D.C. Minimum Wage Hikes Costing Thousands of Jobs

According to data analyzed by the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.’s recent minimum wage hikes have cost the city more than 1,400 restaurant jobs since the beginning of the year. Those hikes, which boosted the wage floor to $10.50 in 2015 and then up to $11.50 last month, have contributed to a 3 percent job loss in the dining industry.

“Cities and states around the country that are considering a hike in their minimum wages to $15 an hour might want to take a look at how that’s working out in the nation’s capitol,” wrote AME’s Mark Perry.

To prove that the unemployment figures could be directly tied to the wage hikes, Perry compared rates in Maryland and Virginia, where the minimum wage is much lower: $8.75 and $7.25. Those states miraculously avoided the D.C. restaurant slump that forced so many people out of work. For the same time period, employment in the restaurant industry actually increased by 1.6 percent, adding nearly 3,000 jobs in 2016 alone.

In November, Washington Democrats hope to solve this crisis by…getting the public to vote for another increase in the minimum wage. On the ballot will be a proposal to give non-tipped employees $15 an hour, the amount demanded by fast food union activists and supported by the official Democratic National Platform, by way of Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton has embraced that figure as well, though she still intends to fight for only a $12 minimum wage federally. She has said that cities should bump that up to whatever dollar amount they find possible.

When it’s all said and done, though, this fight over the minimum wage is about something far larger than the specific dollar figures involved or even the specific effects these hikes have on employment.

It’s about where we draw the line between the prevention of wrongdoing and the loss of freedom. Really, when you break it down, this is what all of our laws are about: Finding that precarious balance between what’s good for the individual and what’s good for the whole of society.

When it comes to the economy (as with every other aspect of the world), liberals see nothing but injustice. They laugh at entrepreneurs who fear going out of business. Those fat cats never had to work for a living. Look at them, worried they won’t be able to sail to record profits on the backs of still-enslaved minorities. Ha!

But when those entrepreneurs are all gone, the only thing left will be the state. And things will then be as the state says they will be.

And then…then those liberals will know what true enslavement is all about.

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  1. Just what Obama had in mind ,, Anyway possible to destroy more jobs seems to be Obama and Democrats goal

  2. George Orwell’s 1984 and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged happening.

  3. Now they go on unemployment and earn more? Good move, exlax!

  4. Low wage jobs will go the way of manufacturing shortly. Automation will keep prices down while low wage earners will join the unemployed. Some fast food places are already turning to automation. While it might be awhile, retail clerk jobs will also give way to automation. Grocery stores are already on that bandwagon. So are toll booths. The objective of low paying jobs was to offer a starting salary for those just entering the employment ranks. We have lost sight of the original intent.

    • Lowe’s and Home Depot both have self check-out lines too, and they already pay above minimum wage.

      • That’s right, AI’s can do those jobs faster and cheaper. We have to get the message out that automation will hit more categories of employment in the coming future.

        • Actually they can’t & when the do it yourself register fails to scan the price, after I drag the product across it, I just toss the item into my bag, anyway. I figure getting the product for free covers the time the non-functioning scanner wastes.

          • That’s when you call for help. YOU are nothing but a low life crook!

          • Right, I wanna stand around while the one clerk helps 8 other people. The self scan lane was supposedly made to offer me convenience, which I help it to actually provide

          • The do the right thing and go through a check out line with a cashier. You are just like Obama. it’s everyone else’s fault.

          • No, it is the stores fault for putting competent help out of work, in order to fulfill their bs agenda of always making ever larger profits

            The Wal Mart near me just closed down 6 cash registers in order to install 9 self-checkout lanes that don’t work worth a crap–Thanks for playing

          • You are a typical criminal. Blame the store for your shortcomings. Look in the mirror. The store does not make you a thief. YOU make you a thief.

          • Whatever, I don’t stand around waiting for free. Maybe you do, that sounds like a choice to me.

          • The “choice” is between honesty and dishonesty. Your choice is reprehensible to an honest person.

          • It was supposed to be a joke, but you bastards took all the funny out of it. I’m sure this is much more important that voting for Trump or hillary you sad sacks of crap

          • You are a sociopath and a thieving one at that. Please do the world a favor and don’t breed. We already have enough children being reared with no moral compass.

          • Wha, wha, wha. You are a criminal POS making lame excuses to absolve yourself of your crimes. Again, you sound like a politician.

          • Face the music loser, you are a low life POS with no redeeming qualities. You should be in the cell next to the Hildebeast.

          • In other words, you are a thief whose dishonesty adds to the higher cost of goods for the rest of us.

          • No, actually I offer the clerks their jobs back, once the store figures out that the register people are not disposable–Guess the store needs a lot more stuff taken before that happens

          • ALL thief’s/crooks have an excuse. What you do is find a manager/write corp, and be an upstanding citizen. DON’T STEAL! I would have walked out before taking something that I didn’t pay for. Several times The clerk misses/didn’t see something, and I got out the store. Once I realized what happened, I GO BACK IN, and pay for it. “YOUR words”, tells the full story, and that is you are nothing but a piece of low life crap!

          • No, that sounds like what You do, I already told you what I do

          • No, you are a thief. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • Right, it is perfectly OK for the store to make me stand around waiting for the one clerk who now has to run 6 cash registers, in order for the store to save money!

            Maybe in Your crappy store it is

          • Because you are so much more important than anyone else. Are you a politician? It would seem so due to your criminal proclivities.

          • You are correct in that IF you walk out without paying for something, You are a low life.

          • If that’s what You call getting done with my shopping, I call it ‘getting done with my shopping’

          • I call it theft.

      • Mathew,
        Both stores also have many customer service employees who do get paid more for their knowledge of products that the store sells. I shop at both. I am not sure about retail stores as a whole yet. But we do have on line catalogues.

    • Jerry that was before the lowest I.Q. started having the majority of the kids but now the majority of kids will on be of the intelligence of low wage jobs.

      • glenn398,
        Probably. But that has to be dealt with in a different manner than throwing them some crumbs and then ignoring them. When I began to care for mentally challenged adults I soon learned that they could do a lot more than the average person thinks.

        • Joel Wischkaemper

          We agree. We cannot put $100 into the programs for such, and then generate $10 in receipts, and that is exactly what we are doing.

          We are looking at a cliff here.

          • Joel,
            The cliff is getting much taller and the slope is getting slicker. Poverty in large cities has become a sad situation that is dragging us down. Historians soon learn that people do not seem to learn much from history. Every country that has done what we are doing with their poor came to an abrupt end. No, even the Bible tells us we will always have the poor. But we cannot let it overwhelm us.

        • Agree but we are looking at a forced pay that there is no way they will be worth in production. Walmart the store that everyone seems to want to beat into the ground is the only store I see that hires people like you describe that is a money looser for them but they give those the chance to feel proud of themselves while no one else is willing.

          • glenn398,
            I have to say that Walmart does do that. I am not a big fan of Walmart as a shopper but they do give mentally challenged people some sense of worth. Other local businesses do as well. But my point is that people with low IQ issues can be helped to get work. They can also be helped with tutoring. Idaho, the reddest state in the Union, began looking at the costs of county jails and homeless shelters. We are now beginning to sort through these folks and get them some help to reduce the cost of the facilities. That is still in the early stages but is reducing the number of people in county jails that are there on minor charges. I many cases, getting help with drug issues also helps.

          • True but the problem still exists that there just isn’t enough of those type of jobs in a more advanced society. So train all they want but sooner or later there just isn’t going to be enough simple jobs to go around.

          • glenn398,
            Many can be trained to higher level of jobs. That is, of course, if they are willing. Sour attitudes are also a major issue.

          • To me it was just like in the 40’s and 50’s, they taught everyone like we were going to college. The problem was there were only universities and very few could get in or afford to go. In those days there were no school loans nor community colleges. Europe has for years after 8th grade taught both technical and college bound kids and that is what we should be doing here.

          • glenn398,
            There are on-the-job training projects around. Apprenticeships are still available. Work can be found for people lacking in skills with some help. Community training is available in many places now.

          • Would say some but not many. Trouble is most of the kids today don’t want to get their hands dirty so the technical jobs go wanting.

          • glenns398,
            Carpenter, plumbers, electricians and other trades seem to find people to learn their trades. But there are a huge number of jobs where people don’t have to get their hands dirty. All it takes is looking. To be sure, these people need guidance.

          • The last I hear home builders were having trouble finding enough people. To me the bottom line is people can cause problems a lot faster than there is money or people to take care of said problems. In the old days we understood if you wanted to get ahead it was up to you and you only to take the responsibility and do so. Today it seems most want someone else to do the heavy lifting for them.

          • glenn398,
            You are sure a pessimist. I am throwing out a few jobs that do not require a college education. There are many others. But shelter people need someone to unravel their pessimism and help them to move into a work ethic.

          • Never said there weren’t jobs out there, said the volume needed wasn’t there and if we had enforced our borders there would be millions of those type of jobs available. Of course one problem is jobs Americans refuse to do but in the old days there wasn’t such a thing but with welfare paying the huge amount they do can understand why they refuse. If it was either work or starve you can bet there wouldn’t be such a thing as a job an American wouldn’t do.

          • glenn,
            I guess we could differ on availability of jobs but I can comment on the issue of work or starve.
            Recently archeologists have discovered cannibalism at Jamestown, Virginia. The colony had a pact that said work or starve. After an Indian attack, the survivors made camp at the mouth of the Owyhee River on the Snake River. While waiting for help for several months, food became scarce. Those who worked at finding food sources lived through the ordeal. But a few did not. They ended up cannibalizing a couple of people who died. That is also recorded in the report of the people to the army rescue group. Work or starve has to be our policy.

          • Please don’t go to a time where the conditions were as horrible as they could possibly be and say we are going to do the same thing today, give me a break.

          • glenn398,
            The bottom line is that we really need to pay more attention to poverty than we are doing. I get charged for being a liberal when I see the need to help the poor. But there are always going to be percentage of the poor that will not work under any circumstances. and there are handicapped people who cannot work. I am among the elderly who can no longer work. But I was smart enough to set up my fiances for the future. We think of helping the poor in ghettos and rightly so. Those are the ones we have to change attitudes and get them some common sense self worth. Those are the ones we can help. But we have a state of existence presently as the baby boomers are at retirement age. Some will drag their feet at working. Those are the few that we get down to the bottom line with.

