D.C. Minimum Wage Hikes Costing Thousands of Jobs

According to data analyzed by the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.’s recent minimum wage hikes have cost the city more than 1,400 restaurant jobs since the beginning of the year. Those hikes, which boosted the wage floor to $10.50 in 2015 and then up to $11.50 last month, have contributed to a 3 percent job loss in the dining industry.

“Cities and states around the country that are considering a hike in their minimum wages to $15 an hour might want to take a look at how that’s working out in the nation’s capitol,” wrote AME’s Mark Perry.

To prove that the unemployment figures could be directly tied to the wage hikes, Perry compared rates in Maryland and Virginia, where the minimum wage is much lower: $8.75 and $7.25. Those states miraculously avoided the D.C. restaurant slump that forced so many people out of work. For the same time period, employment in the restaurant industry actually increased by 1.6 percent, adding nearly 3,000 jobs in 2016 alone.

In November, Washington Democrats hope to solve this crisis by…getting the public to vote for another increase in the minimum wage. On the ballot will be a proposal to give non-tipped employees $15 an hour, the amount demanded by fast food union activists and supported by the official Democratic National Platform, by way of Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton has embraced that figure as well, though she still intends to fight for only a $12 minimum wage federally. She has said that cities should bump that up to whatever dollar amount they find possible.

When it’s all said and done, though, this fight over the minimum wage is about something far larger than the specific dollar figures involved or even the specific effects these hikes have on employment.

It’s about where we draw the line between the prevention of wrongdoing and the loss of freedom. Really, when you break it down, this is what all of our laws are about: Finding that precarious balance between what’s good for the individual and what’s good for the whole of society.

When it comes to the economy (as with every other aspect of the world), liberals see nothing but injustice. They laugh at entrepreneurs who fear going out of business. Those fat cats never had to work for a living. Look at them, worried they won’t be able to sail to record profits on the backs of still-enslaved minorities. Ha!

But when those entrepreneurs are all gone, the only thing left will be the state. And things will then be as the state says they will be.

And then…then those liberals will know what true enslavement is all about.

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