D.C. Gun Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional

Once again, Federal Judge Frederick Scullin has ruled against the city of Washington D.C., condemning their gun laws as unconstitutional. This is the second time Scullin has been forced to make such a ruling against the city’s officials, and one can only wonder how many more times it will have to happen before they stop breaking the law in the nation’s capital.

On Monday, Scullin ruled that the city’s “good reason” statute was in defiance of the Second Amendment. The rules, as they stood up until now, forced concealed carry applicants to demonstrate that they had “a good reason to fear injury, which shall at a minimum require a showing of a special need for self protection distinguishable from the general community.” That will no longer be the case, freeing D.C. residents to pursue a much less arduous path to a legal permit.

Even those rules were a step up from what was in place before, which was an all-out ban against concealed carry. Scullin ruled last year that the ban was unconstitutional, which was when the city council came up with their hare-brained scheme to thwart the law with excessive restrictions. Up till now, a grand total of eight people have been given a permit. That number will surely grow in the coming months as the D.C. city council is forced to come, slowly but surely, into compliance with the Constitution.

How many times can these officials get away with stomping all over the Second Amendment before they lose their jobs? It should not take lawsuit after lawsuit to force these officials to carry out their sworn duties. After a while, it gets ridiculous. No one wants to see Congress stick its nose where it doesn’t belong, but this is one instance where it may take a congressional bill to make sure that D.C. residents are not having their freedoms trampled by overzealous liberals.

Washington D.C. is one of the most crime-riddled, dangerous cities in America, and it was that way long before citizens were legally permitted to own handguns. That makes it all the more ridiculous for Democrats to keep law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. The Second Amendment could not be clearer in its language: the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Maybe it’s time to jail politicians who think it’s okay to continually ignore the nation’s founding document.

When these laws are challenged in federal court, they are shot down one by one. Not just in D.C., but everywhere. They don’t even get a chance to go to the Supreme Court, because there is very little judicial disagreement on the lower circuit levels. That makes it incumbent on citizens in restrictive states to challenge these laws in court when they feel their freedoms are being inhibited. Only by putting these laws in front of a judge can be retain our liberties.

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