          • We are spending over a trillion a year now and all we are getting out of it for the most part is a lot more on the government dole. Like have stated before people can and do cause more problems then there is money to help or even the huge volume of people needed for all these programs. A lot of people don’t want help they just use the system for what money they get paid. In 1971 taught technical school at UTI and found this out. Getting close to graduation asked those going to school on the government grants if they had applied for jobs yet as they would now have their license. Almost all of them said no and I asked why not and they said were just going to school for the extra $500 a month government payment and had no intention of getting a job.

          • glenn398,
            THat is exactly why we have to take a tougher stance on these folks. Once they understand that the gravy train will end for them, many will change their tune. Those that don’t will soon find out that the government means business. If they resort to crime, and certainly they are doing that now, they will end up in jail or worse yet, prison. Work or starve will get the attention of them in time.

          • One problem is in the ghetto they soon find out selling drugs is a high income compared to getting a job or finishing high school. The other problem ran into was manager over a technical crew and thought with the amount of black technicians we had no problem they could work the south side. Got a quick education there as they were afraid to work in the black areas as they were considered Uncle Toms and it just wasn’t words they had to put up with, so had to send the white technicians into the black areas. So how can one possible deal with all those problems in trying to change things, it is going to be one hell of a challenge. Those that want to make something of themselves in high school are soon put upon by the rest and that is another killer.

          • glenn398,
            That can be done. We can with a massive effort, reach those folks. If we don’t, we can expect a different kind of civil war. There are plenty of black and Hispanic people who are decent people who would like to see change. I have seen those articles in the news.

          • You’re right if they were only allowed to by others of their race.

          • glenn398,
            The adults and especially the parents have to be dealt with first.

          • Getting to the point where there isn’t many parents anymore, just parent.

          • glenn398,
            I am referring to all parents, not just one family.

          • In FL, it was recently required that some had to do community service hours or get some kind of job to continue to collect food stamps.

          • Mary,
            That is fine for those who are not seniors or those who are handicapped.

          • I agree.

          • Spot on! From ’45 to 49 my whole family of 7 members followed the fruit and veggie picking thru different states (plus my dad being a mechanic on the side) until my dad had enough money to start farming.

          • Yes you are one that knows before the government payed people to set on their duff doing nothing we did all that work that so called Americans refuse to do today. Remember at 12 was in the corn fields de-tasseling corn. Now for anyone who has never done that it is one hard, hot work with no breeze to cool you off and done when the humidity is the highest.

          • Yes, that was hot work as was the cotton pulling we did on our farm. But that was before the wide usage of the cotton stripping machines.

          • Been years since I visited the Midwest so don’t know if they still de-tassel corn like they used to but would be hard put to think of a machine that could do that. Would rather work in the cotton fields then the corn fields. Not only is there no air movement in those fields if you ran into a bunch of bees and had to run the corn leaves would cut you up besides only at the hottest most humid time of the year was the corn ready to be De-tasseled. The only hot job that even came close to that was roofing but at least there was always a breeze on the roofs.

          • The times have changed. Machines are taking over the farm worker jobs and factory farms are growing. The technology will move forward.

          • Yes that’s true and you just verified what I have been saying that the simple jobs for the uneducated are not there anymore like they used to be and will be even less in the future.

          • Too true. I graduated in 1963. My dad sent me to a 9 month business school so that I could support myself through college.

          • In 1977 the school in which I taught had Guidance Counselors to assist high school students in choosing whether to pursue college or attend one-half day at a vo tech. They also had Vo Ag for the young men who intended to be farmers or raise animals to furnish meat to the people.
            Also, there was Home Economics for the teen girls who wanted to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. Wouldn’t the feminists go postal at that last choice!!!???

          • Mary,
            Like many states, we have guidance counselors at the high school level. We have also gone to two year votech schools with financial support that is helping us to build a more educated work force. Now we are drawing small businesses. That is paying off and we have added to the population. But that applies to urban areas mostly and there are few of them. Still it is a start. Twin Falls now has 50,000 people, double what it had in 2010. It has a very good two year college that helps. Some others such as Idaho Falls and Pocatello have also drawn small companies that are helping them. Pocatello also has Idaho State University.

          • All that is good to hear!

          • In 1977, my son at age 17 was able to attend mornings at a vo tech and afternoons for the basics at his high school.
            Do public high school not still offer that?

          • Some do but very few and to me they all should offer the option. Why spend 4 years in high school being taught towards going to college if you have no intention of going there. Use those 4 years giving students options on which direction the want to go.

          • I totally agree!

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      Look at the shop lifting processes at Wal Mart, and the shop lifting processes of the people who work for you. Employers with solid evidence of malfeasance cannot do anything about it at this point. Change the law. Move the prosecution over to the government, and the whole thing would change big time. AND.. make prisons legally, and economically viable. Currently, the private prisons are being rejected, and the Government is not building more.

      We are looking off the edge of the cliff here. Our current crop of Congress People worrying a lot about their retirement are going to let it happen.
      Trump.. 2016 or else.

      • Joel,
        Virtually every business across the country suffers from shop lifting. That is a product of our sad slip in morality. But sometimes it is a means of survival. Petty drug use is responsible for a lot of it. But locking them up in jail is no solution, either.

      • Absolutely! TRUMP 2016!
        And, still there are folk that say, “Trump is not presidential enough!”
        I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this considering the dire straits the youth of this nation are facing.

    • We are already seeing it, the move to automation in fast food, the move to self checkouts at grocery stores, etc.

      • Bill,
        I see it happening where I live. Some businesses will still need employees to deal with customers. But many more will eliminate cashiers except for cash sales and food stamp verification and payment. But even food stamp payment is now from a card at grocery stores. I expect to see more automation for store restocking.

        • Agreed, and a business will have no problem paying one or two people $20.00/hour+ per shift if they can eliminate dozens of $10.00-$15.00 workers.

          • Bill,
            The initial cost of electronic replacements has to be considered, at least in the short term. Also maintenance is a cost factor as well. But I am sure that is offset by insurance coverage for employees. There is more to support automation than just salary savings.

          • Oh yes, I know and agree. I am a controls engineer, so I know all about implementing automation technologies.

          • Bill,
            I am 79 and and a historian. I would be sunk if not for computers, which I have been using since the 1970’s. I began with the old ones that filled a whole room. I had to fill out cards to get data from them. I am aware of automation myself. I exist yet as a writer because of them. I remember having to write out legal documents and articles by hand.Those were the days or mechanical typewriters and white out.

          • I simply cannot believe how have computers have insinuated themselves into our lives. In grade school, everything was by hand, in college I just missed the punch cards, today, I could not do my job without a laptop computer. I am also amazed at how far the technology has come since I first graduated and entered the workforce as a engineer.

          • Bill,
            As such, there is a bright future for programmers and repair people in the industry. Also, the door is open to any sort of computer requirements for at jobs. Even sale clerks nowadays have to use a computer instead of an old fashioned cash register or a pencil and paper.

          • Yes there is, machines can run 24/7 without lunch, breaks, calling in sick, no taxes, no SS payment, sick time, law suits, could go on but am sure you must know the cost of doing business and it is huge with all the government rules.

          • glen398,
            I will say you are persistent. and I respect that.I will say that in my many years of computer use as well as in printers and related equipment such as storage of data that the initial cost is high and maintenance is persistent. But I do agree that it is cheaper than employees.

  5. What would be funny, but is in fact tragic, is that the people most effected by this are the very ones who voted for it.
    This IS proof that the “low information voter” is indeed their own worst enemy, along with bozo middle and upper class whites with a stupid ‘guilt’ complex.
    They are good intentioned fools who slave every day paving that road to hell.

  6. Possible solution?
    Scrap min. wage laws and replace with something like this:
    “In view of the fact that everyone (from CEO to janitor) that works in a business contributes to its success or failure, therefore, the lowest compensated position (e.g., janitor), must be at least n% of the highest compensated position (e.g. CEO). ”
    A short period (2 years?) will likely be needed to arrive at the best “n%”.
    IF n% = 1%, and HIGH COMP is $100,000, then LOWEST COMP is $ 1,000, or
    IF n% = 10% and HIGH COMP is $100,000 then LOWEST COMP is $10,000.
    IF n% = 1%, and HIGH COMP is $ 1,000,000, then LOWEST COMP is $ 10,000, or
    IF n% = 5% and HIGH COMP is $ 1,000,000 then LOWEST COMP is $50,000.
    1. Prevents increasing wage gap.
    2. Avoids wasted time/energy periodically trying to adjust a minimum wage.

    • Best solution is for the government to just but out.

      • Right on Warren. –

        There is a reason that a lot of unskilled hard jobs pay way, way above minimum wage. Because no one will do the hard dirty jobs for any less. Let the market set what jobs pay.

  7. Duhhhh…. The Liberals still will not listen, to the economists, or reason.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      The dumbass liberals only care about on thing.. THEIR OWN POCKETS !!

    • No one wants to listen. Look at the disaster of Europe’s foolish migration,refugees who were hoped to fill in jobs that pay taxes. 1st world people have fewer children. So the “growth” theory is no longer applicable as it was 80 years ago.

      Many economists are not reading the memo either. They are not ready to embrace AI reality.

      • Be careful with your lies about Europé…………here are some true facts, “”a family of 4″” will receive about $680 a month to pay for food, drink, clothing, transport, doctors and medication and taxes………..almost all of the Money comes back to the stores and in taxes……..it may sound easy, but they struggle……….and I have never Heard of one to complain

        • You are not talking about the same thing as I was. I am talking Macro not micro economics in that post. Sorry if that was not clear. There is a cultural difference too.

          • You said..”Look at the disaster of Europe’s foolish migration,refugees who were hoped to fill in jobs that pay taxes”…….foolish MIGRANTS…..they are not, they are asylum seekers……..and will remain as such until they become temporary residents, then they can seek work and no longer receive benefits…….the estimated time of repayal of benefits is 5 years, even their benefits come directly back into the Swedish economy

          • Many are migrants. But it was foolish to start. Many do not comprehend the 1st world due to cultural differences in how it is supposed to be. Many will not successfully adapt.

          • See you are still using that Word………in Europé, MIGRANTs are European Citizens that migrate to other countries to try to find work……..many resort to begging………..so the asylum seekers are as I stated inmy comment above………and from what I see every day here in Sweden MANY do adapt, and accept their “”new temporary life””………and sorry to say, many leave Sweden after their first winter here, very Cold, freezing, snow…….and dark 20 hrs a day……thousands have already left to try further South in Europe

          • Europe has a different definition because of shared non borders. I am in the states.

