaders all have
    armed bodyguards, Capitol Police or Secret Service for their protection, right?

    What’s the problem?

  26. FUCK ALL PoliDICKs & their fuckin “blues” !!!!! Make it ALL Red & White & have trust, honor, loyalty, & respect from a REAL, INTERNATIONALLY Know President, since the ’40’s & STILL Kicken Ass!!!!!! Sonny Barger kills the “DUMB” in “DUMBmericans freeDUMB”…….Tyranical, Robot, Sheeple Herders & ALL Supported by YOU, duh 4 door, blackwall, all look alike, indivuality free, slave driven, Sheeple of DUMBmerica, Jap Shit driven, Robots!!!!

  27. The governing apparatus of Washington, D.C.,an the individuals operating it should long since been tossed on the junk pile of history. Meanwhile, given the state of the law, as same is represented by court rulings, the government of The District needs to be charged with, at the very least, contempt of court.

  28. That is O.K. let’s see what happens when ISIS comes to town and ignores the gun control laws.


  30. a civilian police department employee mused that “when the Second Amendment was written, that was more or less for when the British were coming.” ….really? When the second amendment was written the British had already come and gone….

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