          • Then perhaps you should use the correct terms when discussing European problems and politics

          • Cvxxx, some will chide me, for this question is totally off the subject.
            But I would like your opinion of the “derivatives bubble” some believe will soon burst.
            Is this a conspiracy theory or a possible happening?

          • Possibility.

          • Oh, dear! I was hoping you would say the opposite! But, thanks for your frank opinion.

          • I’m American. We do not have the same situation. Getting a job from NY to California does not entail the same. The invasion of unskilled workers and “refugees” is destroying Europe. Low wage workers are a boon to business bottom line . However , people whose culture is antithetical to the Secular European culture should never be allowed.
            Europe is struggling with multiple economic issues as is most of the 1st world. Japan and Korea have less than replacement birth rates : they are smart enough to deny refugees.

          • I know you are an American, it shows thru your comments time and time again, when you try to discuss Europé and the “refugee” issue.
            Denying Middle East refugees is the same as trying to ignore the problems there which for the most have been started by the USA…….Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, S Sudan and Iran……all of which have even been invaded by the USA or have their foreign bank accounts frozen by the USA.
            Low paid workers are a boon to a countries businesses…………..is that why the USA does it……..by using its own low paid Citizens and millions of “Mexican illegals”……as well as a huge prison population that work for companies for peanuts……….and still US companies cant compete with other World actors………….she has to export huge US companies to China…………(a country that the USA hates the guts of)…….but still turns a blind Eye, even to the $trillions that China lends the USA……..just to keep the USA afloat………..
            ……..there will come a day, when China says enough is enough………………and payback is due

          • We are automating everything and low skilled workers are no longer of any value. China can’t do anything about it. Militarily and economically China and The Us need each other. 1st world nations do not need the unskilled uneducated hordes. More and more careers will be machines not people. That is what the Elites overlooked.
            It is the stupid Europeans who let themselves be invaded by enemies that is the issue. Back in1917 they listened to Gertrude Bell rather than their own expert Lawrence. Obama is an idiot when it comes to foreign policy. He is still fighting the cold war with the Wolfowitz Doctrine . Ukraine is a IMF-Soros money grab. The Syrian deal is the stupidity of removing dictators from countries who need a strong leader and have no tradition of an republic. It took Europe a few centuries the get that finalized.
            Europe returning Middle east refugees and African is the smart thing to do if one want a free Secular Europe. European elites are digging their own graves. They will need a new reconquista to get free.

            A smart farmer never allows the fox into the hen house. Europe needs to rearm. The next war will be here soon enough.

          • Wow,so much vile and hate, how can you look yourself in a mirror.
            I have read some crap, but yours really takes the biscuit…………if you are a yank, they stop Reading the crap that politicians and the news media say about Europé……….they never ever can get it right

          • Learn to do research. It really helps to comprehend when one can dig up the facts.

          • Interesting ideas you have…the invasion of unskilled people…….parents with two sons, from S Sudan……..mom and dad both speak Swedish after 8 months, not perfect…….but you see they have to learn the language or they loose their benefits, and Swedish is the language spoken in Sweden……….their two sons 8 and 10 do even better, the speak the language, even the local dialect like a born swede………..and after less than 6months, many even get by with English……………….so is this your fantasy of unskilled people swarming into Europé………..the majority of Americans have serious problems with the real English language………oh, And by the way most EU western countries have sound economies, Swedens is growing at about 3.5% year on year, we have a sizeable trade surplus……..not all countries here are like the USA, extremelowslave wages, a gigantic trade deficit………..and your borrowings are up around $600 billion each year

          • Those people need to go back to South Sudan where they can build up that country. African nations need intelligent leadership that understand intentional finance.
            The US politicians are corrupted by a mistake made decades ago. Once upon a time all political ads had to reserve time for the opponent. but that stood in the way of profit. Now we have corruption(just like Rome did) of the big donors. Financiers like Soros are used to pay for coups(Ukraine) and the media lies because they are owned by 6 people.
            The long cold war has many misunderstanding and reacting emotionally to Russia. China has huge internal problems to deal with. The congress of the US is like children all with temper tantrums. We know this. The founder were wise in people skills however never for saw the problems of mass media which can be manipulated.
            The Global elite are pushing for a world government way before the people are ready. Cultural differences often are hidden until some trigger occurs. That is the danger to Swedish culture.
            Children learn languages quickly. By four I spoke French,Italian,German and a little Gaelic. My Great Grand Mother spoke German only.
            English like all changes by country and class. A person in London That I conversed over the internet told me that outside the big cities the people spoke a different English. TV has helped combine the languages Spanish is the same. As are many other living languages. Castilian Spanish is very different for Guatemalan Spanish.
            Language skill are not the same as employment skill. In an AI age high level education in needed. High tech 1st world does not need masses of unemployables. This is not you grandfather’s economics.
            The wages are proper for the work they do. Yes it is not enough to live on. Those jobs were designed to be parttime Adolescence employment. Not to raise a family on or even one person. But to supplement only. Because of education,lack of higher order skills,transportation,effective birth control and abortion too many have children that they cannot take care of.
            I have the reality that employable skills are more than language. Many do not have the technological skills. In many areas of the world there is sabotage of poor or ghettoized people learning the ways of success. The British have an issue so do minorities in America. The us has one other handicap. No official language. that is a real problem for the future.
            The world bank has the US as the world consumer nation. That is a great problem along with the shareholder greed. The donor corporations allow companies to high foreign workers that has eliminated higher paid employment especially for older workers. This did not just happen it is part of the manipulation to achieve a world government.
            There are 10 states with higher GDP than Sweden. *

          • And Monaco has a GDP
            per capita that is 3.4 times that of the USA…………they are just
            numbers, yet Monaco has a huge problem with people living in poverty
            ………..even Little Norway has almost twice the GDP of the USA…………per capita…..just numbers

  8. I hope that the minimum wage rates go up in order to prove a point to all the liberal/socialist/communists that their agenda sucks a lot of sand dunes and will hurt the ones that they supposedly want to help.

  9. So many people predicted this..

    So many liberals ignored this…

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      It is a multifaceted problem. You clearly see only one facet and you head in the sand created a LOT of problems.

      • BS, it is not a multifaceted problem… 0bama knew that raising the minimum wage would cause the loss of minimum wage jobs… It was predicted and it came true… Funny how that works…

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      • Nellie McConnell

        More jobs on Obama’s watch!!! Big laugh!! I live in farm area, I joined Red Cross, one disaster! a flooded apartment building on ranch. We moved the people to a school, got them started on I D and any documents. Only 2 out of 75 spoke English. Three out of 75 had ID. The RC was doing everything to help these illegal. Cash/950.00. New clothes. Bedding and new cribs for infants. Food! Finding them homes and furnishing them. I ask why director wasn’t calling Border Patrol. They don’t do this when its a disaster. These people and farmer should have been fined and removed to home country. They are taking jobs from citizens and pay no taxes. E-verify is a must. Another issue is anchor babies. Fraud in Fostercare. Welfare and food stamp fraud. The borders are not secure and kids from South American countries are between 14-18 years old. Our government is in child human trafficing. Big money! Is that why Obama was visiting these countries?

        • It starts with the American definition of Child(under 18). That causes a avalanche of issues because “children” are effected. Bleeding harts cannot comprehend the cost. If they did they would say their “children”!!

      • Joel doesn’t it seem funny so called poor people always have money for drugs.

        • Why not? It is the only thing to dull the pain. The laws keep many from making a profit. The politicians don’t want abortion and don’t want effective birth control and making $7.75 an hour is not enough to support one let alone child support.
          Our politicians are idiots.

          • It may dull the pain but it doesn’t help anything as when the high is over the pain is still there and once again you have to face reality. Like have posted the government is number one enemy making money next to worthless besides the huge expense of all the passed laws and unions second with their ever ending demands until companies either go out of business or mover elsewhere.

          • The so called welfare is nothing more than keep then poor, poor. It is a reason why poor people lack the belief that they can climb up out of poverty.

      • Joel,
        Righting the ship is a big job but disaster awaits us if we do not quit talking and take action. Yes, he people need jobs, the kind that pays a living wage? Where are those jobs going to come from? Bring back manufacturing from overseas? OK. But these jobs are now more automated than manual. We do need to bring such jobs back but we have to educate the manpower to operate them. That can be done.
        Then there is the drug problem. With that goes the idol complexities among young people. Many of the drug users are also selling drugs and do have money. sometimes lots of it. Teens look to that as a way to escape their plight. So, just jobs is not going to matter unless we change attitudes among the young. Many black and Hispanic parents would welcome that. But it is not doable until the drug issues are resolved and that will not happen overnight. We have to start somewhere and then the word gets out. But no one in either party is putting forth a where and a when.

        • Drugs are not a problem compared to belief. Humans who believe they can rise up and succeed have a powerful motivation. The dream of success is what drives human forwards. The dream killers are the enemy. Next is a national goal. But the global elites are not interested in such.
          The American people deserve the entire truth. And educated on machine economics. Walmart fired 7000 because machines can do their job better.. It’s time to leave the values of the 19th century behind. That will be very painful for many.

          • cvxxx,
            Yes, the American dream of success is what drives most of us. Drugs are an attempt to escape reality. And yes, companies are thinking machines over employees. In Walmart’s case I find their system disgusting and seldom ever go there. Service sucks no matter whether machines or people attend to customers.

          • Yes,machines need to be used. In the long run it will be a boon. It will force a change especially for the poor. But that means all of us will have to remember what American means. It requires we help each other.
            First is to renew the belief in ourselves. Success in the 22nd century will mean staying out of foolish foreign policies and making sure that the educational success is for everyone. Those machines will need repair persons. As more and more careers are given over to AI’s. New occupations will arise if we are ready. We have to change from envy and jealousy to cheering others on.
            When people internalize the belief in success and have the coaching to be successful attitudes change.
            The real problem is old time economics. And the globalist elite with their plan for the future.

          • cvxxx,
            Generally I agree. However, I am certainly not a globalist. We need to be very wary of globalism

          • It is no point in pushing against the future. We have known that this would happen since the 1940’s. Just for fun read The Caves of Steel,by Isaac Asimov first printed 1953 and Naked Sun.
            AI’s are going to take over more jobs and careers. When Androids come about that will really change things( watch;
            Detroit Become Human Trailer Kara PS4 Quantic Dream) That’s the future that is coming. Then there will be leaps in bio tech as well.

      • Interesting Have You Considered That the Do-Nothing Republican Congress of the Last Six Years Have not an Even Bother to Discuss a Jobs Bill or Program. All They Wanted to Do Is Spin Tens of Millions of Dollars Investigating Hillary Clinton with No Results That Could Even Tarnish Her Career. As Far As the Law Is Concerned She’s Totally Innocent. Republicans Continually Whine about Protecting the Constitution When the Constitution Says That the President Appoints Supreme Court Judges Republicans Are Such Hypocrites They Should’ve Already Confirmed the Presidents Appointee.

    • American worship of the god profit with greed.
      One lie, afer another. Minimum wagw is just another name for slavery.

      • Take your meds, you are not making sense today.

        • Oh, then you approve of businesses taking advantage both customers and employees? I suppose you also approve of American jobs being sent to India and Asia.

          • What a convoluted thought process you have.

          • Tell you what, try buying only American-made goods and services.
            What excuses you make for buying foreign made goods.
            How many things in your closet have a tag that says “Made in America”?

          • And you need to tour a Walmart parking lot and note how many Union bumper stickers there are. The drivers CLAIM to support “American Made” yet their shopping habits show their hypocrisy.
            American jobs have moved offshore primarily due to unions and Democrats. Klinton signed GATT & NAFTA opening the floodgates for cheap foreign goods. After UAW thugs emptied their retirement funds to elect Obozo, he used our tax monies to replenish their coffers with his “stimulus.”

          • No one forces you to buy “cheap foreign goods”.
            Oh, wait, the minimum wage employer does just that.
            Your fairy tale about tax and stimulus is just that fiction.
            Plase take a Civics or American Government class.
            Cogress makes the laws.
            Congress spends the money.
            The Stimulus began undet Bush.

          • The “stimulus” was kicked into warp speed by Obozo’s UAW payoff.
            Bush’s stimulus, even though well intentioned to spur home ownership for the middle class, was a failure.
            Obozo used tax revenues to support “Green Energy” Bulls hit. To name a few:
            Evergreen Solar
            Beacon Power
            Abound Solar
            Raser Technologies

            There are many more bankruptcies I’m too weary to list, but you should get the point.

          • Name calling is for the nursery school set.
            Over 90% of new businesses fail within the first year.

            When you grow up enough, do some research and look at real facts. Some of those companies are still in business.

          • Did you just pull the 90% out of your rear end? Google what your US Labor Dept posts as the REAL statistics.
            And I haven’t called you any names YET.

          • Thank you.

            Oh, and child, DOL does not track business data.

            The Small Business Administration does that. Data is also tracked by the Census Bureau. Forbes has a good article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonnazar/2013/09/09/16-surprising-statistics-about-small-businesses/#4cb446ad3078

          • “The “stimulus” was kicked into warp speed by Obozo’s UAW payoff.”

            URKiddinMee AKLady2015 • 20 hours ago

          • Suggest you go back to school and learn a couple of things you seemingly missed:

            1: What a “?” means; and
            2) What sarcasm consists of.

          • Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it?

          • The days of slavery are long gone, if an employee does not like his or her pay, They are free to quit and move on

          • Logic will only confuse her…since you have been reading her posts you have to know that doing so will only exacerbate her condition, so be kind. I haven’t seen her post about her angst for those religious minorities in northern Iraq who are being brutalized and destroyed by ISIS. There is real slavery (and rape and murder and killing of homosexuals and…) in this world but I guess that if she stares at a wall long enough she begins to see what she want to see…

            Just a heads up: You probably realize this, but she will argue that some people can’t quit and move on…it’s too difficult (conveniently ignoring the history of immigrants who left family behind in order to pursue a better life in America, but then again who knows American history anymore…).

          • Logic is something you cannot comprehend.
            You are well-brainwashed.

            Genocide takes place in many areas of the world.
            ISIS is not alone in its crimes.
            The Middle East is not the only part of the world wherw homosexuals arw murdered. It happens right here in the USA. Minorities brutalized? That happens right herew in the USA.

            Quit and move on? To what jobs … another minimum wage job?
            Some companies actually help their minimum wage workers “move on”. They encourage education and actually fund it. That type of company is a rarity.

            You obviously know absolutely nothing about American poverty. It is not the individual who qualifies for public assistence. It is the person who works two, or three jobs to feed their family and pay the rent.

          • I am amazed that you think that genocide is the moral equivalent of individual acts of violence against other individuals. No one is making the case the the U.S. or any other country is perfect or that we shouldn’t strive to treat everyone as well as we treat ourselves, but to compare what happens here to what ISIS does is irrational.

            The idea that someone who holds a different opinion that you must be “brainwashed” is arrogant. We have danced this dance before and if you have understood anything that I have written then you know that I do not believe in either/or thinking. This type of narrow mindedness blinds us to the fact that many of us are often concerned about the same things; we just see different solutions.

          • Have you ever visited an Indian Reservation in the Western United States? Do that, then come back and tolk to me.

          • I have in the eastern U.S., and I imagine that they are similar. Have you ever read about the aid workers in Northern Iraq who are privately funding refugee camps that daily care for the tens of thousands of orphans, widows, and other refugees from ISIS brutality? We cannot change the past, but all too often it is used as an excuse to remain quiet about things that we can change in the present. Shame on us for our selfish ego-centrism.

          • Your projection is showing, you are proving yourself to be a complete idiot.

          • Thank you.

          • Remember this is not 1800 nor ever 1960. The system holds people in thrall. The system must adapt to the new economic reality. Many people won’t like it. It will be a sea change.

          • Human nature is constant.

          • The jobs once held by the “masses: have been mechanized and/or shipped overseas.

            The agriculture industry imports foreign workers.

            I doubt you have ever seen a migrant worker camp in your lifetime.

            The building indultry frequently does the same. One of the recent legal actions against Trump was brought by illegals he hired and then refused to pay.

          • BS

          • The world does as it has for centuries. Hire cheap cheat them of pay. or send them back to the impoverished home countries.

          • Yes, but Trump wants to be President. America does not need a bigoted, liar, cheat and law breaker in the White House.
            Yes. all Polititians lie and everyone cheats at something. When you go after those with the least “power” you have crossed a line that it is not possoble to recover from.

          • Yes we do. We know what we are getting. Better than one whose hidden agenda fools people. Trump’s downside is well known. Clinton’s is hidden.

          • Help me understand how raising the minimum wage will bring jobs back to America.

          • Raising minimum wage will decrease your tax bill, reducing the number pf peiople dependent upon food stamps, Medicaid, and cash welfare benefits. It will provide individuals with money to spend on goods and services, which in turn will put mre people to work.

            Oh, and refusing to buy foreign goods will also make jobs.

            When Daddy Walton ran Wal-Mart, the chain only sold American-made goods.

          • That construct only works if the businesses that employ minimum wage workers are able to stay afloat at the higher wage. For example, the idea that fast food franchise owners all have tons of money lying around is not reasonable; ergo the cost of the minimum wage will be passed on to the consumer (just like higher taxes on businesses are passed on to the consumer). As the consumer, I have to make a judgment about whether or not I want to spend my money on an $8 McDonald’s hamburger…and I can tell you that the majority of the time I will find a less expensive alternative, such as packing food from home if I am on a trip or waiting until I get home to eat. Since I know that many of my friends feel the same way and am confident that we are not alone, it is not unreasonable to surmise that restaurants will suffer and some will close. That is the way that the system works.

          • Food service is a very tight, low profit margin.
            It is also mostly subsidized by tipping.

            The checker in your grocery store is probably paid union wages.
            The checker at Wal-Mart is a minimum wage worker.

          • I don’t know about you, but I have never tipped at a fast food restaurant and that is really the point. There are exceptions that suggest the need for a reasonable discussion about this or any number of issues. Sweeping statements and generalizations, which often characterize the arguments from both sides, usually do not do justice to any situation. Will raising the minimum wage really provide the generous economic boost that its proponents often suggest? Probably not, as any gains will most likely be offset by the loss of jobs in industries such as fast food as consumers tighten their belts and do away with conveniences in order to make ends meet (unlike our government, I might add, who perpetually dips into the pockets of the middle and lower middle classes to cover their excesses at a time when taxpayers can least afford it).

            Raise the prices at Wal-Mart and the store loses its appeal to those looking to stretch their budget. That doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done, but there is a cost to every decision.

          • Fast food workers are mostly young people. Fast food managers make good pay. The district nanagers are paid salary and a percent of sales.

            One that stands out from the crowd is Chick-fil-A. They are a a bit different. Their stores are closed on Sundays.

            They have a charitable foundation which supports youth organizations.

            They even pay for their workers to take college classes.

          • …and they are owned by Christians who actually practice Christianity.

          • What color is the sky in your world?

          • Blue, well most of the time, except in winter.

          • In her reality, she can paint the sky any color she wishes and be surprised that others cannot see the same as she.

          • On your reality, nothing gets past the invalid opinions and assumptions.

            You are, undoubtedly, one who believes there are generations of families on welfare.

            You also probably believe the poor choose to be lazy and unprodictive and live on the public’s dime.

          • You are delusional if you really and truly believe raising the minimum wage will lower my tax bill, reduce the number of people on food stamps, medicaid and welfare. It will increase all of those things, but them you are too obtuse to understand.

          • The U.S. is the only modern, industrialized country which allows people to die simply because they cannot afford medical care.

            The majority of people receiving Social Security Disability Benefits would not have become disabled if the U.S. has national health care.

            The majority of individuals who qualify for Medicaid are children, elderly or disabled. They are the majority who qualify.

            You see their has been a five-year limit on federal welfare benefits since Bill Clinton was in office. The exceptions are age and disability.

            It would decrease your tax bill, but you are too bigoted to understand.

          • We have to change the script. We need belief in a machine economy and set the rules and taxes for success from the bottom up.

        • What percent level of profit do you believe is reasonable? In some businesses employing minimum wage workers the profit ecpectation are in the 150% to 200% range.

          • If you really believe this bull chit, name 3 industries with 150% profit.
            (Other than The Bunny Ranch!)

          • Key phase here is LEGAL businesses. I am sure the gun runners, the drug dealers and the prostitutes realize a very large profit margin.

          • There was a study done years ago that found the street dealer made less than minimum wage.

          • You clearly have no concept of how business works. your talking about gross profit, net profit might be 3 to 10 percent in most businesses. Net profit is after expenses

          • Liberals pick and choose their evidence to suit their purpose…they are not interested in truth, they are only interested in advancing their agenda.

          • Do you know what the word “some” means?
            Part-time employment is another part of the scheme.

            In relaity, today’s lowest paid jobs today pay a lot less than they did a generation ago. Wages stagnated, while prices increased, as did profits.

            One of the main tricks of low-paying employers, such as Starbucks, is to use complicated and inconsistent scheduling. It prevents employees from working other jobs. It also prevents them from attending school.

            Here is some data on a few companieas: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-10-companies-that-pay-americans-the-least_us_55e9aa0de4b093be51bb378c

          • That has been going on for decades, centuries even. Some big business will make 6% profit. Yes the dollar amount in 2016 dollars, looks like a lot. The buying power is 1/10th of what it was in 1960.
            Just go back and check the price of things. How much was a pound of hamburger in 1960? A gallon of Gas, a pound of rice, a cup of coffee,a house,a car, a shirt, a pair of jeans, go and do your research.

          • I am quite aware of the fact that the $1.00 has significantly lower buying power, and have so states in my posts. In 1945, one could purchase ham at $0.10 per pound. Try to get your grocer to sell at that price today…

          • Increasing wages is the wrong approach in an Ai economy. It does not long term good in fact is in many ways a negative in the US due to the convoluted laws. We have a system of “help” that is Anti- financial success. The governments(state,fed,local) punish success. Creating a “bunker” mentality that exploits people with no resources.

          • Please AK(LADY) take your medications as suggested by someone, i owned a boat repair business and i was lucky to brake even most of the time. I finally closed the business because of the many rules and regulations forced on me by the government. Where in hell did you get those 150% to 200% figures from?

        • Sorry, but she never makes sense. I blocked her and have never regretted it.

      • Can you say “Clinton Foundation?”

    • MAHB0001,
      I have had a long discussion with glen398 on this issue. The bottom line is that you are absolutely correct. Liberals, in trying to help low paid workers have totally missed the boat. Electronic devices are already in use in many businesses because they are less costly to businesses. We are seeing more of that in grocery stores and other retail outlets. We are faced with retraining employees to deal with the operation and maintenance of machines or for them to move into other kinds of employment. Liberals seem to have a track record of not looking ahead. Low paying jobs are not supposed to sustain a family. They are for a stepping stone to better education and higher paying jobs. At $15/hr. they are simply trying to move low wage earners into more income, not realizing that that whole affect moves up the food chain and causes inflation.

      • Liberals are influenced by the word free. When nothing is free, they appear to be simple fools. over and over again.

      • Look at history and all inflation has been caused by our government and unions.

        • Unions started well then became corrupt. Politicians who had to depend on the voter, now depend on big donors and many corporations give to both parties. The money corrupts.
          We voters are cheated too.

          • Unions became corrupt soon after they formed as you can read of the history of them. I remember in 1961 during the recession worked at General Motors and the union wanted to go on strike. We were working 4 hrs a day 4 days a week and even shut down for 2 weeks as they didn’t need the car production. For the union wanting to go on strike under those conditions they had to be paid off to want to call a strike. They claimed the company wanted to put more work on the sub assembly workers. I worked in material control so moved thru the factory. The sub assembly workers had jobs like putting clips on moldings and it took them 2 hours to complete the job and screwed of the rest of the night. What G.M. wanted was for them to work an 8 hr job like the rest on the assembly line had to.

          • Write it down document if you can. Too much important information is never available. Historians and policy makers need to understand what happened.

          • Since I was there knew first hand what happened. Aside from that look at how many companies have been run out of business by unions, all the steal factories, mines in Arizona, G.M. and Chrysler and ford should have and has been struggling ever since. The only reason we still have major companies like Honey well or G.E., Bowing or any major company is they have to be here for government contracts. Just think if all those companies left this country.

          • That is a combination of factors. One the beginning out the “buyout” craze that destroyed many companies because activist stockholders wanted more money. Breaking up a company for some can be extremely profitable. Nafta,TPP,and other trade agreements that made it cheaper to move the factory to cheap labor. H1B visa’s which tech companies hire foreign cheap tech workers.
            The stupid funding of college which has become an anvil against the economy and the advent of technology that was not planned for. The ivory tower economists never though of the machine economy. Raising wages won’t address the real issues. We are over populated for the real income jobs. it will get much worse before it settles down. Many of our labor laws need to be reformed as well as social laws. We need to force congress to fund it’s or the administration’s bright ideas completely or not at all. Much suffering has been cause by congress passing social laws that they did not fund or withdrew the funding years later.

          • You have a point about stock holders as back in the 50’s and 60’s when the big 3 controlled the car market the stock holders didn’t care how much the unions wanted they just wanted the strike ended. During that time foreign car makers were producing junk and they were called recycled G.I beer cans. Once the foreigners stated to improve their cars and by the time the big 3 were willing to recognize the competition it was too late. By that time they had given so much to the unions there wasn’t the money needed to improve the domestic vehicles and of course the foreign companies had a much cheaper labor cost and more modern and efficient factories.

      • They screamed so loud and were heard now they are being replaced and won’t get that money or any money.

        • Tiger,
          We better wake up to what we are doing. We have more unemployment now than ever before since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Does history have to repeat itself because we cannot learn anything?

          • Nah it just keeps going in that hamster wheel.

            Unemployment of so many and they have been on unemployment pay for years now, O wants it that way, the more you stay out of work the less you want to work and Uncle Sam giving you just enough to live on fine.

          • Tiger,
            Which is precisely why we have the poor crying out for help.

          • I was poor. It took me seven years to get my RN degree. Had to go step by step. Poor is a state of mind. Lived off beans and rice several times in my life. Been poor been very very rich but always been happy. ;p

          • Tiger,
            People are not very self made anymore. We now have generations of people living in poverty who have little or no hope of anything better, not knowing that in this country they do not have to stay that way. They see no hope. We have a new society who does not care. They only care about coddling those people to continue to live in a state where the government is their god. JFK hit the spot. We need the press to get back to reporting the news in as full detail as they can and leave out their own personal opinions. They need to hold off sometimes to get more facts before coming to conclusions as well. As a historian I use recorded data as much as possible because of human shortcomings. Oral history tends to reflect what my own lack of memory tells me I do not remember completely anymore.
            I am afraid we as a people are at that stage when we cannot remember why we exist, much less on what we are founded. The First Amendment specifically states we have the RIGHT of free speech. Sometimes that can be wicked and frightening to hear or read. But better that then to be silenced from saying what is on our minds at all.

          • You post exceedingly interesting and well written thoughts. I don’t doubt you were a historian. Even with my putting up articles I try to research them and find that the best news is international and that they are very up to date on everything going on here and they are telling the truth.

            In Europe and the ME Hellary is called “The Butcher of Benghazi”. They see what is happening here and they are astounded we are being so fooled.

            Here is an interesting site someone just gave me read the article concerning the prediction of how long Hellary has to live. It is right on from the work as an RN I did with Neurologists.


          • Tiger,
            I watched the video of the various shootings by the government. Since I live in Idaho I well remember the Ruby Ridge fiasco. I became very dissatisfied with the federal government over that and Waco.

          • Been some really underhanded hanky panky and getting worse.

          • Someone sent me this today. Amazing and if you have read about the Federal Reserve, who started it and why this really hits home. JFK knew this was all coming.


          • It is the “Conditioning” and the “Mind Numbing” of the peons with the end results being everyone dependent on the government. They give you your monthly food, water and other household items monthly. For all the same, all living the same, no competition and only the government living a life.

          • Tiger,
            Government is the answer to everything, according to the liberal mind. Unfortunately they have failed to realize that humans are fallible. Libs, that means they make mistakes. Some are worse than others.

          • By 2081 I won’t care. I will be in a much better place.

          • I have children who have children who will have children I care.

          • And as anyone with a brain and common sense knows, a large percentage of the welfare recipient class does not use the freebie handouts for ordinary staples required to support every day living expenses. Just look how many Big Screen TV’s are bought, and all the cheap bling these cone-heads wear. Not too mention the sometimes gaudy SUV’s and other high end automobiles. Hmmmm…..

          • They did a study in America and found our so called poor had just what you say along with air conditioning and good clothes, cars etc.

          • I once read where there are many among the perpetual welfare class who have learned to scheme the system into a better living than those of us who actually make an honest living in a 40 hour per week job … making an annual median income of between $55k and $60 per year.

          • This is very true and as an RN for close to 30 years I met many they drove to the ER in caddies and they were covered in gold and they had extensions costing a fortune along with the nails etc but they had all the Welfare you could get. My X worked for the Post Office til retiring and also retired from the Navy, he said first thing the minorities did when a new minority came on board was tell them how to double and triple dip and keep all they had.

      • Besides, I can’t think of too many people who are willing to pay $16.50 for a Big Mac and fries. ($1.00 for the sandwich, $.50 cents, for the fries and $15.00 for the wage to make it.)

        • Musicmaker,
          I am not going to pay that much at McDonald’s when I get eat better elsewhere. But loo for automation to eliminate the higher cost. Then we have even more folks totally locked into welfare. The answer is better jobs that leave fast food places where they are in order to just get help. We absolutely have to get jobs back, not only to employ people but to get manufacturing back home where we do not have to rely on foreign goods to withstand a war.

    • And all together now, A Yuge … “I Told You So!”

  10. Let’s think about it for a minute here. Who is able to manage on 7.25 or 8.25 an hour? That’s $1160 and $1320 (approx) a month, respectively. Could you live on that? Tips are fine, but not all people are generous.

    • So go get a better job. – For instance, there are jobs in lower level construction companies that already pay more then $15 in the NE Ohio area that are going unfilled. Why? Because It isn’t like flipping, burgers or screwing up orders. You have to bust your keester and are expected to work long hours.

      There are other jobs out there too plus there are sponsored training programs that are available if you don’t want to work for peanuts.

    • Sweden $21 an hour………..$43680 a year……approx 24% taxes PAYE system, free Healthcare, medication, hospital,dental care……….460 Days maternity leave with full pay………..OH and 100% free education

      • I would happily pay more taxes if I knew I would get some of these monies back as the social benefits you note. I don’t understand why the US doesn’t adopt a similar system. It seems to work rather nicely. Oh, I forgot, this is the dreaded socialism [boogeyman!!!]. But so is Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

        • Thanks for your comment, only one Word was out of Place…..SOCIALISM….wrong wrong…..its called Social Democracy…..a system where all are treated as equal as possible……..Think about it……no private hospitals, one could in the next bed to somebody famous

      • No wonder the muzzies want to go there

        • Hi sperm face. only MUZZIES, Yanks are not aloud to become refugees in Sweden…….they are far to obese, they smell and they talk with squeaky voices

    • Your not supposed to live on a minimum wage gob. Those jobs are for high school and collage students that are still living at home. If you want to raise a family you need to get a real job. Your employer isn’t obligated to pay you more just because you have a family to feed.

      • What you say is certainly true enough. So where are the funds to help people educate themselves so they can obtain these “real” jobs? And who will create them? The Republican Party has been yelling about this for the past 8 years, yet there is no evidence that they have in fact created any jobs at all

        • Why do we need funds? We already provide a free education all the way through high school. The Republican party has been trying to get bills passed that would stimulate job growth but the Democrats won’t even bring their bills up for a vote.

  11. When the minimum wage goes up, the so called “living” wage goes up about the same amount. So all raising the minimum wage does is cause inflation.

  12. Michael Dennewitz

    This might be reflective of the restaurant industry, but millions of other “production” jobs were lost when they farmed them out to overseas companies. .

  13. Oh please give more information!! Conservatives can come up with long range plans. low skill and unskilled jobs are on the way out anyway. Failure to educate about the micro economics is a failing in this society. We readers today have the internet to help research if we have the right vocabulary.
    “Those fat cats never had to work for a living. Look at them, worried
    they won’t be able to sail to record profits on the backs of
    still-enslaved minorities.”
    Well,the 1% don’t do the same type of work. gaming the stock market learned at their parent’s knee is a big advantage party affiliation is not relevant. Knowledge is relevant. The elite and corporations have undue influence. They do not see the world in the same way.
    For them the terms liberal and conservative have no meaning.
    A job that cannot provide a living is not really worth much.

    • While I understand your point, I never thought a job at the ordering counter at McDonald’s was supposed to be much more than a teen job or a supplemental job. Now, because of this $15 an hour policy, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Carl’s Jr. have all announced that they will be automating the ordering counters at their restaurants, effectively eliminating 100’s of thousands of jobs. Retailers are looking for ways to cut back, as well. While I DO think people should be paid well for the jobs they do, I also think pay should fall in line with the type of job being done. Taking orders for burgers doesn’t equal CEO pay.

  14. Wow, you mean to tell me that a LIBERAL policy failed because it was absurdly unrealistic? Well, knock me over with a feather. I thought everything they do works as beautifully in real life as it does in their heads. You know, that vast repository of unicorns and butterflies and imaginary oppression’s and perpetual offense and successful socialism.
    Liberals, the women wear the pants in the family and look like men. The men act like women and wear panties. Which fit just fine after the neutering.

  15. Another success of the Obozo government, 1400 hundred more go on the dole and government workers all get a raise, both groups will vote demoncrat.

  16. You gullible Yanks are Always whining

    • In this age of computers and readily available information, it pays to not tell blatant lies.


      • Interesting article from AJ,no author,just a Collection of tit bits from across the World…………many tit bits are wrong……last year 2015, 146000 asylum seekers came in Before Dec 31st and Before Dec 31sy last year 48000 asylum seekers left Sweden to return home of to other countries, and the forecast from the Gatestone Institute for 2016 was 250000, and by the end of August about 26000 have come in and 12000 have left………I dont need toreadsuspect websites I rely onGovernment facts and figures, things I work and live with each and every day………now STFU, turds like you are very nasty, and difficult to get off of my shoes

        • Even accurate information proved too much for your pea brain to process and accept. Thanks for further proving my point about you.

          • Like I have said, the information is not correct………now fuck off you ignorant gullible Yankie turd 1st class

          • You laughable idiot. what a predictable response from ANYONE who would lie about living in Sweden. You’re just like Shitlery, LIE, LIE, LIE then LIE SOME MORE.

          • But you lie all the time, how can you, living in some slime dump called a storm drain, living on trash bins behind cafe dumps, and the having sex with drug addicts…………I know more about that you know yourself………the internet is wonderful…..even if you hide yourself on DISQUE

          • LOL!!! You just made yourself an even bigger moron than you were before. I posted links to prove irrefutably what I pointed out and you think that your BS points are worth anything? You cannot possibly expect ANYONE to believe anything you post because it can all be proven to be lies. Like I said, no links to prove your points just means you’re STILL lying.

          • Like you say the internet is wonderful……and with a nickname like you use on multiple website, makes it so easy to track you, where you live, tel nrs, sex crimes etc etc etc………..have a nice Xmas

          • LOL!!! Now you’re even MORE delusional than even I thought. Go ahead, moron, keep posting your stupidity for everyone to see. And, have a nice Xmas? It’s August, you idiot.

          • …….and now I have got you by the short and curlies…….crickey, what a tiny dick you have,smaller than Drumpfs

          • Of course you do, you ridiculous moron. As usual, all talk, well, ALL LIES!!! ROTFFLMFAO!!!!

          • You mean you dont have…………shoort and curlies and a tiny dick…….bet you have tiny fingers https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d341a2f3ffd9c9a6596e40b9638618a90a131aa1267028d3e031940c9fd69f85.jpg

          • And like I said, you are a LIAR!!!! Post some proof, MORON.

          • ..and like I said, YOU are a liar!!!!, by he way what kind of proof do you want

        • Do you trust your government?

          • Always have done so, of course some politicians step out of line, but they Always get caught 100% for sure,they loose their jobs and their reputation and the whole country can read about it in the papers…….and the ultra rightwingers the SDs are riddled with crooks, and sex perverts, they loose one every week

      • And what facts are against me………….remember I live in Sweden so I know the true facts and figures

        • You can claim to live wherever you want and the facts are still against you. You’re just like $hitlery, a LIAR.

          • ……….so dont believe the lies of blackie Westie bot, The DailyCaller or the Gatestone institute……they all follow a leader like slime in the swamps………..LIAR, then prove me wrong …….pig headed Yankie wussie…………or belt up

          • You just proved my point, MORON. You’re nothing but another delusional, diseased gash.

          • Nice, I reciprecate the greeting with knobs on

          • Illiterate moron, did you mean “reciprocate”? Idiot.

          • Ree ceep re cait

          • I love how socialist twinkies bash the Greatest country on earth! Enjoy your exorbitant taxes and muslime refugees!

          • Lesson nrone, Little turd, never cross swords with a Swede who knows the true facts, as you will Always loose, thats is 100% true……numbers straight from the horses mouth as they say



            …………and remember we get all those freebies that you guys have to buy very expensive monthly Insurance to get

          • ” blackie Westie” you puke racist.

          • Well…………he is black, so I can call him what I like, you repugnants call Obama all sorts of names

    • Sweden’s taxes are Fairly high plus VAT of 25%.

      • Are Swedish taxes high……….I dont Think so……..Income taxes…….



        ….ONE tax, no state tax, no county tax, no city tax, no property tax………….just one tax, and we get free education all the way, free Healthcare, free hospitals, free medication………and as you say 25% VAT on “capital goods”, cars, tvs, motor bikes, things one buy every few years….food that people buy almost every day 12%………there are even some US states that are almost up to 12%

  17. But the IDIOTS just keep voting for the slime-wad democrats!!!! I guess they’ll NEVER learn!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Not too long after Shitlery started screeching and cackling that with her as president and would enforce a nationwide $15.00 minimum wage McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr and others announced that they would be automating their ordering counters as well as their coffee centers effectively eliminating 100’s of thousands of jobs. Macy’s and Sears are closing 100’s of stores as their response. I suppose ZERO hours at $15 an hour is SO much better than 40 hours at $10.

    • Actually brick and mortar stores in many places are no longer profitable. Macy’s over extended itself as did many other retailers and the public buying habits have changed. Smartphones were not the have to item of today for instance and at $80- $600 plus the plan not cheap. Consumers values have changed. Fast fashion is taking the bottom feeders and impulse purchases add the internet and there goes a significant percentage of purchases.
      There may be a silver lining. Those who hoped to laze around at show-up jobs will have to become educated to work the new tech and there will be openings for repair personnel. Those jobs will pay better.

      • They may pay better, but not everyone has the money or intellect, to be able to pursue ongoing education in the neverending upgrading of technologically skilled employment.

        Technology is invading every aspect of our lives. Millions of jobs are eliminated. A great many people, especially over 40, will find themselves unemployable.

        Who said progress is such a great thing?

        • That’s when lawyers come in. Yes there is great age discrimination in the youth orientated tech employers. Cost is one factor and willingness to work very long hours is another. Then the social climate is different.

  19. In the studies that I have seen, the total dollars going into the local economy have increased due to the large number of people getting raises verses the small number who have become unemployed.

    Studies from both Washington state and the UK show that those dollars do result in increased employment but with a time delay.

    The “trickle-down” advocates made a similar claim regarding time delay when the Bush tax cuts did not immediately result in more jobs. I suggest that their argument was falsified by both the job increases during the Clinton administration and the economic meltdown that ended the Bush administration.

  20. Destroying Businesses, goal to make Govt Job, the only Job, enslaving all, and for ordinary Folks, raising the prices of everything we have to buy. I’m voting for a man who can create Jobs. Go Trump!!!!!

    • Yes socialism at it’s best. can the socialist/communists name a country that has benefited by going the comie way?

      • Check Countries who have gone to Socialism, and count the millions who have died ,in Russia, China, Cuba etc. It is a way to take Freedom away, and Hillary is that person. VOTE TRUMP

      • You mean like Venezuela? I don’t even hear about them on the news anymore

        • Yes exactly like Venezuela, this jack ass Maduro is having his country run by Cubans and we all know the disaster that that country is, how do i know? I was born in Cuba and had to suffer for two years under Communism until my family and i were able to escape.

  21. Just exactly what The Donald has spoken of. In good ol’ California, after Democrat Governor “Moonbeam” Brown kicked up minimum wages to $15.00 bucks per hour, guess what? Fast food industry quickly installed new versions of self-serving automatic vending machines. Similar, but tech-smart vending machines previously found in interstate bus terminals such as Greyhound.

    Thus, costing an untold number of entry level jobs.

    The Donald agrees wages should go up. But has stated wage increases should commensurate with each state’s cost of living, e.g. $9.00/hour in Tennessee with a lower cost of living , vs $15.00/hour in high cost of living in Massachusetts.

  22. This is what happens when you hire politicians who failed in math,

  23. I’m so sad to say I have lived in such times. I do hate it that my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren have to live in the current invirement we have gotten our selves into. Yes we did it to ourselves and it all started with bam bam( won’t say his name). When the person was voted in office mainly by blacks that could not here his lies or see everything he did was bull shit, more lies. A man that never had a job, went to school on a scholarship for foreigners, was a senator for less than one term voted on almost no bills, claimed he is a us citizen and the black people voted or at least we’re the major voting block for his half white half black ass. I must say in my mind only as I don’t know your thoughts, the voting block of blacks shows me that they voted for a man because he’s black only and they want to be equall to the rest of the world. Please give me a break. I remember back when I was a kid we had milk subsidies to help the farmers pay for their grain to feed the cows. This amount was passed on to the consumer at the store when you purchase milk. Look what it grew into? Want to stop the violence and burning, looting, stop the giveaway programs. Then they have to go to work. Dr. James T. Rodgers

    • Environment not ‘inviroment’/’ourselves’, one word /ended a sentence with ‘into’/(sentence structure sucks)’voted in’, voted into/44% white vote/hear, not ‘here’/the President is American born/were, not ‘we’re’/ equal , not ‘equall’… …Dr. Fascist B.(igot) Racist. “It started with” President Obama ? The man saved our country from total devastation. You have forgotten the miserable evil of 2000-08. Your premise is twisted and selfish .

      • My sentence thank you Jazzbelly for your kind words about my sentence structure. Fact of matter I had secretaries to do my writing. You can tell that my writing sucks because I am a pilot, aviation safety director/inspector and a Dr. Of siance. Yes my sentence suck, just like you, you faget. Did I spell faget ok and sucks. Not only are you a fag, your a uninformed and a liberal. Lesson number one to you is if you live in a glass house don’t cast stones onto other’s. Lesson number two, don’t fuck with me. Does jazz stand for jiz and we all know what belly is, you faget.

        • Wow, this post is even worse than the first; I would find a secretary who writes in English. My name reflects my love for and devouring of America’s only original art form, jazz. I have no idea what you think belly means, perhaps Dr.’siance’ , you would prefer that I use the ‘siantifec’ term. If I were you Doc I wouldn’t quit my day job, your profiling skills are not quite professional as of yet. Faggot not ‘faget'(faggot means- bundle of sticks). Don’t fuck with you ? Oh, I promise , not even if you were the last illiterate in the trailer park.

      • Did you did you get my answer back to you faget.

        • Yes I did yes I did. You need a question mark(the crooked think when you hit the shift button and strike the ‘/’ key), at the end of your post, as you are asking me a… question.

          • Well good luck fag. I hope you don’t get aids, but don’t make any difference to me. You won’t be sucking my dick. At least your good at something besides sucking cock.

  24. Hey the democrats and hillary are pushing the higher minimum wage to get votes, however, any successful person knows that when the cost of labor goes up, one of four things happen, higher prices, less workers, less working hours and the implementation of automation. So i say to your dumb people out there pushing for higher, entry level minimum wages you are cutting your own throat because you will be the looser.

  25. Imagine this pit of corruption as a state with two permanent Democrat Senators and Congressperson, plus a Governor, Lt Gov, AG, State Reps and so on down the line. First state ever where 90% of the population gets a government check to survive.

  26. What about all the folks already making $15 because the employer thinks they are worth it? Good old “Cascade Effect” which means even greater consequences that “matter”!

    • And those who earn $21 in “my” burger king outlet………yet still the price of their crappy food is reasonable, like$3.50 for a BIG burger with all the trimmings and a coke……….still not Worth it

  27. If employers are named Greed, they will dismiss employees. If employers are named Care they will happily take a smaller cut.

  28. The economics of business requires that wages must “fit” into the budget. You just can’t give employees a raise without offsetting something else in the budget. So if you pay a dollar more, you have to charge a dollar more, or (as pointed out in the article) a cut has to be made. No one wants to pay a buck more than yesterday for the same burger, so somebody’s gotta go.

    • Yes, a cut in employer profits, if they’re human at all.

      • Won’t happen. You assume that all the customers also get a raise in pay and then can afford the rise in prices. But it’s only a small percentage of people that are ever effected by min wage. Wages won’t be raised en masse. I won’t get one, most won’t get one, only the % that is representative of min wage.

    • Youmean like paying a Burger King worker $21 an hour would increase the price of a burger THREE times,right or wrong

      • I don’t think it would increase it by that much, but there would be an increase, and more probably, a decrease in the number of employees, and a hurried rush into automation for the burger industry.

        • Perhaps not that much, but employers still want big big profits, reduce staff, make them more stressed, less polite to customers,less tips………last yearApple made a profit of over $400 000 000 000…….yes $400 billion, a Company that still sells their Products as if they were made in western countries……….high priced articles, yet they make almost all of their Products in slave wage countries, China for the most part…..where people work 72hr a week for $200 a month……………….Applepay next to nothing in taxes in the USA, their Company is now registered in Ireland, where they also pay very low Corporate taxes, and against EU law…………the case is ongoing

          • Apple doesn’t really apply here does it? I mean they are using “slave salary wage” workers in another country, we can’t really vote against that except to say I don’t buy Apple products. But the business owners are in business, that means that they invested their money and time in the business and if they don’t get the profit that they want as a return on their investment, they are gonna take steps to do that.

  29. Joel Wischkaemper

    I do not agree. Look carefully at housing. If the people working in the low end jobs can find housing where they can work, they will take the low end wages. If they cannot, they also look at transport and if they cannot find a way to get to the jobs, they don’t get to the jobs.
    If Mommy and Daddy want to support their child with housing or transport while their child works flipping burgers.. that is just fine with me. But with a large labor force.. and there are plenty of illegal aliens in D.C., the need for those wage level is small if the illegal aliens can live in caves as it were, or in boxes in alleys.

    Sound harsh? Yes it is. Remove the illegal aliens, and stop the criminal Congress people who are flooding the United States with immigrants who keep thinking the whole thing will change, and it will change. If you flood the labor market with people who don’t have fall backs, they have to live in those boxes, or the cave apartments. Raising the wages to enable the low end jobs to permit housing, and you have a winner. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a clue what I am talking about. DC Government may have some idea what I am talking about. But so typically, DC Government only did the job half way and low end workers are going to harm the community they live in to enable themselves to keep working the low end job which is the only thing they can get.

  30. Again, since 2008 I’ve been telling people that liberals are so far removed from reality that they view themselves as the only people with the only answers. The day they will wake up is when reality sits on their doorsteps and Freedom disappears before their eyes as the U.S. govt takes their first born for its Military Youth!

    Don’t think it can happen? Ask any German who lost sons/daughters to the 3rd Reich. They never knew what happened because it happened so gradually no one noticed.

    Libs have created the same scenario, gradually, quietly, and smiling all the time because they truly do not realize the damage their delusional actions have done.

    Another liberal president with egotistical behaviors will push America off the cliff into oblivion. ..and she will still not care who gets hurt!

    TRUMP for President BECAUSE another 4 years of Any Liberal will destroy America forever and ever! We must be smarter than the average lib and protect our Nation from their immoral ineptness as a group!

    • It’s the commie way. Slow and easy. This is what Karl Marx wrote about in his Communist Manifesto back in the mid 1800s. In the late 1880s, the Marxist began their assault on the US bastions of “higher” learning and the rest is history. In 1920 they conquered the Russian Empire. China came next with communist Mao Zedong, then N Korea and Cuba. It is explained with the Overton Window.

  31. American worship of the god profit with greed. One lie, afer another. Minimum wage is just another name for slavery

  32. You cannot give out raises when the economy is in a depression! What fools we have running this country as if nothing is wrong!
    Bunch of brain dead morons. A 5th grader would know better.

  33. Only a fool or a socialist would deny that raising the minimum wage will cost jobs. My God, that is just common sense.

    • Of which you have none

      • WHY would you speak thus to WVF?
        In America, that is exactly how it will play out.

        • Like I said to WVF…………………….and this is the funny thing, OUR food prices are lower than yours generally, even with our 12% VAT added…………now that is funny…………anybody care to challenge me

      • At least I am not a socialist fool. The minimum wage should not even exist. The capitalistic market should set pay, not some stupid government.

        • Why do you Always use that Word SOCIALISM………..doesnt exist anymore here in Europé……..Sweden is not a socialist state, we are as capitalistic as the USA……..we have one person top of a Swedish international Company that is paid 275000 KR per day…..about $12mn a yr, this is excessive greed,as the norm here is about $2.5mn for a top director……about 50 times that of an average industrial workers wage

          • The people of Sweden are taxed to the hilt! The citizens of Sweden are mere serfs. The government takes most of your money, redistributes it, and gives you practically everything from cradle to grave, that is not capitalism. That’s why Europe is heading for disaster. You keep using other people’s money until you run out of it.

          • I have told you Before, stop Reading Yankie trash comics………sure we pay taxes……..last year I paid 16.2% income tax at source, that means the taxman gets his bit first and I get the rest……………not bad eh!!!!! 83.8% of my income all to myself, and unlike you Yankie stupid jerks I dont have to buy Insurance for Healthcare, medication, dentalcare, hospital treatment…….its all free………..even education is 100% free for those who wish to go to University………………..so why is it that you constanly say Swedes are taxed heavily………I do know that American workers pay Federal taxes, and state taxes, and county taxes, and city taxes, and property taxes………the %ages vary from state to state,but my friends in vegas, say their total taxes are getting Close to 40%…….and still they have all the Insurances to buy as well………….oh and Sweden doesnt borrow to fill a deeper and deeper hole like the USA does, you are now borrowing around $600 billion just get things even, and then you have to borrow well over $100billion to pay the yearly interest………..interest which is fairly high cos the USA has lost several “ratings”………..your turn now, stupid dude

  34. This is FUNNY………….in my country the lowest paid shop worker gets paid about $21 an hour, plus all the benefits and 5 weeks paid vacation……………yet…………..and this is the funny thing, OUR food prices are lower than yours generally, even with our 12% VAT added…………now that is funny…………anybody care to challenge me

  35. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !ic573t:
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  36. Same happened in Seattle and San Francisco.

  37. I predicted this before it began! First, it’s going to cost jobs! Second, the price of goods and services will go up! And Instead of more people on welfare, THIS IS A FORM OF WELFARE! And, it weakens our economy and the middle class!

    • Prices will go up,so how is it that here in Sweden we can pay store workers, fast food workers $21 an hour, plus full benefits and 5 weeks paid vacation, and shop prices here are lower than in the USA……….I say again…….

      ,so how is it that here in Sweden we can pay store workers, fast food workers $21 an hour, plus full benefits and 5 weeks paid vacation, and shop prices here are lower than in the USA

      • I truly don’t know how Sweden does that. Is your unemployment rate low or high. What is the number of the “jobless” that aren’t even counted in the unemployment list. How many homeless do you have. Would your low population affect this.

        • Like many west EU countries we care about people and how their live are when out of work, they receive good benefits and long benefits, but any benefits that are paid bythe government do have strings attached to them, there is no sitting at home watching TV or perhaps helping someone for cash in hand……..all unemployed shall do some work for local government……..jobs that never really get done in the Community……..and homeless people, the number is extremely tiny…….people who are against society in general, and a countries population has nothing to do with it……….it is howour society works, a caring society for all, that is what makes a GOOD country…….https://goodcountry.org/index/overall-rankings

  38. And this is from some of the wealthiest areas in the US with millions of wealthy liberal investors, politicians, lobbyist, movers and shakers, bureaucrats, consultants and shake down artist. One should keep their hands on their wallets/purses at all times.

  39. Hey, these naked communists know what they are doing – taxing and spending businesses and the middle class into oblivion! Communists must always destroy the middle class to hold power, this Godless, Satan worshipping homo and lezbo commie regime is no different but unfortunately and more important, tragically, half the sheeple of this nearly dead Republic seem to have absolutely no problem with this and keep putting these communists, not democ-rats, into power as they commit political suicide! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  40. The Democrats like to spout out these ideas like higher minimum wage and full paid family leave benefits without even talking with the business community about what they need in order to improve the economic circumstances. By only forcing businesses to keep adding on more requirements without making sure the businesses are able to afford these things is silly. Then the same Obama and Hillary who penalize small American businesses with all of their “great solutions” cater to the large companies who donate to Hillary so that they can continue to outsource more jobs to third world countries and avoid paying any of the wage hikes, and avoid dealing with any of the regulations that business who hire American citizens are forced to deal with. Shows why America keeps losing more of the good paying jobs under Obama. You have to fix the system first, not just offer up these silly ideas without making sure businesses are on board.

    • So why is it that the USA is loosing good paid jobs………….mostly to the Chinese, where they work 72 hrs a week for $200 a month……and US companies are making huge obscene profits…..apple made over $400 000 000 000 profit last year, and still cheats on paying taxes in the USA and Ireland………….like so many US companies……lying greedy pigs

  41. Many of you guys just hate it when a small country like Sweden, is so much better at Everything than the USA…….even when the facts speak for themselves I still get called a LIAR………..however I am pretty thick skinned as this happens all the time on numerous forums………..https://goodcountry.org/index/overall-rankings

    • Sorry, but the Scandinavian socialism is ALSO a failure.


      However, you can feel free to move there and bask in its glory.

      • I see you refer to these crappy lying US websites,and like Kelly, you to habe been brainwashed……socialism is the wrong Word, not used since 1932 when the Social Democratic was elected and rulled for 44 yrs non stop, and we have……..I say WE, cos I live in Sweden……..possibly the best country in the World, the USA is at 21st Place,along with the wankers and drop outs……there now…….your turn

        • I see you have your cranial cavity firmly planted in your anal orifice.

          I am an American living in Germany, so I happen to know a few things about your country.

          The only way you can pay for all that free stuff is with excessively high taxes. But hey, keep deluding yourself. Once the free stuff runs out, due to the influx of muslim invaders you have so foolishly invited into your country, your little socialist country is gonna be even MORE screwed.

          • Fuck off, you are wasting my time………you only Think you know…..whereas I know that I know, end of discussion

          • Oh, sounds like the truth got your knickers in a wad.

            Oh well, piss off .

          • Mind you dont choke on the vomit you keep spewing

          • No problem, I NEVER choke on the truth.

            More TRUTH for you.


          • No truth just made up lies for American readers to see how awful it is in Sweden…………just the TAX item……….100% wrong, even if you dont Believe me here IS THE TRUTH……….PAORACLE……”55% income tax:This income tax, 55% of the Gross National Product, the highest income tax in the world, is also coupled with sales taxes, property taxes, and other excise taxes and tariffs. The Swedish sales tax, a “value added tax”, ranges to 22.5% of items sold, on various goods including most foods. The total ownership of public goods by the Swedish government is roughly 64%, closing in on 70%, once you include all these other forms of taxation. That is not including government-owned means of production, which control about a full quarter of Swedish productivity.”……there is no 55% income tax, the highest anybody might pay is 46.2%…….the ultra rich billionaires, who nearly Always end up paying less than 20%……..an average worker earning …………now in 2016 is earning about $57000, would be taxed at about 31%……Before offtakes, personal allowance, union fees, work travel, mortgage interest reduction, ROT, RUT tax reductions………and many more if you are cleaver………….

            Salary……$60000……..Tax…….$7800…….28%……and remember no state tax, no county tax, no city tax, no property tax, no school fees, no Medical insurance, no dental Insurance, no private Child minders……yet all these things YOU have to pay for in the USA…..I know you are jealous…………and on a personal note,my total income tax last year was 16.2% on an income of $000000 per year………

  42. I have heard this argument from the restaurant industry for more than 30 years. I’m surprised any restaurants are still open.

    Here are some things to consider:

    1) This article claims that 1400 jobs have been lost this year, BEFORE the minimum wage went up. The article does not say how many jobs were lost due too failed businesses i.e. places that don’t have customers.

    2) A full time job working 8 hour days is 2080 hours per year. A restaurant with 10 staff would cost an additional $20,800 per year plus payroll taxes. If open 6 days a week, that would be a cost of $66.67 plus payroll taxes per day, for the entire staff. If a restaurant served 500 meals per day, that would mean an average increase of less than $0.15 per meal.

    3) If $70 a day means the difference between success and failure of a restaurant, chances are failure is inevitable.

    4)Anybody who leaves a tip, is already subsidizing the employer’s payroll.

  43. Nellie McConnell

    Trump will clean up and get economy back on track. Close borders. If country doesn’t take back their criminals, no more government support or visa’s. Refugee criminals sent back to home country, if they don’t accept them cut them off from support. No products from these countries. GM is in trouble again! 13 GM plants in China. No more of our packing plants and land sold to foreign countries.
    I don’t want to live under Muslim laws and I don’t think most women do either. Honor killings is something I don’t agree with. Child brides! Women are no more than slaves to Muslim men.
    Our Military has been cut and our law enforcement, Border Patrol don’t have much authority when they are undermined by HLS. Obama again!!
    Trump will get the best to work on every issue. Many of my neighbors are fed up with open borders and they are Mexican.

  44. Eleanore Whitaker

    And the right wing BS continues. Do you money hungry asshats EVER stop your lying? For more than 2 decades the minimum wage has NOT been raised. But your prices on your GREEDY shitbag products and services have gone through the roof.

    Got an explanation for that? And, how is it that in those 2 decades the only ones who profited from unemployment were you shitbags who made sure you got “yours” at the expense of workers?

    By the way asshats…from 2004 to 2008, the US DOL reported a loss of over 8 million jobs…and the minimum wage was still what it was back in the 80s.

    You liars lap up your own lies like it’s your last meal. I don’t know who the hell you crooks think you are fooling but it isn’t the people on Main Street. Awwwww do you lil fuckaroos have to give up those Ivory Tower corner offices and that fleet of private jets? boooooooooooo fuking hoooooooooooooooo

  45. OH WELL, AGAIN THE KNOW IT ALLS go to the head of the class!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will we never learn!!!!!

  46. Gee, no one saw that coming. People need to better themselves, not rely on bottom tier wages. That’s right, the government (ie..the tax payers will bail your ass out) will take care of you until you die.

  47. Yep, let’s give the US away one leftist one democratic on fag one bathroom one school at a time. I would like to take the time to let Jazzbelly know we don’t use correct English punctuation when texting or Comments. Only fags that are in love with same sex partners expect us to follow their lead. They are known as democrats. Yes I am a proud biget, not spelled B.(I got). Jim

  48. vvvvvvvvvvvv

  49. Not only was this predictable, but I must say that D.C. workers deserved the job loss. I’ve never spent a week in a more disgusting city. Everyone there is taking from the federal government one way or another. The seat of government should be moved to an isolated ten acres in Kansas, surrounded by double-fences topped with barbed wire, no lobbyists or anyone else permitted in, and the elected kept there until the sessions for that year are completed. No restaurants or bars permitted. One large dining hall, like in a prison. It would be a good idea to put the sorry-ass president in there, too, until the end of each legislative session.

  50. GODBlessRealAmerica#1

    Democrackhead partyt!

  51. These jobs flipping burgers, I know I did it and my X did it when in college, are not meant to be careers they are only for extra money when having hard times or going to school.

    Anyone whose great ambition in life is to work like this til the day they retire should not be allowed to vote.

  52. This could be good news. Perhaps the District of Corruption will go out of business because of it. We can hope, can’t we?

  53. Socialists are strongest when the masses depend on them. Remember the elites have to eliminate a middle class before tyranny can take over . It is also necessary to take over education, which they have; Health care which they have and finally our guns, which they are working on. So them raising the minimum wage to an amount which will force employers to layoff millions more is what they want. It’s why they are called socialists and not capitalists. Sharing the wealth is their mantra . Taking from peter and giving it to Paul is their economic plan. You see the left never has a plan of prosperity . There’s is a plan to destroy jobs and shatter the will of those who want to work. They are a disgusting anti American bunch who want to destroy this great country. One cannot reason with them because they are unreasonable people. The left is alt left. Pelosi and Obama , Schumer and Warren, Feingold and Ellison. What a bunch of political hacks . They have never seen a tax burden they didn’t like, a federal law they didn’t like and a lousy deal they didn’t like. America is not first on their agenda. Oh yes they have to push a false narrative like global warming(climate change) or whatever else they call it at a later date. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this ridiculous Chicken little , the sky is falling lie. Weather has always been cyclical. Weather takes its own courtesy and man has very little to do with it. Natural events i.e. Volcanos have much more to do with the climate. Since the left will not let in those who oppose climate change and explain why. Theirs is a case of them believing it and creating more laws and taxes to pay for it all. I hope this election woke up people to the lefts evil way to divivide and conquer . The constitution is our only
    Hope as a nation. Another thing . Never ever believe what the lamestreet media is feeding you. The election should remind all of us they cannot be trusted or taken seriously .

  54. Higher minimum wages are the result of failed economic policies and the only ultimate winner is the Government in higher payroll taxes.

  55. Hiking the min was a stupid Democrat idea, lets think about it, do you really think a company is going to pay $15.00 per hour for someone to flip hamburgers for that amount of pay, of course they will have machines do it instead. Again the liberals have caused job to lost like they usually do. They simply appear to be stupid and continue to lie to the citizens by saying we are going to help you they do just the opposite. The best example are the blacks, look what Obama did for the Blacks NOTHING. The REpublican have been trying to help the blacks for years.

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